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Installation Problem

Posted: 02 Mar 2017, 02:01
by Swifte
I'm using a Windows 7 (x86) and everytime I download and un-zip the file I get these files: Bin, Database, fsgame.ltx, license, readme, warning.
But yet not the Stalker-CoC.exe file, so I am very confused how to finish the installation and setup without the executable file.

(any more info I can provide I will).


Re: Installation Problem

Posted: 02 Mar 2017, 02:10
by Alundaio

The new launcher was made using AutoHotkey, which some anti-virus programs automatically blacklist. You can unquarentine it or you can make your own shortcut to bin\xrEngine.exe with the start in path set to the main coc directory.