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Postby ImAToaster » 12 Dec 2016, 15:54

Just some challenges to try out

-One weapon only challenge ex:PB, Makarov, MP5, M4, Just one weapon.

-Make way to rookie village as Monolith

-Clear out every Bandit/Military/Monolith Base in the zone. (Or any Base)

-Stealth Kill an enemy in his base.

-Knife kill a Psudogiant

-Wish Granter Challenge: Ask to be immortal then make your way back to NPP.

-Have less then 100 kills when getting to the wish granter. (Can kill mutants)

-Collect one Artifact from EACH Anomaly area (Oasis Heart, And Compass Count too but optional)

That's it for my ideas, if YOU have any ideas post them here and let's see if one of us can do it!

Good Hunting Stalker!

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