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[Tip needed] Moving addon 1.3.2 -> 1.4

Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 17:52
by Diegtiarov

Any tips on how to *correctly* move part of my addon related to character_desc to newer version?

I already have WinMerge's and Notepad++'s power alltogether but I believe it's not enough to compete with the changes made with 1.4.
For some in depth analytics I'll leave both my addon files and vanilla character_desc files there.

At the first look I know that Rank and Reputation parameters have to be fixed, but, since it's a plenty of lines, I don't want to miss critical parts such as stalker variations which got added/deleted in 1.4 (deleted ones can be located by game crashes tho). My configs aren't completed yet and to speed up the creation process they have to be moved to newer version standards.
I'm just a newbie modder who plays with the files using Notepad++, so don't facepalm if I just asked the simplest question there. :P

In case I had to re-write addon from basics with current amount of time I have I'd be like... :suicide:

Cheers and good job with 1.4 !

P.S. I think that "..._er_loadouts.xml" isn't used in 1.4 so don't consider it.

Re: [Tip needed] Moving addon 1.3.2 -> 1.4

Posted: 04 Oct 2016, 15:35
by Diegtiarov
Topic can be closed - help not needed anymore.