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Re: Bugs and Issues Thread

Postby Thumba-umba » 07 Sep 2017, 14:34

Does anyone know what is that suppoed to mean?

intro_start game_loaded
* MEMORY USAGE: 692253 K
* End of synchronization A[1] R[1]
intro_delete ::update_game_loaded
[LSS] Spawning object [m_crow29952][m_crow][29952]
[LSS] Spawning object [m_crow30208][m_crow][30208]
[LSS] Spawning object [m_crow30478][m_crow][30478]
stack trace:

0023:059143F8 xrGame.dll, CxIOFile::Open()
0023:028AC2EE luabind.beta7-devel.rc4.dll, luabind::detail::implicit_cast()
0023:740306CD lua51.dll, lua_newstate()

Basically happens when i kill an NPC, randomly.

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