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Nudging up against engine limits?

Posted: 31 Dec 2016, 15:08
by mkari37
(I'm not sure here is the best place to report this, since I don't know whether these lie within CoC or OpenXRay.)

I've been playing a lot of Warfare ( on various versions of CoC 1.4.14+. Warfare introduces faction wars with sometimes hundreds of stalkers on one level. Once the party really starts jumping, CoC will repeatably crash - usually upon saving - with one of the following errors (with links to my reports to werejew (Warfare's author), and logs) :

Are any of these known problems? For which should I submit bug reports here and which on github?

Re: Nudging up against engine limits?

Posted: 31 Dec 2016, 16:47
by Alundaio
I thought Warfare was never updated for 1.4?

Anyway, these are not usual issues in vanilla CoC. The most IDs used I have seen is 40k (max is 65533 with 65534 and 65535 being invalid) and this was in a save by someone who has been playing the same save since 1.4.12 and has been in the Zone for several months. Also, TejasStalker is still playing 1.3 and has been in the Zone for about a year and has not seen such a problem. The only issues he has is crashing when saving sometimes but this is old issue with 1.3 that was fixed in 1.4-something.

paremeter is incorrect is an error that happens when passing the wrong data type to an engine function, like alife():object("text") instead of a number or probably the most likely is passing 'nil' when the engine function expects a value. That could just be an error in a script someplace, possibly in warfare.

object->ID_Parent == 0xffff suggests a more serious error, possibly with mishandling switching objects online/offline without proper care. This is something that has never been reported for vanilla CoC.

Really, I can't offer support for old versions and addons. That is the point of releasing patches. There really is no telling if you are seeing issues in vanilla CoC caused by old issues or if you are seeing issues caused by Warfare.

Re: Nudging up against engine limits?

Posted: 31 Dec 2016, 17:19
by mkari37
Sorry, I think I wasn't clear - I wasn't asking for support for old versions (I was running 1.4.21 when I encountered some of these), or for Warfare - I just wanted to know who to report these bugs to. As a player, it's not always clear if an error is in AO, Warfare, CoC, or OpenXRay. I've seen systems behave perfectly, but exhibit bugs when pushed close to limits.

I think some of these are cropping up because Warfare spawns so many NPCs. As an example, the first time I encountered 'Not enough IDs' and 'object->ID_Parent' was after reaching the NPP from Cordon where almost every level had battles between 50-100 squads, with each squad comprising 2-4 stalkers. I haven't seen another mod that does this.

I... uh, I guess I'll submit reports and logs to you, werejew and OpenXRay?

Is there anything that can be done about the 'Saving too much' issue? That's a major stickler at the moment.

(Incidentally, Warfare runs on 1.4.* if you use werejew's bitbucket version.)