Survival Mode feedback

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Survival Mode feedback

Postby angrylol » 05 Sep 2016, 10:31

I have been enjoying Survival Mode, its great fun and, I think, even better atmosphere, very lonely, grim and "left behind" feeling after my team died off. It is great.

But sometimes there is some things that are not working good:
- Sometimes zombies spawn right on top of player, even inside Sakharov's bunker and such, that is most common reason why I die.
- Zombie spawning is very hmm "spiky" one moment there are 50 zombies after me, after I kill them there is like 2 in-game days of nothingness, maybe its my RNG or something. So I used that time to gather some artefacts and upgrade my stuff to maximum.
- Maybe civilian zombies could die if shot in head, however fall down and rise if shot in chest certain amount. Just a preference I guess, lead in a head seems very fatal even for zombies to me.

I think its great addition, something different in The Zone.
Thank you.

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