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modifying weapon upgrades.

Posted: 20 Oct 2016, 05:13
by diqrider
Hey guys!

I have been dicking around with weapon and armor upgrades. Although i have an issue that has me scratching my head, when swapping weapon calibers for something id like, id like to be able to either raise or lower damage according to the round i change it to.

Like a way to have hit_power as a property that is modifiable.

Re: modifying weapon upgrades.

Posted: 21 Oct 2016, 14:56
by Alundaio
I'm unclear what you are asking. You want to increase hit_power through upgrades or hit_power of ammo? The damage ammo deals is the k_hit value.

For upgrades just add the prop_damage to an existing upgrade. Then add hit_power field with additive value.

For example you want to change firstc upgrade of l85. Open up the _up.ltx find up_firstc_l85 then add prop_damage after prop_inertion using a comma. Then find up_sect_firstc_l85 and add hit_power under value or cost field.

Re: modifying weapon upgrades.

Posted: 22 Oct 2016, 11:04
by diqrider
through upgrades, and thanks!