chatroom conversation

Borovos []: ola
Darrill []: Hey Darryl
ColonelRH []: Hi guys ahaha just saw that video xD , that sid was hiding something after all
Nuor []: what am I saying the whole friggen world is crazy.
Nuor []: stalker fans are crazy ;p
Darryl []: He's done a few other vids similar to this
Darryl []: This is amazing
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hey Nuor, other me
Darryl []: horribly*
Darryl []: I don't imagine it's an easy thing to change the 16-bit value they use, but if you're using up over 60k ids there's something horrible wrong going on
Darryl []: I don't really know anything about the engine, but you can't "remove" the id limit.
Balathruin []: It's not that simple.
Steve2000 []: but i did a search for 65536 on the source code, i a treieved 271 hits
Steve2000 []: no.. im trying to remove the game ID tag limit from the COP 64 source code.. although I have ran into this problem with COC and Warfare..
Balathruin []: He most likely ran into the "out of IDs" crash with a mod. Anything that runs out has huge bugs using up those. Vanilla CoC can barely reach half of the limit with high spawn and ingame weeks passed.
Nuor []: I'm not exactly understanding what you want id is server object id isn't it?
Steve2000 []: Hi Guys, can anyone tell me how to remove the ID tag limit? or maybe even how I could find it?
Nuor []: duh I need to set wait time not timer
Nuor []: So take it that won't do what I want?
Nuor []:
TKGP []: "what I actually want to do is reduce the value of orders_data[mech].timer by game.get_game_time():diffSec(order_data[mech].timer)"
TKGP []: I'm talking about what you said earlier
Nuor []: that is function I trigger
Nuor []:
TKGP []: wait_time is an offset yes
Nuor []: the wait time is saved as m_data in ordered_data
Nuor []: but I can't use wait_time when I retrigger it at game load. I need to use time difference between time at game save and wait time.
Nuor []: that is triggered by dialog event
Nuor []: CreateTimeEvent(0,"spec_ammo",wait_time,message_chk)
TKGP []: if the order timer is a length of time then getting the difference between it and the current time doesn't make any sense, and if it's the destination time then there's no need to adjust it
TKGP []: that's fine, but what I said still applies
Nuor []: I'm using a CreateTimeEvent to set a message timer to an event x hours in the future the but since the CreateTimeEvent doesn't persist through a gameload I need to reset it with the new (shorter) time period.
TKGP []: which I assume is not what you want
TKGP []: I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but if you subtract the difference between the current time and the timer /from/ the timer, you just end up with the current time
Nuor []: if it*
Nuor []: but it it doesn't save between gameloads it won't work without a hack.
Nuor []: basically I'm trying to use CreateTimeEvent instead of constant update checks.
Nuor []: because CreateTimeEvent doesn't store value I wanted to create a new event on gameload with an updated timer.
TKGP []: I mean really if you're subtracting the difference then you're just going to end up with a copy of get_game_time, right
TKGP []: if the timer holds the destination time though, why do you want to be decrementing it?
TKGP []: that should work as I understand it
TKGP []:
Nuor []: which is why i originally asked about sub and add
Nuor []: what I actually want to do is reduce the value of orders_data[mech].timer by game.get_game_time():diffSec(order_data[mech].timer)
TKGP []: how odd
TKGP []: it's called xrTime in the engine though
TKGP []: (add doesn't return either, it just mutates the caller)
TKGP []: CTime is pretty weird
TKGP []: or just do it the other way :^
Nuor []: I'll give it a try thanks
TKGP []: you'd have to try it to make sure it's acceptable for those to be 0s
TKGP []: orderTime:add(CTime():set(0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0)) would be the right way I guess
TKGP []: since they seem to expect some fields like year to be at least 1
TKGP []: but honestly I'm not confident with how initializing new CTimes works
TKGP []: so orderTime:add(CTime():setHMS(0, 0, 1)) MIGHT work
TKGP []: if you want to use add() you need another CTime object
TKGP []: that's how I would do it
Nuor []: hmm
TKGP []:
TKGP []: it works in that context but not for the reasons it seems like
TKGP []: get stores the values in the variables passed to it
Nuor []: elsewhere
Nuor []: that is used
Nuor []: Y, M, D, h, m, s, ms = game.get_game_time():get( Y, M, D, h, m, s, ms )
TKGP []: get is void
TKGP []: but you're passing gt:get() into set()
TKGP []: yes
Nuor []: gt is game.get_game_time()
TKGP []: get doesn't return anything
Nuor []: I don't see a AddSec equivalent to diffSec
TKGP []: well, that won't work anyways
Nuor []: was thinking that but sub and add might be simpler.
Nuor []: local Y, M, D, h, m, s, ms
orders_data[mech].timer:set(gt:get( Y, M, D, h, m+1, s, ms ))

Nuor []: I want to add 1 game minute to a a stored value that is in game.get_game_time() format.
Nuor []: do you know do they return the value in (Y... format?
TKGP []: why?
TKGP []: nope
Nuor []: hey TKGP have you ever used game.get_game_time():sub() or add()?
Darryl []: Hey other me
Darryl []: I hope he's okay
Darryl []: He's never gone away this long before
Darryl []: I'm kinda worried about Alun
Nuor []: nope
Balathruin []: No sign of life from him for almost three weeks.
Nuor []: ?
Balathruin []: Did Alun tell anyone what's up or just keep waiting?
Nuor []: It's a bit tedious to create the dialog bu tit shows a slightly different way to use upgrades. May be worth having a special repair/reload kit task as opposed to completing tier 3.
Nuor []: special ammo should work now.
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: Always gives me a panic attack when the coc page says it doesnt exist
Darryl []: I hate it when moddb dies
Nuor []: takes addition of a new ammo added to upgrades file for each weapon. ammo_..._spl
Nuor []:
Nuor []:
Nuor []: basically a simple way to give dynamic order abilty to any char with just a ltx file and char section actor dialog entry.
Nuor []: was hoping to be able to do count of categories and item size and set table size appropriately automatically rather than having to know th emax size of each ahead of time.
Nuor []: the individual items can have unique prices rather than soley priced by category.
TKGP []: i c
Nuor []: you can set whether category or item is available based on reputation, rank time in game.
Nuor []: ah it is a version of nimble orders that allows you to have multiple categories with multiple items that you can choose from in each category rather than randomly chosen from the list.
TKGP []: I mean what's it for
Nuor []: I think I hav eall the files in my pastebins
Nuor []: no tsure what do you mean. the ltx?
TKGP []: what is the context of this dialog anyways?
Nuor []: I don't believe there is a way to have dialog npc at that stage.
Nuor []: maybe init_func trigger on game_load
TKGP []: good morning
ColonelRH []: Hi guys , how goes it ?
Nuor []: nope
Nuor []: I bet I can force check with "action"
Nuor []: it*
Nuor []: I could avoid if if npc was passed as argument to init but i can't tell that it is.
TKGP []: (
Nuor []: dialog is a mess. thanks for the second set of eyes.
TKGP []: sorry
TKGP []: but I really don't know much about dialogs
TKGP []: it does seem weird that it would init before checking preconditions
Nuor []: seems that dm_init_dynamic_orders_dialog is processed befor any has_orders checks.
Nuor []: I seems to check has_orders every time I change a dialog level.
Nuor []: first one is in dialog_manager function.
Nuor []: cat_size = 10 list_size = 10
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3

Nuor []: but dlalog manager isn't using the values . I'd assumed that has_orders would alter th evalues before dialog_manager would get them as it is used as a precondition
Nuor []: okay count works fine.
Nuor []: yes that is what I forgot to change
TKGP []: is this supposed to be csize?
Nuor []: oh heel forgot to chang esomething
Nuor []: best I can tell count_size isn't working as it returns cat_size= 0 list_size = 1
Nuor []: there is the whole file the cat_size list size values that are being used by dialog_manager are the two values set at the top 10 and 10.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: dialog is confusing It messes with my mind
TKGP []: anyways just stick a log in each function so you know what order they're running in
TKGP []: I don't know fuck about dialogs, maybe it makes sense
TKGP []: so be it then
Nuor []: alun did it that way for some reason. I imagine to indicate dialog level
TKGP []: like wat
TKGP []: I want all of this to not be indented differently when they're in exactly the same scope
Nuor []: so you want for loop indent back a level?
Nuor []: loop size still default
Nuor []: the dialog runs without crashing I just nee to see if it uses the real or default values.
Nuor []: I need to put some printf checks that simple n = n+1 may have been the only problem, stupid as that may be ;/
TKGP []: so does it work now that the function can actually run? :u
Nuor []: count_size sets size of the two global vars cat_size, list_size
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I'm using the format alun uses for all of these dialogs.
TKGP []: where does count_size come into this
TKGP []: randomly indenting lines that are in the same scope is not a resolution issue
Nuor []: tab set to 4 ;p
TKGP []: bruh
Nuor []: not so bad on 4k monitor ;p
Nuor []: using the values to set loop size in two different scripts.
TKGP []: good god what spawn of satan indented this code
Nuor []: trying to pass values into that
Nuor []:
Nuor []: hmm maybe that was the only problem.
TKGP []: what are you expecting to happen that isn't
TKGP []: either way I don't understand what the original problem was
Nuor []: It is
TKGP []: a function that will never return seems like a significant problem to me
Nuor []: okay that is cut and past error but I think there is more to the problem that that.
Nuor []: called in "has_orders" both are in dialogs_orders
TKGP []: forgot to increment n
TKGP []: you have an infinite loop there my dude
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I'm calling it from a precondition function for the dialog_manager function.
Nuor []: there is the function I'm trying to use.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: hey TK I've a conundrum with dialogs. I'm trying to set a loop count value in a dialog_manager function from another script but the timing is wrong.
Darryl []: stupid chat deleting brackets
Darryl []: "rank/reputation [value]"
Darryl []: Just use the "rank/reputation " commands
Darryl []: I added some debug commands to cheat that
Nuor []: ah I bet it is reputation
Nuor []: hmm only pistols category showing up
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I need a way to justify having the zombie article available in non-survival mode because it ties in quite a bit with the zombified stalker article
Darryl []: I've done a bit of tweaking, going to add a regular zombie spawn to the cemetery in generators instead of zombified stalkers and snorks
Nuor []: not even going to think about it.
Darryl []: This is amazing
Darryl []:
Nuor []: the subcategory version allows for a list of costs and checks that effect individual items in the category.
Nuor []: either that version or the random they use basically the same ltx.
Nuor []: just add it to the char section as actor dialog
Nuor []: anyone
Darryl []: For Nimble?
Darryl []: Oh?
Nuor []: I made a version of dynamic orders that allows choice within categories instead of random.
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, Did you spread the virus?
Nuor []: lots of those make me wonder.
Nuor []:

[LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 36366!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 36365!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 36364!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 33541!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 25127!

Nuor []: was hoping to update position by calling it every check thinking using same sound_object will just reuse rather than repeat.
Nuor []: or that
Nuor []: snd:play_at_pos(st.object, pos, 0, sound_object.s2d)
Nuor []: I wonder if calling that repeatedly will cause me grief.
Nuor []: st.object:start_particles("ogsm\\ogsm_flies", "bip01_head")
Nuor []: I think that hack will work.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: [SCRIPT ERROR]: ... chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\alife_storage_manager.script:92: attempt to encode userdata (no __persist hook)
Nuor []: ah game crashes on save
Nuor []: i'd be happy if that was the only reason
TKGP []: to spite you
Nuor []: hmm so why did he do that
Nuor []: it is
TKGP []: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nuor []: ah is is commented out
Nuor []: maybe that isn't being called?
Nuor []: function ProcessEventQueueState(m_data,save)
TKGP []: ))
Nuor []: yeah much cleaner. i need to check callbacks any time i write something ;p
Nuor []: I'll try that
Nuor []: I tried putting a delay but even corpses next to me didn't work.
TKGP []: instead of trying every object once, I would use the stalker's net_spawn callback to start their individual timers
TKGP []: I believe
TKGP []: which would mean if it's offline when you load in, but then you move into switch distance later, it won't play anything
TKGP []: so each corpse anywhere in the game checks once then stops checking if it's not online
Nuor []: yes
TKGP []: returning true kills the timer, right?
Nuor []: I'll ask alun if he ever returns it looks like data should be saved.
Nuor []: unfortunately death_time isn't saved through a save
TKGP []: well, if it works it works
TKGP []: I see
TKGP []: hm
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I cheated and just checked all se_obj at gamestart
TKGP []: (
Nuor []: I gave up on trying to get queued event to save I failed miserably.
TKGP []: howdy N
Nuor []: hey hey TK
Darryl []: @Alundaio

Darryl []: About time, the international trailers have started to drop
Nuor []: but tent is removed
Nuor []: actaully i don't hav e asleepbag so who knows ;p
Nuor []: The sleep bag is removed bit the campfire isn't that is odd.
Darryl []: nice spot, thanks
Darryl []: oh whoops
Darrill []: @Darryl You made a mistake in drx_statistics. Line 139: anomal_zonen_artefact_take(item) must be anomalyn_artefact_take(item)
Nuor []: I've not seen alun Bangalore shows up occasionally but is whisper quite.
Borovos []: any news from Alundaio or Bangalore?
Borovos []: hello guys
Balathruin []:
Nuor []: okay now
Nuor []: opps It didn't update give me a sec
Nuor []: updated paste and i believe it still works.
Nuor []: It bothers me as it is so i'll change it and see.
TKGP []: no relation to why the particles are or aren't playing, I just like giving unsolicited advice))
TKGP []: just make it cleaner
TKGP []: well, it shouldn't break or fix anything really
Nuor []: I'll change it and see what breaks.
TKGP []: the function could just reference the value directly instead, it's equivalent
TKGP []: but every time a monster dies you're creating 3 new tables, putting one value in them, and creating 3 new functions which reference them
TKGP []: yes
Nuor []: I'm creating multiple sound or particle objects I can pass those as argument into the queue and manipulate each within the queue without effecting each other.
TKGP []: you would only need to do it that way if you were giving a function that wasn't declared locally and had to access some shared resource
TKGP []: same for the timer and effect tables though
Nuor []: sound is easier than particles.
Nuor []: I guess time ris persistent between repeated calls
TKGP []: since you're making a new closure with each sound
TKGP []: I'm not familiar with CreateTimeEvent but this should be fine
TKGP []: well
Nuor []: these call are sometimes running multiple times before shutting off.
Nuor []: that's what i mean I don't know if they are required as I don't understand the workings of the queueing system
TKGP []: placeholder for something later?
TKGP []: what's the purpose of these tables like effect and snd which only ever hold one key?
Nuor []: I guess I need obj table also ? passing these arguments into CreateTimeEvent confuses me ;p
Nuor []: so I missed something my particles aren't turning on and off as i move in outside of 10 meters.
Nuor []:
TKGP []: meltac has some pretty funky stuff in Dynamic Shaders
Nuor []: I think someones been working on that for a while.
Nuor []: I think they'll be happy if you just manage realistic rain droplets on visors.
TKGP []: individual droplets of condensation forming on scopes and visors
TKGP []: heck yeah
Nuor []: maybe like humidity effects on ballistics or bullets passing through pressure ridges ;p
Nuor []: heh heh
TKGP []: this is the future of stalking
TKGP []: realistic 3D cloud formations built out of small particles
TKGP []: imagine it
Nuor []: next thing they'll want to model the weather.
TKGP []: O:
Nuor []: heh Don't mention it
TKGP []: does he have the thing where they turn into skeletons?
Nuor []: unlikely*
Nuor []: it effects every online corpse but i guess that's unlike to be more than a 100
TKGP []: brain power might be better utilized optimizing the parts of it that actually chug rather than fretting over a single square root ^:
Nuor []: his is one of those crazy misery mods that adds a millions cpu eating details ;p
TKGP []: oddly there's also a distance_to_xz_sqr in the engine but it's not exported for scripts
TKGP []: so follow your dreams
TKGP []: but you're right, it hardly makes it incomprehensible to write 30^2 instead of 30
TKGP []: computers are pretty fast
TKGP []: I would just use distance_to since I highly doubt it's going to add more than a bazillionth of a second with so few objects just calling it once per update
Nuor []: I've no idea if the running particle effect are more demanding than the constant distance checks ;)
Nuor []: darrill want all these fly particle effects on bodies bu twants them to shut down when more than 10 meters away (then come back when you approach) Only way i know to do that is have aperiodic distance check.
TKGP []: if performance is a concern
TKGP []: generally I feel like the lesser evil is to leave it as readable as possible and just schedule it to only update 10 times a second or something instead
TKGP []: I assume you're worried because you're doing something every frame
TKGP []: I guess it's not that confusing if you just write it as 30^2
Nuor []: but you are right 900 instead of 30 for example
Nuor []: faster to do that than roots
Nuor []: you use ^2 values
TKGP []: I mean what you compare the result to would not be intuitive
Nuor []: i think he just uses obj:position() in both cases.
TKGP []: but then you'd have to have all your distances in weird terms
TKGP []: that's what distance_to_sqr is
Nuor []: best I recall one avoids a square root calc which is very demanding
Nuor []: I think that is other
Nuor []: distance_to_sqr ?
TKGP []: although it may be faster I suppose
TKGP []: there's distance_to_xz but that's not really the same
Nuor []: is one I recall
Nuor []: distance_to()
TKGP []: I wasn't even aware there was a different one
Nuor []: alun said one one was a rough approximation and less demanding but i don't recall which.
TKGP []: is vector:distance_to slow?
TKGP []: I've never thought to worry about performance so I have no idea
Nuor []: Hey TKGP do you recall which of the distance to actor checks is less demanding?
Nuor []: apparently 20% of Americans think the sun circles the earth. Maybe I should just give up ;p
Darrill []: radius of the sound is about 5 meters
Darrill []: no fps drops, havving arround like 10 bodies
Darrill []: Seem to work nice
Nuor []: ah sound is real time not game time
Nuor []: who knows maybe it's worth having. I don't know how CPU greedy it is.
TKGP []: o
Nuor []: I wrote this for someones addon didn't plan on mucking with base scripts.
TKGP []: but I don't really know what you're up to
TKGP []: I presume you could just play the sound from the same script that does the decaying instead of trying to sync them up
TKGP []: well
Nuor []: should kick in same time body decays but seems to take longer.
Nuor []: I don't think it can. The script seems to work but the delay is taking longer to kick in than I would expect.
TKGP []: that's a great question : )
Nuor []: can volume be greater than 1?
TKGP []: pro tip make sure you always hold onto a reference to it otherwise it'll get GC'd and stop playing
TKGP []: not persistent
TKGP []: it's not a like object object
Nuor []: barely used them don't know the details.
Nuor []: yeah
TKGP []: it's a sound_object
TKGP []: well use_snd[id].volume in your case
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []: is it a se_obj
TKGP []: yee
Nuor []: use_snd.volume = 1?
TKGP []: might want to explicitly set .volume = 1
Nuor []: sound is soft but i think I can hear it.
TKGP []: probably not loading because that's a syntax error ))
Nuor []: bu tthe script wasn't loading
Nuor []: It didn't crash that's what foole dme.
Nuor []: declare
Nuor []: ah i didn't ceclare the table
TKGP []: shouldn't that even crash
TKGP []: local use_snd[id] ???
Nuor []: so any idea why that isn't playing fly sounds on bodies?
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: inb4 nobody submits anything
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darrill []: he would have done an engine hack and quit from it
Darryl []: Hey Olivius
Darryl []: Spent the last 7 days walking around trying to find a way out
Darryl []: Maybe he got stuck in a space anomaly
Nuor []: yep even I'm vaguely uneasy
Darryl []: D:
Darryl []: I hope alun is okay, havent seen him on in about a week now
Nuor []: mostly back.
Darryl []: It's not up to me to release it anyway
Darryl []: Other people are still working on stuff I guess
Darryl []: I don't know
SadBlackFox []: I meant why the patch has not been released yet? Are there many errors or new content added?
SadBlackFox []: Articles can be added continuously.
Darryl []: Also, if you download latest files there are 105 articles in the encyclopedia
Darryl []: I don't think so, the beta is very out of date now
SadBlackFox []: What was new? The new patch will not be released this year?
SadBlackFox []: I'm a little lost.
Darryl []: H E Y
SadBlackFox []: H E L L O
Nuor []: I'm cooking dinner so not really here
Darryl []: Nuor check IMs
Darryl []: Hey SBF, where'd you go?
Darryl []: Hey guys
Darrill []: Howdy
Darryl []: Hey other me
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: I think I'm off now, see you sometime tomorrow
Darryl []: This is the third time he has posted it
Darryl []: Second time it got downvotes again, so he deleted it
Darryl []: First time he posted that he got so voted down that moddb auto deleted the comment, i cant even see it when viewing deleted comments anymore
Darryl []: Yeah I already know who you mean, the weeaboo
Nuor []: He's just trying to cause trouble.
Nuor []: That one poster joys in be offensive better off just banning him.
Darryl []: Added 5 new articles to repo for locations, textures are now in cloud
Nuor []: Close enough.
Darryl []: How's this?
Darryl []: File uploaded: tc_better.jpg
Darryl []: I'm gonna include that in the article
Darryl []: Rassokha Equipment Cemetery
Darryl []: Ooh I just found the name of the real life TC
Darryl []: What do you think?
Darryl []: File uploaded: tc.jpg
Darryl []: I understand what I'm trying to say but I can't help but think I've written it in a confusing manner
Darryl []: Gonna have to screeny something and get feedback
Nuor []: range and charisma have little to do with each other.
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I imagine something like that would combine charges. untested though.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I never saw the post I just venting at bad public behavior that seems to be the new norm ;p
Darryl []: At this point I don't even notice shitposting in the comments, they're usually full of crap anyway
Darryl []: I thought he meant to say "you guys"
Bangalore []: this is why i hate vg 4chan stalker forum too, whenever i read it, it sounds like gay kids teasing each other
Bangalore []: lol, okay, first it sounded you talk about me, as 5 years old
Nuor []: I agree with you I would be even more draconian ;p
Nuor []: Moddb stalker is a public forum about stalker I don't think casual crudity is appropriate or called for.
Bangalore []: i'm talking about a moddb post, which i deleted, because it was addressed not a proper way
Bangalore []: @Nuor: i don't get you post, it makes no sense for me
Nuor []: @ bangalore - I'm even more extreme than you are I see no reason for casual crudity in this public forum, take it to private communications if you want to act like 5 year olds.
Balathruin []: I'm trying to catch up where I was and found that the crouch anim is set for ~0.6 coeff. Now if we ever get to stealth missions this will definietly help, however, I'd like to increase the sound it makes. Where can I find it?
Bangalore []: is this an appropriate way to address ppl on moddb: 'you gays" and "sexy bois" this isn't a fucking gay mate finder page, imho
Bangalore []: "
Darryl123 59mins ago
I have no idea why your comment was deleted" lol, you really don't know?

Balathruin []: No, my mistake the one I pasted was the ambient.
Darryl []: Hm, I think it was renamed to indoor_ambient for some reason
Balathruin []: indoor_underground
Balathruin []: just a moment, I have it
Darryl []: I can't find it anywhere in configs though
Darryl []: I swear there was an alternate indoor weather for levels like JU and Sarcofag which had lighting for the open roofs
Balathruin []: This error was discovered earlier, like almost a month ago.
Darryl []: Making a start on the level articles now
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I know, just a reminder from my end.
Darryl []: I just come off a rude sometimes when I don't intend it, just how I word stuff I guess
Darryl []: I didn't mean to have a go the other day btw, the relations are fine, it's just a visual error
Darryl []: Hey Bal
Balathruin []: Well I actually escaped to Middle-earth from the Zone.
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: I see a clip of LoTR and decide to find it in the actual movie, then I end up watching several hours of return of the king...
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It's a display issue somewhere
Darryl []: And yet they still appear as green on the minimap
Darryl []: All other modifiers in the file which affect goodwill are set to 0
Darryl []: There's most definitely a bug here, I've set all relations between every faction to 0, and given 'stalker' 500 pts toward 'actor_stalker'
Darryl []: Yeah the 500 isn't an issue, it's something else
Balathruin []: 500 goodwill is still only there to avoid loners having twice as slow progression. Their traders have special at 1500 instead of 1800 too.
Darryl []: hi
Darrill []: Hi to all
Darryl []: I set every single faction's relations to each other to 0, then gave stalker 500 pts toward actor_stalker and they are all green on the map again!
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: I think I'm going to make fixing these game relations my job for tomorrow
Nuor []: I suspect that exclusion area will keep everything out of those custom camps. not exactly what is effected by IN restrictors.
Darryl []: I think I might just make a blank table and play about with relations until I can puzzle it out
Darryl []: I don't know what to think
Darryl []: And in-game relations everyone is a green, and relations says actor_stalker is +2000 with stalker
Darryl []: I changed stalker's relation to actor_stalker to 2000
Darryl []: Hmmm
Nuor []: may b esimplest just to change 1 and check.
Darryl []: The formula says community_goodwill and community_to_community goodwill are added together though...
Darryl []: I thought it was just their independent relation values toward each other
Darryl []: I didn't think they stacked
Darryl []: Do you think it's becoming +1000 because stalker->actor_stalker and actor_stalker->stalker relations are 500 each?
Darryl []: Hm
Nuor []: have to be careful about that.
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: Well now I feel stupid
Darryl []:


Darryl []: oh
Nuor []: I kno wwhat it was that itms_manager.ltx had mutant_loot_UI enabled.
Darryl []: Hm maybe those danger_ values are used somewhere, my game crashed without them
Darryl []: Nothing in engine, scripts or configs uses this though, wonder what it was intended for
Darryl []: Rank increase for discovering locations or something?
Darryl []: What did they mean by this
Darryl []: "Range of change of ranks when registering in a new smart terrane"
Darryl []: According to the translated comment
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Stalker's game files has so many useless holdovers, it's probably easier to read DNA, jesus
Darryl []: It only holds two values, min=1 and max=2
Darryl []: The entire "smart_terrain_rank_change" section seems to be completely useless
Darryl []: Hm
Nuor []: I took a class in Pascal and fortran that was it.
Darryl []: Never actually done any classes on any of this
Darryl []: With Java and Lua I'm pretty much self-taught from looking at stuff and changing it, as well as talking to people (alun for example with lua),watching youtube videos and looking on stack overflow for examples
Nuor []: C++ is different enough from the C I learned 35 years ago that i don't understand half of it. No tthat I ever really did back then
Darryl []: God I hate trying to figure out C/C++, I'm so used to Java syntax it's like comparing Ænglisc to English
Darryl []: I mean there's references to m_fRankDisperison in other files, but nothing is actually set to anything that uses that as a factor except for a pointer as far as I can tell
Darryl []: No, I didn't change anything relating to mutants
Nuor []: yeah I think alun mentioned that earlier.
Darryl []: So I think I can just brush that under the rug and pretend it's not an issue
Darryl []: However, the result (m_fRankDisperison) doesn't look to be used anywhere
Darryl []: It looks like ranks values were designed to be under 1,000 points because of how formula works
Nuor []: you didn't change something so a window comes up when you search a mutant corpse?
Darryl []: Okay this is strange
Darryl []: rank_k is just player rank divided by 100
Darryl []: I don't think dispersion_experienced_k works the way I think it does then
Darryl []:

m_fRankVisibility = novice_rank_visibility + (expirienced_rank_visibility - novice_rank_visibility) * rank_k;
m_fRankDisperison = expirienced_rank_dispersion + (novice_rank_dispersion - expirienced_rank_dispersion) * (1-rank_k);

Darryl []: Nor any of the danger_ values
Darryl []: Actually none of these free_ ones seem to be used by the engine
Darryl []: Nor scripts
Nuor []: I also get a weird loot window when I loot a mutant corpse. No idea where that come from either.
Darryl []: free_community_member_attack_goodwill isn't even used in the engine
Darryl []: oh wtf
Darryl []: Oh right
Nuor []: I've tried to rename them to not functioning names I must have missed that one.
Nuor []: not our test version. those files I've been rewriting for darrill.
Darryl []: I can't find it in any of the repo files
Darryl []: Not for me
Nuor []: it's in itms_manager.ltx plugin I must have put it a test version.
Darryl []: hide_boar isn't in vanilla
Nuor []: I'm getting these weird errors wa ssomething changed with part names?
Nuor []: [error]Arguments : Can't open section 'hide_boar'. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report
Darryl []: I always struggled to understand this action_points section
Darryl []: i.e. friendly/green
Darryl []: Which with the base +500 makes it 1000
Darryl []: I'm thinking community_member_fight_help_goodwill is pushing their personal goodwill +500
Nuor []: the change to bind_campfire and bind_picnic seems to work fine. it sets up an exclusion zone around lit campfire.
Nuor []: I'd think so
Darryl []: They should be yellow as far as I can tell at that value
Darryl []: That's weird
Darryl []: I can't puzzle out why they show up as green at 500
Nuor []: John Cusak and Dan Akroyd discussing unionizing the assassins ;)
Nuor []: Grosse Pointe Blank
Darryl []: i cant understand the logic behind that, the faction is literally called L O N E R S
Nuor []: supposedly changed start goodwill to 500 and somehow it made all friendly.
Nuor []: I think Balath did it a while back.
Darryl []: im going to try to fix this loner relations thing because its really rustling my jimmies
Darryl []: god damn army
Darryl []: then i somehow get hit in the head by a bullet, hear a "thwack" sound and im dead
Darryl []: minding my own business looting boars, i hear gunfire off in the distance (really far way)
Darryl []: man i just died like something straight out of a slapstick
Darryl []: wasnt paying attention to chat
Darryl []: nah you're visible for me
Darryl []: sorry, im testing something in game
Nuor []: am I hidden again?
Darryl []: oh hey nuor
Nuor []: yeah loners are friendly to actor.
Darryl []: It's really weird, like half are neutral and half are friendly
Darryl []: Why are loners all of a sudden friendly to each other?
Nuor []: plus update bind_picnic
Nuor []:
Nuor []: night
Nuor []: I need it to check the specific campfire id or location
Darryl []: Anyways, night
Darryl []: I'll have a look tomorrow if you haven't already beaten me to it no doubt
Darryl []: just stick that in there for your own files
Darryl []: if (script) then method() end
Darryl []: Well you could do it like lootmoney
Nuor []: but to universal
Nuor []: I could set an infoportion in bind_campfire use
Darryl []: You'd have to look at how Alun adds new callbacks to figure that one out
Nuor []: hoping it was a callback that could be checked on use.
Darryl []: and 354
Darryl []: line 336
Darryl []:
Darryl []: it is
Nuor []: use_campfire says called from tutorials
Darryl []: Didn't see it at the time
Darryl []: I only just learnt that
Darryl []: bind_campfire.use_campfire
Nuor []: campfire*
Darryl []: The 'action' tags
Nuor []: axr_turn_on_capfire?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I couldn't puzzle it out
Darryl []: I swear the only changes were to game tutorials or something in that commit
Darryl []: Hang on lemme check
Darryl []: Uh, I don't think that's done through script
Nuor []: Do you know offhand which script read campfire use input?
Darryl []: If there was I'd love to know too, alternate sights would have been really useful when I was doing weapon packs
Nuor []: I imagine he wants to know if there is a work around.
Nuor []: I don't think you can.
Nuor []: It may be I've not looked into hud much
Darryl []: Oh I don't know if you can change actual configs in a live game
Darryl []: I always thought that was in alun utils...
Nuor []: he wants to shift it while zoomed
Darryl []: replace smiley with "x (" without space
Darryl []: system_ini():r_string_eweapon:section(), "gl_hud_offset_pos") ?
Darryl []: Get the section of the weapon and use alun_utils to get the attribute?
Nuor []:

Do you know if the config values 'gl_hud_offset_pos*' in a wpn.ltx can temporarily be stored into memory?
Then on zoom_in be modified x% and on zoom_out be restored again by the org values stored in memory?

Nuor []: Misery is living up to reputation as being nothing but pain ;p
Nuor []: actually probably just comment that line.
Nuor []: CreateTimeEvent(0,"fire_timer",1,create_fire)
Nuor []: i think that works though you may want to comment out the 2 CreateTimeEvent if you only want matches.
Nuor []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Just gotta write Sakharov next and non-story mode will have 100 articles
Darryl []: I think I already changed it since this screen to "brought"
Nuor []: was to bring?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I like putting like bits of humour in the articles
Nuor []: I'd have to look. I'd guess ui
Darryl []: File uploaded: kruglov.jpg
Darryl []: Is that an actual limit set in scripts, or just a limit because of the UI's design?
Nuor []: I don't remember I think sleep is limited to 24 hr's
Darryl []: At the moment sleep dep stops you from sleeping if you don't need it, but if you do sleep you can do about 24hrs in one go
Darryl []: But limited the number of hours your character can sleep for?
Darryl []: One guy had a good idea though which might interest you, sounds like something more suited to sleep deprivation than normal gmaeplay
Darryl []: Been going through old moddb messages since I had about 40+ ignored, it's amazing how much junk people send
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey guys
Nuor []: one or two small changes still needed.
Nuor []: that save_zone function set up restriction IN which excludes AI I'll rename it safe_zone to be clearer.
Nuor []: "center" value must be VEC_ZERO or equivalent.
Nuor []: I figured it out.
Nuor []: it creates the SR obj but it isn't recognized as a zone like script binding isn't processing.
Nuor []: hmm says I'm only 3 m from the SR so it must be the logic
Darryl []: Also, I added articles to the military and bandit characters if you ever play as those factions
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: Could just be an error in the spawn file, the test renders of dark valley always had the bed icon at player location issue
Darryl []: Dunno, I'm not using the latest cloud files which updated generators yet
Nuor []: I must have an outdated file but don't know which it is.
Nuor []: I'm also still seeing a sleep icon at actor on minimap.
Darryl []:
Nuor []: Me either that is the problem
Darryl []: I have no experience with smarts or space restrictors
Nuor []: darryl if set the VisibleForMap flag for a space restrictor will i be able to see it on the map?
Borovos []: I remember Den Stash did a anim with a bandit looking inside a barrel. Something like this should be good, as npc looking in a car through the door window, or inside the car trunk
Darryl []: Heya Swartz
Darryl []: That was added in 1.5
Darryl []: For that looting in truck cemetery idea couldn't you recycle the animation of where stalkers loot corpses?
Borovos []:
Borovos []: Hello Darryl
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I wonder where everybody went to, anyone else who shows up in chat is really silent
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Nuor []: stalker mapping sytem is confusing ;p
Nuor []: and if i don't assign the the lvid value using data.level_vertex_id = lvid then level_vertex_id is seen as -1
Nuor []: with u32 both are 4294967295
Nuor []: with s32 se_obj.m_level_vertex_id is 2147483648 but the stpk_utils.get_object_data value is -2147483648
Nuor []: I wonder if s32 is incorrect type for level vertex.
Nuor []: the level vertex id definitely doesn't match the net_packet data 4294967295 vs -1
Nuor []: what makes me suspicious is that the level vertex id seems to be -1 when I retrieve it.
Nuor []: The Space Restrictor is created but i can't tell where because eithe rthe location is wrong or the logic isn't working as expected.
Nuor []: hey all
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Darryl []: I'm surprised these guys can walk with balls this huge

Darryl []: Added a lot more character articles today, the category has so many entries it has a scrollbar
SadBlackFox []: Hello
Darryl []: Howdy ho
SadBlackFox []:

Alundaio [11:02 AM]: Where has balathruin been? did he get banned again for using red in chat ?

Look at the action log of forum moderators. I did not do anything.

SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: Borovos
Darryl []: I love how everything said by Sultan has a weird double meaning because we put him on the toilet
Nuor []: npc in anoms is switchable I'll check that.
Nuor []: The ARClight of heaven.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Quite proud of this picture for psi storm article
Nuor []: Queue up buddy
Darryl []:
Nuor []: We'll get Barkeep to add Grateful Dead to playlist.
Nuor []: ooo magic mushrooms.
Darrill []: radiated mushrooms ^_^
Darrill []: I would made this, also mushrooms
Nuor []: your
Darrill []: It's just imho, so I would make in my addon
Nuor []: have sticks scatterd across the landscape that you must gather for you fires ;)
Darrill []: Also player must spend money for them
Darrill []: In locations where a only 2-3 campfire or sleep zones in all.spawn this is a great solution
Darrill []: @Darryl, but this items are temporaly
Darryl []: Hmm
Darryl []: I need to write up an article explaining psi-storms somehow, but they are a feature custom to AF3 and not in the vanilla gmaes
Darryl []: I don't care what people make for addons, that's just my opinion for base game
Darryl []:
Nuor []: This is darrils version of CoC + Misery - argue with him ;)
Nuor []: AI can have out or in restrictiors so it must be possible.
Darryl []: I'm not much of a fan of player placeable items, kinda devalues potential use of those which already spawn in the world
Darryl []: But either way I wouldn't have a clue
Darryl []: Online exclusion stops mutants spawning into the level, I don't think you can stop then walking into specific areas
Darryl []: I don't really think it's practically possible
Nuor []: player generated custom campfire.
Nuor []: darrill wants an exclusion zone around a campfire. I've never tried to do that.
Nuor []: Hey darryl do you know how to set up a mutant exclusion zone with code?
Darryl []: Hey Boss
Nuor []: i blame records etc ;p
Nuor []: actually i think that one is only 300 or 400 years old.
Nuor []: 1000 years of Folk music lost to history.
Darryl []: Listening and I don't recognise it
Nuor []: Weird i asked 3 friends not one had heard of it and it's like the most famous British Folk song of all time.
Darryl []: don't recognise the name, but i might recognise it if i heard it
Nuor []: you're British you've heard the old Folk Song "Barbara Allen" right?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: yeah somebody would have to be genuinely living under a rock not to have heard it at some point
Nuor []: I only listened to first 15 sec before and got bored.
Nuor []: oh i actually listened to that video I have heard that song
Darryl []: was going to say
Nuor []: blocked - though i have heard of Depeche Mode.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: how have you not heard of enjoy the silence
Darryl []: wtf
Nuor []: never heard of it and didn't miss anything ;p
Darryl []: of*
Darryl []: There are so many covers if this song it's hard to keep track
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I believe it no human would have the patience to learn sdk.
Darryl []: Many don't believe it, but Borovos and Bangalore are actually both AI, developed by GSC Game World so they could try to figure out how to use their SDK tools.
Nuor []: Bangalore doesn't believe he inhabits mapland ;p
Nuor []: so things are progressing in mapland ;)
Nuor []: heya darryl
Darryl []: Hopefully a new update to the encyclopedia in next couple of days
Darryl []: Hey guys
Darrill []: working
Nuor []: both radius and center need to be set after creation as neither retrieves a value.
Nuor []: for some reason stpk_utils.get_object_data(anom_obj) doesn't return proper default data for shape and the assigned data didn't include a entry for "center".
Nuor []: try picnic it should work
Nuor []: was missing that data
Nuor []: data.shapes[1].center = pos
Nuor []: ha figured it out.
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Nuor []: hmm campfire has same crash when spawned in debug spawner.
Nuor []: If you are bored look at that ;)
Nuor []:
Nuor []: somehow that spawn is invalid
Nuor []: that is what is causing the crash.
Nuor []: sim:create("campfire", pos, lvid, gvid)
Nuor []: I'll need to have alun look at this.
Nuor []: found it
Nuor []: the section
Nuor []: "ph_tent" where is that found?
Darrill []: same to me
Nuor []: it's hanging there
Nuor []: yeah it doesn't like that netpacket stuff at all
Nuor []: but the tent spawns
Nuor []: I never get to the "return true" after the tent spawn event
Nuor []: I always get that bu tmay no tbe related
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrcore\net_utils.h[95] {NET_Packet::w} p && count
Darryl []: Isn't that thing like super tiny?
Darryl []: I hope you arent using the same model as misery 2.2
Darrill []: Tent_bag was working
Nuor []: actually it's never leaving the first event ;p
Nuor []: I can't run multiple CreateTimeEvent even if the initial one has ended.
Nuor []: something is definitely wrong once tent is in place neither firewood or tent_bag work.
Darryl []: I'll add in in next commit
Darryl []: Yeah it makes sense
Nuor []: I had previously been putting include lines in extracontent.ltx.
Nuor []: you can have items_addons.ltx with a list of includes
Darryl []: oh i get you
Nuor []: so addons adding new items won't be adding stuff to base files
Darryl []: me no see
Darryl []: items_addons?
Nuor []: bu tthe #include bit was to you
Darryl []: Oh other darryl
Nuor []: darrill's project
Darryl []: Sorry what? Tent? Firewood?
Nuor []: okay I got installed enough of that to test and dropping tent works and dropping firewood does nothing just as you described.
Nuor []: "items_addons.ltx"
Nuor []: hey darryl I'm thinking a #include items_addons line should be added to configs\items\base.ltx
Darryl []:
Darryl []: there's a third darryl
Darryl []:
Darryl []: oh no
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I didn't even know that was a thing
Nuor []: no idea
Darryl []: Why'd SBF delete all his commits?
Darryl []: Every time a character talks, box is smashed etc. the bass goes WAY UP
Darryl []: That audio
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Jesus Christ
Nuor []: he may not have changed anything It may just be the campfire on/off changes.
TKGP []: sorry Nuor, I don't know
Borovos []: Thanks you
Borovos []: Hello SadBlackFox,
I posted a msg here too

SadBlackFox []: I will translate and publish a post in the group in VK.
SadBlackFox []:
I'll try to find you the right person.

Nuor []: oh well
Darryl []: Nuor you are invisible again
Darryl []: Hey Nuor, Darrill
Nuor []: hey Darryl
Nuor []: Hey TKGP Do you recall what Alun changed with campfire anoms?
Nuor []: hey
Borovos []: Hello guys
Darryl []: i.e. so the addon dev just had to make one version and it would be universally compatible there-in
Darryl []: So it was a way of ensuring it always worked
Darryl []:

not sure why it is in vanilla CoC at all but it is.

I think Alun added it to vanilla because almost everybody uses the addon, and old version of the addon kept breaking the scripts

Nuor []: dm_orders_dialog has to be actor_dialog not start_dialog.
Nuor []: hmm nimble dialog now broken .
Nuor []: started a new game and it is still there.
Nuor []: ah that may be it
Alundaio []: just remove the sleep mapspot from id 0 and save
Alundaio []: it's not retroactive
Alundaio []: is it old save?
Nuor []: available*
Nuor []: only availble as tier3
Nuor []: I was thinking you could have a special loads ammo for individual weapons you hav ean upgrade that applies a third ammo type but it can only be sold by mechanics and it is only available if the weapon has been examined and tested by that mech.
Nuor []: and i thought that sleep zone icon issue was fixed last week maybe i go a hold of an old file.
Nuor []: not sure why it is in vanilla CoC at all but it is.
Nuor []: in xr_motivator is likely not ideal. maybe put it in death_manager. create_release_item instead.
Nuor []: the placement of if lootmoney then

Alundaio []: I think so
Nuor []: does a body search trigger that?
Nuor []: function motivator_binder:use_callback(obj, who)
Nuor []: my minimap has a sleep zone icon for player.
Nuor []: present is too insanely depressing to think about.
Alundaio []: we need an AI monarch to control society
Nuor []: yes he was but he seems mild and sedate compared to the gun toting crazies of the last year.
Alundaio []: How bout that Manson fella, that guy was a real jerk
Alundaio []: not sure why we are discussing a gaming controversy of yesteryear
Nuor []: just a bad face day.
AxelDominatoR []: secret weapon. The enemies won't be able to look at you and aim properly
Alundaio []:
AxelDominatoR []: what a difference
Alundaio []: photoshop I guess, of the actual model who posed for that character
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: and yeah that guy is right about shadows
AxelDominatoR []: yeah that looks a bit too weird
Alundaio []: PEACE LAD
Alundaio []: This is what I mean, the eyelid should cover the iris and the pupils shouldn't be so small. She looks surprised when she isn't
AxelDominatoR []: night
Darryl []: Night
Alundaio []:
AxelDominatoR []: or ME:A
AxelDominatoR []: (haven't played ME3)
AxelDominatoR []: is that what you're talking about?
AxelDominatoR []:
Nuor []: pinpoint* even
Nuor []: pipoint pupils
Alundaio []: main problem is the eyes in that game. Eye lid should cover parts of the iris. In that game you see full eye like they are coked up
Alundaio []: lol
Nuor []: but it's better than the mass effects clip last week.
Alundaio []: mark hamill as voice
Darryl []: Leia was believable to me, but she was only in it for like 5 seconds
Alundaio []: with old characters
Alundaio []: They should just make an entire movie like that
Alundaio []: I think the issue with tarkin is for a moment it almost looks like he is looking directly into the camera
Alundaio []: I seen rogue one
Nuor []: Too new for me to have watched.
Nuor []: It doesn't look like real people
Darryl []: You haven't seen RO yet?!
Alundaio []: I have no idea, I didn't see the film, I just thought it looked like crap
Darryl []: were*
Darryl []: Just the eyes with a little weird
Darryl []: They almost aced it I think
Alundaio []: I'm referring to a 2017 film Nuor. Few months old
Alundaio []: CGI tarkin
Darryl []: I read that as Kalashnikov
Darryl []: I need to sleep
Nuor []: was that the screwed up arthur where arthur lives and lancelot dies?
Alundaio []: with a Kardashian doing the voice for Leia
Alundaio []: Everyone will just be cgi like Tarkin was, but with actors doing VO
Alundaio []: he'll be in his 40s by then
Alundaio []: Hmm, well mostly these days they just get anyone with a popular name to do VO work regardless of talent. So no doubt it will be Justin Bieber
AxelDominatoR []: if it's the story retold I wonder who will replace Yoda
Nuor []: Secret Agent Man also ;)
Nuor []: Yes I do.
Alundaio []: I enjoyed Man from UNCLE. Nuor you probably old enough that you remember the actual TV series.
Alundaio []: recent*
Alundaio []: is that the guy who made that reason garbage king arthur film?
Nuor []: Have Guy Richie do it ;p
Alundaio []: in everything he has ever done
Alundaio []: Because it has become obvious he just retells a similar story but switches around characters
Alundaio []: As long as he is't writing it, It shoudl be fine
Darryl []: Everything he makes is so bland
Darryl []: I just wish they gave 7 to somebody other than JJ
Nuor []: bah hollywood is as creative as bird droppings
Alundaio []: because doing injustice to Luke Skywalker will crush my childhood memories and send me off into a killing spree
Alundaio []: well, i'm scared to see it
Darryl []: I'm really interested in TLJ, if they gave Rian an entire new trilogy to make then it must be really something
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: CoC: The Last Jedi and then show Emburer Palpatine electrocuting stalkers to death
Alundaio []: That's the coc trailer
Darryl []:

Darryl []: Yeah I get that
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: and basically be Jesus
Alundaio []: I was a little kid thinking anyone can learn the force if they tried hard enough. But no, turns out you need to be born with little things in your blood, lol
Alundaio []: Eh, I don't know. Star Wars to me is something completely different then maybe it is to you or someone else. I think the major problem with the story telling in the prequels is it demystified everything. Turning star wars from being fantasy to sci-fi
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Nobody cares about capeshit being shit
Darryl []: Irony is completely lost on them
Darryl []: The people that hate the prequels buy into tons of genuinely shit movies every year
Darryl []: Prequel hate always annoys me
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Yeah jsut saw that
Alundaio []: no 3 mins in
Darryl []: That's not Rich, it can't be
Darryl []: wtf
Alundaio []: Rich Evans, before he succumbed to the diabetus
Alundaio []:
Darryl []: Not the video itself
Darryl []: I saw the hitb episode on it
Darryl []: ghost provokers is amazing
Alundaio []: Have you seen The People vs. George Lucas?
Darryl []: In the early HiTB episodes he looks like a hillbilly
Darryl []: Yeah the moustache really helps
VodkaChicken []:
Alundaio []: Jay looks completely different ever year
Darryl []:
Nuor []: That is so incisive i can't even think of a suitably cynical response. ;p
Alundaio []: I'm only emulating the example set by my nation's great leader.
Nuor []: deride, demean, depreciate marine drill sergeant alundaio.
Alundaio []: It's a compliment
Darrill []: Run
TKGP []: you better not be talkin shit about my good friends StalkerinSDK™ Group alun
Nuor []: had some ip address from brazil try to access my gog account.
Alundaio []: Brazeal
Darryl []: Always Brazil
Darryl []:
Borovos []: so go to ap-pro
Borovos []: this is what I think
Alundaio []: @borovos, I suggest only Because if you ask on moddb, there will be many 16 year olds from brazil claiming they are legit skilled modellers wanting to join team lol
Alundaio []: @darrill yes, it's mistake
Darryl []: Hm?
Darrill []: @Darryl, it's in se_zones
Alundaio []: If it's needed to fulfill your needs. Though it might be hard to find someone who already knows what they are doing as far as formats, plugins, etc.
Borovos []: good or bad idea?
Borovos []: what do you think about my mp?
Alundaio []: Pepe Le Weinstein
Borovos []: OMG! Pepe! I forget it.
Alundaio []: I only know what french are like from cartoons
Borovos []: yes, it is
Alundaio []: I believe it's the brit who calls you frog
Borovos []: why? I'm a stupid frog!
Borovos []: a cow???
Alundaio []: Ma douce et délicieuse vache
Borovos []: hello my dear
Alundaio []: hello my long lost french brother
Alundaio []: a crowdddd
Borovos []: hello
Darryl []: hey
Nuor []: heya
Alundaio []: yo
Darryl []: At least not in the PDA, they still spawn there...
Darryl []: 100% level changers don't load in story mode anymore for some reason
Darryl []: Level transits, beds, important characters etc.
Darryl []: But all markers except for anomaly markers seem to vanish from the PDA
Darryl []: I'm having a weird bug every now and then, not sure if it's related to tabbing out of the game
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hey guys
AxelDominatoR []: hey!
Balathruin []: Just taking a break, I'll finish weapons this week.
Alundaio []: Nursing home kept this video out of public eye for 3 years
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: since the SQLite author uses the handle "lazierthanthou" I don't hold ou tmuch hope. ;)
Nuor []: just lazy person stuff nerds do it in linux ;p
TKGP []: sounds suspiciously like nerd shit
Nuor []: and SQLite manager
Nuor []: whatever just get fireftp back ;p
TKGP []: excuse me, I think you mean Mozilla® Firefox© Quantum™
Nuor []: these legacy plugins I haven't had in months start popping on this week.
Nuor []: NoScript just came back for firefox 57+
TKGP []: muck, even
TKGP []: although I guess it would be more surprising if trying to much around with something like that while it was mid-loading it /did/ work
TKGP []: not a problem with 'this' since I'm using that for changing metatables
TKGP []: unfortunately it doesn't work
Darrill []: I know. Before today actor can kick bokex or other dynamic objects, now actor can't
Alundaio []: it will need fixed. Only tuskano and rat have mass that low
Darrill []: Ok, I "damaged" some bandits
Alundaio []: It is only supposed to do damage to objects with mass of 20.0 or less
Darrill []: *kill
Nuor []: no idea what that command is
Darrill []: @Alundaio, will you export kick hit power to ltx, too ? Cause now you can it close battle with one kick kill everybody.
Alundaio []: I wonder why GSC removed -dsound
Darrill []:
Alundaio []: At least he knows I was pestered
Alundaio []: oh yeah that's right, it was that axebeard guy
Nuor []: --[[
Drag and drop disassemble script
By Alundaio, who was pestered by Axebeard who doesn't know how to script

Darrill []: It.s bassed on axebeard fieldcraft, you made it
Alundaio []: And where did you get it?
Nuor []: darrill is combining and rewritng this carft, skill, uncraft stuff.
Darrill []: I give him
Alundaio []: was it Gazprom?
Alundaio []: Where did you find this?
Nuor []: The cod eis clean and odd enough I didn't doubt you had a hand it making it. it kinda makes sense the type of disassembly tool determines the parts.
Alundaio []: First iteration of it wasn't that bad honestly
Nuor []: heh heh
Alundaio []: for awhile I had to stop logging in to avoid him
Nuor []: there may be a deeper purpose for the structure that isn't obvious to me
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: You should see his dynamic news script he bugged me about too
Alundaio []: It's complicated because he wanted something complicated
Alundaio []: Yeah, I wrote what he wanted though and only fixed his broken code
Alundaio []: Oh you mean that crazy guy who came here every night for like a month bugging me with his script
Nuor []: ah I thought they said you wrote it for them.
Alundaio []: All I did was itm_cooking.script/ui_itm_repair.script which that takes inspiration from
Nuor []: maybe reduce repetition in the ltx?
Alundaio []: It should work unless 'this' is set after the script is executed
Nuor []: alun I don't understand why you set up the uncraft ltx structure like this. it seems unnaturally complicated ;p
TKGP []: yes, I meant _G
TKGP []: good point
Alundaio []: wouldn't that be tklogger.tkLogger then? or you mean _G.tkLogger = this
Alundaio []: really?
TKGP []: if I just put tkLogger = this at the very end will it work
Alundaio []:
He is excited

Alundaio []: previously it searched directory for file, if variable by name was nil, if it didn't find anything it created a fake blank file in the VFS. I changed it to search directory recursively (allowing sub folders) when scripts are inited and store path with variable name in keymap. using the FS to list files seemed to always be lowercase
TKGP []: I'm crying
TKGP []: please fix
Alundaio []: aluminati
TKGP []: alum please.
TKGP []: I changed it to all lowercase and it worked
TKGP []: oh
Alundaio []: what is script name
TKGP []: but then when it gets back to the script that called it, it's nil
TKGP []: it's weird because I put some logs in and it makes it all the way through the file without hanging or anything
TKGP []: it works fine in 1.4.22
TKGP []: just a script
Alundaio []: Logging utility?
Alundaio []: probably not
Nuor []: hey alun would that next_use_item config setting be better handled in engine?
TKGP []: how strange
TKGP []: my logging utility fails to load in 1.5
TKGP []: hm
Alundaio []: I just dropped it in
Alundaio []: just use the one that vodkachicken just posted
Nuor []: now i need to unpack it and get icons file.
Alundaio []: about 8 minutes on the sync
Alundaio []: Peace Darryl
Nuor []: night darryl
Alundaio []: Assets from TeamEPIC\unpublished_assets have been repacked and reuploaded to STALKER\dev\database
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: good
Alundaio []: me too. bed earlier
Nuor []: and i've been away from computer alot the last few days.
Nuor []: Bal was barely here maybe 2 min.
Nuor []: ;p
Alundaio []: Thanks keeper of time
Nuor []: bal and SBF were both on in the last day or 2.
Alundaio []: so nice being able to repack texture db by folder name
VodkaChicken []: np
Alundaio []: Thanks vodka chiki-briki
VodkaChicken []: that's my current ui_icon_equipment. you can pick the icons from it
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded:
VodkaChicken []: you should have never added those midgets to the game. yoda will be gone next
VodkaChicken []: *like coc has right now
VodkaChicken []: I still prefer the old ones but having inconsistent icons like right now drives me nuts
Alundaio []: Do you think the midgets finally got em?
Darryl []: No idea about SBF or Bal
Darryl []: Those are nice
Alundaio []: It's good
VodkaChicken []: what do you think?
TKGP []: @alun did you know there's no GetArial14() even though there is an arial_14 font?
VodkaChicken []: @alun, I remade the jacket icons to look more like their ingame models like you wanted a few aeons ago
Alundaio []: I'll assume balance is done then. I had to revert his unfinished recent weapon changes since they were in-progress works and not finite
Alundaio []: SBF I haven't seen him either
Alundaio []: Where has balathruin been? did he get banned again for using red in chat ?
TKGP []: makes sense
TKGP []: weighted by cost apparently
Darryl []: Not sure if it checks tradeability and other stuff when it creates a stash, but they are all in the blacklist anyway
TKGP []: neat
Darryl []: But any item has a chance of showing up in a stash, assuming it's not in the blacklist plugin
Darrill []: @Alundaio, what is with kick hit and impulse? It's crazy
Darryl []: All the magic is done in coc_treasure_manager.script
Darryl []: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TKGP []: how is chance determined
TKGP []: orly
Darryl []: It'll do that automatically in 1.5
TKGP []: I want an item I have added to have a chance to show up in any stash
Darryl []: Uh, if you want specific items to show up in a stash there is a parameter for bonus items (in a table)
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hey Alun, I've hidden a wilhelm scream in the new trailer
Darryl []: Hey guys
TKGP []: what's the intended way to add items to random stashes in coc?
TKGP []: hi
Alundaio []: hi
Nuor []: I used to document GL kills seperately
Nuor []: looks like I used your code
Nuor []: I'm half blind and can't type on top of that ;p
TKGP []: lel*
Nuor []: argh let*
Nuor []: tet*
Nuor []: ley me check
VodkaChicken []: that all star is uncanny as fuck
Darryl []:
Darryl []: What do you use?
Nuor []: I use different code for that part of heli's at least I used to.
Darryl []: xr_conditions even
Darryl []: Can normal logics access xr_effects like trader files?
Darryl []: Because achievements no-longer use infos
Darryl []: Crud I just realised the helicopter toggles on the achievement won't work no more
Darryl []: trailer*
Darryl []: New trailing is coming along well
VodkaChicken []: yeah, the item names are always showing up and you also pick up items from ground when looting bodies which is annoying
Nuor []: that is supposedly unused
Darrill []: maybe it's related to take_dist from system.ltx
Nuor []: yes names show up from a distance but icons still need to hover over.
Nuor []: that will default value to make_something if the table value is missing.
Nuor []: actor_effects.use_item(anim)
Nuor []: put something like
local anim = v.option[5] or "make_something"

Nuor []: I mean in fieldcraft.script
Nuor []: actor_effects.use_item(...) in area_skills in nil. if value comes from ltx it should default to "make_something" if in table it is whatever you assign.
Darrill []: @Darryl, And not only, try to kick somebody, check corpses after you loot them.
Darryl []: Also, with the latest bins item names show up even if you aren't holding down the F key
Darryl []: Apparently some error happened, so if it has the wrong name in cloud just change it back
Darryl []: Was updating my local bin files and accidentally renamed the cloud's "bin" folder to "bin.old" instead of my install's
Nuor []: that seems to work.
Nuor []: updated i left off an "s" ;p
Nuor []: I believe that is proper change for fieldcraft.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: actor_on_item_use
Darryl []: o-oh
Nuor []: it is triggered by a callback
Nuor []: not sure what you mean.
Darryl []: Would this not mess with callbacks to this if you delete the item?
Nuor []: one*
Darrill []: get it
Nuor []: would spawn on or the other when item was used.
Nuor []: next_use_item = vodka,vodka2,random
Nuor []: just a simple way to spawn something when an item is used an ltx entry to item section
Darryl []: What am I looking at here
Nuor []: or this version if you want random option.
Nuor []: try that
Nuor []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: now i know what this is from
Darryl []: "oh god oh man oh god oh man"
VodkaChicken []:
Darryl []:
Bangalore []:
Darryl []: the leather club's two blocks down
Darryl []: hey buddy i think you got the wrong door
VodkaChicken []: fuck you leather man ⚣
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It means that Tommy doesn't know which way he is going in life, that he is confused and lost.
Bangalore []: i would like to see your analysis of the flower shop scene, Darryl. Why is holding Tommy the flowers upside down when he walks to his car? What is the symbolism in this?
Bangalore []: The Room is perfect to watch drunk
Darryl []: Or a very high blood-alcohol level
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: you need a very high IQ to understand this masterpiece
Darryl []: Then Tommy opens his mouth and he sounds like an idiot again
Darryl []: I like how the narrator makes the scene seem like it's really well designed, and thought out
Darryl []: She starts talking to him before he events enters
Darryl []: I love the flower shop scene
Bangalore []: sorry, WISEAU
Bangalore []: here is a complete analysis about Tommy Wiseu's blocking, worth to watch:
Nuor []: bangalore is the man of many maps, he lives in mapland.
Bangalore []: Let's go eat, hooouaaahhhhhh
Darryl []: I don't even know what accent she's supposed to have anymore
Darryl []: Actually, she sounds kinda Indonesian/Malaysian in parts
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: Han Solo has a beard, for some reason Maz Kanata (fake Yoda in TFA) is in it and she has a Nigerian accent
Darryl []: Watching the campaign story for the new star wars game and its the most ham-fisted crap I've ever seen
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: hi Mark
Darryl []: (hi guys)
Darryl []: Mapland?
Nuor []: so how are things in mapland
Nuor []: nothing worth mention
Nuor []: next_use_item will only work if removal_after_use is true.
Pirunvirsi []: wassup
Nuor []: I think that will work fine.
Nuor []:
Darryl []: hey koma
Nuor []: physics is still a mess in stalker
Darryl []: He pushed a red barrel at me while a gunfight was going on, and blew us both up
Darryl []: I just got jihadi'd by a blind dog
Nuor []: maybe so. I could test but that would mean doing something.
Nuor []: I'm not a magical thinker I need boring facts.
Darryl []: Then it sticks at one
Darryl []: I think it eats up the uses until there's 1 left
Darryl []: @Alundaio
Seems some recent commit has caused major characters (Barkeep, Wolf etc.) to start showing up on the leaderboard again

Darryl []: Magical things
Nuor []: so what happens if use condition is true and remove is false?
Darryl []: You could probably rip out the entire guide and everything it plugs into in like 5 minutes
Darryl []: I really like how CoC and its addons have become so modular though
Nuor []: who knows.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: then his account got """"hacked"""" and he couldnt work on it
Nuor []: I never did agree to support it. I'm just do occasionally when I feel generous ;p
Nuor []: thales tried to nake it work with various addons and made a mess of it. I hav eit fixed and simplified for 1.5 bu tI never officially updated the download for 1.5.
Darryl []: the only logless crashes i ever had with items was when setting silencer or launcher status to a value that couldnt be used by a weapon, which likely isn't your issue
Darryl []: i bet you curse the day you decided to support that
Darryl []:
Darryl []: everybody said they crashed using smuth hud*
Nuor []: he already said he crashed using smurth but of course never any details or log - just i crashed doing x help me.
Darryl []: i think alun did a similar thing for cooking items
Darryl []: that's like the only time i've ever had to use it i think
Darryl []: but if a weapon does exist, then you'll need to remove the item
Darryl []: because if there is no weapon to attach to, you want to keep the item in inventory
Darryl []: like take ao3/stcop sights, they have remove_on_use as false
Darryl []: depends on how you're using the item
Nuor []: so i don't need or want that "keep" stuff should just rely of remove_after use.
Darryl []: I love that a 4K version of this scene exists for some reason
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also, I was talking about the replys to DJ_NoClue's comment on moddb page
Darryl []: Hey this is me you're talking to...
Nuor []: I can't remember yesterday so ... ;p
Darryl []: are*
Darryl []: It's all there though and usually straight forward if you know what to look for though
Darryl []: Yeah coc scripts a strange, some things are documented and obvious and other stuff I have to use agent ransack to figure out
Nuor []: yeah i'll tweak that code snippet to look for remove_after_use
Darryl []: object being alife_object(item:id())
Darryl []: alife():release(object, true)
Nuor []: I know alun rewrote this stuff but i don't recall the details.
Darryl []: you can use the alife release stuff to delete the item via script in the callback if you need to under certain circumstances
Darryl []: yeah
Darryl []: remove_after_use = true/false
Nuor []: remove after use?
Darryl []: thats set in item configs
Nuor []: "use_condition"*
Darryl []: urgh
Darryl []: 1 sec
Nuor []: darryl do you recall if actor_on_item_use removes the used item. or is that controlled by individual "use_item" config settings?
Nuor []: ?
Darryl []: that whole exchange similar to The Room in comments had me in stitches
Darrill []: worked fine with various items
Nuor []: I'm curious what that would do inside the current item charges system.
Nuor []: hey alun -
Darrill []: And patches always appears in looted body as other items
VodkaChicken []: however item names don't appear any more when holding the button
VodkaChicken []: the fixed pickup mode is great
VodkaChicken []: hi guys
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: Same thing happens with Doc's spawns, sometimes you can kill him if you time it right
Darryl []: Thanks
Alundaio []: I'll look into it. There is a delay for wolf to take his job
Nuor []: latest tweak
Nuor []:
Darryl []: yay processed
Darryl []: *shrug*
Darryl []: And Fanatic died too, somehow...
Darryl []: He has no map marker and is tradable
Darryl []: No idea why Wolf's logic didn't apply in this video
Nuor []: looks like about 4 min
Darryl []: *process
Darryl []: no idea when this will buffer
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []:
Nuor []: hey alun - been hiding have you ;)
Darryl []: This would have taken me like 10x as long last year
Darryl []: 4 minutes to upload a 200mb mp4?!
Darryl []: My ISP must have really cranked up my upload speed
Darryl []: holy shit what
Darrill []: Hi
Darryl []: Hey guys
Nuor []: heya
Darryl []: Also, luckily the first stalker I killed had a memory stick, fancy that!
Darryl []: Stupid fraps
Darryl []: Recording at 25-30fps isnt easy
Darryl []: Depends on how long it'll take to upload
Darryl []: Uploading a guide demo video to moddb soon
Nuor []: hey VC are you going to make pretty item usage animations some day ;p
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Edward Artemiev music is depressing sometimes
Nuor []: ohh -1
Nuor []: I don't
Nuor []: old?
Darryl []: Moddb is telling me I have -1 updates
Darryl []: Amazing
Nuor []: just makes sense that the recipe for the item would be in the item section.
Darrill []: have
Darrill []: It depends on how much recipes do you hace
Nuor []: I left both table and ltx as options though I gave ltx precedence.
Nuor []: may or maynot want news message after crafting.
Nuor []: updated paste
Nuor []: I'll look into changing to account tfor condition/uses.
Nuor []: I updated script with table to keep weapons and other items not used up by crafting ie. toolkits?
Nuor []: I'd rather not use it as it will conflict with item_animations.script
Darrill []: Here is it
Nuor []: I think I retained some of it in item_animations.script
Nuor []: I notice darrill uses actor_effects.script which I don't use it is a rewrite of that odd script that smurths used to use.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: system_ini():section_for_each() iterates all defined sections?
Nuor []: looks like he runs in again in create_items(...
Nuor []: that sits at the top of try_spawn_ammo(
Nuor []: local marauder_coeff = area_skills and area_skills.skills_table and area_skills.skills_table.marauder_skill and 1+area_skills.skills_table.marauder_skill/200 or 1
Nuor []: he basically has some code that triggers in death_manager.try_spawn_ammo as well as other spots.
Nuor []:

maybe not with lootmoney, but in death_generic and in coc_treasure_manager is used coeff. If I loot a body, save and load or go to another location and come back I can loot that body and get experience once again
to add a parameter to every item ?

Nuor []: nothing obvious to me looking at xr_motivator and xr_corpse_detection.
Nuor []: I've never used lootmoney in CoC.
Alundaio []: No sir, I have not seen such thing and have not ran game today to check
Nuor []: hey alun you have lootmoney code in various scripts but darrill says it is running multiple times . Have you heard of that?
TKGP []: nuor with that OG bare metal programming
Nuor []: alun does have some but I seldom use them.
Nuor []: I don't think so. I haven't used any.
TKGP []: does coc come with config utilities?
TKGP []: but that's nitpicky
TKGP []: well, I might rename them something like source and target for clarity
TKGP []: oh, I see
Nuor []: quite*
Nuor []: doesn't work wuite that way. each recipe has 2 components (drag and drop) bu tthe component can differ so you might have 5 possible different ingredient1 they are in a list seperated by comm's
TKGP []: also I would make ingredients one field with commas )))
Nuor []: certainly easier to read for the layman.
TKGP []: that would be preferable I think
Nuor []: ltx
Nuor []: the script is working with a table just considered rewriting to use ltc sections.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: that occured to me also.
TKGP []: well for stuff like that my opinion is that should be part of the item sections themselves
Nuor []: but it probably will be fiddled with constantly at least to start.
TKGP []: oh
Nuor []: hmm - regularly ? I doubt it. it is recipe lists and options for crafting items.
TKGP []: would a user ever want to edit it?
Nuor []: so what is the consensus, define data in a script table or read it from an ltx?
TKGP []: ooh la la
Nuor []: hey T ;)
TKGP []: Hey N
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey N
TKGP []: Hey D
Darryl []: Hey T
Darrill []: Even lamps can be kicked, and they fly away out of the map. You can kill a stalker by pressing binded key many times and he will fly away about 15m.
Darrill []: Now you can kick anything and endlessly without being tired, I killed so a giant
Darrill []: @Alundaio, dead bodies always have patches atfer looting them. You open inventory and patch of the faction is incrementing
SadBlackFox []:

если просматривать модель оружия через OGF Viewer из набора AXRToolset от Alundaio, то получается следующее. Если в этом OGF Viewer затвор на оружии отображается слева, то в игре он будет справа, и наоборот.

Nuor []: unless it's in a speeddial button i forget it exists
Nuor []: yay speed dial just came back for the newer firefox builds.
Nuor []: ah well ;p
TKGP []: I feel violated
TKGP []: yeah but I called the other darryl big D because I thought he was darryl
Nuor []: but darryl is darryl ;)
TKGP []: my entire life is a lie
TKGP []: fuck
Nuor []: no different darryl and darrill
TKGP []: is the other darryl not darryl?
TKGP []: wait
Nuor []: probably should move thae whole table to a plugin file.
Nuor []: he has a skills pda tab and has added skill checks in various files.
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: cool, finally someone using the drag drop feature for crafting
Nuor []: incomplete but you'll get the idea.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I just cleaned up this fieldcraft file that the second darril is working on. not sure why. he is making some skills mod
Alundaio []: what are you working on
Nuor []: wasted on me.
Alundaio []: They already announced another Star Wars trilogy lol
Nuor []: 1800 lines down to 200 of course it probably doesn't work
Nuor []: I'm just hanging out behind the bar in full battle armor ;p
Alundaio []: Looks like artwork for a flash game
Alundaio []: They want to look like the shitty copy and pasted modern games made for console
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Yeah that is not stalker
Nuor []: their stuff is nice, maybe the ui is a bit clean for stalker.
Alundaio []: hmm doesn't seem like Gunslinger is just a simple weapon mod anymore.

Alundaio []: Though seems like it might not be IN gunslinger, but has some of the same people in Gunslinger team working on this
Alundaio []: The game will take 3 hours to load
Alundaio []: They are insane
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: They are doing character models now
Alundaio []: Looks like we will never see Gunslinger in our life time
Alundaio []: I have memories of playing portal but it's not in my steam library
Nuor []: I got that orange pack thing jus tto play portal
Nuor []: I think I played HF1 after HF2 came out.
Alundaio []: I never played Half-life 1 all the way through, and only played that after playing Half-life 2
Nuor []: HL1 is still good because it goes on forever with changes in location.
Nuor []: I didn't either I played it years after release
Alundaio []: Like I can't believe people say DOOM was so great or Wolfenstein. I hated these games
Alundaio []: and they definitely do not hold up today
Alundaio []: I didn't really like First Person games back then
Alundaio []: as early as 2001 they were talking about stalker
Alundaio []: I wonder how much that cost considering the game took 7 years to create, including engine/SDK.
Nuor []: I can't believe you haven't tried SS2 as i know it is regularly released for free.
Alundaio []: I can't find info about Shadow of Chernobyl
Alundaio []: so that's probably 40 mil to develop and 60 mil marketing
Alundaio []:

Mass Effect: Andromeda required a team of over 200 developers and, according to Aaryn Flynn, was given a total budget of C$100 million, which included marketing and research costs

Alundaio []: hmm wiki says differently for Mass Effect Andromeda
Alundaio []: most games now are mmo for teens with veins full of red bull
Nuor []: I waste my gaming time on coc ;p
Alundaio []: especially one that caters to old timey folks
Nuor []: always amazes me that marketing budget can exceed production.
Alundaio []: You aren't missing anything. Very rarely does a good game come out
Alundaio []: 32 mil minus marketing
Alundaio []:

Reports conflict on the exact figure. The total was estimated at $67-81 million, with $12.2-32.4 million for production and an additional $25-35 million for marketing.

Alundaio []: oh witcher 3 was more
Nuor []: I haven't played a new game in so long I don't know what is up.
Alundaio []: ME andromeda 40 Mil
Alundaio []: Guess which game had the larger budget?
Nuor []: heh heh
Alundaio []: Witcher 3 vs. ME Andromeda
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: here is good example
Nuor []: looks like newer lighter version of HF2 girl
Alundaio []: all the animations look like crap and the npcs look dead-faced
Alundaio []: It's from the latest Mass Effect game
Nuor []: so I'm out of the loop what is that fac esupposed to do or mean ;p
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: and nexus is full of mods that fix this npcs face
Alundaio []: hah, this one is still funny: Line the NPC says in-game and looks like a robot
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: a bad acid trip
Alundaio []: Now they are releasing games with this kind of quality:
Alundaio []: But that was when they were releasing stuff like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic
Alundaio []: Bioware used to be my favorite developer
Nuor []: I think It is kind of the precursor to all FPS space horror games.
Alundaio []: I haven't played those games
Nuor []: I liked System shock 2 but i think pretty much everyone who played it liked it.
Alundaio []: nov 2007 release for ME 1 and EA acquisition was in 2007. So yea, explains why the game is so loose compared to the dumbed down ME 2 and 3
Alundaio []: I think
Alundaio []: that was before bioware sold their soul to the devil, as well
Alundaio []: I liked ME 1
Nuor []: I have crysis and dead space and mass effect 2 (but haven't played it.) probably a dozen free games i haven't played.
Alundaio []: DICE sold their soul to the devil
Alundaio []: Games used to be relatively bug free, too. Because if you screwed up the game, there was no day one patching. Now most of EA games the first 6 months is just beta testing.
Alundaio []: The game industry would be a much better place if people did the same and stopped buying games with day one DLC or microtransactions.
Alundaio []: Not even the ones they have for free on origin
Alundaio []: @Darryl: I'm honestly surprised people still buy EA games. I boycotted their products years ago.
Alundaio []: I'm going to be changing it so that you no longer have to define sleep zones in script anymore. If space restrictor has
cfg = scripts\sr_sleep.ltx

I will do it automatically

Nuor []: I noticed something odd with actor icons on mini map but I don't recall exactly what.
Alundaio []: I see what is happening, zones on other levels aren't calling on_register early enough for the sleep zone thing, after the change. and there is no check for nil for obj_id in pda.script for get_object_story_id and when you pass nil to engine function it is seen as 0, which is actor id.
Nuor []: This fieldcraft system darrill is adapting looks like something out of misery. I can't say I like it. just too much stuff.
Alundaio []: hola nuor
Nuor []: hey alun
Alundaio []: lol yeah, that's weird
Alundaio []: i will check if it happens for me
Darryl []:
Darryl []:

The Roman empire employed crock-monitors who were each assigned to a philosopher, and it was their job to monitor the pot (or crock). Should the crock become full, it would be presented to the philospher, who was obliged, by law, to announce that it bore a remarkable resembence to himself, thus proclaiming he was full of crap and was, in fact, talking a crock of shit.

Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: That always happens in the test maps Boro shares, I think perhaps player is set up wrong in spawn again
Bangalore []: after the last commits, there is a sleep icon as actor place on the minimap
Darryl []: Amazing
Darryl []: -124,000 votes
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: lol, i have the umpteen plastic leather chair too, and they are all falling apar, flake and peel after 4-5 years, there are leather pieces everywhere in the room
Alundaio []: So hard to get a well made product anymore. It's all made out of the cheapest material possible by some labor slave someplace
Alundaio []: And ones that do have real fabric don't have arm rests or the back looks incredibly thin piece of plastic
Alundaio []: like a car seat or couch
Alundaio []: It can't possibly be cheaper then real fabric
Alundaio []: Why is it so hard to find office/computer chair that is not made out of that bonded leather garbage the flakes and peels after 6 months?
Alundaio []: @Darryl
You could have just done something like this:

Alundaio []: Yeee
TKGP []: suppressor hotkey
TKGP []: well, that was pretty painless
Alundaio []: yall come back now ya hear
TKGP []: good night
Bangalore []: see ya later guys
TKGP []: too far
TKGP []: ew
Alundaio []: Or just stop adding a version. Just call download CoC
TKGP []: remember to mark it FINAL at some point, especially if you intend to keep updating it
TKGP []: eventually freeze that too and add "fix 1" "fix 2" etc
TKGP []: just leave it 1.5 forever and just keep increasing the r#
Alundaio []: 1.5 by now is really 1.7
Bangalore []: they take it as a vaporware, since 1.5 was not out at 26th September
Alundaio []: 1.5 is like a year old already lol
Alundaio []: 1.5 feature probably
TKGP []: or did it not exist then anyways
TKGP []: lua_help in 1.4.22 is outdated, right?
Alundaio []: debug_cmd_list.script in 1.5, look at cmd.attach and cmd.detach for examples. To detach everything, you will need a list of sections sadly.
Alundaio []: wpn:weapon_addon_detach("wpn_addon_scope_night")
TKGP []: thank you
TKGP []: perfect
TKGP []: oh
Alundaio []: wpn:weapon_addon_attach("wpn_addon_scope_night")
TKGP []: it's alright when online?
Alundaio []: local flags = se_obj:get_addon_flags()

TKGP []: does 1.5 have a method to toggle addons for online weapons?
Borovos []: bye
Bangalore []: they turn into deadly 3d modelling machines at night
Borovos []: to eat young ladies
Bangalore []: night
Alundaio []: French don't sleep, they turn into werewolves at night
TKGP []: good night
Borovos []: time to sleep too
Borovos []: good night guys
Alundaio []: yues
Darryl []: Night guys
Darryl []: This is my favourite BoTW moment ever
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also Alun, you probably already saw this
Darryl []: D:
Alundaio []: may the wind consume you when you sleep
Alundaio []: fare the well my child
Bangalore []: see ya
TKGP []: good night
Darryl []: Actually I think I'm off, see you tomorrow
Bangalore []: and he just stepped into the room with 10 blowing barrels, and it still did not kill him
Darryl []: brb a bit
Bangalore []: you fixed it, i couldn't kill him with 200 pkm rounds from close combat. I used invulnerable from [logic]
Alundaio []: which should not have delay on section switch at all
Alundaio []: also I made it so invulnerable will work from logic section
Alundaio []: I just made a commit, see if that helps
Bangalore []: 15 minutes for video upload
Bangalore []: this way i can easily reach him and kill when he stops
Bangalore []: when he changes logic section, he stops, and switches to guard state, then he start to sprint again
Bangalore []: no, no link
Bangalore []: killed him again with a pkm
Alundaio []: is he using a link?
Bangalore []: i make a video about it
Alundaio []: yeah it's possible changing section could be the cause
Alundaio []: invul is working in my test
Bangalore []: you have quite a lot of time to prrepare for it
Darryl []: I can toggle the zombie mutant article off if survival mode isn't used, too!
Darryl []: Now if Yoda's story mode gets added to main game, I can add two renegade articles, based on whether or not they actually exist in-game
Darryl []: I should add debug and devdebug checks....
Bangalore []: when an npc changes section, is the npc quitting the logic for some moments?
Darryl []: Just pushed to repo, you might need to merge if you changed _g
Bangalore []: [scheme@section]
Bangalore []:
Alundaio []: is invulnerable in [logic] or is it in [scheme@section]?
Alundaio []: can you paste logic
Bangalore []: Abakan deals so much damage, that it killed the invulnerable npc
Borovos []: the game will crash with 1000.
TKGP []: 10 billion civilian zombies everywhere
Borovos []: loot stuff on dead military bodies to survive.
Borovos []: No pda, no detector, no minimap. Alone against anomaly and monsters. Looking in each home to find a conserva and a bottle of 20 years vodka
Borovos []: More seriously, I dream about a mod since stalkerfrance, years ago. The Pionner Story, the first stalker in the Zone.
Meet the Barmen and Sido before the army check point, walk in a world without npc, except few lost military (future Duty)...

Bangalore []: Life of a tushkano: A CoC story
Borovos []: Fang die too soon.
Borovos []: or as Doc, stay at home with my pet, cooking and looking by the window.
Borovos []: I want to play as a strelok crew member, Ghost!
Bangalore []: though in CoC story, this npc is not Strelok
Bangalore []: Strelok is dead
Bangalore []: damn, i could kill the invulnerable npc
TKGP []: oblivion found
Alundaio []: STALKER 1: The full story
Borovos []: Call of Clear Shadow of Pripyat
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: Call of Shadow of Pripyat
Borovos []: @Bangalore, can you use a zone to reduce the stamina? A space restrictor?
Bangalore []: my secret project will be safe
Darryl []: This'll do great for yoda's expansion
Darryl []: I can hide/show articles depending on game mode!
Darryl []: It works!!
Bangalore []: actor is too fast
Borovos []: It doesn't require a new compilation, just build prj and copy-paste the level.fog_vol files
TKGP []: soc
Bangalore []: i don't see much difference between CS and COC m_stalker stalker_movement_speeds
TKGP []: in cop it's nearly the same as sov
TKGP []: that's funny, sprinting got slow asf in cs
TKGP []: oh wait I was looking at run not sprint
Alundaio []: unless high on redbull
TKGP []: you're a little faster in cop but just barely
Borovos []: Fog work with DX10, not DX11 in CoP.
Alundaio []: unless player naked he isn't going to be able to full sprint forever
Alundaio []: also don't forge you have god mode on when you play
Alundaio []: because of the large cop maps
Alundaio []: but I think actor moves a lot faster in cop/coc then the previous games
Alundaio []: i think stalkers are faster moving in coc then they are in the vanilla games
Bangalore []: i guess i make a special stalker_step_manager, and i take the values from CS
Alundaio []: and increase the speeds of animation
Alundaio []: Yeah, just make special stalker_step_manager for this npc
Alundaio []: could increase the power a little
Alundaio []: norm_escape_0 = 1, 0.2, 1.3, 0.65, 1.3
norm_escape_00 = 1, 0.2, 2.3, 0.65, 2.3

Bangalore []: i give him 200 meters, but i'm like Usain Bolt
Alundaio []: or I mean just COP
Alundaio []: Player moves a lot faster in CS/CoP
Alundaio []: So it's not like continue is some huge missing feature
Bangalore []: here you had no chance to pass him:
Alundaio []: for i=1,100 do
if (val1 == true and val2 == true and val3 == true) then
if (val4 == true and val5 == true) then
if (val6 == true and val7 == true) then
-- do something

for i=1,100 do
if not (val1 and val2 and val3) then

if not (val4 and val5) then

if not (val6 and val7) then

-- do something

Alundaio []: continue, moves to next iteration, you know that right? Not breaks out of loop.
I'll show examples of what continue would look like, if it existed

Bangalore []: i guess danger is working fine, but i see no difference. the dude has 100 meters advantage, he sprints, but i pass him, because he stops between 2 logic sections. In CS, actor had no chance to reach him. Nvm, i will give him more advantage
Alundaio []: You can break. Continue is for eliminating indentation, really
Darryl []: Too used to how you can just break out of the middle of a loop in java
Darryl []: Just adding new checks to enable/disable entire articles depending on game modes, I have it figured out by using a method inside a method, its just awkward for me
Alundaio []: what exactly are you doing that you need continue
TKGP []: life, even
TKGP []: lua's lack of a "+=" statement makes like miserable
Darryl []: It does for me :[
Alundaio []: not really
Darryl []: Lua's lack of a "continue" statement makes life miserable
Alundaio []: Okay pushed it
Bangalore []: that's fine, thanks
Alundaio []: I will add the way I just suggested. So to disable danger completely, just use ignore_distance = 0
Bangalore []: fog volume crashed, i just removed it from everywhere
Borovos []: @Boss, did you port fog volume from CS agro under to CoC? I can't remember.
Bangalore []: how do i disable everything for an npc?
Bangalore []: the new way of danger is good too, so thanks
Borovos []: hello Alun
Alundaio []: [danger_section] ;dist, inertion
grenade = 225, 6000
entity_corpse = 900, 25000
entity_attacked = 2500, 30000
attacked = 90000, 60000
bullet_ricochet = 90000, 15000
enemy_sound = 625, 30000
attack_sound = 2500, 30000
entity_death = 900, 30000


ignore_distance = 0

Alundaio []: example
Alundaio []: do you mind*
Alundaio []: peace
Alundaio []: The old way of reading the danger section isn't compatible, do you mean if it is changed?
olivius74 []: Good night Dear Friends
Darryl []: It's a horrifying mess trying to figure out what I've done since last update
Darryl []: God I really need to stop working on stuff in guide for ages and then pushing it to main repo later
Bangalore []: vanilla COP logic files are very confusing
Bangalore []: i must use a lot of spawn_object npc from spawn_section.ltx, like this npc
Alundaio []: even though they still used it in logic
Alundaio []: Vanilla CoP removed it
Alundaio []: I could add it back
Alundaio []: story npcs should only react to hit danger and grenades
Bangalore []: ?
Bangalore []: you said danger section doesn'T work anymore, so hopw could i disable his danger detection:
Bangalore []: can_select_weapon = false
Alundaio []: [logic]
post_combat_time = 0,0

post_combat_time = 0,0

Both should work

Alundaio []: That's odd, it should work
Bangalore []: what can i disable for an npc? he reloads weapon, and play post combat animations, though i use post_combat_time = 0,0
Bangalore []: they go to the opposite side of the cover
Bangalore []: they do funny things at smart covers though
Alundaio []: You may want to use assault and sprint
Bangalore []: the bridge quest worked for the 1st try, it was awesome to see as the bridge is coming down slowly
Alundaio []: Can't really make NPC move faster then actor
Darryl []: To disable/enable certain articles depending on game modes, so they are correct for the player
Darryl []: Hmm, if Yoda is reusing Renegades and ISG in story mode expansion I will need to add more tags to guide
Alundaio []: Hello
Darryl []: Hey guys
Bangalore []: i use def_state_moving1 = sprint
def_state_moving2 = sprint
def_state_moving3 = sprint

Bangalore []: basically he stops when changes between 2 sections, and i can easily reach him
Bangalore []: [walker@wait_actor]:walker@generic
path_walk = red_pursuit_strelok_1_walk
path_look = red_pursuit_strelok_1_look
on_info = {+red_pursuit_boars_attack} walker@go_tonnel2

path_walk = red_pursuit_strelok_2_walk
path_look = red_pursuit_strelok_2_look
on_signal = action | walker@go_tonnel2 %+red_pursuit_strelok_go_1%
on_info = {+red_pursuit_strelok_go_1} walker@go_tonnel2

Bangalore []: guard
Bangalore []: how could i make an npc sprint faster than actor? when the npc changes between 2 logic sections, he changes from sprint to guad
Bangalore []: probably i will do a test omf, but now i have to make work all this stuff in red forest
Alundaio []: may as well look good when they do it
Alundaio []: it's rare they use it anyway
Alundaio []: I'm down with using the older animations
Alundaio []: Looks to me they sped the animations up, probably because smart covers make combat easier not harder
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []: Borovos showed me an older CS build, where smart cover animations were smoother, i grabbed that build and unpacked the omf file, and iT's bigger than vanilla CS
Bangalore []: there will be some more, i guess
Alundaio []: Anyway, that's why I'm here. To fill in gaps what you don't know.
Alundaio []: se_stalker.script is script binding for cse_alife_human_stalker server entity. while xr_motivator is binder for game client object CAI_Stalker
Alundaio []: There are two objects. You have server entity and client object. Server entity only exists on server (or if singleplayer) and client object only exists on client (or singleplayer) when server entity is online. The client object can only talk to server entity through Net Packet. There are script binders for server entity which you can register through class_registrator.script. Then there are script binders for client object which you can set with script_binding field in section.
Bangalore []: stuff like these classes, i would hardly figure out, that changing class will make this work
Alundaio []: What you mean?
Bangalore []: damn, i feel there is much more what i doN't know, than what i know
Alundaio []: I think though I will add to engine script calls for register, I already have alife object unregister callback from engine. Then all objects can have story id without the need to have script binders.
Bangalore []: right, i blew up half of the map
Alundaio []: classs = S_EXPLO
Alundaio []: oh then it's not a grenade
Alundaio []: I think outfits and weapons and ammo not using script version either
Bangalore []: Can't find variable hud in [red_explosive_hide_0002]
Alundaio []: Keep that in mind if you ever have issues with story id not working
Alundaio []: no reason all grenade objects have script binder
Bangalore []: can i change the class in an inherited section?
Alundaio []: yeah, that would be best
Alundaio []: Or you can do that
Bangalore []: class = G_F1_S
Bangalore []: [red_explosive_hide_0000]:explosive_hide
$spawn = "dynamic_objects\scene_objects\red_explosive_hide_0000"
story_id = red_pursuit_explosive1

Alundaio []: So to fix this in your story build just edit w_f1.ltx with class = G_F1_S
Alundaio []: When you use class names in class_reigstrator.script, it means they will use script binders. CoP story id only registered through script binder, like se_stalker.script. The reason some classes were switched back to engine class was for optimization. I wonder if I can design new way to set story id without using script binders.
Alundaio []: okay, it's because it isn't loading story id, it's not using class = G_F1_S
Bangalore []: wpn_f1
Alundaio []: grenade?
Bangalore []: this is a hand grenade
Bangalore []: [red_explosive_hide_0000]:explosive_hide
$spawn = "dynamic_objects\scene_objects\red_explosive_hide_0000"
story_id = red_pursuit_explosive1

Alundaio []: what section are you using for the barrel?
Bangalore []: =barrel_explode(red_pursuit_explosive1)
Alundaio []: explode definitely works in CoP, as I've used it long ago for joke around stuff. Maybe story id not setup for the object you are trying it with
Alundaio []: I can hold 6 also
Alundaio []: It should work
Bangalore []: 6
Bangalore []: urhvze
Alundaio []: How many keys can you press and hold at once
Bangalore []: is barrel_explode working in xr_effects? i canT' blow up barrels and f1 grenade
Alundaio []:
Bangalore []: i wish there would be 2-3 other person who works on quests
Alundaio []: With the only issue being the heli left so far right
Alundaio []: soon all story in coc
Alundaio []: moving right along already
Bangalore []: i make cs red forest quests now
Bangalore []: i couldn'T make work red forest bridge, but as soon as i sent you the pm, i found the reason
Alundaio []: Hi Bangalore what was deleted message
Bangalore []: hi
Alundaio []: and Olivius aas well
Alundaio []: Hello Muad'dib, long time no see
Borovos []: afk, back later
Bangalore []: i have a better translation of the russian audio, so now i know the real meaning of the sentence
Bangalore []: nvm found it
Bangalore []: do you have the universal extractor 2.0?
Borovos []: roger
Bangalore []: Pm sent with video
Borovos []:
Bangalore []: intro
Bangalore []: i restored it as CoC intrto
Borovos []: What do you mean about UN in CS build 3120?

Borovos []: Yes, this is why I didn't take this ones. At the beginning, I was thinking for a joke, but no.
Bangalore []: that is new, loxotron sold those builds for money, 700 ruble for 3436
Borovos []: Animation was changed by patchs.
Borovos []: Yes, I saw.
Borovos []:
Bangalore []: for build 3436 they talk about more smooth and longer smart cover animations
Borovos []: ok
Bangalore []: i found a download for CS build 3436
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []:
Borovos []: sorry, there is nothing more
Bangalore []: that CS build downloads are removed
Borovos []: About CS, did you try to open "Prototype" save scene from GSC pack? I tried, it didn't work.
Borovos []:
Borovos []: another build, but there is no major difference with vanilla
Bangalore []: i don't want to change the lore though
Bangalore []: i don't stick to vanilla storylines
Bangalore []: if you find something, just post in in the story thread
Borovos []: sorry, only the 3120
Borovos []: i take a look
Bangalore []: really? i don't have CS builds, just build3120
Borovos []: There is only 2 cutted npc in CS
Borovos []: I think I have few builds if you want them
Borovos []: ok
Bangalore []: GSC guys were lazy, and left some cut stuff in vanilla cs gamedata
Bangalore []: no, just the design plan documents
Borovos []: do you have anarchy cell files?
Bangalore []: i know the X-18 explorer, i restored him too in SOC
Bangalore []: anything you find, can be useful. i learn CS storyline now, and i restored already some stuff which is not present in vanilla CS
Borovos []: Boss, I'm looking information about cutted npc here.
As example, a npc was waiting the actor at the exit of X-18. He worked for the Barman and try to take documents from Strelok. I'll take a look in files about him.

Darryl []: See you
Darryl []: More content is always good, anyway I will be back later
Darryl []: That's awesome
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []: i made work free Doc quest too in DC in that gamedata
Bangalore []: i still have the gamedata
Bangalore []: yes, 6 year ago i already done that quest for SOC
Darryl []: That's cool
Darryl []: Yeah, I think that's the same person
Borovos []:
Borovos []: this guy
Darryl []: @Bangalore
This guy?

Borovos []: I know you have stuff for roadtrip in darkscape.
Borovos []: I can look too for ratcatcher in agroprom.
Borovos []: hello Darryl
Borovos []: *fine, not find
Borovos []: Do you want suicide guy in DV from build 2205? I can look for files. It could be find anywhere in the zone.
Bangalore []: hey hey
Darryl []: Don't mind me, I'll be quiet if you're talking
Bangalore []: and whatever i find, which is useful i would like to include
Darryl []: Hey guys
Bangalore []: suicide guy in Bar will be there too
Borovos []: good
Bangalore []: old stuff, like free Doc from DC is planned
Borovos []: and what about old stuff from build?
Borovos []: I'll see how many cost dp.
Borovos []: OK.
Borovos []: About maps closed, I like somethings, as duty checkpoint to pay in SoC, the robber at entrance of garbage in CS (bandits), the psi wave in Yantar to close the road and the brain scorcher
Bangalore []: owncloud is the only up to date repo for 1.5
Bangalore []: i don't want to burden owncloud with sdk stuff, since juts you, 2c and i work on sdk regurarly
Borovos []: is the stuff in owncould up to date regarding CoC 1.5?
Borovos []: okay
Bangalore []: no, it has just my stuff now
Bangalore []: and you can use it to store your sdk stuff there
Borovos []: Are they the same as in owncloud?
Bangalore []: i keep there my full packed sdk and story gamedata
Bangalore []: i pay for dropbox, it has 1 TB space for 1 years
Bangalore []: i did not like that maps were closed in SOC/CS/COP, so only brain scorcher will close the road
Borovos []: I started the installation of ownCloud this morning
Borovos []: Yes, I have access to dp, but it's full. I can't upload all of it.
Borovos []: Only soc is free of movement with only 3 ways closed (access to bar, labX in yantar, and finally disable the brain scorcher).
Borovos []: In CS, it's the same, find informations about Strelok to follow him, open a new level changer and go in the next level
Bangalore []: do you have still access to dropbox?
Borovos []: CoP quests are travel from a point to another, to find information. Secondary quests are better, but they are only to open the access to new area (guides)
Bangalore []: i don't have such detailed plans yet, i'll see how far i can go without burning out
Bangalore []: these aree already in CoC, as dynamic quests
Borovos []: or deliver duties in bandit base?
Borovos []: So, nothing as take a case in army checkpoint in escape for sido?
Bangalore []: i would like to include all meaningful quests, which are not fetch quests
Bangalore []: yes, i'm doing something like this, but the progress is slow
Borovos []:
Borovos []: just try to work faster and finish marsh geometry.
Borovos []: yes, few months. I had troubles IRL. Nothing is done, so I can't promise to stay here for a long time.
Bangalore []: long time no see here
Bangalore []: Hi Borovos
Borovos []: Boss
Borovos []: hello Bos
TKGP []: hi D
Darryl []: Hey T
VodkaChicken []: rip ;_;
TKGP []: good night
TKGP []: excuse me whilst I commit hairy cary
VodkaChicken []: would not play
VodkaChicken []: well 0/10 then
TKGP []: I'm a fraud
TKGP []: didn't bother adding holds though
VodkaChicken []: that's going to be hard to beat
VodkaChicken []: right, that one
TKGP []:
VodkaChicken []: what did you do in east germany?
TKGP []: I'm pretty happy about that DDR thing
TKGP []: I don't know
VodkaChicken []: fridgemod would be the true stalker modding magnum opus
TKGP []: after I finish shithud and ALS and REE and fridgemod and roadside and DMM:AE:EEE:TKGPE
VodkaChicken []: when is this god gamer going to make a series about all the sick parkour you can do on soc maps?
TKGP []: a god gamer like me doesn't need to debug
VodkaChicken []: make a fully fledged debug utility pack like axr debug tools for soc
TKGP []: utilities development is my true passion
TKGP []: I mean 5
VodkaChicken []: I can read you like an open book
TKGP []: that'll be #6
TKGP []: fucking exposed
TKGP []:
VodkaChicken []: TK UI Widget Framework™
TKGP []: hype
TKGP []: I need to rewrite everything again to use another utility script
TKGP []: that reminds me
VodkaChicken []: at least you'd have something to do for years :^)
TKGP []: rotating UI elements is a mega meme
TKGP []: the hands would be hard
VodkaChicken []: make it look like the windows 7 clock widget thingy
TKGP []: gotta feature creep that shit up boy
VodkaChicken []: which is kinda stupid imo
TKGP []: but every mod and its dog has one on the HUD so whatever
TKGP []: yeah I wouldn't use it personally
VodkaChicken []: *one
VodkaChicken []: your inventory and pda already have on but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TKGP []: I might add a clock display since that's a thing I guess
TKGP []: renamed some functions though
TKGP []: not really : )
VodkaChicken []: are you making it more modular or adding features?
TKGP []: progress babyyy
TKGP []: so now it's TWO scripts instead of one
TKGP []: but then I started rewriting everything for no reason
TKGP []: apart from 3 icons no one is ever going to use
TKGP []: yup
VodkaChicken []: wasn't it pretty much done apart from graphics?
TKGP []: unironically working on it right now though
TKGP []: same tbh
VodkaChicken []: I don't even play stalker
TKGP []: do you even play soc
VodkaChicken []: sorry, I'm not that cheap
TKGP []: I will pay you one (1) finished HUD mod
VodkaChicken []: that depends on the payment
TKGP []: when you kidnap me a new artist
VodkaChicken []: so when's shithud getting finished TK? :^)
VodkaChicken []: but really, one model is already in the game yet the yantar guards use merc models
TKGP []: I'm glad you understand
VodkaChicken []: the game is literally unplayable without them
TKGP []: pls, blue sunrise is valuable ancient lore
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: ss__l08_yantar_.jpg
VodkaChicken []: would you like to have more different looking ecologist guards around yantar instead of loners dressed as mercs?
Darrill []: Add a sound to actor when he kick something
VodkaChicken []: using the alternative pickup mode without crosshair is a real pain in the ass
VodkaChicken []: I think that would be good
Alundaio []: Or I can change it to be exactly like the cod pickup mode, except that you have to continuely press the pickup key to pickup items instead of holding it
Alundaio []: The only problem with single pickup that needs addressed is that it won't pickup items if something is on top of them, like a piece of broken box
Alundaio []: In code, it only selects nearest item to cursor one at a time.
Alundaio []: that is what the cod pickup does. It only looks like it picks up everything because it does it as long as pickup key is held.
VodkaChicken []: but only pick up the item closest to your cursor
VodkaChicken []: I think the soc style picup mode should still have an aoe
VodkaChicken []: Hello fellow human
Alundaio []: Hello humans
Darrill []: Hi, not other you
Darryl []: hey nuor and other me
Nuor []: heya darryl you tubaholic
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hell yeah, new BoTW
Darryl []: I mean me
Darryl []: You are drunk, there is really only one of us
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: Hey Darryl x2
Darryl []:
Darryl []: exploding*
My typing really sucks lately, I'm sure Windows is doing some sort of autocorrect and it's making me think I'm going crazy

Darryl []: Hey guys
Borovos []: hello Darryl
Borovos []: who knows what thinks youtube...
Darryl []: YouTube thinks the game is Minecraft?
Darryl []: Borovos is explosing in his pants right now
Borovos []: OMG! Somebody find a way to create a visual dynamic for water. Without particles, but as lava textures in CNPP. Perfect to create a river.

Nuor []: I could probably make the weapon specific ammo if I could remove upgrades. I could have a check for a specific id and if it existed for the loaded ammo type then add the upgraded bonus and remove it otherwise.
Darryl []: TLJ must be really good
Darryl []: Rian Johnson is directing a new trilogy of star wars movies apparently
Darryl []: Hmm
VodkaChicken []: that thing has been driving me nuts since CS
VodkaChicken []: one map change I'd still love to see is removing the god damn fence next to the railway in cordon
Balathruin []: AI still gets stuck there, they can't handle enemies on the roof or inside the building.
Darryl []: Oh yeah I completely forgot about dead city, he fixed that doorway
Bangalore []: 2C changed 3 maps ai map, yantar, dc, cop pripyat
Bangalore []: i answered him too
Darryl []: He PM'd us on Moddb, I answered one of his questions but have no idea about the other
Bangalore []: 2C and Borovos are away
Bangalore []: i see no reason why not to give him beta sdk, because the maps will not change
Darryl []: (hey everyone else, too)
Bangalore []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Bangalore []: hi
Nuor []: hey all
Nuor []: I can't stop him ;)
Bangalore []: CrommCruac wants to do AN4 for CoC
Bangalore []: 3 hours 52 minutes for a Generators hign xrlc compile, years ago it was much more with my old cpu
Bangalore []: also, ownCloud\BANGALORE\Generators_fixed_Dx8\ has a new compile of Generators, with highest quality settings, it werks in Dx8
Bangalore []: the new all.spawn is safe, i entered all story related map in vanilla CoC
Bangalore []: i checked spawn, nothing is mixed, i simply copied the all.spawn from my story gamedata folder, not from vanilla CoC gamedata folder
Balathruin []: Tried to fix always scoped weapon aim hud pos and rot, but can't make it perfect. FN2000 and G36 has shoot effect floating, L85 moves left too much (effect is alright, but not centered). SVD/SVU/Gauss are much better now.
Bangalore []: use the scripts from bitbucket repo in the game
Bangalore []: also, SDK_gamedata_scripts smart cover scripts are only for SDK
Bangalore []: i have 2 map setup to avoid this, but looks like it happened
Bangalore []: sorry, i made a mistake and mixed story stuff into new spawn
Nuor []: so I take it that info_portions used in dialog_... .xmls need to be give id's
Nuor []: maybe i missed it
Alundaio []: weird It hought I removed travel_manager.ltx long ago
Alundaio []: ok
Nuor []: that task also


Nuor []: what about the info_portions with dialog id's?
Alundaio []: Yeah, I read your suggestion and just removed it from dialogs xml and text strings
Nuor []: and was sidetracked by mechanics
Alundaio []: It's a dynamic task, not normal task like you would make in CoP or something
Nuor []: I'm trying to figure what can be removed with the nimble change
Nuor []: the info_portions are simple enough just needing three seperate task sections surprised me. But I'd completely forgotten how tasks was structured it had been 6 months since i looked ;p
Alundaio []: task are destroyed when completed are failed, so can't store it there
Alundaio []: Assuming there was no such thing as the persistent storage system how else would you track that the player gave the npc something?
Nuor []: okay but that seems kinda over the top for something that simple.
Nuor []: bah mechanic_mode 1
Alundaio []: mil_smart_terrain_7_7_freedom_mechanic_stalker_upgrade_tier_1
Alundaio []: *_upgrade_tier_*
Alundaio []: With info portions when completing the dynamic task as seen in misc\tm_*.ltx
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []: 1
Nuor []: figure out how mechanics tracks their task completion
Alundaio []: What are you trying to do
Nuor []: other than axr_task_manager as a read
Nuor []: I don't see "task_section" anywhere
Nuor []: sec = st.ini:r_string_ex (st.section_logic,"task_section")
Nuor []: hmm I see info_portions defined by id in info_..."level".xml I didn't think that was needed I guess for dialog to recognize
Balathruin []: tasks*
Balathruin []: same as other tak
Nuor []: must be in ltx somewhere
Nuor []: hmm i don't see where mechanic tasks are given.
Balathruin []: L85 hud model has missing polygons
Balathruin []: The current test dll is weird.
Nuor []: probably should clean that nimble stuff out of dialogs_escape.xml
Nuor []: you must leave your weapon with them for 2 days.
Nuor []: have mechanic have abilty to sell you ammo with half the dispersion if you have done all 3 quests ;)
Nuor []: now if you had skills you have "self loader" that would greatly improve ammo dispersion ;p
Balathruin []: I'm not even done with weapons, it shouldn't be on repo yet.
Nuor []: and k_dispersion is too uniform for my taste ammo just is uniform in that way.
Alundaio []: test*
Alundaio []: put another text dll up. try cam_step_angle_horz around 10
Nuor []: sig550 might should have lower fire_dispersion base than abakan
Nuor []: duh I stopped thinking at tmr ;p
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: because value is read from ini
Alundaio []: self.alarm_length was nil
Nuor []: I wondet why tmr was nil then. I could understand wrong but I'd have thought it was something
Alundaio []: how many bytes left in packet
Nuor []: counter I mean
Nuor []: trigger if data has been read from packet?
Nuor []: r_elapsed() not sure what that does either.
Nuor []: I saw that but I don't see a check in state_read
Alundaio []: with self.disabled = true
Alundaio []: it should technically already be setup this way
Nuor []: unclear to me why it waited that long to crash
Nuor []: put*
Nuor []: might want to bu ta check in smart_terrain to ignore data for non-existent configs anyway.
Alundaio []: i'll ask him about the all.spawn
Nuor []: Okay
Alundaio []: im putting it in teamepic folder
Nuor []: it's gone
Alundaio []: stick with whatever is in dev or teamepic or the cs all.spawn (which I don't think is there anymore)
Nuor []: I don't see any newer update
Nuor []: I downloaded at 8:20 am pst
Nuor []: hmm maybe he updated it again
Alundaio []: scripts\rostok\smart\bar_freedom_attack.ltx is part of his story mod he is working on
Nuor []: description just says it removes SID references
Alundaio []: but It cannot be used with dev, these things don't exist
Alundaio []: it definitely has story related stuff in it that shouldn't be there. I don't know if that is intentional or what
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: the one from fixed spawns?
Nuor []: I'm using one that bangalore posted earlier today
Alundaio []: do not use the story one
Alundaio []: Either use the one from STALKER\dev or the one from CS smart covers
Alundaio []: I think you are using incorrect all.spawn
Nuor []: ! [SCRIPT ERROR]: ... call of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\smart_terrain.script:997: attempt to compare number with nil
Nuor []: if (tmr > 0 and tmr <= self.alarm_length) then
Nuor []: on creating negame with new all.spawn.
Nuor []: ERROR: There is no configuration file [scripts\rostok\smart\bar_freedom_attack.ltx] in smart_terrain [bar_freedom_attack]
Nuor []: so what's the test dll?
VodkaChicken []: the different sized muties could be just removed if you ask me
Balathruin []: Small pseudodogs are hard to kill with less immunity and bigger ones are easier as you hit it with more pellets.
Balathruin []: One of the most annoying things about size for me is it changes shotgun effectiveness.
VodkaChicken []: I'll try to fix 'em. I'm not sure how this whole scaling is handled with xray tho
VodkaChicken []: yeah, at least the huge bloodsucker is a blocky mess
Balathruin []: But it should be redone completely with smaller size difference.
Balathruin []: Resized mutants have some broken smoothing on them.
VodkaChicken []: have you guys noticed any other models having completely broken smoothing?
Alundaio []: pretty much, how much it moves physics
Nuor []: I'm not sure I understand the purpose of hit impulse nove dead bodies around with bullets?
Nuor []: I tired of updating stuff want to use vanilla weapons but keep cwp scopes and damage.
Nuor []: night
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: I forget like 97% of human genome contains dna from corn
Darryl []: Would love to compare it to the current version
Darryl []: I wish I kept my local files for 1.2
Darryl []: From before you moved him
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: I think DrX is storing corn improperly
Darryl []: That description is so full of puns...
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hopper? That's a new term for me
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:

Unread postby DoctorX » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:34 am

Can we take Sultan off the hopper? I think he's done taking his crap by now.

Alundaio []: not cause of this change, though
Alundaio []: cop have lots of spawns now
Alundaio []: no
Darryl []: Is that why CoP maps had so few spawns?
Darryl []: What's up with that new commit?
Darryl []: Oh okay then
Alundaio []: which is they just walk toward you and shoot
Alundaio []: They use xr_combat_zombied.script
Darryl []: They don't?
Alundaio []: zombied don't use engine combat
Darryl []: Should definitely add a check for that
Darryl []: Did you disable their use for zombified faction?
Alundaio []: object
Alundaio []: and standing on smart cover
Alundaio []: They have to be the right distance and angle from enemy
Alundaio []: Otherwise it's uncommon for them to use covers
Alundaio []: There are some very notable places where it happens, Dark Valley in the field by the raised walkway, there are a lot of prone covers
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Yeah I thought I was missing something
Alundaio []: it's not in STALKER\dev
Darryl []: in use by the ai*
Alundaio []: You need the smart cover all.spawn
Darryl []: I haven't seen them in use yet
Darryl []: Are smart covers in use in vanilla then?
Nuor []: but won't you miss those persistent crashes ;p
Alundaio []: I did some vigorous minimizing and reloading the past couple days without a single crash
Alundaio []: definitely with absolute certainity that particle pointer fix has solved the crashing when loading game for Nth time
Alundaio []: The smart cover scripts in repo are the ones you want
Nuor []: danger_fov = 90.0
Nuor []: noting bangalores changes
Alundaio []: it's just optimization
Alundaio []: Use the VEC_ZERO and other ones like it only if value is a constant and unchanged
Nuor []: position = VEC_ZERO
Nuor []: position = vector():set(0,0,0) vs
Alundaio []: and click accept
Nuor []: I have a 0.003 hit_power bump for evry 10m/s a sec speed increase
Alundaio []: Just uncheck stuff you don't want to download in OwnCloud
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: oh you mean upgrades and not the script
Alundaio []: bullet speed isn't used in the real calculation
Darryl []: Blows my mind how much stuff I take for granted now that isn't even in 1.4.22
Darryl []: Lots of very subtle things going on
Darryl []: 1.5 is beginning to feel very Shadow of Chernobyl-esque now, which is really neat
Nuor []: I couldn't tell if Bangalore's script addition are new.
Nuor []: I added increases to hit_power everywhere in upgrades that had bullet_speed increases. Is there a reason not to?
Darryl []: jesus 525 files to update in cloud
Alundaio []: it will use cam_* if those fields don't exist
Nuor []: I take it those zoom_cam entries were removed because they are unneeded?
VodkaChicken []: I guess the guy who made them didn't have the hq geometry fix installed
VodkaChicken []: every beret model was
Alundaio []: wow all these were bad? I didn't even notice
Alundaio []: Thanks
VodkaChicken []: there you go. they should also have the skeleton userdata set this time
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: stalker_soldier.7z
VodkaChicken []: I actually just recreated the models using vanilla assets since I don't know how to work with smoothing groups yet
VodkaChicken []: maya
Alundaio []: Nice. Did you do this in milkshape?
VodkaChicken []: I fixed the smoothing for army beret models
VodkaChicken []: hi alun
Nuor []: files copied from balathruins owncloud folder have the read only flag activated.
Nuor []: in abakan
Nuor []: you hav eduplicates of corsshair_inertion in upgrades
Nuor []: @balathruin wny do you raise actor finger and toe damage to 0.5?
Bangalore []: and Sidorovich had also a string and a number story_id too
Bangalore []: if these spawn stuff had any issues in the past, it can be a reason why
Bangalore []: i removed the last remaining story_id as numbers from all.spawn. all cordon level changers, all garbage level changers, some garbage inventory boxes, gar_smart_terrain_3_7, gar_smart_terrain_5_6, SOC Pripyat room 26 door had SOC/CS style story_id numbers, which was, aacording to our game_story_ids.ltx, all nil story_id
Balathruin []: Which is also the medium option if I'm not mistaken.
Balathruin []: Most of them is in rspec default.
Darryl []: Is there any way for me to find the default values of each video option?
Darryl []: I've just stuck them in features for now
Darryl []: azazel*
Darryl []: Still not sure where to put game modes like azazal, story etc though
Darryl []: I'm restructuring encyclopedia categories atm, going to break features (options) down between the individual options tabs
Alundaio []: I haven't tried with big heads
Darryl []: I think 2x is just perfect for me, big enough to look overgrown but not to feel like a jungle
Darryl []: no*
Darryl []: Still not luck with big head mode though, I guess?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: All we need are straw hats and vietnamese voice acting and I can get really immerse
Darryl []: Man this grass scaling is the shit
Balathruin []: If the formula is finalised later I'll add a note again.
Balathruin []: that coukd work
Alundaio []: but with lower values, like 20
Alundaio []: and then use the vertical max value for the horizontal calculation
Alundaio []: The problem with it, is it would work fine with lower vertical max. But with lower vertical max, gun stops recoiling. What needs to be done is that the max needs to be removed for vertical recoil. Gun should always go up
Alundaio []: I prefer the vert, it just needs toned down
Balathruin []: Can't really get a good value like this, ~25% decrease felt ok at first, then too much and then not enough
Balathruin []: For some reason I have a lot of horizontal and then get almost none for some time, then a lot again and it goes on.
Balathruin []: Does the current zoom frac only setup affect horizontal recoil? Can't really tell.
Alundaio []: if (weapon->IsZoomed())
if (m_Random.randF(0.f, 1.f) < 0.5f)
m_angle_horz -= m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
if (m_Random.randF(0.f, 1.f) <= 0.66666f)
m_angle_horz -= m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
m_angle_horz += m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;

Balathruin []: those space soldiers are amazing
Alundaio []: like in the old builds, prone roll and die
Balathruin []: or you lean a lot into it and faceplant after firing
Balathruin []: you just roll away
Alundaio []: and what recoil does when you are in full slav squat
Alundaio []: I want to see crab walk examples
Alundaio []: like rambo
Alundaio []: well nobody in the Zone is going to be in a stance like that firing from hip, you are walking around
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: yes
Alundaio []: Shouldn't that be up to the player and his mouse skills?
Balathruin []: It really depends on your recoil control
Alundaio []: Well if you have gun free you will turn. If on hip, if anything there will be less horizontal recoil, I would guess.
Balathruin []: you don't really hold the weapon to your shoulder
Balathruin []: that's fine
Alundaio []: so I can make hip shot go in other direction 1/3 of time or something
Balathruin []: Thinking about this change it will break weapons packs even more.
Alundaio []: horizontal recoil should always be right-biased for right handed people.
Balathruin []: for example hipfire should stay randomised and only zoomed should have a direction or no direction restriction at all
Balathruin []: without vert seems more realistic but needs tweaking
Balathruin []: I'm on with vert and the only issue is reaching max angle the camera throws me waay to much.
Alundaio []: Alternatively I think shot count can be multiplied against horz step angle
Alundaio []: m_angle_horz -= (m_angle_vert / (m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert/4) ) * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
^ As the vert angle increases the higher the multiplier on horizontal step. So long auto fire become progressively worse

Alundaio []: m_angle_horz -= m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
Alundaio []: A thing to note though, is that with the remove of the vert code, is that horizontal movement will be a constant value.
Balathruin []: ok, I'll try them out after the bowser fight
Alundaio []: The other version is up now
Alundaio []: Definitely an improvement
Alundaio []: You misunderstood what I said
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: put ti in teamepic folder
Balathruin []: I've never seen a person who only had to deal with vertical recoil.
Alundaio []: I'll put this bin up and then one without the vert check soon
Alundaio []: the way GSC did it was stupid though, it's randomly negative or positive every frame
Alundaio []: also, the random is necessary, otherwise it will be perfect diagonal line every time
Alundaio []: I don't think recoil begins wit the possibility to go horizontal, which is reason there is vert check originally
Balathruin []: I'll try it with current formula a bit later
Alundaio []: instead have cam_step_angle_horz = 0.5
Alundaio []: cam_step_angle_horz = 1
Alundaio []: if you want max angle vert gone then there is no reason to use current vert angle
Balathruin []: cam_step_angle_horz
Alundaio []: what value
Balathruin []: horizontal move is always between 50-100% of the value and not completely random
Balathruin []: you misunderstood or I wasn't clear
Alundaio []: why hidden half of step? Just do that in config
Balathruin []: What I meant is no max angle, always have horizontal and make it at least 50% of the value in configs
Alundaio []: and then do 7 shape
Alundaio []: which explains why it didn't start to go horizontal till after it reach max angle
Balathruin []: didn't realise that
Alundaio []: The previous formula was (m_angle_vert / m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert) * (-+ 1 ) * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz
Balathruin []: why tie it to max angle?
Alundaio []: so if max angle is 100 it will trigger at 25 degress and progressively get worse
Alundaio []: it's 1/4
Balathruin []: oh
Balathruin []: Is this 50% at least?
Alundaio []: negative step angle will move left, positive will move right
Alundaio []: I'm going to try this:
if (m_Random.randF(0.f,1.f) < 0.5f)
m_angle_horz -= (m_angle_vert / (m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert/4) ) * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;

Balathruin []: I could steal the light grenade from one of the SGM mods
Alundaio []: CoC needs the Holy Hand Grenade
Balathruin []: there's a russian meme mod where the rgd5 is suicide grenade with the famous "allahu ackbar" line when thrown
Balathruin []: yeah, it shoots a 0.01 explode time grenade
Alundaio []: You wish for most powerful weapon at Wish Granter, but die instantly if you pull the trigger
Balathruin []: You can jump out from one of the rocks
Balathruin []: I'll make it OP and tell Bangalore to put it outside of AW borders as I know how to get there.
Alundaio []: They are in models capture for vehicles and other things
Alundaio []: Make it OP and put it in only one stash
Balathruin []: I never saw explosion section.
Alundaio []: Seems the explosion section that is missing the snd_explode field might be in custom data in the all.spawn
Balathruin []: no SVU-A for now, I have to get a sound for it or make it silenced (and it's possibly too OP)
Alundaio []: and it's basically only snd_bore
Balathruin []: oh ok
Alundaio []: to see which fields were missing
Alundaio []: No I put this here
Balathruin []: Is this debug engine or ?
Alundaio []: eh...they all have snd_explode
Alundaio []: I guess from models\*
Alundaio []: Not sure what the hell is 'explosion' section
Alundaio []:

[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_42_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_43_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_44_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_45_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_46_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_47_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_48_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_49_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_50_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_51_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_52_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_53_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_fn2000 line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_protecta line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_bm16 line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_pb line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_toz34 line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_binoc line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_pm line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_knife line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_pkm line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=detector_advanced line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=explosion line=snd_explode does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_desert_eagle_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_fn2000_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_protecta_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_spas12_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_svu_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_vintorez_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=bolt line=snd_bore does not exist!

Alundaio []: Hmm interesting
Balathruin []: main change is the SVU-A is now an actual SVU-A and capable of autofire
Balathruin []: dropped a quick update for special versions as I forgot to finish them
Darryl []: See you later
Darryl []: New PKM is better than vanilla for sure
Darryl []: Lol at first video
Balathruin []: other than experimenting and adjusting animation speeds the main thing that's left is proper horizontal recoil
Balathruin []: the scoped hud positions are starting to bother me too, I'll have to fix it
Alundaio []: The Force is real
Balathruin []: you stop holding the gun with your left hand for a bit when you start or stop moving
Balathruin []: just found an animation bug on the G36
Balathruin []: starting to feel like this PKM is just as bad as the vanilla one
Balathruin []: ouch
Balathruin []: I can go high and it's loud.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: Alun moved it from my folder, it has different ogg commenting
Balathruin []: you missed it
Darryl []: Also, third time asking, what are the new bush sounds for in cloud? Nobody wrote why they were added in CoC assets
Alundaio []: Seems hud sound load sound is set up to load by field*. meaning it has support to do snd_reload1, snd_reload2, etc. Which is why did has no real sanity check if sound line exists
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: synced
Darryl []: Emissions in CoP always made me laugh, as soon as they ended literally EVERYBODY in the Skadovsk would rush out the door to loot stuff
Darryl []: I'm pretty sure die on wave works, at least for crows, I always hear them smack into the floor everywhere
Alundaio []: Scales the grass
Darryl []: So what does grass scale do? Exactly as the name suggests?
Alundaio []: I have zombie spawn and when I was testing stuff last week it worked. I'm not sure about die on wave
Darryl []: Fooled again
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: no of course not
Darryl []: I've never heard of this bug before
Darryl []: Lol what it's real?
Alundaio []: Tell him to lower his graphics setting and zombies will spawn
Alundaio []: lol known problem with dx8
Darryl []: I always set it to die-on-wave personally because I like npcs to die same way I do
Darryl []: Yeah I think this guy just has his af3 options wrong
Balathruin []: no NPCs die or convert to zombies
Darryl []: I don't understand that
Darryl []:

I noticed in my game the Psi-storms or emissions don't create bodies/zombies like they should. Known problem with DX8?

I'm not quite sure what this guy is trying to say, is he implying DX8 causes bodies not to spawn or something?

Balathruin []: hello
Darryl []: Hey guys
Darryl []:
Darryl []:

The HOLY NINE starting factions will be unchanged.

Sin, Sin, Sin, Sin, Sin, Sin, Sin, Sin and Sin?

Balathruin []: I'm going to upload weapon files in a few minutes, start rechecking everything and do some testing to find any issues.
Alundaio []: void CWeaponPistol:layAnimHide()
VERIFY(GetState() == eHiding);
if (iAmmoElapsed == 0)
PlaySound("sndClose", get_LastFP());

Alundaio []: void CWeaponPistol::Load(LPCSTR section)

m_sounds.LoadSound(section, "snd_close", "sndClose", false, m_eSoundClose);

Alundaio []: very scary no warning on that
Alundaio []: I just added snd_close = weapons\no_sound to them
Alundaio []: snd_close is missing, I wonder why no error on that
Alundaio []: instead of
anm_bore_empty = walter99_idle_bore, walter99_opened

Alundaio []: If they didn't want to use the animation, they could have just did:
anm_bore_empty = walter99_idle_bore, walter99_idle_bore

Alundaio []: but then that doesn't explain why GSC uses WP_LR300 for Walther
Alundaio []: seems so
Balathruin []: Is all this to have the slide lock back on empty mag?
Alundaio []: which I guess defeats the purpose if GSC going to be using rifle classes on pistols
Alundaio []: The main reason to separate these into classes, is probably so you can identify the weapon by clsid
Alundaio []: The difference between CWeaponPistol and CWeaponMagazined is that pistol has snd_close, anm_show_empty, anm_bore_empty, anm_idle_sprint_empty, anm_idle_moving_empty, anm_idle_empty and anm_idle_aim_empty as well as using anm_shots if ammo elapsed > 1 instead of anm_shots_l
Balathruin []: it's a mess
Alundaio []: Then there is auto shotty and regular bm16 classes which do their own thing
Alundaio []: SVD is CWeaponPistol as well but seems to do something different when fire animation ends
Balathruin []: lol
Alundaio []: SVU is pistol
Balathruin []: sig220 and usp45 are PM; walther is HSPA
Alundaio []: Groza is CWeaponMagazinedWGL
Alundaio []: AK74, Fn200, LR3000 are CWeaponMagazined.
Alundaio []: they are all CWeaponPistol
Alundaio []: All pistol classes are basically the same
Alundaio []: which others
Balathruin []: please check all of them, I had no idea what I was doing
Alundaio []: Makes sense to use the auto pistol class (HPSA), not sure why it was LR300 to begin with
Balathruin []: to have pistols under pistols in spawner
Alundaio []: I remember that commit, why did you do that again?
Alundaio []: Yeah there it would matter
Balathruin []:
Alundaio []: Class? Earlier I thought you were asking about ef_weapon_type
Balathruin []: So when I changed the weapon classes it didn't really matter?
Alundaio []: My guess it's something Swartz put in there
Balathruin []: Why the hell would you need that?
Balathruin []: maybe that's why he's rewriting it
Alundaio []: There is PistolRevolver class in CoC, not sure where it came from, it's not in standard source I dont' think
Alundaio []: and a lot of redundancy
Balathruin []: yes
Alundaio []: There are quite a few weapon classes
Balathruin []: shotgun has tri state, sniper disables until it can shoot again, assault rifles have GL (I think)
Balathruin []: I don't even know what each class does.
Alundaio []: maybe I should try making knife only create 1 bullet
Alundaio []: it means he will butcher weapon classes and fix will be irrelevant to our needs
Alundaio []: hmm not a good answer
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: lol
Alundaio []: I have 2 of the OpenXray devs blocked on github
Alundaio []: I don't know
Balathruin []: other again: What happened to the OGL renderer development?
Alundaio []: GSC should be asshamed
Alundaio []: jittering all over the place
Alundaio []: it's the same, it looks like shit
Balathruin []: try 5-10 max on vertical and shoot long enough to reach it
Balathruin []: add Smurth shoot effect which dramatically tilts and shakes the screen
Alundaio []: even cop values
Alundaio []: I tried different max values and it still behaves the same
Alundaio []: in ActorCameras.cpp
Balathruin []: when you look straight up it's basically the same as reaching cam_max_angle
Alundaio []: I see these values are directly applied to the camera's yaw and pitch
Alundaio []: seems the angle stuff only applies when you are looking straight up into the sky
Alundaio []: I dunno what's wrong, it's just flat out broken
Balathruin []: yeah, just a bit more work
Alundaio []: then you use sped up sound file
Balathruin []: other: the speed multipiler for hud has one problem (without trying) - sounds
Balathruin []: this way you will always have at least 50% of the horizontal recoil
Balathruin []: maybe have it randomise between the value and value/2?
Balathruin []: no, it's just random and mostly very small
Balathruin []: I might know why horizontal is not working, it probably only applies if max vertical angle is reached.
Balathruin []: for direction I'd suggest an extra, optional line with left or right, random is not configured
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: i'll investigate
Balathruin []: to me it looks like horizontal is simply not working at all
Alundaio []: If anything, it should randomly apply the pull right instead of randomly left or right
Balathruin []: I have no idea why horizontal is not working
Alundaio []: float rdm = m_Random.randF( -1.0f, 1.0f );
m_angle_horz += (m_angle_vert / m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert) * rdm * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;

Alundaio []: That's easy to fix
Nuor []: make horizontal a very small random arc
Balathruin []: it's fairly well known that AKs pull up right
Balathruin []: my problem with horizontal recoil is that it's random
Balathruin []: for example the small and full AKs have 0.9 frac as the skeletal stock is kinda shit
Alundaio []: Did you change it so that there is actually horizontal recoil? It's kind of weird for the weapon to just go up in straight line
Balathruin []: It simplifies the files a bit, you no longer have 6 but only 3 main values + frac
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: Anyway, it doesn't matter with the script, either way, it will just add 0
Alundaio []: it uses defaults from cam_dispersion.
Nuor []: I haven't been paying attention but how do you not have recoil while zoomed?
Balathruin []: Instead of separate values I adjusted zoomed frac based on the stock of the weapon
Balathruin []: if there is no zoom recoil it will use the basic cam_dispersion
Alundaio []: Yes but how can you 'not' use it?
Nuor []: zoom_cam_dispersion_frac = 0.75
Balathruin []: I saw some stuff related to zoomed recoil
Nuor []: zoom_cam_dispersion = 0.4
Alundaio []: Not sure what you mean balathruin
Nuor []: loners are starting out friendly (as loner) even though relation is 500 and says neutral.
Balathruin []: @Alun I'm not using zoom dispersion, only frac
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: I changed density max to 1.0 (less dense) from 0.6 and put scale on 2.0 and it actually looks decent and much nicer on the frame rate compared to making grass more dense.
Alundaio []: Fun fact: 7 midgets thrown into a sausage machine makes 2 pounds of Kielbasa.
Balathruin []: That's not true for vanilla.
Nuor []: in cwp snipers are relatively low accuracy compared to many weapons.
Balathruin []: I'll most likely give sniper to pump and any other very low fire rate gun.
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: you can change ef_weapon_type without problems
Balathruin []: Nothing on fire_queue? It's not a big deal if I can change weapon type without problems, just to know what's up.
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: and pusehd
Alundaio []: I just did too
Nuor []: I only tested it with a couple of scripts but I replaced all the loops i could find.
Nuor []: seems to work
Alundaio []: handling in other games is how fast you can draw weapon or aim. It's not measurable here.
Balathruin []: it was't altered much, but I'll use half inc on all of them
Alundaio []: Now why would you increase cam disp on pistols?
Nuor []: oops
Alundaio []: no pairs
Alundaio []: chat must have lost it but I said later that it's for id,se_obj in alife () : objects () do
Balathruin []: your weapon configs are outdated
Nuor []: [error]Arguments : LUA error: ...ll of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\bind_stalker_ext.script:57: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got function)
Alundaio []: Recoil.
Alundaio []: About handling, I feel that's what handling should measure, since it's one of the stats that can be improved for weapons through upgrades. It's rather pointless to consider handling to be sway or mouse movement like it is in cop. And no, pistols show high handling, higher then most of the rifles.
Alundaio []: it's not the texture, I removed them all but 1 and it still happens
Alundaio []: *green*
Alundaio []: which is the purple coloring
Alundaio []: they didn't fix the other thing I spoke of either
Alundaio []: I'll mention it in the closed ticket
Balathruin []: "cut" (more like unused)
Balathruin []: ah, the cut feature for double barrels
Alundaio []: it shoots 2 bullets
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: why it doesn't do it on walls im not sure
Balathruin []: wat
Alundaio []: knife is shotgun, it's not the bloodmarks
Nuor []: yeah
Alundaio []: it's just for debug
Nuor []: ui_map_debug_ex.script uses a 1,65534 loop often to fook for map spots. I wonder if it would be worth locally storing map spot id's in a table and using/updating it.
Balathruin []: @Alun Did you report to Forser that secondary knife attack creates two marks?
Balathruin []: but it's not the weapon's stat if the ammo is "inaccurate"
Balathruin []: like I don't know that
Nuor []: turn on crosshairs and notice how accuracy changes from shot to slug
Balathruin []: dunno, but shotguns handle better than some of the rifles and they only have high recoil, nothing more
Balathruin []: Wouldn't it be better if shotguns used slug?
Alundaio []: shotguns aren't accuracy nor handle
Balathruin []: ammo in accuracy stat is cool, but shotguns show as nearly no accuracy
Balathruin []: and near 0 for shotguns
Balathruin []: It will report bad handling for pistols
Balathruin []: cam_dispersion_inc in handling won't work
Balathruin []: yea, but there is hud_fov for that
Balathruin []: just tried cam_return = 1, but it feels like cheating
Alundaio []: moving it along z will not break iron sight
Balathruin []: because it will break iron sight
Balathruin []: that sounds more like an actual use
Alundaio []: Or you if you want to manually create hud hand offset for weapon, set it to 0,0,0 in config, then move it with the command until you find right spot then transfer it to config.
Alundaio []: So you can manually adjust it for higher hud fovs. If clipping, can move it down a little (-y), or if see inside arms can move it back (-z)
Alundaio []: ex. hand_offset_pos 0,0,-0.05
Alundaio []: In latest bins I added console command: hand_offset_pos
Alundaio []: I forgot to mention
Alundaio []: yes

Nuor []: is it even necessary to check for se_object inside the loop?
Nuor []: id = ?
VodkaChicken []: oh right
Balathruin []: to skip in Pripyat
Balathruin []: grenades are for cutscene suicide
VodkaChicken []: no wait that was breaking the physics with a chair
VodkaChicken []: isn't it used in CoP too?
Balathruin []: grenade jump is needed in both SoC and CS for speedruns
Nuor []: cars are so incredibly bad in stalker
Alundaio []: lol you can rocket jump in stalker
Alundaio []: Let's make mario kart battle clone with stalker
VodkaChicken []: marked one knows how to burn rubber with that niva
Balathruin []: The demos are too long, but here's 1510 - vehicle test - radar - physics test
Nuor []: that always bothered me.
Nuor []: good idea
Nuor []: yep
Alundaio []: it's table with only the objects, so say if there are 20k objects, it will only loop the 20k instead of the full 65k times.
Nuor []: I see 7 files some with multiple instances
Nuor []: use the above instead of using a for i=1, 65534 do loop check?
Alundaio []: I don't want just anyone with password anymore since it slows it down
Alundaio []: you are missing in the user list, refresh so I can IM you
VodkaChicken []: although I'd probably just leech the latest assets from there
VodkaChicken []: that would be cool
Alundaio []: though server has beens low lately
Alundaio []: I can give you public access and the password
VodkaChicken []: I guess I'm waiting for r7 then
VodkaChicken []: you guys seem to have a new asset repo
Alundaio []: @Nuor: I just added to bins, for id,se_obj in pairs(alife()bjects()) do But I still need to test to see if it actually works
VodkaChicken []: thanks!
Alundaio []: yes
VodkaChicken []: I guess that was 3.0
Alundaio []: added r__detail_scale 0.5 to 3.0
VodkaChicken []: nice jungle
VodkaChicken []: cool you found it!
Alundaio []: @vodkachicken,
Nuor []: or move the previous define outside that check
Nuor []: yep
Alundaio []: okay thanks, missing local gd = level.get_game_difficulty()+1
Nuor []: check line 55 in your ui_wpn_params.script
Nuor []: I don't see it used anywhere
Alundaio []: odd indeed
Alundaio []: yeah, and it's vanilla too
Nuor []: odd that both exist.
Nuor []: I guess I could use $level$
Nuor []: $level$ = false| false| $game_levels$
Alundaio []: so maybe this is height
Alundaio []: Only thing I can find is detail min scale and max scale
Nuor []: yep that is it use bit_or and add FS.
Alundaio []: surprised that doesn't crash
Alundaio []: oh you are missing FS.
Nuor []: odd thing is you actually use it in axr_main_options.script
Alundaio []: that's weird it only works for files
Nuor []: 1-800-justsaynoo
Balathruin []: damn I can't stop playing these old shitty builds
Nuor []: file_list_open_ex is the same
Nuor []: folder count is 33
Nuor []: bit_or returns 79
Nuor []: that returned 0
Nuor []: local level_cnt = getFS () :file_list_open ("$game_levels$", bit_and (FS.FS_ListFolders,FS_RootOnly )): Size () or 1
Nuor []: nope it lists 0 as RootOnly appears to only count files
Nuor []: ah ok
Nuor []: but it wants to count all the subfolders also
Alundaio []: I mean, it will do, what you want it to do, with that
Nuor []: count the number of folder in a folder
Nuor []: bit_and
Alundaio []: what you want it to do
Nuor []: what would bitand(FS.FS_ListFolders,FS_RootOnly) do?
Nuor []: so can I do FS_ListFolders and somehow not list subfolders?
VodkaChicken []: I think rma had him too
VodkaChicken []: lol I guess it was in olr
VodkaChicken []: I wish I had the video of an npc shooting himself in the head and flying across a room
Balathruin []: They always set the impulse too high. Physics and ragdoll is alright, but objects stick to each other too easily.
Alundaio []: "realistic ragdoll physics" -- as a guy goes flying hundreds of meters into the air
Alundaio []:
VodkaChicken []: stalker should have stayed as a game about space mayans
Balathruin []: I have an awesome video from a year ago, 1114
Balathruin []: Well a few months before that they had robots in the game, so...
VodkaChicken []: nice space berills
Balathruin []: 1154
Balathruin []: I can count*
Balathruin []: I can how many polys the terrain have.
VodkaChicken []: most of the time they do
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: no they don't
Balathruin []: LOL
VodkaChicken []: at least the maps look good
VodkaChicken []: LA is such a frankenstein monster
Balathruin []: Could you disable DoF in default?
Balathruin []: ... and they mutated the engine to include CoP stuff
Alundaio []: Maybe LA's horrible animations were intentionally bad to more accurately represent the old builds
Alundaio []: looks like he is river dancing
Alundaio []: actor run animation is hilarious
Alundaio []: amazing how far the AI and animations come since then
Balathruin []: build 1154
Alundaio []: where
Balathruin []: lol, the 2002 AI uses prone and rolls on the ground
VodkaChicken []: yeah, bar looks alright in some places
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: no, I'd run out of vram with that amount of trees
VodkaChicken []: cinematic 24fps dx8 800x600
Balathruin []: I most likely can't run it.
VodkaChicken []: I recommend trying it with CoP, it looks great
VodkaChicken []: Full AN4 with the edited levels has 30 different grass textures while vanilla has 8
Balathruin []: AN4 level on CoC engine
Balathruin []: best vanilla grass is bar only anyway
VodkaChicken []: which AN4 did you play?
Balathruin []: Haven't seen a single grass related change that actually looked good.
Balathruin []: I don't like AN4 grass, it's almost the same as vanilla.
VodkaChicken []: better start porting full AN4 for all levels then
Balathruin []: Both vanilla and "invisible" looks bad if you look at it
Balathruin []: eh, I don't like either
VodkaChicken []: oh, you already noticed. nwm I'm an idiot
VodkaChicken []: btw alun, AN4 seems to change grass height with the level.details file
VodkaChicken []: well imo CS grass looks like ass no matter what distance you use
Balathruin []: I do remember vanilla SoC grass is like this and it looks alright with 50 distance but not with higher (100+)
VodkaChicken []: vanilla agroprom wasn't as bad as garbage and cordon tbh
VodkaChicken []: it has been dividing opinions a lot
Balathruin []: I tried on Agroprom, that's not good enough?
VodkaChicken []: try it out on cordon and garbage
Balathruin []: I agree with Darryl and it does blend in too much.
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: de-eyesore_grass.7z
Alundaio []: I noticed that mods that change grass always include altered 'level' file for the level, it's probably here you can change grass height. So I'll try looking where level is loaded for it
Alundaio []: grass does look pretty horrible on cordon
Alundaio []: I'm down for replacing the grass textures, if you want to submit them. Already using the better tree textures from AN4.
VodkaChicken []: using some soc textures might not look like AN4 but at least the distant grass doesn't look like dark smears
VodkaChicken []: the build_details texture is completely custom as far as I know
Balathruin []: AN4 only has vanilla looking grass, just a bit higher res
VodkaChicken []: no clue, but I can see the cinematic framerate already
Alundaio []:

I am not using any mod at all, just vanilla CoP with my own map, models and textures
I wonder how true that statement is

VodkaChicken []: depends on the location
Alundaio []: I don't remember an4 grass looking like actual grass
Balathruin []: completely different models and textures
VodkaChicken []: probably with AN4 textures and max density
Alundaio []:
how to get grass to look like that?

VodkaChicken []: top is vanilla bottom is with few textures from soc build_detail
VodkaChicken []: I've been trying to make vanilla grass on the cs levels look less shit
VodkaChicken []: nice
Alundaio []: he takes everything from everybody else and then hordes his own shit
Alundaio []: of course not
VodkaChicken []: can't seem to find any public repo for the com version of xray
Alundaio []: The hardest part about making a change is actually finding where it's done in the spaghetti mess of Xray
VodkaChicken []: yeah, com has a r__detail_height option
VodkaChicken []: I think com had a menu option for it
VodkaChicken []: I honestly don't know
Alundaio []: the image mask colors?
Alundaio []: I do not know, what controls th at now?
VodkaChicken []: would it be possible to add a console option for grass height?
VodkaChicken []: hi lads
Balathruin []: We could have outfit dependant pistol draw as not all have slot for it.
Balathruin []: But maybe others too
Balathruin []: Pump anim speed to prevent skipping
Alundaio []: What did you have in mind?
Alundaio []: but it would have to be global for the object, would be hard to make it for specific animations only
Alundaio []: It may be possible
Alundaio []: just synced the xrGame with the hud motion speed as 3rd param
Balathruin []: About the hud speed, is it possible to add it for upgrades?
Balathruin []: Cam effect is too long and moves too much resulting in poor fov compatibility and camera jump.
Balathruin []: BM16
Balathruin []: .anm1 is alright, it's there if someone really needs it
Alundaio []: so you say toz definitely need disabled?
Alundaio []: yeah
Balathruin []: *rename
Alundaio []: so I guess only solution is to delete
Balathruin []: Most likely name matching
Alundaio []: oh probably because they share same name as hud motion
Alundaio []: if they aren't listed anywhere in configs, then what tells the engine to use it
Alundaio []: .anm are camera effectors
Alundaio []: Yeah anm in hud section is for animations
Balathruin []: anm is just camera
Balathruin []: Isn't that the animation itself?
Balathruin []: Dunno
Alundaio []: what happens if you comment it out in config?
Balathruin []: OWR3 needs full disable, but that's an addon.
Balathruin []: There is one that needs to be disabled, the sawn off reload. Otgers are mostly ok.
Balathruin []: At least I didn't notice.
Balathruin []: Doesn't affect shooting
Balathruin []: Sone of it is already disabled (anm1)
Alundaio []: or reload
Alundaio []: or move
Alundaio []: pretty much classic stalker. Would feel too much like doom or CS if camera doesn't move when you fire
Alundaio []: not sure it's a good idea removing it
Balathruin []: Might cause red logs in debug but I have no idea.
Balathruin []: I have whole folder renamed.
Balathruin []: Yes.
Alundaio []: I'm trying to think if .anm can be deleted safely
Balathruin []: Actually, are you interested in disabling camera movement effects on weapons (reload mainly)?
Balathruin []: What I never liked is the pistol spin, so speeding up the draw would require removing it.
Alundaio []: Now we can have Fallout perks, Quick Draw, Fast Reload
Balathruin []: If it can speed up pump anim solution is found.
Balathruin []: Yes pls
Alundaio []: I will steal this
Alundaio []: Ooo
Alundaio []: Good evening
Alundaio []: The sounds were moved there from Balathruin's folder. They have increased AI dist
Darryl []: Did you add the bush sounds to repo? I'm trying to puzzle out what's different
Darryl []: Don't worry about it, I pushed it to repo so it's there now
Balathruin []: @Darryl I added task dialog to Owl and tried it. Maybe I missed the file or something.
Nuor []: FS_ListFolders also gets subfolders and FS_RootOnly only gets files ;p
Darryl []: level_maps_single section lists all levels
Nuor []: FS_ListFolders that maybe
Nuor []: nope it cnts files in folder not folder
Nuor []: I don't know if that will work with folders I'd have to check
Nuor []: yay ;)
Nuor []: local level_cnt = getFS ():file_list_open_ex ("$game_levels$", FS.FS_ListFiles,"*" ): Size () or 1
Nuor []: I can't seem to catch them all ;p
Nuor []: local level_cnt = getFS ():file_list_open_ex ("$game_levels$", FS.FS_ListFiles,"*" )ize() or 1
Nuor []: anyway that will likely get count
Nuor []: bah
Nuor []: local level_cnt = getFS():file_list_open_e"$game_levels$", FS.FS_ListFiles,"*" )ize() or 1
Nuor []: local level_cnt = getFS ():file_list_open_ex ("$game_levels$", FS.FS_ListFiles,"*")ize () or 1
Nuor []: but i didn't see it used anywhere
Nuor []: debug
Nuor []: if you hate fixed number you can count levels directory
Darryl []: Doesn't make much sense to check to see if they have been to the level they are currently on
Darryl []: has_actor_visited_level isn't actually used, but my intention for it is to see if player has been to a certain level
Nuor []:
Nuor []: dynamic orders should open up some possibilities - at least great simplify.
Darryl []: Well, table will end up the same come the end anyway
Nuor []: just see no reason to save a bigger table
Darryl []: I'm trying to stay away from using magic numbers for things like that even though it's unlikely to ever change
Nuor []: then just use #
Darryl []: You had me thinking there was something really elaborate going on
Nuor []: that is other option
Nuor []: actor_visited_levels[#actor_visited_levels+1] = level
Nuor []: with that you would use table.size instead of #
Nuor []: function on_game_load()
local level =
if (actor_visited_levels[level] or level == "fake_start") then return end
actor_visited_levels[level] = true

Darryl []: Oh
Nuor []: yes
Darryl []: Just "32"?
Darryl []: Yeah but if you're starting with an empty table, and filling it as you go along, what do you check #actor_visited_levels with?
Nuor []: I check #actor_visited_levels
Darryl []:
Darryl []: so what do you check against to see if all levels are visited?
Darryl []: wait what
Nuor []: yeah I used your check by mistake
Darryl []:
Nuor []: then I can just do # of the table to get count.
Nuor []: I start with empty table and add level name to it as i visit.
Darryl []: But how... There's only 32 levels?
Nuor []: My visited levels table differs from yours that may be the problem.
Darryl []:
Nuor []: Alun overhaul is what fixed it he added all of the table sof functions.
Darryl []: Fixed
Darryl []: Also, good job on the new order system
Darryl []: A mission was moved from beard to owl, but owl doesnt have the dialog to ask for tasks
Darryl []: This is great
Nuor []: newgame
Nuor []: no it was new autosave
Darryl []: Have you visited all 32 levels?
Darryl []: Still though, I don't know why it would trigger for you on a previous save, the requirements are the same, it just actually works now
Darryl []: Yeah I can't replicate on new game
Nuor []: it was actually an autosave of a previous new game
Darryl []: god damn it
Nuor []: yes
Darryl []: after latest repo commit?
Darryl []: wut?
Nuor []: heh tourist achievement unlocked on new game
VodkaChicken []: the grass isn't tall or bushy enough to hide rats. you'd need AN4 grass for that
Darryl []: will try it out in a bit
VodkaChicken []: walk around cordon with it and then without it
Nuor []: I hate low brush it obscures everything but slows nothing down. especially tuskano.
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: de-eyesore_grass.7z
Darryl []: yeah i'd need to play with it to tell, still pictures aren't really doing it
VodkaChicken []: I'll probably just turn this into an addon
VodkaChicken []: pic with better lighting
VodkaChicken []: well I personally hate how vanilla grass is just dark spots in the distance
Darryl []: I think it's a little too close to the colour of the ground texture personally
VodkaChicken []: it just doesn't stick out like a sore thumb
VodkaChicken []: there is still the same amount of grass
Darryl []: second one just looks like there's hardly any grass
Nuor []: overall lighting looks different to me.
Darryl []: I prefer vanilla tbh
VodkaChicken []: upper is vanilla
VodkaChicken []: what do you think?
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: I tried making grass a lot less of an eyesore to look at
Darryl []: vodka and olive*
Darryl []: hey vodka olive
Nuor []: heyas
VodkaChicken []: hi guys
Darryl []:
Nuor []: his shotgun is MUCH more effective than mine.
Nuor []: Ironman hard on the nerves
Nuor []: bloodsuckers often startle me I'll jump out of my skin
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @ Anybody
What are the new sounds for in cloud? Nobody updated coc assets txt file to say...

Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Nuor []: in ui_wpn_params scope of "gd" needs to be backed up 1 level "local gd = level.get_game_difficulty()+1"
Balathruin []: If hardware acceleration is on it could be a bit more serious issue, but most likely software related.
Darryl []: Well that's a first.
Browsing the bitbucket site made me blue screen.

Balathruin []: But thanks for the info on stop
Balathruin []: High inc would make longer bursts impossible
Alundaio []: cam_return_stop = 1 moves only after you are done firing, but it seems stupid, you can shoot with perfect grouping in burst shots
Alundaio []: cam_return_stop is a thing, too
Alundaio []: I don't care about the return, I pull mouse down when I auto myself anyway
Alundaio []: but I can try it and see what it looks like
Alundaio []: cam_dispersion_inc is too similar on most weapons to use it for handling.
Balathruin []: I might try it again, but it's a bit difficult to get it working properly and not move your camera down when you don't want it to.
Alundaio []: it's what moves the FPS camera up when you shoot, disabling cam_return just means it won't go back to original position
Balathruin []: I already disabled cam return on all weapons except svd and svu (-svu-a because it's full auto capable)
Balathruin []: Yea, but I don't like that forced camera move effect.
Alundaio []: thansk peace
Nuor []: good job on orders I'm off to sleep.
Alundaio []: or more simply, the higher the relax speed the more steady auto is
Alundaio []: Would need to calculate cam dispersion vs relax speed to get how steady a weapon is
Nuor []: recoil would be it.
Balathruin []: What I miss is a handling category stat that affects how steady the weapon is in autofire. Recoil could do it, but it' not very good at it.
Nuor []: updated the paste
Nuor []: yes I did
Nuor []: I don't recall if I changed that in wpn_param
Balathruin []: Effect only noticeable when moving and stopping
Balathruin []: crosshair_inertion is the weakest stat
Balathruin []: that't not good
Alundaio []: he means in ui_wpn_params like it was in vanilla
Nuor []: actually gave crosshair_inertion the heaviest weighting
Nuor []:
Nuor []: in my inventory upgrades
Balathruin []: also pdm disp base to accuracy
Nuor []: I think I already have that
Balathruin []: @Alun Before I forget, could you add crosshair_inertion to handling stats? (UI, upgrade, whatever there is)
Alundaio []: yeah currently
Nuor []: you can have up to 10 categories?
Nuor []: add a couple more special categories maybe one for special scopes.
Nuor []: I'm stil marveling over alun 2 hour remake of this script ;)
Balathruin []: default is 55 which looks like 2x zoom lens
Nuor []: whatever default is.
Nuor []: I think my fov is 65
Balathruin []: Without a scope my combat range is ~50m even if I lower fov to 75.
Nuor []: bad as my vision has become I'm hopeless without a scope.
Nuor []: yeah that is wa smy weapon of choice in soc
Balathruin []: sniper abakan was in SoC if I'm not mistaken
Nuor []: I already have use hk416 with adjustable scope and enemy detection ;p
Alundaio []: 10x zoom
Alundaio []: I want OP abakan with adjustable scope
Nuor []: I like camo ;p
Alundaio []: No silly super powers like that
Alundaio []: ghillie suit in misery does that too I think
Alundaio []: and pretty sure he made it so that AI reaction was dumber with it on
Alundaio []: I remember nashathedog added his own items to nimble that are indeed overpowered like Ghost's outfit
Alundaio []: so that's possible idea, shifting the balance of the item in another direction.
Alundaio []: as example, nbc_outfit that has upgrades more for burn instead of chemical
Balathruin []: I'll try to figure out something that doesn't create overpowered items.
Alundaio []: alternate upgrade schemes
Balathruin []: Many items are not unique, the protecta, fn2000, g36 and all outfits/helmets
Alundaio []: Boosted stats, or come with free upgrade. Kind of limited, I guess
Alundaio []: or pretty much anything non-nimble he offers
Alundaio []: I don't know, what would make a scientific outfit from Nimble more unique?
Balathruin []: If you can describe what kind of special stuff you want I'll add it.
Balathruin []: That works too.
Alundaio []: I'm pretty sure, if you properly add the section to 'upgrades' that you can set 'installed_upgrades' to values not normally acquirable in the items upgrade scheme
Balathruin []: About special weapons there are some cool stuff in SoC and CS + good mods (OGSE again), but you'll never find vanilla looking weapons, you'd have to include a pack what Alun doesn't want.
Balathruin []: hardhat with respirator and nightvision upgrades for a start
Balathruin []: If you want special I have more ideas.
Alundaio []: or at least make it special, come with some kind of upgrade
Balathruin []: Dunno, there are a lot of Seva fans even among CoC players where the outfit isn't that good.
Nuor []: I'd pull some of the better weapon models from packs rename them as uniquesan dscatter them among brokers.
Alundaio []: It's more about him offering things that are unique. If someone has 120k I find it unlikely they'll spend it on scientific outfit. If they have 44k I can see them buying nbc outfit
Balathruin []: It's also homemade category, I don't think Nimble would ever care about that.
Balathruin []: Are you sure? NBC isn't anything crazy, tiny bit better than sunrise + gasmask.
Alundaio []: nimble
Nuor []: for just nimble or generally
Alundaio []: I think scientific outfit should be replaced by nbc_outfit
Balathruin []: That is why it doesn't come with tactic2, it's rare.
Alundaio []: 25000*2 + 75000*2 = 200,000
Nuor []: helm battle is fairly common th erare helm is the tactic2
Alundaio []: It comes with helm_battle now
Nuor []: I agree I just didn't know it existed
Alundaio []: Because it looked weird when seeing "Your order Pistol is ready"
Nuor []: skat9m was priced based on base cost.
Alundaio []: Yes
Nuor []: :lower() - forces lowercase?
Alundaio []: i was looking for dxr_statistics.increment_reputation
Alundaio []: increment_statistic can change both rep and rank
Alundaio []: oh okay he did change it
Balathruin []: It worked for me when I suggested the cost based change.
Balathruin []: dunno
Alundaio []: I could have swore I had it set to gain rep when donating and giving medkit and I don't see it
Alundaio []: hmm did darrly remove ways to gain reputation after he switched the system around
Balathruin []: Exo only shows up after 1800 goodwill, 1500 if loner/trader (Sid)
Balathruin []: Traders need goodwill, I was talking about that.
Alundaio []: It's reputation, not goodwill, to give it some kind of purpose in the game as it currently has none
Balathruin []: But before testing I can say that the Skat-9M needs to be treated equal to the exo, it's very close in power. Has higher mobility, much better anomaly protection at the cost of carry weight.
Balathruin []: But if you do tasks your average goodwill income is ~100/day (more if you really go at it) which means you'll have a chance for exos at traders in 8 days or 10 if you are a loner.
Balathruin []: I'm not sure, it'll need testing.
Alundaio []: after start date?
Alundaio []: Should there be time restriction as well?
Balathruin []: prices I wrote down are item cost * 2 just like friendly traders
Alundaio []: added rank and rep requirements to orders, change it how you want. But I don't agree with setting prices more then the 2.6 multiplier, now especially with locking categories.
Alundaio []: lol @ games giving out signed digital wallpapers like it something special
Balathruin []: That is 2 days, 3 is for average or slower.
Nuor []: I think you are faster than most. I cheat and don't think I get it that fast. but i don't track reputation so who knows.
Balathruin []: 2-3 days
Alundaio []: how long does it take to get excellent reputation?
Balathruin []: vodka and I only had 1 use in inventory
Alundaio []: which kind of task was it
Balathruin []: Almost forgot but came across an "issue" earlier where you can receive 0 money as task reward. Would it be possible to add a check for 0 and replace it with 50?
Nuor []: order items can of course differ alot between brokers. it one way to distribute very rare items.
Balathruin []: I also had a suggestion to lock highest categories as you can still make money quickly, so all the orders do is give the player exo/skat-9m on day3-4 which is quite early
Nuor []: I don't care one way or the other about refuse
Nuor []: ? I did a % of base cost
Balathruin []: full price was cost1+cost3
Balathruin []: 7000 | 19000 | 32000 | 44000 | 50000 and is not a headgear but an outfit | 250000 | I don't want Skat-9M to be honest (Sid already has it on low %), if it stays give it a helm_battle and update cost to 200000
Alundaio []: it's the same, so what is incorrect
Alundaio []: Here is what is was before:
category_1 = 700, 1400, 6300
category_2 = 1800, 3600, 16200
category_3 = 3000, 6000, 27000
category_4 = 4400, 8800, 39600
category_5 = 5000, 10000, 45000
category_6 = 12000, 24000, 108000
category_7 = 25000, 50000, 225000

Which you modified last.

Balathruin []: and once again, the pricing is incorrect
Alundaio []: Nimble orders is done, I did some changes, maybe some you might not like. I removed the refused dialog and instead just give the player a hit to his reputation, as well as losing the deposit.
Nuor []: ran away or disappeared who knows what happens to people in cyberspace.
Alundaio []: he ran away
Alundaio []: I wonder what happened to him
Alundaio []: not really smurth animations, it's that Thales guy shit he took from some shitty russian mod
Nuor []: smurth animations would be more palatable if most weren't so hideously bad.
Alundaio []: I'll think about it, I have no enthusiasm for such a feature
Alundaio []: smurth hud is in misery
Alundaio []: just sound plays , weapon hides, and optionally can have black screen like in Misery 2
Alundaio []: The original smurth hud don't have animations
Balathruin []: I don't want anims, just slow down the gameplay with an addon later, similar to AA2 or even misery.
Alundaio []: Yes, it has post process effectors to hide and then show weapon after you use items
Nuor []: not me I don't even use it ;)
Balathruin []: no
Alundaio []: You are basically asking me to implement smurth hud
Alundaio []: and has_item_cost is too
Alundaio []: oh it is just the text is wrong
Alundaio []: Shouldn't it be cost - prepay?
Balathruin []: not sure, but it would be disabled in vanilla
Nuor []: hope that doesn't break consumable animations
Balathruin []: @Alun Could you add holster on use for consumables? Configurable through item section with on/off and time.
Nuor []: neve rheard of it. just saw the promo.
Alundaio []: I wouldn't play that for free
Nuor []: ubi soft has watchdogs free starting tomorrow lasts for a week.
Alundaio []: it only worked if it was the only npc you talked to
Nuor []: it's a wonder it half worked as it did.
Alundaio []: So what I mean is, there always need to be, say 10 categories created and can use dummy preconditions to mark when they are available
Alundaio []: some problems with how the dialog works. Init orders needs set in has_orders precondition. need to have a predefined amount of categories in the dialog manager loop, and softcoded has_category_* to coincide with the existing set_category_* functions. This dialog manager function is only called once, which is the problem for everything
Nuor []: yay heh heh
Alundaio []: i'm going to make some changes to fix all this
Nuor []: orders_data[broker] that always appears to be nil
Nuor []: I get that error regularly ;p
Nuor []: return orders_data[broker].done ~= nil or false says I'm indexing a nil at that line
Nuor []: crashes when I try two different orders from different brokers
Nuor []: preconditions were giving me fits yesterday so i tried rewriting them.
Alundaio []: for some reason some preconditions aren't triggering
Nuor []: did you try the current code but without broker in buy_item_table?
Balathruin []: night
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: apparently the dialogs_orders.init_orders in dialog_manager is just called the once. no tevery time dialog is opened.
Nuor []: how dialog var are saved still confuses me.
Nuor []: I did that as experiment.
Alundaio []: buy_item_table should be temp and filled only when you talk, now you have it separate ones for broker.
Alundaio []: hmm I think you had the right idea before
Nuor []: I hate dialog ;)
Alundaio []: orders_data = {} instead of nil, or you crash on new game
Nuor []: I put all of those init_order resets but don't know why or if they are needed ;p
Nuor []: I don't think it should really matter.
Nuor []: basically I just added a purchase_cancel function in place of purchase_clear to see if it would solve problems
Nuor []: just reupdated
Alundaio []: okay it's updated I guess it doesn't tell you when edited
Alundaio []: says updated nov 4th
Nuor []: I just did
Alundaio []: so I can see where these are used
Alundaio []: you need to update dialog_manager
Nuor []: an*
Nuor []: It doesn't work if you place and order then cancel it and try to place another order.
Alundaio []: the version from last night works, what is different about all these new changes
Nuor []: I haven't tested it through a save /load cycle.
Nuor []: I darryl picture - It seems to work now but I don't know why.
Nuor []: just updated latest dialog_manager.script
Nuor []: I'm having trouble with niling vars when i cancel orders
Nuor []: I'll post the newest test.
Nuor []: If I cancel an order then try to open the dialog again I crash unless I have that check even the re intialize line before it doe sno good.
Nuor []: hey alun if you have time could you look at line 324 and tell me why i need that orders_data.delivery_timer check to avoid a crash.
Alundaio []: wat did you add
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: yes -999, 999 is correct for the string
Darryl []: Does that apply for goodwill too or just rank/rep?
Darryl []: I think nuor is right with -999 and 999 though because xray handles that stuff weirdly where it changes within 1 instead of on the extra number
Darryl []: Oh yeah I see it below
Alundaio []: their goodwill in your save is -800
Nuor []: -999?
Alundaio []: yeah
Darryl []: Is -1000 to 0 considered neutral?
Alundaio []: @darryl I see issue,
goodwill_names = st_goodwill_enemy, 0, st_goodwill_indifferent, 1000, st_goodwill_friendly
should be:
goodwill_names = st_goodwill_enemy, -1000, st_goodwill_indifferent, 1000, st_goodwill_friendly

Nuor []: bah dialog logic is convoluted * time_delay
Nuor []: orders_data.delivery_timer[broker] = {} adding that to init_orders() causes a crash [error][ 183] : Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
Darryl []: 1 of each USB stick in a stash!
Darryl []:
Darryl []: holy crap no way
Darryl []: No wonder they keep turning on me
Darryl []:
Darryl []: My companion is literally retarded, he just shot a fracture to death then says over the radio "I can hear gunfire in army warehouses, I wonder what's up?"
Darryl []: Survival mode is actually kind of comfy, in a weird, desolate and depressing sort of way
Weasel []: No problem. I really admire you guys and your ability to stick to a project.
Nuor []: I hate dialogs ;p
Darryl []: Hey Weasel, thanks.
Darryl []:

I love how when GSC has typo they just leave it that way forever

Weasel []: Hey everybody. Long time no see. Just wanted to pop and say grats on 1.5.
Alundaio []: or maybe it's the attitude_neutal_threshold
Alundaio []: I love how when GSC has typo they just leave it that way forever
Alundaio []: for neutal
Alundaio []: or I mean 1 or -1, I dunno
Alundaio []: maybe -1001 will fix it
Alundaio []: goodwill_enemy = -1000
goodwill_neutal = 0
goodwill_friend = 1000

Alundaio []: as for the trade menu relation, it's probably issue in engine, it might use something like -5000 to 0 to consider enemy and 1 - 1000 to consider neutral
Alundaio []: on_register I guess is too early to force relation
Alundaio []: this fixes it
Alundaio []:
Darryl []: I'll keep playing and see if anything else happens tho
Darryl []: it had bugged*
Darryl []: Yeah that definitely wasn't happening, I notice one of the companions had a yellow star symbol on the map and reloaded the save figuring it was a bug - and they were still unfriendly
Alundaio []: even if you shoot them it technically should set them friendly again on game reload, so something is amiss
Darryl []: I reckon I must be accidentally shooting them or hitting them with a ricochet somehow
Darryl []: Also on a side-note, I've gotten to army warehouses with my companions on a new save and they are still friendly
Darryl []: Well, there's so few other stalker and mutant models loaded into memory in survival mode I figured a little variety wouldnt have any drawbacks
Alundaio []: is more zombie variants necessary though
Darryl []: You'll need a couple assets from cloud
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I was tinkering with survival mode zombies earlier which is why I'm looking at this in the first place
Darryl []: Are you using latest repo files?
Alundaio []: [error]Arguments : Can't open section 'zombie_normal2'. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report
Alundaio []: Uh, there is no way this is your save
Darryl []: File uploaded: survival.7z
Darryl []: Do you want my save?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Even weirder this time, it says enemy but the text is yellow (?????)
Darryl []: Yeah happened again
Alundaio []: they die before even fake death
Alundaio []: zombie civilians need a buff
Darryl []: I have no idea what caused the talking dead freedomer though
Darryl []: I'll try to replicate what actions I took
Darryl []: Weird, I'll have a go in a minute at trying to redo it
Alundaio []: can't reproduce
Darryl []: One of them got blown up by an electra anomaly, but aside from that I don't think I did anything in-game to make them hostile (despite them not attacking me anyways).
Darryl []: Mercenaries, also. They were the starting squad I had.
Alundaio []: what faction is your companions
Darryl []: But despite this they didn't actually attack me
Darryl []: As soon as I travelled to Army Warehouses they were marked as red on the PDA
Alundaio []: squad_on_register axr_companions.script, called from sim_squad_scripted on_register(). Unless the squad isn't being saved in savegame
Darryl []: They were initially, I started as a Merc in Dead City and my squad was friendly
Alundaio []: squads should already be set friends when they are registered
VodkaChicken []: but they seem the same to me
VodkaChicken []: soc and cs models use model and cop models use_models_pn
VodkaChicken []: I've been wondering that myself
Alundaio []: And previous to that, it had a feature to respawn at nearest campfire if you died, but that was removed too
Darryl []: Ah okay. I'm looking at trying to fix that relations bug with survival mode, want me to delete the script file if I push?
Alundaio []: @darryl it had DEACTIVATE_SIM_ON_NON_LINKED_LEVELS = false in it until that feature was removed
Alundaio []: what's the difference between model_pn and model, do you know?
VodkaChicken []: makes me wonder if they are supposed to be glossy or reflective
Darryl []: Is there a reason why survival_mode.script exists? It's empty aside from an on_game_start method which is also empty
VodkaChicken []: yeah, it's only used for the visor part
Alundaio []: oh I see ok
Darryl []: Hey guys
VodkaChicken []: at least in my 1.5r6 files
VodkaChicken []: stalker_soldier_5 and stalker_soldier_5a use models\window or something
Alundaio []: which meshes specifically stalker_soldier_5 and stalker_soldier_5a use models\model and stalker_soldier_2 doesn't and that's a cop mesh
VodkaChicken []: It's just flat texture like that in soc as far as I know
VodkaChicken []: not sure if some builds had a glossy look to them
VodkaChicken []: I just changed it to models/model and it looks fine
Alundaio []: Hi, what should the shader be?
VodkaChicken []: that's why the visor is black ingame
VodkaChicken []: the old skat9 models with visors use wrong shaders
VodkaChicken []: Hi alun
Alundaio []: @Nuor I think the dialog can be simplified. There are 6 strings for each category which makes duplicating this for other npcs a headache
Alundaio []: Tyranny is on sale
Nuor []: I found it.
Nuor []: hey*
Nuor []: het alun if you add a pda tab with negative x value it doesn't respond to button click where is that record space defined?
Darryl []: Also I killed a freedomer and he's still talking after he's dead, I have that on video
Darryl []: Even though they don't shoot at you
Darryl []: When you travel to another level in survival mode, all of your companions become hostile
Darryl []: @Alundaio
I've found a bug

SadBlackFox []: I hope this does not happen
Darryl []: lol at moddb thinking renegades are going to be a normal part of gameplay
Bangalore []: and those humanoids aren't extraterrestrials, they are just some test puppets
Bangalore []: there is no secret project of Bangalore, i deny it. those are just weather ballon plans.
Balathruin []: I corrected all ironsight hud positions with support for 90 fov + 0.45 hud fov, exo and both values (4:3/5:4, 16:9/16:10).
Nuor []: there is the dialogs.xml addition also.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: updated the pastes - it at least kinds worked when i tried it ;p
AxelDominatoR []: that's very nice
Alundaio []: In addition to -debug_hook I just added core.debug.lua where you can toggle the line logging with the home key, which could be useful for activating prior to doing a known action that crashes
AxelDominatoR []: oh, well... who needs buttons anyway?
AxelDominatoR []: yay, I can see a window again... but I broke the buttons -_-
AxelDominatoR []: but maybe you can try and reproduce that issue I had with the class inheritance
AxelDominatoR []: my repository is currently not working, so I guess there's plenty to debug, but it's fully work in progress
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm the issue with naming a folder "widgets" and having a table named "widgets" at the same time in the namespace was quite tricky to see
Alundaio []: you remember anything that was ahrd to figure out
Alundaio []: I need an error I can test this on
AxelDominatoR []: I think that kind of amount of debug informations is only useful when logged to a file. It's a bit too much for the normal console
AxelDominatoR []: some windows don't actually have a powershell, so it may be best to code a custom logger anyway
Alundaio []:

Unfortunately there is no such thing.

Windows console applications only have a single output handle.

Alundaio []: ok
AxelDominatoR []: hopefully soon my code will be a bit less messy and actually useable. In order to have some more customization I'm adding features like margins/padding and relative positioning, which are necessary for a textarea kind of control
Alundaio []: left debug.sethook() after loadfile in there from some other test I was doing
Alundaio []: oh I left a mistake in
Alundaio []: hmm I just realized the debu ghook just stops working after window loaded
AxelDominatoR []: but, yeah, on linux I can already do it reasonably easily
AxelDominatoR []: having it integrated into the engine could be even more useful, if you want to just log specific stuff for example
AxelDominatoR []: quite a few solutions
AxelDominatoR []:
AxelDominatoR []: apparently tee can be used on windows as well, but only if you use powershell
AxelDominatoR []: let me see if there's something similar on windows
AxelDominatoR []: in linux there's an easy way to do it (command is named tee)
Alundaio []: I'll just add it manually
AxelDominatoR []:
Alundaio []: seems I only know how to do one or the other
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm, lots of junk code in my repo at the moment, it's probably a lot easier to just pull this
Alundaio []: Do you know how to pipe output to both console and log?
AxelDominatoR []: yup, better now, let me push it and give you a pull request for it
AxelDominatoR []: oh, I see, it's an issue with the
should be an easy fix

Alundaio []: windows it works
AxelDominatoR []: I'm testing it now, but it seems like it cannot fetch the command line argument properly (-debug_hook). Let me see why
Alundaio []: No need, it's correct as it is now. Not sure why it had a heartattack when making it a function
Alundaio []: huge logs though. I wonder if I can make it so it traces only the last few and dumps it. But might be hard, because game continues to run even on error.
AxelDominatoR []: must be something I did
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm ok then as soon as I stop butchering your code and it works again in my local repository I'll see if I can find out what was wrong
Alundaio []: I didn't know about this
Alundaio []: You see that it's possible to see traceback of every lline of code?
Alundaio []: but __index = t is okay, so it's not really a problem
Alundaio []: No, the test game ran just fine with the change
Alundaio []: Because :
Class("name") triggers the __call metamethod.
doing Class("name")(inherited) triggers the __call, then calls the return function of Class

AxelDominatoR []: the command line args facility is going to be very useful
AxelDominatoR []: were you able to reproduce that yourself?
Alundaio []: __index should be replaced by version that checks inherited tables anway, so not sure why that caused your issue
AxelDominatoR []: yes it does, I was just curious
Alundaio []: I don't know exactly, but should be working properly as it is now from my tests
AxelDominatoR []: the one that was messing with class inheritance
AxelDominatoR []: @Alundaio: did you find out in the end what was wrong with that bit of code you had to revert?
Alundaio []: hello
Balathruin []: hello
Nuor []: hello
AxelDominatoR []: hello
Balathruin []: I was thinking about a different system too, but it's a bit difficult to move onto that. How do you specify what needs tools, removing/replacing the upgrades, etc.
Nuor []: upgrades make a mess of balance I'd change the system if I had the energy.
Balathruin []: I'm struggling to make handling upgrades useful.
Nuor []: maybe 1440 for nimble.
Nuor []: wait_time = 60 ;sec per category level think I'll put that in settings of order.ltx
Darryl []: no problem
Darryl []:

@darryl thanks for cleanup of renegade additions.

Balathruin []: @Alun Why is handling not dynamic (UI stat)?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It's so blunt and to the point
Darryl []: I don't know why I love this line so much
Darryl []:

Well, you killed him. That's the job done.

Darryl []: Back, was watching new Louis Theroux documentary last 90 minutes
Nuor []: brings to mind the scene from Hannibal, which has to be one of the more disturbing I've seen.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: simple time check should be fine on actor update
Nuor []: would you prefer AddUniqueCall to actor_on_update?
Alundaio []: @darryl thanks for cleanup of renegade additions. I'm just merging a few things from Bangalore's secret project into main coc so that he doesn't have to merge 1000 files every time repo changes.
Nuor []: have to deal with brokers dying also
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "visual improvements
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Merc Suit are have Bump and bump#? ( If I'm memorys about the Merc Suit model, that texture doesn't need bump and bump# because the model is just right, so that is not need any visual tuning)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: My version is a totally new version of the Bandit Exoskeleton, with Bump and Bump# from my Outfit Addon, or use the CoM outfit addon one, which is not need totally new bump and bump#.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (Bandit Exoskeleton are not have any bump and bump#, but that texture is need to be have a unique matching oone, because that texture is unique, not similar with any other exoskeleton) I suggest to use my version of the Bandit Exoskeleton, or use the Call Of Misery Outfit Addon type of Bandit Exoskeleton Texture.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Bandit Exoskeleton are still looking bad with the regular bump and bump#
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Also the Duty Trader in Rostok are have the wrong bump and bump# too. (Sunrise Suit bump and bump# in a PSZ-5M suit.)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (dolg_3a or b) the Duty Skat. They are using the SKAT9M bump and bump#-s what I suggested to use in the future.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: act_stalker_soldier_4 and some act_stalker_dolg_3 variant are using the wrong _bump and _bump#
Nuor []: need to pu tin a news notification when ready to pickup also.
Nuor []: might want to change timer to gametime
Darryl []: Are we using normal size bumps again?
Darryl []: oh
Alundaio []: no leave it 100%
Darryl []: And bumps are 50% dimensions of main texture, right?
Darryl []: Okie dokie
Alundaio []: Yeah, I save in the format I want (ie. dxt1, dxt5) in gimp or Then run this:
-define dds:mipmaps=5 -define dds:cluster-fit=true -define filter:filter=Kaiser -resize 100%

Nuor []: needs a dialogs.xml entry also
Nuor []: updated pastes to latest
Darryl []: Do I run the filter on bumps too?
Alundaio []: In the thm I mean
Alundaio []: Yeah. The mip filter only necessary for Image Editor in the LE when converting TGA to DDS. So it don't really matter what it is, but kaiser is the best
Darryl []: DXT1 (if no alphas) and Kaiser filtering, right?
Nuor []: I see current_cnt always remains 0 during init_orders run.
Darryl []: Hey Alun, what format do mutant/stalker textures need to be in again?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Nuor []: unfortunately yes much too often
Darryl []:

still haven't got my head around why that works but it does.

Alundaio []: but the loop is changing i_cnt
Alundaio []: because only when the function is called with it try to assign current_cnt the value at the memory address that i_cnt holds
Nuor []: still haven't got my head around why that works but it does.
Nuor []: yay
Alundaio []: should work
Alundaio []: so you need to copy current value into cur_cnt and use that
Alundaio []: with how i_cnt is scoped, it will always be 9
Alundaio []: Nuor usually has his stuff here
Alundaio []: do this:
local cur_cnt = i_cnt
this["set_"..sec] = function() current_cnt = cur_cnt end

Alundaio []: oh I see why
Alundaio []: print what is when it's set
function() current_cnt = i_cnt; printf("current_cnt="..i_cnt) end

Darryl []: I'm sure I won't understand any of it, but pastebin?
Nuor []: this is weird I just don't see where "current_cnt" can be set higher than "oredered_max_items" but it is.
Alundaio []: soc looks so ugly
Alundaio []: Yeah that's the map
Nuor []: damn i think i see
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I just found Borovos' Tyr map
Darryl []: Woah
Alundaio []: yeah probably
Darryl []: Mutants and zombified stalkers*
Darryl []: Hey Alun, is it possible to have mutants and zombies in the same squad?
Darryl []: X-Ray™
Darryl []:
Nuor []: hmm I'm getting crash because current_cnt is "9" I wouldn't thought that could even happen.
Alundaio []: or user did it. Stason repack has a ton of shit in the installer
Alundaio []: it might come packed with sweetfx
Darryl []: There's definitely some non-vanilla bloom and HDR in there for sure
SadBlackFox []: may be S.W.T.C.
Alundaio []: looks like it uses that overrated weather mod everyone claims is better then AF3
Darryl []: Is he using an ENB?
Darryl []: This has really interesting lighting
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []: Hey Alun and other me
Nuor []: at*
Nuor []: hey alun - I've still failed and finding a solution.
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
SadBlackFox []: Okay, forget it.
SadBlackFox []: Sorry, here's the log:
Darryl []: Yeah turns out that model was from a game called Singularity
SadBlackFox []: It seems to me that the path search algorithm has errors. I think the error occurred because the script tried to find the distance between the location of "Outskirts of Pripyat" and "Swamp."
But I'm not sure, maybe it's my fault.

SadBlackFox []: in log:
pri_b302 | 27273104
smart:name() | distance

SadBlackFox []: I'm in the "Pripyat Outskirts".
In the smart update, this function was used:

SadBlackFox []: @Alun
Balathruin []: The one in the video is not even close to what the design is.
SadBlackFox []: I think he was not even modeled.
SadBlackFox []: I'm sure that this mutant existed only in design documents.
Darryl []: I think it's using models actually
Darryl []: I know there are textures, but didn't think there was an ogf unless this is a shoe-in for the video
Darryl []: Also, since when was there a model for the Morlock?

Darryl []: (The actual survival mode zombies)
Darryl []: We only have the one variant atm I think
Darryl []: Might unpack a few of them and try to dig us out some textures
Darryl []: Hmm apparently there were other variants of zombies in builds according to wiki
Nuor []: updated pastes with small change that I think should allow leaving some categories empty in the order ltx and not have them appear in that list.
Nuor []: done
Alundaio []: update pastes
Nuor []: same result
Alundaio []: try dialogs_orders.current_cnt
Nuor []: inside there
Nuor []: function text_offer_item(a,b)
Alundaio []: nil when
Nuor []: tried that inside the while loop but current_cnt was nil
Nuor []: this["set_category_"..i_cnt] = function() current_cnt = i_cnt end
Nuor []: I had it set so if you cancelled before delivery you didn't get the refuse penalty.
Alundaio []: Tejas probably did, so he can document the outcome
Balathruin []: dunno
Alundaio []: it's only to cancel so you can buy something else. Never worth it.
Alundaio []: who actually refused to buy the item anyway
Alundaio []: Nimble will explore the Zone with a brahmin
Balathruin []: But if you want to cut the refused stuff just change it to 20-80 or 25-75% pay, so it will hit the player harder.
Balathruin []: Who would have money for that in the rookie village?
Alundaio []: He would just sell the gun to someone else
Balathruin []: I would not be surprised if someone already tracked him down.
Balathruin []: It's mainly because of risk.
Nuor []: that is the point of the deposit it covers his cost of shipping it back
Alundaio []: so why would he be mad
Alundaio []: He gets free money
Alundaio []: Yeah that's true, you do lose that, which makes it even more nonsense
Alundaio []: Nimble would go out of business if he pulled that shit or end up dead
Nuor []: you already lose the deposit.
Alundaio []: doesn't make sense anyway honestly. If you choose not to buy something at walmart when you are at the checkout they don't just start charging you an extra 30% every time you visit again
Nuor []: yes tha is what i was thinking
Alundaio []: could even cut the refused stuff if you want
Alundaio []: doesn't have to be retro fitted to use nimbles full dialog exactly
Alundaio []: Generic "I have the %s you ordered. blah blah blah" should be fine.
Nuor []: also as i mentioned above the specific items text doesn't allow for much flexibility for reuse.
Alundaio []: you can specify directly dialogs_orders["set_category_"..i_cnt] if you want or use this, don't matter.
Alundaio []: create this where you do costs_table[i_cnt]
Alundaio []: yeah you want dialogs_orders.set_category_*
Nuor []: "this"? I thought that was the current script.
Alundaio []: You think when they had to create a billons functions for simple shit the coder would have changed it or made it more versatile
Alundaio []: How gsc handled scripted dialog is poor. They should have allowed the passing of parameters and pass the string, the id and t he parent id, all to the precondtiions and actions
Alundaio []: dialogs_orders.script
this["set_category_"..i] = function() current_category = 1 end

then in dialog_manager use "dialogs_orders.set_category_"..i as action

Alundaio []: What you can do, when you read data from the config, you can create new functions
Nuor []: function incr_current(a,b)
current_cnt = current_cnt+1
printf ("CNT : %s", current_cnt)

Nuor []: count is used to know what category is being targeted.
Alundaio []: I don't understand your code. Why are you counting?
Alundaio []: increment dialog?
Nuor []: the action only triggers when the dialog level is actually accessed
Nuor []: It either jumps once at initial opening or all the loop count at once.
Nuor []: I can't figure how to properly increment this damn dialog
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: "dialogs_orders.current_values" that isn't updating the counter as I expected either.
Nuor []: I think for this to flexible enough to be useful the item description will have to be very general. as it stands the text ordering really only works for the current nimble list.
Nuor []: renaming variables is hazardous
Nuor []: oh I see I changed some stuff and missed a line
Nuor []: alun had me remove all info's
Darryl []: Could use that to prevent unneeded ones showing
Darryl []: Have you tried using infos to mark having an order processing?
Nuor []: which means that is being seen as true
Nuor []: "dialogs_orders.processing_item"
Nuor []: when it goes down path of not enough money the next time it opens it says I have already placed an order.
Nuor []: well I could have said I'll never be interested ;)
Darryl []:

I not interested at the moment.

Nuor []: it's doing some odd stuff i haven't puzzled out yet.
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Scripted stuff I'm not too much help with though, I'm afraid
Darryl []: I can figure out the xml-based dialogs, I did a few chained ones for Clear Sky characters
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Still working on that Nimble overhaul I see?
Nuor []:
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I still suck at this dialog logic ;p
Nuor []: I think this code will need to change a bit to allow more generalized usage. The description only work with nimbles weapon choices.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: It doesn't exist but there are sniper positions for them
Darryl []: I don't see any merc sniper profiles in configs
Darryl []: I will do it manually as I cbf to remake that old tool for like 5 profiles
Darryl []: I think I will change renegades to share the bandit loadout files
Darryl []: Alright I'll have a look-see
Balathruin []: Wild territory
Darryl []: Do you know the character ids?
Darryl []: They do?
Balathruin []: Yes I hate it but mercs have sniper squads already
Balathruin []: Um
Darryl []: lol like 2 weeks ago you was hating on ai using snipers
Balathruin []: Add it.
Darryl []: Hm?
Balathruin []: @Darryl merc sniper squad pls
Darryl []: I want to use them in everything
Darryl []: I hate Lua for spoiling me with tables
Darryl []: There has to be an easier way than this
Darryl []: File uploaded: sauce.7z
Darryl []: And done
Darryl []: If I ever delete these tools again without having replacement ones, remind me to throw myself in an anomaly
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: :@
Darryl []: I hate it when you get a crash and you think "Was this broken before or did I just break it?"
Nuor []: I'll put up the dynamic orders code but i need to test it.
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: Gonna patch up those renegade profiles in a few mins
Darryl []: It's taken me all god damn day but I finally rebuilt my rank/reputation generator
SadBlackFox []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: ..\xrRender\r__dsgraph_render.cpp[71] {sorted_L1} V && V->shader._get()
stack trace:

Darryl []: It's been a good year plus since I last saw this being asked
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: hi
Alundaio []: hi sbf
Bangalore []: i must go now, peace
Alundaio []: *custom_data*
Alundaio []: there was some redundancy that I removed and when obj used custom data, it wasn't clear what the filename was, it was just , I changed it to show real flename
Bangalore []: these are hard, timed quest scenes, now i will port easier soc and cs quests
Alundaio []: most was not necessary
Bangalore []: thanks a lot, for eternal
Bangalore []: so much changes needed in scripts, i'M surprised
Alundaio []: now you should be back on track
Bangalore []: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Alundaio []: yeee
Bangalore []: the filename was wrong at first, but no errors, no crash, xray amazes me once again
Bangalore []: it werks
Bangalore []: needs new test
Bangalore []: wait, i made a mistake in filename
Bangalore []: with dbgdev + dbg
Bangalore []: no errors in the log though
Bangalore []: minigun still doesn'T work with link
Bangalore []: and i don't remember such scene, but it means nothing
Bangalore []: i searched for minigun using vids, but i did not find any
Alundaio []: maybe a den stash video I remember
Alundaio []: was that a false memory?
Alundaio []: You never answered em about real animation for machine gun
Bangalore []: i try it now
Alundaio []: I have redone xr_logic
Bangalore []: yesterday if i used here a link, the minigun remain silent
Bangalore []: kat_hosp_z1_minigun_link.ltx has the full custom data
Alundaio []: link it anway
Bangalore []: no, the first minigun has just too big custom data, but that is working without link ltx
Alundaio []: too big custom data?
Alundaio []: why doesn't the other minigunner work?
Bangalore []: okay, everythiing is working now as i left it 2 weeks ago in hospital, only 2nd minigun and no heli attack, as expected
Alundaio []: should that be p[6] I think?
Alundaio []: that is error
Alundaio []: sid = get_story_object(sid)
Alundaio []: yikes im surprised any of those functions work because I see problems with it
Alundaio []: reasonably increase the speed then
Bangalore []: the door blowing would look better if hit_obj_fire_wound would work in coc, but i had to use just hit_obj
Bangalore []: i mean hospital stuff
Bangalore []: great, works now
Balathruin []: Looks funny in 3rd person.
Balathruin []: About that is there a reason the actor is painfully slow when crouching?
Alundaio []: W.A.L.K.E.R.
Alundaio []: it's not even stalker
Alundaio []: and those god awful no weapon zones
Balathruin []: You also have the huge maps with 150m switch distance
Alundaio []: combat ignore distance in cop is 30m
Balathruin []: Similar to 1.2
Alundaio []: and they always got stuck in bushes
Alundaio []: Ai was awful, so dumbed down. You have to be standing in front of someone for them to attack you, unless you attack first
Bangalore []: Cs story was not bad, but i hated the forced faction war and the limanks-hospital-stancia2 tube gameplay
Balathruin []: It's just a Sonic game.
Alundaio []: The only time I beat it was when testing Misery 2.0, which didn't count really.
Balathruin []: I like CoP on paper, but when I try to play is it's boring shit.
Alundaio []: The only stalker I do not like is COP
Bangalore []: sniper smartcovers
Alundaio []: not recently
Alundaio []: I have
Bangalore []: it would be nice to have gulag_general smartcover jobs in places like limanks
Balathruin []: @Alun Try playing vanilla SoC
Bangalore []: you can die easily
Bangalore []: limansk has some ggod shit now, like sniper hide behind walls, using smartcovers, and fire at actor randomly
Alundaio []: I only played it when it came out
Alundaio []: But I probably wouldn't like it now
Alundaio []: CS is my favorite stalker, maybe it shows through in coc
Balathruin []: Overall it's bad, but the midgame is quite close to CoC. After I got to red forest it was downhill. I was laughing at how shitty Limansk was especially that the stupid devs put bandits instead of renegades and I was neutral.
Bangalore []: i hated that the bandit base is now freedom
Alundaio []: feels like yesterday and decades ago all at once
Bangalore []: the farthest story part i got was dark valley
Alundaio []: I never played CS with mods
Bangalore []: ecolog storyline almost ready, only 5-6 faction storyline to go
Alundaio []: That's good
Bangalore []: red forest bridge, limansk and hospital will be just a part of the cs faction storyline
Alundaio []: it's shit now of course
Balathruin []: I finished CS without SRP for the first time a bit less than a year ago.
Alundaio []: I remember being blown away by this scripted scene in hosptial
Alundaio []: why not?
Bangalore []: 'night
Bangalore []: basicalley i learn CS storyline now
Balathruin []: night
Alundaio []: peace nourrrrr
Bangalore []: i never get to this story part of CS
Nuor []: night all
Balathruin []: as for special weapons I only want to add sniper sig550 for merc squads now
Alundaio []: seems to all be working now, I'll look into why heli doesn't fire tomorrow
Alundaio []: brings back memories of clear sky
Bangalore []: it was a failed attempt to make show cs squads on marsh for a quest
Bangalore []: i see you merged some story stuff. show_csky_squads_on_map isn't working from xr_effects
Nuor []: alun the way I'm doing this script you can only order one item at a time per npc.
Balathruin []: alright
Bangalore []: okay, thanks
Alundaio []: that script merge is fine, just needs new game
Bangalore []: but yes, i will need some special items, what the players could get onyl with story quests
Bangalore []: let's talk about special wepons later, because all i do now is recreating quests one by one, and if they technically perfectly work, later i will add my story changes, add more details and polish, like special item rewards
Balathruin []: @Bangalore Does the SoC or CS story have any special edition weapons that are not side quests? If yes I could add them with the current changes.
Alundaio []: why is crashing
Alundaio []: hmm actually is
Alundaio []: forgot to put dxr_statistics in there though
Alundaio []: I put merged scripts for you on teamepic folder
Bangalore []: i copied the meshes to owncloud/bangalorer
Balathruin []: merc_2*
Balathruin []: The merc armor and gas mask ones should stay merc_1, ones with only cloth masks should be bandit_2
merc 1 is for nonexistent worse outfit

Bangalore []: now i get the sniper_off info if i kill sniper, but the info disappears, when i saw it, i couldn'T believe my eyes
Bangalore []: but i changed soc mesh names to fit into coc
Bangalore []: stalker_merc_1_mask.ogf

Balathruin []: I have all vanilla games unpacked as always.
Balathruin []: Which mesh?
Bangalore []: i ported some old mesh to Coc, which use stalker_merc_1 from damage.ltx
Balathruin []: I don't remember a merc sniper squad being added, but I think you'll need it, or at least I'd like to have one for the sniper sig.
Bangalore []: all other stuff just worked like charm
Bangalore []: and the 2nd minigun, z3 minigun, doesn't work
Bangalore []: the only issue i had with hospital: the all.spawn heli here, just like in Rostok or anywhere else, doesn't fire at anything, doesdn'T attack
Balathruin []: Snipers from SoC
Bangalore []: which merc squad?
Balathruin []: Oh I wanted to ask, which merc squad is spawned in wild territory?
Alundaio []: I found issue hang on
Bangalore []: if you kill the sniper, you get sniper_off info, and the Cs squad moves to the bridge, where they blow up the door, and you can continue to the 2nd area, z2 stuff
Alundaio []: bangalore
Bangalore []: this part worked 2 weeks ago, but now all of a sudden, without touching the logic, doesn'T work
Bangalore []: "I got to part where I killed the sniper but then I don't know what to do, "
Alundaio []: I was skeptical at first since it's from that xray-oxygen repo (though commit is from someone else not working on that repo)
Nuor []: that is a persistent problem
Alundaio []: definitely since that particle fix I took from another repo makes crashing less frequent when reloading a save over and over
Darrill []: I'm agree. Current version is more or less stable, except some minor tweaks. What can you say about crows ?
Darrill []: But they fly to the center of the screen
Alundaio []: yes, third person needs a lot of work, it's not worth it though
Balathruin []: Bullets are not coming from the gun, but the camera.
Darrill []: I know but just remind
Alundaio []: because I have other things to do then to do that
Darrill []: Me too, why not increase aiming angle from 3rd person ?
Alundaio []: Because I actually prefer 3rd person games
Darrill []: @Alundaio, nevertheless you added aiming from the 3rd person
Darrill []: Im not sayng to you original ones from CS or CoP, but that'll be a cool feature
Balathruin []: Yes I know, but that effect is not going to look good. I'd suggest taking a look at Shoker's strafe.
Darrill []: @Balathruin, but you can't hold still the gun when you rotate
Darrill []: Yes, it is. gamedata\anims\camera_effects\actor_move\strafe_left.anm and right
Alundaio []: and actually if you want to talk about realism is unrealistic to have something sway when you move, we have something called muscles
Alundaio []: I don't care about guns so I know very little about it
Alundaio []: I don't know, it's a cam effector isn't it?
Balathruin []: It is one of the dumbest effects in the game. When you hold the gun steady you move so slowly it's not even possible to have that much sway.
Darrill []: *when
Darrill []: Removing them is easy, just repace the effects, My question was how to activate them then moving cursor to specific direction?
Darrill []: It make you fell like you hold somethind, and it looks more dynamicaly
Balathruin []: I want to nuke that effect from existence.
Darrill []: at least tell me how to add this if you know
Balathruin []:
Darrill []: @Alundaio, can you add camera effect strafe_left and strafe_right when aiming and move mouse to the left or right ?
Darrill []: SetHudMsg() need to be centered 7px to the right
Darrill []: this part if (obj:clsid() == clsid.crow) then
utils.save_var(obj, "looted", true)

Darrill []: Also check here: itms_manager.monster_on_actor_use_callback
Balathruin []: I think there was some code for it which was removed earlier.
Darrill []: it's defintely something whit utils.load_var(self.object,"looted",nil)
Nuor []: you are correct darrill
Darrill []: What about crows ? they didn't save in binder, don't know why. After reload you can loot them once again
Balathruin []: I'm also getting rid of separate zoom recoil and just use the multipiler
Balathruin []: Would like to see the fixed models too.
Balathruin []: I was planning the latter
Alundaio []: bribe sinaps
Alundaio []: do it in milkshape
Balathruin []: One change I definietly want to see one day is redoing the different sized mutants, I really hate how much difference there is.
Balathruin []: and this is not even misery where everything is faster than you at least 1.5 times
Alundaio []: Yes. If you were to enter dispersion formula in a graphing calculator something it would be a wave. What games do is pick random point on wave, in direction the gun in aiming. Like this:
Nuor []: some mutants are very tough to target with weapon
Balathruin []: Once again, this is why they die to mutants mostly, just missing 70-80% of the shots leaving them to their immunity and melee hit.
Nuor []: randomize accuracy within a circle of center aimpoint were aimpoint is median of visible target area.
Balathruin []: What is weird they need to hit you at least once and then not move to get consistent hits.
Nuor []: AI always tough because it can be 100% accurate as default.
Balathruin []: But I always hated how the AI can't shoot accurately.
Balathruin []: If you have very long fire queues it's visible, otherwise not much.
Balathruin []: It's similar to GTA SA where you can clearly see your shots are doing circles. Same here, just NPCs only.
Nuor []: makes sense it's a circle of dispersion
Nuor []: 1 - ((1 - condition)^3)* disp?
Alundaio []: it's PI / 180, which means it's in radians
Alundaio []: very interesting about stalker base dispersion though
Balathruin []: What I might need is a way to disable recoil as third person aiming no longer exists.
Balathruin []: I set everything to 1. I'll start experimenting with fire_dispersion_base and bullet speed first to know how much it changes.
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: since they are all factors
Alundaio []: make everything 1 then go from there
Balathruin []: yes
Alundaio []: Think he means simplifying existing values
Nuor []: or some method to get a logarithmic decay
Nuor []: I'd multiply dispersion by square or cube of actor condition.
Nuor []: only thing not covered are environmental factors like wind and humidity.
Nuor []: can*
Nuor []: you cam look at MOA's for various weapons and ammo's and get a decent idea of the range and variance.
Nuor []: I like idea of actor condition effecting actor dispersion.
Alundaio []: stalker_disp = (PI/180) * m_fRankDisperison

Then multiply by state dispersion, run, walk, crouch, stand, etc.

Alundaio []: Okay so accuracy is pretty much:
weapon_disp = fire_disp_base * cur_silencer_koef.fire_dispersion * cartridge_k * GetConditionDispersionFactor()
actor_disp = disp_base * PDM_disp_base [multiply by crouch factor if crouching, accel factor if accellerating and velocity factor if under velocity]

accuracy = weapon_disp + actor_disp

Balathruin []: @Nuor Can you think of any magic formulas to calc accuracy?
Balathruin []: Obviously the NPCs will be adjusted too.
Balathruin []: For now I'm thinking about using 1 disp base, PDM, ammo (0.75 now) and then have the weapon accuracy as an actual value that does something and not just base*pdm*actor*ammo*etc
Balathruin []: I'll figure out a new system which looks much better in configs.
Alundaio []: Then I think it's added to weapon dispersion
Alundaio []: and if you aiming weapon it's disp_aim only
Alundaio []: disp_base actually for actor
Balathruin []: yeah
Alundaio []: fire_dispersion_base*PDM_disp_base
Then depending on state, like crouch or velocity i'ts multiplied by PDM_Crouch and PDM_Accel

Balathruin []: So I screwed up nearly everything in the weapon configs, but at least found out:
handling has a huge effect on accuracy (PDM_disp_base)
crosshair_inertion makes so little difference it's basically impossible to measure (1 and 10 had the same outcome)
fire_dispersion_base changes accuracy much less than expected, even if it's the main accuracy stat
(zoom_)cam_relax_speed has no effect unless the weapon uses a shoot camera effect like the SVD and SVU

Alundaio []: and have loop watch game time to process order
Nuor []: would be nice
Alundaio []: just instead create a table on m_data
Alundaio []: You might not need infoprotions
Alundaio []:

I can shoot myself in free camera 3rd person.
Which is why I hid free look in earlier versions but I got tired of people asking for it back

Nuor []: needs bunch of functions to deal with infoportions
Nuor []: also updated other 2 pastes - incomplete but shows that it works in principal.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: OKAY that seems to work
Balathruin []: I can shoot myself in free camera 3rd person.
Nuor []: replaced "sec" in the loop
Nuor []: cat[i_cnt] = "category_"..i_cnt
Nuor []: ...
Nuor []: cat[i_cnt] = "category_1"
Nuor []: "cat" table has thatinfo
Alundaio []: then in dialogs_orders.text_inquiry_item you can check this variable
Alundaio []: to set dialogs_orders.current_category
Alundaio []: add_dialog(1, base_id+1, "st_dm_orders_category_"..i.."_title") -- Add an action functor here
Alundaio []: you have to do hacky things
Alundaio []: During this phase, dialog actions are not taken. This is just where dialog is generated and given to npc.Only the function calls themselves can you do manipulation, not prior.
Nuor []: that last thing was all I could get to work
Alundaio []: and set it when category is selected
Alundaio []: and you can just track which category you are in with a variable at top of script
Alundaio []: and use strformat to replace %s with item
Nuor []: trying*
Alundaio []: You need to have just generalized text
Nuor []: I know I was desperate tring any variation I could think of.
Alundaio []: has to be "dialogs_orders.text_inquiry_item"
Alundaio []: you cannot do this
Alundaio []: dialogs_orders.text_inquiry_item("..i.." )
Nuor []: the dialog showed up properly
Alundaio []: you cannot specify parameters
Alundaio []: You can't do that
Nuor []: it must default to the untranslated value.
Nuor []: that seems to work
Nuor []: local temp = dialogs_orders.text_inquiry_item(i)

Nuor []: a simple text string doesn't work either.
Nuor []: that obviously isn't working
Nuor []: add_script_dialog(base_id+1,base_id+2,"dialogs_orders.text_inquiry_item("..i.." )" )
Nuor []: using that code give me that error
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: PhraseScript.cpp[86] {CDialogScriptHelper::GetScriptText} functor_exists Cannot find phrase script text dialogs_orders.text_inquiry_item(1)
stack trace:

Nuor []:
Nuor []:
SadBlackFox []: I just got crash when using:

Alundaio []: Because if you group monsters, you can limit only certain types from visiting a smart terrain
SadBlackFox []: Why so many types of monsters?
Alundaio []: with monster_special_day and monster_special_night
Alundaio []: I replaced monster_special
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, missing monster type
Alundaio []: This has always been issue unless you are talking about something new
Darrill []: I told you
Balathruin []: All animations freeze now. Looks like there is a delay before looping.
AxelDominatoR []: hey
Darrill []: also noticed before when you start as monolith, the animation got stuck like if actor was zombied
Darrill []: this is after new xrCore
Darrill []: first image run, second sprint
Darrill []: doesn't play, only this frames
Alundaio []: like last frame of animation does not play?
Balathruin []: It's from 2006-7 and the current one is an expanded version from CoP. Why didn't they throw this in the garbage...
Darrill []: @Alundaio, the animation freezes
Balathruin []: It's a really crappy way to do it, I'm pretty sure it's from like 2002-3
Balathruin []: dunno
Alundaio []: why this isn't all defined just in weapon section I have no idea
Balathruin []: If it doesn't affect the best weapon stuff I can make it work.
Alundaio []: I just don't think you can add new numbers
Alundaio []: but that is now done in script so it's no longer a concern to change these
Alundaio []: it's used by the efd evalutors, like choosing best weapon
Balathruin []: Does this affect what type of weapon it is for NPCs?
Balathruin []: I'll see what I can do.
Alundaio []: What is weird
Alundaio []: maybe change pump to some other ef_weapon_type
Alundaio []: and everything else uses auto queue
Darrill []: something weird with walking and sprint animation
Alundaio []: 6 7 8 10 use machine gun queue
Alundaio []: 11 and 12 use sniper
Alundaio []: 9 uses shotgun
Alundaio []: 5 uses pistol queue
Alundaio []: It's directly related to ef_weapon_type
Balathruin []: There is a huge gap between ~50 and 100+ RPM
Balathruin []: My main issue is shotguns, it needs two categories - pump and auto.
Alundaio []: hi
Balathruin []: I was thinking about the fire queue earlier, I feel like it needs some improvements.
Balathruin []: o hey
Bangalore []: it looks like the spawn object doesn't get feedback or callback, i i use the link ltx for custom_data
Bangalore []: it looks like the spawn object doesn't get feedback or call
Bangalore []: xray is a bitch
Bangalore []: and i don't get the infoportion if i kill an npc with linked ltx custom_data - i only get the info i use the 5222 bytes logic from his custom_data
Bangalore []: weird. minigun doesn't even work if i use a link ltx, but it's happily working if it has the 9222 bytes custom_data.
olivius74 []: Perhaps one gameplay file bad translate can make this crash?
olivius74 []: What does it mean?In wich file I need to look?
olivius74 []: ! [LUA] CGameObject : cannot access class member CScriptGameObject::ID!
olivius74 []: Sorry often I have this crash
olivius74 []: Hello Dear Friends
Darryl []: I'm off in a bit anyway
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: "hard"
Bangalore []: because i'M not at home, i'm working hard now
Darryl []: 08:17 here, I never you see two on this time though
Alundaio []: hi
Bangalore []: it's 9:17 here
Darryl []: Whatever, you know what I meant
Darryl []: WoW*
Darryl []: How you guys are on really early
Bangalore []: but just tonight, when i go home
Bangalore []: i will test it
Bangalore []: okay, i get it now
Alundaio []: and in dummy version have [logic] cfg = scripts\limansk\lim_bandit_wounded_2_logic.ltx
Alundaio []: maybe have
custom_data = scripts\dummy\limansk\lim_bandit_wounded_2_logic.ltx

Alundaio []: custom_data = scripts\limansk\lim_bandit_wounded_2_logic.ltx
Alundaio []: overwrites all.spawn custom_data. It's the same thing really
Bangalore []: because i always use logic in all.spawn like this
Alundaio []: custom_data field in spawn section
Bangalore []: you mean i spawn npc from all.spawn, then some\file.ltx have cfg = to real logic?
Alundaio []: custom_data = some\file.ltx

in some\file.ltx have cfg = to real logic

Alundaio []: actually maybe you can do that
Alundaio []: doing
cfg = path

works fine for other objects, but for stalkers I don't think it works that way

Alundaio []: It's possible I can code workaround. But it might be tricky because this code for alife object server entity used by all objects, not just stalkers.
Bangalore []: like works on paper/soc/cs, but breaks in coc
Bangalore []: fine. i will check all the story stuff i made until now, to know about the limit can fix tons of issues
Alundaio []: ST is also completely lua script side, not in engine at all
Alundaio []: the custom_data field in spawn section, just overwrites the all.spawn custom_data for stalker. I assume, if you didn't use custom_data field in spawn section, but used it from all.spawn, it would need to save from Net Packet.
Alundaio []: For ST, it just loads config from file
Alundaio []: No. The limitation for custom data is specifically because they store the text of the ini to Net Packet
Bangalore []: ST jobs logic don'T have limits?
Bangalore []: renaming some waypoints and logic section names etc.
Bangalore []: i just recreate their logic as ST job, not a big deal
Alundaio []: w_stringZ can only store 4096 bytes for string
Alundaio []: If this saving was not here, I could easily change data type
Alundaio []: They save the entire ini string to Net Packet for Custom Data...which seems redundant
Bangalore []: idiots
Bangalore []: and they use the same waypoint for path_look and path_walk in alot of logic
Alundaio []: For other objects
Alundaio []: maybe that's why they do
cfg = path

Bangalore []: i stuck on this problem since weeks, good to know about this
Bangalore []: CS is the worst from design view, there are so many fucked up things, which even 10 th patch and SRP 1.1.2 did not fix
Alundaio []: because of the problems
Alundaio []: Maybe this is why they moved away from it in CoP
Alundaio []: nothing but red errors
Alundaio []: and it's pretty obvious they never ran CoP in debug
Bangalore []: they use very long logic sections from npc custom data, in alot of places
Alundaio []: I don't think it was different
Alundaio []: it's limitation of the data type they use to save strings in packet with w_stringZ/r_stringZ
Bangalore []: or CS game designers did not know this, and this is why CS is so fucked up
Bangalore []: so CS engine was different
Alundaio []: The limit is 4096 characters for all custom data for all objects
Alundaio []: just use info_portions.script
Bangalore []: if i could use spawner, i could test the custom data limit of all.spawn npc
Alundaio []: Well you don't have to use space restrictor
Bangalore []: xr_spawner script has some stuff about it
Bangalore []: or maybe i remember wrong
Bangalore []: i remember i tested spawner but it did not work
Bangalore []: hi
Alundaio []: I don't think there is "spawner" code
Alundaio []: good
Nuor []: add_dialog(1,99999,"st_dm_orders_none",nil,"dialogs.break_dialog") you changed to 99999 that fixed the crash.
Alundaio []: and the time needs to be count down. This is done on space restrictor logic for nimble, it needs to be moved to script and saved in marshal and work for anyone
Alundaio []: Also, scripting needs done to make npc leave when you leave the area, until the order is finished
Alundaio []: That works for me, I see the categories. Just you need to finish text_offer_item
Alundaio []:

Balathruin []: Making the orders dynamic will be a huge help, especially if there will be no item specific text. There could be more NPCs with order function or at least would be much easier to add.
Nuor []: might be better to put item text in the order file
Alundaio []: yes modified slightly
Nuor []: are you using what i put in the paste?
Nuor []: either will work all at once it a little more user friendly.
Nuor []: hmm
Alundaio []: It's not for me
Alundaio []: did you want categories to all be shown at once? or cycle through like tasks?
Nuor []: still crashes ;p
Nuor []: ah
Alundaio []: You were missing the token
Nuor []: ?
Alundaio []: getFS():exist("$game_config$","plugins\\".. broker .. "_orders.ltx")
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: can you paste your *_orders.ltx?
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrgame\graph_abstract_inline.h[58] {CGraphAbstract::add_edge} _vertex0
stack trace:

0023:0A4AC848 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0A8280E5 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0A827F03 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0A82763E xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:60986F2F MSVCR120.dll, sprintf()
0023:0A82A5D5 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:05AC2CCD luabind.beta7-devel.rc4.dll, luabind::detail:verload_rep::call()
0023:05ACA534 luabind.beta7-devel.rc4.dll, luabind::detail::class_rep::function_dispatcher()
0023:05ACA5F5 luabind.beta7-devel.rc4.dll, luabind::detail::class_rep::function_dispatcher()
0023:61CB266D lua51.dll
0023:61CB7246 lua51.dll, lua_pcall()
0023:05ACEB55 luabind.beta7-devel.rc4.dll, luabind::detail::pcall()
0023:0A827A8C xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0A8272BB xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0A8278F8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()

SadBlackFox []:
Nuor []: hmm that crashed
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: bah
Nuor []: etc>
Nuor []: same with 21 31 41 tec
Nuor []: 11 supposed to be part of "1" item dialog
Alundaio []: then it shoudl be base_id = base_id + 10

If you click cat 1 it will lead to cat 2 dialog with +1

Nuor []: 1- 9 is supposed to be item choices
Nuor []: that why I used 10 increases for subdialog
Alundaio []: Say base_Id is 1 on first iteration.
add_dialog(1, 2, "st_dm_orders_category_"..i.."_title")

Then you add + 1
It's going to be add_dialog(2,3, "st_dm_orders_category_"..i.."_title") on iteration 2

Alundaio []: add_dialog(base_id, base_id+1, "st_dm_orders_category_"..i.."_title")
Alundaio []: no, no
Nuor []: or 8 actually
Nuor []: only if I exceed 10
Alundaio []: next iteration base_id is going to conflict
Alundaio []: not when you are doing +1 and +10, +20
Alundaio []: +1 isn't good enough
Nuor []: I can't think of a reason that doesn't appear
Nuor []: add_dialog("",0,"st_dm_orders_query")
Nuor []: I do but that would prevent the initial query
Nuor []: base_id = base_id + 1
Alundaio []: need to increment base_id
Nuor []: the category name s may be wrong now but the initial query should be correct
Nuor []: it seems to read the ltx fine.
Nuor []: still doesn't appear
Alundaio []: character names have capital letters and spaces
Nuor []: name is sure neater ;)
Alundaio []: Yes
Nuor []: ex. esc_2_12_stalker_wolf?
Alundaio []: as seen in creatures spawn sections for stalkers
Alundaio []: use section
Nuor []: updated paste
Nuor []: for broker
Nuor []: would that be case sensitive?
Nuor []: local ini = ini_file("plugins\\".. broker .. "_orders.ltx")
Nuor []: I'd think at least the initial query would appear
Nuor []: ah some old code
Nuor []: no crash but the dialog choice didn't appear so i missed something
Nuor []: oh victim ID
Nuor []: local npc = inventory_upgrades.victim_id
broker = npc and npc:character_name()

Nuor []: error]Arguments : LUA error: of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\dialogs_orders.script:21: attempt to index local 'npc' (a number value)
Nuor []: new error
Alundaio []: and use inventory_upgrades.victim_id to get npc
Alundaio []: call dialogs_orders.init_orders directly in dm_init_dynamic_orders_dialog
Alundaio []: all this does is add dialog, it's not the actual sequence. init_orders is not called before this
Alundaio []: might need to do this using inventory_upgrades.victim_id
Nuor []: yes but it looks to me like it should have.
Alundaio []: dialogs_orders.init_orders
Alundaio []: it's nil because it's not executed yet
Nuor []: looks like most of your preconditions are based on an infoportion
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: the paste is gone
Nuor []: and no printf show
Nuor []: ! [SCRIPT ERROR]: of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\dialog_manager.script:111: 'for' limit must be a number
Nuor []: I updated paste with the latest try but it gets the same error
Nuor []: that value is set in dialogs_orders.create_orders
Alundaio []: even though it's in dm_is_actor_companion_dialog as precondition tag
Alundaio []: I see add_dialog("",0,"axr_phrase_actor_give_command","dialogs_axr_companion.is_actor_companion")
Alundaio []: hmmm
Alundaio []: Then I guess it does work that way
Nuor []: dialogs_orders.orders_max_items it acts like that is checked before the the dialog function is run.
Nuor []: yeah it would likely be redundant
Nuor []: i basically copied the format from your dialog.xml entries.
Alundaio []: and have exit dialog with the opposite precondition
Alundaio []: you may need to add it as precondition for script dialog in dialog manager
Alundaio []: I can't remember if you can or can not use preconditions like that with dynamic dialog
Nuor []: dialogs_orders has all kind of things wrong and incomplete but it still loads and I'd think the printf would show.
Nuor []: updated paste again
Nuor []: dm_init_dynamic_orders_dialog(.. oddly that seems to try to run as if the precondition succeeded it crashes though because var is not defined yet.
Nuor []: updated paste
Nuor []:
Nuor []: trying to run that as precondition doesn't seem to works as expected.
Nuor []: >dialogs_orders.has_orders>
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: (It was Cossacks 3)
Darryl []: Weird
Darryl []: Come to think of it I'm not sure why fast_travel.script never failed to load when I was treating a function as a table
Darryl []: You might have removed something by mistake if you are making changes perhaps
Darryl []: If the data doesn't already exist it doesn't change the table
Darryl []: actor_visited_smarts = data.dxr_statistics.actor_visited_smarts or actor_visited_smarts
Darryl []: it's loaded as
Darryl []: actor_visited_smarts is defined at the top of the script
Darryl []: Which is kinda why I made the new one because any minor change to old one broke saves half the time
Nuor []: didn't until I added that.
Darryl []: Saves from before the new statistic script won't work probably
Darryl []: Fixed fast travel, but it 100% works on a new save as I just tested it
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: AoE?
Balathruin []: Now let's see who recognises it.
Darryl []: thanks
Balathruin []: File uploaded: mine.jpg
Darryl []: min*
Darryl []: Gimme a mine
Darryl []: ah crap i see an issue anyway
Darryl []: I dont have crashes with that
Darryl []: Use has_actor_visited_smart
Darryl []: The table will exist no matter what, no need to check it
Nuor []: newgame won't start without that change
Darryl []: Huh?
Nuor []: fast_travel.script
Nuor []: if (dxr_statistics.actor_visited_smart) and (dxr_statistics.actor_visited_smart[smart:name()]) then
Darryl []: That is one incredible throw
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: 21:9
Balathruin []: It's simply ultrawide.
Darryl []: @Alundaio

Balathruin []: hello
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []: 3440x1440!
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Nashethedog uses a crazy wide resolution on his computer
Darryl []: Hey guys
Bangalore []: of course it means 1 month ban for you
Bangalore []: i'm deeply hurt
Bangalore []: SBF: I wonder how you can't pronounce such a simple kannada word:
Bangalore []: Banglador raptor
Bangalore []: ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು
Darryl []: I'm not surprised about him being fired, a lot of "male feminists" and the like always seem to be the worst predators and perverts
Darryl []: Sounds like a dinosaur
Darryl []:


Bangalore []: *Im not sure
Bangalore []:

Borovos or Banglador said that corrected the departure to the location of the Generators in the SDK. He sent you a fix?
maybe i made only draft compilation of this fix? iM nut sure already. Probably i did not recompile generators, because Alun fixed it in the engine. Nvm, I will recompile Generators with highest settings.

Alundaio []: STATE_Write called multiple times as well
Alundaio []: Why?
SadBlackFox []: I know why I was called several times "save_state" for "se_smart_terrain"
Alundaio []: Yeah, it's true someone can easily just end your career with words, but there are emails and text from this guy. He always tried to meet up with girl fans and he is married. One occasion he tried to get girl fan to meet up with him to see Planet of the Apes and told her she can "crash" with him after. Then engineer for their show's girlfriend said he tried to bang her after tricking her to come to a party at his hotel room during a con and threatened to fire the engineer if he said anything. Definitely more there then just words to end someone's career.
SadBlackFox []: Soon men will be afraid to approach women.
Alundaio []: lol wasn't he like a big feminist?
Alundaio []:

Didn't know about this

Alundaio []: correct
Balathruin []: Some features seem unused, but Bangalore needs it for the SoC/CS quests.
SadBlackFox []: sim_squad_scripted.script
SadBlackFox []: It is not used anywhere
SadBlackFox []: if ("enforce_online_exclusion")) then -- For story needs
SadBlackFox []:

Bangalore [11:46 AM]: Generators test in DX8:
Bangalore [11:45 AM]: good settings:
Bangalore [11:45 AM]: wrong settings:
Bangalore [11:44 AM]: finally i found the dx8 fix in my PM's

Alundaio []: debug.sethook
Alundaio []: @Axel: I need to implement some of these:
Alundaio []: no he didn't give generator fix I don't think
Alundaio []: It's fixed in engine
SadBlackFox []: *said that the bug fixed on the locatio
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, Borovos or Banglador said that corrected the departure to the location of the Generators in the SDK. He sent you a fix?
Alundaio []: ok that's fine
AxelDominatoR []: in global.lua
AxelDominatoR []: - local o = setmetatable({},{__index=t})

+ local o = {}

+ setmetatable(o,{__index=function(t,k)

+ local ret = rawget(self,k)

+ if (ret ~= nil) then

+ return ret

+ end

+ return getmetatable(_G).__indet,k)

+ end})

AxelDominatoR []: reverting this code makes it work again
AxelDominatoR []: so it seems like the issue is with methods belonging to the parent
AxelDominatoR []: the draw() method from cFrame instead show properly as a function:
AxelDominatoR []: cWidget works, the methods are shown as function. cFrame instead has nil
AxelDominatoR []: cWidget
function: 0x4161b758
function: 0x4161b860

AxelDominatoR []: here I'm printing the __class member, plus two method. First on an instance of cWidget, then on an instance of cFrame
AxelDominatoR []: let's see if I can give you some more infos
AxelDominatoR []: yeah, I'm already using that
AxelDominatoR []: I think I've already merged it with my local copy, let me check
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Alundaio []: @Axel try the change I made last night to Class
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF Yes, almost
SadBlackFox []: The black fox is invisible!
SadBlackFox []: wow
AxelDominatoR []: namely, cFrame is not recognizing any method from cWidget
AxelDominatoR []: I'm having a weird issue with children not having parent class methods, did it ever happen to you?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF:
Alundaio []: It's offset of self
Balathruin []: @Alun You sound like someone who never tried a good keyboard.
Balathruin []: I really have no idea how much you use it, but I think there is no way you break everything in a few months.
AxelDominatoR []: the .ox and .oy, are they used only by the slider/scrollbar "children" widgets? Are they the offset position from the parent or something?
Balathruin []: but as I said, there are very cheap options in the US
Balathruin []: When you can't buy it it's ~100 or more, the real price is more like 50-60.
Alundaio []: lol I would break it in 6 months
Balathruin []: nope
Alundaio []: that's a 100$ keyboard
Balathruin []: I have no idea if it supports a palm rest, it has very minimal bezels, so I don't think so. You'd have to make one for it.
Balathruin []: What I needed is proper layout to have í, not clicky switch and backlight if possible, got all
AxelDominatoR []: that Turtle Beach seems like a good keyboard: simple, nothing too fancy. Good for working. Can you attach a palm rest?
Balathruin []: Depends on size mostly.
Balathruin []: Mechanical ones in the US can be very cheap.
Alundaio []: I'm not even sure it's possible to find a 5$ keyboard around here, especially a mechanical one.
AxelDominatoR []: when I tested different switches I prefer MX Blue slightly more than Brown, but they are a lot noisier and I already make a lot of noise when I type so...
Balathruin []: It's not actually a shitty one, recommended if you find one cheap like I did, Turtle Beach Impact 600 MX Brown too.
AxelDominatoR []: mine is a Roccat with Cherry MX Brown
Balathruin []: I might not be a hardcore user, but I dug up the cheapest EU mechanical I found, it was ~17000 HUF and almost perfect.
AxelDominatoR []: I have lots of cheap keyboard in my lab, mostly from computers I've salvaged for spare parts, but about a year ago I bought a decent mechanical keyboard and I can really feel the difference
AxelDominatoR []: cool, thanks
Balathruin []: I'm not sure if buying $10 keyboards is a really good option.
Alundaio []: included by the test mainmenu ui prefab
Alundaio []: Yes, like mainmenu.lua in inc\ui
AxelDominatoR []: in a widget the .script is the file that handles that widget's events, right?
Alundaio []: Found xrParticles memory address fix on another repo, I'm hoping it solves these crashes:

Try Spawning object Name:[] Section:[physic_destroyable_object] ID:[30219] ParentID:[65535]
[30219] net_Spawn successful
stack trace:

0023:0426D8CB xrParticles.dll, PAPI::CParticleManager::Update(), e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrparticles\particle_manager.cpp, 149
Which can happen after loading a game several times

AxelDominatoR []: one of which is a laptop with Windows XP, which is still my workhorse for raw coding. Keyboard is very nice.
AxelDominatoR []: well, I have two windows computers as well
AxelDominatoR []: it's one of the reasons why I'm so annoying with tabs instead of spaces, etc
Alundaio []: I'm a sad windows user
AxelDominatoR []: do most of it using keyboard shortcuts and moving with the cursor keys
AxelDominatoR []: hmm I may have to try it then. I rarely use the mouse when programming
Alundaio []: evenly distributes the average amount of letters you type between both hands, but I realized it's actually better to have most of the typing on your left hand on a computer if you use the mouse with your right.
AxelDominatoR []: never tried dvorak
Alundaio []: I tried to learn dvorak once but I gave up because I was too lazy to keep switching it back to play WASD games
AxelDominatoR []: can't wait for it to finally happen
AxelDominatoR []: working on that
Alundaio []: thought to text
AxelDominatoR []: gestures to text
Alundaio []: Just use voice to text
AxelDominatoR []: and I bought it with the UK layout
AxelDominatoR []: so I bought the W520 keyboard instead, which is a lot better, and can be swapped almost with no changes at all
AxelDominatoR []: I bought it from the USA because it's the only place where I could find the model with the configuration I wanted, but the keyboard is the new chicklet keyboard which is rubbish
AxelDominatoR []: the one I'm replacing is for my Thinkpad W530
Alundaio []: time for a new one soon actually half the letters are gone
Alundaio []: I just get 10$ one from walmart
Alundaio []: but my keyboards wear out so fast that I don't bother spending money on them
AxelDominatoR []: and \ is on the left side of the keyboard, not right side, so I need to think where to find it every time
Alundaio []: I had previous one where \ was closer
AxelDominatoR []: yes, that's how return is on my other two keyboards
AxelDominatoR []: I guess it's a matter of getting used to it. The US one is the last one I've got so I don't have a lot of experience with it
Alundaio []: the return is backward L shaped
Alundaio []: like the crappy walmart keyboard I have now
Alundaio []: I think it depends on brand because on some of them it's hard as hell to hit \ because return is so large
AxelDominatoR []: and ", which is above 2 in both UK and IT
AxelDominatoR []: the main issue is \, because the US keyboard is the only one with a single row Return button
AxelDominatoR []: I'm going to swap one of my laptop's to UK though as soon as I have some spare time
AxelDominatoR []: I have issues with keyboard at the moment: I use three keyboards daily with three different layouts: UK, US and IT
AxelDominatoR []: seems like they have normal latin letters as well
AxelDominatoR []:
Alundaio []: might just be because it's a pain to use English alphabet on their keyboards, I don't know
AxelDominatoR []: yeah, makes me wonder how the mod works at all
Alundaio []: It's maddening reading scripts in other mods. Some people don't use tab and they do silly things like function s(a,b,c)
AxelDominatoR []: widget:u2()
AxelDominatoR []: widget:u1
AxelDominatoR []: if the letter is already used add an incremental number after it
AxelDominatoR []: time to solve algorythm: 5 minutes. Time to find a name for it: 15 and still not satisfied
Alundaio []: Be like russian scripters for stalker, just name it a single letter
AxelDominatoR []: I'm dealing with the most difficult task in programming: finding a proper name for a function!
Alundaio []: hi Ailurus fulgens
Alundaio []: ok
AxelDominatoR []: how are you?
AxelDominatoR []: hey Alundaio
Alundaio []: hi axel
Balathruin []: Before I start working on OWR 2.1 I'm changing some stuff in OWR3, like moving additional weapons to separate files. I'll make an optional config db named "Plus" which will change files to make use of the extra weapons.
SadBlackFox []: Sinaps и Surs
SadBlackFox []: Здрасьте
Darryl []: night
Darrill []: If only I have this bug then it's somehow related to ini exntension from _g
Balathruin []: I see nothing like that.
Darrill []: @Balathruin, with yesterday xrGame when you pick up weapons with bad condition, open, then close inventory several times, the weapons conditions became almost new
Darryl []: I wish I did this change to statistics 2 years ago, it would have made life so much easier
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Oh no, just wanted to move a couple outfits about but you already did it
Balathruin []: You wanted to edit them.
Darryl []: I didn't know there was something wrong with them
Balathruin []: So what is wrong with trader files?
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: D:
Darryl []: i thought it still had stars
Balathruin []: Are you in 2006?
Darryl []: oh yeah you just thumb up/down now
Balathruin []: rate?
Darryl []: subscribe*
Darryl []: please like rate and subcribe
Balathruin []: this is not youtube
Darryl []: Well I was here first so I call dibs
Balathruin []: About the names, I only look for the y to make it easy. We could go short with @Di and @Dy but that looks weird.
Balathruin []: I already archived what I had and I'll do one later, possibly with OWR 2.1 custom.
Darryl []: I wouldn't mind someone doing a proper playthrough with the new stats script installed
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: fs
Darryl []: I wouldn
Darryl []: There's no rush, it seems to be behaving itself for now
Darryl []: Thank you
Balathruin []: @Darryl I'll do a test later
Darryl []: This is going to get so confusing
Balathruin []: @Darrill I have no idea what do you mean.
Darryl []: I can't replicate it anymore so I'm not sure if something else bugged out or if it was just me using a dodgy save file from where I was testing stuff
Darryl []: It kept "resetting" to saying 15 even though it should be 13 in non-story mode
Darryl []: But can you play with story mode disabled, and keep an eye on your achievements counter?
Darryl []: You'll need a new game when you play with latest repo files because of statistics script changes
Darryl []: Hey Bal if you could do me a favour
Darrill []: the condition of weapon is restoring at ~90%
Balathruin []: What bug?
Darrill []: Is this me, or there isi a new bug with weapons conditions after closing inventory ?
Balathruin []: rename weapon camera effect folder
Balathruin []: yay, I found how to disable reload camera movement
Darryl []: Weird it seems to have fixed itself now
Darryl []: I didn't change it so something outside the method must have broke (unrelated to statistics)
Darryl []: I'm not sure why as it's generated from the configs of plugins/achievements.ltx
Darryl []: Also for some unexplainable reason the achievements available counter breaks when you reload the game all of a sudden
Darryl []: Man am I glad that's over
Darryl []: I think new statistics file is near completion, gonna take me a bit to plug it into everything and test it
Darryl []:
Darryl []:


olivius74 []: more tha 8 go
olivius74 []: arsenal 4.1+ last pack
olivius74 []: that's good tru the pack you can't believe your eyes
Steve2000 []: one in particular is the collomator AS VAL from stalkersoup (or NS)
Steve2000 []: but I was hoping to port some weapons over that have not been ported...
Steve2000 []: and a few others..
Steve2000 []: I planned to add stcop and AO together for COC (my personal mod)
olivius74 []: Gauss with sighting system and remote display
Steve2000 []: Oh.. I'll keep that in mind..
olivius74 []: some are fabulous with scope fabulous
Steve2000 []: why?
Steve2000 []: no.. not really....
olivius74 []: insane file about more thousand weapons
olivius74 []: About weapons have you seen the last version Arsenal for soc?
Steve2000 []: Your english is easy to understand. just polished it a little
olivius74 []: Yes better english than mine
Steve2000 []: ok.. yes.. with more fluent english
olivius74 []: it's juste the same in pdf format?
olivius74 []: Yes
Steve2000 []: did you get the file?
Steve2000 []: I have to keep the window open... weird...
Steve2000 []:
Steve2000 []: one moment... the tutorial is not 100% finished....
Steve2000 []: oh...
olivius74 []: "sorry, this download link no longer exists "
olivius74 []: I can't see the link
Steve2000 []: (i tried many times but cannot do it)
Steve2000 []: ok.. what about porting weapons from SOC to COP/ COC will you consider?
olivius74 []: I will create soon a specific page with tutorials about actors with 3DSMax Milshape so please wait a moment
Steve2000 []: many newcomers cant learn because of broken links on th GSC website
Steve2000 []: May I have permission to upload it to moddb? (with your name of course!!!)...
olivius74 []: I will update the tuto thanks!As I rebuilt PC old links dead
olivius74 []:
Steve2000 []: *your
Steve2000 []: *yout
Steve2000 []: @Olivius... re-wrote you tutorial
olivius74 []: Hello Dear Alundiao is there a way to view the history of messages exchanged (not in the general chat) of chat between people?
I remember good advice given unfortunately I did not save and I'm sorry now ...
Happy day the best

Alundaio []: Transtoader
AxelDominatoR []: instead of cars: unicorns
AxelDominatoR []: what are we going to do now? You will have to release a new version of your frogger with glitter, rainbows and lots of pink
Alundaio []: Obama turned all the frogs gay
AxelDominatoR []: wow
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: yeah I guess if you act insane you can get away with libel?
AxelDominatoR []: and by being less subtle he can make more money so... win win?
AxelDominatoR []: I guess he realized he can get out of trouble with money
Alundaio []: when he first started out he was more subtle then he is now
AxelDominatoR []: just read about him: fake moon landings, 9/11, new world order... wow, he has pretty much everything!
Alundaio []: I knew a kid I worked with, would repost shit from Alex Jones on facebook when he was first starting to get popular, in 2007. and he would argue with people and his family about politics and citing alex jones. Wonder if he finally caught on after Alex Jones started talking about reptiles running the gov't
AxelDominatoR []: I try to ignore as much idiocy as possible, but it's just too much! And even thinking about this stuff makes me less productive and a bit depressed
AxelDominatoR []: can't wait to be able to move to the countryside and forget about all of this nonsense
Alundaio []: They just can't see the fact that he is just fear mongering so he can sell you survival shit on his website
Alundaio []: funny thing is that's basically what people like alex jones say and people take him seriously and believe it.
AxelDominatoR []: alternatively, given gold is quite heavy, you can throw it at the zombies. Aim for the head
Alundaio []: zombies do in fact, take gold as currency in a zombie apocalypse
Alundaio []: The world is about to end, econmy is about to collapse, call 1-800-Gold-Now
Alundaio []: All you have to do is tell christians there is poison in their drinking water and sell them dick pills
Alundaio []: If I was morally devoid I would be a millionaire
AxelDominatoR []: there's probably a clause somewhere saying: if you buy our products you can use your soul as currency instead of dollars
AxelDominatoR []: alongside with the latest iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iWhatever. I wonder where they find the money for all that stuff
AxelDominatoR []: and I wish it was just something I read on the internet, but I know personally people who bought stuff like that
AxelDominatoR []: what scares me is that people BUY those things
Alundaio []: Let's sell water maker and you have to buy water to put in the machine to pour you water
AxelDominatoR []: I mean, I could simply buy a kettle for 100 times less, but it's not going to tweet my tea temperature
Alundaio []: I'm scared
Alundaio []: this is the future coming for us all
Alundaio []: that's insane
Alundaio []: Tea maker with DRM
AxelDominatoR []: very difficult time indeed. I wonder why.
Alundaio []:

Teforia, the $999 internet-connected tea infuser, has ceased operations, citing “a very difficult time for hardware companies in the smart kitchen space” in a statement on its website.

Capitalized at $12 million, Teforia claimed to make the best cup of tea using “microinfusion technology,” though it never made clear what that was. While users could brew their own leaves, Teforia’s proprietary Sips tea packs were theoretically the perfect match for the device. Each Sip cost between 50 cents and $2.50.

Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Juicero is for nerds, get a Teforia
AxelDominatoR []: maybe because I don't understand technical marvels like Juicero
AxelDominatoR []: I'm a bit allergic to hipsters
Alundaio []: Everyone with a lapttop and access to a starbucks would use it
AxelDominatoR []: Potentius Digitus or some rubbish like that
AxelDominatoR []: and we call the language with a name from Harry Potter
Alundaio []: and compile it
AxelDominatoR []: hahaha
Alundaio []: lets make new language, you just draw symbols on a touch screen pad
Alundaio []: actually that would awesome nevermind
Alundaio []: what is that called?...logographic. One giant symbol is an application
AxelDominatoR []: let's show the world the power of lua with GammaRay
Alundaio []: People would code in mandarin if some hipster like Notch used it
AxelDominatoR []: it's probably only popular because everybody is used to it
AxelDominatoR []: it doesn't help that now everybody is following the trend of Electron & Co. and they think Javascript is the best thing ever
AxelDominatoR []: I had to put up with so much nonsense in javascript, can barely tolerate it
Alundaio []: JAVASCRIPT
Alundaio []: it was a blog about someone saying they are done with lua as an embedded language and said that javascript was better
Alundaio []: you reminded me of a post I read the other day
AxelDominatoR []: read somewhere on reddit somebody saying that Java is the most elegant language ever... I wonder if they ever looked at any other language
AxelDominatoR []: stupid Java
AxelDominatoR []: argh! No, please!
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: then it will feel like you are writing Java
Alundaio []: interface.class.frame(...)
AxelDominatoR []: which defeats the whole __call thing
AxelDominatoR []: if I rename the file, though, I will have issues with the whole __call procedure. Either I will have to call a class using the table name ( interface.widgets.frame, which is ugly because it's not obvious it's a class) or have to use interface.widgets.frame.cFrame
Alundaio []: might need to be getmetatable(this), I will have to check it
AxelDominatoR []: oh, I see
Alundaio []: i did*
Alundaio []: will cause stack overflow if two different scripts have class with same name
AxelDominatoR []: no, I don't think Class has any issue, it was my fault
Alundaio []: __index = getmetatable(_G).__index
Alundaio []: I didn't notice problem with Class I will need to fix
Alundaio []: yeah
Alundaio []: or don't name files as cName. just make them widget.lua, frame.lua, textedit.lua
AxelDominatoR []: cFrame could be frame.lua
AxelDominatoR []: yeah that could be another option
Alundaio []: don't necessarily have to call the class same name as *.lua
AxelDominatoR []: yeah, looking a lot better now
AxelDominatoR []: *referenced
AxelDominatoR []: either that or I use a metatable voodoo to pass the class when the table is references, but I think that's dangerous and could create even more confusion
AxelDominatoR []: ok I need to remember the difference between table and class in those files
Alundaio []: duh
Alundaio []: oh that's right
AxelDominatoR []: it's a bug in my brain
AxelDominatoR []: no, it's not a bug
AxelDominatoR []: local TestClass = core.interface.widgets.cWidget.cWidget
Alundaio []: I think it just might be bug with CLass function
AxelDominatoR []: yup, made it work with
AxelDominatoR []: because the class is only referenced when going through the __call, which is not the case here
Alundaio []: and then dies of alzheimer's
AxelDominatoR []: ok so what I'm thinking is that interface.widgets.cWidget is the main table
Alundaio []: gets all the worms
AxelDominatoR []: what about insomniac bird?
Alundaio []: early bird gets the worm night nuor
AxelDominatoR []: night
AxelDominatoR []:
Nuor []: night all
AxelDominatoR []: so that means I need to do that, at the very least
Alundaio []: can I see the script, pastebin
AxelDominatoR []: cWidget directly has inherited[ 1 ] nil
AxelDominatoR []: ok so, if I do that TestClass then I get inherited[ 1 ] not nil
AxelDominatoR []: inherited[ 1] == nil is now true
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm
AxelDominatoR []: luajit: [string "---------------------------------------------..."]:13: attempt to index a nil value
Alundaio []: self.inherited[ 1 ].__init?
AxelDominatoR []: false
Alundaio []: print (TestClass.__init == nil)
AxelDominatoR []: actually I think it's referencing cWidget properly and the issue is somewhere in between the two __init
AxelDominatoR []: luajit: [string "---------------------------------------------..."]:13: attempt to call field '__init' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[string "---------------------------------------------..."]:13: in function '__init'
./data/lua/global.lua:9: in function 'cFrame'
[string "local import_style ="]:83: in function
[string "local import_style ="]:27: in function 'prefab'
[string "local framework = core.framework..."]:18: in function 'func_or_userdata'
./data/lua/global.lua:74: in function 'CallbackSend'
[string "--[[..."]:87: in function 'run'
data/lua/main.lua:148: in main chunk
[C]: at 0x004044f0

Alundaio []: what is trace
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm I was mistaken, inherited[ 1 ] is not nil
AxelDominatoR []: and I renamed "widgets" in interface.lua so it's not conflicting anymore
AxelDominatoR []: yes
Alundaio []: @axel is path core/interface/widgets/cWidget.lua?
Alundaio []: but definitely number and bool are copied, which is why in _G actor before hit, I have to pass the flag inside a table to all the callbacks
Alundaio []: Actually I would have to recheck string, it might be reference too
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: in C, if you remember, you have Pointers and References. Lua when you assign varable to table or userdata it's a reference. Datatypes like number, boolean and string in lua are copied instead of being references.
AxelDominatoR []: inherited[ 1 ] is a nil value
AxelDominatoR []: and it's giving me issues with the last __init
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm maybe the error is somewhere else. I have this code:
local TestClass = core.interface.widgets.cWidget
Class "cFrame" ( TestClass )
function cFrame:__init(x,y,w,h,title)
self.inherited[ 1 ].__init(self,x,y,w,h)

Nuor []: I don't get that
Alundaio []: Yeah
Nuor []: I've never understood this about lua - if I do local math = math and then alter math locally does it effect the math with the wider scope ?
AxelDominatoR []: ok, let me try
Alundaio []: Class "cFrame" (__holder__.cWidget) I would guess or local cWidget = core.interface.test.cWidget
AxelDominatoR []: as now cFrame and cWidget are in two different tables
AxelDominatoR []: when declaring a class, like in:
Class "cFrame" (cWidget)
do you know of a way of adding a path for cWidget?

Alundaio []: We found that doing stuff like:
local string = string
local math = math
local io = io
at top of script did absolutely nothing. I would say it's debunked as an optimization tip for lua. The only reason to do so is in modules, they can't see _G, so you have to local scope all _G variables you plan to use.

AxelDominatoR []: I don't think it will be needed here, it's not something called in a tight loop
AxelDominatoR []: interesting
Alundaio []: but it kind of makes the code cluttered
Alundaio []: SBF and I did benchmarks many months ago and there was a clear difference when localizing things in current scope
Alundaio []: if you were optimizing, then you w ould
local func = other.table.funct

AxelDominatoR []: ok then
Alundaio []: not really. table.func(table,...) is same as table:func(...)
AxelDominatoR []: in terms of speed/efficiency, I mean
AxelDominatoR []: is there a difference between calling a method inside the context of a class and calling a function from another table?
AxelDominatoR []: there's a chance I'll be able to move the method from cWidget into a function in interface.lua, which could be the best of both worlds. That function needs to be called anyway (drawOrder_reinsert)
Alundaio []: functions do add overhead. Scoping with local is only good so you don't pollute the table namespace. I don't have a preference. I think widgetDrawOrder is pretty unique enough not to conflict with any future scripts that will be added.
AxelDominatoR []: so either make widgetDrawOrder global or make a method "AddtoDrawOrder" and call that
AxelDominatoR []: if I have to choose between making a variable global and using a function to access a local variable instead, what would you prefer? In this case it's to access widgetDrawOrder in interface.lua, as an example
Alundaio []: which is sad because he deleted a shit ton of his tutorials
Alundaio []: he tends to delete his videos for some reason
Alundaio []: Yeah. I can't find it, but i'ts in valley of whispers by Den Stash
Nuor []: does it have a tongue ranged attack?
Alundaio []: he just showed off Dance dance revolution mod on facepunch
Alundaio []: lol that's something TKGP would add not me
AxelDominatoR []:
Balathruin []: So I could play a stalker themed Super Mario Bros rom hack.
Alundaio []: Someone has!
Nuor []: Someone needs to model a giant mutated toad for stalker - just for you.
Balathruin []: Your actual computer which runs stalker.
Alundaio []: like mp3 player?
Alundaio []: imaginary computer or actual computer
Alundaio []: that's Nintendo Switch-U
Balathruin []: Why not have an app page in the PDA where you add programs from your computer but you run it while in the game viewing the PDA.
AxelDominatoR []: also sell a peripheral with the game: a USB robotic arm with a blunt weapon. Everytime you get hit in game it will smack you in the head. For hardcore players only
AxelDominatoR []: haha the NES version of Battletoads
Alundaio []: I should make Toader 2. But it will be like battletoads + stalker
AxelDominatoR []: stupid money
Alundaio []: That's sad
AxelDominatoR []: well, you will all be disappointed, then, given my game will not do any of those things
AxelDominatoR []: from what I've seen there's an inverse correlation between IQ and business rank
Balathruin []: Quite a lot of games come with all (or at least half) of the DLCs inside.
AxelDominatoR []: because we're too smart to be CEO
Alundaio []: Why aren't we CEOs for a large game publlisher. wasting such good ideas
AxelDominatoR []: the funniest part is that actually ALL of the Creation Club content is downloaded to your Fallout 4/Skyrim installation, even if you don't buy it. It's just hidden/disabled
Alundaio []: mortgage you home to create an account to log int to play the game
AxelDominatoR []: they are just ridiculous
AxelDominatoR []: Creation Club is even worse
Alundaio []: that's insane. I bet on Fivver you can pay some 3D artist 5$ to make horse armor
Balathruin []: You also have to add a credit card and you lose money on nearly all actions.
AxelDominatoR []: 5$ I think it was
AxelDominatoR []: yup
Alundaio []: horse armor dlc for some outrageous price?
Alundaio []: was that oblivion that did that
AxelDominatoR []: horse armour
Balathruin []: You must have 10 DLCs that do almost nothing for a start and then 3 DLCs/10% of the game (you start with ~20)
AxelDominatoR []: the whole game runs on your computer except for the main loop, which runs on my servers
Alundaio []: or just release as full standalone versions but never release the 3 episode like valve did
AxelDominatoR []: also ship it with the worst DRM imaginable: you can only play single player mode online and you have to pay a monthly fee for it
Alundaio []: 1/3 is main game
Balathruin []: 3 parts and 2/3 only?
Alundaio []: have entirely completed game, exactly as documented. Then carefully cut the game into 3 parts. Release 2/3 as DLC. $$$$$$
Balathruin []: make the code of DLCs too
Balathruin []: acutally
AxelDominatoR []: of course. By full DLC you mean a couple of reskins for 5$, right?
Balathruin []: Make sure to have full DLC and micro transaction support, there can't be a game without those.
Alundaio []: hide features in the GammaRay Pro Edition
AxelDominatoR []: and an automatic lootcrate generator
Alundaio []: @axel: Just wait till I add blueprints! and UI editor! And asset store!
Steve2000 []: @Alundio, Oh i have searched everywhere for them... that was why I asked as a last resort...
Alundaio []: search cop-cs.bones
Alundaio []: @steve I looked in sdk, it's not there. I checked here:Перенос_моделей_НПС_из_ЧН/ЗП_в_ТЧ_и_обратно

It mentions it, but I see no link

AxelDominatoR []: I'm glad to have approached GammaRay at this point in time. It does what it needs to do and it's very lightweight and simple to work with. I've had a look at dozens of different engines/frameworks and they are all more or less a bloatfest
Steve2000 []: I would offer to clean up the forum, But I wouldn't expect you to give your trust on that....
Steve2000 []: One of the biggest provblems with forums is broken links, GSC suffers from it badly...
Steve2000 []: Obviously not.. I'll wait for his response... For now, I'll package it up into a rar file, ready to upload properly...
Steve2000 []: I did... but I had hoped they were publically available somewhere?
Alundaio []: I don't have them, you can try PMing him here
Alundaio []: says

Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again.

Steve2000 []: This is a rough version of the PDF. if anyone wants to check it for spelling mistakes or other errors.
Steve2000 []:
Steve2000 []: I re-worked Olivius' tutorial on how to convert NPCs from SOC to COC... but the download link is broken and untill it is fixed, I cannot compplete the tutorial. I had intended to package the MS3D plugins and the bones file together in a downloadable package...
AxelDominatoR []: no "includes"
AxelDominatoR []: automatic dependencies check and so on. You just declare your namespace and it does everything else
AxelDominatoR []: I made a similar thing for the Nexus, in PHP, with the class autoloader
AxelDominatoR []: yeah, I like it, it's neat and very simple to use
Alundaio []: In lua 5.1 there is a modules function you can use at the top of script that is similar. like:
But it's sort of a pain to use lua like this. You have to call require in proper order. You have to specifically name things. Xray's system lets you just reference shit whenever you feel like. This version is that on steroids, since you can use directories. I'm fond of it and am glad I got it to work, I wasn't sure it was even possible.

AxelDominatoR []: I'm usually very picky with this kind of stuff (some of my coworkers can tell you I'm a bit of a nightmare to work with), but in GammaRay it all makes sense, at least for my standards
Alundaio []: Any directory becomes a sub table. Any *.lua same name as the directory it's within, is merged into that new sub table.
AxelDominatoR []: nah, you are helping a lot. I'm also the kind of guy who likes to learn by hacking
Alundaio []: I could have probably explained all of it better, how the directories and scripts are set up but I don't know how. You will learn by experience messing around with this
AxelDominatoR []: I made a few frameworks in different languages and they worked the other way around, that's why I was being so dumb
Alundaio []: good practice
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm I think this means I can probably stop bothering you. I like this method
AxelDominatoR []: oh, I see, I was doing it wrong by using it on the parent table instead
Alundaio []: you would have to do this for each class. cTextEdit.lua would have __call and you call it by test.cTextEdit(...) and cWidget.lua you call test.cWidget(...)
AxelDominatoR []: basically what I'm asking is: how can I differentiate, in __call, if it's being called by:
test.Method() or test.OtherMethod() ?

Alundaio []: Look at font.lua for example. It calls cache directly, but you can also do self.cache
AxelDominatoR []: ok, now that works, but I don't know "cWidget" beforehand
Alundaio []: because of how the metamethods are setup for these tables created for scripts
Alundaio []: You can either do self.cWidget(...) or cWidget(...) in __call here.
Alundaio []: self in this case would be the table created for cWidget.lua
AxelDominatoR []: in order to translate "core.interface.test.cWidget.cWidget()" to "core.interface.test.cWidget()" I need to intercept that "cWidget" or the full path
Alundaio []: what do you mean by name of class?
AxelDominatoR []: and then I have:
getmetatable(this).__call = function( self, ... )
which should give me something on self (I get "test", I think?) plus the parameters used in the function call

AxelDominatoR []: what I'm trying to do now is using the __call to catch the name of the class, but I'm not sure if it's possible. For example I'm calling:
local widget = core.interface.test.cWidget(x,y,w,h)

Alundaio []: filesystem.write("log.txt", print_table(t,true))
AxelDominatoR []: I worked around that by piping to less
Alundaio []: print to file if it's too hard to see it in console, if that is reason you are asking
AxelDominatoR []: is there a way to limit print_table to just 1 or 2 levels?
AxelDominatoR []: yup, I like having shorthand variables
Alundaio []: number, boolean and string datatypes though, I think are copied
Alundaio []: I believe when script compiled that it just turns it into a reference.
Alundaio []: If you need to, you can make shorthand variables to other modules, it won't change performance, actually, it would improve it.
local graphics = at top of script

AxelDominatoR []: I'm going to try using your import/script.lua as an example
AxelDominatoR []: oh, now I had a look at some of your code and it's clearer to me what you meant
Alundaio []: It's all just vectors anyway, I believe. As long as you localize in scope deeply rooted tables you shouldn't have issues with performance. What I mean is local var =
AxelDominatoR []: ok let me have a look
AxelDominatoR []: maybe something as simple as: if the filename begins with a _ or some other special character, then use the parent namespace instead of creating a new one
Alundaio []: No, I don't think there would be any difference to invoke a metamethod over calling a function direclty
Alundaio []: so maybe as interface.class.cTextEdit()
AxelDominatoR []: or am I wrong?
AxelDominatoR []: that will have to run on every call, though, which may not be as efficient as dealing with the namespace when the lua file is loaded, only once, at the beginning
AxelDominatoR []: yeah, that's an option. I'll experiment a bit
Alundaio []: so you can easily make it so that interface.test.cWidget() returns new object
Alundaio []: which allows you to call a table as a function
AxelDominatoR []: there's already an exception for a script name that's the same as the directory (core/framework/framework.lua)
Alundaio []: Lua has metamethod __call
Alundaio []: Look at how I do import scripts
AxelDominatoR []: maybe I can add an exception in main.lua, where it iterates over the lua files
AxelDominatoR []: is there an easy way to have it "jump" into the previous namespace instead of creating its own?
AxelDominatoR []: as now cWidget is also a table
AxelDominatoR []: now I need to see if I can hack something else instead. Having interface/test/cWidget.lua means I must reference it via interface.test.cWidget.cWidget()
AxelDominatoR []: I'll move everything into their own files first and then see if I can refactor that somehow
AxelDominatoR []: ok, now it works
Alundaio []: could just be renamed to widgets_by_id = {}
Alundaio []: admittedly that is a poor name for such an important table
AxelDominatoR []: yeah, it's my fault as I just moved out cWidget to test it, but left all of the other stuff in interface.lua
Alundaio []: may want to make widgets local, and then just use widgetByID(id) to be safe then
AxelDominatoR []: I'm going to do a test by renaming my folder "widgets" into something else
Alundaio []: and can't really see the exact error location
AxelDominatoR []: so obviously it was conflicting with the core.interface.widget
Alundaio []: it just trails off with ...
AxelDominatoR []: in interface.lua there's already a
widget = {}

Alundaio []: I haven't figured out why the stack traces in gammaray are vauge
Alundaio []: There is reason I removed it, I wanted to see if it was the cause for an issue that bangalore has
AxelDominatoR []: I am an idiot, found the issue
Alundaio []: I will add it back maybe
SadBlackFox []: - remove ini memoize ???
Steve2000 []: I have a problem with one of the tutorials... broken links.. can you guys help?
AxelDominatoR []: so it's loading the file, it gets the proper namespace but then it's missing some step afterwards
AxelDominatoR []: printing the global namespace table shows:
['cWidget'] = {
['_G.core.interface.widgets'] = {
[1] = {
[1] = 'core',
[2] = 'interface',
[3] = 'widgets'
[2] = 'lua/auto/core/interface/widgets/cWidget.lua'

AxelDominatoR []: core.interface.widgets is empty, which is bad I assume
AxelDominatoR []: luajit: [string "local import_style ="]:52: attempt to call field 'cWidget' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[string "local import_style ="]:52: in function
[string "local import_style ="]:27: in function 'prefab'
[string "local framework = core.framework..."]:18: in function 'func_or_userdata'
./data/lua/global.lua:74: in function 'CallbackSend'
[string "--[[..."]:87: in function 'run'
data/lua/main.lua:148: in main chunk
[C]: at 0x004044f0

AxelDominatoR []: I'm getting this error
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm I'm having some issues with those widgets in a separate folder. So, I've created a separate file for cWidget named cWidget.lua and put it inside interface/widgets
Nuor []: maybe have it scroll through order choices similar to how tasks work.
Nuor []: just assign it in character_desc ... like any other dialogs
Nuor []: was trying to come up with simple way to generalize for any npc with dialog_orders id and ltx list
Nuor []: yes I was looking at switching it over to your existing system
Alundaio []: but then you would also need a way to generate infoportions, like dm_order_process_info_* depending on category number
Alundaio []: @nuor In this situation, I think you have no choice but to create dynamic script dialog, like in dialog_manager.script. You need to do something like this:
Balathruin []: now let's see if this was Maya or not...
Nuor []: that is what I'm playing with
Nuor []:
Balathruin []: the whole interior is duplicated
Balathruin []: oh, my, GOD
Alundaio []: so you would have has_order with thta, and then have dialog action to read that ini and put it into table, to be read in functions in the remaining dialog actions/preconditions
Balathruin []: Window is not even a different size, how did someone fuck this up so much?
Alundaio []: @nuor it would just be a precondition, you would have to make some kind of data table to be created on first sentence
Alundaio []: metalwood
Alundaio []: it's a new anomaly
Balathruin []:
Nuor []: ...dialogs_orders.has_orders'...
Nuor []: dialog id="dm_orders_dialog"
Nuor []: dialogs*
Nuor []: it that function is precondition in dialods.xml
Nuor []: if i do that will new broker be set every time a dialog is opened?
Nuor []: function has_orders(first_speaker, second_speaker)
local npc = who_is_npc(first_speaker, second_speaker)
if not npc then return false end
broker = npc:section()
return getFS():exist("plugins\\".. broker .. "_orders.ltx")

Balathruin []: Cordon
Nuor []: what that mesh was from
Alundaio []: ?
Nuor []: x-16?
Alundaio []: yeeeee
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []: function has_orders(first_speaker, second_speaker)
local npc = who_is_npc(first_speaker, second_speaker)
return getFS():exist("plugins\\".. npc:section() .. "_orders.ltx")

Balathruin []: basically put the metal stuff inside the wooden frame
Balathruin []: File uploaded: operation.png
Balathruin []: Max couldn't even handle wtf is going on.
Balathruin []: Put a mesh inside a mesh
Balathruin []: I really want to kick or punch the man who did this shit
Nuor []: night
Darryl []: Night guys
Nuor []: that was other option
Alundaio []: use FS exist
Nuor []: yeah
Alundaio []: you probably want npc:section()
Nuor []: function has_orders(first_speaker, second_speaker)
local npc = who_is_npc(first_speaker, second_speaker)
local ini = ini_file("plugins\\".. npc .. "_orders.ltx")
return ini and true or false

Darryl []: Deletes system32
Nuor []: what does ini_file(..) return if file the doesn't exist?
Darryl []: But I guess it's useful for airsoft players I guess
Darryl []: I think a lot of it is stuff meant to be only on US amazon, but for some reason shows up on ours too
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Looks like an RGD-5 at first glance
Darryl []:
Darryl []: There's an army flask thingy which genuinely looks like a hand grenade
Darryl []: There's even a 7.62x54 ammo pouch
Darryl []: You can buy WW2 soviet helmets on here too
Darryl []: Stumbled onto military surplus stuff somehow and started looking through it
Alundaio []: @darry why are you looking at this stuff ? lol
AxelDominatoR []: ok I'll try right now
AxelDominatoR []: oh, no, nevermind, they are in the main interface functions as well
Alundaio []: So if you move them into a class subfolder, you can put at top of script for cWidget.lua
local interface = __holder__.__holder__ I think. It should be reference to core.framework.interface
Then you can just use interface.widgets etc.

AxelDominatoR []: or maybe not. widgetsIndex and widgetDrawOrder are only in cWidget
Alundaio []: yeah
AxelDominatoR []: I'm looking at those variables. The most used ones are widgets, widgetsIndex and widgetDrawOrder if I'm not mistaken. I guess they will all need to be global, in this case?
Alundaio []: but it's called __holder__
Alundaio []: apparently I already added it
Alundaio []: easily to reference other values as long as tthey are not set local
Alundaio []: Yeah, everything is basically a table within table
Alundaio []: calling core.framework.interface.cWidget.this, how it's set up now, returns core.framework.interface.cWidget
AxelDominatoR []: so instead of having to re-reference everything you just get the this_namespace, sounds cool
Alundaio []: for example, core.framework.interface.cWidget.this_namespace will return core.framework.interface table
AxelDominatoR []: what I'm experimenting with at the moment is creating a scrollbar widget automatically for frames and similar. The idea is that if you define a size for the widget and the content is bigger than the displayed area the scrollbar(s) will be shown automatically. It's a first step towards a full fledged textarea.
Alundaio []: I'll look right now to see how hard it would be to add a 'this_namespace' you can call within a script to get directory namespace, it would make separating the classes much easier
AxelDominatoR []: I usually have a file for each class, but my frameworks always have some facility to reduce the necessary code to a minimum and make it almost completely automated.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wtf
Scarecrows []: you work on what aspect now?
AxelDominatoR []: hello
AxelDominatoR []: I'm flexible, so I can deal with big files. I'd rather have a big file than having lots of duplicate code all over the place
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []: Hey Scarecrow
Scarecrows []: hello all how are you? =)
Darryl []: Man I am so on a watchlist now
Alundaio []: I personally like single big files when the things are related, because you can just ctrl+f what you want, but everyone has their tastes
AxelDominatoR []: oh, yeah, I see. Nevermind then, I don't want to overcomplicate things
Darryl []: WHY?!
Darryl []: You can buy PSO scopes on UK amazon?!
Darryl []:
Darryl []: holy fuck what
Darryl []: I'll take the pure Columbian parka jacket *sniff* *rub nose*
Alundaio []: There are quite a few varibles at the top of the interface script used by a lot of the classes, would need to remove local for them and then call them as core.framework.interface.* unless I change "this" to refer to module namespace instead of script namespace, if you know what I mean.
Darryl []:
AxelDominatoR []: maybe it's a codename for some kind of drug: buy a green parka or our "GREEN" parka (wink wink)
Darryl []: I guess the "GREEN" colour makes you sound louder than the "green" one?
Darryl []: or GREEN
Darryl []: You have the options of green
Darryl []:
Darryl []: This choice in colours is amazing
AxelDominatoR []: that is, unless it causes performance issues or other stuff. I can deal with a single big file, it's just a bit more cumbersome to navigate
AxelDominatoR []: @Alundaio: do you mind if I move the widget classes from interface.lua into their own files? I'm going to add a bit of stuff and otherwise interface.lua will get huge pretty soon
Darryl []: Had nobody last year, either
Darryl []: Didn't even notice until you just mentioned that
Darryl []: Nobody ever trick or treats here
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:

Crystal meth found in Wisconsin child’s Halloween candy

Darryl []: sounds like kylo ren
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wtf
Nuor []: I'm puzzling over simplest way to do dynamic ordering.
Darryl []: New file already looks less like a pig sty
Darryl []: I'm in the middle of completely scrapping and redoing achievements and statistics scripts atm
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: I'm causing global warming so that I can sell my beach front properties at a premium
Alundaio []: Nice to switch to not using infop
AxelDominatoR []: is this why you're causing global warming? Because you're cold blooded?
Darryl []: That explains the skin shedding
Alundaio []: Hello human-beings. Today I reveal I'm a reptilian overlord.
Darryl []: Cheers
Darryl []: I figured there was something built-in but couldn't find what
Nuor []: you can get the table.size for actor_staistics.achievements rather than count
Balathruin []: The only problem is I have to switch from Maya to Max. I'll try to start with something simple and then give a go in fixing some Cordon geometry.
Balathruin []: Bangalore magic
Balathruin []: I've built it a few times earlier and it was throwing errors everywhere.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: SDK works first try.
Balathruin []: I can't belie this.
Darryl []: It likely will break existing saves though
Darryl []: Gonna rewrite all this shit eventually though
Darryl []: Okay pushed achievements fix
Darryl []: A lot of the tables could probably be merged together instead of having a separate rank/rep table for each stat, then a separate table which tracks each stat
Darryl []: I think I am going to make that my project for this week, to redo them both
Nuor []: pretty much
Darryl []:
Darryl []: xr_statistic is really just CoP's file with a ton of extra rank/rep/achivement stuff grafted over the top like some frankenstein's monster
Darryl []: It's so much more uniform and tidier than the mess I wrote when I was learning
Darryl []: I'm thinking of copying the way alun did debug commands for achievements
Nuor []: my xr_statistic already differs
Darryl []: Holy shit, the log file actually tells you why a script couldn't be loaded now?!?!
Darryl []: I'm in the right mind to just rewrite dxr_achievements and xr_statistic
Darryl []: Gonna need to test absolutely every achievement though (yay!)
Darryl []: Okay think I've fixed achievement bug
Nuor []: I've only had 2 crash types in days.
Balathruin []: psydog crash, most likely the same Nuor had for a long time
Balathruin []: stack trace:

0023:08A960EC xrGame.dll
0023:08A9610A xrGame.dll
0023:08A9610A xrGame.dll
0023:08A9610A xrGame.dll
0023:08A95DE0 xrGame.dll
0023:08DEDEDC xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08DEDDF8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08DF320C xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08C7BC9C xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08C7B8E8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:00464307 xrEngine.exe, CObjectList:estroy()
0023:0046393C xrEngine.exe, CObjectList::Update()

[error][ 87] : A paraméter nem megfelelő.

Darryl []: No real way to tell if it's actually fixed unless it starts happening again though
Darryl []: I'll finish watching this best of the worst and then start trying to fix it
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Latest repo files I'm guessing?
Darryl []: Might be able to load it in vanilla not sure
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Using OWR?
Balathruin []: Save file if anyone is curious
Balathruin []: File uploaded: achievements.7z
VodkaChicken []: ssp-99 should at least be way cheaper than seva, not sure about 99m tho
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I think both SSP-99 and SSP-99M are not correctly priced, but I couldn't think of what it should be.
VodkaChicken []: also the SSP-99 is still too expensive imo
VodkaChicken []: or install msys2 and use grep like a champ
Darryl []: Even on my shitty work computer this program is lightning fast
Darryl []: File uploaded: agent_ransack.jpg
Darryl []: With AR you just right-click a folder, chose whether you want to search for files/directories or scan contents for a certain string (or both)
Balathruin []: But it finally works, and he's not trying to sell his weapon, only in my old save.
Darryl []: It's a search tool, I use notepad++ too
Balathruin []: I kinda like NPP, but passed it like 4 times.
Darryl []: Makes following the breadcrumb trails so much easier
Darryl []: I recommend Agent Ransack if you aren't already using it
Balathruin []: I hate this Searched for "trade" several times
Balathruin []: yea it was disabled
Nuor []: smart_logic section
Darryl []: If that doesn't work for you then I'm out of ideas
Darryl []: .ltx*
Darryl []: you can set a trade file in the logic section
Darryl []: "trade_enable = false"
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Oh here we go
Darryl []: I know mechanic mode is enabled there
Darryl []: It could be in the character profile
Balathruin []: I've been digging the files and searching everywhere, I found nothing.
Darryl []: I always look at other files to know what goes where
Darryl []: Hm, sure you are editing the right section?
Darryl []: But Alun will probably log in in 5 minutes and tell me I'm wrong
Balathruin []: One of the first thing I do if a change is not working is start a new game, sadly it's not that
Darryl []: Don't quote me on this, but I think some things like that might be written into save file
Darryl []: Might require a new save to do it, not sure
Balathruin []: But it doesn't work
Balathruin []: If you can look at the cloud I edited his config script and added a trader file
Darryl []: There's also a way to do it via dialog option, like with how nimble can be toggled between traditional and trader style store
Darryl []: Same way you set their map spot I believe
Darryl []: Uh you do it in their configs/scripts/level/blahblahblah.ltx file
Balathruin []: I can't find anything on how to make an NPC a trader. I just want Trapper to buy mutant parts and meat.
Darryl []: Hey Axel
AxelDominatoR []: hello
Balathruin []: "simple" - the SDK will find a way...
Balathruin []: I have a few simple geometry edit ideas that are killing me again
Nuor []: easiest just to move the limansk LC.
Darryl []: You'd have to ask Alun/Yoda, I don't know a damned thing about spawns
Balathruin []: ah man I really need to get back into level editing
Balathruin []: There is road connection on the map
Balathruin []: Any chance for a Limansk - Jupiter changer?
Darryl []: Well it'll break existing saves, but that's it
Darryl []: Least I know it won't break
Darryl []: Just work out the counter from that and do the checks using that instead of infos
Darryl []: I'm gonna change the counter to a table, and record unlocked achievements the same was as unlocked articles etc.
Balathruin []: Just about achievements let's add one. Complete x amount of tasks and rewards goodwill in some way.
Darryl []: Naturally the requirements are met if the achievement has been unlocked before, so it gives the notifications, rewards etc again
Darryl []: To me, it looks like it's ignoring the infoportion check and then re-checking the requirements
Darryl []: You know what's weird is how it's only achievements you already have which are refiring
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: I need to rewrite dxr_achievements anyway, there's a much better way to do it than creating a hundred different infos
Darryl []: That is weeeiird
Darryl []: It's because of the duplicate achievement increments I guess
Nuor []: that is odd. Your error is different from what I'm describing.
Darryl []: xr_statistic.actor_statistic.achievements has clearly gotten garbled
Darryl []: What the hell
Darryl []: Hahahaha
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: It increments for each section in [achievements] and de-increments for anything which is tagged as story
Darryl []: I change the way achievement counter works, too!
Nuor []: I've never had that happen
Darryl []: Pic?
Darryl []: wut
Balathruin []: 42/15 achievements
Balathruin []: um
Darryl []: I have no explanation, really
Darryl []: Bookworm Food *could* go off on level change, but there isn't anything in current coc build that uses smarts for unlocking articles
Darryl []: Tourist unlocks on level change but I delayed that because it always went off during loading screen
Darryl []: ^^
Balathruin []: hello btw
Darryl []: CoC is so different from CoP now it's not really fair for me to compare them
Darryl []: I can't explain that either as CoC only has like 2/3 the number of achievements CoP has
Darryl []: Maybe there's an issue with infos not loading as fast as they should on rare occasions maybe
Balathruin []: only happens if you earned too many
Darryl []: Well I've looked through it and all the infos match up between reqs and rewards, so I'm stumped
Bangalore []: hi
Darryl []: Hey Bal
Darryl []: Very weird
Darryl []: Thats weird though, the news message only shows up when the rewards are unlocked, there is no calls to news_manager just for the checking of infos and stuff
Nuor []: I don't recall
Darryl []: Any specific achievements, or just anything?
Nuor []: yes occasionaly on game reload the notifications will show up again
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Darryl []: Kinda troubling as it might give double rewards for a couple of achievements then
Darryl []: You've had this bug too? I've never seen it happen
Darryl []:

those achievement messages has happened since they were created.

Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: I can't see how that's even possible
Darryl []:

more weird, I got achievement unloacked messages on level change for already unlocked ones

Darryl []: Winter is coming
Darryl []: It's getting so cold here now
Nuor []: they aren't doing that for me bu tthere is a delay before they go back to normal.
Balathruin []: yes I did
Nuor []: did you try different companion commands to see if he responded?
Nuor []: It only happens rarely. I've never bothered to figure ou texactly what triggers it as it doesn't appear to break anything
Balathruin []: Most likely never got enough to start appearing.
Nuor []: those achievement messages has happened since they were created.
Balathruin []: accidental companion for a few seconds
Alundaio []: or just random stalker
Alundaio []: was this a previous companion?
Balathruin []: heli one is diffrerent, they are slowly moving around
Balathruin []: he only does it when I want to talk
Balathruin []: there was no heli involved
Alundaio []: That is what stalkers do near helicopters when the heli becomes hostile towards a target (not necessarily them but anything)
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: more weird, I got achievement unloacked messages on level change for already unlocked ones
Balathruin []: glitched an NPC by accidentally asking him to follow me and then telling him to go right away
Balathruin []: hostage rescue - the follower goes hostage mode after level change and you can't get him due to the level change message
Balathruin []: I got one mixed dog squad on south and north but the task didn't appear
Balathruin []: I'm trying to get it with sleeping and high time factor
Alundaio []: I had to use time_factor 50 and eventually saw dogs
Alundaio []: is it day time?
Balathruin []: I can't get the bar mutant task for some reason. The one in swamp needed much more time than before, but I got it after a few hours.
Nuor []: oh for npc also duh
Nuor []: huh I thought medkits already healed over time
Alundaio []: for npc
Alundaio []: I'm reworking medkit eating to heal over time rather then instantly
Alundaio []: Do you know if there is stalker sound that can be re-purposed and used to play when npc uses medkit?
Alundaio []: SBF
Alundaio []: That's fine
Balathruin []: I'd like to move the assassination task from Beard to Owl, it makes more sense to me as Beard is about artefacts and Owl is the equipment trader, info guy, etc.
Alundaio []: assuming they updated before the smart did
Alundaio []: it eventually would be true after some time, but it's good now like this, since I imagine it probably caused squads to leave their smart terrain on game load instead of staying the full length.
Balathruin []: wonder if this could have shown up without the bar task
Balathruin []: cool
Alundaio []: and something I wanted to add anyway
Alundaio []: Okay fixed the task failure, but it required me to add way to add/remove info portions to actor before he spawns. Since it seems sim_avail condition list check was occurring before actor net spawn
Balathruin []: yeah, attacks don't check for geometry
Nuor []: very tough to judge what is valid cover.
Nuor []: that and reaching through walls both bother me in mutant combat.
Balathruin []: Let's say you are on top of a tractor wreck, snorks can kick you to death without jumping
Nuor []: the problem isn' tthe range it's that you can really judge the range visually.
Alundaio []: not like you can see your feet in the game
Balathruin []: So mutants can attack you while you are 1-3 meters high on top of something
Nuor []: he is kinda right jumping creatures are very deceptive and snorks seem to do damage from any direction.
Balathruin []: y attack radius is same as xz
Alundaio []:

Hi gentlemen. In 1.5R6 the attack radius for monsters is too far. Dog bites are fatal from 5 ft away,
and I was torn apart by snorks, while standing on top of a truck roof while they were crawling along the ground.
? huh what's he talking about

Alundaio []: elseif (simulation_objects.available_by_id[] == false) then
printf("check_smart_under_faction_control task failed because smart no longer available",task_id)
return "fail"

Alundaio []: check_smart_under_faction_control task failed because smart no longer available
Alundaio []: yeah that's the problem, even though it shouldn't be, I'll look into why exactly
Balathruin []: ok, thanks
Alundaio []: tasks only works if sim_avail = true, and auto-fail if it's ever switched false. I wonder if base defense info is messing with it, i'll debug it
Balathruin []: Pretty sure it has something to do with bar smarts.
Alundaio []: and just before I tested spore's mutant task and it doesn't fail when reloading
Alundaio []: yeah it fails for me too
Balathruin []: two more at southern lair
Balathruin []: 4 now
Balathruin []: I have 3 mutant squads at lair 2 but the task doesn't pop up
Alundaio []: trying to test it but hard to get dogs at lair 1 or 2
Balathruin []: bar_zastava_dogs_lair_2 I think
Alundaio []: what is the smart name
Balathruin []: It targets the road to AW for me. The mutants don't despawn or anything.
Balathruin []: I can't see the problem
Balathruin []: fails on load save too
Alundaio []: that's odd
Alundaio []: fail and not complete?
Balathruin []: other two is fine
Balathruin []: hmm, the mutant task fails on level change
Nuor []: very snazzy
Alundaio []: that works in cop
Alundaio []: Someone make or find artefact hud for compass
Nuor []: sounds good
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Track down and find guide, he then tells you he is a fraud and gives you compass artefact to travel between space bubbles
Nuor []: multipart quests with nice rewards are bestest
Alundaio []: the quest
Alundaio []: Save Guide
Alundaio []: he was sitting where cold was
Alundaio []: guide used to be in
Alundaio []: There are still lots of unique npcs that can be added
Nuor []: I'm sad
Alundaio []: Guide got lost and died
Alundaio []: There is m_barman there, but he isn't using that I don't t hink
Nuor []: Why isn't Guide in Coc?
Alundaio []: m_person.ltx
Alundaio []: Sidorovich and Forester are only ones like this
Balathruin []: lol
Alundaio []: he is special
Alundaio []: he is human class
Alundaio []: sidorvich is not a stalker
Balathruin []: Sid is not using that
Alundaio []: bar_visitors_barman_stalker_trader_task_1
Alundaio []: You need to use his spawn section name: bar_visitors_barman_stalker_trader
Balathruin []: task dialog not working
Alundaio []: what about barman?
Nuor []: I usually start in marsh or cordon and seldom find the weapons I really want until the mono clearout of x-19.
Alundaio []: sniper jobs actually have a sniper mode, which is in engine. npc:sniper_fire_mode(true)
Balathruin []: Anything on Barman?
Balathruin []: k
Alundaio []: Eh plenty of better weapons then svu and svd
Balathruin []: I don't like getting highest tier weapons in minutes.
Alundaio []: if they actually spawned with pistol they would use it over sniper for closer ranges
Alundaio []: Yes
Balathruin []: Am I the only one who thinks sniper squads should be excluded from regular spawns?
Alundaio []: I think they should already what am I talking about
Alundaio []: Should sniper swtich to pistol for close range?
Alundaio []: Then I'd rather grenades removed before pistols
Balathruin []: I think the main reason was unnecessary increase of IDs as only shotgunners should have one.
Alundaio []: ok
Alundaio []: really only loadouts that have chance for shotgun should always have pistol, so I will add that
AxelDominatoR []: ops, sent a pull request with some code that wasn't supposed to be there. I'm going to remove it
Alundaio []: they will actually properly use a pistol now
Alundaio []: best weapon selection is different now
Alundaio []: when
Nuor []: I think it was decided not everyone needs a pistol
Alundaio []: so I'm thinking that wpn_pm should not have prob at all
Alundaio []: for each spawn loadout section, it will spawn only one of the items. If prob is listed, it will randomly be added to the list where only one item is selected
Nuor []: always like to see shotguns in those sniper positions
Balathruin []: I need a bit of help before I sink too much time in this. What do I need to add for Barman to have task dialog? I edited character desc already but it's not enough.
Alundaio []: so it's uncommon for bandit to have both which explains why these bandits trying to snipe me with a toz
Alundaio []: ah I see, darryl added prob for all the pistols
Balathruin []: ok, it didn't work for me earlier
Nuor []: I know it works because I have one of the mono groups spawn both.
Nuor []: yeah each section is spawned separately
Alundaio []: and grenades are working
Alundaio []: it should considering they are all setup where rifles are spawning through spawn_loadout4 section
Nuor []: ...
Nuor []: [spawn_loadout3]:pistol_base
Nuor []: they will in cwp loadouts
Balathruin []: Loadouts never game the NPCs more than one weapon.
Balathruin []: But does it work now?
Alundaio []: shotgun loadouts need pistols
Alundaio []: Not sure why it didn't just happen instantly
Alundaio []: easy fix, I guess there is no online check for the force online/offline status
Nuor []: so not sure why it was there at all I'm sure the stalkers fighting it were happy for it to go to sleep.
Alundaio []: So yes, it's bed time for Mr. gigant
Alundaio []: and >= 22
Alundaio []: <= 5
Balathruin []: I needed the info for Alun
Alundaio []: uh stupid chat
Alundaio []: if (hour = 22) then
b = false

Alundaio []: they are special day
Nuor []: You thinking it goes offline?
Nuor []: save time is 22:25 june 15
Balathruin []: I mean the ingame clock
Balathruin []: no
Nuor []: I could get exact value
Nuor []: real time
Balathruin []: ingame time?
Nuor []: I reloaded that save twice - the giant was there and just as before it disappeared afte about 1 minute.
Nuor []: heli's kept spawning in groups of 6 or 8. I think I killed 31 before I gave up.
Balathruin []: + track down radio signal (CoP and Spectrum Project)
Nuor []: that code i used used release
Nuor []: these heli's were stuck below the map I couldn't get rid of them using normal methods.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: but you probably killed all 500 of them in your save already
Alundaio []: that only removed sim squads, not helis. To remove the helis just turn heli off in game options, It should destroy them I think
Nuor []: that debug_cmd code to remove the extra heli's may have fixed that though.
Nuor []: I also had that state_mgr error on escape
Alundaio []: I had them on escape
Balathruin []: Ideas so far:
escort squad to other level
bounty on actor, you are the target
change existing kill target task so you must search the corpse
stealing information (mainly stealth)
trading between factions, either ambush them (CoP) or the actor is part of the trade too (OGSE)
others: Snag's quest, the debt and mutant lair from CoP

Alundaio []: Those were issue I had when using the marshal system. I haven't seen them yet on reverted code. I also saw something just as strange when I was getting those errors, it said npc_info nil for actor, which not possible lol
Nuor []: odd thing is some levels had the game_relation error and others didn't and so far only zaton has had this other error.
Nuor []: that might be
Alundaio []: and why it crashes with that too
Alundaio []: and community probably returing empty string like ""
Alundaio []: I don't think the save can be fixed. Whatever causes that clsid error is corruption. It means object has clsid of 0 which is impossible.
Nuor []: --[[
local m_data = alife_storage_manager.get_state()
if (m_data.sim_squad_scripted) then
m_data.sim_squad_scripted = nil

Nuor []: I have a repo db but I haven't updated it in a week or more.
Alundaio []: Do you still put repo in it's own db?
Nuor []: I had it load the marshal data then when it saved it saved it using packet write and set marshal to nil.
Alundaio []: There is no data for STATE_Read it would just freeze
Alundaio []: how did you get it load?
Nuor []: But i'm still using and old save that I converted to remove old marshal data.
Nuor []: yep
Alundaio []: Are you not using current repo?
Nuor []: had that again before the error triggered
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrserverentities\xrServer_Object_Base.h[145] {CSE_Abstract::script_clsid} m_script_clsid >= 0
Nuor []: I have had it before bu tit has been months since last and it was specific to changes i had made.
Nuor []: It doesn't trigger like I'm used to that error triggering.
Alundaio []: didn't you use to get that with the flies? Or am I remembering incorrectly
Alundaio []: like npc.alive() might cause it I think, instead of npc:alive()
Nuor []: I can send you this save it will definitely have them. but you'll need my files.
Alundaio []: But it usually means using a function of a userdata improperly
Alundaio []: Not sure about the errors, I haven't seen them yet
Alundaio []: Clone me in 3D printer and we can implement everything we dream of
Alundaio []: I had ideas before for dynamic events. Rather then quests you get from talking from someone, the quest in the world is already happening, when you come and switch the npcs online. Like Awl and Pethrua, help a stalker heal his friend. And like the new bandit robbery I added in zaton.
Nuor []: I'm ready to end this playthrough but it would be nice to know what is causing these pure virtual function errors
Alundaio []: he walked into a space bubble
Nuor []: He was thumping up to me after a stomp and i turned to get some distance and he just disappeared,
Balathruin []: I only saw spawns very few times, but not in the restricted zone
Alundaio []: could be time shift for mutant, I will check code to make sure it doesn't switch anything already online offline
Alundaio []: never seen anyone vanish in front of me yet
Balathruin []: and the point would be to get information from him or ask about what he done (similar to CoP quest again)
Alundaio []: i saw npc disappear but it was near graph point to change levels
Alundaio []: Hmm running away would be interesting, for stealth, there would have to be clear instructions not to kill anyone and they won't kill you if spotted. If killing allowed then it's just another seek and destroy mission with a different title
Nuor []: i was running from a giant next to the ship in Zaton and the giant just disappeared. I don't recall that ever happening.
Balathruin []: but once again, hard to do
Balathruin []: No marker but all you have is a last seen at somewhere and then you need to either ask somewhere near the place or wait for dynamic messages
Balathruin []: Tracking down a stalker task could be interesting.
Balathruin []: yeah that't the problem
Alundaio []: on 32 maps
Alundaio []: How to make it dynamic would be tricky. Would almost need to manually add locations for the item to spawn
Balathruin []: To spice it up it could be a real stealth task, when you get spotted an NPC picks up the stuff and tries to run away with at least one more guy.
Balathruin []: Stealing documents, flash drives, laptops could be done as it's not a true fetch quest, but a possible stealth mission.
Balathruin []: Trade is a bit more interesting but harder to do, simply two factions meet up somewhere and trade weapons/supplies/arefacts
Alundaio []: There are a few threads here with task ideas
Alundaio []: long ago I didn't want fetch quests and didn't want all quests to be copy and pasted. But never found the time. And it was easier just to put early version of DrX questline into CoC, which was just copy and pasted tasks
Balathruin []: My only ideas are the debt and trade missions from CoP.
Balathruin []: yeah
Alundaio []: I was thinking about stealing document quests, but really it's just a fetch quest
Balathruin []: kinda
Alundaio []: Oh you just mean recreation
Balathruin []: I'm just digging the SoC file to see what you could do.
Balathruin []: no, same as existing tasks
Alundaio []: @bal Not sure I understand. you are adding static quests from soc?
AxelDominatoR []: awesome. So far it looks great. It will be a few weeks before I start with some proper game code (as I'm in the design phase), so in the meantime I'll just do as much "utility" stuff as I can, which is probably generic code you can pull without too many issues
Alundaio []: I think that is issue
Alundaio []: I just remembered that for some reason engine ini read removes spaces from string for some reason
Balathruin []: I'm doing it based on SoC task manager
Alundaio []: ok
Balathruin []: kill mutants near bar, assassination and possibly eliminate bandits at garbage
Alundaio []: Which kind of tasks
Alundaio []: I tested the functions in luascript enviroment they parse line fine
Balathruin []: I'm adding tasks to barman.
Alundaio []: it is reading entire line improperly
Alundaio []: Like:
on_actor_dist_ge = 10 | patrol@go2 %+lim_bandit_wounded_go%
ERROR: path_walk is emtpy for npc=lim_bandit_wonded_224248 scheme=patrol section=patrol@go2%+lim_bandit_wounded_

Alundaio []: I'm investigating something for bangalore. He has weird logic corruption with stuff not being parsed properly from ini
Alundaio []: FT.FT_Load_Char in draw is not good,
Nuor []: they still surrender for me.
Alundaio []: font code needs to be optimized, similar to how atlasing is done
Alundaio []: The same goes for assigned script
Alundaio []: It's done in import.prefab
Alundaio []: Yes, it should. If the widget doesn't explicitly have a style set in the tag, it will use it's parent's style
AxelDominatoR []: being able to declare font family and size separately is pretty nice. Does it inherit to children nodes?
AxelDominatoR []: cool. I'm working mostly on user interface at the moment, so I'll send you some pull requests when I'm done
Alundaio []: yeah consider it the root
AxelDominatoR []: oh, I see, so I can safely just use everything inside the build folder and not worry about what's outside, right?
Balathruin []: I've downed quite a lot of military and bandit and none of them surrendered.
Alundaio []: it only gives a chance for a second stash location
Alundaio []: @Bal That achievement has no effect on surrendering
Alundaio []: @Axel: in my local repo I have an unfinished source folder with several makefile and VS projects for some of the third party binaries
Balathruin []: After I got Silver or Lead no one surrenders anymore.
AxelDominatoR []: what do you have planned for the "build" folder? Right now everything is inside there
AxelDominatoR []: cool stuff, looks a bit more organized now!
AxelDominatoR []: @Alundaio: I just finished to merge your GammaRay code changes with my repository
Balathruin []: The hell. No reaction on "long" distance shots.
Balathruin []: I got my first major "error" in my play. The game dropped to 30-50 FPS with max GPU usage. I have no idea how to debug this.
Steve2000 []: I see.. I got you...
Balathruin []: Goodwill is required mainly for traders.
Steve2000 []: does anyone know of a tutorial for porting soc weapons to cop / coc?
Steve2000 []: I came to ask a question anyways...
Steve2000 []: sorry about that...
Steve2000 []: oh.. shit sorry.. i just joined the chat and didnt kow about the context...
Balathruin []: You misunderstood, I want to reward goodwill which you can see it relations table.
Steve2000 []: the reward is a vauble item?
Steve2000 []: Any idea what should reward goodwill
Balathruin []: I don't know what you mean.
Steve2000 []: stash co-ordinates.... good trade deal for artefacts?
Steve2000 []: ?
Steve2000 []: unique weapon>
Steve2000 []: Aselection of food? medkits?
Balathruin []: Any idea what should reward goodwill? Feel like it's a bit too slow to grind tasks/quests.
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrserverentities\xrServer_Object_Base.h[145] {CSE_Abstract::script_clsid} m_script_clsid >= 0
! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrserverentities\xrServer_Object_Base.h[145] {CSE_Abstract::script_clsid} m_script_clsid >= 0
! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrserverentities\xrServer_Object_Base.h[145] {CSE_Abstract::script_clsid} m_script_clsid >= 0
! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrserverentities\xrServer_Object_Base.h[145] {CSE_Abstract::script_clsid} m_script_clsid >= 0


[error]Expression :
[error]Function : handler_base
[error]File : xrDebugNew.cpp
[error]Line : 937
[error]Description : pure virtual function call

Nuor []: I didn't notice that pure virtual function crash until I got to zaton
Nuor []: feels*
Nuor []: I don't think 1.5 feel much more outrageous than 1 did.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Nour: 4 Controllers? Damn!
Nuor []: 4 controllers and 20 dogs in the first 5 min.
Nuor []: I've had mutant pop at 1 lets turn it to 1.5 and see how crazy it can really get.
Nuor []: of course with these mutant spawns you are either overpowered or dead.
Nuor []: I am overpowered as this gear is overmaxed but it feels even more overpowered than that.
Nuor []: when i was using a sunrise suit I felt underpowered now with a maxed skat9m an dtop weapons I feel overpowered.
Nuor []: I noticed the AI blind in dark issue also
Balathruin []: seems like the AI is blind in the dark again, they can only track you through sounds which makes suppressed weapons broken
Balathruin []: got around the problem
Darryl []: Works quite well with the lowered default value and backpacks
Darryl []: That was a pretty neat idea
Darryl []: Also I only noticed not long ago that almost all outfits increase carrying capacity to mimic pockets, pouches etc.
Darryl []: (until they are all unlocked again)
Darryl []: Which is why the achievement effect is disabled if new articles are added
Darryl []: The memory sticks are always useful in case future articles are added anyways
Balathruin []: I only put the crap condition weapons back
Darryl []: Well that's not really a fault in the scripts, that's just a case of not paying attention
Balathruin []: that's all the looting I do
Darryl []: Ah fair point
Balathruin []: f-x-esc
Darryl []: Hey Axel
Darryl []: Short term memory loss methinks
AxelDominatoR []: hey everybody
Darryl []: But you have to take them out of the corpse's inventory?
Balathruin []: I mostly see if I have some hours after I got it.
Darryl []: You would only be left with them in your inventory if you waited to get more than 1 before using them
Balathruin []: I know
Darryl []: Because after the achievement is unlocked their spawns are replaced by PDAs
Balathruin []: Why not sell it as info after you have the achievement?
Balathruin []: eh
Darryl []: You can drop them
Balathruin []: @Darryl I have a USB stick stuck in my inventory.
Balathruin []: Heavy rain in the evening results in dumb AI. Haven't seen bad reactions in a long time.
Nuor []: replacing old marshal data for smart_terrains and sim_squad_scripted with packet save data (with current save) didn't prevent the game_relations crash. i guess it will require a new game or very old save if i even have one.
Nuor []: I removed old heli's with that I'll see if it fixes any of the crashes.
Balathruin []: It worked perfectly in my game. Destroyed on entering the map and small one spawning instead.
Nuor []: after completing the "down to earth" achievement the old style heli's moved below the map instead of despawning. They sitting there doing nothing and making noise.
Alundaio []: @nuor it's to quickly reset and apply animation state
Balathruin []: I tried to test smart covers but it's pretty meh. NPCs don't care about it most of the time. I didn't notice a performance impact, but I'm pretty sure it needs some extra CPU power (even if it's like +0-3%)
Nuor []: planner:update()

Nuor []: in xr_effects.script look at update_npc_logic(
SadBlackFox []:

so state_manager:update() runs multiple times in a row why is that?

Because the binder is duplicated

Steve2000 []: hmm... whats the idea for it? what does it do?
Balathruin []: Last time he blamed me for that...
Balathruin []: It's frozen.
Steve2000 []: google showed this.... but this is all.. i dont see any downloads, is he still working on it?
Steve2000 []:
Steve2000 []: hmm... no nothing like that lol
Steve2000 []: but i dont understand the difference between CWP and stcop?
Balathruin []: You hacked Darryl's PC?
Steve2000 []: oh.. hold on... I found it...
Steve2000 []: I heard about it, but i thought it was a russian mod...
Steve2000 []: is there a download page for CWP?
Steve2000 []: oh.. i see... so it doesnt really matter...AO an CWP may clash anyways...
Balathruin []: It's only STCoP
Balathruin []: AO3 is the same.
Nuor []: Darryl has CWP etc files separate from vanilla icons basically off to the righthand side in the enlarged
Steve2000 []: like AO and stcop mod makers?
Steve2000 []: so i was thinking... would it be possible to allocate the space to frequent and offical modders?
Steve2000 []: I tired updating stcop for coc recently myself.. and the weapon icons clash with the new suits...
Steve2000 []: but i had a thought....
Steve2000 []: oh.. maybe that explains why the owr a org mods are in that style...
Nuor []: .db's are the standard files compressed
Nuor []: so state_manager:update() runs multiple times in a row why is that?
Steve2000 []: since owr 1.5 uses a .db file system (which i dont understand) was that system implemented by you guys?
Steve2000 []: what i mean is...
Steve2000 []: would someone be able to explain if the new database system would be conveinient for modders? ... this may take some explaining....
SadBlackFox []: night
Darryl []: night
Darryl []: After the first 40 seconds
Darryl []:
Darryl []: This video reminds me of those old Windows XP screensavers
Darrill []: @Alundaio, after recent cnanges sim_board.script:20: attempt to call field 'is_valid' (a nil value)
Darryl []: Suppose that sort of balances out with the mutant part requirement though
Darryl []: Oh yeah that requires 25 forfeits
Darryl []: Ah
Balathruin []: tools, silver and lead
Darryl []: Other than Well Dressed what are the other 2 achievements?
Darryl []: Damn that's ace
Alundaio []: hi
Balathruin []: stats -
Darryl []: Hey Alun
Darryl []: And holy crap the smart covers are in CoC base :-DD
Darryl []: There's a half-life joke in here somewhere
Darryl []:

* revert marshal persistent storage for sim_squad_scripted.script and smart_terrain.script due to unforeseen issues

Balathruin []: seems like zombies can still sit around campfires
Alundaio []: @SBF: There is utils.graph_distance
Alundaio []: no
Nuor []: did you purposely revert the monster_special_day and monster_special_night entries in sim_squad-scripted.script?
SadBlackFox []: Because the binder is duplicated
Nuor []: starngely though since entering marsh I haven't had a crash.
Balathruin []: holy crap, it's been a month since R6
Nuor []: and i already shot down 2 helis on this map
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-29-17_13-26-38__k00_marsh_.jpg
Alundaio []: and I just tested the reverted code with time_factor 1000 saving/loading and I can't get the crash anymore.
Alundaio []: SBF will be disappointed, but I don't know why it causes it
Nuor []: ah I wasn't sur ewhich you meant.
Alundaio []: its because of soemthing wrong with the persistent saving, It has been reverted.
Alundaio []: Nuor, I said earlier I replicated your crash
Darrill []: yes
Nuor []: added fly*
Nuor []: darril did that start only after you adde dfly?
Darrill []: I saw only one
Nuor []: huge numbers of helis in marsh also
Alundaio []: That should be gone after latest commit. It will need new game.
Alundaio []: As for population, it's because many more smarts are opened up. The CoC system was designed to force squads offline if they couldn't find a job. Respawners might need to be readjusted. As the game seems pretty crowded at even 0.5 pop factor after a week or so in the zone.
Darrill []: Atter 15 minutes of testing got this item by index not found in section game_relations, line communities
Alundaio []: well I just reverted the persistent storage changes to smart terrain and sim squad scripted. Moving to the marshal system doesn't require a new game, but moving back to NET packet saving will require new game or old save before using it.
Nuor []: I'm fairly ceratin this crash is accumulated time based. after a few minutes of play I get it no matter what I do.
Balathruin []: My very first time killing a neutral, but I wanted that Snowflake I don't have a veles yet...
Balathruin []: Should the PKM in the tank stay? The ammo is quite hard to come by, so I guess you could not really use it until late game.
Nuor []: neither crash seems to be related to what I'm doing.
Balathruin []: You can't even walk near the edges as you get constantly stuck.
Nuor []: I'm now getting either the pure vitual crash or the game_relations crash evry 5 min or so
Balathruin []: I never liked this map due to being closed down and crowded, full of anomalies and mutants all the time.
Balathruin []: Red forest have always been like this. Especially that it's my first time + night, so nearly all smarts were full.
Nuor []: I tell you mutant spawns are crazy.
Balathruin []: I already hate red forest but it's full of 3-4 pack bloodsuckers, double chimeras and some more random stuff while almost every faction has a (dead) squad.
Nuor []: File uploaded:
Nuor []: I hadn't been back in agro for a while I suppose they could have been old. but they were small copters which make sme doubt it.
Balathruin []: yaay electricity
Nuor []: huge mutant spawns
Alundaio []: I did replicate one of you crashes with time_factor 1000 on escape
Alundaio []: unless heli were already like that in your save
Alundaio []: You definitely should not have duplicating spawns anymore if you are up to date on repo
Nuor []: more game_relations crashes and crazy numbers of mutant spawns.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-29-17_10-07-08__l03_agroprom_.jpg
Nuor []: actually it seems like mutant group size has generally exploded.
Nuor []: hmm I had 4 giants spawn in a group then 5 chimera.
Nuor []: damn had the [error]Description : pure virtual function call again
Nuor []: I haven't changed any scripts to cause this and it only happened twice. Usually if you evoke this kind of error it is regular and persistent.
SadBlackFox []: Are you sure that your gamedata could not provoke an error?
Nuor []: hadn't seen one of these in a long while - now get 2 in a short period.

[error]Expression :
[error]Function : handler_base
[error]File : xrDebugNew.cpp
[error]Line : 937
[error]Description : pure virtual function call

Nuor []: again
Nuor []: go tthe game_relation error again on different level
Alundaio []: prior
Alundaio []: every where setup_logic is used, npc_info[id] is used
Alundaio []: hmm that's not really possible
Nuor []: had those 2 lines before error
Nuor []: aes2_monolith_camp2.setup_logic: npc_info is nil! for id=29367
aes2_monolith_camp1.setup_logic: npc_info is nil! for id=29367

Nuor []: bye SBF
Nuor []: happened again in a slightly different location of same level.
SadBlackFox []: bye
Nuor []: File uploaded:
Alundaio []: show me full log
Nuor []: I still get those on occasion
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrserverentities\xrServer_Object_Base.h[145] {CSE_Abstract::script_clsid} m_script_clsid >= 0


[error]Expression :
[error]Function : CIni_IdToIndex::GetByIndex
[error]File : e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrgame\ini_id_loader.h
[error]Line : 147
[error]Description : fatal error
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Nuor []: yep that wa sit.
Nuor []: I wonder if i didn't change that
Nuor []: wait you moved script animation to slot 14.
Alundaio []: I don't know
Nuor []: I know this worked in the past
Nuor []: shouldn't activating slot 13 automatically force holster?
Nuor []: there is restore weapon
Nuor []: hmm I don't see holster weapon. Maybe i just forgot.
Alundaio []: smoooooth
Nuor []: that's his favorite ;)
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: I tell you barkeep listens exclusively to Bill Withers ;p
Nuor []: I thought so and i don't recall ever changing it.
Alundaio []: This cover is better then the original
Alundaio []: didn't it force you to hide weapon before?
Nuor []: bah the animations are only working if no weapon is in hand. I don't recall that being the cas ein the past.
SadBlackFox []: I saw this.
Nuor []: well it breaks sometime between 6/9 23:58 and 6/10 00:56
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: last working save is day 14
Nuor []: It's something to do with the save as a much earlier save works fine.
Nuor []: I was testing smurth animation and it worked fine for a while then just stopped for no apparent reason.
SadBlackFox []: ?
SadBlackFox []: eat
SadBlackFox []: Yes, I found the text in the video description. But the Rasputin lived before the emergence of the USSR.
Alundaio []: full consumption animations?
Alundaio []:

Она считала, что он был святым целителем
Кто исцелит ее сына
Ра Распутин
Любовник русской королевы
Был кот, которого действительно не было
Ра Распутин
Самая большая машина любви в России
Было стыдно, как он продолжал
Но когда его пить и похоть и голод
Для власти стало известно все больше и больше людей
Требования сделать что-то об этом возмутительном
Человек становился все громче и громче
Этот человек просто должен был пойти, объявил своих врагов
Но дамы умоляли, не пытайтесь это сделать, пожалуйста
Без сомнения, у Распутина было много скрытых прелестей
Хотя он был грубым, они просто упали ему на руки
Затем однажды ночью некоторые люди с более высоким статусом
Ставить ловушку,
они не виноваты
Приезжайте к нам, они продолжали требовать
И он действительно пришел
Ра Распутин
Любовник русской королевы
Они вложили яд в свое вино
Ра Распутин
Самая большая машина любви в России
Он выпил все это и сказал: «Я прекрасно себя чувствую»
Ра Распутин
Любовник русской королевы
Они не ушли, они хотели его голову
Ра Распутин
Самая большая машина любви в России
И поэтому они застрелили его, пока он не был мертв
О, эти россияне

Nuor []: very strange full consumption animations stopped working.
Alundaio []:

В России давно жил некий человек
Он был большим и сильным, в его глазах пылало сияние
Большинство людей смотрели на него с ужасом и страхом
Но московским цыплятам он был такой милой дорогой
Он мог проповедовать Библию, как проповедник
Полный экстаза и огня
Но он также был учителем
Женщины хотели бы
Ра Распутин
Любовник русской королевы
Был кот, которого действительно не было
Ра Распутин
Самая большая машина любви в России
Было стыдно, как он продолжал
Он правил русской землей и не имеет никакого отношения к царю
Но ряса, которую он танцевал, действительно вошла
Во всех государственных делах он был человеком, чтобы угодить
Но он был очень велик, когда у него была девушка, чтобы сжать
Для королевы он не был торговцем колесами
Хотя она слышала то, что он сделал
Она верила…

SadBlackFox []: I did not understand anything, but it looks cool!
Alundaio []:
SadBlackFox []: Oh my gods! Triggered
Alundaio []: ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Alundaio []: ░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄███▄▄▄░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄██▀▀▀▀███▄░░░░░ ░░░░░░░▄▀▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀█░░░░ ░░░░▄▄▀░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀█░░░ ░░░█░░░░░▀▄░░▄▀░░░░░░░░█░░░ ░░░▐██▄░░▀▄▀▀▄▀░░▄██▀░▐▌░░░ ░░░█▀█░▀░░░▀▀░░░▀░█▀░░▐▌░░░ ░░░█░░▀▐░░░░░░░░▌▀░░░░░█░░░ ░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░░ ░░░░█░░▀▄░░░░▄▀░░░░░░░░█░░░ ░░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄░░░░█░░░░ ░░░░░█▀██▀▀▀▀██▀░░░░░░█░░░░ ░░░░░█░░▀████▀░░░░░░░█░░░░░ ░░░░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░▄█░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░██░░░░░█▄▄▀▀░█░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░▀▀█▀▀▀▀░░░░░░█░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░░░
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: Yeeee
Alundaio []: Hello
SadBlackFox []: Hello
SadBlackFox []: becouse
SadBlackFox []: @Alundaio, I thought you fell asleep on the keyboard, so you do not say hello.
Nuor []: something along the line sof Yar and Ashot
Alundaio []: he is speaking to me about nimble
SadBlackFox []: ?
Nuor []: I think i see what you have in mind for dynamic orders at least the general principal.
Steve2000 []: thats not good... ill have to merge them properly!!!
Steve2000 []: I guess if 2 weapon addons are using the same icon co-ordinates, it means one will be over written...
Steve2000 []: *I see thank you
SadBlackFox []: yes
Steve2000 []: so it will overwite anything in the databse addons?
SadBlackFox []: The folder "gamedata" has the highest priority.
SadBlackFox []: yes
Steve2000 []: whats happens if you use owr (with the database files) and then add another mod which uses the same icon space? does the icon just clash?
SadBlackFox []: haha
Nuor []: some version of this happens alot in there bu tthis is as extreme as I recall seeing.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-28-17_16-44-55__l12u_sarcofag_.jpg
Steve2000 []: definately outside my knowledge im afraid...
Nuor []: don't recall that one before
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: xrMemory_subst_msvc.cpp[166] {xrMemory::mem_free} pool < mem_pools_count Memory corruption
SadBlackFox []: I have never seen NPC mutants leaping through a wall. But this is possible, if for the end point of the jump ai node is selected behind the wall.
I'm not sure, I do not know how to select this node.

Steve2000 []: probably sounds like a typical xray thing...
SadBlackFox []: I think it's because of the jump.
Steve2000 []: anyways balathruin isnt here...
Steve2000 []: is it suppposed to go through walls?
Nuor []: all kinds of spawns in x-19 now chimera is a regular
Balathruin []: I have a request for the weapon and outfit tools. I need the max condition to use and max condition it can repair to separate.
Balathruin []: I wouldn't really mind but it goes through walls.
Balathruin []: So... why do i have a chimera in X19?
Balathruin []: There is more than enough to matter.
Steve2000 []: hmm true.. i didnt think there was much dofference?
Balathruin []: Problem with 5.56 and 5.45 is you can't simulate the difference what exists in real world.
Steve2000 []: well some of them are simialar... like the ak that fire nato ammo...
Balathruin []: Two very different calibers
Balathruin []: AK-102 and AK-103 are a bad example. First is 5.56 second is 7.62x39.
Steve2000 []: I like the bizon for example... to use the hand gun bullets
Steve2000 []: but some of the smgs are good.....
Steve2000 []: well some weapons... the ak102 and ak103 are pretty similar...
Balathruin []: same problem with weapons
Steve2000 []: ahh ok.. I thinnk I have that downloaded..
Steve2000 []: too many items that do exactly the same thing...
Balathruin []: the r6 version is
Steve2000 []: I'll tell you what I dont like in some mods come to think of it.... the item soup malarkie....
Steve2000 []: is that on moddb?
Balathruin []: OWR3 is already fully ported, I use it with my R7 play.
Steve2000 []: I love the scar with scopes.. its my favorite weapon...
Steve2000 []: maybe a selection of the best weapons would be better...
Steve2000 []: but i suppose the mod is entirely optional...
Steve2000 []: OWR is on my bucketl list...
Balathruin []: 100% port of AO3 and STCoP will not exist, as anything related to balance will stay unchanged leaving problems in place. What I have the nerves for are vanilla based ones + one pack with a few extra weapons (OWR 2.1 full so far)
Steve2000 []: I'll start by porting stcop properly...
Steve2000 []: and I have been talking to werejew about his warfare mod...
Steve2000 []: im hoping to make the mod future-proof...
Balathruin []: ok
Steve2000 []: I was thinking of cleaning it up also... by changing the file paths in the OGF files.. that way it would be easier and more tidy for people to use it in the future...
Steve2000 []: well... i may do if I spend so much time on it... but uploading it means I need permission from the original authors...
Balathruin []: if you ever want to upload it
Steve2000 []: for my version or a release version?
Steve2000 []: just please make sure to not have the idiotic "this weapon should zoom in more than the other with the same scope/sight"
Steve2000 []: I dont use zoom on ironsights... I thought 1.1 would be good to simulate extra concentration which aiming...
Balathruin []: ?
Steve2000 []: you mean for the final version release?
Balathruin []: You have to merge the UI texture, but that's easy.
Steve2000 []: I had some icons go missing when I tried to port stcop 1.4.22 into 1.5r6
Balathruin []: just please make sure to not have the idiotic "this weapon should zoom in more than the other with the same scope/sight"
Steve2000 []: yeah I suppose it could be done that way to speed things up...
Balathruin []: What I did is search weapons folder for scope_zoom_factor to see all the values listed, then replace common ones and edit the rest manually.
Steve2000 []: yeah.. I changed everything from 63.3 to 1.1.. but i havent tested the scopes yet...
Balathruin []: It's easy with notepad++ if you know how to use replace in files.
Steve2000 []: I see... well I will have to change all thee zoom factors manually as r6 uses a different style... but thats minor tweaking at least...
Balathruin []: I don't understand you. File structure was not changed.
Steve2000 []: If I start ona mod.. I will leave the weapons until last... from what I can tell, the items are still done in the same way?
Steve2000 []: lol... I thought you were going to say r8 (it's a joke)
Balathruin []: R7 is next
Steve2000 []: Ahh i see.... is the new COC about to be released? I have noticed 1.5r6 is technically a beta test version? everyone was warned about that from the start to be fair...
Balathruin []: I think it works but some AI stuff will crash it.
Steve2000 []: I dont currently understand the new weapons file system...
Steve2000 []: ahh.. ok...
Balathruin []: not with repo files, it needs updated engine
Steve2000 []: do you mean I should rebuild the source for the engine?
Steve2000 []: 1.5r6 is not playable? It worked ok for me when I tested it today?
Balathruin []: You can also start working now if you download repo files and build around it. The game is not playable, but at least you can start doing something.
Steve2000 []: ok.. I'll keep that in mind...
Steve2000 []: what about the new sdk files? I've been unable to update my files becuase I get confused as to what updates i need...
Balathruin []: I think OWR, AO, STCoP, SWM and maybe TAZ is what you could use. Don't know about any other good packs. For OWR make sure to use 2.1 models and anims as 3 has partial and full reloads which would create inconsistency.
Steve2000 []: well.. i have most of them... but if its better to wait for the next COC version, then I'll do that...
Balathruin []: I'd say collect the weapon packs. Porting from SoC is not possible as you have to edit models and make new animations.
Steve2000 []: and now would be a good time to give the forum a tidy up.. before it gets too big...
Steve2000 []: do you guys need a moderator for the forums? many threads are obsolete...
Steve2000 []: but as you said.. i should refrain from making mods for the time being....
Steve2000 []: I like the variation...
Steve2000 []: well yu dont have to... like I said its for personal use...
Balathruin []: I don't understand what's fun in having 300+ weapons.
Steve2000 []: ahh yes.. I know I would have to convert them manually in the SDK (if thats possible)
Balathruin []: SoC is completely different, weapons are tied to hands.
Steve2000 []: (or repack lol)
Steve2000 []: kinda like a mega weapon pack...
Steve2000 []: and some other weapons from SOC
Steve2000 []: true, but i wish to make stcop work also... and OWR and AO...
Steve2000 []: Ahh it was for personal use... are you saying another update is coming?
Balathruin []: CWP is not STCoP
Balathruin []: I would not build on R6, but wait instead
Steve2000 []: CWP 2.9
Steve2000 []:
Steve2000 []: there was also this mod that was never really updated as far as I know...
Steve2000 []: I was planning on merging them but I only have versions from 1.4.22
Steve2000 []: all of them lol...
Balathruin []: Which one you need?
Steve2000 []: the file system is completely different!!!
Steve2000 []: Does anyone know how to convert weapon packs to 1.5r6?
Darryl []: Yeah I noticed that too, when one blows up they both (all) blow up
Nuor []: I noticed something odd. I shot down 1 heli and the one next to it fell from the sky also.
SadBlackFox []: Yeeee
Darryl []: "We're under attack by a cat, please send in an entire air squadron to assist!"
Nuor []: I have pics with 4 or even 6 at once. they fly in packs now.
Darryl []: What?
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I'm not certain it is more common with giants than other mutants it is just very noticeable.
Alundaio []: i will look at it later
Nuor []: giants seem to be getting stuck on stupid - they like to ignore actor an run in place.
Nuor []: the no condition buggy vodka was in the x-9 room with the 3 burers
Alundaio []: yeah
Nuor []: could you generalize to have ???_orders.ltx for other named npc's?
Alundaio []: and replacing %s in string with RU
Alundaio []: the difference would be dynamically generating the info portions
Alundaio []: and pretty much use the same dialog functions
Alundaio []: I would just call the init nimble function in the dm_* function
Nuor []: you might even be able to pull cost from the item section. Kinda depends on what you do with dynamics.
Nuor []: I just updated what I currently tested. fixed the config
Nuor []: my cursor was in that file when game crashed and I had a keep depressed an ddidn't notice. happens regularly
Alundaio []: that config setup can be used if/when it's switched dynamic dialog
Nuor []: that was just a typo.
Alundaio []: cost = 80aaa00
Nuor []: night sbf
SadBlackFox []: goodnight
Nuor []: nevermind the text file entry was wrong to scare off buyers ;p
Nuor []: looks like it should be 1:1
Nuor []: dialogs.relocate_money_from_actor(first_speaker, second_speaker, esc_2_12_costs_table[i].cost)
Nuor []: not sure how that happened.
Nuor []: nimble multiplied the base rate he charges by over 3x 75000 = 275,000
Nuor []: think that update to the pastebin should fix things.
Nuor []: item_count_by_category[i_cnt] since that value was used by the function that set infoportion it set the the wrong value.
Alundaio []: Yeee
Nuor []: when I added cost to section it increased min line count to 2
Nuor []: I see what i did
SadBlackFox []: 2009-2011
SadBlackFox []: It is a pity that they did not finish.
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: Advanced simulation
Alundaio []: you have 1 month
Alundaio []: now add it to coc
Alundaio []: impressive
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: NC Project
SadBlackFox []: Reworking code is always good. I'm glad to hear that you are doing this.
Nuor []: esc_2_12_ordered_item_8_1 that infoportion went missing
Alundaio []: what did you link?
Alundaio []: there are many locations that stalkers did not target
Alundaio []: because squads forced offline for time of day
Alundaio []: and lair not really necessary anymore
Alundaio []: because some things are wrong
Nuor []: yeah somehow the infoportions weren't given or were lost.
SadBlackFox []: For what purpose do you change it?
SadBlackFox []:

i'm reworking gulag props
one smart at a time
using gulag export debug command

SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: using gulag export debug command
Alundaio []: one smart at a time
Alundaio []: i'm reworking gulag props
Alundaio []: xstream
Alundaio []: you
SadBlackFox []: Guess who it is?
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
Nuor []: only thing i can think of is it is missing the infoportions
Nuor []: hmm the table looks fine with that change but still get the error
Nuor []: nimble_max_items = i_cnt - 1 instead
Nuor []: I have one too many categories for nimble_max_items
Nuor []: hmm maybe i see something
Nuor []:
Nuor []: The whole process worked before i switched to the while loop. I misse dsomething bu tnot seeing it.
Nuor []: the order placed fine - it only crashed on pickup
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I changed script to remove a bunch of unnecessary lines from plugin ltx but don't see what thta could have changed.
Nuor []: yes and it worked befor eI changed the script
Alundaio []: or atleast, you didn't paste it the other day
Alundaio []: you added dialog for it, but it does not exist in plugins
Alundaio []: did you even add a new cat?
Nuor []: I broke something but not obvious to me what

[error]Expression : !phrase_dialog->m_PhraseVector.empty()
[error]Function : CPhraseDialog:ayPhrase
[error]File : PhraseDialog.cpp
[error]Line : 146
[error]Description : No available phrase to say, dialog[esc_2_12_stalker_nimble_get_order]

Balathruin []: I just realised. Why increase X16 timer?
SadBlackFox []: smart.global_position = vector():set(pos.x + offset[1], pos.y + offset[2], pos.z + offset[3])
GPOS_distance(smart.global_position, other.global_position)
function GPOS_distance(a, b)
return (b.x - a.x) ^ 2 + (b.z - a.z) ^ 2

Alundaio []: position will be relative to whatever level they are on.
Alundaio []: or atleast I don't believe so
Alundaio []: distance is not accurate when they are not on same level
Balathruin []: 30 monolith to get out? cool
Balathruin []: I think the time increase can stay. Most mutants killed each other for me.
SadBlackFox []: If I measure the distance between objects in different locations, should I also use the location offset (on the global map)?
Alundaio []: not sure what you mean?
SadBlackFox []: If I use "distance_to" or "distance_to_sqr", should I consider the location offset?
Alundaio []: only use it with Notepad++
Alundaio []: But then again, who uses Lua 5.3?
Alundaio []:

The following functions were deprecated in the mathematical library: atan2, cosh, sinh, tanh, pow, frexp, and ldexp. You can replace math.pow(x,y) with x^y; you can replace math.atan2 with math.atan, which now accepts one or two parameters; you can replace math.ldexp(x,exp) with x * 2.0^exp. For the other operations, you can either use an external library or implement them in Lua.

Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: so maybe they had this thought as well
Alundaio []: Btw, lua 5.3 math.pow is removed
Nuor []: ^ that is
SadBlackFox []: don't know^)
Nuor []: I think you need a special library to use that
SadBlackFox []: This is strange?
Alundaio []: that is strange, why wouldn't someone ever use x^y
SadBlackFox []: yes
Nuor []: I've use it in the past
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: 26464
Alundaio []: SBF is there even such a thing as math.pow?
Nuor []: id's dropped from over 51000 to around 26000
Alundaio []: would be interesting to find out if IDs are actually FREED when objects are removed
Alundaio []: with latest commits
Alundaio []: just return to save and try out the squad remove_sim command
Nuor []: function action_patrol:reset_scheme()
state_mgr.set_state(self.object, "patrol")
if not self.move_mgr then return end

Nuor []: I avoided the crash by checking for nil not sure what it did to the game though.
Alundaio []: or npc did not net spawn properly
Alundaio []: move_mgr should not be nil, ever
Alundaio []: it might just be related to the broken save
Nuor []: did you look at that xr_camper issue?
SadBlackFox []: math.pow(2, 10) == 2^10?
Alundaio []: guess sr_timer doesn't use game time but instead device time
Nuor []: yep
Alundaio []: maybe it's miliseconds, 360 seconds
Nuor []: well it ain't that ;p
SadBlackFox []: I constantly confuse them with each other.
Alundaio []: 360000 seconds is 100 hours
Alundaio []: distance_to_sqr would require dist^2
Alundaio []: distance_to( <= dist
SadBlackFox []: line 975
SadBlackFox []: sim_squad_scripted.sim_squad_scripted:check_online_status()
Should be "dist^2"

Nuor []: maybe 6 min
Alundaio []: really 5? it says start_value = 360000
Nuor []: yeah let balath try maybe i just had particularly bad spawn dynamics
Balathruin []: Please wait until I get there
Nuor []: I think it is 5
Alundaio []: it's 10 minutes now right?
Alundaio []: I can increase timer
Nuor []: I thought the extra spawns in X19 made it very hard to beat timer. I'm curious what Balathruin thinks.
Balathruin []: and make it so it disables after radar is off
Alundaio []: @nuor it's because of later commit of marshal saving for smart terrain.It should be fixed now in recent commit. Also I added a debug command, squad remove_sim
Balathruin []: don't know if there is a keep squad job or something but this place really needs something like that
Balathruin []: thanks
Alundaio []: ok I will see what can be done
Balathruin []: yes
Alundaio []: Are you speaking of radar map?
Balathruin []: Even the place where they rolled barrels is empty.
Balathruin []: 4 monolith troops on the road to X19. Could we have some better protection there? Everyone is leaving to AW, red forest or CoP maps.
Nuor []: it's like something went wild around that time but that is a numbe rof saves after I starte dusing the newer commits.
Nuor []: then 49000+ then 51000+ then crash all within about 24 game hours
Nuor []: somewhere in day 11 it jumps from 37500 to 47000
SadBlackFox []: @Nuor, Try it for 30 days
Alundaio []: if you want to fix a save, you could just do i=1,65534 loop and grab squads, check if doesn't have story id, then call squad:remove_squad(). Then sleep a few day to get everything back in order.
Nuor []: day 8 - 35100 day 11 - 37500
Nuor []: it seems to creep up from there let me see if there is a dramatic jump between 2 saves
Alundaio []: that seems more sane
Nuor []: day 8 in older save I hav earound 35000 id's used
Alundaio []: at all
Alundaio []: As the solution, I just do not empty m_data.smart_terrains table
Alundaio []: I pushed a commit
Alundaio []: and I imagine, on second call it's the correct name
Alundaio []: like se_obj:name() in _init for smart terrain, is simply "smart_terrain"
Alundaio []: it explains a lot of weird things I've seen
SadBlackFox []: Maybe you could consult with other people who change the engine?
SadBlackFox []: In any case, this behavior of Binder is dangerous.
Nuor []: I can jump back saves and see if there is a sudden change in id's used that should tell me.
SadBlackFox []: in object
SadBlackFox []: I save and load additional variables for smarts and squads in the binder
Alundaio []: make your case specifically for MARSHAL, is it needed?
SadBlackFox []: Immediately after downloading the game, I begin to dynamically manage the smart settings and squads. For me it is important that all the parameters have already been loaded.
SadBlackFox []: Good night
Alundaio []: bye
Nuor []: night darryl
Darryl []: Good night
Alundaio []: I know you want squads for sure, but why smarts?
Alundaio []: is there a reason you want smarts to use the persistent storage?
Alundaio []: yes sbf, according to your log smart terrains are registered twice, this is very strange
Balathruin []: 27214 for me, I don't have latest commits
SadBlackFox []: I just have some problems with smarts at game start and download, and I do not understand where the error is.
Soon the nervous tic will begin.

Nuor []: save after this one won't load
Alundaio []: yikes
Nuor []: 51464 id's used
SadBlackFox []: thanks
Alundaio []: I will make sure SBF, I will recheck it
SadBlackFox []: I should not worry?
Darryl []: those stats
Alundaio []: there is game object ids
Alundaio []: I think in position hud for actor
Alundaio []: @Nuor, you can check ids in debug hud
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-27-17_15-49-24__l01_escape_.jpg
Nuor []: last working save is 12 days play.
Alundaio []: before that, it don't matter how many times read called
SadBlackFox []: I'll try to clear my gamedata
Alundaio []: it only matters if they have settings during on_register
SadBlackFox []: in data
SadBlackFox []: Alan, are you sure that everything is good?
Look at the last two links.
When the game loads, many smarts do not have settings.

Nuor []: I've no clue. I don't even know how to check if ids aren't being cleared or I have duplicates.
Balathruin []: 6 days
Alundaio []: ^@SBF
Alundaio []: last night commit seems to be working, are you implying it's still broken?
Nuor []: Balath how many game days is your play - I'm like 10 days in.
SadBlackFox []: I do not understand what's going on.
SadBlackFox []: CREATE NEW GAME:

Darryl []: He just arrived in from lightspeed
Balathruin []: They were already up here but I missed it:
Balathruin []: Would it be possible to get information on what faction the target squad is? I don't want to risk getting tasks as a loner to kill neutrals.
Nuor []: bah I was certain I went back to a save before the changes to smarts but I'm definitely out of id's
Balathruin []: yea I need info on what determines mutant attack speed
Nuor []: npc balance isn't bad, In my opinion mutant balance needs tweaking.
Balathruin []: hmm, they even get hit but just ignores the threat
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
SadBlackFox []: @Alun
Balathruin []: ok... when someone switches position at the campfire on the first floor he goes through everything until he's on the ground floor and goes back up
Balathruin []: monolith is shooting at the merc base and noone cares about it
Balathruin []: well you can't talk to NPCs after he played guitar/harmonica so I guess he could ignore you lol
Darryl []: I think it's the flag in the corner which makes me crack
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It's the dumbest shit I've ever seen
Darryl []: They've taken the ISIS "anthem" and remixed it into a pop music / electro song and dubbed it over a group of gay men dancing in their underwear in the street
Alundaio []: because npcs, switch to meet scheme when you approach them. So either they have to be made to ignore you completely while playing and disallow talking or how it is already
Darryl []: I can't stop laughing at this video I linked Fon earlier
Balathruin []: thing*
Balathruin []: Another weird think with stalkers playing music. I walk up on the NPC and he just stops.
Balathruin []: yep
Alundaio []: who spots who first, and who actually reloads in a not so stupid spot
Balathruin []: The only thing that is much worse is AI vs AI. It's a huge RNG fest.
Darryl []: Everyone will be same with rebalance to damage model hopefuly
Darryl []: Tejas was really against the outfit rebalance in 1.3 and within a week of playing it he was praising it
Darryl []: Most of them change their mind once they start playing it anyway
Alundaio []: it's a minority that does
Darryl []: Every single patch people cry about every minor change
Darryl []: Yeah I guarantee you'll get one, Bal
SadBlackFox []: lol
Balathruin []: I'm still waiting for the huge cry at 1.5 release.
Darryl []: So the only responsible answer here is we make it harder
Darryl []: Because these people hear about CoC from friends or youtube videos, download the mod, the mod kicks their ass, and they cry on moddb asking to make it easier
Balathruin []: I have exactly 100 artefacts detected and I think a big chunk of it is slugs.
Balathruin []: yea I know
Alundaio []: also random doesn't mean things can't happen in streaks
Alundaio []: LIke wasteland 2, showed 15% to get part from disassembling the weapon. But I used .net reflector to look at their engine source code and it's pretty clear it's not 15% chance because the order at which parts get to roll is specific, so you will always get trash instead of part more then likely
Balathruin []: Also the northern zone is crazy. I'm here for the first time, and 30kg loot in every body, monolith everywhere, 1 man squads, etc.
Balathruin []: feels similar to treasure, but some random does happen here
Alundaio []: That seems to be a problem in a lot of games for loot
Balathruin []: thanks
Alundaio []: first ones in list probably get to roll first
Alundaio []: I'll look at code, but it's probably a skew
Balathruin []: Slug artefact, originally from the cut Ameba anomaly. -thermal -chem +bleed restore
SadBlackFox []: slugs?
SadBlackFox []: Boo
Balathruin []: I've found a lot of the same artefacts and starting to think the randomiser is not doing something right. To be specific I've found way too many slugs. I've just found my first night star for example.
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: so no i'm not fed up
Alundaio []: the moddb page of coc will be gone
Alundaio []: You'll know when I had enough
Alundaio []: I think the issue is that most people are accustomed to playing a certain way, they expect to be in Exo and using gauss and winning
Balathruin []: Don't get fed up on this, it's just different opinions every single time.
Alundaio []: auto-equip best weapon, make artefacts give you invincibilty and everyone die in one hit
Alundaio []: Why does everyone want all traders to be literally just copy and paste of eachother. Why have traders, why have items. They want Mass Effect 3 gameplay
Balathruin []: Going to Dead City from AW.
Balathruin []: - Disconnect
stack trace:

0023:08D0A9C8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08D0A978 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08D10EF7 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08D10488 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08E166F3 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:08E166A8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:090E649E xrGame.dll, xrFactory_Destroy()
0023:08E754BE xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:00466BD9 xrEngine.exe, CApplication::OnEvent()
0023:03FDE34A xrRender_R2.dll
0023:0041FB3E xrEngine.exe, CEvent:ignal()
0023:0042029C xrEngine.exe, CEventAPI::OnFrame()
0023:004670DA xrEngine.exe, CApplication::OnFrame()
0023:00410CA9 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::FrameMove()
0023:004109BA xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::message_loop()
0023:00410AE1 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::Run()
0023:00465BFD xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466383 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466486 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:0047206B xrEngine.exe, CApplication::load_draw_internal()
0023:75DA62C4 KERNEL32.DLL, BaseThreadInitThunk()
0023:77E70F79 ntdll.dll, RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification()
0023:77E70F44 ntdll.dll, RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification()

[error][ 87] : A paraméter nem megfelelő.

Nuor []: bah go ta no tenough id's error even with old save.
Nuor []: Just a decades old made up name.
SadBlackFox []: If I click "Translate page", then "Nuor" translates as "Go back"(Вернитесь назад).
Balathruin []: I tried to avoid full resist against dogs.
Nuor []: My problem is with the low level mutant damage against armor.
Balathruin []: In current play I feel actor is a tiny bit overpowered in some cases, but I want to keep it so it's not frustrating.
Nuor []: actor already feels too vulnerable to wound when using decent armor.
Balathruin []: You should do full compare of actor file, it's not 0.5 anymore.
Nuor []: I'll test the m_stalker settings see it that balance things out.
Nuor []: I added that after line 54 of xr_camper to bypass that crash i was getting.
Nuor []: if not self.move_mgr then return end
Nuor []: that's actor
Nuor []: default = 0.5, -1, 0.5
Balathruin []: It's different enough to matter tho.
Nuor []: my overall ammo / weapon damage balance isn't very different just a wider range.
Balathruin []: Check actor too.
Nuor []: that's true most of mine is th esame or very close. I just missed the m_stalker change.
Balathruin []: This is my problem with your reports on damage, you play a different game.
Balathruin []: That means they take full damage from mutants.
Nuor []: that is part of the problem
Nuor []: default = 1.0, -1, 1.0
Nuor []: my m_stalker default may be different.
Balathruin []: It should be 0.5 ap and 1 hit
Balathruin []: you use old overpowered knife
Nuor []: k_air_resistance = 1
k_ap = 1
k_disp = 1
k_dist = 1
k_hit = 1.5
k_impulse = 1
k_pierce = 999

Balathruin []: yes, but I need the ammo
Nuor []: hit_power = 0.8
hit_power_2 = 1.0

Balathruin []: What is your knife ammo AP and hit?
Balathruin []: try replacing
default = 0.75, -1, 0.75
default = 0.5, -1, 0.5

Nuor []: player can deal with mutants because knife is powerful but npc's just get massacred.
Balathruin []: When I tried 0.5 default in stalker damage mutants had no chance against stalkers.
Nuor []: I can live with it bu tit is VERY different feel and gameplay.
Nuor []: boars, dogs etc all seem to own squads npc's.
Nuor []: middle level mutants just feel overpowered compared to npcs now.
Balathruin []: combined effect of bandage and medkit feels useless to me without holster on use
Balathruin []: If the army medkit is slow heal I'd like to slow regular medkit too...
Balathruin []: dunno
SadBlackFox []: for army medical kits
SadBlackFox []: Just do a half health recovery and a full stop of the orange bleeding.
Balathruin []: in a leather jacket no helmet
SadBlackFox []: In the current game balance, you can not have many first-aid kits.
Balathruin []: If you have army medkit you can laugh at the most powerful anomaly zones,
Balathruin []: You think very fast healing is worth nothing? It's basically invincibility if you get hit once a second.
SadBlackFox []: Army first-aid kit should completely stop the bleeding (red) or at least completely stop the yellow bleeding, otherwise it makes no sense.
Nuor []: basically the blood is thinner or fails to coagulate.
Balathruin []: This is how it worked in every game. If you don't heal the wound it gets more serious somewhat simulating blood loss
Nuor []: bleeding rate probably shouldn't increase over time even with -bleed. It should probably just be larger bleed rate to start.
Balathruin []: I'd change how medkits work if the game had holster while use or hud animation.
Balathruin []: I was talking about your issue with army medkit
Balathruin []: no
Nuor []: oh are you talking about npc med animation? that I haven't looked at.
Nuor []: I suppose I could enable it for a while to see how timing interacts with meds.
Balathruin []: I'll wait for Alun on how often can a mutant attack. It it depends on anim I can't do anything.
Balathruin []: k
Nuor []: I only rewrote it because the one being used was a mess.
Nuor []: I wrote the current script but never use it in normal play ;p
Balathruin []: when you use items
Nuor []: ?
Balathruin []: I mean the animations
Nuor []: that is what i normally do. That is why i nevr noticed this until i tried an army medkit inste