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[help] Issue with CoC AO v3.1 and non AO savegames [1.5r6] crashes on Nimble

Posted: 20 Oct 2017, 08:53
by gkirmathal
Edit: posted in wrong general forum section! If a mod could move it to CoC generel, my thanks.

Hello forum,

CoC brought me back to Stalker after many years. Enjoying it so far!
Btw, I'm running on CoC 1.5r6 + OWR.

Decided I'd try to get AO v3.1 running on r6 and so far I got it running only when starting a new game.
Traders are still very bare and bare minimum faction loadouts. Also got the Multi-tool functionality back, as this was somehow not included in CoC AO v3.1 found on ModDB.

Now the issue I'm trying to debug:
if I load a save game from Zaton location, made under OWR, I get crashes related to missing "wpn_xxx_nimble.ogf"" models. When I load an OWR save (Swamp) and travel to Zaton, it also crashes on missing models.
I duplicated the crashes in OWR by temporarily renaming the "wpn_xxx_nimble" models to ogf.bak. Then in AO, I made copies of all AO's weapon models related Nimbles missing models, renamed these copies accordingly.
Now when loading an OWR save game, it no longer crashes with missing .ogf models, but it hard crashes with an empty exception error.

So I am wondering:
is Nimble's inventory and especially references to _nimble weapon models hard saved in each save game?
or am I overlooking some config .ltx, or some govern script besides spawn_nimble_items.script?

Who can help?


Re: [help] Issue with CoC AO v3.1 and non AO savegames [1.5r6] crashes on Nimble

Posted: 06 Dec 2017, 11:49
by ColonelRH
changing Weapons packs requires new savegame, old savegames will be bugged and will cause continuous Crashes related to wpn files (old) :!: