Ironmode and Azazel union mode failed after 148 times

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Ironmode and Azazel union mode failed after 148 times

Postby Tomasm21 » 18 Jun 2017, 13:15

I have just lost Ironmode+Azazel after half of year gameplay. The application failed to save the game and now there is nothing to load. I died about 150 times.
I was in army werehouses. I was mercenary. There was an emmision. I did some test - went back from the house when emmision was near the end. It was still lasting because there were no task complete message. As soon as I left the building I died. Game tried to load me another teammate. It did. But something went wrong because the load was too short. Also I have seen that something was already wrong because I haven't seen my weapon and the hud. Only full screen of game view. I switched to see my third person. Then back to first person. But still the hud and weapon was missing. I was able to fire. Then I pressed F9 to load from scratch. I wanted to start over something that had strange end. But... for my greatest surprise - it loaded me very very old save when I was not on azazel+ironmode. Everything is lost. The mod doesn't work properly. There are some unknown and for you not foreseen situations. I have lost about 3 million rubles, 30 artefacts in stashes, 5 railguns, 3 upgraded FN2000's, 3 another good weapons and 30 best detectors.

I'm shocked.

Can you explain what has happened?

Adding the log:

At almost 95% of the log when there is text like "tomas - Íà Àãðîïðîì.scop'" it fails. Previoulsy was loading "tomas.scop" and later "kompas - quicksave2".
maybe there can be seen what happened.
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