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Ever consider doing a SOC AI mod?

Posted: 25 Jul 2012, 13:22
by Swartz
I know you're pretty busy with all the crazy cool stuff you're doing for COP, but if you ever get around to it you should consider a SOC AI mod. Sure there's some out there already, but you have a unique take on things that could spice up the AI pretty well.
An example of something I'd like to see is enhanced stealth. Only SOC seems to have any stealth element to it and it would be cool if it could be improved further.

Re: Ever consider doing a SOC AI mod?

Posted: 26 Jul 2012, 19:41
by Swartz
Okay, I guess not a popular idea.

How about this though: a port of axr_random_loadouts for SOC? It's a pain in the ass editing the tons of character_desc xml files and would make things a lot more fun.

And yeah I'm sloshed. Cheap wine this time. Tis good :)

Re: Ever consider doing a SOC AI mod?

Posted: 11 Aug 2012, 17:21
by Alundaio
I really never felt like involving myself in Shadow of Chernobyl scripting; not sure why. Now there seems to be a void to fill but back in the day scripters who did awesome things for SOC were a dime a dozen. Call of Pripyat had almost nobody except a handful of people even though in my eyes it is by far the best engine and has the best framework. I'm taking a break for a bit, though I see no reason why I wouldn't pick it up again. Call of Pripyat will be the only STALKER game I will mod for unless of course STALKER 2 (Highly unlikely) ever comes out. It would actually be difficult to learn how to script stalker because I'm so used to how things work in COP and they aren't the same in SOC. :cry:

Re: Ever consider doing a SOC AI mod?

Posted: 13 Dec 2012, 17:28
by utak3r
Swartz, use Monnoroch's AI scripts. Using it, at tweaking properly a weather scripts and settings, you can make a true stealth game. For example: military base in Agroprom (the part after the tunnels) can be played without even a single kill - if done at night.
I don't have a clean version of this, I have only my big (well, kind of huge already) mod, which uses Monnoroch, XRS mixed with my own works - and it really behaves greatly. I believe on amk forum there's a version of mixed Rulix/Monnoroch work. As I said, I've changed them here and there, but I think it should work ok even without it.