Crash while storing variables

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Crash while storing variables

Postby Gazprom » 04 Aug 2017, 17:58

Hi everyone,
It has been three days now that this crash has been occurring: I created a UI window, with tabs, edit boxes and some other user inputs. I've binded it to a key, so when I press it it brings up the whole window.
However, for testing purposes I stored at first the getText()s and the other callbacks in variables, but for being sure that they got saved into the savegame and for avoiding to repeat the whole process when the player changes level, I moved myself to the utils.load_var/save_var method.
I had already used it in a previous experiment, always with a hotkey and a completely different UI, and worked pretty fine, but now as soon I start my game with the load/store_var method script when the key is pressed the game tells me that

Code: Select all

attempt to call field "MyUIwindowname" (a nil value)

What could it be?

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