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Ideas and Suggestions

Postby RJ1 » 22 Oct 2017, 12:01

Had a look round 1.4.22 (tried downloading 1.5 but I always get a fatal error on start-up) here are some of my ideas:

Fast travel:

Would be really useful even if there was a very high premium for it (I think I suggested this before Military/Ecolog being able to Fast travel via Helicopter would be so good) or even if you implemented COP' feature where you could just randomly travel with groups to their next destination.

Survival mechanics:

It's always irked me you can just get a Sleeping bag and just set it up anywhere in the Zone, would be very good if there were features similar to the Game the long dark (like when you went to set up your bag it would take into account your surroundings when you went to sleep) like whether there are friendlies nearby/if you're in a building and random events (like if you set your bag up somewhere that was blatantly dangerous waking up and being mugged by Bandits/another faction or waking up to mutants running round you)


I'm not sure whether this is possible to track but your character getting wet and some kind of Cold mechanic would be very cool, for example:

You've spent ages walking round in puddles/it starts raining and your just wearing a normal jacket, when your character gets 'Wet' you start feeling the effects like accelerated hunger and your screen darkening slightly:

Notice here how when the character starts getting healed after being injured the picture gets brighter and it restores the characters vision, i'm basically thinking this effect but with Heat/Cold (you go somewhere and Warm up/eat and your vision gets better and returns to normal) this simple mechanic would actually make people want better and more weatherproof equipment along with eating/sleeping/staying warm.


Hoarding and the ability to do so (both the AI and Player) is still very possible, here are a few of my ideas on this:

Ability to sell broken/Bad condition Guns to technicians for a few RU (Counts as you selling a Gun for Scrap/Parts) the Player can also sell 'Parts' to normal traders but they need a tool to break the Gun down first.

Unloading Guns: If there were some UI element associated with this (like a progress Bar) so the process wasn't instantaneous I think it'd improve Gameplay)

Weapon slots:

I'd love to see this throughout the Game, containers only able to hold so many items and only items of certain sizes (like Players backpack you're only able to store a few pistols and maybe a sawed off/SMG) and your Main arms would take up your two main Weapon slots (anything the size of a Rifle you wouldn't be able to put in your bag) which would make Players really consider what they were carrying (if they saw a Rifle they wanted to pick up they'd have to drop one of their main arms to have it)

would also make storage at traders and stashing in the field worthwhile options.


Also a good feature, in conjunction with the above suggestion (adding time to unloading found Weapons) would probbaly make Players more conservative with Ammo and value it more.

More use of helicopter:

As is they kind of just Hover around just waiting to be blown up, if they actually flew around patrolling would be good.

I also have an idea for a Mission involving Helis:

Player gets this from Military/Ecolog, has to go to a place that has enemies in it and plant an IR Beacon (Mission item), at which point the Helicopter comes and strafes all the enemies in the pre-determined area, would be a really fun generated mission imo.

If I think of any more ideas/Feedback i'll post them here.

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