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Something is going on...

Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 08:13
by Arni

At the beginning I would like to greet everyone and I would like to say that this is NOT my discovery, all shout-outs go to Sierioża from - he was the guy, who discovered all this, I'm just sharing this with you guys.

And I'm not doing it without a reason, because there really is something interesting going on. And while I couldn't find any topic about this on any Stalker related website, I decided that the best place to show, what Sierioża has found - is here.

So, the story is not too long, but very interesting. Basically, if you go to, you can find the profile of Evgeniy Grygorovych's profile, who is working as a project leader in GSC. One of the projects that there is is an Unannounced title, which is currently in development. That itself isn't too... well, lets say exciting, but it starts to be, when you check GSC's twitter.

The last tweets there are Stalker related, which is quite a refreshing sight there, considering that for the last year they were tweeting only about Cossacks 3, you can check it here

And then, suddenly on October 5th, they bring to us a Stalker related tweet. If they would tweet such thing at the end of March - from 20th to 23rd, when Shadow of Chernobyl was released worldwide - it wouldn't be too surprising, at least for me. But the fact, that they tweeted it only 11 days ago - none of the games was released on October 5th, unless something different that I don't know happened that day, but I don't think so - made me thinking, that GSC is preparing something.

Of course it is definitely to soon to be sure about anything, but write what you are thinking about all this.

Also I wanna apologise for all mistakes that I made in the post, english is not my native language.

Here are the links:

Re: Something is going on...

Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 15:04
by Alundaio
I don't think they are ready to take on a STALKER 2 project. Cossacks 3 was a joke (in comparison to the first).

They will probably announce a STALKER RTS like they were planning before GSC shut it's doors. :D

Re: Something is going on...

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 08:22
by Arni
Alundaio wrote:They will probably announce a STALKER RTS like they were planning before GSC shut it's doors. :D

I can already imagine the wrath of the community if this will happen :D
Also I'm not talking about STALKER 2, it can be anything (except something completely not fitting, like a RTS or Adventure game). IMO, a remake or remaster of one of the games from the original trilogy would be a good start, made on a new engine, with new features, better graphics, maybe some new content (but not game changing).