CoP vs SoC artifact parameters.

What artifact parameter system do you prefer?

1) Lots of different kinds of negative/positive parameters, like in SoC.
2) Radiation is the only kind of negative trait, like in CoP/CS.
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3) Neither of/Both combined (describe your point please).
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CoP vs SoC artifact parameters.

Postby keleset » 21 Aug 2017, 19:46

I guess, this was one of the most arguable changes in CS and CoP since SoC: the artifact parameters. So what system do you prefer?
Here you can find examples:
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Re: CoP vs SoC artifact parameters.

Postby Balathruin » 22 Aug 2017, 05:36

CS/CoP system is definietly worse. Each artifact should be unique, even more than in SoC.

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Re: CoP vs SoC artifact parameters.

Postby DoctorX » 24 Aug 2017, 08:32

My vote is definately for ShoC artifact properties.

Are you asking because you are planning on making an addon that would do this?

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Re: CoP vs SoC artifact parameters.

Postby AxelDominatoR » 24 Aug 2017, 13:00

I like variety and I also think not every artifact should have radiation as a negative trait. That said, I wouldn't like artifacts to be "perfectly balanced" (as in having exactly the same amount of negative and positive properties or something like that). Instead, artifacts should be interesting and maybe the balance should be their rarity.
Let me explain better: what I'm trying to say is that it would be good to have very common artifacts with just one positive trait and maybe one or two negative traits, which are cheap and easy to find, but also have very rare ones with several positive traits only and have them spawn only in specific locations under determinate circumstances. Make the rare ones like rewards for a difficult challenge.
Basically, I like stuff like the Heart of the Oasis :)
Axel DominatoR

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Re: CoP vs SoC artifact parameters.

Postby J00B » 25 Aug 2017, 03:18

Shoc properties... they're more random and extreme than the CS/CoP counterparts which are boring almost... I'd imagine mysterious objects with other-worldly effects to be somewhat... unpredictable

One thing I always thought artifacts should have are variable stats. I.e:

(Using CoP attributes for a Jellyfish)
'Low' Jellyfish: -.5-1% rad > "Stalker, can you bring me a few Jellyfish I need for an experiment? Less volatile specimens would be favourable."
'Mid' Jellyfish: -1.5-2% rad
'High' Jellyfish: -3-4% rad
'Perfect' Jellyfish: -6% rad > "Hey man I'm after one of those artifacts they call Jellyfish. Only the best quality will do. You'll be greatly rewarded!"

Obviously the lower spectrum of the artifacts will be far more common than their perfect versions, necessitating a players patience in hunting them. Another example:

(Using CoP attributes for a Mama's beads)
'Low' Beads: +1-2% woundheal | -<.5-1% rad
'Mid' Beads: +2-3% woundheal | -1-1.5% rad
'High' Beads: +4-6% woundheal | -2-3% rad
'Perf' Beads: +10% woundheal | -3-5% rad

Even the perfect category could have variables, making the most favourable versions, like a +10/-3 beads even rarer.

Just a thought :idea:

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