[Bug] Missing rewards/achievements textures.

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[Bug] Missing rewards/achievements textures.

Postby Kari » 18 Jul 2016, 22:23

Hello all, first of all i have to say thanks to those who made this mod i have been enjoy in it so far and lucky for me i got not a single CTD since i start.

The only bug i have find for now its that the rewards/items you usually see in dialog whit an npc are missing as the textures that comes whit the achievements in the PDA. http://imgur.com/a/TJCc0

For now i only have one achievement so i cant tell if it does it whit all of them or just this one.

Im playing the last version whit the patch and some addons such as : AO3,DrxDesolation and call of changes all of them comes from the modb page of CoC. I have look into the files but i dont see what may the cause of this.

If theres a way to fix it i take it, if not its fine. It does not cause trouble at all, but just reporting here in case its a thing for other people.

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