Work with SDK

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Work with SDK

Postby M0S1N » 02 Mar 2016, 16:16

I've downloaded and installed the SDK for Call of Chernobyl mod, and i want to lear how to use it. Could someone help me? First i wanna learn how to rotate/move/spawn objects. My target is now Escape level. I want to remake the ''facotry or farm''? that is near the bridge where militaries were defending it on Shadow of Chernobyl. Then i want to learn how to use the Ai Map, after i place or remove the objects what i need. Anyone who can help somehow? Or maybe there are some videos about it? If yes then probably in russian language.

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Re: Work with SDK

Postby Alundaio » 02 Mar 2016, 20:14

English guides are very limited but there is some starter information:

1. ... ripyat-sdk
2. ... -and-graph
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