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New Chat System

Posted: 15 Dec 2014, 21:21
by Alundaio
In case you haven't noticed it there is a new chat tab at the lower left of your screen that replaces the old shoutbox. It is disabled in mobile mode, currently. Be cool and use it. :gizmo:

There is a new IM system, too. Don't be afraid to chat it up. It's also possible to share files with one another (200mb limit), the files will auto-delete in 300minutes. There is no need to upload your files to a website and then link it, you can now do it directly. ;)

Re: New Chat System

Posted: 06 Feb 2016, 19:40
by Alundaio
It suddenly broke and not sure why. Tried re-installing but user and chatroom stuff don't work. will try to fix asap