Heavy Customization

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Heavy Customization

Postby kallisto » 28 Oct 2015, 02:16

Hello everyone!

I like Call Of Chernobyl, very, i also like freeplay sandbox, and the only thing, that i'm missing is - an assault vest, like in nlc6 (Shadow Of Chernobyl). So, instead of asking about this feature someone, i thought, maybe i can do it? I've attached a pretty early concept of what i wanted to do, but since then, i decided to go even further. And all this leads me here, where i might find answers on specific questions, like if it's even possible without modifing engine?

So, the first question is:
1. Lets say i have an assault vest, and when you put it on, it will give you, say +5 to armor. But, assault vest by definition can be put on Seva suit, or any other. So it means, that suit-slot is might be already occupied. Now, let's say, that i have two callbacks: assault_vest_on, and assault_vest_off, in this case, can i create specific effect, like +5 to armor when assault_vest_on callback is called?

2. Additional custom slots, is it possible?

3. Ammo. How can i reject all ammo, that actor have in bag, and use only that ammo, that was attached to his assault vest?

4. Is drag-n-drop feature available?

4.1 Is it possible to findout, that user clicked on item with left mouse button and pressed shift-key? (Purpose: move/use all items; it will help transfering items from actor's bag to somewhere else (trader, another bag).

5. The most important question: during development, it's very slow, since i need to load game, run script, examine changes, reload, examine, reload and etc. Maybe there something, that can speed up this process?

6. I didn't found (yet) solution to autoload specific script, instead, i have to type console command: run_script ui_kvest; So the question is, how to autoload script, without changing anything in "system" scripts?

What im up to. Completly new user interface, inventory, trade, upgrade, repair, armor customization, assault vest & magazines, shotgun belt and pistol holsters, also looting magazines from weapons of dead stalkers and... well, even with this list of features, it become a very complex modification.


P.S. I dont know if someone tell you, but your implementation of fog is very, very beautifull, gorgeous, very smooth and most importantly - very close to concept of Stalker movie (Tarkovsky). Thank you!
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Re: Heavy Customization

Postby Alundaio » 28 Oct 2015, 02:44

Some of the things you want will definitely require engine modification.

I'm not sure I fully understand this concept. You want an equipable vest? When this vest is equipped you want it to open up slots to put things like ammo and also provide bonus to immunities?

The problem with some of this is that the actor UI is hard coded, but you can easily script a new ui but requires some experience.

scripts auto load when they are referenced from another script. So it depends on how you are using your script, make it a module using axr_main.script, that is what it was created for. Add the script name to the modules table in axr_main and then add a on_game_start function to your script.

Put graphics on low and add -noprefetch to command line shortcut if you want game to load much quicker for testing.

It's possible to add more custom slots and to make a vest item equipable, that part is already done in OXR. Also, it's possible to added a scripted effect when right-clicking on an item and selecting an option in the context menu; this also was added by OXR.
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Re: Heavy Customization

Postby kallisto » 28 Oct 2015, 03:16

Thank you for your reply! Well, it seems like very soon, i will dig into this very deeply.
Yes, vest, shotgun belt and pistol holster will be not only as equipable items, but also, as items that can hold other items, like ammo, bandages, medkits & etc. For example, there might be three specific slots: radiacmeter, detector & pda.

Oh, i've forgot to mention about pda, but, at this time, i don't have any idea about, what features can be done there, except "online dialog" for example.

There are two reasons, why i'm worried about engine modifications:
1. Not enough skills for working with c++.
2. There might be a mod, that also has it's own engine modifications, so it will became difficult to merge them together and it will take time.

I'll try to make this without modifications.
Again, thanks! and feel free to ask me anything :)

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