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[Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 22 Nov 2015, 03:54
by 2C.LiryC
We are glad to see communities from other languages translating Call of Chernobyl in their native one.
I strongly encourage any other community to translate the mod in any convenient language.
If available, the translations will be listed here.
In any way, please read the provided Read Me for useful informations and up to date links.

Re: [Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 23 Nov 2015, 12:24
by Alexfighter
Hi. Both links seem to point to the german file. Spanish seems to be: ... ranslation

Re: [Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 23 Nov 2015, 12:49
by 2C.LiryC
Oops! My bad. Image
Thanks for pointing it. Image

Re: [Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 13 Dec 2015, 00:28
by Exxo7
Hi 2C.Lyric, Exxo7/SCoPMod here ;)

French translation is now roughly 90% done :)

I took the liberty to modify several dozens of sentences in that translation, some little changes here and there regarding the writing style, the vocabulary used, etc, to better match how people would talk depending on "who they are". I.e. Bandits have a much more slang-based vocabulary, Mercs make short, "right to the point" sentences rather than too long and too polite sentences, etc. I've asked Borovos if he was OK with that, he said yes as long as it's coherent with the background, which is the case :)
If someone here is interested in having these changes translated in English, just ask ;)

I also added a few funny stuff in the "quest description" parts, I don't know if y'all agree with that... nothing crude or anything, just a few funny references to French pop-culture.

Anyway, don't reply this post, I'll update it in a couple of days to ask a few questions regarding some problems I have with actually modifying the files themselves, there's some stuff I don't understand and I'm (certainly stupidly) afraid it could cause CTD's :|

Re: [Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 09:23
by HostisPublicus
Russian translation. Constantly being finalized under current patches and addons. ... ZTTjg/view

Re: [Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 20 Sep 2016, 18:23
by Amaninter Axling
Translation is hard work, I know, I used to do it. For Stalker mods as well as actual work. It isn't just about getting the words right, it's getting the sense and tone of what's being said and conveying this in another language, and then maybe another. Then there's regional accents, use of slang, class distinctions; a high-ranking and well-educated military officer of strong personal integrity is not going to talk like a gopnik from the back streets. Relaxed Freedom vets are not going to act like parade-ground bullies. Someone from a big city background is not going to sound like a bumpkin from the countryside. And that's assuming that you don't make any spelling or punctuation mistakes, or screw your markup syntax up and make the file crash the application, because trawling back looking for those one tiny errors is such a pain.

Irony and dry humour. Those are hard, even between British and American English, let alone differently structured languages from distinct families with other alphabets. And then there are the cultural distinctions, references to common things or turns of phrase that, for example, a Ukrainian or Russian might immediately recognise but for a Westerner, meaningless. Do you leave these as they are, remaining true to the original text, or do you change them to something that your specific audience will recognise? Generally speaking I've tended to plump for the latter course except where I thought the original reference was more relevant or meaningful.

And then there's the time. To translate the whole of SoC for one language, every single line of text in the dialogue, weapons and items, plus what the mod added in, took me three months, doing a couple of hours most nights after work and a few hours at the weekends, with another three weeks or so for checking and error correction. I speak several languages fluently but after months of doing Stalker mod translations then all you get is criticism for letting a typo through one night when you're tired but not a word of thanks for the unpaid labour you've undertaken, let's say it's not a task that I envy anyone.

Re: [Translations] Available languages.

Posted: 28 Oct 2017, 15:56
by Steve2000