SDK COC :Questions,help and tips !

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Re: SDK COC :Questions,help and tips !

Postby olivius74 » 25 Nov 2017, 06:59

Hello dear Bangalore

Thank you very much for your answer.
That right,my first try was not good ,I merge some files,use first CoC Sdk (I keep this one too,work with old CoC version).
Now I understand well what I need to do exactly.

Happy because I can spawn easily now, what I want.

I work on a little map level for CoP:
1 Put all files in the rawdata and gamedata under editors.
2 Correct texture and object missing.
3 Spawns object and my first anomalie.
4 Make Game,save Scene.Compile Spawn
5 Rename and copy the all.spawn created and enjoy in game.

So good to see that work.
Now as I see map Railroad under SDKCoC,I really want to work on it.
I will research and collect all missing files.
First ,I will work on a little part of the map,and I want to test an aimap with one buiding :)

A thing also I dont'understand,I put 4 fake object in rectangle,and I thought there will be no AI Map exterior to these fences.
But not,I have always full ai map everywhere to correct.
Sometime I think it will be better to put the case one by one :)
Can we copy/paste a little block 10x10 cellules?
I will try that

Good afternoon Dear Friend
I thank you so much for all you explains us during all these years.

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Re: SDK COC :Questions,help and tips !

Postby Borovos » 25 Nov 2017, 10:50

About aimap, you can not save it as selection, you can not copy past...
You can move then on vertical axis only.
Quel est ton choix? Quel est ton but? Mettre des droites ou jouer de la flûte?

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Re: SDK COC :Questions,help and tips !

Postby olivius74 » 26 Nov 2017, 04:49

Merci pour cette précision.
Oui je viens de voir c'est à la main et un par un.
Du coup je bricole sur un coin de RailRoad,fermé par deux fences,un bâtiment,une anomalie (j'ai appris de toutes ces années de commencer très humblement :) ) et voir si ça marche là aussi

Bon dimanche

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Re: SDK COC :Questions,help and tips !

Postby HappyDude » 31 Dec 2017, 04:29

I'm trying to add new levels to Call of Chernobyl with SDK. When I writing one new level name into all.spawn compiler it works fine, but when I add
any second level name it crashes with this error:
Expression : error handler is invoked!
Function : invalid_parameter_handler
File : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrCore\xrDebugNew.cpp
Line : 815
Description :

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