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Feature List

Postby Alundaio » 09 Jul 2015, 02:41

Re-worked maps from all three games:
  • This means not only are we using all the maps from the old stalker games but with some fixes or additions, like Clear Sky base in Swamps being accessible by foot or CS Dark Valley bandit base being opened back up.

AI overhaul:
  • New AI schemes
    • Military radio-in Helicopters (if on same level)
    • Stalkers pick up items (visually with animation) and can equip weapon addons
    • Stalkers loot mutants using a knife
    • Kill wounded scheme where NPCs will encircle and surround the victim before shooting them
    • Stalkers light camp fires linked to smart terrains
    • Helicopter vs. NPC combat
    • Improved friendly fire avoidance
    • New scheme 'axr_beh' that can dynamically read positional waypoints from .ltx for lazy people
    • Enhanced versions of Rulix AI schemes.
    • Corpse reaction
  • New companion system
    • Uses the axr_beh scheme
    • Actor can become companions with entire squads for tasks or with random simulation squads
    • Several companion movement orders done via keypress like Move To Point, Wait, Follow
    • Togglable combat modes Assist, Passive and Aggressive via keypress
    • New combat scheme used when companions are in Wait or Move To Point mode where they fight in a radius around the point while staying in cover
  • Minigunner jobs. Stalkers who have a minigunner job will fire a MG at their targets. Sadly we did not add animation for this, they just stand next to it.
  • Huge NPC v. NPC combat range (200m), which was around 30m in vanilla COP.
  • Expanded A-life and smart terrain property system
  • A-Life can transition levels
  • New Helicopter A-life system. Helicopters can be spawned in smart respawn logic, have communities and take jobs at smarts. The smart they take jobs from becomes a restricted area for their community. For example if Military chopper is at an army base, anything that comes within perimeter of that area is 'kill-on-sight'
  • Fully modified and integrated Atmosfear 3 by Cromm Crauc. Optimized to remove stutter and FPS drop during surges and psi-storms.
  • Tree sway, grass detail density and actor shadow added back in to engine

  • Working Miracle Machine, Brain Scorcher with phantoms and Wish Granter
  • Dozens of repeatable dynamic tasks that are based on A-life. No repeated task will be exactly the same.
    • These news tasks include, Hostage Rescue missions, Hunt Mutant missions, Bounty Hunter missions, Destroy all Faction at a location, Fetch Item tasks, Escort Bandits to kill/loot stalkers and Escort Scientists to Anomalies or to investigate mutant corpses.
  • Enhanced Helicopter combat against the player and NPCs. Helicopter will select targets dynamically as opposed to preset targets set in custom logic
  • Cut mutants cat, izlom and rat.
  • Lootable mutants
  • Placeable rucksack stashes
  • Placeable sleeping bag
  • New mutant variants that spawn phantoms of themselves (Not added to any respawner by default).
  • CoP features like sleep zones, mechanics, traders, surge covers and anomalies added to all the old maps
  • Dynamic stash system. Stashes are procedurally created on a new game start.
  • Faction selection and name creation at New Game Start.
  • Ironman mode
    • Upon starting a new game, all your saves are marked with a Unique ID. When you die, all your saves with this UID are deleted.
  • Optional Weapon Technician repair/upgrade feature
    • Repairing and upgrading equipment takes time. Hand over your equipment and come back later to pick it up.
    • This feature re-enforces the player to use other equipment while their primary loadout is being worked on.

  • No longer crashes when dragging consumables larger then 1x1 to quickslots (Engine)
  • No more 'error in stalker with visual' crashes (Engine)
  • No more 'non-inventory object has parent!?' crashes (Engine)
  • No more crashes related to stalker active weapon being nil after spamming "H_PARENT", etc. crap to log. (Engine)
  • No more 'invalid vertex for object' crashes on game load when objects miraculously spawn outside the AI Map when used_ai_locations is true (Scripts)
  • No more 'C Stack Overflow' specifically caused by motivation planner inside state_mgr end evaluator (Scripts)
  • Fixes to move_mgr.script and mob_walker.script that caused mutants and stalkers to not play wait animations because of missing look waypoints or look flags

  • Features over 396 active smart terrains with hundreds of alife squads (Yes, no lie!)
  • FOV and HUD_FOV can be changed in developer console (Engine)
  • Dozens of stalker and mutant variations by Darkenneko himself!
  • Luajit-2 (Engine)
  • Functional Abakan with two-shot burst at high RPM and a cycledown to normal RPM (Engine)
  • New launcher.exe that passes it's own command line to bin\xrEngine.exe
  • All unused textures were removed from data. All three games had a lot of unused textures loaded in for no reason. Every texture in use by the game was found by scanning all the .object, .ogf, level and SDK data, logs and config then compiled to ensure that CoC only has textures actively used. This cut about 2GB from textures.
  • Vehicles re-added but not spawned by default
  • Dozens of new exported engine methods using luabind
  • 3rd person over the shoulder camera when -psp passed to command line
  • Expansive debugging scripts and tools enabled when -dbg passed in command line.
    • In-game debug hud with verbose information on almost everything imaginable
    • In-game icon selector. Correct icons for items on the fly and save changes without exiting game
    • In-game attachable item offset editor
    • In-game developer debug console with dozens of custom commands and features like JumpToLevel and Spawner
  • Enhanced script base with several optimizations and performance improvements to the gulag and smart terrain system.
  • Scripted callback, event and keybind managers to help keep script changes more modular
  • Persistent storage system using the Lua Marshal library to persist all lua data types through saves
    • Used by xr_logic pstor, stash system, actor statistics, surge/psi storm to help alleviate NetPacket size and prevent save corruption
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Re: Feature List

Postby DragonEye » 09 Jul 2015, 11:37

Looks really great guys. I read so many things i have never seen in another Stalker mod, it really shows how talented you guys are on this mod. I belive that the viewers on Moddb would appreciate this new update on the mod, too see what you guys have thought about the mod :D

Cant wait for the next news update


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