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Don't look down!

Posted: 14 Oct 2016, 17:32
by Listenis Youghaupt
I have recently encountered a very strange problem with v1.3.2 which I do not understand and cannot resolve. Yes, I know that I should be using 1.4.x, but I'm far advanced in 1.3.2 and I rather like it anyway.

Here's the full SP; v1.3.2 with AO, Dynamic Masks and a bunch of other mods for textures. Has played together nicely for months, no real problems, haven't changed anything about this installation since mid-August. Yet for some reason, the other evening whilst crouching and looking for some dropped item on the ground, it began to horribly slow down then crashed. Error and log said xr_ini.cpp had crashed on line 267 with invalid argument - cannot find file weapons/upgrades/wfn_fn2000_up.ltx.

How very odd, because that file is there and it is correct. I tried again, same error, same circumstances; whenever my character crouches and looks at the ground there's some stutter then this exact same error, every time. I can reproduce it at will but I do not understand why crouching would generate a very specific error looking for a weapons upgrade file that's already there. To be strictly accurate, it doesn't happen simply when I go into crouch, only if I look at the ground whilst crouched. In order to either identify or eliminate AO as the culprit, I removed it and took all trace of it out of the gamedata directory, and started a new game. And got the same problem right away.

I am at a loss either to explain this behaviour or why it should have started when I haven't made any changes whatsoever to my 1.3.2 installation for months. Any helpful suggestions would therefore be appreciated.

Re: Don't look down!

Posted: 14 Oct 2016, 19:53
by Alundaio
is that 'wfn' a typo from you or does it actually say that?

Re: Don't look down!

Posted: 15 Oct 2016, 05:47
by Listenis Youghaupt
Sory fore may bod tipong!

It should be, of course, weapons\upgrades\w_fn2000_up.ltx

(That's what can happen when you open a new bottle of a good single malt on a Friday evening. Also you can put your post in the wrong section altogether, ahem.)

Snippet of error and stack trace attached.