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SGM Features In Call Of Chernobyl

Posted: 31 May 2017, 15:23
by IronAlpha07
I've made some changes to the config LTX files so the traders in Call Of Chernobyl sell items from other mods such as the military exo, beer bottle and dum dum rounds from SGM and cigerettes from Misery but I would like to try something more complex like implementing the C4 explosive and the Alpha squads from SGM. Before I spend weeks or months trying to make it work is it possible to get Alpha squads spawning on the CoC maps? Has anyone tried?

Re: SGM Features In Call Of Chernobyl

Posted: 31 May 2017, 17:04
by luppolo
never played sgm, how are alpha squads any different from regular npc from an "engine" standpoint?

Re: SGM Features In Call Of Chernobyl

Posted: 31 May 2017, 18:30
by IronAlpha07
Thanks, that's a good question because it makes me think it would be easier to clone an existing faction config and then change the models and stats to the same as the alpha squads. They are the best part of the mod and are a military force who have been sent to kill you and only you. The description is they hunt you down but that isn't quite the case. What really happens is they spawn in certain locations and will either sit there in a campfire setting or walk around the map. If you encounter them and they see you first it's over very swiftly.

I've not looked at the faction settings yet but alphas are probably no different to bandits or stalkers and just have maxed out accuracy and distance stats.

Re: SGM Features In Call Of Chernobyl

Posted: 01 Jun 2017, 06:51
by luppolo
it is possible to have them actually hunt the player

Code: Select all

local squad = alun_utils.create_squad("alpha_squad_defined_in_squad_descr_ltx", "smart_terrain_name_you_want_them_to_spawn_in")
   squad.scripted_target = "actor"
   squad.combat_target_id =
   squad.assigned_target_id =
   squad.current_target_id =

problem is they will take their damn sweet time (walk to the player until they get in sight and in combat), and sometimes they "forget" it
fortunately when it does work all the way it seems they will also travel when offline and between levels (if DEACTIVATE_SIM_ON_NON_LINKED_LEVELS = false in _g.script)