The world outside the Zone

The world outside of the Zone

A true Stalker does not concern themselves with the world they left.
The world presents opportunity but also danger to the Zone, it should be considered.
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The world outside the Zone

Postby J00B » 15 Sep 2017, 09:39

We spend all our time in this small reclusive part of the world, I've always wondered what the world is like outside of the Zone in the Stalker universe.

Does the everyday citizen concern themselves with the Zone?
Does the world know the full extant of it's existence?
Is the world more or less the same as our own?
Does the Soviet Union still exist in anyway?
To what degree are world powers involved, if any?
Are artifacts smuggled out of the Zone to the scientific community?
Should a Stalker even concern themselves with such matters?

The most obvious world influence being the US. Covertly interested in the Zone, funding Mercenaries(?) and sending a poor doomed MQ-9 in search of answers.

Share any thoughts you may have on the matter. Conversely, any learn-ed lore lads out there know any more on the subject? I'd be interested.

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Re: The world outside the Zone

Postby Alexfighter » 18 Sep 2017, 11:24

The world doesn't know what really happens in the zone. They believe it is like we believe it is in the real world.

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