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Hello Stalkers!

Posted: 30 Dec 2014, 07:38
by Porcupine
I recently rediscovered the game — and my mod project, and I took it up again. Actually I thought I had lost all of my files when my laptop died in 2012, but I recently rediscovered most of them on an old HD :)

Having said this, I must say something about myself:

  • As for playing the game, or any FPS that is, I probably suck by the standards of most of you. I'm just not very good at it. I play the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games for the atmosphere, not to test or improve my skills. And this is where modding the game comes in :)
  • As for modding the game, I'm in the stage of learning what I can achieve by modifying the .ltx and texture files. My current project is to give a much bigger role to artifacts, adding a bunch of them and giving all of them much greater power. Also, I just managed to decompile the all.spawn (although there were some, apparently trivial, errors) but I will keep that for later.

I played and enjoyed the other two S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games too, and will at one point dig them up as well, but the first one I played was CoP. and that is still what I consider the game. I actually was working on a mod project to include the artifacts for SoC and CS into CoP, but sofar I haven't found my files; I might try that later.

Btw I found this forum via the signature of Bangalore on the GSC Stalker forum, where I made a few posts under the name 'Chernobog'.

Anyway, it's nice to see there still are people interested in this game!

Re: Hello Stalkers!

Posted: 30 Dec 2014, 07:48
by Alundaio
Hey, man! Welcome. Yeah, we have a pretty good and small active modding community here. GSC forums are crap. :)

If you have any questions or need help with something ask here, quite a few fanatic stalker modding veterans visit here. :anom:

But most of them are French visitors who also hang out here:

Re: Hello Stalkers!

Posted: 30 Dec 2014, 08:10
by Porcupine
Hey thanks for the fast reply and the warm welcome :) This place seems like a shelter as cozy as Yanov :)

Btw, I'm not succeeding in using this pic as my avatar, while it is 100x100 and below 6k:


Maybe TinyPic is not allowed here?

Ooww they tried to teach me French at school (I'm Dutch), and German as well, and now that I'm older I really regret I never bothered, but the fact is that I'm only fluent in English (and Dutch, duh). I can read an badly talk/write German (embarrassingly bad I should say), but my graps of French is virtualy non-existent.

Btw Alundaio aren't you the guy behind the Misery mod series? I believe they're great work, judging on the feedback they got but I already find vanilla more misery than I care to handle, so I never played them :D (I even had a little pet project called Roadside Picnic, quite the opposite of Misery: e.g. making all mobs friendly. I was on the verge of succeeding to make the zombified Stalkers talk back, but that was when my laptop died, and I would have to start all over; I managed to do so with Monolith though.)

The first mod I actually encountered, was something called Razor, and this was also how I encountered the game itself. I was just roaming the web for documentaries and/or movies on the Chernobyl disaster, and I found a copy of the Razor mod, fully installed with the whole game included. I actually bought the three games after that, so this is an example where non-licensed distribution actually helped the original distributor!

Re: Hello Stalkers!

Posted: 30 Dec 2014, 11:19
by Ardias
Porcupine wrote:[..]where I made a few posts under the name 'Chernobog'.

Could it be the one and only deity?

Re: Hello Stalkers!

Posted: 30 Dec 2014, 12:46
by Porcupine
Ardias wrote:
Porcupine wrote:[..]where I made a few posts under the name 'Chernobog'.

Could it be the one and only deity?

No, that's not me, Not familiar with that wiki either.

I think I got that name from a song of a Russian black metal band (third song) and liked it because of the similarity to Chernobyl.