Troublesome Stash

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Troublesome Stash

Postby CaptainCaution » 29 Jan 2017, 07:33

I have a stash location on the map at the 100 rads behind the Arena that I can not find, the red dot is a stash for the standard SoC in a toolbox in a pipe but there is nothing in that location. I have also found one Yantar in an unreachable area at the back way in to the Facility for X16.

Are these unreachable?

stash at bar.jpg

stash at x16.jpg
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Re: Troublesome Stash

Postby MariusLecter » 31 Jan 2017, 16:01

For the first one you should be able to reach it by heading up the bell tower, getting on the roof of the building and heading to the stash location.

The second one is in a back alley of the complex that can be reached by heading to the side of the complex and finding the ramp that leads into it, Beware zombies though.

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