where to find documentation for scripting?

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where to find documentation for scripting?

Postby luppolo » 16 Jan 2017, 13:13

i'm trying to get into modding but so far i'm doing just trial and error which only gets you so far, so i was wondering if there was some kind of documentation about functions, objects fields etc

for example i saw that you can call the method alive( ) on an object, but i have no idea which other methods are available aside from bumping into them while reading existing code, or if you have to use an external function (eg. alife_character_community(obj)) to do specific things/get specific information, and even then which is the correct way to do X

i know about the modding wiki and the forum but the information is EXTREMELY spread around without any organization and pretty much almost exclusively shoc which from what i understand is a different matter than cs/cop and derivates like coc

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Re: where to find documentation for scripting?

Postby Alundaio » 17 Jan 2017, 16:00

Sorry there is not. lua_help.script has a general list of what is exported from C++ to lua and how to use the methods. You pretty much just have to use Notepad++ Find in all files for things and see how it's used.
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