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Q: Delete objects (ID problem)

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 10:00
by Shovel
Hi everyone, I have this "Not enough IDs" problem from Warfare.. I'm wondering if there's a way to erase, delete objects in order to free some IDs.

I had the most epic gunfights with this addon but I can't play for more than a week in-game because it exceeds the maximum number of IDs.

I only know there's a maximum of 65k unique IDs. So, I wonder if I can delete an object calling his number. :anom:

Thank you TeamEPIC!

Re: Q: Delete objects (ID problem)

Posted: 11 Sep 2017, 13:48
by xQd
I never had this problem, as I play with very low respawn timers for more item scarcity. But I was wondering why none of the TeamEPIC devs made that limit an unsigned 32 bit variable, so that the engine will hold up to 4294967295 unique IDs, since they already have access to all of the stalker source code...

Re: Q: Delete objects (ID problem)

Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 06:28
by Shovel
I think they never tought about it, because it's impossible to run out of IDs on vanilla CoC even with a high pop coefficient.

This is a problem derived from Warfare addon, wich dev I'm in contact. I haven't found any solution yet, so I tought of manually erasing some objects as a workarround to fulfill my desires of a fully militarized zone :roll:

Re: Q: Delete objects (ID problem)

Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 14:44
by Alundaio
I really doubt you can actively fill up those ids, there is probably a bug in warfare with the respawners. Base game does not have unrestricted spawning, every smart has a respawner and tracks which are still alive, and can only respawn the squad when they are dead.

It's not as easy as just changing the data type. It would also need done for SDK (which doesn't build on modern compilers) and all the level spawns would need recreated on this new SDK. Then there is the networking you would have to deal with, already it's limited how much data can be sent and how many objects can save, even for local network, which is basically singleplayer. As singleplayer the game acts as client and server at same time and ridiculously sends client packets. It's why saving is so volatile.