What I Love About 1.5

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What I Love About 1.5

Postby DoctorX » 11 Sep 2017, 10:41

- Running animation: Finally my arms are no longer paralyzed!
- New NPC animations: Very cool. I like them.
- Grass shadows & cloud shadows: Didn't realize how desperately I needed them until I had them.
- Increased voice variety: Really adds to the immersion, especially in battle.
- Restored ambient sounds: Perfect.
- Companion sprinting: My companions can finally keep up with me!
- Hunger mechanic: I know others have complained about this, but I think the tweaks you made are great. Food used to be an almost worthless commodity in the game, which is not realistic. It just makes sense, you are running around in the Zone burning calories, trying to survive in a place with limited resources. You should be constantly thinking about finding your next meal or starving to death!
- Cooking: At first I was like, what's the point, but with the hunger tweaks it now adds a viable option for eating meat you have hunted when you can't find any food from a trader. Very nice. Adds to the survival immersion.
- Code and engine optimizations: Runs waaaaay smoother now. Great job!
- Bug fixes and script enhancements: I see what you did in there 8-)
- Economy tweaks: Not sure if this was a change in 1.5, or if it's because I am used to playing with AO + Questlines, but the economy is way more challenging. Day 10 of my playthrough and I am still just scraping by, begging for work. Normally I would have been rich by now and money would have been pointless. Very nice. I'll be sure to maintain the same reward structure when I update Questlines.

That's all off the top of my head, but I'm sure there is more I'm neglecting to mention. Fantastic job so far! Keep up the great work!

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