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Could someone help me? (Modding)

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 18:20
by Bobani
Hey guys!

I just downloaded this mod, and i was just wondering how i would go about to extract all the database files? I usually mess around a bit and do my own mods, but i would like to start from the mods original gamedata files.. how do i get them?

Also, if someone could point me in the right direction when it comes to starting gear.. what file do i change to give me a bit more money of equippment as i start the game?

Looking forward to playing this!

Re: Could someone help me? (Modding)

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 22:14
by sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE
AXR Toolset is what you'll want as it contains a DB extract tool among other things.

Happy modding :)

Re: Could someone help me? (Modding)

Posted: 06 Jan 2018, 03:54
by Bobani
ok, i downloaded it but i cannot for the love of me figure out how to use it? LOL

how do i extract the gamedata folder?

Re: Could someone help me? (Modding)

Posted: 06 Jan 2018, 07:08
by Bobani
ok, i got everything done..

so..ive hit a few bumps..

first of trying to create 2 weapons, one gun and one rifle.. but i cant get them to show up in game.. there used to be in weapons.ltx that you hade to add "" and stuff... but in the weapons.ltx now there are only ammos.. how do i make the game include my 2 new guns..

and the same goes for my outfit.. i made a new exo outfit but i cant get it in game..

i would also like to add them to my starting inventory, or buyable at sidorovic in cordon when i spawn as a stalker.. how do i do that? i see ppl talking about a faction_loadout.ltx, but i dont have it.. i only have a player_loadout.ltx

can someone help me?

Re: Could someone help me? (Modding)

Posted: 07 Jan 2018, 04:26
by Bobani
im getting nowhere..

so...this is what ime trying to do, and what ive done.

objective - add one rifle, one pistol, and one suit.

what ive done - ive tried diffrent things.. usually in the past you would create a new w_name_ltx, then add it to the weapons.ltx so the game includes it..then you add it in mp_ranks and lastly you could add it to trader or so.. ive done all dont work..and there are no "inclusions" in the weapons.ltx...

so i tried adding the rifle on the bottom of the w_lr300.ltx renaming all that needs to be renamed works.. i can now use the spawn menu to get it in game..

not so simple when it comes to the gun..i tried both versions and it dont work. Im trying to make a gun based on the desert eagle, but even adding it under the nimble gun wont work.. anytime i touch the gun the game wont load and the crash file says

Arguments : Can't open section 'ammo_base'. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report

i have no idea what that means.. i got alot of those crashes when trying to add the rifle, but somehow i got rid of them. i dont know how as i tried the exact same things with the gun, but it wont work.

when it comes to the suit im trying to make a new exo-suit.. so what i dit whas to copy all the exo_base stuff...add it att the bottom of the outfit_exoskeleton.ltx, and then change all the names to make it a unige suit... but i get the same kind of chrash..the game wont load and it says

Arguments : Can't open section 'outfit_base'. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report

i thought it might be problems with the upgrade scheme, but i deleted those lines in all my versions..but still the same problem.

also..after crashing.. if i edit back the file, or replase just the files i messed with, i get the same crash, i always have to ditch the entire gamedata, and replace it with a new one.. whats up with that? =)

anyone please please able to help me? i really want to get this going.