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Default HUD

Posted: 03 Mar 2017, 22:14
by keleset
What HUD do you prefer, default Call of Pripyat one or current Call of Chernobyl one?

As for me, I prefer CoP one, it looks a bit more completed and finalized.
The most disturbing features of current interface, that I dislike the most, are:
1) "vision" and "sound" bars as simple unsigned and unbounded strips;
2) –°ompass instead of point in the center of the minimap, its too enormous and inaccurate, sometimes its difficult to detect exact position of the actor on minimap, IMO, previous separated compass was much better;
3) To small icons of broken armor/helmet;
4) Too thick scale division for health/power;
5) Small icons near bars in CoP interface make them look much more user-friendly.
The only thing in CoC HUD I really like is range-defining arcs on the minimap.

Was it really necessary to change the HUD for the mod?

Re: Default HUD

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 09:08
by morris
Well, I prefer CoC's small icons compared to CoP huge icons. I dont have issues with my eyes, so I see everything perfectly. Even tho vision/sound bars are unalighned -- you know that its them, right? What's an issue? You cant mistake those, as they have the same color and positioning as in CoP.

However... its a matter of taste, I assume. Maybe someone can give you the files to restore original HUD just for you.

Re: Default HUD

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 09:43
by keleset
Ok, icon size is not a problem with scalable HUD, but what about design? I like minimalism but this is not minimalism it's more like alpha, unfinished version of HUD. Also, inventory window has CoP design and HUD has totally different, unsuitable new one.

Re: Default HUD

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 12:33
by Yuri Kozlov
CoC's is like a minimalist version of the CoP hud.
The compass in CoC's hud obscures other icons and ncp pips around the player.
I'm not a fan of smaller icons but that's just personal preference.

I think it would be ideal to have an optional game setting in the main menu that allows a player to switch between CoC's minimalist hud, or CoP's default. Perhaps it could be modified in the future to allow for custom huds via drop down menu option.