Modifying upgrade scripts.

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Modifying upgrade scripts.

Postby diqrider » 21 Jul 2016, 10:39

I am trying to add an upgrade to the famas that would allow me to change its callibre to 5.45

I am having no luck though, i followed a similar method used in the old l-85 change and it worked, but when i tried applying the upgrade sample to the sig550 scheme, it would never display it. I added the ability to every mechanic too.

Code: Select all

visual               = dynamics\weapons\wpn_famas\wpn_famas.ogf

upgrades               = up_gr_firstab_sig550, up_gr_seconab_sig550, up_gr_thirdab_sig550, up_gr_fourtab_sig550, up_gr_fifthab_sig550 ;,up_gr_fifthcd_sig550_famas
installed_upgrades            =
upgrade_scheme =                upgrade_scheme_sig550

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