Cardan stole my suite! (bug?)

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Cardan stole my suite! (bug?)

Postby murak » 12 Mar 2016, 16:03

CoC v1.2.35 (no upgrade yet bcouse I dont want to start new game yet)

Went to mechanic Cardan, gave him two bottles of vodka (I always feel bad doing that, he obviously has a problem) I clicked repair on my suite and I was thrown back to conversation menu where there was a new option: "Is any of my equipment ready for pickup?" + my suite was gone. Clicking the option he said its not ready yet, I waited 1min and it was ready, I got my suite back all repaired and shining.

Is this normal?

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Re: Cardan stole my suite! (bug?)

Postby Alundaio » 12 Mar 2016, 17:04

Feature has a bug. Disable the technician feature in gameplay options as workaround
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