Pick up items radius in CoC 1.5 R6

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Pick up items radius in CoC 1.5 R6

Postby sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE » 18 Dec 2017, 08:38

Edit: Ignore this post..
If I actually twiddled an unknown to me game setting like Ao3 Pickup then I wouldn't have bothered posting..lol

Is the pick up item radius in CoC 1.5 R6 intentional?

I'm finding that trying to pick up items in the game world very difficult.
Even when practically standing on top of the item it's just so fidgety.
I'm having to spam activate while the the item name pops up and dance around for just about every pick up.

When I smash a crate the items are underneath the broken timber.
I hit activate, the item name pops up, but I still can not pick it up until the timber disappears.
Even after the timber disappears I still have to spam activate and dance around.

I kill someone, their gun is on the ground beside them, same thing dance around and spam activate to pick up the gun.

It's rather annoying after playing 1.4.22 and barely having that type of thing happen.

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