xrEngine CPU usage trick, contributions requested.

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xrEngine CPU usage trick, contributions requested.

Postby Daemorth » 18 Feb 2018, 14:52

I have no recollection of anyone showing this or mentioning it to me, it's just something that I was fiddling around with in task manager and noticed that it actually reliefs pressure off the first core, and allows the other cores to be used up by the process. Anything that I have noticed with the naked eye is less stuttering in game, and far fewer screen freezes than what I am used to having when playing Stalker. If anyone knows of this and knows that it barely does anything or is just a waste of effort, then let me know. I am really interested to see how large of an effect it has on a multi-core AMD processor where the single thread performance is low and would most likely under-perform versus an Intel processor. The processor I have is a Quad Core i5-3550. It does also work in Call of Pripyat, but I haven't tested recently with CS and SHoC since I didn't have them installed. But if I had to guess it has the same effect on the previous games.

Running on CoC 1.5 R6 Vanilla, I did some benchmarks and took some screenshots with MSI Afterburner to show a rough idea of what the core usage looks like with, and without the trick. I started a new game as Clear Sky spawning at the swamp base, loaded in, saved the game, loaded the savegame file and started the benchmark, timing it at 4 minutes. After the first benchmark I applied the change, loaded the save file again and started the next benchmark.

Without trick: https://imgur.com/P8hwMcx
Accompanying benchmarks:
18-02-2018, 19:22:12 xrEngine.exe benchmark completed, 21559 frames rendered in 240.297 s
Average framerate : 89.7 FPS
Minimum framerate : 77.1 FPS
Maximum framerate : 93.9 FPS
1% low framerate : 35.5 FPS
0.1% low framerate : 18.7 FPS

With trick: https://imgur.com/y2y6U6X
Accompanying benchmarks:
18-02-2018, 19:26:58 xrEngine.exe benchmark completed, 21632 frames rendered in 240.234 s
Average framerate : 90.0 FPS
Minimum framerate : 81.2 FPS
Maximum framerate : 94.2 FPS
1% low framerate : 36.1 FPS
0.1% low framerate : 17.8 FPS

This is done by simply running the game and wait for the game menu, alt-tab and open task manager, go to the details tab, find xrEngine.exe and right click the process, click set affinity, and just click OK! By default all the cores are already selected and there are no changes needed to be made. (Windows 10).

I'd love for you to try it out and share your CPU usage statistics with me, and hopefully along with some extensive benchmarks. Hopefully, this is something that can be applied automatically when the game starts up.
I would have brought this straight to the mod devs myself, but getting it tested by more people on the epic forums seems as a good plan. :idea:

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Re: xrEngine CPU usage trick, contributions requested.

Postby Balathruin » 18 Feb 2018, 16:29

I've experimented with it earlier. You can get stuff like this which is basically fake reporting of CPU usage.
Use resource monitor and you will see that the game always caps at 25% usage (with 4 cores or threads), few percents higher sometimes (coming from video driver and sound processing mostly).

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