chatroom conversation

Borovos []: you can disable crosshair in option and user.ltx
Borovos []: Iron sight is the best way
Borovos []: J00B, a good stalker play always without cross hair
Balathruin []: Just had a random idea. Why are there no spawns outside when you pick up the Oasis? I feel like it's too easy to run away.
J00B []: zz, disregard
J00B []: How can I remove the cross hair for picture taking? hud_draw off removes everyhing but the cross hairs. Should the cross hairs not be included in hud_draw?
Balathruin []: Reading the steam responses, it's too early to determine. There are and will be some stuff that is similar, but that's all for now.
Borovos []: is somebody who try Desolate game? It's a stalker like for that I understand.
J00B []: [has multiplayer/co-op]
J00B []: only other mod i play at the moment:
J00B []: sorta thing you after bala?
Balathruin []: I want to start my break for real, but not sure what to play around with.
Balathruin []: Me neither. But single can get a bit boring.
Darryl []: Not much of a multiplayer person
Balathruin []: Do you have any games to play in co-op?
Balathruin []: There are unused parameters in some files, including damages.ltx.
Darryl []: What would that do?
Balathruin []: But nothing.
Balathruin []: Tried 1 and 0 for third and fourth param in damages.ltx for actor.
Balathruin []: At least I test something.
Darryl []: Just have to wait til it's fixed
Darryl []: I wouldn't go rebalancing everything to get around an engine bug
Balathruin []: The raw damage is only affected by changing hit_power, actor immunity or body part multiplier.
Balathruin []: To be real I have no idea how to go around it.
Darryl []: I've done it before, too
Darryl []: This isn't the first time he poof'd into thin air
Darryl []: Nah I think he's just taking a break
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: Or wait months to find out Alun doesn't want to work on CoC anymore.
Balathruin []: yeah
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Time to get on a flight to Ohio and go banging on every door
Balathruin []: an exo*
Balathruin []: Equip and exo, and you will die in two, maybe three hits on master.
Darryl []: You've actually seen this in-game, not just hypothetical?
Balathruin []: It is caused by bleeding always applying, even if your outfit blocked the bullet (kinda)
Balathruin []: It is due to the changed way of actor damage calculation.
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: Would affect CoP and anything else based on it, too
Darryl []: Not like it's a new issue anyway, if it's an engine bug
Darryl []: Well just pretend we don't know about it, and when Alun gets back and is able to fix it we'll pretend we only just discovered it
Balathruin []: Outfis not working is quite a big issue IMO
Darryl []: Huh?
Balathruin []: RIP R7, this time for real
Darryl []: I haven't heard anything, sorry
Borovos []: Guys, do you have news from S.T.A.L.K.E.R Obscuration World [COC] team?
DemonShrams didn't read my last mp.

Borovos []: About Rostok by night, it's always crazy.
In case like this, I use anomaly to trap monsters or I climb on top of a safe place like wagon, buildings, or in front of stairs in the construction site.

Balathruin []: I haven't found anything that controls it yet.
Balathruin []: Which means there is almost no difference between outfits.
Balathruin []: You always take the damage that went through your armor, then take damage again which is hit_power*fire_wound_immunity
Balathruin []: sooo
Darryl []: Only 7 mutants to go
Darryl []: I'm doing really well with the encylopedia unlocks this playthrough
Darryl []: Hey Yoda, Nuor
Balathruin []: Actor taking damage "broken" in engine.
Darryl []: Hm?
Balathruin []: I'm kinda lost after rediscovering the biggest issue in the current version.
Darryl []: Man you have to really work to kill a chimera now
Balathruin []: nice
Darryl []:
Darryl []: damn it video too large, let me find somewhere else
Darryl []: Holy shit what the fuck
Darryl []: I need to render this video for you
Darryl []: i think i need to renamed "Wild Territory" to "Hell"
Darryl []: jesus christ
Balathruin []: Arma 3
Balathruin []: oh that
Balathruin []: troll
Borovos []: @Balathruin, what is this?
Borovos []: hello guys,
Darryl []: I don't think I've ever felt so happy about braining a bloodsucker before
Darryl []: I need a quick rundown on duty
Darryl []: Very happy with the way balancing is
Balathruin []: @Darryl and
Darryl []: I have to say, "normal" difficulty with enhanced recoil, hardcore ai etc. all switched off is pretty damn fun, no unfairness but not a cakewalk either
Darryl []: A new beta is being tested
Balathruin []: Waiting for some fixes to be finished.
Artemex []: lol
Artemex []: maybe...
Artemex []: outfit addon?
Artemex []: when release?
Darryl []: I think I'll need to double check snipers
Darryl []: Tracer fire at that time of day in that weather is fucking beautiful though
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @Balathruin
Woke up at about 6AM and hear gunshots, there was a Monolith squad with 2 snipers in it

Artemex []: hi dezodor
Darryl []: Never had that happen before, ever.
Darryl []: Like it was stuttering to load in characters but just never went back to playing again.
Darryl []: Game just froze on me. Not crashed, or stopped responding. I mean like just completely froze.
Darryl []: How strange
Artemex []: hi
J00B []: i guess graphics are pretty low priority for coc tho
J00B []: shroud and fog effects from ogse are nice
Balathruin []: Take a look at the graphical features of OGSE. They have proper GPU killing reflections.
J00B []:
J00B []: are water reflections/shadows possible in x-ray?
J00B []: thx mate
MariusLecter []: Ahoy darrill vorador
Balathruin []: -ss_tga
J00B []: can you teach me how to set TGA format for screenshots bala? cheers
Darrill []: ok
Balathruin []: yes, they are in unpublished
Darrill []: Are you added new animations? Can't find motion file 'shoot\s2_e1_0.anm'.
Balathruin []: Or use a different program (I sometimes use ReLive)
Balathruin []: yes, you can screenshot in TGA format
J00B []: say, is there a way to change/remove auto-compression when taking screenshots of CoC?
J00B []: mmm possibility of moar maps
VodkaChicken []: been even
VodkaChicken []: Has Boro being busy enlisting russians?
Balathruin []: Did you see that we might get a whole team dedicated to level editing?
Balathruin []: hey
Balathruin []:
Nuor []: looks manicured like there are people cleaning it up
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: yep
Nuor []: jupiter train station?
Balathruin []:
Artemex []: lol
VodkaChicken []: the current one still has some slight oulines on some icons like the l85 but that's probably from someone trying to fix the horribly blurry vanilla owr icons
VodkaChicken []: nwm I was looking at a wrong ui_icon_image
Balathruin []: @VodkaChicken Black outlines?
Balathruin []: Damn, we really need better bullet sounds with per ammo config.
VodkaChicken []: still no barman mode
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: just so that I don't end up killing myself while reorganizing evm ui_actor_portraits
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Retarded barman stays forever until end of time
Darryl []: Never
VodkaChicken []: @balath have owr weapon icons always had black outlines?
VodkaChicken []: actually scar is the only one missing
VodkaChicken []: If you add the portraits, please put the scar one on top of retard barman
Balathruin []: You can tank quite a lot more on normal, so it's working as it should.
Balathruin []: Could we add Scar and Degtyarev to the portraits, so people stop requesting it?
Darryl []: Gameplay seems pretty solid to me on normal difficulty
Darryl []:
Darryl []: only 1 spawns in stashes
Darryl []: compass too in the abandoned farmhouse
Darryl []: wow
Darryl []: As per usual, of the hundreds of locations the high-end backpack could spawn it's in cordon
Darryl []: god damn it
Darryl []: ha finaly got lucky with sids inventory
Darryl []: Should get an idea on how the regular game feels
Darryl []: Right, going to do a playthrough on normal with hcai and enhanced recoil off
Darryl []: Also, I think the 9x39 ammos should have 4to1 as false because they are subsonic rounds and drop much faster
Balathruin []: Commented some files btw.
Darryl []: The character and mutants one is fuckhuge
Darryl []: Will fix in a sec, just splitting guide textures into different files
Balathruin []: Yeah, the last one has finish in Russian.
Balathruin []: I think you missed some of the arena files. At least I think there were Russian ones for the end too.
Balathruin []: I guess use simple textures only? It looks the same, really just better quality for the mips, can be added to the SDK safely later.
Darryl []: Just testing some changes to guide, brb a sec
Balathruin []: I know.
Darryl []: It's so anything made via the SDK won't have anything missing or different
Darryl []: It's not me being picky, but everything in the SDK files Yoda releases has to match 1:1 with the game release files
Darryl []: I'd just leave it
Balathruin []: Or leave it?
Balathruin []: I'll check the Agroprom texture, it might be possible to edit the one we use to fix it.
Balathruin []: I can't resync, only remove and put it back.
Balathruin []: build_details should be the same too, it's from the better mipmaps
Darryl []: My owncloud is freaking out about it
Darryl []: can you resync the details folder
Darryl []: Will do that in a moment, just got to dig out the THMs for them now
Balathruin []: If you want to go 110% sure use textures\detail only.
Darryl []: You will genuinely need Alun or Bangalore on so they know
Darryl []: I think they'll have to stay as addons, the SDK files need to match the game and I don't have the SDK files
Balathruin []: Could you take a look at the addon files?
Darryl []: brb a short while
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: So you don't feel like a prisoner
Balathruin []: with the lockers
Balathruin []: yes, or you can go for the area before the stairs
Darryl []: Completely hidden then
Darryl []: I'll stick player in the little jail cell area instead
Balathruin []: I'd just move the spawn to a better position.
Balathruin []: Because NPCs start in alerted state, due to enemies being very close.
Darryl []: Bandits see you almost immediately
Darryl []: Play as a merc in dead city and just wait a few seconds in the area you spawn to see what I mean
Darryl []: I think view distance or something is off still
Balathruin []: Only short lines happen.
Balathruin []: Dunno, but stories and jokes don't happen in my game.
Darrill []: All NPC were mute, not a single sound was heard, not just the stories at campfire.And here is the change what caused the bug
Darryl []: I've definitely heard them
Darryl []: I think they work at Skadovsk, but nowhere else maybe
Darryl []: So before/after it didn't change anything
Darryl []: They are still as actor sounds and people say stories don't work
Darrill []: Darryl, that fixed, they even don't say meeting phrase to actor. Change back and you will see.
Darryl []: I think only tejas has accomplished it
Darryl []: It still takes a shit ton of work though
Darryl []: With the exception of actor_freedom, actor_duty and non-actor types (and monolith and zombified) actors have -1000 instead of -3000 to hostile factions so they can still try to become friendly with them
Darryl []: actor_faction doesnt have relations to other actor_faction types because only one exists at a time
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: actor doesnt have any relations as it isn't used
Darryl []: Everything still plays fine, it's just much tidier to look at
Balathruin []: Honestly I can't go through all of it.
Darryl []: Just thought I'd run it by you first
Darryl []: Nothing to do with campfires
Balathruin []: @Darryl Don't see anything wrong, at least haven't found.
Darryl []: He only changed helicopter sounds type and added brackets around an if statement for a debug command
Darryl []: That didn't fix anything
Balathruin []: Yes I remember that.
Darrill []:
Darryl []: Anything wrong with these?
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: Penetration doesn't really work well if the surface isn't flat.
Balathruin []: Those are fine for several reasons.
Darryl []: Was gonna say, trees protected me fine
Darryl []: Ah okay
Balathruin []: thin wood (and metal)
Can't remember if pistols go through, but slugs and rifle ammo does.

Darryl []: Wood as in planks/doors or as in trees?
Balathruin []: Expand the penetration one with regular bullets punching trough wood, that could cause a hard time for some ppl.
Darryl []: Any other ideas?
Darryl []:

Tactics and terrain are just as important to winning a fight as your choice of weapon and ammunition. Spending the time to create an ambush could give you a massive advantage.

Darryl []:

Buckshot will have little effect against body armour unless you aim for the head. However it will completely decimate anyone wearing nothing but a simple jacket.

Darryl []:

Just like you, your enemy may also have loaded their weapon with armour-piercing ammunition. These rounds will punch through weak material and damage those hiding behind.

Darryl []:

Due to differing chemical composition, tracers in Western-made ammunition will glow red, whereas those of Eastern origin will instead glow green. This may help you determine what weapon your enemy is using.

Darryl []: I'm added a few new loading tips
Darrill []: @Balathruin, WHat you mean ? I found where was the bug with silence of NPCs some months ago and told SBF, he made a change in repo. Now all works.
Balathruin []: I'll have to try it then.
Darryl []: I still hear jokes
Balathruin []: If I remember correctly jokes around campfires weren't fixed either, but haven't stayed around one much.
Balathruin []: I don't think this was fixed:

There's an issue with quests where it doesn't display the lines correctly. For instance, when I get a fetch quest it immediately displays the "fetch_about" line instead of "about", and then goes on to insert some default line after I accept the quest rather than the proper one.

Balathruin []: But there is/was an issue where the targets "aren't there", it was reported many times.
Darryl []: Hm
Balathruin []: They were sleeping there.
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: I'll show you a pic then
Balathruin []: haha
Darryl []: I'll grant you a rare exception in the north of Rostok at times, but everyone else always ends up on another level
Darryl []: That's how they look on the PDA map when they are level changing
Darryl []: They are in-between levels
Darryl []: This isn't true
Darryl []:

Task targets can be outside of playable area

Darryl []: Well I'll have to change something for R7 because the relations bug means you can recruit loners right from the get-go
Balathruin []: I'm only holding back R7 because there are bugs from R6 left and other issues, plus waiting for hide_weapon and a few other things to be finished.
Balathruin []: That is the main reason I don't want to change anything related to progression.
Balathruin []: I wouldn't worry about it for now, we could keep it 500 then go back to 0 after the reconomy.
Darryl []: 2 days isnt much tbh
Balathruin []: WIth current rewarding even the 200 goodwill will feel a lot. It's at the very least two more ingame days of doing tasks.
Darryl []: Relations system isnt really set up for this kinda thing I don't think
Darryl []: It's the difference of like 10 tasks, and non-loners have to work that little extra for loner traders, and loners need to work that little extra for non-loner traders, so it balances out
Darryl []: Basically what I'm trying to say, is perhaps it would be better to keep the goodwill requirements to unlock better trade inventories the same across all factions, and have all internal loner relations be 0 regardless of if they are actor or npc
Darryl []: Man this is confusing
Darryl []: a little*
Darryl []: So it seems a lot advantages in favour of loners to me
Darryl []: Duty players would have to do that anyway for people like barkeep because he checks stalker relations
Darryl []: At most, some give 50 gw points instead of 25
Darryl []: It's only a couple hundred goodwill points, which is like 8 tasks
Darryl []: I think you're honestly just better off keeping all the stalker stalker relations at 0 and just having them work a tiny bit harder for the extra supplies
Darryl []: I know you said it was because loners started as neutral and you wanted to account for that, but they had 500 relations by default
Darryl []: Is there a reason why buy_supplies for loner traders like owl and bar requires 200 less goodwill than for other factions?
Darryl []: Engine isn't helping me find easy answers
Darryl []: Like if actor is friendly to a faction, but they hate actor, are they neutral, friendly, or hostile?
Darryl []: This doesn't really work too well for other cases though unless I'm really confused
Darryl []: If both parties feel really good toward each other it's marking them as friendly (i.e. the overall value)
Darryl []: I think what it's doing is basing the red/yellow/green thing on the two-way relations
Darryl []: The only one at 500 should be actor_stalker to stalker
Darryl []: Basically all of the stalker to stalker, stalker to actor_stalker, actor_stalker to actor_stalker stuff should be 0
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: This shows how 90% of the game could be rewritten to make sense.
Balathruin []: k
Darryl []: So where you're giving +500 relations both way it's kicking it over the goodwill_friendly (1000) constant
Darryl []: You're only really noticing it now because every other faction has friendly relations to their own actor, but neutral shouldn't
Darryl []: Problem here of course is it makes the relations tab look weird
Darryl []: But for what you need regarding the trade files only actor_stalker -> stalker is required
Darryl []: Combining both together is giving you friendly relations
Darryl []: It's NOT the actor_stalker relation to stalker, but the stalker relation to actor_stalker
Balathruin []: Finish the thing I guess.
Darryl []: I think I know what's causing the relations bug now
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: I'm just mixing up all the stuff in my head
Darryl []: Yeah I know, don't worry
Balathruin []: Do you know what it does? What mipmaps are? I'm not sure anymore.
Darryl []: Sorry this goodwill stuff is completely throwing my brain in another direction right now
Balathruin []: huh?
Darryl []: Put them in a workspace and I'll fix the thms in a bit
Darryl []: fuck
Darryl []: I meant THMs are synced to textured, not mipmaps
Darryl []: Wait shit I'm an idiot
Darryl []: Has to be something else doing it
Darryl []: Goodwill changes didnt fix the screwy loner relations
Darryl []: Well the mipmaps have been synced to the textures, so put them in your workspace and I'll look in a bit
Balathruin []: 100% same as vanilla with better quality mipmaps.
Darryl []: uh
Balathruin []: Yes
Darryl []: I thought you meant the same resolution
Darryl []: When you say "same as vanilla" you mean the same texture?
Darryl []: Wait
Balathruin []: This is a simple fix/improvement for VANILLA textures. What could be problematic about it? It can't be included because it improves quality?
Balathruin []: wat
Darryl []: Plus if people want it - they can just download it from moddb
Darryl []: I can't imagine their stance will be any different for this
Darryl []: Alun and Yoda have made it very clear in the past about not using terrain textures from anything else like the absolute nature or texture packs, with the exception of trees
Balathruin []: 0% harm IMO
Balathruin []:


Q: Does it affect performance?
A: No, the textures are the same resolution as vanilla.

It's only better compression for the mipmaps, which you see in the distance and if you use lower texture quality.

Darryl []: Well, wait and see what Alun says
Balathruin []: Same as vanilla lol.
Darryl []: They are 2K textures
Darryl []: Not the improved distant terrain
Balathruin []: I'll comment on each that it was added.
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: I'll check the other one in a sec, I'm just puzzling something out first
Balathruin []: The other one is the same, improves the quality of the texture without changing it.
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Since it's just a texture
Darryl []: Borovos gave the A-OK to use the agroprom fix
Balathruin []: I'll ask about these two again: and Yes or no? These are just texture fixes.
Darryl []: In the case "FIGHT_HELP_MONSTER" it checks if "stalker" is alive, if it is it checks their relations and applies a goodwill change
Darryl []: Oh that's cool, I think the fight_help values are used if you help an enemy fight a mutant
Darryl []: Yeah
Balathruin []: Can I add this?
Also unmuffled sounds for mercs (human_01).

Darryl []: I'll get to the bottom of this
Darryl []: Doesn't matter, some of these values and comments are wrong so I'm going to keep reading through this
Balathruin []: I think this issue didn't exist earlier.
Darryl []: Lol this does a switch depending on the relations, but it does the same thing for all 3 results
Darryl []: That's how I'm reading this
Darryl []: So I'm guessing it you attack a stalker and they aren't an enemy, the goodwill loss is greater?
Darryl []: But otherwise it's -500
Darryl []: Danger values are set to -1 in CoP by default, which should you make the goodwill effect vritually the same
Darryl []: So if enemy is neutral/friendly, it will stay false and use the free_ values
Darryl []: In which case it uses the danger_ values
Darryl []: bDangerScheme is actually set to false by default, but changes to true if the stalker is an enemy
Darryl []: Oh I think these work as an offset
Darryl []: If bDangerScheme is true it uses the danger_*** values otherwise the free_"*** values
Darryl []: Right, there's two new values in CoP from SoC for free_ and _danger which as far as I can make out are based around bDangerScheme, which must be whether or not the stalker is in combat
Darryl []: So that's completely different from how I thought it worked
Darryl []: community_member_kill_goodwill requires the player not be in same faction as the person they are killing
Darryl []:
Darryl []: what the fuck
Darryl []: Eurgh, going through engine to try to figure out how these values work
Darryl []: The task just increases goodwill with loners by 25, so it's something else doing it
Balathruin []: no idea why, I can't remember it
Darryl []: There is something real screwy going on here
Darryl []: You were friendly with the bandit before you killed him?
Darryl []: wait wtf
Balathruin []: please, add those rpsec files
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: dots in the dates screwed it up first
Darryl []: They must format it the same way
Darryl []: You have to use "reddit spacing" to get text to display properly
Darryl []: Yeah tell me about it
Balathruin []: That fucking comment format is a mess.
Darryl []: People will see that first
Darryl []: Might want to copy+paste your comment onto new commit
Darryl []: Mutants and armour, or just mutants?
Darryl []: What are slugs good for at the moment then?
Balathruin []: In the real word it's 12.7, so it's even more powerful.
Darryl []: The AP reductions and removal of explosion should definitely make that fairer
Darryl []: It was a god damn shotgun slug
Darryl []: No wonder helicopter ammo was so powerful
Darryl []: hahahaha
Balathruin []: Won't be 100% same as nimble variant, but that's for later.
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: There's a wpn_groza_specops now?
Balathruin []: I'll only change it then.
Darryl []: ah okay
Balathruin []: You can use it as any faction, unless you want to lock his door if actor is enemy to loners.
Balathruin []: Sid is independent.
Balathruin []: No
Darryl []: You lowered Sid's goodwill but I think forgot to change community_relations
Balathruin []: Haven't tried that yet, only night time.
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Just to see how ai works udnerground and at night
Darryl []: Just want to get those green ticks back so I can see what's being change in future versions
Balathruin []: What are you testing then?
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Will do*
Darryl []: Wil ldo after
Balathruin []: Goodwill?
Darryl []: My local files have so many red x's for unsynced files I can't tell what you're changing now
Darryl []: Okay going to give this a test and push to repo
Balathruin []: Weapon specific movement, like AN-94 barrel in OWR3, the ejection port on the current PKM.
Balathruin []: some weapons use two
Balathruin []: reserved for animations
Darryl []: What's the second?
Darryl []: oh
Balathruin []: animation speed is third parameter
Balathruin []: intentionally
Darryl []: Also, all of your weapon configs have two commas in a lot of places
Darryl []: Well you removed it
Balathruin []: I want to use it in loadouts later.
Darryl []: I thought it was just something in the OWR files
Darryl []: TIL wpn_groza_specops was a thing in vanilla
Darryl []: lol wtf
Balathruin []: Don't know if you saw it, but I "fixed" traders not restocking.
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: got a video of this
Darryl []: I'm going to go away for a short while, but when I come back I'll start trying to puzzle those bugs out
Darryl []:
Darryl []: was how i noticed i was accidentally giving the reputation point rewards to rank by mistake
Darryl []: them since*
Darryl []: tbh those printouts were only used by me to test rank/rep values like 2 years ago, i never used the msince
Darryl []: It's all set in game_relations.ltx and handled by engine I think
Balathruin []: oh ok
Darryl []: But I don't think there ever was anything for goodwill
Darryl []: In old xr_statistic before I replaced it there used to be printouts for when scripted rank/rep changes happened
Darryl []: I don't think there is one
Balathruin []: Which debug option displays goodwill, rank and other changes?
Balathruin []: yea, it was probably the one that gives you vodka
Darryl []: Oh like a reverse bounty?
Balathruin []: I think a loner, so not an important NPC.
Balathruin []: good question
Darryl []: Who did you get the bounty from?
Balathruin []: I can't figure this one out sadly.
Darryl []: There's some really funky shit going on with goodwill...
Balathruin []: yes, and there were others from the faction near who turned green
Darryl []: How do you tell? Relations tab?
Balathruin []: It happens right after the target is killed.
Darryl []: If that's possible
Darryl []: Could just have the communities swapped around by mistake in the reward
Darryl []: But I can't puzzle out gaining it in the targets faction
Darryl []: Well you're always going to lose rep for killing a neutral faction, that's intentionl
Darryl []: Using a made up example here, but is there a reason why in some cases actor_killer might be like +2000 friendly to killer, when killer might be +5000 friendly to killer?
Balathruin []: neutral bounty is a goodwill issue btw
Balathruin []: You can still roll until you get the items.
Balathruin []: wounded hostages to be precise
Press use after choosing an option, it will let you talk again. That should be prevented.

Darryl []: What's the problem with hostages?
Balathruin []: I haven't found anything, but didn't look too much.
Darryl []: Which wouldnt surprise me given how broken goodwill is
Darryl []: The bounty bug sounds like it could be a goodwill issue
Balathruin []: It was 0
Darryl []: Yeah likely, probably set to be neutral/friendly with actor_(faction) by default
Balathruin []: I think the arena enemies were just incorrect relations.
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: Neutral target I'm assuming bounty targets?
Balathruin []: We still have neutral target turning his faction friendly, ability to ask hostages several times, floating artefacts you can't reach and a few more.
Balathruin []: I'm trying to fix the main issues.
Darryl []: Given the changes to how ammos and stuff works
Darryl []: I feel I should add some new loading tips
Balathruin []: It was fine since the change, but they can see you fairly easily at night when moving.
Darryl []: Did you have any luck fixing the viewing ability of ai?
Darryl []: Oh
Balathruin []: Who the hell is talking about vanilla only?
Balathruin []: ???
Darryl []: Everything else do via addons
Darryl []: For vanilla you only need to handle balance
Balathruin []: At the very least per ammo configuration for sub or supersonic.
Balathruin []: To be honest I'd like better bullet sounds first.
Balathruin []: Not planning to add it, just want to try and maybe make it an option.
Darryl []: I just had the section play multiple sounds at once, and change the comments so the "closer" sounds cut off earlier
Darryl []: They affect performance by playing multiple sounds a shot
Balathruin []: Do you remember how were the additional sounds edited?
Darryl []: Only use them for addons if you plan to
Darryl []: Not really, that's from months ago
Balathruin []: @Darryl If you are around for a bit, do you still have the layered sounds video?
Balathruin []: Corrected a few OWR3 weapons, I'll check vanilla later if I don't forget it.
Darrill []: strap_position is when weapon is on the back (belted)
Darrill []: position
Balathruin []: Just realised it. Regular position and orientation when in hand, strap when on the back.
Balathruin []: I guess both.
Balathruin []: Which value changes the 3rd person/NPC position of a weapon? position or strap_position?
Darrill []: solved, Alt+Enter
Darrill []: I can't see and reach panel
Balathruin []: Graphics tap has the option
Darrill []: is there a way to exit from fullscreen mode in OGFViewer from AXR ?
Balathruin []: Spawn a giant and a controller, the psi and radiation effects should blend.
Nuor []: can any ppe's stack?
Nuor []: maybe an animation instead?
Nuor []: that doesn't bode well ;p
Balathruin []: nope
Nuor []: you could try to manually enable the "blur" ppe while NV is on and see if it shows.
Balathruin []: It works in some cases (anomalies, radiation, etc.). My only idea was to create night vision .ppe files with the blur, but that would "disable" the blur value in the script and could be a bit complicated.
Nuor []: I'm not sure there is a simple work around. I fear that there can't be multiple ppe's stacked.
Balathruin []: Yes.
Nuor []: night vision? you mean the blur effect?
Balathruin []: Nuor, did you find out anything about night vision disabling the tired effect?
Nuor []: hmm not true. i made changes for caravans script
Nuor []: I believe i last tested after alun made changes.
Nuor []: I was getting updates last i looked but that was a few months ago.
Balathruin []: I got weirdly similar stock on the trader when starting new game (after each script edit).
Balathruin []: I don't know how the supply itself is generated, but that feels bullshit.
VodkaChicken []: so I'm not insane after all
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: I got it working, but definietly not the way it's intended.
Balathruin []: The line
elseif (tm[id].current_buy_supplies ~= str) then
never happens

Darrill []: @VodkaChicken, you are right, I wrote before about this. Traders stuff is not updating, at least after 3 days it was the same/
ChargerHM []:
ChargerHM []: after some really loooooooong time i've made more progress! All Military and Loners outfits are done. Gonna work on Bandits next.
VodkaChicken []: aight, whatever
Balathruin []: on the issue I think it's not goodwill related, but not sure
VodkaChicken []: it would make maintaining addon compatibility patches a bit easier
Darryl []: stop trying to make this a thing
Darryl []: no
VodkaChicken []: should vanilla dbs include owr icons in ui_icon_equipment? they don't overlap with vanilla ones
Balathruin []: You take a bounty type task, the target is in a neutral faction. After you kill the target his whole faction turns friendly.
Darryl []: Huh?
Balathruin []: Any idea why neutral task targets turn the faction friendly?
Nuor []: I don't recall those pistol animations but npc's very seldom have pistols in my version so that may be why.
Balathruin []: I never run out of ammo except buckshot, but I use it more than I should.
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: peestol.jpg
VodkaChicken []: has anyone else seen absurd amount of this glitch recently?
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: you_see_ivan.jpg
VodkaChicken []: but I'm probably playing the game wrong
VodkaChicken []: I guess part of the frustration is returning to a trader and finding out that most of his inventory is just the junk you sold him last time
Nuor []: but that said traders usually have some.
Nuor []: I seldom buy ammo.
VodkaChicken []: what darryl said
Darryl []: That was the thing I wanted to export to the plugin actually
VodkaChicken []: I guess I'm the only one who finds traveling multiple maps to see if anyone sells any fucking ammo kinda annoying
Darryl []: I don't see why it matters
Darryl []: Against
Balathruin []: Something else: Any opinions about excluding ALL base/camp stashes from spawning stuff?
Darryl []: Yeah that's true, Sakharov is also in Trader faction
Balathruin []: Anyone can go to Sid too.
Darryl []: Bandits and Freedom have access to eachothers traders, too
Darryl []: But you're enemies with everybody as Monolith, so you wont have shortage of supplies from looting
Darryl []: Though you're kinda stuff as Monolith I guess
Darryl []: I like the way traders work at the moment, it forces you go go and visit other places
Darryl []: I can't say anything with certainty for CoP/CoC though
Darryl []: I know in Clear Sky it's 100% done per item, so if max stock is 4 it will roll 4 times, once for each
Balathruin []: Pretty sure it's per item.
Darryl []: I still don't know which is true though
Darryl []: I thought it was per-item, he thought it was for the whole lot to spawn at once
Darryl []: I remember us being unsure how often the "dice roll" was done
Darryl []: I don't remember
VodkaChicken []: yes
Darryl []: Probabilities of what? Items spawning?
Nuor []: I recall darrill mentioning a similar problem and i thought it was fixed.
VodkaChicken []: the trader inventory probabilities
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Talk about what?
Nuor []: The file i posted
Balathruin []: huh?
Nuor []: did you compare that sleep_dep?
VodkaChicken []: @darryl, didn't you talk about this with alun at some point?
Balathruin []: I can't really say anything about this, I'll most likely readjust it later.
VodkaChicken []: the restock timer just amplifies this issue
VodkaChicken []: and then suddenly you'd have one inventory with literally everything
VodkaChicken []: even when you could savescum near traders, most of the stocks were really empty
VodkaChicken []: the probabilities are weird
Balathruin []: I usually get at least some ammo.
Balathruin []: Not sure why that happened.
VodkaChicken []: and it was like two boxes of 9mm
VodkaChicken []: I went through spore - sid - barman -petrenko and the freedom dude and only barman sold some ammo
Balathruin []: Trader configs will change, but I don't know how much.
Balathruin []: yep
VodkaChicken []: are the trader configs wip atm?
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: somewhere here probably
Balathruin []: Now that it actually does something, it might be better to lower it a bit.
Balathruin []: Anyone remembers where is the trader restock time?
VodkaChicken []: I tend to avoid the CoP maps tbh
Balathruin []: The psydog spawn was replaced.
VodkaChicken []: I didn't even know there was a midget in the oasis
Balathruin []: Am I the only one who just leaves the Karlik in the Oasis?
Darryl []: So somehow 3 squads ran into the same location as me
Darryl []: But their squads only spawn a maximum of 2 each
Darryl []: I ran into a group of 6 bloodsuckers
Darryl []: I have the worst luck
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I really like this place but it might be because there are chimeras outside.
Balathruin []: We really need some sounds for kick.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Though this spammer was from Luxemburg
Darryl []: A remarkable amount of the banned IP addresses are very similar
VodkaChicken []: Good ol' spammers are back
Balathruin []: Also forgot to post this, but sometimes you can get a marker on the map but you won't see the targets. What happens is the targets are outside of the playable area, for example: To be clear, I'm in Bar/Rostok.
Balathruin []: Make sure to use the one from cloud.
Balathruin []: I'll also request a check on ui_wpn_params to see if I screwed up anything. I really just merged it with an old version and commented out the disp_base and PDM_disp_base.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I got two full AKs actually.
Balathruin []: Although I have to ask Bangalore to improve placement of items in the freedom armory, 90% of the time you can pick stuff from there.
Darryl []: I noticed the bulat was removed from pripyat hotel
Darryl []: Oh fair enough then
Balathruin []: Outfits were removed from spawn, just like weapons. I don't think the armory spots have any of them.
Darryl []: I don't think any of the outfits you namechanged were, though
Darryl []: Make sure they aren't used in all.spawn
Balathruin []: I think I found everything.
Balathruin []: I'm trying to find files I forgot to update after changing item section names.
Balathruin []: They depend on seeing movement. I'll have to find a value between 0.75 and 0.8 for luminocity_factor.
I'm going to test .1 less velocity_factor as it was increased when visibility_threshold was higher.

Darryl []: Too much chat text to read at this time of day
Darryl []: Any luck with ai vision?
Nuor []: see if that differs
Nuor []: File uploaded: sleep_dep.script
Balathruin []: You loose reputation for killing arena enemies.
Balathruin []: The neutral target kill still turns the faction friendly.
Balathruin []: Sleep dep doesn't seem to work btw, at least I didn't get tired yet.
Balathruin []: nothing saves and/or loads, unless those lines are commented
Balathruin []: every item with uses is booster_script
Darrill []: I don't know what you talk about, but if item type is booster, it is not saving uses, only booster_script does.
Nuor []: you'll need to ask alun for that one. I think it is linked to some engine changes.
Nuor []: maybe not let me look
Nuor []: that is many places
Nuor []: that would disable it whereever that callback is used.
Balathruin []: yes
Nuor []: SendScriptCallback("server_entity_on_unregister",self,"se_eatable") ?
Balathruin []: @Darrill Do you know about any more major bugs?
Balathruin []: Commenting line 323 and 326 in se_item will make uses save again. I was right.
Balathruin []: Uploaded new version of that to cloud + fixed handling upgrade %
Balathruin []: Handling works the old way, only missing crosshair_inertion, accuracy maxes out at 100% again.
Balathruin []: File uploaded: ui_wpn_params.script
Balathruin []: "fixed" ui_wpn_params the best I could
Balathruin []: Uses were working in R6. I don't know what broke it, this is the only commit I found that could have done it:
Balathruin []: I found out what part of the problem is with the heli. The order stays even after you kill every single soldier, the heli leaves. You come across it later, and it starts vomiting bullets at you.
Balathruin []: Vanilla had fake #4
Nuor []: I guess so.
Nuor []: The most commonly produced buckshot shell is a 12 gauge, 00 buck shell that holds 9 pellets. Buckshot is generally used for two purposes: self-defense and hunting medium to large game. Loads can be tailored through altering the size of the shot, pellet count, length of the shell, powder charge, and in other ways to fit individual weapons and purposes. For instance, loads of 12 gauge 00 buck are commonly available in 8 to 18 pellets in vendor-stated lengths from 2 3/4" to 3 1/2"
Balathruin []: Ballistics are very limited in the engine, especially when it comes to penetration.
Balathruin []: it can punch through thin metal, in the game it can't
Balathruin []: compared to the real world 00 buck it's underpowered
Balathruin []: regular 00 is 9 pellet
Balathruin []: depends on what pellets
Nuor []: i thought 00 12 gauge used 12 shot?
Balathruin []: also keep in mind vanilla is 9 pellets only (00 buck)
Balathruin []: it's reduced by 0.15, but the headshot multi is 4
Balathruin []: You can't really disable damage for bullets that don't penetrate.
Balathruin []: they don't
Balathruin []: 6/exo and 4/heavy at close range, might be one more if further away
Nuor []: not sure pellets should even penetrate exo.
Balathruin []: To kill exos you have to land 6 pellets on the head, should be 4 for radsuit/skat.
Boars take 2-3 depending on variation. Giants are tanks, you have to empty a few mags.

Nuor []: big mutants like boars and giants probably should be resistant to shot.
Balathruin []: But it really is just aiming and spread related. You can one shot a lot of enemies but you have to time it.
Balathruin []: I mostly have problems vs mutants.
Balathruin []: That does happen.
Nuor []: shotguns always same problem they should be fairly useless against armored npcs a and at range and should be fairly powerful against unarmored close range.
Balathruin []: Well, if you stand in place they will walk into you, push aside and continue without noticing, but they should react to movement now at least.
Balathruin []: I'll buff the vision a bit
Balathruin []: having the flashlight on kills them
Balathruin []: Not
Balathruin []: the AI is completely useless in the dark
Balathruin []: parameter is incorrect crash... cool
Balathruin []: Have you tried the new material file?
Balathruin []: I'll keep it for now, because you have to aim.
Balathruin []: Shotguns do feel a bit OP to me.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: What I'm thinking about is difficulty level for tasks (when possible), get reward based on target and more
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: There has to be a lot of changes.
Balathruin []: "recapture territory" kill one guy, or he just dies before you even see him
Balathruin []: "destroy mutats in area" one dog, one flesh, one boar, etc.
Balathruin []: But I'm starting to dislike how tasks work, the way they target squads or NPCs.
Balathruin []: Freedom tasks are super OP.
Darryl []: And blind luck
Darryl []: A lot of it depends on starting level and faction
Balathruin []: Military backpack (two actually), basic and now advanced tools.
Balathruin []: Upgraded shotgun, upgraded AK, upgraded medium armor with steel helm and night vision.
Balathruin []: I have no idea how I got this much gear.
Balathruin []: As a note, I'm playing realistic with hardcore AI aim, recoil effects and hide weapon + OWR3
Darryl []: Very pleasant surprised
Darryl []: Usually I get everything in the wrong order
Darryl []: I was quite surprised I found basic right away
Balathruin []: First nigh ingame.
Balathruin []: Advanced tools
Darryl []: hoof*
Darryl []: Funny I noticed that the boar hood was messed up earlier
Balathruin []: I have no idea where are they from.
Balathruin []: Any chance for fixed mutant part models?
Darryl []: I don't know how I kept myself going for so long, but my playthrough was killed by a buggy artefact in radar :c
Balathruin []: I can really only think of destroying Shrek.
Darryl []: Somehow years ago I was on the same character in DMM:AE for ages
Balathruin []: I don't know what to do in my game btw
Darryl []: Generally speaking people have been complaining that enemies are inaccurate and/or spongy, so hopefully this will stop those complaints
Balathruin []: You take more damage than an NPC, they have less hit_fraction.
Darryl []: okay good
Balathruin []: values are pretty similar, so yes
Darryl []: I'm guessing the same buckshot/armour piercing vs armour etc. also works the same way for npc -> actor, right?
Darryl []: We just have to drum it into them that 1.5 "Normal" != "Stalker"
Darryl []: Hopefully people will be happy with that
Darryl []: You'll get fucking destroyed in a leather jacket like any mode, but sunrise suit is pretty effective
Darryl []: Did a bit of rushed testing, but damage model in normal seems to be pretty decent once you get a good outfit
Balathruin []: AI has quite a few issues in current version.
Darryl []: Usually the absence of lighting completely screws them
Balathruin []: not in a while
Darryl []: Have you tested your stalker ai in underground levels?
Balathruin []: But it's not really possible to do sadly.
Balathruin []: It would be cool if the game had more scavenging.
Balathruin []: completely different pricing
Balathruin []: yeah
Darryl []:
Darryl []: christ you plan to redo the economy from ground up
VodkaChicken []: I can ask sashared to sub shit if needed
Balathruin []: Subs don't matter, "has to be English".
Darryl []: Well we don't have subs for it, so it'll have to be eng
Balathruin []: I don't want to talk about sound language anymore. I'd like full Russian a lot more, but nope, story related has to be English.
Darryl []: I'll dig out the eng ones later
Balathruin []: Don't ask why.
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: First two arena messages are in English, rest are in Russian
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: no it was cut
VodkaChicken []: do they still mention marked one?
Balathruin []: instead of 30
Balathruin []: 1m min distance
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Wrong comments?
Darryl []: So what was wrong with the arena sounds in the end?
Balathruin []: Other solution could be to restore it to _inc and give everything 0.01 or less.
Balathruin []: What happens if you remove it?
Balathruin []: Because they have recoil...
Balathruin []: All shotguns show 0% I think.
Darryl []: Toz34 is showing 0% for me in-game
Darryl []: They do, but script still isnt displaying them
Darryl []: Wait
Balathruin []: Which ones?
Darryl []: Some weapons have no cam_step_angle_horz values
Balathruin []: While I was fine with how it was, pistols best, SMGs second, then rifles/shotguns and snipers LMGs at the end.
Balathruin []: it will show all shotguns as terrible and the super slow gauss as a god
Balathruin []: Recoil as a stat should be separated from handling IMO.
Balathruin []: I guess it's fine because Alun really wanted recoil. Accuracy and upgrades are not going to work as they should tho.
Darryl []: Is that script okay then or no?
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: Not really, probably an issue in 1.4.22 too
Balathruin []: rip R7
Balathruin []: All items with uses.
Balathruin []: crap
VodkaChicken []: bye Yoda
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Balathruin []: not sure about other items
Balathruin []: it completely restores all uses
Darryl []: Huh
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: I think
Darryl []: If you use 2/3 uses, stick in stash and come back, it'll show 3 uses but disappears after 1 use
Darryl []: They do save it, it just isnt updated visually I think
Balathruin []: A forgotten bug: some items (like repair kits) don't save their uses when you leave them in a stash.
Balathruin []: upgrade stats are completely fucked sadly, no idea why
Balathruin []: Well handling works at least, even if I hate that it uses recoil.
Darryl []: try that
Darryl []: File uploaded: ui_wpn_params.script
Balathruin []: yes
Balathruin []: cam_step_angle_horz would be better if you want to keep it
Darryl []: Do you think that is why?
Balathruin []: upgrade changes PDM_disp_accel_factor, PDM_disp_vel_factor and crosshair_inertion
Darryl []: It's checking cam_dispersion_inc instead of cam_dispersion
Darryl []: What value is being used by the upgrade?
Balathruin []: Changing it to cam_step_angle_horz or removing recoil from handling would help.
Balathruin []: handling is simply 0 on all weapons as cam_dispersion_inc is not used
Balathruin []: While it should be 100%
Balathruin []: 0 acc (max) would be 26%
Balathruin []: ui_wpn_params.script
Darryl []: Right what UI stats are you talking about
Darryl []: I'm not really paying much attention to chat
Balathruin []: UI stats are in scripts bruh
Darryl []: You'll just have to write them down and wait for Alun to come back
Darryl []: Nothing I can do about engine problems
Balathruin []: Accuracy is capped at 26% for no reason, handling is simply not working.
VodkaChicken []: never
Balathruin []: @VodkaChicken
Darryl []: I dont understand
Balathruin []: accuracy, handling and upgrade %
VodkaChicken []: could be the update that made traders keep their shitty inventories ;)))))
Darryl []: UI stats?
Balathruin []: Any update on UI stats?
Darryl []: Sid and Forester missing from contacts is hardly the end of the world, so it's not a big deal
Darryl []: I think an engine change broke it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: But because it isn't registering them, it isn't matching their object ids and story ids in story_objects and object_id_by_story_id isnt able to find either of them
Balathruin []: Could it be that traders were changed? They no longer speak in your head for example.
Darryl []: It hasnt been working since Nov last year
Darryl []: I've printed out everything and I can't find anything to allude to sid or forester being registered
Darryl []: When server registers something it checks it all.spawn section to see if it has a story_id
Balathruin []: Was it working earlier?
Darryl []: server*
Darryl []: And after a bit of digging it seems they aren't even registered by the serve
Darryl []: I'm trying to figure out why Sid and Forester aren't showing up in the contacts tab
Balathruin []: What do you mean by that?
Darryl []: Are they not registered by the server?
Darryl []: Are Sid and Forester client only?
Darryl []: Wait
Balathruin []: This is a CoP skybox
Balathruin []: whoa what
Balathruin []: I usually delete all files if it was synced, but I'll wait util some bugs are fixed.
Darryl []: What a mess
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I fixed the pm probability in loadouts and removed the double commands in weapon configs
Darryl []: You might want to update your weapon and loadout configs btw
Darryl []: Damn, av works fast on translating those texts
Balathruin []: two bases in one day, not bad
Balathruin []: Military backpack...
Balathruin []: I'm not mad as it's nor reconomy yet.
Darryl []: or*
Darryl []: I always get mad when I find best detector on backpack right away
Balathruin []: this is a joke
Balathruin []: ok, found basic tools
Balathruin []: This is one of the fastest starts I had.
Balathruin []: Progress - | stats
Balathruin []: Accidentally killed a loner -> gets a backpack
This game doesn't want to punish me.

Balathruin []: uploaded fixed arena sounds
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Check IMs
Balathruin []: I had two storage during the testing (not playtest)
Darryl []: Oh no not that, mine literally said "Out of memory"
Balathruin []: the not enough storage bullshit
Balathruin []: I'm getting a lot of them.
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: How the hell did I just get an out of memory crash
Balathruin []: Should be triggered if he wants to run away from mutants.
Balathruin []: What I really miss is panic state for stalkers.
Balathruin []: I only see mutants fleeing if all but one die in a group and is outnumbered.
Balathruin []: That might be the morale settings I'll have to experiment with one day.
VodkaChicken []: Also blind dogs and fleshes were more passive in SoC
Balathruin []: Problem with mutants is they attack without seeing the player.
Darryl []: I also added the framerate warning to enhanced recoil
Darryl []: See IMs
Darryl []: I've started a new game with your updated configs, and 4to1 definitely works
Darryl []: At least now with the way lower difficulty options work, with the fact ammunition and weapons as so brutal it balances out almost perfectly
Darryl []: One thing I like about is if you label them easy/normal/hard/realistic people arent as likely to turn around as say "hard is too hard" or some nonsense like that
Darryl []: Yeah don't worry I'm rewording it
Balathruin []: Could you make sure ppl don't misunderstand the bullet spongy part? Sounds like you are talking about NPCs.
Darryl []: Posting this here to remind me later, but arena enemies lose you reputation when killed
Darryl []: Audio for arena fight 3 is bugged
Darryl []: This is why I brought back the SoC names
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I'm fucking crying
Balathruin []: lol, Voldemort is a name in the game
VodkaChicken []: pkm seems fine
Darrill []: Can confirm monolith in rookie village and giang on cordon
Balathruin []: Is the PKM hud position good enough?
Darryl []: For some reason he was selling it
Balathruin []: I did my first neutral kill in CoC a few months ago.
Darryl []: Just did, turns out it was *his* PKM
Balathruin []: kill him
Darryl []: :@
Darryl []: But a dutier who already has a PKM picked it up
Darryl []: Got to train hanger in garbage with this huge fight going on and I can hear a PKM
Darryl []: Argh man
Balathruin []: Cut down food price until I do reconomy
Balathruin []: oh ok
VodkaChicken []: so it's not an issue
VodkaChicken []: rpg is also there
VodkaChicken []: and ui_actor_weapons is too full so I put the upgrade pic to ui_actor_armor
Balathruin []: Binoc is a weapon.
VodkaChicken []: ui_actor_armor? just in case alun does his magic
Balathruin []: Do you need it? Because it's pointless, it would not work.
VodkaChicken []: that's one beautiful beta cs model
VodkaChicken []: ui_actor_armor is still missing
Balathruin []:
VodkaChicken []: look at the shoulders
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: btw the fatfix animations that were added to some models are causing weird walking animations
VodkaChicken []: can someone with upload access upload the icons to the cloud?
VodkaChicken []: aight
Balathruin []: not possible to disable
Balathruin []: dynamic zoom and target selector are both fixed
Balathruin []: or something else
VodkaChicken []: so the binoc upgrades are not possible without engine changes atm?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I like to pretend the Monolith that get to unrealistic places are sent out to kill someone specific, like Strelok was
Darryl []: No haven't seen any giants yet
Darryl []: Only one of them though, rest must have got killed somewhere
Balathruin []: You didn't get a giant there yet?
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: Wow, Monolith made it to the rookie village
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Found a typo
Balathruin []: There are several bugs in the UI stat script currently.
Darrill []: @Darryl, and not only handling
Darryl []: That's going to screw me over so badly sometime
Darryl []: Got to remember to reload guns after upgrading
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I'm taking full responsibility for the rspec files btw, if Alun wants to fuck me for than then so be it.
Balathruin []: like that
Balathruin []: It wasn't even in the config. that's why I commented it out
Darryl []: on*
Darryl []: Huh? I swear you just said you wanted that one
Balathruin []: that's why I commented it out
Darryl []: 4to1_tracer means for every 4 shots fired, the next is a tracer
Darryl []: No
Balathruin []: Isn't that supposed to enable tracers for all shots? It wasn't even in the config.
Darryl []: That's why
Darryl []: You didn't turn 4to1_tracer to true in ammo_base
Balathruin []: Every 5 shot is supposed to have tracer, not all.
Balathruin []: I'm thinking why it's not fixed yet.
Darryl []: I'm thinking the green/red tracers would be pretty good for this gunplay
Balathruin []: I didn't do anything like that, you only need SM3 which is only missing from like radeon 9000 age cards.
Balathruin []: Alun reverted because it was not compatible
Balathruin []: btw those changes were stupid
Darryl []: (asking out of curiosity)
Balathruin []: burned in surfaces
Darryl []: What is bloom disabled for?
Darryl []: Maybe they were bad changes, but I don't want to annoy him any more than I normally do
Balathruin []: At least disable the bloom then.
Darryl []: He made a point of reverting a lot of the changes which Exi had made to them
Darryl []: I don't mean this in a rude way, but Alun is (or was at the time) very particular about the rspec files
Balathruin []: just need to replace the different tonemaps with settings change
Balathruin []: rspec is million times better IMO
Darryl []: I'll push it next commit, I have to add new guide articles anyway
Darryl []: Oh my bad then
VodkaChicken []: is there a engine change related to the trader thing if it needs alun?
Balathruin []: It's smap only
Balathruin []: shaders do what?
Darryl []: And shaders because they turn off cloud shadows
Darryl []: Only the rspec ones I think
Balathruin []: did you intentionally leave some files out?
Balathruin []: no need for a gas mask
Darryl []: rip my cash stack
Balathruin []: you can upgrade it with a respirator too
Balathruin []: that's cheap
Balathruin []: heck yes
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: for 4k?
Darryl []: Is first-gen NVG worth it?
VodkaChicken []: I save scum as much as I damn well please
Darryl []: Write that down for Alun because I know I will forget
VodkaChicken []: fuck you
Darryl []: Oh okay
Darryl []: Stop camping traders you scrub
Darryl []: That's not really an issue then
Darryl []: Oh it resets every two days
Balathruin []: notes
handling upgrades show 0%, but they do alter some values
weapon accuracy stat maxes out at ~26%
weapon handling stat not working as _inc isn't used anymore

Balathruin []: pls Darryl
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: as a matter of fact I do
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Found a broken upgrade
Darryl []: Do you know what commit changed it?
VodkaChicken []: like everything else
VodkaChicken []: this trader thing should be optional
Darryl []: woo I'm now a trainee
Darryl []: If I don't buy a gas mask I can probably afford a better suit in 100 rads
Darryl []: Here I am with a trenchcoat and steel helmet and I'm debating whether it's worth the money to buy a gas mask
Darryl []: Hobo phase is definitely a thing
VodkaChicken []: this is driving me nuts
VodkaChicken []: my only gripe with the current gameplay are the presistent trader inventories
Balathruin []: night vision OP, at least expensive
Balathruin []: best cheap helmet btw
Darryl []: hell yes i found a steel helmet in stash
Darryl []: yaya good reputation
VodkaChicken []: now if only there was one official weapon pack :^)
Balathruin []: "I fell from a church and died"
Darryl []: What do you mean?
Balathruin []: that will be a nice story
Darryl []: I just fell off the church roof and died
Balathruin []: you are stuck in the zone forever
Darryl []: shit
Balathruin []: but now I'll never see the UI stats fixed
Balathruin []: fixed
Darryl []: What have you done to me
Darryl []: I'm even trying to avoid fall damage now
Balathruin []: almost, but not quite
Balathruin []: Keep in mind that medkits don't restore all your health.
Darryl []: traders*
Darryl []: Before I had such an abundance of meds I ended up selling most of them to trders
Darryl []: And am choosing to bleed out to make maximum use of them
Darryl []: I notice I'm not overstacked with medkits now
Balathruin []: CoP where pistols do more damage than a rifle.
Balathruin []: true
Darryl []: Compare this to gunplay in cop
Darryl []: I swear to god, coc 1.5 is the only mod where vanilla guns are actually enjoyable to use
Darryl []: There is a csky corpse nearby with only slugs on it
Darryl []: Found where my nightmare bandit got his shotgun
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: well you hate everything so that's not a big surprise
Darryl []: I'm making sure to use the right ammo and weapon for threats
Balathruin []: I hate most of them.
Darryl []:

This balancing is forcing me to change the entire way I'm playing :panic:

Balathruin []: All hand models look shit that don't have a glove, the rest is just garbage.
VodkaChicken []: outfit addon had better arm models for the black trench coat btw
Balathruin []: AP rounds check
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Armed with a toz34 but somehow missed both barrels at point blank
Darryl []: suddenly
Darryl []: im slowly searching around
Darryl []: i see a wounded clear sky guy in the floor crying
Darryl []: went to a small town in swamp, there's 2 people nearby
Darryl []: oh god
Balathruin []: then drop a nice -50% power limit onto the 560
Balathruin []: I went all the way down to few year old laptop level with 1,8GHz on Haswell.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Master difficulty truly is
Darryl []: In fact I need to completely rewrite my difficulty article now
Balathruin []: I'll say 50+ FPS where it looks like an effect and works well enough.
Darryl []: Will do, I need to make changes to my new difficulty article now too
Balathruin []: but definietly not working with unstableor too low fps
Darrill []: Another exploit - when NPC pick up weapons or outfits, their conditions is restored in inventory. So after this you can take a companion and borrow that item with 100% condition.
Balathruin []: You should drop a note into the guide that it needs stable FPS, the game runs well on Dx8 or Dx9 basic on really bad PCs too
Darryl []: I'm pushing current configs to repo, I'm extremely pleased with them
Darryl []: oh
Balathruin []: recoil effects
Darryl []: Hm?
Balathruin []: well if the game is dipping under 30 FPS the script can't do much
Darryl []: I never played much cs so i only think of the soc route
Darryl []: im an idiot
Darryl []: oh god i forgot about that
VodkaChicken []: with some new sounds the vanilla weapons would be quite gud
VodkaChicken []: in the pipe
VodkaChicken []: that's why you use the alternative cordon - garbage route
Darryl []: This balancing is forcing me to change the entire way I'm playing :panic:
Darryl []: Only reason I'm going through swamps is to avoid the army checkpoint before garbage
Darryl []: I found a Sig550 on a csky body but in about 50% condition and i dont have money or gunsmith kits to make use of it
VodkaChicken []: spaghetti shall never die
Darryl []: I got xeno to repair my guns and I found a lr95 or w/e its called in a stash
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: the jackets with old gas masks look quite good
VodkaChicken []: that's my new favorite portrait tbh
Darryl []: sounds like the name of a rapper and the picture looks like its from album art
Darryl []: lel at name and picture
VodkaChicken []: noice
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: ss_topi_02-08-18_21-21-58__l01_escape_.jpg
Darryl []: kek
Darryl []: you got the only spawn
Darryl []: coc_treasure_manager ensures there is only a single wpn_gauss that spawns
Darryl []: ha
VodkaChicken []: nice balance, nerd
VodkaChicken []: I got gauss rifle from the first stash in cordon
Darryl []: this is so much fun
Darryl []: i love this, got into a battle with bandits in swamp and a nearby army squad got involved
Darryl []: i'm genuinely having more fun in coc than i have in ages lol
Darryl []: got muh basic tools
Darryl []: yiss
VodkaChicken []: and then balath was never seen again
Balathruin []: to confirm if it works when the game is struggling to run
Balathruin []: I can lower clocks for my PC to simulate a weak one
VodkaChicken []: yeah, this could be enabled by default
VodkaChicken []: alright it's working now
VodkaChicken []: ty
Balathruin []: File uploaded: enhanced_recoil.ltx
VodkaChicken []: I only have access to the asset folder with the checkin file
Balathruin []: not sure what access level you have
Balathruin []: same cloud, but in my folder
VodkaChicken []: or is there a yet another cloud apart from asset and db ones?
VodkaChicken []: from the asset cloud
VodkaChicken []: anims, yes
Darryl []: Are you using bal's from cloud?
Balathruin []: I don't know why it would hurt if we had it in engine then disabled for the regular game.
Balathruin []: but much harder to get enough for survival
Balathruin []: I know.
VodkaChicken []: I did
VodkaChicken []: thirst sounds cool on paper but it's really just hunger bar 2.0
Darryl []: Don't forget to turn on the effect in gameplay options
Balathruin []: I feel sorry for you, using sun shafts
Darryl []: What files are you playing with, Vodka?
Darryl []: umph
Balathruin []: I do miss thirst.
Darryl []: Just look at it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Darkscape is gorgeous
VodkaChicken []: either the recoil effect is incredibly subtle or I can't get it working properly
Darryl []: Maaaaaaaaaaaan
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: why not add a pissing requirement at that point
VodkaChicken []: dunno sleep dep is kinda annoying imo
Balathruin []: whatever, I'll test that then
Darryl []: Having that force the player to sleep or pass out is going to piss off 90% of people
Darryl []: You're going to be eating and healing a *lot* more with this balancing
Balathruin []: sleeping is hardcore? Without that you never sleep unless you are onto abusing something with passing time.
Balathruin []: hardcore?
Darryl []: Recoil effects are an improvement to vanilla though
Darryl []: Sleep dep is more for hardcore players
Darryl []: Wasn't for me, that's set in scripts
Balathruin []: keep an eye out for that too, if you have it on
Balathruin []: but I don't think it's in
Balathruin []: I made sleep dep on by default
Darryl []: I might turn them on by default
Darryl []: The recoil effects are rad
Darryl []: Gunplay feels like it's right out of a AAA game
Darryl []: I haven't had this much fun in CoC for ages
Balathruin []: it has 0.5*2 hit, quick attack is 0.75*1
Balathruin []: secondary no longer kills anything
Balathruin []: you should try the knife too
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Even though they are lightly armoured and badly armed they still can ruin my day
Darryl []: You've screwing with my head, damn it
Darryl []: Also, I've never felt worried about having to take on numerous bandits before
Darryl []: Batteries?
Balathruin []: the thin woods can be shot through with a pistol, thin metals with rifles
Balathruin []: Also the junk on CS levels won't be that amazing anymore.
Balathruin []: I'm changing the materials and you will have the ability to shoot through brick walls with high AP ammo
Balathruin []: and he drops batteries / power source into the game
Balathruin []: wait until I tell Alun "it's time"
Balathruin []: ahaha
Darryl []: Otherwise the condition bar there is completely useless
Darryl []: I feel like pistols should go in detector slot, and detectors should have a highlight
Balathruin []: y carry those worthless boar hoofs?
VodkaChicken []: spaghetti lives on
Darryl []: :-DDD
Darryl []: 9 in-game hours so far
Balathruin []: nice money
Darryl []: Pistol was a stash reward
VodkaChicken []: aight
Darryl []: r8 my gear
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Off to Darkscape to kill a bandit bounty now
Darryl []: Otherwise use repo files + gamedata + balath's tweaks
Darryl []: I haven't pushed that version to repo
Darryl []: File uploaded: dxr_enhanced_recoil.script
Balathruin []: script, the finished (?) config and anims
Darryl []: Hang on there's a new script
Darryl []: Yeah
VodkaChicken []: new configs and the anim folder?
VodkaChicken []: what files do I need for the recoil effects?
Darryl []: Was an easy care-free way to get cash early on
Darryl []: Before you could waltz through them pretty easily
Darryl []: Destroy mutant lair and bandit car park tasks definitely felt like much more of a challenge
Balathruin []: I don't remember changing it.
Darryl []: Did you do something to hunger? I feel like the feature is actually being used now
Darryl []: I think whatever it is that determines how near actor needs to be for them to aggro needs to be reduced a tiny bit
Darryl []: Not too distance, but I didn't do anything to agro them
Darryl []: Boars did a 180 to turn around an attack me when I was relatively far away from them
Darryl []: Strange
Darryl []: :^)
Darryl []: Well you're finnish, it can't be helped
VodkaChicken []: I need to stop drinking
VodkaChicken []: *now that
VodkaChicken []: not that that shit is sort of sorted out you have to resurrect cwp from the aether ;^)
Darryl []: Just not in trader screen
Darryl []: The equipment highlighting DOES work on 1.5s engine
Darryl []: Oh wait what
Darryl []: It feels natural
Darryl []: Recoil effect on AK74 is near perfect tbh
Balathruin []: heh
Darryl []: Almost instinct
Darryl []: I hear cheekis and I immediately pull out a shotgun
Darryl []: Your desired effect with buckshot and armour is working
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: like standing in front of 3 enemies with rifles and oh I take damage and walk away
VodkaChicken []: I'll be sure to screech in the comment section
Balathruin []: and it's not as crazy high resist as it was in 1.4
Darryl []: Less complaints for that I hope
Darryl []: Yeah
Darryl []: So hopefully on rookie/stalker it will be much better
Balathruin []: lower difficulty -> damage resistance on actor
Darryl []: The easy difficulties in 1.4.22 are a bit *too* easy because people are using them and installing damage modes on top without realising what difficulty does
Balathruin []: It's 0.6 now
Darryl []: Lower difficulties should solve the "too easy to kill and ai is too accurate" complaints though
Balathruin []: I wouldn't lower vision under 0.5 outside combat.
Darryl []: But there will be so many people who will complain
Darryl []: I genuinely love this, not being a yes man or anything
Darryl []: Aside from the slightly OP viewing capabilities of the AI
Darryl []: I'll give you my honest advice
Balathruin []: and not by making AP do more damage, it's working penetration
Balathruin []: the very first time I see it working in any stalker game
Balathruin []: then AP rounds
Balathruin []: try killing heavy armoured targets with regular 5.45 or 5.56
Darryl []: aren't*
Darryl []: They tend to shoot a lot less now, so gunfights are a clusterfuck of random gunfire everywhere
Darryl []: I think that could be because you ramped up their accuracy though
Darryl []: Gunfights definitely feel better
Balathruin []: it might help in stormy weather, but I have no real idea
Balathruin []: m_stalker
Darryl []: What do I change this in?
Balathruin []: view distance outside combat should be 150m, but they need a clear view to see from that far
Balathruin []: not sure if it helps
Balathruin []: fog_density_factor = 1.5
Balathruin []: try something for me
Darryl []: I can't get a reprieve from that damn thing
Darryl []: Army guys keep agro'ing me from miles away and calling the helicopter in
Darryl []: AI can definitely see too far away and too clearly through bad weather
Balathruin []: But you have to hit with almost all pellets.
Balathruin []: If you can blast someone in an exo to the face buck can kill him acutally.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I can only take down army guys with a toz if I get a head shot or use slugs
Darryl []: I take it back, buckshot is useless against armoured targets so it balanced out
Darryl []: Guy picked up a sawedoff somewhere and blew me up the wall
Darryl []: Look at this smug bastard:
Darryl []: Nothing new to the current test, just saying in general
Darryl []: I like the new whizzing sounds
Darryl []: With hardcore ai on
Darryl []: I'm playing on master, btw
Darryl []: Yeah sorry, too early to tell
Balathruin []: unarmored targets don't really count, they die to everything
Balathruin []: performance at 50m is unreliable
Balathruin []: similar to real life
Darryl []: Maybe it's just the toz34
Darryl []: Sometimes the spread is bad enough to not hit too hard
Darryl []: Actually I can't tell yet
Darryl []: I just sniped a bandit at the car park from a tree about 50m away
Darryl []: Buckshot is way too powerful
Darryl []: Off to a rough start though, a pseudodog ran into rookie village
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Okay going to be doing a playthrough for a few hours, so won't be talking much
Darryl []: Thank christ
Darryl []: Ha you disabled that annoying eurovision song in the radio files
Balathruin []: because the animation multi is 3rd value
Darryl []: Actually all of the anm_shot attributes do
Darryl []: anm_shots in wpn_pm.ltx has to commas
Darryl []: Btw you accidentally removed the prob=0.025 from all the wpn_pm entries
Darryl []: Oh the AK74u has access to a silencer now?
Nuor []: you set hit probability top 100% in master?
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: but yes, it's basically northern levels
Balathruin []: It's only used on levels that are affected by the radar + Yantar.
Darryl []: CnPP has a really spoopy vibe to it when trying to sneak about unseen
Darryl []: I think it was a good idea to put the horror sounds from soc only in northern levels
Darryl []: I did find snipers in north cnpp but they were in the little netting area on top of a building
Darryl []: But there isn't much I can do about that
Darryl []: I did come across an SVD in Zaton which is how I know the recoil was fine
Darryl []: I disabled the respawns for snipers outside of CnPP, I can't remember if I went back and turned off the normal spawns - I think I did
Balathruin []: upgrade % is different if the weapon is equipped or not
Balathruin []: lol what a bug...
Balathruin []: How is the respawn working? Does the previous sniper squad have to die or not?
Balathruin []: At least now you see what I told you, snipers will travel.
Darryl []: You definitely notice it but it isn't obnoxious either
Darryl []: Recoil is pretty good on the SVD
Darryl []: I have a repaired abakan now though
Darryl []: So far I haven't felt anything was unfair, but I've only mainly been using pistols and sawed offs
Darryl []: I'm doing a quick playthrough by starting as a noob in skadovsk and hunting zombies/monolith to get gear and then fight to warlab
Darryl []: I'm just trying to get a feel for your new recoil values atm
Balathruin []: That can be synced
Balathruin []: If you want to change loadout files, copy the fixed ones first
Darryl []: Just noticed that in their base file
Darryl []: I think it might be because I accidentally gave them grenades
Darryl []: Happened again when looting a zombie
Darryl []:

[error]Description : there are no free room to place item

Artemex []: Hi, where do you all live?
Darryl []: to death*
Darryl []: A guard shot dead one of the monolith guys and I stabbed a few zombies to dead and the rest just left
Darryl []: Monolith and Zombified surrounded the Skadovsk
Darryl []: I'm not sure how but we survived this:
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: But he really likes air.
Balathruin []: I don't understand.
Darryl []: In the current repo configs owl pays for me medical items than axel
Darryl []: Hm
Artemex []: Especially the ambient from Terror[east]
ChargerHM []: Spectrum Project? Yeah, their Kurchatov-city was good-looking location
Artemex []: way in the mist
Balathruin []: night
Balathruin []: Spectrum Project
Darryl []: Anyway I'm off to sleep, night
Darryl []: I don't really have any gripes with DC aside from the traffic jam when the mercs try to storm the admin building
Darryl []: I think the mod was literally just called "Dead City" wasn't it?
Balathruin []: about DC again, one mod was kinda interesting, completely reimagined DC, but they just modified CoP Pripyat if I remember correctly
Balathruin []: Agroprom was originally the middle area only
Balathruin []: I think AW became a level from the base area
Darryl []: It's like they used a similar base and made two different maps from it
Balathruin []: both are very old maps
Darryl []: Both also have junction and splitting roads
Darryl []: Both have an army base, both have a swamp area with a single hamlet in it, both have a major area in the middle
Balathruin []: yes
Balathruin []: not just the CoC version
Darryl []: Have you ever noticed how remarkably similar Agroprom and Army Warehouses are?
Balathruin []: tbh DC is one of the levels that overall need a lot of improvements
Darryl []: Can't really say I've ever had the thought "if only we had some more swamp"
Darryl []: So CoC already has a ton of that
Darryl []: SoC, CS and CoP all have their own swampland areas though SoC doesn't have a dedicated one
Darryl []: Never really thought about it tbh
Balathruin []: that would help the level have a little more mutant life in it
Balathruin []: The swamp area is completely cut off and graphically glitched
Darryl []: What's wrong with it?
Darryl []: I don't think anything is wrong with DC
Balathruin []: Was there a reason CoC has the shitty DC?
Darryl []: Like nam
Balathruin []: about levels
Darryl []: DS in warfare is something else though
Balathruin []: English machine breaking here
Balathruin []: you have to run a lot to see anything, and as I said earlier the style it not fitting the game as much
Darryl []: It's just so loooong
Darryl []: I do like DS though, the thick dense woodland is really comfy
Darryl []: Cordon -> Garbage -> DV is my preferred route
Darryl []: Yeah for me too
Balathruin []: Darkscape is definietly a map that's off.
Darryl []: And I've had CoC since nov 2014
Darryl []: I don't think I've ever genuinely walked all the way from cordon to generators
Darryl []: Dead City and Army Warehouses are usually the "borderlands" sort of area for me
Anything beyond that is usually because a task forces me to wade through all of the Monolith

Balathruin []: While 30% of the level is missing
Balathruin []: and every time I look at the map and see Limansk I die a little more inside knowing it has to change from CoD mode
Balathruin []: Outskirts is really only accessible through the underground
Balathruin []: Zaton is a bit too far up for example
Balathruin []: I don't think many people do
Darryl []: Only usually of a task drags me up there
Darryl []: Personally I never venture to the far north that much anyway
Balathruin []: I would say Hospital, but it's a pretty good way to get to norht
Balathruin []: Are there any other levels that are rarely visited?
Darryl []: Damned if I can remember what though
Darryl []: I know that sounds nuts, but I'm very certain people were running past the prompts somehow and it was causing all sorts of bugs
Darryl []: I can't remember the details but it was a really weird thing they were doing
Darryl []: I think that's because people found a weird exploit with the level changers so Alun changed their sensitivity
Balathruin []: fence*
Balathruin []: just walk next to the fene
Balathruin []: like you can skip the one from agroprom to swamp
Darryl []: At least the big admin building in the middle is
Balathruin []: Some are incorrectly set up
Darryl []: I think their smarts are capturable
Darryl []: Kill the bandits
Darryl []: I haven't noticed any others
Darryl []: There's a couple in underground levels which don't have the prompt, I think mainly AgrUnd
Balathruin []: but how you use it as a merc in dead city?
VodkaChicken []: make that the place where cd -> yan changer drops you
Darryl []: Message on all changers?
Balathruin []: yan -> dc yes
VodkaChicken []: near the anomaly
Darryl []: They sure as hell don't walk out of the factory
Balathruin []: btw I loved that 1.5 is supposed to have the message on all changers, but nope
VodkaChicken []: isn't there a yan -> dc changer behind the factory
Darryl []: Bandits wander into Yantar from DC somehow
Darryl []: I swear there's a road in the north
Balathruin []: gib me lev canger
Darryl []: delete yantar
Balathruin []: not go there, ez
Balathruin []: what do?
Balathruin []: if you could run away you bump into mutants
Darryl []: gg no re
Balathruin []: when you spawn and get shot from 2 directions immediately
Darryl []: You need to be a real scrub to die to zombies m8
Darryl []: That only matters if you are in story mode
Darryl []: Oh
Balathruin []: psi zone with zombies and mutants
Darryl []: lol what
Balathruin []: The one that instakills you doesn't count.
Balathruin []: We have one from Yantar to DC, but not the way back.
Balathruin []: that's why I want a damn DC level changer to Yantar
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: It's extremely useful as Freedom or Bandit if you want to get from one faction's areas to the others without going through Duty
Balathruin []: yeah
Darryl []: Infrequently visited would be a more appropriate phrasing but it would ruin the sentence
Balathruin []: It's not really useful to travel through, only if you want to go to DV
Darryl []: Well that's more what I meant
Balathruin []: I haven't visited it in a long time for real tho
Balathruin []: one of the best maps for sniping
Balathruin []: It literally connects military, loners, bandits, duty, freedom, even monolith and sometimes mercs
Darryl []: Isolated not desolate
Balathruin []: What I don't understand is why ppl say it's low on activity.
Darryl []: Not hard to get to, isolated I think was my exact phrasing
Darryl []: I know I said TC is hard to get to in its article, but generators and warlab are something else entirely
Darryl []: Having to mess around with warlab so much today made me appreciate just how big the zone is in coc
Balathruin []: but that was with 500 frags, toned all grenades down
Balathruin []: crashed on a RPG explosion too
Balathruin []: it's either stupidly overloads the engine somewhere or I don't know
Balathruin []: crashes from alt tab a lot
Balathruin []: goddamn Jupiter
Darryl []: Yeah that's for vehicles
Balathruin []: wrong rocket -> it's not a skinny HE
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Oh its flicked down
Balathruin []: Nah, the wrong rocket blocks the only thing that could be a sight
Darryl []: Is there an actual iron sight to use? I'll do the camera positions first thing tomorrow
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: Last I tried this the game crashed
Darryl []: wot
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: um
Darryl []: Doesn't use the right bone :c
Balathruin []: Well, you have OWR3
Darryl []: Wish you could toggle the scope off on the RPG and use the irons
Balathruin []: the rocket literally turned around after coming out of the barrel
Balathruin []: I couldn't recreate the first one
Darryl []: hahaha
Balathruin []: This game is amazing
Darryl []: Warlab works perfectly in story mode and freeplay mode now
Darryl []: Oh boy finally finished
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Wrong one
Darryl []:
Nuor []: that worked last I checked. it is just very difficult to tell what is destroyed. as they don't change
Darryl []: right at the very end
Darryl []: everything in story works aside from the last bit when destroying the power supplies
Darryl []: reee
Balathruin []: ; Effect 1 - move back ; Effect 2 - turn left/right ; Effect 3 - turn up ; Effect 4 - tilt left/right
Balathruin []: I cut the amount down.
Nuor []: darryl did you - remove or rename - shoot animations?
ChargerHM []:
little update, added all Ecologists' and two loners' suits

Darryl []: I'm so used to only seeing the same ones all the time
Darryl []: Wow I completely forgot that there were story-only achievements
Nuor []: 20c here
Darryl []: Have to play through story mode to make sure I didn't break anything, so will be "away" for a bit
Darryl []: Almost finished opening up warlab to non-story mode
VodkaChicken []: see you
Borovos []: Have a good night
Borovos []: I have to go. See you soon.
Borovos []:
Borovos []: lol
VodkaChicken []: I don't save your shitty memes
VodkaChicken []: nah
Darryl []: Do you have my CoC edit of that from years ago?
Borovos []: Ppl followed Survarium because of the dream of a Stalker 2 like, not a stupid mmo.
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: 1518015837709.png
Balathruin []: but they don't realise most of those games die to the larger ones
Balathruin []: they want to milk battle royale
Borovos []: we will never see the freeplay PvE in Survarium
Borovos []: Sorry, Vostok studio
Borovos []: Lol, Survarium is starting a "pay game"
VodkaChicken []: we got a crap ton of snow last week
Borovos []: We had a lot of rains since the beginning of the winter with a round 5 to 12°C, now, we have first wave of snow and ice.
VodkaChicken []: like between -10 and -5
Balathruin []: We had a lot of humidity this winter, but no extreme cold (I guess it's under -10°C here), at least for long.
ChargerHM []: livin' in Russia btw
ChargerHM []: It was -10°C today morning, but at the daytime it changed to -4°C
Balathruin []: How is -5°C that bad tho?
Balathruin []: 1-5°C
Borovos []: No, poor Paris city, the rest of the country is good.
Balathruin []: We have warmer weather now.
Darryl []: Really cold this morning
Borovos []: Poor France.
Borovos []: How is the weather in your country guys? Here, we have 15 centimetre of snow and it's a "apocalypse".
No trains, no cars, no bus... And with low -5°Celcius, it will be a ice rink in all streets.
It's a fucking joke.

Darryl []:
Borovos []: @Darryl, nice trailer with old music. I like it. Perhaps the text disappears too quickly. I'm old...
Borovos []: This is stupid idea, as all the ground move during earthquake
Borovos []: Yes, all this rocks kill everything in old levels.
Borovos []: Are they always here? I changed the answer for snapchat
Balathruin []: The darkscape styled rocks don't fit into the game IMO
Borovos []: Guys, what's new about spam account on the forum?
Borovos []: Hello ChargerHM
Balathruin []: It's too narrow for my taste, and I don't like the edge
ChargerHM []: Hi Borovos
ChargerHM []: All I've done so far:
Borovos []: In CoC maps, I don't like all the stuff from CS around smarties.
VodkaChicken []: it is obviously a broken mess but I like the layout
Balathruin []: I can't choose.
Borovos []: Old part broke my extended DV.
Balathruin []: Even if I swap parts of it from the retail verison.
VodkaChicken []: I honestly prefer the old garbage to the current one
Darryl []:
Borovos []: I know
Balathruin []: I tried to work on the old garbage, it's absolutely terrible.
Borovos []: But deadcity, old marsh are good.
Borovos []: Old Bar is too empty
Borovos []: Few stuff is very good, not everything. Old Amber/Yanter is a mess as example
Balathruin []: Yes, they are cool, but barely even working and full of bugs.
Borovos []: Perhaps it's time to grow up the "level design team". It's a possibility.
Balathruin []: I find it weird that so many people love those old maps.
Borovos []: Except with a lot of changes and fix.
Borovos []: And we didn't plan to restore builds levels for CoC.
Borovos []: I have to talk with SBF.
Borovos []: I know Bangalore, 2C and me have the same feeling.
Borovos []: The limit is the vision of the Zone for each one. How they see it... I have to see more things about this.
Darryl []: I will say nothing*
Darryl []: I will nothing because I don't know the first damned thing about that cursed SDK
Borovos []: They have a designer. It's good.
Borovos []: And I like their new stuff like this:
Balathruin []: @Boro My recommendation is work together with their level editors, fixing and expanding stuff.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: dumb hyperlinks
Darryl []: @Borovos

Borovos []: If I understand the translator, they're asking us. So, it's true as I receive a mp today
Borovos []: - Первое пожалуй, что хотелось бы отметить что ведутся переговоры с TeamEpic о внедрении некоторых наших уровней в версию Call of Chernobyl 1.5. Пока это всё на слишком ранней стадии. Чем оно закончится, мы не знаем. Но рассматриваем вариант сотрудничества.
Balathruin []: I haven't followed CoC based mods, so I don't know what they have.
VodkaChicken []: some guy said that they apparently work with the coc devs on something now
Balathruin []: Yes, we talked about this.
Borovos []: *One of them
Borovos []: *A member of them
Borovos []: Did you see SadBlackFox last days?
Borovos []: I member of them contact me to add their work in CoC if I understand.
Borovos []: Somebody know this project:
Balathruin []: hello
Darryl []: Hey Boro!
Borovos []: Hey everybody!
Balathruin []: I wonder when the green bug will be fixed.
Balathruin []: Swapped out a tier 2 upgrade in protecta third for Saiga
Balathruin []: it works, just weird
Nuor []: I haven't paid attention what doesn' twork in upgrades?
Balathruin []: "release 'date' "
Balathruin []: still better than "release " or something, but never happens
Balathruin []: yep
ChargerHM []: or two? Don't really remember
ChargerHM []: ...and the demo was released only after a month
ChargerHM []: One my friend was making Hotline Miami mod and was always saying: "Expect the demo on next week!'
Balathruin []: Isn't the file enough?
Balathruin []: Every week tho: "Expected this week"
ChargerHM []: well, I'm making outfits list and I've downloaded it just to make a couple of screenshots
Darryl []: R7 is coming out in like a week
Darryl []:
ChargerHM []: my internet is so slow
ChargerHM []: Finally downloaded 1.5r6
Balathruin []: I understand how they work, just didn't get why I had to make a full branch instead of swapping one upgrade out.
Darryl []: I can't remember how it was useful but I know it was
Balathruin []: oh I know this
Darryl []: I made this when I fixed a bug with the spas12 upgrade ages ago
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: I had a cheat sheet for the upgrade stuff but I can't find it any more
Balathruin []: then huge files with all upgrades and tool/other requirement
Darryl []: Oh I have something that might help you, 1 sec
Darryl []: Suppose it's the best you can really do with how ini files are set up though
Balathruin []: separate sections for the upgrade tiers
Darryl []: Section which includes all of the texts, costs and whatnot, and an attribute which points to another section which contains all of the effects
Balathruin []: yeah
Darryl []: They're weird the way they are set up
Balathruin []: 400+ RPM with 8 shells, good reloading sim
Balathruin []: replacing the autofire with RPM
Balathruin []: But I did it, made a branch for Saiga in the protecta file
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I hate upgrades in this game.
Darryl []: Will test in a min, just doing stuff in warlab
Darryl []: Those numbers mean nothing to me, send me your .ltx plugin
Darryl []: Oh yeah I did
Darryl []: No
Balathruin []: Did you get the pic I sent?
Darryl []: I'll test it
Darryl []: Paste you plugin here
Balathruin []: It's not working
Nuor []: @balathruin - have you reviewed darryls version of wpn_effects? I'v enot examined it in detail so I don't know his goals.
ChargerHM []: I think my otuftits list will take some more time, downolading CoC 1.5r6 to make few screenshots for the document
Artemex []: The developer was only in connection with SadBlackFox
Artemex []: not yet
Artemex []: No
VodkaChicken []: the language barrier is so thick that you can almost touch it
VodkaChicken []: yes but has he been in contact with the ow devs?
Artemex []: borovos in offline
VodkaChicken []: I know he was also working on a bar rostok merge
VodkaChicken []: did borovos contact them?
Artemex []: @Balathruin author of the OW on the forum
Artemex []: lol
Artemex []: Alundaio Last Online: Jan 16 2018
Balathruin []: All this only when Alun is not active. Yeah, sure.
Darryl []: It doesn't matter, it's all fixed now
Balathruin []: Provide download to under development builds?
Artemex []: You mean this?
Balathruin []: Abuse the fame of CoC and ask for money?
Artemex []: I do not want to mislead anyone, but what did SadBlackFox do?
Artemex []: The essence of the two posts is the same. If you are about what is above.
Balathruin []: He's hurting the connection to the eastern community instead of helping...
Balathruin []: I don't find it funny.
Artemex []: haha
Balathruin []: They want level fixes to be in 1.5
Balathruin []: fuck is he doing
Balathruin []: The original post is completely different.
Balathruin []: SadBlackFox really needs a kick into his ass...
Artemex []:

Balathruin []: Provide a link first.
Artemex []: Maybe SadBlackFox knows about this
Balathruin []: Most buildings with several levels are glitched.
Balathruin []: didn't help at all lol
Balathruin []: yeah, 2C did that too
Darryl []: Still doesn't stop the mercs all piling up and getting jammed though
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I think a door was moved in Dead City, too
Balathruin []: Obviously you don't link it, just crop a screenshot.
Darryl []: And DX8 fix for Generators
Darryl []: ^
Balathruin []: Changes for 1.5 are 2C Yantar and Outskirts and small fixes.
Balathruin []: It's only 1.5
Darryl []: Unless Bangalore, Borovos and Alundaio say anything it's otherwise "fake news"
Artemex []: @Balathruin some
Darryl []: Maybe Borovos enquired about something they changed
Darryl []: :panic:
VodkaChicken []: this is super sekrit info
VodkaChicken []: sorry darryl, you were kicked out of the team
Balathruin []: What level? Where?
Darryl []: Huh?
Artemex []: oh...shit
Artemex []: "1) We are negotiating with TeamEpic about the introduction of some levels from the modification to the version of Call of Chernobyl 1.5"
Artemex []: File uploaded: Screenshot_20180207-172448_01.png
Darryl []: Going to see if I can figure out a way to reset the values for weapons when ugprades are installed, so it recalculates them
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: I pushed script and plugin to repo last night, it's there for you to toy with now Bal
Artemex []: Who knows what happened for the conflict between Alundaio and Dezodor(Dezowave)?
Artemex []: Okay. But by default it's somehow nicer!
Balathruin []: size -> file size
Artemex []: Default menu 1920x1080
Balathruin []: That is what you have addons for. I don't see a reason to change it. It's small in size, long menus can actually cause OOM.
Artemex []: I very often go to the menu
Balathruin []: Are you looking at the menu or play the game?
Artemex []:
Artemex []: Very tired of him . I even moved the menu from beta...
ChargerHM []: old menu is still very good so...
Artemex []: Menu Call of Chernobyl 1.5
Balathruin []: What menu?
Artemex []: Will the menu update?
Darryl []: Will have to be tomorrow if I try
Darryl []: No idea, maybe
Balathruin []: Can you create a calculator thingy?
Darryl []: So a higher upgrade_multi means the effects are more potent
Darryl []: Everything sorted now
Darryl []: Adding a whole extra 100% to the recoil for every upgrade that didn't decrease it
Darryl []: I made a whoopsie with a default value, whenever it was checking an upgrade, if it didn't have a recoil decrease it would default that value to a 1
Darryl []: Fixed it!!!
Darryl []: Rejigging part of the formula to try to make this a bit more readable
Darryl []: Just checking script for mistakes
Darryl []: I think you will definitely need to use low upgrade_multi values because the upgrades' reductions to cam_dispersion almost completely nullify any recoil
Darryl []: File uploaded: weapon3.mp4
Balathruin []: no, but 1 is light, 3 heavy
ChargerHM []: CHN-1a or something like that?
ChargerHM []: russian naming? What do you mean?
ChargerHM []: I'll take a look and send everything tomorrow. Thanks.
Balathruin []: I have a tidied version of that file and CS outfits changed to russian naming.
Balathruin []:
Text is not updated btw.

ChargerHM []: Can you give me the full list of every outfit name in the mod?
Balathruin []: If you have anything good.
ChargerHM []: and another question, do you take suggestions about new outfits names? Most of ingame ones sound dumb
Balathruin []: depends on Alun
ChargerHM []: Just take a look

ChargerHM []: If GSC Weapons Remake will ever come out, will you use it as default weapon pack?
Balathruin []: +
Darryl []: Good
VodkaChicken []: what do you think?
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: binoc-upg.7z
Balathruin []: +3 without upgrades, +2 with upgrades I think
Balathruin []: that's the only outfit with higher carry capacity
Darryl []: 50% more bullets
Darryl []:
ChargerHM []:
You see Ivan, the more belts you have on your armor, the harder it is to kill you

Balathruin []: which is basically a modified sunrise
Darryl []: Monolith novice jacket was replaced with an alternate white jacket for loners, and they were given normal monolith suit instead
ChargerHM []: Yeah, I know they are from older versions, but they really don't look good
Balathruin []: yes
VodkaChicken []: monolith jacket was turned into the generic white loner leather jacket
Darryl []: Freedom and Duty novice suits are worn by NPCs, although uncommon
ChargerHM []: sorry, missread
ChargerHM []: oh wait
ChargerHM []: They were deleted in 1.5?
Balathruin []: Isn't that leftover from older CoC versions?
ChargerHM []: Oh, also, I think Duty, Freedom and Monolith novice jackets are not needed, because these groupings give normal suits to all their newcomers
VodkaChicken []: those somehow made it to Last Day from what I've seen
VodkaChicken []: oa was also supposed to have rp headgear like balaclavas and berets
VodkaChicken []: I guess the upgrade icon texture still has some leftovers
VodkaChicken []: because model was so shit
VodkaChicken []: that actually never made it into outfit addon
Balathruin []: heavy seva is the one between army outfit and proto exo
ChargerHM []: Don't have anything against it
ChargerHM []: I saw it in
Balathruin []: there is only a heavy seva
Balathruin []: Exo with seva helmet? Where?
ChargerHM []: Not a fan of some outfits that were added with Outfit Addon tho. That exoskeleton with SEVA helmet and these White and Blue SSPs are lookin' meh imo
Balathruin []: Just don't understand why he ignores me.
Balathruin []: (not really)
Balathruin []: IT'S KILLING ME
Balathruin []: I CAN'T
ChargerHM []: I know, but I can wait
Balathruin []: Borovos haven't finished the levels yet.
Nuor []: best I recall alun added ability to have NV and detection as upgrade to scopes. Binoc class may have already had it.
ChargerHM []: I'm excited. Really want to see updated A-Life, encyclopedia and tweaked locations by Borovos
Darryl []: What did you think?
ChargerHM []: It was pretty good
ChargerHM []: Yup
Darryl []: Hey Charger did you see the new teaser?
Balathruin []: I say 4x at least, so it's a scoped weapon that can't shoot
VodkaChicken []: I think two zoom level upgrades are enough
Darryl []:
Darryl []: There's a reason I don't do weapon balance
Darryl []: Maybe
Balathruin []: Minimum zoom is really small, ~2x binocs woudln't make sense to me.
Darryl []: And then as a separate group would could have nvgs and beepy-squares as a one-or-the-other selection for tier3
Darryl []: That's three upgrades right there
Darryl []: And final zoom is scalable, i.e. as it is atm between min and max
Darryl []: Default zoom is the current minimum zoom, upgraded zoom 1 is inbetween current min and maz, upgraded zoom 2 is the max current zoom
Darryl []: I have an idea
Balathruin []: and make two for increased zoom, please
Balathruin []: yes
VodkaChicken []: so increased zoom, manual zoom, target thingy and nv?
Darryl []: It's the best of both worlds, people who like it get to unlock it, people who hate it get to use something else
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: the target selector is fucking op
Balathruin []: not true
Darryl []: Yeah I think a choice between those two would be a great tier 3
Balathruin []: choose targeting or nvg is my vote
Darryl []: At the moment they just get replaced as soon as the player gets a scope for their rifle and arent much use beyond that
VodkaChicken []: nv or the meme dusk filter would be nice
Darryl []: Maybe force the player to choose between targetting, scaling and nvgs
Darryl []: Here's my two cents on it, I think by default binocs should have basic medium fixed zoom.
Upgrades increase this, with late upgrades adding scalable zoom, the square targets and perhaps NVG

Balathruin []: it would start at 4 or 5 zoom
Balathruin []: I guess we could have two zoom upgrades, second being tier 3
Balathruin []: nah, same as scopes
VodkaChicken []: I thought it would automaticly zoom to nearest enemy or something
Balathruin []: One of the reasons the current binocs are broken, zoom out and it will target everything
VodkaChicken []: ah, ok
Balathruin []: You can adjust zoom.
VodkaChicken []: what does dynamic zoom do?
VodkaChicken []: aight
VodkaChicken []: those jacket icons are a compromise from a slight creative disagreement
Balathruin []: more zoom, dynamic zoom, target selector
VodkaChicken []: what will the small stupid white icon be?
VodkaChicken []: what type of upgrades are they?
VodkaChicken []: I have 4 good renders for icons atm
Balathruin []: not sure if you can add nightvision with toggle
ChargerHM []: Not a fan of these leather coats' icons tbh, they'd look much better if looked more CoPish
Balathruin []: at least 3
VodkaChicken []: how many upgrade slots will it have?
Balathruin []: What if I say now?
VodkaChicken []: let me know when you need the upgrade icons
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: shitfuck.7z
Balathruin []:
ChargerHM []: Can you show an example of new outfit icon please?
Balathruin []: protecta had 25% scope chance so I fixed that
Balathruin []: @Darryl Updated loadouts
VodkaChicken []: there is no room in ui_actor_weapons so I'll just slap it in ui_actor_armor for now
ChargerHM []: Nice to know
Darryl []: Mainly outfits
Darryl []: A dozen or so icons are changed
Nuor []: I still think there should be slider for economy and such as we will never please everyone.
ChargerHM []: woah, 1.5 is also going to have reworked inventory icons! ...or I'm wrong?
VodkaChicken []: it was a word model from soc
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: got maya working for now
Nuor []: eye of the beholder
Balathruin []: economy not yet
Balathruin []: gameplay should be
ChargerHM []: so, uhh, will R7 be actually well balanced version?
Nuor []: best i recall that was a variation of the original altered to work in coc framework but kept as near original as practical.
Darryl []: Slight differences but mostly the same
Balathruin []: I love this
Nuor []: differs*
Nuor []: see if that differes
Nuor []: File uploaded: wpn_effects.script
Darryl []: well, w/e one i was given
Darryl []: yeah
Nuor []: darryl are you reading the smurth version of wpn_effects?
Darryl []: The nightmares. Don't start them off again!
VodkaChicken []: darryl probably remembers how shit the shaded jacket icons from ogsm looked
VodkaChicken []: it*
VodkaChicken []: id didn't have option for static ambient lighting and it couldn't export clean pngs last time I checked
Balathruin []: ogf*
Balathruin []: Isn't Alun's ogd viewer good?
VodkaChicken []: but yeah I'll try to get shit running again at some point
VodkaChicken []: but it would be downscaled a lot
Balathruin []: hud model is definietly better
Darryl []: Probably, you'd have noticed it sooner if it was the hud model, putting it up to your face and all
VodkaChicken []: tbh that could be the world model, I can't really check atm since maya isn't working any more
Darryl []: Everything in this game looks bad the closer you look at it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: You all forget that CoP came out 9 years ago
VodkaChicken []: it's kinda bad
Balathruin []: Is the hud one better?
Balathruin []: wow, the model really looks this bad?
VodkaChicken []: how does this look for the big pic?
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: I got a few renders before the piece of shit crashed
Balathruin []: I'll need someone with weak CPU to test RPG and the grenades.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: that doesn't say much
Darryl []: It's not for me I worry about the extra processing, but people with older computers
Darryl []: i7
VodkaChicken []: I really need to set up blender for ogf files
VodkaChicken []: maya cracks decided to stop working
Artemex []: Alundaio is god
Balathruin []: What CPU you have?
Darryl []: All without the overhead
Darryl []: Great thing is though is I've tied it to weapon ids, so you could have two of the same gun, with one and one without upgrades, and they would recoil completely differently
Darryl []: I can replace the field of view calculations which work out whether actor is zoomed in or not with callbacks though
Darryl []: All depends on if I can detect either of those
Balathruin []: Upgrades unload the weapon. Not sure if it would work.
Balathruin []: Recalculate after unload?
Darryl []: Though I suppose I could find a way to detect if new upgrades have been installed somehow
Darryl []: But for the sake of not needing to keep dragging all of the values out of configs and redoing these calculations over and over again for every shot it's a very minor flaw
Darryl []: If you upgrade a weapon, the cached value isn't updated until you save/load or change level
Darryl []: The recoil value caching has one *tiny* drawback
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: See I'm slowly puzzling this out
Darryl []: Whereas upgraded will be (reduced / normal) and return a 0.* figure
Darryl []: So an upgraded weapon will essentially be (normal / normal) and always return normal, i.e. the basic recoil
Darryl []: It creates a multiplier, so a lower upgraded value means less recoil
Darryl []: Oh I figured out why it works out the weird division thing is for now
Balathruin []: yes, k_cam_dispersion for ammo
Balathruin []:

Okay so accuracy is pretty much:
weapon_disp = fire_disp_base * cur_silencer_koef.fire_dispersion * cartridge_k * GetConditionDispersionFactor()
actor_disp = disp_base * PDM_disp_base [multiply by crouch factor if crouching, accel factor if accellerating and velocity factor if under velocity]

Darryl []: I'll use that then, for ammunition, right?
Darryl []:


Balathruin []: ok
Balathruin []: I'd stick with k_cam_dispersion
Darryl []: [ quote ] text [ /quote ]
Balathruin []: How does quote work in chat?
Darryl []: For ammos
Darryl []: Higher it is, the greater the recoil effect
Darryl []: 1 is the default value
Darryl []: Just add a new value called k_enh_recoil
Darryl []: Oh
Balathruin []: still accuracy
Darryl []: What is k_disp used for by ammos?
Darryl []: cam_dispersion_k is the one silencers use
Balathruin []: just multi the effect values
Darryl []: Right, for ammos I think the higher the enhanced recoil the greater stronger the kick is how this would work
Balathruin []: or rather k_cam_dispersion
Balathruin []: cam_dispersion_k
Balathruin []: I'll add the one from silencer
Darryl []: which way around*
Darryl []: I'm not sure why way around higher/lower values would alter recoil
Darryl []: add a value*
Darryl []: You could stick a section called k_assfuck and I could read it
Balathruin []: then add it to engine later
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: The engine wouldn't pay any attention to it, but the enhanced recoil script could factor in the values you give
Darryl []: I did the same thing for achievements to automate the counter, added a new value to them
Darryl []: It's reading the ammo sections
Darryl []: No for the script
Darryl []: So using more powerful ammo would produce more recoil or something to that effect
Balathruin []: I can't add it, Alun needs to do it in engine first.
Darryl []: You could add a new value to ammos for this, and I could have it read those
Darryl []: Tell you what
Balathruin []: accuracy
Darryl []: Hm
Darryl []: Not k_disp?
Balathruin []: There is no recoil modifier yet.
Balathruin []: not really
Darryl []: Otherwise figuring out the ammo type is completely pointless
Darryl []: Is there anything in ammo configs that could be used instead?
Darryl []: wtf
Balathruin []: Nuor didn't remember why it was there.
Balathruin []: has nothing to do with recoil
Balathruin []: increases wear on the gun
Darryl []: Because it factors that into its calculations
Darryl []: What exactly does the "impair" value in ammo configs do?
Darryl []: A random but related question
Darryl []: recoil calculations are done methinks
Darryl []: Making sure to document EVERYTHING like I did with encyclopedia code because if I ever have to make changes to this I will be lost
Darryl []: I'm slowly figuring out how this works
Darryl []: It then divides the base value by the "upgraded" value and uses that in later calculations
Darryl []: It digs out the cam_dispersion value, then makes a second copy of this but with the changes that upgrades make
Darryl []: I'm not sure I see the point in this
Darryl []:
Artemex []: What is "Chernobyl Pizdec"?))))
Darryl []: Oh bugger this accounts for upgrades too
Darryl []: So if you've used the same weapon with the same ammo type value at the time of firing it just retrieves that instead of digging it all out of ini again
Darryl []: Right think I've got the recoil value caching working based on weapon section and ammo type value
Darryl []: Suppose I could figure out a way to cache it in a table somewhere
Darryl []: For every shot it has to constantly read the weapon configs to determine ammo type among other things
Darryl []: Really don't like how this script works
Balathruin []: wow, I only had to fix one file for the game to start up
Balathruin []: Only reason I want this now-ish is because I'm close to finishing OWR3
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Not sure if spawn_loadout system lets you specify the scope type, but shouldnt be hard to add if it doesnt
Balathruin []: wpn_addon_scope_susat_x1.6
Balathruin []: if you want scope on protecta, give it the short range one
Balathruin []: attachment list
GL: AK74, G36, LR-300, Sig550
scope: Abakan, LR-300, Protecta (please no), Sig550, Val
supp: Abakan, AK74, AK74U, colt, fort, G36, hspa, LR-300, MP5, Sig220, Sig550, USP45

Balathruin []: I'd like to interrupt your work with one thing, update loadouts.
Darryl []: oh
Balathruin []: But I only know about shoot state.
Balathruin []: The non-existent vanilla effects are called by the shooting animation. Just wondering if there is a way to check for that through script.
Darryl []: Hm?
Balathruin []: Is there a check for animation?
Darryl []: So much unnecessary overhead added by checking ammo counts and the like
Darryl []: We really need an actor_on_shoot callback or something for this
Darryl []: Its like trying to deobfuscate it
Darryl []: This is a nightmare to read, all of the variables have such obscure 1-letter names
Darryl []: I was thinking this was that weird shooting effect that weapons had in misery, rtl and other mods
Darryl []: That looks a lot better than I thought it would
Darryl []: Ah I see it
Balathruin []: The effects I'll use are move back, turn up, turn left/right and tilts.
Darryl []: i see it
Darryl []: Relink pls
Balathruin []: I sent you one earlier.
Darryl []: Kinda need to know what to look for if I get close to having this working
Darryl []: Do you have no demo videos at all of this working in smurth hud or other mods?
Balathruin []: speed randomiser needs a cut too (as I said a few times)
Darryl []: I've fixed that fake trigger bug by checking the weapon id, essentially if it notices the ammo has changed and thinks a shot has been fired, but then notices the active weapon's id is different from last recorded, then it doesnt trigger effects
Balathruin []: now it will have . something values after upgrades, but it should round up or down
Balathruin []: old script handles it as a % chance to fire fore example 2 or 3 effects
Darryl []: The more you want to gut the better, less work for me
Balathruin []: cuz I was talking about cutting that
Balathruin []: oh
Darryl []: Haven't a clue yet, that's just a copy-paste from the old script file
Balathruin []: what does the value after . do?
Darryl []: Instead of when they are needed, for efficiency
Darryl []: All of the supported sections must be put in the main section first, as it loads all of their values on game start
Darryl []: Used the weapon section name to figure out the values
Darryl []:

speeds = 4, 5
effects = 1.7, 1.7, 1.4, 2.8, 5.2, 3.4

Darryl []: this is esentially how its set up
Darryl []: I'll hand stuff over to you to tinker with values for each weapon
Darryl []: Yeah I'm only testing with toz34 atm
Balathruin []: use the effects from smurth, I'll make new ones to have more steps
Balathruin []: cool
Darryl []: As it would trick it into thinking you'd shot by the ammo count on active weapon changing
Darryl []: Because of the way it checked the ammo counts it would trigger effects just by equipping a weapon
Darryl []: Found a bug with the old script I've fixed though
Darryl []: Now*
Darryl []: Not to do the hard part of actually firing the effects
Darryl []: So far everything seems to be working, all my debug prints are firing in the right places
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: the syntax in this old script is really making me mad
Darryl []: Let me do this first, I should have something for you by the end of the day to work with
Darryl []: was just working on weapon effects right now
Darryl []: uh
Balathruin []: @Darryl Can you do the repair tool change? Or just make it show the actual % it will repair.
Darryl []:
Artemex []: Nice work
Artemex []: Darryl, good teaser trailer
SadBlackFox []: "СТАЛКЕР: Чернобыль Пиздец"
Darrill []: I drop it here because there was demonstrated some bugs, and of course it's funny.
Darryl []: "STALKER: Chernobyl Pizdec"
Darrill []: I see twice BR2049, agree with you
Darrill []: @Darryl, what video ?
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: lol
Darryl []: Already seen it 3x
Darryl []: Best movie from 2017 in my opinion
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Did you watch the new Bladerunner?
Darryl []: film*
Darryl []: Love this dilm
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl,
Darryl []: These bots are getting smarter...
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I've been working on the OWR3 configs in the last few days, at this point wonder if the game would even start with them.
Balathruin []: All I know is it does things it shouldn't.
Nuor []: I already cleaned it up th eoriginal is worse.
Balathruin []: I'd suggest working or talking with Darryl on how it should work exactly.
Balathruin []: heh
Nuor []: It's overly complicated but i wasn't in a mood to change it as i never use it ;p
Balathruin []: No speed randomiser, no % chance, but round up or down, etc.
Balathruin []: I wouldn't use that script without cutting out some stuff.
Nuor []: shouldn't be hard to do if you are using wpn_effects from smurth
Balathruin []: btw my green light for R7 does depend on that feature
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Easier for weapon packs to access it
Darryl []: Storing the values in a config rather than in script
Darryl []: Yeah
Balathruin []: How should the shoot effect work btw? You said ltx, does that mean plugin folder?
Darryl []: Yeah I realised that after I said it
Balathruin []: Where are the cut levels from then?
Darryl []: bah close enough
Darryl []: any new*
Darryl []: I meant just clarifying we aren't using any levels from lost alpha or soc alpha
Balathruin []: better?
Darryl []: thats a whole can of worms if people misread that
Darryl []: lol you should rephrase your comment balath before people think soc alpha levels are in coc
SadBlackFox []: thanks
Darryl []: @Darrill
I love that video so much

Darryl []: @Fon

Darryl []: About 10-15 minutes
SadBlackFox []: oh, okey
Darryl []: I will update it in a minute lol hang on
SadBlackFox []: I can not share video from moddb to VK
Darryl []: I will update trailer pack on moddb soon, it will be in there
SadBlackFox []: Can you give me a video so I can publish it in VK?
Darryl []: I don't have a YT channel so not yet
SadBlackFox []: youtube?
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Darryl []: New trailer for VK

Darryl []: Hey Fon
Darryl []: I haven't had the misfortune of running into any of those nasty things yet
Balathruin []: @Nuor yes, there is one.
Balathruin []: Change and new sound.
Nuor []: I think the helmet upgrades shows enemies on map
Darryl []: What are we talking, existing configs or a change you made?
Balathruin []: Burer has a weak psi aura.
Darryl []: Uh?
Balathruin []: Actually, did you check the burer sound?
Darryl []: There's a wilhelm scream hidden in there, btw
Balathruin []: Text close to the end is still too fast
Darryl []: Nothing wrong with most vanilla sounds, they are all very recognisable
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @Nuor

VodkaChicken []: something like that and better sounds would make vanilla weapons almost passable
Darryl []: I'll get back to it tomorrow
Darryl []: That's if I or Nuor can get them working
VodkaChicken []: sounds cool
Balathruin []: similar, but not that crazy
VodkaChicken []: I haven't been following
VodkaChicken []: are the shot effects something like what the original smurth's hud for cop had?
Balathruin []: hide_wpn is WIP, but working
Balathruin []: I'm fine with R7... after shoot effects are done
Balathruin []: heh
Darryl []: :panic:
Darryl []: hey bal before you do upgrades for binocs and stuff, can we get the basic balancing ready for r7?
Balathruin []: yeah, I remember it
VodkaChicken []: I can get the small white icon from that
VodkaChicken []: there is a cut upgrade for the tactical(?) helmet that was supposed to add the box things
Balathruin []: Fully zoom out and see pretty much any NPC ahead.
Balathruin []: I use the heat thingy a lot at the starts.
VodkaChicken []: sounds good
Balathruin []: and would be T3
Darryl []: lel
Darryl []: Sounds more professional than "squares and beeps"
VodkaChicken []: more like upgrade to disable that shit
Darryl []: That's what I was looking for
Balathruin []: that is the target selector
VodkaChicken []: >upgrade
VodkaChicken []: >beeps
Darryl []: The squares and beeps should be an upgrade imo
VodkaChicken []: yeah, I guess the track boxes could be behind tier 2 or 3 upgrades
Balathruin []: More zoom, dynamic zoom and target selector at the very least.
Balathruin []: binoc is OP currently
Balathruin []: yes
Balathruin []: I don't remember any 1.5 trailer.
VodkaChicken []: So you guys are planning binocular upgrades?
Darryl []: If I did, it's still based on that
Darryl []: Didn't I send you a very basic one a few months ago?
Darryl []: The pacing is slow at beginning, fast in middle, and slow at end
Darryl []: I'm not sure if I want to reshoot some things first
Darryl []: Maybe
Balathruin []: curiosity
Darryl []: What for?
Balathruin []: Can you send it before sharing?
Balathruin []: hello
Darryl []: Trailer for 1.5 almost finished
Darryl []: Hey Bal
Borovos []: Salut
Darryl []: Bonjour Boro
Darrill []:
Balathruin []: Are there any hand animations that are too slow or too fast? I did the 2x for shoot (where acceptable), slower draw/holster and reload for protecta, slower reload and pump for spas, faster reload for chaser.
Balathruin []: yeah, I guess
Darryl []: That's one thing about GSC's game design I really like, is that every weapon is very unique in its purpose
Darryl []: Would be a redundancy to have two semi-auto shotguns
Darryl []: Probably because they added a Protecta in CoP
Balathruin []: but sadly realised that you use the Spas in pump-action mode for no reason...
Balathruin []: and doubling shoot animation speeds currently, so the bolts aren't jumping
Balathruin []: although I enabled suppressor for the AKS-74U
Balathruin []: It could in my files, forgot that it doesn't have threaded barrel, but has silencer model in the game.
Darryl []: wish we could ban them from breathing tbh
Darryl []: i swear the ban and ip ban list has doubled in the last month because of these retarded spammers
Darryl []: i thought it couldnt because of the p69 or w/e its called
Darryl []: also i didnt think the pm could take a supressor?
Darryl []: @bal I can remove them from first tier or two, no problem
Darryl []: removed
VodkaChicken []: moar spam
Balathruin []: wow, I almost forgot about animation speed multipiler
Balathruin []: I'm also removing suppressor support from regular PM.
Balathruin []: @Darryl Not sure if I see this correctly, but what tiers can have attachments? You might want to remove it from tier 1, even if it's rare and most likely just a suppressor.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Remove the makeup and hair dye and he'd fit right in Mad Max 2
Balathruin []: btw I'm still in Moria, should really finish it when I go back
Nuor []: when? in the boatride across the western sea?
Balathruin []: Did Gandalf kill Frodo?
Darryl []: Back from lotr
Darryl []: Anyway, back to lotr
Darryl []: I haven't done all the gameplay details at the moment
Darryl []: I most certainly will be
Balathruin []: I have only one request about the guide: please add weapon hide and the recoil effects after they are done.
Darryl []: Maybe Nuor can help if I am not fast enough
Darryl []: But I am in a bit of an "upheaval" in real life so ironically I'm still not able to give a lot of time :@
Darryl []: And do your effects script
Darryl []: I need to finish like 30 seconds of footage for the 1.5 teaser trailer
Darryl []: I'm kind of in a lucky spot, guide is in hold until R7 is out so I can work on the next "batch" so I'm not tied up with that atm
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: That's why I wanted to tell, that script is more complicated.
Darryl []: The maths behind it is a little confusing though
Darryl []: I should be able to figure it out from the script
Balathruin []: Do you need info on what it has to do?
Darryl []: I made a start and got the plugin loading
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Not yet, been busy
Darryl []: Oh right
Darryl []: On the effects?
Balathruin []: I started updating OWR3.
Balathruin []: Any progress on the effects?
Darryl []: I can watch BR2049 in a single sitting despite being 2h 49m
Darryl []: LoTR is like that for me though, as much as I love them
Balathruin []: obviously not all three
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: The extended versions? Like 12hrs long in total
Balathruin []: but yea, they are long
Balathruin []: I watched them fairly recently, don't remember taking breaks (maybe drink/toilet)
Darryl []: I've had to take two breaks while watching fellowship so far
Darryl []: I forget how long the extended lotr films are
Balathruin []: He's invisible.
Darryl []: Asking to look what turns on detectors
Darryl []: Nuor was (might be invisible?) just messaged
Darryl []: I really wouldn't even know where to look
Balathruin []: No one else is around?
Darryl []: Oh god why me
Darryl []:

darryl can you look at engine code

Nuor []: cycling it with key make sit work properly.
Nuor []: I can force hide a detector by using switch_state but if I switch it back to "show" the detector doesn't work it appears in the hand but detects nothing.
Nuor []: hey darryl can you look at engine code and see what command "turns on" detector when you press key?
Darryl []: God more spammers
SadBlackFox []: Blocked
Artemex []: please, block it
Artemex []:
Balathruin []: Best about Tingle games is that it's still Nintendo, but really weird.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: "oh my god it's a fake ass"
Balathruin []: This is amazing:
Balathruin []: NPCs stop seeing the actor/target in smart covers, rarely but not reacting, etc. The delay isn't that big with reduced visibility_threshold, but not the best.
Balathruin []: That has several issues.
Darrill []: Understand. Check also NPC vision, hearing and reaction time.
Balathruin []: I basically use the "future vanilla"
Balathruin []: weird, I can't do it
Darrill []: Also applied to giants and any other beast
Darrill []: Clear 1.5 R7 from repo
Balathruin []: lol
Darrill []:
Darrill []: Ok now is my turn.
Darrill []: I made own addon bassed on CoC, not playing.
Balathruin []: Wasn't asking this in relation to your issues, just curious.
Darrill []: @Balathruin CoC 1.5 with some elements from Misery. But I also tested on clear 1.5. The problem was in xrgame.
Nuor []: in g.script
Nuor []: aha there is on_before_item_use
Balathruin []: What mod do you use btw? Is it something Misery based?
Balathruin []:
Darrill []: Man, you're right again. All this time the problem was in xrgame
Balathruin []: Nothing happened when I kicked a living stalker.
Darrill []: Try to kick a stalker
Balathruin []: I still don't understand what you mean...
Darrill []: Try on any NPC, on stalkers
Balathruin []: Only used it on tushkano.
Balathruin []: What about kick?
Darrill []: Don't forget about kick
Darrill []: You are right, just checked once again with another version.
Balathruin []: @Darryl the snipers are wandering around the Zone, just as I tought.
Balathruin []: But I'm more interested in the trader exploit.
Balathruin []: yep, not happening
Darrill []: @Balathruin, Kill a mutant, loot it, travel to another location, then go back and loot it again.
Balathruin []: If you want to report/bump issues, please tell us what are you talking about exactly.
Balathruin []: Mutant looting did save in my current game, don't know what's the problem with traders (you didn't specify), relation table is ??? again
Darrill []: Man, weapons balance is not the main problem in R6. There are a lot of other exploits what need to be fixed like traders, mujtants looting, relation table.
Balathruin []: I'm off too, night.
Darryl []: night
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: You pump the spas while it's in semi-auto.
Balathruin []: I just realised.
VodkaChicken []: so the new "full" inventories are almost empty most of the time
VodkaChicken []: that's cool and all but the stock probabilities are all kinds of fucked just like they are in vanilla cop
Balathruin []: forgot about that.
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Not in the .db files yet
Darryl []: It's still needed
Borovos []: Is it usefull?
Borovos []: @Balathruin, what about teamepic\unpublished assets\gamedata?
Balathruin []: While I was busy in AW the merc trader restocked.
VodkaChicken []: running between traders just to see empty inventories is kinda frustrating
VodkaChicken []: I can't be the only one who doesn't like the fact that traders have to go offline to restock
Darryl []: Soldiers in Cordon always blow themselves up returning to base
Darryl []: Interesting thing I discovered, turning on ai die in anomalies also removes their ability to know where landmines are
Darryl []: Some men just want to watch the mercs burn
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: This is something that afflicts pretty much any RPG though
Darryl []: My point being is that sooner or later you just end up with too many items in the game world
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: zone stock market simulation when?
Darryl []: Items are constantly being put into it but barely anything is circulated or removed
Darryl []: Problem with stalker and many ofher non-multiplayer RPGs is that they only have a simulated economy
Darryl []: It's tricky D:
Darryl []: But you don't want to nerf them too hard because not much else is viable
Darryl []: Artefacts and weapons are the big earners
Darryl []: Perhaps increasing the minimum weapon condition traders buy at from 70% to 75%, decreasing their overall condition when found might be the way forward if the economy is still too generous after R7
Borovos []: tk Balathruin
Darryl []: But saying that, you only need to scavenge a gun or two
VodkaChicken []: yeah, the economy is kinda pain in the ass if you don't go after everything that moves
Darryl []: It makes starting out pretty brutal but after that it's not too bad
Darryl []: I think reducing the spawn rates of high-end guns and upping prices a bit is the only real way to do it
Balathruin []: But part of the problem is still the weapon selection.
Darryl []: I don't think the economy will ever suit every playstyle
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: Not so much with CoC as what the player has access to depends on faction, location, and just random luck
Darryl []: With the main games you can control the flow of weapons, money etc. because areas are locked off
Darryl []: That's the thing
Balathruin []: The reason I get so much loot is because AW is targeted a lot and lacks mutants (they are kinda rare).
Balathruin []: Spawns will need some rework at some point.
Balathruin []: What I almost forgot is Nuor sent me the working weapon hide script, so we can include that too.
Balathruin []: Thanks
Darryl []: Done
Darryl []: I should do it now before I forget
Balathruin []: drop it to 1% and see how much better it gets
Darryl []: They are at 2.5% per attachment I think
Darryl []: Sure I guess
Balathruin []: scopes, GLs, suppressors
Balathruin []: I know I'm getting a lot of loot (hundreds of bodies), but it's still a lot.
Darryl []: stashes or on stalkers?
Darryl []: spawns in what?
Darryl []: uh
Balathruin []: Could you cut attachment spawn in third?
Darryl []: That's a pretty huge haul
Darryl []: Oh sorry thought it was a bug report
Balathruin []: progress?
Balathruin []: dunno
Darryl []: What am I meant to be looking at exactly, though?
Darryl []: kek 10/10 name
Balathruin []: 1-1 spawn in army warehouses
Balathruin []: @Darryl
Balathruin []: Is there a way to increase minimum zoom level? Binoc is completely broken currently.
Darryl []: Begging on coc vk for money to buy computer parts and then linking to cloud files for 1.5
Darryl []: Fon wtf are you doing
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: You need to grab engine and database from cloud, configs and scripts from repo, then copy my files in. That should be the most up to date.
Borovos []: Hum, what do I need to play the last version? I have 1.5R6 from moddb. Since the remove of dp files, I didn't look a lot in owncloud.
Is the repo still active for gamedata configs and scripts?

Borovos []: OK, thanks for explanation. In this case, a option in the graph menu can be the good way, as for grass shadow.
Balathruin []: At least I could open the window several times after I chose an option.
Balathruin []: Wounded state is still exploitable.
Balathruin []: ok, susat scope...
Balathruin []: @Darryl In two ingame hours I found two suppressors. Could you greatly reduce spawn chance for ALL gun addons?
Balathruin []: Ah man, we really need a level changer that goes from DC to yantar next to the factory.
Balathruin []: This is pretty much what I need, a timer for each consumable to hide/holster the weapon and prevent using multiple stuff through the quckuse slots.
Balathruin []: This is the AA2 script:
Balathruin []: Shadows overall are glitchy in the engine, including grass shadows. If you walk downhill in the morning, you will see
grass shadows disappearing in front of you (not even on the side).

Balathruin []: @Borovos Cloud shadows are fake shadows. If you look at the skybox there is a dynamic cloud layer, bur it's hard to see. Now cloud shadows doesn't even use that. It has a "texture" which handles how dark it is (high alpha is dark, low alpha is light, so it's the opposite of what you'd expect). It catches some of the sunlight (why we use lumscale 2) too. Border is impossible to fix, it's not the edge of the texture. It's a connect/loop one (continuous on all four sides). The only way hard edge could be fixed if there would be a fade out or much higher global shadow distance.
Balathruin []: @Nuor I looked at earlier how it works, I just need to find the movement lock and figure out how to add it to the main menu.
Borovos []: Is it possible to fix it, I mean use something as alpha channel in border of the shadow to decrease the "cutter" aspect?
Borovos []: What's the effect of could shadow if you look into the sun? Is the could shadow linked to the skybox textures?
Is it a independent parameter (fake shadow control by environment .ltx files in function of weather or something else)?

Nuor []: I rewrote the script to be smaller and work independent of other smurth components but I didn't really change how it displayed on the hud.
Nuor []: I don't much like these animation sequences but never bothered to change them.
Nuor []: It plays pripyat_horror and when that finishes it triggers extend_med function.
Nuor []: 8010 is the id. the duration is set by the animation length.
Darrill []: add effect with duration 8010 ?
Nuor []: are you clear on what this does?
Nuor []: medkit = "level.add_cam_effector('camera_effects\\\\pripyat_horror.anm',8010,false,'item_animations.extend_med')",
Nuor []: you can always add or remove anim from a sequence. those are what smurth had I neve rbothered to tweak them.
Nuor []: there is what mine looks like.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_01-31-18_14-39-46__l01_escape_.jpg
Balathruin []: In AA2 you can still move, and you aren't drunk (.anm)
Nuor []: I'm not quite understanding you.
Balathruin []: So it has to show up in main menu and change the whole thing to work like in AA2.
Balathruin []: works
Balathruin []: I checked main menu and loaded. I'll do it again.
Nuor []: I've no idea why you all can't see consumable options. I used a straight vanilla db with the latest repo and it showed up for me. Are you using a loaded savegame when you check?
Darrill []: @Balathruin, No
Balathruin []: Also two addons that should be included:

Balathruin []: Could you look into this issue?
low psy health causes wounded state, breaking the AI (giving meds) and confusing the player

Darryl []: no
Balathruin []: disable cloud shadows vote
yes or no
I'd like to know, because disabling it will require lumscale change. I find it too problematic currently.

Darrill []: Strange scanlines in area spots in PDA man when you zoom in or out.
Darrill []: Another big exploit what need a hotfix. If you loot any mutant npc, then travel to another location and return, you can loot them once again. The mutants not saving their state, same as crows.
Darrill []: a little
Nuor []: How you even fit a heat bar in knife slot? It would overlap a pistol icon.
Darrill []:
Darrill []: Even in repo was a change, Alun or SBF made it.
Darrill []: I mean from september.
Darrill []: That is not from september.
Darryl []: Somehow the game reloads all of the texts
Darryl []: You don't even need to restart the game to change language now
Darryl []: Even when he isn't online Alun blows my mind
Darrill []: Heatbar appear when gun is in slot0, but not always progressing.
Nuor []: You said you had altered weapon heating to use that slot also.
Nuor []: I believed you ;) I just never don't start with or use a knife.
Darrill []: This is what it told you
Nuor []: slot1 and slot2 are full, I assume
Nuor []: If slot1 is full and slot 0 is empty you can force a pistol to slot 0
Darrill []: The crash happens when loot a body and try to equip a gun from NPC inventory having an empty slot. But this happens randomly.
Darrill []: Try pistols
Nuor []: emptied knife slot a dbl-clicked shotgun
Nuor []: yes
Darrill []: You tried with an AK or something 1x3 - 2x6 cells ?
Nuor []: I just tried I didn't get that error.
Darrill []: But if you try to put an object what has more than 2 virtual cells you got: there are no free room to place item. Same will be with quick slots. OxygenOS fixed this old bug from SoC in latest build.
Darrill []: You actually can put pistol in knife slot and knife in pistol slot.
Darrill []: @Darryl, Thats not new. This happen when you have slot0 empty and double click on a weapon what has more than 2 cels.
Darryl []: But when I reloaded the game and opened his inventory everything was fine
Darryl []: Happened when looting a body
Nuor []: new to me also
Darryl []: That's a new one
Darryl []:

[error]Expression : 0
[error]Function : CUICellContainer::FindFreeCell
[error]File : ui\UIDragDropListEx.cpp
[error]Line : 717
[error]Description : there are no free room to place item

Nuor []: labels*
Nuor []: I just used vanilla for that last test the consumables list showed up just as I would expect just without the text lables
Darrill []: axr_main_options is same, except gameplay_ui and gameplay_add tab, I have all in one
Nuor []: and item_animations.script
Nuor []: I used vanilla with latest repo
Nuor []: something is weird I just started a new vanilla game and the option appeared fine.
Nuor []: grr so why doe sit work with smurth then
Darrill []: @Nuor, same to me. I don't see any of this
Nuor []: and 197 ;p
Nuor []: and 191
Nuor []: comment ou tline 185
Balathruin []: LUA error: axr_main_options.script:202: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
Nuor []: see if that changes anything
Nuor []: File uploaded: axr_main_options.script
Nuor []: so it isn't just balath
Nuor []: hmm
Darryl []: I cant see it in options
Nuor []: if enhanced_animations and enhanced_animations.feature_is_active then
Nuor []: if (enhanced_animations) then
Nuor []: it should bypass enhanced_animations
Nuor []: but that isn't in that script as it takes some minor additions elsewhere
Darryl []: This wont work because enhanced_animations will be nil for me
Nuor []: yes it works fine - I even have an additional tab for non vanilla addons.
Darryl []: had no idea
Darryl []: opt_menu_on_init is a thing?
Darryl []: woah what
Nuor []: it is built into script
Nuor []: no you don't
Darryl []: You need to add it to axr_main_options
Nuor []: see if it appears in your gameplay_options
Nuor []: just the simple animations script
Darryl []: For what?
Nuor []: File uploaded: item_animations.script
Nuor []: darryl could you test a script?
AxelDominatoR []: hey everybody
Darryl []: this has me beat
Darryl []: fuck it ill do the recoil thing
Darryl []: no ignore me
Darryl []: loner's relation toward me is 500 still
Darryl []: playing as actor_killer
Darryl []: hm
Darryl []: but that gives an insight
Darryl []: whereas after that the factions always exist, so it displays the relation value instead
Darryl []: k starts at 0, so self.list[k] (0) wont exist, so it uses actor goodwill values to those factions as display
Darryl []: wait no relations tab is fine I think
Darryl []: Something is broken and has been broken for a long time and we've only just noticed
Darryl []: I feel like we're covering up a crime by ignoring it
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I say leave it for now and help with the effect script.
Darryl []: I am completely losing the plot
Darryl []: Between stalkers but not stalker and actor_stalker?
Darryl []: community_relation is 500 and community_goodwill is 500
Darryl []: I don't know why player relations are displaying as 0s in that picture
Darryl []: wait
Balathruin []: Don't you need the goodwill value to know what traders will offer?
Balathruin []: problems is
Darryl []: friendly with loners
Darryl []: and voila
Darryl []: I changed it to "if this faction exists, show the relations plus the goodwill value, otherwise show 0"
Darryl []: It was essentially saying "if this faction exists, show the relations value, otherwise show the goodwill value"
Darryl []: Relations tab was displaying the values wrong
Darryl []:
Darryl []: God damn it
Darryl []: Hahaha
Darryl []: and* not but
Darryl []: But stalker npcs are still green
Darryl []: Setting actor_stalkers relation to stalker to 0 still shows my relation as 500 in relations tab
Darryl []: Wonder what happens if I change the other one
Darryl []: But regular loner to loner is 500
Darryl []: in relation tab it says player's relation to loner faction is 0
Darryl []:
Darryl []: You'd think it would only affect player toward npc if you changed "actor_stalker"'s relation to "stalker"
Darryl []: If you set "stalker" relation to "actor_stalker" to 0, then the player also becomes neutral to them
Darryl []: Line 46 of game_relations
Darryl []: How perculiar
Darryl []: I'll change each of the 500s and see which ones cause the relations to change weirdly
Balathruin []: Do you see it as a value? If yes, change it to a weird number.
Darryl []: i think
Darryl []: actor relations to npcs are being doubled, that is certain
Darryl []: nope im stumped again
Darryl []: NPC to NPC
Darryl []: NPCNPC relations work fine with that commented out
Darryl []: that*
Darryl []: I need to test than in dead city to see if that happens between npcs too...
Darryl []: When set_community_goodwill_for_faction is commented out all spawned npcs are neutral to actor
Darryl []: This is the bit in ui_mm_faction_select I am referring to
Darryl []:"actor_"..faction, 0, 0)

-- set default goodwill for all factions vs. actor's new faction

Darryl []: Uh, "actor" is the default faction I think
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Borovos []: Hello guys
Borovos []: probably neutral
Balathruin []: What faction do you spawn as first?
Darryl []: If I'm right I might know how to fix this
Darryl []: i.e. the faction is having their goodwill value set normally as should be, but then they are being set a second time when actor changes faction and set_community_goodwill_for_faction is called
Darryl []: not goodwill adjustments
Darryl []: and that's it
Darryl []: 1. Initial NPCs spawn
Darryl []: Whereas stalker who spawn after
Darryl []: 1. Initial NPCs spawn
2. Actor changes faction
3. Goodwill values are set

Darryl []: This is what I believe is happening
Darryl []: I think I do now, but need to figure out how to fix it
Balathruin []: problem is we have no idea what does it
Darryl []: Yeah that's what's happening
Balathruin []: Ok, here is my guess: initial spawn with 500 relation - then something adds 500 more relation after the spawn
Darryl []: Something weird going on with initial npc spawns maybe
Darryl []: But they somehow set fine if you spawn an npc from debugger
Darryl []: 10000% happening on a per-person basis
Darryl []: factions are switched*
Darryl []: is_factions_friends("actor_stalker", "stalker") and when relations are switched is always false
Darryl []: Argh this is breaking my brain
Balathruin []: alright
Darryl []: Will do in a bit, just want to try to fix this while focused on it
Balathruin []: Current state should be close to done, just needs testing.
Balathruin []: Darryl, update your files from the cloud.
Darryl []: But I don't know why
Darryl []: It's the player's relation *to the npc* where the hiccup is
Darryl []: The NPCs relation *to the player* hasn't got issues
Darryl []: So, NPC relations as far as I can tell are correct
Darryl []: Trying to fix a bug with relations at the moment
Artemex []: worthy
Artemex []: haha
Darryl []: Anything I can do*
Darryl []:
Darryl []: If I can't do it then I don't touch it
Darryl []: Everything I can do, really
Darryl []: Uh
Artemex []: Darryl, what is your role in Team Epic? I saw your trailers and I liked them
Artemex []: I could help him in D: OS 2)
Darryl []: God I hope this isn't an engine bug because we're stuffed til Alun is back if it is
Darryl []: Commenting out game_relations.set_community_goodwill_for_faction("actor_"..faction) and having the game not loading the actor relations sets everybody to neutral
Darryl []: Right the problem definitely pertains to game_relations.ltx somewhere
Darryl []: We are all still working on it at the moment though
Darryl []: I think he is just really busy with real life at the moment
Darryl []:

Alundaio [5:00 AM]: I was away mainly because of work, holidays and in my spare time I was playing Divinity Original Sin 2

Artemex []: He has not yet departed from the holidays
Darryl []: Ooh I think I'm on to something
Darryl []: Working
Artemex []: Alundaio*
Artemex []: Where is Alundio?
Balathruin []: It was most likely always there but we didn't know about it.
Darryl []: Can anyone remember when this bug first started?
Darryl []: wide*
Darryl []: somehow relations are changing on a per-person basis, but not faction-wise
Darryl []: im so confused
Darryl []: yet npc:relation( must be friendly for dialog to show
Nuor []: it's been that way for a while.
Darryl []: xr_conditions is telling me loners are neutral even though they are green
Darryl []: hM
Nuor []:
Darrill []: Assortment not updating.
Nuor []:
Nuor []:
Nuor []: those two will give you an idea as to what it does
Nuor []:
Nuor []: there is that special loads script but it requires changes to half a dozen files to work properly
Nuor []:
Balathruin []: It isn't because you can ask them to join, which only works when they are friendly.
Darryl []: Maybe it's not a visual bug
Darryl []: But ones spawned normally at game start are friendly
Darryl []: When I spawn loners via debug spawner they are neutral
Darryl []: Found something strange about those relations bal
Darryl []: Trying to fix a bug
J00B []: daz, howgoesit?
J00B []: idea is nice though
J00B []: lol truth bala
Darryl []: Sup joob
Balathruin []: Sounds like a dying speaker.
J00B []:
J00B []: wozup boies
Balathruin []: Personally never liked the skybox only reflections.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I forget how beautiful this game is
Balathruin []: You should start hunting those artefacts to get ₽₽₽
Darrill []: I think the problem is not in sounds cause I use other than vanilla. Here is something like channels swapping
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wait wrong pic
Darryl []: Not doing so bad atm
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: Any sound can disappear including music.
Darrill []: @Balathruin Can confirm what firing sounds disappear. Interesting thing, if actor is shooting in one place, sounds are muted, and if you move further and shoot sounds are played.
Darryl []: i got a gp5 mask out of the same stash though
Darryl []: reee
Darryl []: advanced and expert tools
Darryl []: oh this game
Darryl []: Baffling
Darryl []: I'm neutral with clear sky as a loner and they are all displayed fine
Darryl []: Hostile and friendly (when not playing as loner) work fine
Darryl []: It's only neutral relations which are displayed wrong
Darryl []: Something I've noticed
Balathruin []: Do tasks, you can get tools really quickly.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Stupid RNGesus, I found advanced tools before basic
Darryl []: Weird, I remember it being a bug reported about OWR a lot
Balathruin []: It happened with shotguns the most in my game.
Balathruin []: only one sound stops working
Darryl []: It works fine when I remove the silencer
Balathruin []: Weapon firing sound can disappear. Somewhat rare, but happens.
Darryl []: I stuck a silencer on an AK74 and it doesnt make any sounds when shooting
Darryl []: Strange bug
Balathruin []: you won't take the pellets in, but the force which hits you is still really high
Balathruin []: Most people wear class II soft (or a bit better) which doesn't protect as much as you'd expect.
Balathruin []: buck vs body armour has a reason tho
Balathruin []: it might be different now
Balathruin []: Not sure what files were uploaded before
Darryl []: As for the slugs, I was trying to snipe a soldier with a toz34 from about 100m away so I'm not too sure about that bit yet
Darryl []: And slugs not powerful enough
Darryl []: Buckshot seems too powerful against body armour
Darryl []: Also, my only gripe so far with balancing in this playthrough
Balathruin []: it was tier 1 (echo)
Darryl []: Ah okay
Balathruin []: higher
Darryl []: Need a lower detector to find it?
Darryl []: I don't understand what that means lol
Balathruin []: "af_mincer_meat is now tier 2"
Darryl []: What are the anomaly/artefact changes?
Darryl []: bethesda pls fix
Balathruin []: It wasn't synced
Darryl []: Is this the wrong folder?
Darryl []: I see a whole bunch in there
Darryl []: OwnCloud\Balathruin\gamedata\configs\misc
Balathruin []: I don't have tm files on the cloud
Darryl []: Might have been removed
Darryl []: Oh could be because it was replaced by the new nimble system
Darryl []: Not in that folder anyway
Darryl []: Isn't in the current repo files
Darryl []: tm_escape*
Darryl []: tm_scape.ltx
Balathruin []: Where?
Darryl []: What is the new esc_2_12_nimble_items task you added?
Darrill []: @Balathruin Yes. Same with weapon (first dialog).
Balathruin []: Shaders are painful.
Darryl []: Hell if I can figure this out
Balathruin []: sunmask
Balathruin []: It's one line uncommented
Darryl []: This might take me a while to figure out if I can even fix it because I haven't touched these before
Darryl []: I know it was done via shaders
Darryl []: I need to figure out how cloud shadows were restored
Balathruin []: During thunderstorms they are going super fast.
Balathruin []: ok
Balathruin []: back to cloud shadows, the speed is wrong too
Darryl []: Okay with recent changes you shouldn't find yourself swamped by ak74s
Balathruin []: Anything higher than 55 and you will see shadows disappear and reappear.
Balathruin []: All shadows are glitched btw, this is why CoP has a fov of 55.
Darryl []: Texture is the exact same one from SoC though, so I doubt that's the problem
Darryl []: The cloud shadows texture size could be the issue, but it has to be in a weird format otherwise it doesn't work
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: I'll have a look at trying to fix it
Balathruin []: This is just a spot I remember clearly seeing it:
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: You only notice that bug ig you're really high up though
Darryl []: Going to do a few more playthroughs
Balathruin []: It is clearly visible from the ground too:
Balathruin []: There are a lot of smaller and bigger bugs sadly.
Balathruin []: etc. etc.
Balathruin []: huge shadow glitches due to cloud shadows
Balathruin []: Then there was the weapon UI stats not working properly, Nuor couldn't figure it out yet.
Balathruin []: I wanted to lower the max condition where you can still repair equipment (70-75%), but keep the condition cap higher (80-85%)
Balathruin []: Weapon will only repair to 80%
Balathruin []: Example: weapon is at 77%, repair_max_condition is 80
Balathruin []: If you use it when condition is just a few % under "repairability" it will barely do anything
Darryl []: What was it?
Balathruin []: Are the repair tools handled through script? There was a change I requested but didn't happen.
Balathruin []: So it would be (50)+30 or (60)+20
Balathruin []: (math.random(40)+30)/100
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: Condition is between 0.0 and 1.0, right?
Darryl []: Sure
Balathruin []: This whole surrender thing is just an exploit currently.
Balathruin []: I was thinking about 10% higher min and max compared to killing him.
Balathruin []: Can you add random weapon condition in there?
Darryl []: Fixed in next commit
Darryl []: easy fix
Balathruin []: @Darril Is this it?
Darryl []: I'm sure we can figure out a better way to track task progress
Darryl []: To be honest, you don't really need an entire tab dedicated to missed dialog
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: 90% of the time it doesn't
Balathruin []: I have no problem with messages tab... when it works.
Darryl []: I think the diary would work a lot better for that, too
Darryl []: I want to completely rip out the "Messages" tab and replace it with something more useful
Balathruin []: to have full vanilla SoC PDA functions
Balathruin []: Diary is missing only I think.
Balathruin []: It's a must have.
Darryl []: Also, what do you think of the guide?
Darryl []: The closest I have to a joke article now is the clear sky medic
Darryl []: I can't wait until I finish the important parts of the guide so I can add some joke articles
Balathruin []: spots still ignore everything
Balathruin []: Reactions please... NPCs in patrols or camping spo
Balathruin []: replace the pump with an MP-133, spas with MP-153
Balathruin []: yeah, there is nothing
Darryl []: Well and the sawed off
Balathruin []: look out for medkits too, they can heal twice just like the player
Darryl []: What peeves me the most is how there are no eastern shotguns aside from the toz34
Balathruin []: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I always name my army characters Private Parts
Darryl []: Almost every other gi joe has an ak74 now
Darryl []: Going to delay ak74 spawns on army until later tiers now snipers are despawned
Balathruin []: I have no idea. There is a mechanic spot in, where the military guy was in CoP.
Darryl []: I thought outskirts guy was a medic?
Darryl []: Uh wait
Balathruin []: Can you give him tools? Or is it unfinished?
Darryl []: I'll have a go at trying to redo that weapon effects script in a bit
Darryl []: Yeah outskirts one is added
Darryl []: I know Xeno was one of them
Darryl []: Only for a few mechanics, but I don't think any of them could die anyway
Balathruin []: and take the empty spot in outskirts
Darryl []: Oh yeah that's done
Balathruin []: random NPCs can replace dead mechanics
Darryl []: Random mechanic job?
Balathruin []: Is the random mechanic job in, or Alun didn't add it yet?
Balathruin []: cool
Darryl []: Okay, only remaining snipers should now be in stancia2 and outskirts' river port
Darryl []: Yeah, but that's meant to be a hardmode start anyways
Balathruin []: It will (most likely) only matter when you start there.
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: He's perfectly positioned in a little hideout for it
Darryl []: I'm going to keep him
Darryl []: A monolith one
Darryl []: There's a sniper at the river port in outskirts
Balathruin []: 2 is east, near the BTR
Balathruin []: This is the small camp
Balathruin []: correct

Balathruin []: a moment
Darryl []: Is that typo'd is is that the actual name of the smart?
Darryl []: aes_smart_terran_soldier
Darryl []: wut
Balathruin []: like a few months ago, mainly with shotguns
Balathruin []: otherwise you'd see them shooting corspes
Balathruin []: AI shoots quick bursts
Darryl []: ha
Balathruin []: in real life it shoots all 2 or 3
Balathruin []: You press shoot once and short, only one bullet leaves
Darryl []: huh?
Balathruin []: it's fake burst fire
Darryl []: I don't know if they fire it full auto or so fast that you don't notice the individual bursts, but they don't take breaks
Balathruin []: not only the AI
Darryl []: You'd think LR300 being burst fire would be great, but problem is ai completely ignores it
Darryl []: back
Darryl []: brb
Balathruin []: I think OWR3 was the reason I didn't do it, because they replaced it with an M4A1.
Balathruin []: It only has burst in real life (and higher RPM)
Darryl []: I only changed respawns, not the original spawns
Balathruin []: Should I remove full auto from the LR-300?
Darryl []: Oh I think I know why
Balathruin []: They spawn a lot in the south (cordon, agroprom)
Balathruin []: use demo record, most likely a military sniper squad
Darryl []: Why do I hear a sniper firing
Darryl []: Hm
Balathruin []: and his own voice
Darryl []: Will need to remember to fix that too
Darryl []: Huh, Fanatic is missing the cancel companion dialog option
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: So it's not like the values are wrong
Darryl []: The relations tab and other things show them correctly
Darryl []: It's purely a visual error though
Darryl []: But still
Balathruin []: loners showing up as friendly is weird
Darryl []: Yeah I know, different faction
Darryl []: It
Balathruin []: Sid is trader
Darryl []: I still can't puzzle out what's causing this
Darryl []: Sid is neutral but loners are friendly
Darryl []: Hm now that is strange
Balathruin []: Pricing and cost of stuff will need a big overhaul, it's not the best currently.
Darryl []: Could probably have taken more, it it was damaged junk
Darryl []: Car park*
Darryl []: This was all I could haul from the bandit base safely
Darryl []:
Darryl []: The reduced weight limit, intenser bleeding, more damaging weapons
Darryl []: I like this
Balathruin []: I did, but haven't found the distance.
Darryl []: Check the repo for where Alun revamped the danger system
Darryl []: Not sure
Balathruin []: Do you know where it is? I haven't found it. Should be 15m at least.
Balathruin []: the AI danger distance is too small sadly
Balathruin []: Yeah, they are actual frag grenades now
Darryl []: Effective grenade
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Maybe Alun forgot to reimplement it
Balathruin []: all three has it in my files
Darryl []: Alun added this because they lack proper equipment slots and people sometimes sell the wrong ones in trade screen
Darryl []: For grenades, binoculars and knife you are missing "highlight_equipped = true"
Darryl []: Erm
Darryl []: Doing a bit of a playthrough atm with new files
Balathruin []: NPC reactions seem broken in general... great.
Balathruin []: Smart covers don't work well... If an NPC enters one, he becomes "blind" (looses sight of player)
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: Gonna brb in a bit, battery about to run out
Balathruin []: yeah
Darryl []: Better than just the same repeating animation and slight camera offset
Darryl []: I do like the idea of enhanced recoil effects though
Darryl []: oh
Balathruin []: Can't do a vid, script is not working lol
Balathruin []: At least half of the players don't realise they are playing in Dx8 static.
Darryl []: Really interested to see what they look like
Darryl []: Do you have a video demo of the recoil effects?
Balathruin []: This comes from the default render, I changed it to R2.5 to prevent some Dx8 bug reports and let some noobs experience graphics.
Balathruin []: Script would only run when the option is changed, not like some mods which force it
Darryl []: And even then has a confirmation dialog
Darryl []: AF3 only runs once when axr_options is first used, but only any other time when button is specifically pressed
Balathruin []: There is no other way to help that without changing a whole lot of weather files potentially screwing up everything
Darryl []: Any changes made by the user for preference would get erased by the scripts
Darryl []: I've always felt kinda off about scripts that mess with values for console visuals
Darryl []: Hm
Balathruin []: My problem is brightness during day.
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: It does exactly what you're asking for I think
Darryl []: I think it defaults to dark nights
Darryl []: There's different nighttime brightness settings to chose from in AF3 options for that
Balathruin []: about this, there are serious issues with cloud shadows
Balathruin []: upping HDR would compensate
Balathruin []: Renderers other than static are really dark without sunlight
Darryl []: What does it do?
Balathruin []: yep
Darryl []: I see it now though, the one about HDR?
Darryl []: I haven't gotten anything
Darryl []: In the just me and you chat?
Darryl []: Which ones lol
Balathruin []: Did you get the direct message from earlier?
Balathruin []: You can sprint from cover to cover, quickly gun down a whole army while popping meds and not dying
Darryl []: Super rushed?
Balathruin []: And*
Balathruin []: Any the only reason I care about this is because CoC gameplay is super rushed by default (partially because of the new damage)
Balathruin []: I want something similar to AA2, where you are simply forced to put the weapon away when using consumables. That's all. Animations are .anm or .ppe, not hand.
Balathruin []: That's only in the CoC version.
Balathruin []: I don't want hand aminations
Balathruin []: you don't know the original dynamic hud
Darryl []: Guy deepthroats a kolbassa
Darryl []: Can't say I'm a fan of the animation quality
Balathruin []: I'd like to have the consumable anims (or just the holster) from dynhud too.
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: I could do with a break from what I'm doing anyway
Darryl []: I'm not actually doing much today, so I can have a go at trying to rewrite it if you want me to
Darryl []: Is this something you want to put in 1.5?
Balathruin []: 3.5 will play it 3 or 4 times (50%)
Balathruin []: 3 for example will play the .and three times
Balathruin []: My only problem is the way values for effect are handled.
Balathruin []: Well, can't really say anything about how it should work.
Darryl []: So weapons sharing generic tables for certain ammos wouldnt duplicate, and those which required their own unique values would have them too
Darryl []: and then assigned weapons to these
Darryl []: I'd probably have set up sections for each s,r,e,p "set"
Darryl []: I'd have to have a proper look to figure out how this works to figure it out
Balathruin []: most of he weapons use default ammo settings, and it worked that way
Darryl []: i don't know, i'd need to look at this more
Darryl []: no wait
Darryl []: or something like that
Darryl []: wpn_groza = wpn_fx[wpn_groza]
Darryl []: if there is a way to check if the value is a string, you could just set wpn_groza to the table of the string's name
Darryl []: so you'd need to set that up the same way
Darryl []: wpn_groza doesn't
Darryl []: well see how wpn_vintorez has s, r, e and p subtables
Darryl []: uh
Balathruin []: So what do I need to change?
Balathruin []: I know.
Darryl []: tbh a lot of this could be cut out and loaded from a config plugin
Darryl []: as it's a string, not a table
Darryl []: wpn_groza doesn't have an s variable associated with it
Darryl []:
wpn_groza = "9x39",
wpn_val = "9x39",
wpn_vintorez = {
s = {1},
r = 0,
e = { {0.7}, {1}, {2}, {0.7} },
p = {},

Darryl []: probably this causing it
Balathruin []: 298
Darryl []: What line is s nil?
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: Stupid wpn_effects stopped working for no reason. "s is nil" yeah k
Balathruin []: I'm going crazy currently.
Darryl []: Wow you are on early today
Darryl []: Also, I'm off, see you guys tomorrow
Darryl []: Do link
Darryl []: O:
Nuor []: I have script to have techs create hand loaded ammo
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: How did you manage to notice that??
Balathruin []: yes, there could be additional stats in the descriptions
Darryl []: They are very copy-paste ish and don't properly detail artefact slots, carry weight etc
Darryl []: Outfit descriptions definitely need a revision
Balathruin []: We still have the item text and descriptions for later.
Darryl []: Don't want to add anything to it until R7 is out though
Darryl []: I enjoy working on the encyclopedia, so I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy for a while too
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: My list is quite long btw
Balathruin []: "DIY gauss ammo at mechanic with T3 tools and artefact"
Balathruin []: yes
Darryl []: I think the item description says it's made from spark artefacts or something like that
Darryl []: Otherwise it'd all be made by Cardan
Darryl []: I like to think after CoP knowledge on how to make it spread so it's more common to find in stashes
Darryl []: Yeah I don't really know what to call it other than diy/makeshift
Balathruin []: I'll add DIY gauss ammo "quest" onto my todo/bugs/glitches file
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: Added 2, 0.3 into special
Darryl []: traders*
Darryl []: ammo_gauss is still missing from trades though iirc
Darryl []: I'm thinking it was all just supplies_generic still
Darryl []: Oh wait nvm I'm forgetting about the trader tiers
Darryl []: But perhaps not the rifle itself?
Darryl []: I think the monolith trader should sell ammo_gauss
Darryl []: Forgot to link commit
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: But there is no reason to upload it until I'm done, it will be a lot either way.
Balathruin []: Everything on the cloud isn't on the repo.
Balathruin []: lot of weapon positions were moved back in aim position
Darryl []: You have a lot of config stuff and I'm not sure if all of it's needed
Darryl []: What files am I using from owncloud to test with btw?
Balathruin []: I increased iron sight to 1.25
Balathruin []: oh yeah, about that
Darryl []: Might be what I enjoy most about 1.5
Darryl []: How the zoom scale is based on your fov instead of some abritrary number
Balathruin []: but really, watch vanilla anims at slower game speed
Darryl []: This sounds strange to say, but the "fixed" zooming on weapons completely changes the way they feel to use
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: just like vanilla
Darryl []: Reload animation is god awful though
Darryl []: Found it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: TFW had a vanilla-esque bizon model
Balathruin []: P90 would introduce a new ammo type.
Darryl []: Resources and configs
Darryl []: They are such a mess
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I don't care for the weapon packs at all anymore
Darryl []: Like I said months ago, and feel stronger about now
Balathruin []: Bizon would be better.
Balathruin []: This is why I want to create a smaller pack later.
Darryl []: Shame the scrapped P90 model was never fixed, we could have restored that
Darryl []: But CoP has a limited selection of weapons
Darryl []: It works better for AO3/STCoPWP
Darryl []: Yeah I agree
Balathruin []: Like Mosin or SKS, russian shotguns not the Spas crap.
Balathruin []: Vanilla weapons don't make sense to me. There is a huge lack of weapons that would be actually used and some "tiers" are missing completely.
Darryl []: I did the same for bandits and it seems to be fine amongst them
Darryl []: I feel like there are too many being introduced into the game early on
Darryl []: Also, I'm going to move the regular AK74 to the later half of the tiers for loners
Darryl []: Ah right
Balathruin []: blockpost4 is in front of sarcophagus entrance
Darryl []: Non-snipers spawn there so I guess it isn't important
Darryl []: I can't remember much in the way of watchtowers in cnpp
Darryl []: This is stancia_1, so the southern (entrance) half
Darryl []: Is that for snipers do you think?
Darryl []: aes_smart_terrain_monolit_blockpost4
Darryl []: No idea, will check in a bit
Balathruin []: How many veteran military spawns are there in agroprom base?
Darryl []: Don't think a missing squad or two will make much noticable difference
Darryl []: I guess so
Balathruin []: I haven't worked with spawns. Isn't commenting snipers out enough?
Darryl []: I don't think I've played much this year at all
Darryl []: No didn't see that
Darryl []: I can't remember if that would only use the one, or consider them two different spawns
Balathruin []: Tier 2-3 monolith and mercs fighting in cordon while a pseudogiant slaughters rookies.
Darryl []: spawn_army@advanced is there as the replacement
Darryl []: [respawn@agr_smart_terrain_1_6]
spawn_army@advanced ; replacement for snipers

Darryl []: Let me find an example
Darryl []: In the respawn sections, is it okay to enter the name of respawn twice?
Darryl []: There's one thing I'm not sure about anymore
Balathruin []: Did you see the shit I had on earlier plays?
Balathruin []: NPP has actual sniper spots, so it should be fine, unless they just walk away and travel.
Darryl []: I should probably test it first though
Darryl []: I think the only snipers I didn't disable were all in CnPP
Darryl []: Sec
Darryl []: Oh did I forget to commit?
Balathruin []: Can you push or upload your changes to cloud?
Darryl []: Neato
Balathruin []: Expecting to be done with this part tomorrow, then I'll try to finalise and start testing. This means R7 could be released this weekend if there are no serious issues.
Balathruin []: I'm changing recoil effects to scripted from dynamic hud. This will reduce the effects after upgrades and can be disabled from options.
Darryl []: Do you still need much longer?
Darryl []: How is balancing coming along?
Balathruin []: sounds good
Darrill []: No difference. Map has some minor bugs what can be easily edited.
Balathruin []: I saw that Darkscape isn't finished. If there is no difference between 7.2 and 8.0+ in the actual Cordon area I'd say use the older one.
Darrill []: @Balathruin Cordon is combined with Darkscape in version 8.0 -8.3. Daskcape is wasted and cut from the north. Mapper leave the team, he made his own mod. I sugest to look at Cordon from from v.7.2. Here are all 3 maps
Balathruin []: and I just realised their Cordon includes Darkscape
Balathruin []: Only new level they have is "pole"
Balathruin []: Nope
Borovos []: & thanks for the global map
Borovos []: but is it a new level between Pripyat and CNPP? On the east?
Borovos []: No thanks, I finally find that I want to see. The small level on north east of escape in a video.
Balathruin []: If you need video of the level I can do that too.
Balathruin []:
Borovos []: I search for flying view video, but there is only 3 hours video of play with comments...
Borovos []: Perhaps there is some interesting stuff in their SDK.
Borovos []: Did you see model like this in MLR, I mean the harvester:

Borovos []: Do you have global map pics from MLR?
Borovos []: Hello,
Nuor []: res = res + (disp_base * PDM_disp_base)
Nuor []: that formula will still mess up the range as max doesn't take it into account.
Nuor []: I don' trecall changing actor.ltx
Balathruin []: Your files are different from vanilla, and getting further from it every day.
Balathruin []: disp_base is 1, PDM is 1 too
Nuor []: maybe ust that instead
Nuor []: res = res * (PDM_disp_base)
Nuor []: disp_base has value of 1.5 which is scaled with weapon dispersion base values.
Nuor []: are compressing and distoring accuracy values in ui_wpn_params.script
Nuor []: local disp_base = ltx:r_float_e"actor","disp_base",1)
local PDM_disp_base = ltx:r_float_ewpn_section,"PDM_disp_base",1)

Nuor []: appears to me that
Artemex []: @Borovos MLR levels have problems. Would not recommend using them!
Artemex []: OMG!! Only not MLR...
AxelDominatoR []: hey everybody. I'm updating my server, so the owncloud and CoCdater could be unreachable for a few minutes
Balathruin []: How to nerf knife effectively: Change damage type to fire_wound
ChargerHM []: irc MLR was cancelled 10-15 days ago
Balathruin []: Are they really planning to use Grez levels?
Darrill []: @Borovos, look here
Balathruin []: We need to contact the dev team. I don't think they have public SDK files.
Borovos []: About MLR levels, is there SDK scenes files somewhere?
If not, we can not add them in CoC.

Borovos []: Hello,
About backpack, be sure they are made by a moder, not extracted from a commercial game before.
We doesn't want content like this and trouble.

Nuor []: I think drab is the stalker theme song ;p
Balathruin []: Barely any colour.
Darrill []: What exactly ?
Balathruin []: My only problem with those backpacks are the textures.
Darrill []: If you need them telll me, I have them.
Darrill []: That from Shoker are more suitable, imho.
ForserX []: Good day.
Balathruin []: The E3 CS light armoured model is screwed up really bad around the shoulders. It's either a skeleton or reconvert issue.
Balathruin []: File uploaded: SWM_backpacks.jpg
Balathruin []: Found it.
Balathruin []: @Darryl I'll send the backpacks in Shoker too. I think they have NPC for those too
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: I'm definitely going to add those, the lack of actual models for them bugged me too
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Oh nice!
Borovos []: and tk guys
Borovos []: @Darrill, there is nothing here yet.
Darrill []: @Balathruin I'm for it in 1.5. Factory look good, farm after railway is abandoned, and there are more trees from AN. Map looks not so wasted.
J00B []: @Borovos map
Balathruin []: I'm more interested in cordon as it's an expansion of the current one, not completely different.
Darrill []: @Balathruin I'm using that from version 7.2 combined with maps from 1.5. Cordon and Garbage from 7.2 is realy good, but from 8.3 is unfinished, especialy the darkvaley part.
VodkaChicken []: @Borovos that map looks incredible
Balathruin []: Their garbage improved a lot too, even if I'm not a fan of it.
Balathruin []: About levels, we should really poll the MLR Cordon to be in vanilla or not. Almost the same as I imagined it.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: My damn patience is never enough to work on levels.
Balathruin []: @Borovos Madman is at work. This is why I was asking you.
Balathruin []: I'm on mobile, might be that.
Darryl []: Hey Bal, you're invisible
Balathruin []: @Darryl Yes. Snipers are fine on specific spots.
Darryl []: Vorador*
Darryl []: Hey Borador
Darryl []: Chimneys sure are similar
Darryl []: That's look great Boro, is that the old Cordon factory I see hidden in there, too?
Darrill []: @Borovos, Nice work! Is the north-west part explorable?
Borovos []: and others things from old gsc scene
Borovos []: I used too mp level files for interiors.
Borovos []: This is merge is the new beginning of a old project.
Borovos []: Perhaps I'll take part of build marsh to create a hostile area on the south. In conception docs, there was a marsh around the duty base.
Borovos []: I was thinking to put the build bar city on the south, but nope
Borovos []: Bar+Rostok+Old_Rostok+part of darkdolina
Borovos []:
Borovos []: I prefer to work on 3DSMax than SDK in fact...
Borovos []: The giant swamps didn't move a lot...
Borovos []: hello
Darryl []: @Boro
How does the map work go for swamps

Darryl []: Is that okay?
Darryl []: The only exceptions are for a few monolith ones in cnpp which specifically require a sniper (implied by file names)
Darryl []: I haven't pushed to repo yet but in my local files I have replaced all of the sniper squads spawns
Darryl []: @Balathruin/
Darryl []: Hey Boro
SadBlackFox []: File uploaded: SBF.7z
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, Check it, please
Darrill []: Hi!! what's new?
Darryl []: Hey Darrill
Darryl []: Was there more?
Borovos []: a lot of spam on the forum today
Borovos []: hey
Borovos []: Hello, I just delete few spammer account. Fucking bots.
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Nuor []: I thopught maybe changed sound file minimum distance from 0.75 to 0.0 but I can't imagine why it would help ;/
Darryl []: Whatever it is is obviously related to actor position though
Darryl []: I'm really only just throwing out ideas
Nuor []: I thought you could play multiple tracks at once?
Darryl []: Maybe playing the sound directly on actor position is causing it?
Darryl []: Ambient music plays at the actor
Nuor []:
Nuor []: It works fine for me but apparently if you approach very near the target other ambient sounds mute. let me find darrill youtube example.
Darryl []: I've had to do that a bunch of times when scripts are silently failing on me
Darryl []: My only suggestion is just put a printf message after every major step and see what ones dont print out
Nuor []: basically sound should always play unless actor is > 100 or game is paused.
Darryl []: I'm only guessing though
Darryl []: You're only checking player distance and if game is paused, not also if sound is playing
Darryl []: Causing something to break?
Darryl []: Perhaps its trying to stop the sound when it's not playing?
Nuor []: any reason you can think of that this function would cause ambient sounds to mute when actor approaches the snd object?
Nuor []:
Darryl []:
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Looks like she's frying them in motor oil
Darryl []: Those eggs wtf
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Neat, I'll check it out in a bit
Balathruin []: uploaded some of the WIP stuff if you want to test ballistics or damage
Balathruin []: hello
Darryl []: Hey Bal
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: Alun you need to add a "delete all posts by this user" button somewhere
Darryl []: Its another autist spams the forums episode
Darryl []: Oh boy
Balathruin []: Should I decrease the value of RUB further? It's already much less than vanilla games, so I figured why not go more realistic on it. It'd increase final costs/payouts by 50-100% depending on item/task.
Nuor []: wpn_effects.script uses some form of that for weapn recoil. Not that i care for it much.
Balathruin []: If I remember correctly the animation points to the .anm file. Making it an option would most likely require a hack.
Darrill []: the idea is to use some effects in place of vanilla, but I don't know if this would work with if - else
Darrill []: if bla bla then level.add_cam_effector("effect") else return end
Darrill []: to enable or dissable it
Balathruin []: Option? How?
Darrill []: @Balathruin, I am for it, but you can make this as an option.
Balathruin []: shoot .anm, camera effector, tilts the screen
Darryl []: I couldn't tell what you changed
Darryl []: One question though, what was that video you posted in moddb comments?
Darryl []: I'll wait then
Darryl []: Lol I haven't done anything yet
Balathruin []: I told Alun earlier to not release anything without asking. I'm working on stuff, if you want to push for R7 I'd like to finish at least some of it, while you could look into a few bugs, problems or anything else. Plus I'd need to do at the very least a sped up test run to see what's working and what not.
Balathruin []: Upload R7? wat
Darryl []: Need to make a changelog first
Darryl []: I'm gonna have one last look at trying to fix that display bug with neutral relations and look at uploading R7
Darryl []: Okie doke
Balathruin []: Haven't done much, damage changes always need a lot of testing.
Darryl []: How is balancing coming along?
Darryl []: Ru translation is up to date now
Darryl []: Yo Balath
Balathruin []: Accidentally found something. 333 bullet speed with 1*0,25 air resist will result in the PSO scope working for the weapon. top for 50m or less, second for ~100m, third for ~150m, fourth for ~200m.
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: It takes a shitload of time to test this, but it's interesting.
Balathruin []: At least I found a debug hud where I can see the damage done. It will help with bullet damage drop calculations.
Balathruin []: They don't or can't use bandages currently.
Nuor []: that would help proper use of bandages for npcs.
Balathruin []: Unless NPCs have access to bandages and can use it.
Balathruin []: 0.3 bleed with 0.03 healing will result in random deaths
Balathruin []: It was extremely agressive and stupid.
Nuor []: I believe Alun disabled npc bleeding with cause.
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Balathruin []: I'm going over the files again and doing stuff, changed actor and stalker damages a bit, enabled bleeding, changed buck to #00 and added #000 (WIP)
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: We do need sniper squads, just not as random
Balathruin []: yes please, it's driving me crazy
Borovos []: Hello Darryl
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Darryl []: Well, it's not in 1.5 at least. I can't say for 1.4.22 with certainty.
Darryl []: his save*

The model he mentioned isn't used by any character profile

Darryl []: Also, that guy complaining about a missing model crashing his game on moddb must have removed extended variation mod and is trying to carry on playing his safe
Darryl []: I can remove the sniper squads from normal spawns if you want me to
Balathruin []: @Darril Haven't played in quite a while. I'll lower visibility_threshold until they are good enough, so Alun can adjust it again (if he wants to).
Darrill []: I tried it, looks nice
Borovos []: To put in next patch imo:
Borovos []: Hello,
Darrill []: I told you
Balathruin []: and I can confirm that NPCs take too long to see the player
Balathruin []: The fact that sniper squads can spawn anywhere is killing me. I got a military sniper squad twice in a row now at cordon south. Is there really no way to remove them from spawns?
Balathruin []: trying to find 1st param of damages.ltx in chat
J00B []: i'm just awaiting the inevitable cake, coke and hookers
J00B []: it's aluns birthday
J00B []: excellent
Balathruin []: Actually doing some CoC related stuff.
J00B []: howdy bala
Balathruin []: hello
Darryl []: Hey Bal
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Balathruin []: There is a rare glitch when trader NPCs have no stock. He sells all three types of food, vodka and energy drinks.
Borovos []: And about 1.5R6, the barman have no food or drink to sell.
Borovos []: Is it possible to restore the ability to talk and trade with all npc? As in SoC...
I'll never understand this choice from GSC.

SadBlackFox []: Forget it, I forgot to install MFC for VS2013 again.
SadBlackFox []: "afxres.h" does not exist
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
VodkaChicken []: I did send deduplicated actro textures and reorganized actor models to darryl like two or so months ago iirc.
Darryl []: Fixed meshes messa be thinking
Darryl []: There's a few things in assets for cloud from vodka and me, though it's been so long I can't remember what aside from guide textures
Balathruin []: About moddb updates, someone has been spamming it a lot. I had much higher updates number several times, like 3 updates, but in reality only 1.
Balathruin []: Hey. I'm personally glad you took your break and hope you enjoyed it! Do you need any recaps on what is going on, or you'll read back? Not much happened, there was a spam on the forum, but Darryl took care of it.
Alundaio []: I was away mainly because of work, holidays and in my spare time I was playing Divinity Original Sin 2
Alundaio []: Not sure if there is anythign new in the shared asset folder
Alundaio []: up-to-date
Alundaio []: Dbs on owncloud should be mostly update to date, repacking them was one of the last things I did
Alundaio []: Wow, so many PMs and 50 ModDB messages. 238 updates
Alundaio []: No, I'm not dead. Just kidding I am dead I'm a ghost! BOOO!
Alundaio []: Hi
Nuor []: yay
SadBlackFox []:
Borovos []: I have to put a fake news on moddb to say CoC is dead, I want to be eat by hordes of angry gamers!
Borovos []: God save the God!
SadBlackFox []: Alan, live!
Darryl []: Woo!
Darryl []: He pushed to the engine project repo
Darryl []: Alun's not dead!
Borovos []: @balathruin, I think we just have to rename this sounds files and put it in states\idle\idle_
Like this, npc will use them around campfire.

Balathruin []: @Borovos Most of those are really old sounds some are low quality. There should be a way to activate it. I still miss some old behaviours, like mutant drag and eat which doesn't work due to squads (I think)
Balathruin []: These settings should not affect performance (dunno about potatoes).
Balathruin []: Bloom, lumscale and tonemap should never change in presets. 0.5 is from AF3 default, but it doesn't look good with bright sunlight (lumscale 2).
Darrill []: r2_sun_lumscale_amb is a float between [0.000,3.000], for high preset by default it is 1.0, for low I suppose it;s 0.5
Borovos []: There is a humming folder in sounds, I think it's unused. Humming function is still active in CoP engine but it call "speak for himself" sounds (sound_humming = states\idle\idle_).
Borovos []: guys, somebody remember hearing some npc with sounds as sing or whistle?
Balathruin []: I'm experimenting with lighting related settings again and trying to find a way to make shadows brighter without screwing up everything else. I found that lowering HDR to 0.5 (r2_tonemap_amount) would help with nights being too bright. The only setting that doesn't revert this is r2_sun_lumscale_amb, which mainly affects interiors. Any idea how much should it be increased? The HDR change needs at least 0.6 to keep interiors on a similar brightness.
Darrill []: Yes, OGSE has many good features.
Balathruin []: I tried to play AMK:AE but it had too many SoC bugs and glitches, so I'll do a really quick run through it to see what interesting features it has. I switched to OGSE instead and I'll try to finish it this time with harder settings. What this has to do with CoC is to see where to expand. Already told Alun that he really needs to take some code from OGSE (cars, scopes are already in for example), like a few graphics options (Dx9 wet surfaces, reflections, possibly more).
Balathruin []: I think kick worked fairly well the last time I played. I didn't do a long enough test run to see AI reactions, but I'll definietly take a look. I reported many companion bugs, glitches and exploits way back when I started testing, many of them are still not fixed. Hostages will need some dialog preventing code I think, but can't help with that. Weapon condition might be in there somewhere, just need to randomise it and maybe give it a little bonus compared to killing him. I think higher minimum or higher min and max would work.
Darrill []: NPC reaction, very slow response time. They don't see the actor even at close range. In august they have very nice logic, but then somebody broke it. Also need to view companions items borrowing. Actor can unload unlimited ammo from companions inventory. Actor can take all items from companion, they say him goodbye. Something with companions stealth mode, sometimes it work, sometimes not. Hostages need to be fixed, too. You can gain unlimited stashes trough dialog with hostage, just choose option to tell were he hide his goods, then close window and open it quickly again. Also hostages can give their weapon in perfect condition troght dialogue. This exploits need to be fixed in first place.
Darrill []: That are most bugs I found in RC6. It still has some troubles, but generally is playable. I think features like kick can be temporarily disabled till they would work as they were planned to. Source for SDK would be great.
Darrill []: Hi to all!
SadBlackFox []: Thanks
SadBlackFox []: And after that, give the actual source for the SDK.
SadBlackFox []: Please fix the guard in the Novice Village on Cordon.
SadBlackFox []: People will eat you alive if you write this. Hi
Borovos []: This is my point of view.
Borovos []: @SadBlackFox: since we're working together everybody in the team disappeared like that one time, or more. There is no troubles.
About release of CoC, I can't help you guys. Just fix or finish that you can and share it as you want. The name, I mean patch or full version doesn't matter.

If needed, ask me by pm. I'll release a news on moddb to explain to ppl the project is just slowing down because the core team need to make a break. Haters and impatient fans can wait. It doesn't matter.

SadBlackFox []: Yes, I understand that there are many uncorrected errors. Therefore, we are releasing a beta patch.
Darryl []: Gonna give it a few months to see if Yoda/Alun show up first before releasing anything proper
Darryl []: Or at least fix them in patches
Darryl []: Well RC7 will have bugs no doubt, but after those are fixed we can perhaps push out a final version
SadBlackFox []: Many problems have long been irrelevant. So the patch is needed. I'll try to see some of the problems that were reported to me, but I'm not sure that they can be solved without Alun.
Darryl []: Oh that's not bad only 15 things, I'll give it a look later
Darryl []: I don't really want to rush either of us on those things so I suppose they could be fixed/improved via patches
Darryl []: I believe just encyclopedia and balath's weapon balancing is all that needs to be "finished"
SadBlackFox []:
Darryl []: It's just going to be one of those years I think
Darryl []: Life is very busy at the moment, so I won't be able to do much for CoC myself either
Darryl []: I can try too
SadBlackFox []: I have a list of problems in Russian. I can show you
Darryl []: As long as it isn't in my sleep by the side of my bed
SadBlackFox []: You are a bad boy!
Darryl []: I worry about Alun being gone but at the same time one day he will just show up out of nowhere again
Darryl []: I've done it myself too lol
Darryl []: Yeah it's happened before several times
SadBlackFox []: Is it normal practice to disappear without warning anyone?
Darryl []: I hope nothing's happened to him
Darryl []: Just gonna wait until av has translated the new guide articles I added and I'll put together a new beta
Darryl []: Yeah, me too
SadBlackFox []: Hi Darryl
SadBlackFox []: I am fine. I'm worried about Alun's long absence.
Darryl []: Hey guys
Darryl []: Thanks SBF
AxelDominatoR []: had a very busy december, but everything is fine, thanks. You?
SadBlackFox []: Hi, Nuor
SadBlackFox []: How do you?
SadBlackFox []: Hi, Axel
AxelDominatoR []: hello
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, Check the shared folder "av661194" in ownCloud.
Balathruin []: If we want to catch up on the current state, I'll try to finish some of my stuff and start testing. Otherwise, I think @Darrill knows about some of the bugs in the latest engine/version. My problem is the unfinished recoil, going only right didn't turn out well.
Darryl []: We're a little behind
Darryl []: I'm trying to get hold of an updated translation atm
SadBlackFox []: Are there any problems with the engine?
If there is no problem, I'm for issuing a new beta patch.

Balathruin []: Weapons for example, but there were other weird bugs too.
Darryl []: What's half-finished?
Darryl []: Hey Balath
Balathruin []: You can't really release a beta with random stuff being half finished - which includes some engine changes.
Balathruin []: ouch
Darryl []: this is a real rollercoaster of a video
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I think tomorrow I might repack the dbs and put up a new beta instead of leaving people in the dark
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: Alun offline for a month now...
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
olivius74 []: Hello all Stalkers here I wish you an happy New Year and the best for all
Darryl []: Kinda limited with how relations in stalker consists of either "i hate you", "i dont care about you" and "i really like you"
Darryl []: I think the idea behind it is that CS wants to Zone to be contained, whereas Freedom wants it left alone to do its own thing
Borovos []: In build freedom and ecologist are enemies, not neutral. And CS is armed ecologists, with link to the LabX teams.
Borovos []: It's a choice we did long time ago.
Darrill []: Don't know, in original trilogy they was neutral, same as with ecologists
Darryl []: It's kinda logical when you break down what each faction wants, but it's explained better in the new guide when that comes out
Darryl []: No Freedom and Clear Sky are hostile to eachother
Darryl []: Hey other me
Darrill []: Last -1000 should be 0
Darrill []: Hey Darryl, I think I found another one. Freedom is hostile to Clear Sky. Look at game_relation table, line 53 actor_freedom = 0, 0,-5000, 0, 300, -1000, -1000, -5000, -5000, 0, -5000, -1000
J00B []: happy xmas and merry new years lads, hope things are good with you all
Balathruin []: How is Tarkov related to STALKER?
Scavs and cheeki breeki
Copying level design
10/10 game will not buy

Nuor []: night
Darryl []: Anyways I'm off, see you
Darryl []: Really neat idea
Nuor []: but it should.
Nuor []: I actually haven' ttested to see if the stock replenishing triggers - I forgot to.
Nuor []: darrill had this idea for caravans ;) basically squads are spawned at various location and make thier way to a trader to replenish stock.
Nuor []: look in cloud
Darryl []: I've hardly paid any attention to chat the last month or two
Darryl []: So what is this caravan thing you've been working on?
Nuor []: Not competely player driven like tasks.
Nuor []: It periodically updates trader stock by a squad travelling from a spawn location to the trader. Not completely dynamic because squads only come online near the actor. But still adds a little someting.
Nuor []: This caravans thing is done and seems to work.
Darryl []: I'll still be about though, it's not a permanent thing
Darryl []: I won't be about so much this year, so hopefully Alun will come back and sort everything for release out
Darryl []: As dumb as that sounds
Nuor []: Alun needs to make these executive decesions ;p
Darryl []: ReturnTimeEventTime for consistency
Nuor []: but my code uses my first choice
Nuor []: or TimeEventTime heh heh
Darryl []: Alright, changing...
Darryl []: reeee
Nuor []: Could use ReturnTimeEventTime(..) ;p
Nuor []: be better if the data was just saved but apparently Alun tried and it just broke stuff ;p
Nuor []: it's a fix because currently save doesn't work for TimeEvents
Darryl []: Alright, pushed
Darryl []: oh
Darryl []: Also wouldn't ReturnTimeEvent be the proper name?
Nuor []: because it returns the time
Darryl []: alright
Darryl []: CreateTimeEvent, RemoveTimeEvent, ResetTimeEvent etc.
Nuor []: It is close as i could come to describe what it does and keep similar format.
Darryl []: Also wouldn't ReturnTimeEvent be the proper name?
Darryl []: I don't know, just making sure you don't need to make any tweaks before I push
Nuor []: changes how?
Darryl []: Definitely like that, won't need to make any changes?
Darryl []: Sure
Nuor []: just after ResetTimeEvent
Nuor []: function ReturnEventTime(ev_id,act_id)
if (ev_queue[ev_id] and ev_queue[ev_id][act_id]) and ev_queue[ev_id][act_id].timer then
return (ev_queue[ev_id][act_id].timer - time_global())/1000

Nuor []: for*
Nuor []: I need fro you to add a function to _g.script in the repo
Nuor []: and to you
Darryl []: Happy new year
2C.LiryC []: Happy New Year, fellow STALKERs.
Balathruin []: I've been playing Tarkov and I have no idea why people relate it to stalker.
Balathruin []: Happy new year
Borovos []: Happy new year!
SadBlackFox []: Happy New Year, friends!
Darrill []: Happy new year to all!
Nuor []: sample routes
Nuor []:
Darryl []: He got stuck in somebody's chimney
Darryl []:
Darrill []: I think he helps Santa
Nuor []: I've tried every teleport mention I can find.
Nuor []: man I need alun to answer question about what code forces squads to teleport assigned target ;p
Balathruin []: yes
SadBlackFox []: What happened? Spam?
Nuor []: I put changes that add an additional tab to menu for addon game options i tis in my cloud folder under AddOptionsTab.
Nuor []: I think I have caravans working.
Darryl []: what a strange person
Darryl []: potato harvest wasnt good this year i guess
Darryl []: kek
VodkaChicken []: forum spam is lithuania's largest export
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wasn't targeted as us specifically though
Darryl []: forums dont even use capcha so bragging about being able to bypass it isn't really an achievement...
Darryl []: not quite sure what the point was
Darryl []: deleted his spam and banned
Darryl []: some lithuanian
VodkaChicken []: who is this 1337 hacker mashador
Darrill []: how to live now?
Darryl []: Didn't even know that was a thing
Darryl []: It's genuine though, every picture of him smiling it's there
Nuor []: Don't believe anything you see on internet.
Darryl []: I never noticed Tom Cruise had a monotooth
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wtf
Darrill []: Merry Christmas to all!
Darryl []: Merry (almost) christmas too
Darryl []: Ooh sweet find, Darrill
Nuor []: Merry Almost Christmas or whatever
Darrill []: @Darryl, I found why rain sometimes disappear like this It's because of wind_velocity in af3_day_storm, the value is 100. Need to change value in every hour to 10. Result
Darryl []: No idea. Haven't followed Radium for well over a year now.
Nuor []: I think i'd do that task goodwill multipllier like this
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []:

The Radium mod team is reporting today that the 64bit version is pretty much done. Hopefully this will be ported to CoC in near future, along with the other technical advancements from the Radium engine once finished. 64bit in CoC would be great for large addons with hi-res textures, models etc.

Nuor []: alun wrote the callback to allow it. I just never thought to use it ;p
Nuor []: nope I'm increasingly concerned
Darryl []: :C
Darryl []: Still no sign of Alun...
Darryl []: I like it when people make use of callbacks
Darryl []: That's a clever idea
Nuor []: the guy who does pda stash view moves the axr_main_option entries to their own files. This is good I'm going to do it with the rest of the addons. basically anything not part of the vanilla options.
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []:
Nuor []: yeah
Darryl []: I think that should fix all issues
Darryl []:
Nuor []: "it" can instead of "they" can?
Darryl []: It actually fits without a scrollbar, which is a start!
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hang on, did a bit if shifting about
Nuor []: "To make up for what an outfit lacks additional headgear is often employed.
Nuor []: "the use of" bothers me
Nuor []: I think I liked it bettetr before ;p well without the extra words
Darryl []: There's a lot of redundancies
Darryl []: I think I need to cut down the article as a whole
Darryl []:
Nuor []: Something like Headgear can often be used to improve weaknesses in outfit protection.
Nuor []: I'd just put a period after employed and reword the next bit.
Nuor []: wording is odd
Darryl []: Wrong as in incorrect or worded badly?
Nuor []: the rest seems fine.
Nuor []: the highly specialized bit sounds wrong to me.
Nuor []: "the use of" is unneeded
Darryl []:
Nuor []: yeah - I lean toward concise description.
Darryl []: How's this?
Darryl []:
Nuor []: maybe even the whole preferable bit.
Nuor []: I'd get rid of "much more"
Darryl []: Only ones you custom-made though
Darryl []: Yeah you can right-click edit custom map markers
Nuor []: include hint messages ...
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []: that can be edited by rightclicking/
Darryl []: That's better, I switched those two sentences around
Nuor []: I might start with "You (or Actor) may create Custom map spots by dbl-clicking on a location. These custom spots include editable hint messages visible when hovering over the spot.
Darryl []: I think the Truck Cemetery article is by far my most favourite so far
Darryl []: A couple examples of what I'm up to
Darryl []:
Darryl []: 100+ articles and it's only the tip of the iceberg
Darryl []: There's so much ground still to cover D:
Nuor []: slog on
Darryl []: Back to writing the in-game guide again
Darryl []:
Darryl []: You'd use actor editor I'd presume, but I couldn't say anything beyond that
Darryl []: I haven't the foggiest
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I don't even recall what alun used to make that crouch_forward_short.anm
Nuor []: hey darryl hav eyou done any actor animation creation?
Darryl []: When you see the air being sucked out of ships then they get broken in half at the end
Darryl []: I mean I get it's a fantasy movie, but rogue one clearly showed that things like pressure and decompression also apply in the star wars universe
Darrill []: the whole ship section would suck out in space
Darryl []: She is in the void with no oxygen = Dead
She gets blown up in the control room = Dead
She gets shredded by shrapnel in the explosion = Dead
She gets frozen in space (you even see frost on her hands) = Dead

Darrill []:
Darryl []: They just open it all that happens is a little bit of smoke instead of the entire ship being decompressed
Darryl []: Yeah that too!
Darrill []: or when opening the door for Leya
Darryl []: Same goes for the bomber ships where they have to open the hatches to drop the bombs
Darrill []:
Darryl []: So I'm not sure how they're still breathing
Darryl []: Don't forget that the last guard that rey kills falls out of the window into space
Darrill []: *if there
Darryl []: But in the end that's not needed because they crash they go to Crait anyway
Darrill []: and what about bomb-lash and bombs falling down on dreadnought as I there was gravity
Darryl []: Rose and Finn went off to find a code breaker so they could disable the tracking device
Darryl []: So they defeat the dreadnaught, jump into some nowhere, the order follows them, they spent hours getting ship after ship blown to pieces, then jump to crait and evacuate
Darryl []: So the whole movie takes place over 6 hours
Darryl []: I remember when they realise the FO shows up after they jump, somebody at some point says they have 6 hours of fuel
Darrill []: they run out of fuel (minds)
Darryl []: spend*
Darryl []: This whole story just falls apart the more you think about it
Darryl []: Why the fug did they spent so long floating through space whilst all their shit got blown up instead of just going straight to crait in the first place
Darrill []: and now salt instead of snow
Darryl []: So I guess they did jump to crait afterwards, but it was never shown in the movie??
Darryl []: Actually yeah, the falcon falls out of hyperspace to drop rey in her escape pod and blasts off somewhere else
Darryl []: They couldn't have hyper jumped, because you see Kylo, Rey and Snoke on the supremacy all at the same time
Darrill []: from hyperdrive
Darryl []: Like there's no mention of the planet being right next to them at all until they're almost defeated
Darryl []: But the planet seems to materialise out of thin air when they evacuate on the transports
Darryl []: So SOMEBODY would have seen Crait in the background and they'd realise what was up
Darryl []: They hyperjumped and were then trying to stay of of range of the FO using sub-light thrusters
Darryl []: I don't understand where Crait came from
Darrill []: I has the impresion all univers was only 2 planets in this movie, like a vacuum
Darryl []: This
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It had really peculiar moments too, like when Luke drinks the tit milk of that weird sloth slug thing
Darryl []: I was really happy at first, but after seeing how TLJ lacked much in the way of world building, character development and story telling I'm not too hyped anymore
Darryl []: I don't know how to feel about that
Darrill []: They gave Ryan Johnson a green light on the new trilogy
Darryl []: an*
Darryl []: carry and entry in the main trilogy*
Darryl []: But it's not enough to carry the main trilogy
Darryl []: I think TLJ could have been recycled into an anthology movie about a resistance cell being hunted to the point of annihilation
Darrill []: e
Darrill []: will se
Darrill []: he lent the Thousand-year-old falcon to Solo
Darryl []: Not to say she won't improve though, Samuel Jackson started to fall into that but somehow has come out of it again
Darryl []: So it always appears really dry and boring
Darryl []: They do exactly what the script tells them to do, but they don't add any personality or anything to the character
Darryl []: A lot like Tom Cruise or Will Smith
Darryl []: Without trying to sound poncy, she can carry a role well, but she doesn't really add anything to the character
Darrill []: but her acting ability isn't the most convincing - nothing to add
Darrill []: I see dragons in what movie, many dragons
Darryl []: Donald Glover I like, but he does comedy sketches, so him being cast as Lando is really odd to me
Darryl []: I don't hate the girl, but her acting ability isn't the most convincing
Darryl []:
Darrill []: hm
Darryl []: The only redeeming factor I've found is the shots are being called by Ron Howard, who co-wrote Arrested Development (one of my favourite tv shows)
Darrill []: holy sh*t, another fail
Darryl []: Yes
Darrill []: what ? Emilia Clark in Han Solo movie ?
Darrill []: but last 3 minutes of Vader appearance was like butter on bread I mean good
Darryl []: You can tell just from the casting what kind of movie it's going to be
Darryl []: And Woody Harrison or whatever his name is will act as the "goofy white guy" like he has almost his entire career
Darryl []: Fake-Han will have a fraction of the screen time, most of the movie will be focused on Emilia Clark and Donald Glover
Darryl []: I already know how the Han Solo movie is going to go
Darryl []:
Darrill []: but they drained her into toilet
Darryl []: I'm glad I pirate this garbage
Darrill []: Mickey's money factory
Darryl []: Rather ironically though, Jyn Erso is probably the only well-designed protagonist they have created so far
Darrill []: From other side, no more mediclorhians
Darryl []: And I'm sure 99% of them will be women or non-white too, because Disney is pushing the progressive agenda of "white men are evil"
Darryl []: So from this can they open up endless spinoffs and sequels
Darrill []: and of course Luke will return in IX episode, but as a ghost already, fuuu
Darryl []: The whole idea here is the force has been "awoken" and all of a sudden lots of people are force sensitive
Darryl []: You know exactly what they are doing though, especially with the kids at the end
Darrill []: good
Darrill []: Rogue One was a goog surprise
Darryl []:
Darrill []: If he had the power he would have strangled him there
Darryl []: So I was expecting so much more...
Darryl []: Rogue One I absolutely love
Darryl []: I can forgive TFA because it was reviving a franchise and the prequels despite how much I love them were met with really mixed views
Darrill []: yeah, this is what am saying
Darryl []:
Darrill []: the actor itseft was't agree with the directors vision
Darryl []: But because his nephew has dark thoughts he decides it's more convenient to try to murder him
Darryl []: Luke's character degeneration was really bad too. In OT despite all the awful thing Vader has done he still sees good in him right until the every end.
Darrill []: rich people bad - they better made a plot on that or on conflict between teacher and apprentice, but no, better to make mini stories
Darryl []: Don't forget that this is a cut-down version too! It was originally three (THREE) hours!!
Darryl []: I'm so mad
Darryl []: Somehow that wrinkled ballsack didn't notice he was about to be killed by something right beside him
Darryl []: But somehow gets killed off in a dumbass way right in the middle part of the trilogy with no backstory
Darryl []: He's supposed to be this character that's been around since the prequels, and meant to be all-powerful
Darryl []: And Snoke was what pissed me off the most
Darryl []: Don't forget the entire Canto Bight sequence was just one giant "slavery bad! animal abuse bad! rich people bad!" political commentary.
Darryl []: like wtf
Darryl []: Turns out she just genuinely is a Mary Sue who was dumped in a desert by irrelevant people
Darryl []: Nope!
Darryl []: And after 2 years of people defending Rey for not being a Mary Sue and saying how she might be a Skywalker/Kenobi
Darryl []: A lot of the "sudden unexpected twists" just felt like twists for the sake of twists
Darryl []: Felt like Rian Johnson just took a giant shit over everything the PT and OT established
Darryl []: And they turn Luke into a completely fucking soyboy
Darrill []: I had a feeling that I was watching episode V
Darryl []: They had two great opportunities to kill her off (because the actress is also dead now) but instead they keep her alive and she's barely even in the movie
Darryl []: Leia turning into superman half-way in the movie was really silly and just weird.
Darryl []: The entire subplot itself could have been avoided if that purple haired moron just said what her plan was
Darrill []: but Luke, why him ?
Darryl []: Yeah was just going to say that, half an hour of Rose/Finn subplot which ultimately wasn't even necessary as what they set out to do had no bearing on the end result of the movie
Darryl []: Other characters just got a single line of dialog to explain away why they weren't there anymore (ackbar)
Darrill []: same whit Fin and Rose, half hour of nothing
Darryl []: Rose's character completely contradicts itself with the whole ramble she has about heroics at the beginning, only to scuttle that by stopping somebody being heroic whilst claiming to be a hero for doing so.
Darryl []: Holdo had no reason to exist and could have been filled by others just fine, she only exists so that the plot can exist.
Darryl []: It just felt like 2 and a half hours of almost nothing happening
Darrill []: and the direcor of next episode will be J. J.
Darrill []: epic fail
Darrill []: Same
Darryl []: There were great action scenes in the last 30 minutes, but everything else was pants-on-head retarded
Darryl []:

how is new SW ?

I didn't like it

Darryl []: "Muh Russia"
Darryl []:
szos []: Thanks Nuor, ill lurk until they are around i guess.
Nuor []: I thought that might be the case ;/
SadBlackFox []: This happens in the engine. As far as I remember, there is no exported function in Lua to open / close a backpack / PDA
Nuor []: maybe bangalore or boro will know
szos []: Howdy chat. are anyone familiar with to port maps from Shadow of chernobyl using the CoC sdk? ive run into problems, thought itd be worth asking.
Nuor []: a script command to open inventory window. It happens with trade and such but I don't know exactly how that triggers
Nuor []: I don't recall one.
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Is there such a function?

Nuor []: hey SBF do you recall a command to manually open inventory?
Darrill []: how is new SW ?
Darrill []: Hi Darryl
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: Hi SBF, the Alan-s are assimilated into Russia, Georgia and Hungary's population, see
Nuor []: $64000 ?
SadBlackFox []: Where's Alan?
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Nuor []: it does seem to work.
Borovos []: ola
Darrill []: Hey Darryl
ColonelRH []: Hi guys ahaha just saw that video xD , that sid was hiding something after all
Nuor []: what am I saying the whole friggen world is crazy.
Nuor []: stalker fans are crazy ;p
Darryl []: He's done a few other vids similar to this
Darryl []: This is amazing
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hey Nuor, other me
Darryl []: horribly*
Darryl []: I don't imagine it's an easy thing to change the 16-bit value they use, but if you're using up over 60k ids there's something horrible wrong going on
Darryl []: I don't really know anything about the engine, but you can't "remove" the id limit.
Balathruin []: It's not that simple.
Steve2000 []: but i did a search for 65536 on the source code, i a treieved 271 hits
Steve2000 []: no.. im trying to remove the game ID tag limit from the COP 64 source code.. although I have ran into this problem with COC and Warfare..
Balathruin []: He most likely ran into the "out of IDs" crash with a mod. Anything that runs out has huge bugs using up those. Vanilla CoC can barely reach half of the limit with high spawn and ingame weeks passed.
Nuor []: I'm not exactly understanding what you want id is server object id isn't it?
Steve2000 []: Hi Guys, can anyone tell me how to remove the ID tag limit? or maybe even how I could find it?
Nuor []: duh I need to set wait time not timer
Nuor []: So take it that won't do what I want?
Nuor []:
TKGP []: "what I actually want to do is reduce the value of orders_data[mech].timer by game.get_game_time():diffSec(order_data[mech].timer)"
TKGP []: I'm talking about what you said earlier
Nuor []: that is function I trigger
Nuor []:
TKGP []: wait_time is an offset yes
Nuor []: the wait time is saved as m_data in ordered_data
Nuor []: but I can't use wait_time when I retrigger it at game load. I need to use time difference between time at game save and wait time.
Nuor []: that is triggered by dialog event
Nuor []: CreateTimeEvent(0,"spec_ammo",wait_time,message_chk)
TKGP []: if the order timer is a length of time then getting the difference between it and the current time doesn't make any sense, and if it's the destination time then there's no need to adjust it
TKGP []: that's fine, but what I said still applies
Nuor []: I'm using a CreateTimeEvent to set a message timer to an event x hours in the future the but since the CreateTimeEvent doesn't persist through a gameload I need to reset it with the new (shorter) time period.
TKGP []: which I assume is not what you want
TKGP []: I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but if you subtract the difference between the current time and the timer /from/ the timer, you just end up with the current time
Nuor []: if it*
Nuor []: but it it doesn't save between gameloads it won't work without a hack.
Nuor []: basically I'm trying to use CreateTimeEvent instead of constant update checks.
Nuor []: because CreateTimeEvent doesn't store value I wanted to create a new event on gameload with an updated timer.
TKGP []: I mean really if you're subtracting the difference then you're just going to end up with a copy of get_game_time, right
TKGP []: if the timer holds the destination time though, why do you want to be decrementing it?
TKGP []: that should work as I understand it
TKGP []:
Nuor []: which is why i originally asked about sub and add
Nuor []: what I actually want to do is reduce the value of orders_data[mech].timer by game.get_game_time():diffSec(order_data[mech].timer)
TKGP []: how odd
TKGP []: it's called xrTime in the engine though
TKGP []: (add doesn't return either, it just mutates the caller)
TKGP []: CTime is pretty weird
TKGP []: or just do it the other way :^
Nuor []: I'll give it a try thanks
TKGP []: you'd have to try it to make sure it's acceptable for those to be 0s
TKGP []: orderTime:add(CTime():set(0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0)) would be the right way I guess
TKGP []: since they seem to expect some fields like year to be at least 1
TKGP []: but honestly I'm not confident with how initializing new CTimes works
TKGP []: so orderTime:add(CTime():setHMS(0, 0, 1)) MIGHT work
TKGP []: if you want to use add() you need another CTime object
TKGP []: that's how I would do it
Nuor []: hmm
TKGP []:
TKGP []: it works in that context but not for the reasons it seems like
TKGP []: get stores the values in the variables passed to it
Nuor []: elsewhere
Nuor []: that is used
Nuor []: Y, M, D, h, m, s, ms = game.get_game_time():get( Y, M, D, h, m, s, ms )
TKGP []: get is void
TKGP []: but you're passing gt:get() into set()
TKGP []: yes
Nuor []: gt is game.get_game_time()
TKGP []: get doesn't return anything
Nuor []: I don't see a AddSec equivalent to diffSec
TKGP []: well, that won't work anyways
Nuor []: was thinking that but sub and add might be simpler.
Nuor []: local Y, M, D, h, m, s, ms
orders_data[mech].timer:set(gt:get( Y, M, D, h, m+1, s, ms ))

Nuor []: I want to add 1 game minute to a a stored value that is in game.get_game_time() format.
Nuor []: do you know do they return the value in (Y... format?
TKGP []: why?
TKGP []: nope
Nuor []: hey TKGP have you ever used game.get_game_time():sub() or add()?
Darryl []: Hey other me
Darryl []: I hope he's okay
Darryl []: He's never gone away this long before
Darryl []: I'm kinda worried about Alun
Nuor []: nope
Balathruin []: No sign of life from him for almost three weeks.
Nuor []: ?
Balathruin []: Did Alun tell anyone what's up or just keep waiting?
Nuor []: It's a bit tedious to create the dialog bu tit shows a slightly different way to use upgrades. May be worth having a special repair/reload kit task as opposed to completing tier 3.
Nuor []: special ammo should work now.
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: Always gives me a panic attack when the coc page says it doesnt exist
Darryl []: I hate it when moddb dies
Nuor []: takes addition of a new ammo added to upgrades file for each weapon. ammo_..._spl
Nuor []:
Nuor []:
Nuor []: basically a simple way to give dynamic order abilty to any char with just a ltx file and char section actor dialog entry.
Nuor []: was hoping to be able to do count of categories and item size and set table size appropriately automatically rather than having to know th emax size of each ahead of time.
Nuor []: the individual items can have unique prices rather than soley priced by category.
TKGP []: i c
Nuor []: you can set whether category or item is available based on reputation, rank time in game.
Nuor []: ah it is a version of nimble orders that allows you to have multiple categories with multiple items that you can choose from in each category rather than randomly chosen from the list.
TKGP []: I mean what's it for
Nuor []: I think I hav eall the files in my pastebins
Nuor []: no tsure what do you mean. the ltx?
TKGP []: what is the context of this dialog anyways?
Nuor []: I don't believe there is a way to have dialog npc at that stage.
Nuor []: maybe init_func trigger on game_load
TKGP []: good morning
ColonelRH []: Hi guys , how goes it ?
Nuor []: nope
Nuor []: I bet I can force check with "action"
Nuor []: it*
Nuor []: I could avoid if if npc was passed as argument to init but i can't tell that it is.
TKGP []: (
Nuor []: dialog is a mess. thanks for the second set of eyes.
TKGP []: sorry
TKGP []: but I really don't know much about dialogs
TKGP []: it does seem weird that it would init before checking preconditions
Nuor []: seems that dm_init_dynamic_orders_dialog is processed befor any has_orders checks.
Nuor []: I seems to check has_orders every time I change a dialog level.
Nuor []: first one is in dialog_manager function.
Nuor []: cat_size = 10 list_size = 10
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
count cat_size = 8 list_size = 3
has_orders cat_size = 8 list_size = 3

Nuor []: but dlalog manager isn't using the values . I'd assumed that has_orders would alter th evalues before dialog_manager would get them as it is used as a precondition
Nuor []: okay count works fine.
Nuor []: yes that is what I forgot to change
TKGP []: is this supposed to be csize?
Nuor []: oh heel forgot to chang esomething
Nuor []: best I can tell count_size isn't working as it returns cat_size= 0 list_size = 1
Nuor []: there is the whole file the cat_size list size values that are being used by dialog_manager are the two values set at the top 10 and 10.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: dialog is confusing It messes with my mind
TKGP []: anyways just stick a log in each function so you know what order they're running in
TKGP []: I don't know fuck about dialogs, maybe it makes sense
TKGP []: so be it then
Nuor []: alun did it that way for some reason. I imagine to indicate dialog level
TKGP []: like wat
TKGP []: I want all of this to not be indented differently when they're in exactly the same scope
Nuor []: so you want for loop indent back a level?
Nuor []: loop size still default
Nuor []: the dialog runs without crashing I just nee to see if it uses the real or default values.
Nuor []: I need to put some printf checks that simple n = n+1 may have been the only problem, stupid as that may be ;/
TKGP []: so does it work now that the function can actually run? :u
Nuor []: count_size sets size of the two global vars cat_size, list_size
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I'm using the format alun uses for all of these dialogs.
TKGP []: where does count_size come into this
TKGP []: randomly indenting lines that are in the same scope is not a resolution issue
Nuor []: tab set to 4 ;p
TKGP []: bruh
Nuor []: not so bad on 4k monitor ;p
Nuor []: using the values to set loop size in two different scripts.
TKGP []: good god what spawn of satan indented this code
Nuor []: trying to pass values into that
Nuor []:
Nuor []: hmm maybe that was the only problem.
TKGP []: what are you expecting to happen that isn't
TKGP []: either way I don't understand what the original problem was
Nuor []: It is
TKGP []: a function that will never return seems like a significant problem to me
Nuor []: okay that is cut and past error but I think there is more to the problem that that.
Nuor []: called in "has_orders" both are in dialogs_orders
TKGP []: forgot to increment n
TKGP []: you have an infinite loop there my dude
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I'm calling it from a precondition function for the dialog_manager function.
Nuor []: there is the function I'm trying to use.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: hey TK I've a conundrum with dialogs. I'm trying to set a loop count value in a dialog_manager function from another script but the timing is wrong.
Darryl []: stupid chat deleting brackets
Darryl []: "rank/reputation [value]"
Darryl []: Just use the "rank/reputation " commands
Darryl []: I added some debug commands to cheat that
Nuor []: ah I bet it is reputation
Nuor []: hmm only pistols category showing up
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I need a way to justify having the zombie article available in non-survival mode because it ties in quite a bit with the zombified stalker article
Darryl []: I've done a bit of tweaking, going to add a regular zombie spawn to the cemetery in generators instead of zombified stalkers and snorks
Nuor []: not even going to think about it.
Darryl []: This is amazing
Darryl []:
Nuor []: the subcategory version allows for a list of costs and checks that effect individual items in the category.
Nuor []: either that version or the random they use basically the same ltx.
Nuor []: just add it to the char section as actor dialog
Nuor []: anyone
Darryl []: For Nimble?
Darryl []: Oh?
Nuor []: I made a version of dynamic orders that allows choice within categories instead of random.
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, Did you spread the virus?
Nuor []: lots of those make me wonder.
Nuor []:

[LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 36366!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 36365!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 36364!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 33541!
! [LUA] There is no spawn callback on object with id 33534 from object with id 25127!

Nuor []: was hoping to update position by calling it every check thinking using same sound_object will just reuse rather than repeat.
Nuor []: or that
Nuor []: snd:play_at_pos(st.object, pos, 0, sound_object.s2d)
Nuor []: I wonder if calling that repeatedly will cause me grief.
Nuor []: st.object:start_particles("ogsm\\ogsm_flies", "bip01_head")
Nuor []: I think that hack will work.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: [SCRIPT ERROR]: ... chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\alife_storage_manager.script:92: attempt to encode userdata (no __persist hook)
Nuor []: ah game crashes on save
Nuor []: i'd be happy if that was the only reason
TKGP []: to spite you
Nuor []: hmm so why did he do that
Nuor []: it is
TKGP []: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nuor []: ah is is commented out
Nuor []: maybe that isn't being called?
Nuor []: function ProcessEventQueueState(m_data,save)
TKGP []: ))
Nuor []: yeah much cleaner. i need to check callbacks any time i write something ;p
Nuor []: I'll try that
Nuor []: I tried putting a delay but even corpses next to me didn't work.
TKGP []: instead of trying every object once, I would use the stalker's net_spawn callback to start their individual timers
TKGP []: I believe
TKGP []: which would mean if it's offline when you load in, but then you move into switch distance later, it won't play anything
TKGP []: so each corpse anywhere in the game checks once then stops checking if it's not online
Nuor []: yes
TKGP []: returning true kills the timer, right?
Nuor []: I'll ask alun if he ever returns it looks like data should be saved.
Nuor []: unfortunately death_time isn't saved through a save
TKGP []: well, if it works it works
TKGP []: I see
TKGP []: hm
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I cheated and just checked all se_obj at gamestart
TKGP []: (
Nuor []: I gave up on trying to get queued event to save I failed miserably.
TKGP []: howdy N
Nuor []: hey hey TK
Darryl []: @Alundaio

Darryl []: About time, the international trailers have started to drop
Nuor []: but tent is removed
Nuor []: actaully i don't hav e asleepbag so who knows ;p
Nuor []: The sleep bag is removed bit the campfire isn't that is odd.
Darryl []: nice spot, thanks
Darryl []: oh whoops
Darrill []: @Darryl You made a mistake in drx_statistics. Line 139: anomal_zonen_artefact_take(item) must be anomalyn_artefact_take(item)
Nuor []: I've not seen alun Bangalore shows up occasionally but is whisper quite.
Borovos []: any news from Alundaio or Bangalore?
Borovos []: hello guys
Balathruin []:
Nuor []: okay now
Nuor []: opps It didn't update give me a sec
Nuor []: updated paste and i believe it still works.
Nuor []: It bothers me as it is so i'll change it and see.
TKGP []: no relation to why the particles are or aren't playing, I just like giving unsolicited advice))
TKGP []: just make it cleaner
TKGP []: well, it shouldn't break or fix anything really
Nuor []: I'll change it and see what breaks.
TKGP []: the function could just reference the value directly instead, it's equivalent
TKGP []: but every time a monster dies you're creating 3 new tables, putting one value in them, and creating 3 new functions which reference them
TKGP []: yes
Nuor []: I'm creating multiple sound or particle objects I can pass those as argument into the queue and manipulate each within the queue without effecting each other.
TKGP []: you would only need to do it that way if you were giving a function that wasn't declared locally and had to access some shared resource
TKGP []: same for the timer and effect tables though
Nuor []: sound is easier than particles.
Nuor []: I guess time ris persistent between repeated calls
TKGP []: since you're making a new closure with each sound
TKGP []: I'm not familiar with CreateTimeEvent but this should be fine
TKGP []: well
Nuor []: these call are sometimes running multiple times before shutting off.
Nuor []: that's what i mean I don't know if they are required as I don't understand the workings of the queueing system
TKGP []: placeholder for something later?
TKGP []: what's the purpose of these tables like effect and snd which only ever hold one key?
Nuor []: I guess I need obj table also ? passing these arguments into CreateTimeEvent confuses me ;p
Nuor []: so I missed something my particles aren't turning on and off as i move in outside of 10 meters.
Nuor []:
TKGP []: meltac has some pretty funky stuff in Dynamic Shaders
Nuor []: I think someones been working on that for a while.
Nuor []: I think they'll be happy if you just manage realistic rain droplets on visors.
TKGP []: individual droplets of condensation forming on scopes and visors
TKGP []: heck yeah
Nuor []: maybe like humidity effects on ballistics or bullets passing through pressure ridges ;p
Nuor []: heh heh
TKGP []: this is the future of stalking
TKGP []: realistic 3D cloud formations built out of small particles
TKGP []: imagine it
Nuor []: next thing they'll want to model the weather.
TKGP []: O:
Nuor []: heh Don't mention it
TKGP []: does he have the thing where they turn into skeletons?
Nuor []: unlikely*
Nuor []: it effects every online corpse but i guess that's unlike to be more than a 100
TKGP []: brain power might be better utilized optimizing the parts of it that actually chug rather than fretting over a single square root ^:
Nuor []: his is one of those crazy misery mods that adds a millions cpu eating details ;p
TKGP []: oddly there's also a distance_to_xz_sqr in the engine but it's not exported for scripts
TKGP []: so follow your dreams
TKGP []: but you're right, it hardly makes it incomprehensible to write 30^2 instead of 30
TKGP []: computers are pretty fast
TKGP []: I would just use distance_to since I highly doubt it's going to add more than a bazillionth of a second with so few objects just calling it once per update
Nuor []: I've no idea if the running particle effect are more demanding than the constant distance checks ;)
Nuor []: darrill want all these fly particle effects on bodies bu twants them to shut down when more than 10 meters away (then come back when you approach) Only way i know to do that is have aperiodic distance check.
TKGP []: if performance is a concern
TKGP []: generally I feel like the lesser evil is to leave it as readable as possible and just schedule it to only update 10 times a second or something instead
TKGP []: I assume you're worried because you're doing something every frame
TKGP []: I guess it's not that confusing if you just write it as 30^2
Nuor []: but you are right 900 instead of 30 for example
Nuor []: faster to do that than roots
Nuor []: you use ^2 values
TKGP []: I mean what you compare the result to would not be intuitive
Nuor []: i think he just uses obj:position() in both cases.
TKGP []: but then you'd have to have all your distances in weird terms
TKGP []: that's what distance_to_sqr is
Nuor []: best I recall one avoids a square root calc which is very demanding
Nuor []: I think that is other
Nuor []: distance_to_sqr ?
TKGP []: although it may be faster I suppose
TKGP []: there's distance_to_xz but that's not really the same
Nuor []: is one I recall
Nuor []: distance_to()
TKGP []: I wasn't even aware there was a different one
Nuor []: alun said one one was a rough approximation and less demanding but i don't recall which.
TKGP []: is vector:distance_to slow?
TKGP []: I've never thought to worry about performance so I have no idea
Nuor []: Hey TKGP do you recall which of the distance to actor checks is less demanding?
Nuor []: apparently 20% of Americans think the sun circles the earth. Maybe I should just give up ;p
Darrill []: radius of the sound is about 5 meters
Darrill []: no fps drops, havving arround like 10 bodies
Darrill []: Seem to work nice
Nuor []: ah sound is real time not game time
Nuor []: who knows maybe it's worth having. I don't know how CPU greedy it is.
TKGP []: o
Nuor []: I wrote this for someones addon didn't plan on mucking with base scripts.
TKGP []: but I don't really know what you're up to
TKGP []: I presume you could just play the sound from the same script that does the decaying instead of trying to sync them up
TKGP []: well
Nuor []: should kick in same time body decays but seems to take longer.
Nuor []: I don't think it can. The script seems to work but the delay is taking longer to kick in than I would expect.
TKGP []: that's a great question : )
Nuor []: can volume be greater than 1?
TKGP []: pro tip make sure you always hold onto a reference to it otherwise it'll get GC'd and stop playing
TKGP []: not persistent
TKGP []: it's not a like object object
Nuor []: barely used them don't know the details.
Nuor []: yeah
TKGP []: it's a sound_object
TKGP []: well use_snd[id].volume in your case
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []: is it a se_obj
TKGP []: yee
Nuor []: use_snd.volume = 1?
TKGP []: might want to explicitly set .volume = 1
Nuor []: sound is soft but i think I can hear it.
TKGP []: probably not loading because that's a syntax error ))
Nuor []: bu tthe script wasn't loading
Nuor []: It didn't crash that's what foole dme.
Nuor []: declare
Nuor []: ah i didn't ceclare the table
TKGP []: shouldn't that even crash
TKGP []: local use_snd[id] ???
Nuor []: so any idea why that isn't playing fly sounds on bodies?
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: inb4 nobody submits anything
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darrill []: he would have done an engine hack and quit from it
Darryl []: Hey Olivius
Darryl []: Spent the last 7 days walking around trying to find a way out
Darryl []: Maybe he got stuck in a space anomaly
Nuor []: yep even I'm vaguely uneasy
Darryl []: D:
Darryl []: I hope alun is okay, havent seen him on in about a week now
Nuor []: mostly back.
Darryl []: It's not up to me to release it anyway
Darryl []: Other people are still working on stuff I guess
Darryl []: I don't know
SadBlackFox []: I meant why the patch has not been released yet? Are there many errors or new content added?
SadBlackFox []: Articles can be added continuously.
Darryl []: Also, if you download latest files there are 105 articles in the encyclopedia
Darryl []: I don't think so, the beta is very out of date now
SadBlackFox []: What was new? The new patch will not be released this year?
SadBlackFox []: I'm a little lost.
Darryl []: H E Y
SadBlackFox []: H E L L O
Nuor []: I'm cooking dinner so not really here
Darryl []: Nuor check IMs
Darryl []: Hey SBF, where'd you go?
Darryl []: Hey guys
Darrill []: Howdy
Darryl []: Hey other me
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: I think I'm off now, see you sometime tomorrow
Darryl []: This is the third time he has posted it
Darryl []: Second time it got downvotes again, so he deleted it
Darryl []: First time he posted that he got so voted down that moddb auto deleted the comment, i cant even see it when viewing deleted comments anymore
Darryl []: Yeah I already know who you mean, the weeaboo
Nuor []: He's just trying to cause trouble.
Nuor []: That one poster joys in be offensive better off just banning him.
Darryl []: Added 5 new articles to repo for locations, textures are now in cloud
Nuor []: Close enough.
Darryl []: How's this?
Darryl []: File uploaded: tc_better.jpg
Darryl []: I'm gonna include that in the article
Darryl []: Rassokha Equipment Cemetery
Darryl []: Ooh I just found the name of the real life TC
Darryl []: What do you think?
Darryl []: File uploaded: tc.jpg
Darryl []: I understand what I'm trying to say but I can't help but think I've written it in a confusing manner
Darryl []: Gonna have to screeny something and get feedback
Nuor []: range and charisma have little to do with each other.
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I imagine something like that would combine charges. untested though.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I never saw the post I just venting at bad public behavior that seems to be the new norm ;p
Darryl []: At this point I don't even notice shitposting in the comments, they're usually full of crap anyway
Darryl []: I thought he meant to say "you guys"
Bangalore []: this is why i hate vg 4chan stalker forum too, whenever i read it, it sounds like gay kids teasing each other
Bangalore []: lol, okay, first it sounded you talk about me, as 5 years old
Nuor []: I agree with you I would be even more draconian ;p
Nuor []: Moddb stalker is a public forum about stalker I don't think casual crudity is appropriate or called for.
Bangalore []: i'm talking about a moddb post, which i deleted, because it was addressed not a proper way
Bangalore []: @Nuor: i don't get you post, it makes no sense for me
Nuor []: @ bangalore - I'm even more extreme than you are I see no reason for casual crudity in this public forum, take it to private communications if you want to act like 5 year olds.
Balathruin []: I'm trying to catch up where I was and found that the crouch anim is set for ~0.6 coeff. Now if we ever get to stealth missions this will definietly help, however, I'd like to increase the sound it makes. Where can I find it?
Bangalore []: is this an appropriate way to address ppl on moddb: 'you gays" and "sexy bois" this isn't a fucking gay mate finder page, imho
Bangalore []: "
Darryl123 59mins ago
I have no idea why your comment was deleted" lol, you really don't know?

Balathruin []: No, my mistake the one I pasted was the ambient.
Darryl []: Hm, I think it was renamed to indoor_ambient for some reason
Balathruin []: indoor_underground
Balathruin []: just a moment, I have it
Darryl []: I can't find it anywhere in configs though
Darryl []: I swear there was an alternate indoor weather for levels like JU and Sarcofag which had lighting for the open roofs
Balathruin []: This error was discovered earlier, like almost a month ago.
Darryl []: Making a start on the level articles now
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I know, just a reminder from my end.
Darryl []: I just come off a rude sometimes when I don't intend it, just how I word stuff I guess
Darryl []: I didn't mean to have a go the other day btw, the relations are fine, it's just a visual error
Darryl []: Hey Bal
Balathruin []: Well I actually escaped to Middle-earth from the Zone.
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: I see a clip of LoTR and decide to find it in the actual movie, then I end up watching several hours of return of the king...
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It's a display issue somewhere
Darryl []: And yet they still appear as green on the minimap
Darryl []: All other modifiers in the file which affect goodwill are set to 0
Darryl []: There's most definitely a bug here, I've set all relations between every faction to 0, and given 'stalker' 500 pts toward 'actor_stalker'
Darryl []: Yeah the 500 isn't an issue, it's something else
Balathruin []: 500 goodwill is still only there to avoid loners having twice as slow progression. Their traders have special at 1500 instead of 1800 too.
Darryl []: hi
Darrill []: Hi to all
Darryl []: I set every single faction's relations to each other to 0, then gave stalker 500 pts toward actor_stalker and they are all green on the map again!
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: I think I'm going to make fixing these game relations my job for tomorrow
Nuor []: I suspect that exclusion area will keep everything out of those custom camps. not exactly what is effected by IN restrictors.
Darryl []: I think I might just make a blank table and play about with relations until I can puzzle it out
Darryl []: I don't know what to think
Darryl []: And in-game relations everyone is a green, and relations says actor_stalker is +2000 with stalker
Darryl []: I changed stalker's relation to actor_stalker to 2000
Darryl []: Hmmm
Nuor []: may b esimplest just to change 1 and check.
Darryl []: The formula says community_goodwill and community_to_community goodwill are added together though...
Darryl []: I thought it was just their independent relation values toward each other
Darryl []: I didn't think they stacked
Darryl []: Do you think it's becoming +1000 because stalker->actor_stalker and actor_stalker->stalker relations are 500 each?
Darryl []: Hm
Nuor []: have to be careful about that.
Nuor []: yep
Darryl []: Well now I feel stupid
Darryl []:


Darryl []: oh
Nuor []: I kno wwhat it was that itms_manager.ltx had mutant_loot_UI enabled.
Darryl []: Hm maybe those danger_ values are used somewhere, my game crashed without them
Darryl []: Nothing in engine, scripts or configs uses this though, wonder what it was intended for
Darryl []: Rank increase for discovering locations or something?
Darryl []: What did they mean by this
Darryl []: "Range of change of ranks when registering in a new smart terrane"
Darryl []: According to the translated comment
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Stalker's game files has so many useless holdovers, it's probably easier to read DNA, jesus
Darryl []: It only holds two values, min=1 and max=2
Darryl []: The entire "smart_terrain_rank_change" section seems to be completely useless
Darryl []: Hm
Nuor []: I took a class in Pascal and fortran that was it.
Darryl []: Never actually done any classes on any of this
Darryl []: With Java and Lua I'm pretty much self-taught from looking at stuff and changing it, as well as talking to people (alun for example with lua),watching youtube videos and looking on stack overflow for examples
Nuor []: C++ is different enough from the C I learned 35 years ago that i don't understand half of it. No tthat I ever really did back then
Darryl []: God I hate trying to figure out C/C++, I'm so used to Java syntax it's like comparing Ænglisc to English
Darryl []: I mean there's references to m_fRankDisperison in other files, but nothing is actually set to anything that uses that as a factor except for a pointer as far as I can tell
Darryl []: No, I didn't change anything relating to mutants
Nuor []: yeah I think alun mentioned that earlier.
Darryl []: So I think I can just brush that under the rug and pretend it's not an issue
Darryl []: However, the result (m_fRankDisperison) doesn't look to be used anywhere
Darryl []: It looks like ranks values were designed to be under 1,000 points because of how formula works
Nuor []: you didn't change something so a window comes up when you search a mutant corpse?
Darryl []: Okay this is strange
Darryl []: rank_k is just player rank divided by 100
Darryl []: I don't think dispersion_experienced_k works the way I think it does then
Darryl []:

m_fRankVisibility = novice_rank_visibility + (expirienced_rank_visibility - novice_rank_visibility) * rank_k;
m_fRankDisperison = expirienced_rank_dispersion + (novice_rank_dispersion - expirienced_rank_dispersion) * (1-rank_k);

Darryl []: Nor any of the danger_ values
Darryl []: Actually none of these free_ ones seem to be used by the engine
Darryl []: Nor scripts
Nuor []: I also get a weird loot window when I loot a mutant corpse. No idea where that come from either.
Darryl []: free_community_member_attack_goodwill isn't even used in the engine
Darryl []: oh wtf
Darryl []: Oh right
Nuor []: I've tried to rename them to not functioning names I must have missed that one.
Nuor []: not our test version. those files I've been rewriting for darrill.
Darryl []: I can't find it in any of the repo files
Darryl []: Not for me
Nuor []: it's in itms_manager.ltx plugin I must have put it a test version.
Darryl []: hide_boar isn't in vanilla
Nuor []: I'm getting these weird errors wa ssomething changed with part names?
Nuor []: [error]Arguments : Can't open section 'hide_boar'. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report
Darryl []: I always struggled to understand this action_points section
Darryl []: i.e. friendly/green
Darryl []: Which with the base +500 makes it 1000
Darryl []: I'm thinking community_member_fight_help_goodwill is pushing their personal goodwill +500
Nuor []: the change to bind_campfire and bind_picnic seems to work fine. it sets up an exclusion zone around lit campfire.
Nuor []: I'd think so
Darryl []: They should be yellow as far as I can tell at that value
Darryl []: That's weird
Darryl []: I can't puzzle out why they show up as green at 500
Nuor []: John Cusak and Dan Akroyd discussing unionizing the assassins ;)
Nuor []: Grosse Pointe Blank
Darryl []: i cant understand the logic behind that, the faction is literally called L O N E R S
Nuor []: supposedly changed start goodwill to 500 and somehow it made all friendly.
Nuor []: I think Balath did it a while back.
Darryl []: im going to try to fix this loner relations thing because its really rustling my jimmies
Darryl []: god damn army
Darryl []: then i somehow get hit in the head by a bullet, hear a "thwack" sound and im dead
Darryl []: minding my own business looting boars, i hear gunfire off in the distance (really far way)
Darryl []: man i just died like something straight out of a slapstick
Darryl []: wasnt paying attention to chat
Darryl []: nah you're visible for me
Darryl []: sorry, im testing something in game
Nuor []: am I hidden again?
Darryl []: oh hey nuor
Nuor []: yeah loners are friendly to actor.
Darryl []: It's really weird, like half are neutral and half are friendly
Darryl []: Why are loners all of a sudden friendly to each other?
Nuor []: plus update bind_picnic
Nuor []:
Nuor []: night
Nuor []: I need it to check the specific campfire id or location
Darryl []: Anyways, night
Darryl []: I'll have a look tomorrow if you haven't already beaten me to it no doubt
Darryl []: just stick that in there for your own files
Darryl []: if (script) then method() end
Darryl []: Well you could do it like lootmoney
Nuor []: but to universal
Nuor []: I could set an infoportion in bind_campfire use
Darryl []: You'd have to look at how Alun adds new callbacks to figure that one out
Nuor []: hoping it was a callback that could be checked on use.
Darryl []: and 354
Darryl []: line 336
Darryl []:
Darryl []: it is
Nuor []: use_campfire says called from tutorials
Darryl []: Didn't see it at the time
Darryl []: I only just learnt that
Darryl []: bind_campfire.use_campfire
Nuor []: campfire*
Darryl []: The 'action' tags
Nuor []: axr_turn_on_capfire?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I couldn't puzzle it out
Darryl []: I swear the only changes were to game tutorials or something in that commit
Darryl []: Hang on lemme check
Darryl []: Uh, I don't think that's done through script
Nuor []: Do you know offhand which script read campfire use input?
Darryl []: If there was I'd love to know too, alternate sights would have been really useful when I was doing weapon packs
Nuor []: I imagine he wants to know if there is a work around.
Nuor []: I don't think you can.
Nuor []: It may be I've not looked into hud much
Darryl []: Oh I don't know if you can change actual configs in a live game
Darryl []: I always thought that was in alun utils...
Nuor []: he wants to shift it while zoomed
Darryl []: replace smiley with "x (" without space
Darryl []: system_ini():r_string_eweapon:section(), "gl_hud_offset_pos") ?
Darryl []: Get the section of the weapon and use alun_utils to get the attribute?
Nuor []:

Do you know if the config values 'gl_hud_offset_pos*' in a wpn.ltx can temporarily be stored into memory?
Then on zoom_in be modified x% and on zoom_out be restored again by the org values stored in memory?

Nuor []: Misery is living up to reputation as being nothing but pain ;p
Nuor []: actually probably just comment that line.
Nuor []: CreateTimeEvent(0,"fire_timer",1,create_fire)
Nuor []: i think that works though you may want to comment out the 2 CreateTimeEvent if you only want matches.
Nuor []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Just gotta write Sakharov next and non-story mode will have 100 articles
Darryl []: I think I already changed it since this screen to "brought"
Nuor []: was to bring?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I like putting like bits of humour in the articles
Nuor []: I'd have to look. I'd guess ui
Darryl []: File uploaded: kruglov.jpg
Darryl []: Is that an actual limit set in scripts, or just a limit because of the UI's design?
Nuor []: I don't remember I think sleep is limited to 24 hr's
Darryl []: At the moment sleep dep stops you from sleeping if you don't need it, but if you do sleep you can do about 24hrs in one go
Darryl []: But limited the number of hours your character can sleep for?
Darryl []: One guy had a good idea though which might interest you, sounds like something more suited to sleep deprivation than normal gmaeplay
Darryl []: Been going through old moddb messages since I had about 40+ ignored, it's amazing how much junk people send
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey guys
Nuor []: one or two small changes still needed.
Nuor []: that save_zone function set up restriction IN which excludes AI I'll rename it safe_zone to be clearer.
Nuor []: "center" value must be VEC_ZERO or equivalent.
Nuor []: I figured it out.
Nuor []: it creates the SR obj but it isn't recognized as a zone like script binding isn't processing.
Nuor []: hmm says I'm only 3 m from the SR so it must be the logic
Darryl []: Also, I added articles to the military and bandit characters if you ever play as those factions
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: Could just be an error in the spawn file, the test renders of dark valley always had the bed icon at player location issue
Darryl []: Dunno, I'm not using the latest cloud files which updated generators yet
Nuor []: I must have an outdated file but don't know which it is.
Nuor []: I'm also still seeing a sleep icon at actor on minimap.
Darryl []:
Nuor []: Me either that is the problem
Darryl []: I have no experience with smarts or space restrictors
Nuor []: darryl if set the VisibleForMap flag for a space restrictor will i be able to see it on the map?
Borovos []: I remember Den Stash did a anim with a bandit looking inside a barrel. Something like this should be good, as npc looking in a car through the door window, or inside the car trunk
Darryl []: Heya Swartz
Darryl []: That was added in 1.5
Darryl []: For that looting in truck cemetery idea couldn't you recycle the animation of where stalkers loot corpses?
Borovos []:
Borovos []: Hello Darryl
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I wonder where everybody went to, anyone else who shows up in chat is really silent
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Nuor []: stalker mapping sytem is confusing ;p
Nuor []: and if i don't assign the the lvid value using data.level_vertex_id = lvid then level_vertex_id is seen as -1
Nuor []: with u32 both are 4294967295
Nuor []: with s32 se_obj.m_level_vertex_id is 2147483648 but the stpk_utils.get_object_data value is -2147483648
Nuor []: I wonder if s32 is incorrect type for level vertex.
Nuor []: the level vertex id definitely doesn't match the net_packet data 4294967295 vs -1
Nuor []: what makes me suspicious is that the level vertex id seems to be -1 when I retrieve it.
Nuor []: The Space Restrictor is created but i can't tell where because eithe rthe location is wrong or the logic isn't working as expected.
Nuor []: hey all
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Darryl []: I'm surprised these guys can walk with balls this huge

Darryl []: Added a lot more character articles today, the category has so many entries it has a scrollbar
SadBlackFox []: Hello
Darryl []: Howdy ho
SadBlackFox []:

Alundaio [11:02 AM]: Where has balathruin been? did he get banned again for using red in chat ?

Look at the action log of forum moderators. I did not do anything.

SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: Borovos
Darryl []: I love how everything said by Sultan has a weird double meaning because we put him on the toilet
Nuor []: npc in anoms is switchable I'll check that.
Nuor []: The ARClight of heaven.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Quite proud of this picture for psi storm article
Nuor []: Queue up buddy
Darryl []:
Nuor []: We'll get Barkeep to add Grateful Dead to playlist.
Nuor []: ooo magic mushrooms.
Darrill []: radiated mushrooms ^_^
Darrill []: I would made this, also mushrooms
Nuor []: your
Darrill []: It's just imho, so I would make in my addon
Nuor []: have sticks scatterd across the landscape that you must gather for you fires ;)
Darrill []: Also player must spend money for them
Darrill []: In locations where a only 2-3 campfire or sleep zones in all.spawn this is a great solution
Darrill []: @Darryl, but this items are temporaly
Darryl []: Hmm
Darryl []: I need to write up an article explaining psi-storms somehow, but they are a feature custom to AF3 and not in the vanilla gmaes
Darryl []: I don't care what people make for addons, that's just my opinion for base game
Darryl []:
Nuor []: This is darrils version of CoC + Misery - argue with him ;)
Nuor []: AI can have out or in restrictiors so it must be possible.
Darryl []: I'm not much of a fan of player placeable items, kinda devalues potential use of those which already spawn in the world
Darryl []: But either way I wouldn't have a clue
Darryl []: Online exclusion stops mutants spawning into the level, I don't think you can stop then walking into specific areas
Darryl []: I don't really think it's practically possible
Nuor []: player generated custom campfire.
Nuor []: darrill wants an exclusion zone around a campfire. I've never tried to do that.
Nuor []: Hey darryl do you know how to set up a mutant exclusion zone with code?
Darryl []: Hey Boss
Nuor []: i blame records etc ;p
Nuor []: actually i think that one is only 300 or 400 years old.
Nuor []: 1000 years of Folk music lost to history.
Darryl []: Listening and I don't recognise it
Nuor []: Weird i asked 3 friends not one had heard of it and it's like the most famous British Folk song of all time.
Darryl []: don't recognise the name, but i might recognise it if i heard it
Nuor []: you're British you've heard the old Folk Song "Barbara Allen" right?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: yeah somebody would have to be genuinely living under a rock not to have heard it at some point
Nuor []: I only listened to first 15 sec before and got bored.
Nuor []: oh i actually listened to that video I have heard that song
Darryl []: was going to say
Nuor []: blocked - though i have heard of Depeche Mode.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: how have you not heard of enjoy the silence
Darryl []: wtf
Nuor []: never heard of it and didn't miss anything ;p
Darryl []: of*
Darryl []: There are so many covers if this song it's hard to keep track
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I believe it no human would have the patience to learn sdk.
Darryl []: Many don't believe it, but Borovos and Bangalore are actually both AI, developed by GSC Game World so they could try to figure out how to use their SDK tools.
Nuor []: Bangalore doesn't believe he inhabits mapland ;p
Nuor []: so things are progressing in mapland ;)
Nuor []: heya darryl
Darryl []: Hopefully a new update to the encyclopedia in next couple of days
Darryl []: Hey guys
Darrill []: working
Nuor []: both radius and center need to be set after creation as neither retrieves a value.
Nuor []: for some reason stpk_utils.get_object_data(anom_obj) doesn't return proper default data for shape and the assigned data didn't include a entry for "center".
Nuor []: try picnic it should work
Nuor []: was missing that data
Nuor []: data.shapes[1].center = pos
Nuor []: ha figured it out.
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Darryl []: Hey Boro
Nuor []: hmm campfire has same crash when spawned in debug spawner.
Nuor []: If you are bored look at that ;)
Nuor []:
Nuor []: somehow that spawn is invalid
Nuor []: that is what is causing the crash.
Nuor []: sim:create("campfire", pos, lvid, gvid)
Nuor []: I'll need to have alun look at this.
Nuor []: found it
Nuor []: the section
Nuor []: "ph_tent" where is that found?
Darrill []: same to me
Nuor []: it's hanging there
Nuor []: yeah it doesn't like that netpacket stuff at all
Nuor []: but the tent spawns
Nuor []: I never get to the "return true" after the tent spawn event
Nuor []: I always get that bu tmay no tbe related
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrcore\net_utils.h[95] {NET_Packet::w} p && count
Darryl []: Isn't that thing like super tiny?
Darryl []: I hope you arent using the same model as misery 2.2
Darrill []: Tent_bag was working
Nuor []: actually it's never leaving the first event ;p
Nuor []: I can't run multiple CreateTimeEvent even if the initial one has ended.
Nuor []: something is definitely wrong once tent is in place neither firewood or tent_bag work.
Darryl []: I'll add in in next commit
Darryl []: Yeah it makes sense
Nuor []: I had previously been putting include lines in extracontent.ltx.
Nuor []: you can have items_addons.ltx with a list of includes
Darryl []: oh i get you
Nuor []: so addons adding new items won't be adding stuff to base files
Darryl []: me no see
Darryl []: items_addons?
Nuor []: bu tthe #include bit was to you
Darryl []: Oh other darryl
Nuor []: darrill's project
Darryl []: Sorry what? Tent? Firewood?
Nuor []: okay I got installed enough of that to test and dropping tent works and dropping firewood does nothing just as you described.
Nuor []: "items_addons.ltx"
Nuor []: hey darryl I'm thinking a #include items_addons line should be added to configs\items\base.ltx
Darryl []:
Darryl []: there's a third darryl
Darryl []:
Darryl []: oh no
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I didn't even know that was a thing
Nuor []: no idea
Darryl []: Why'd SBF delete all his commits?
Darryl []: Every time a character talks, box is smashed etc. the bass goes WAY UP
Darryl []: That audio
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Jesus Christ
Nuor []: he may not have changed anything It may just be the campfire on/off changes.
TKGP []: sorry Nuor, I don't know
Borovos []: Thanks you
Borovos []: Hello SadBlackFox,
I posted a msg here too

SadBlackFox []: I will translate and publish a post in the group in VK.
SadBlackFox []:
I'll try to find you the right person.

Nuor []: oh well
Darryl []: Nuor you are invisible again
Darryl []: Hey Nuor, Darrill
Nuor []: hey Darryl
Nuor []: Hey TKGP Do you recall what Alun changed with campfire anoms?
Nuor []: hey
Borovos []: Hello guys
Darryl []: i.e. so the addon dev just had to make one version and it would be universally compatible there-in
Darryl []: So it was a way of ensuring it always worked
Darryl []:

not sure why it is in vanilla CoC at all but it is.

I think Alun added it to vanilla because almost everybody uses the addon, and old version of the addon kept breaking the scripts

Nuor []: dm_orders_dialog has to be actor_dialog not start_dialog.
Nuor []: hmm nimble dialog now broken .
Nuor []: started a new game and it is still there.
Nuor []: ah that may be it
Alundaio []: just remove the sleep mapspot from id 0 and save
Alundaio []: it's not retroactive
Alundaio []: is it old save?
Nuor []: available*
Nuor []: only availble as tier3
Nuor []: I was thinking you could have a special loads ammo for individual weapons you hav ean upgrade that applies a third ammo type but it can only be sold by mechanics and it is only available if the weapon has been examined and tested by that mech.
Nuor []: and i thought that sleep zone icon issue was fixed last week maybe i go a hold of an old file.
Nuor []: not sure why it is in vanilla CoC at all but it is.
Nuor []: in xr_motivator is likely not ideal. maybe put it in death_manager. create_release_item instead.
Nuor []: the placement of if lootmoney then

Alundaio []: I think so
Nuor []: does a body search trigger that?
Nuor []: function motivator_binder:use_callback(obj, who)
Nuor []: my minimap has a sleep zone icon for player.
Nuor []: present is too insanely depressing to think about.
Alundaio []: we need an AI monarch to control society
Nuor []: yes he was but he seems mild and sedate compared to the gun toting crazies of the last year.
Alundaio []: How bout that Manson fella, that guy was a real jerk
Alundaio []: not sure why we are discussing a gaming controversy of yesteryear
Nuor []: just a bad face day.
AxelDominatoR []: secret weapon. The enemies won't be able to look at you and aim properly
Alundaio []:
AxelDominatoR []: what a difference
Alundaio []: photoshop I guess, of the actual model who posed for that character
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: and yeah that guy is right about shadows
AxelDominatoR []: yeah that looks a bit too weird
Alundaio []: PEACE LAD
Alundaio []: This is what I mean, the eyelid should cover the iris and the pupils shouldn't be so small. She looks surprised when she isn't
AxelDominatoR []: night
Darryl []: Night
Alundaio []:
AxelDominatoR []: or ME:A
AxelDominatoR []: (haven't played ME3)
AxelDominatoR []: is that what you're talking about?
AxelDominatoR []:
Nuor []: pinpoint* even
Nuor []: pipoint pupils
Alundaio []: main problem is the eyes in that game. Eye lid should cover parts of the iris. In that game you see full eye like they are coked up
Alundaio []: lol
Nuor []: but it's better than the mass effects clip last week.
Alundaio []: mark hamill as voice
Darryl []: Leia was believable to me, but she was only in it for like 5 seconds
Alundaio []: with old characters
Alundaio []: They should just make an entire movie like that
Alundaio []: I think the issue with tarkin is for a moment it almost looks like he is looking directly into the camera
Alundaio []: I seen rogue one
Nuor []: Too new for me to have watched.
Nuor []: It doesn't look like real people
Darryl []: You haven't seen RO yet?!
Alundaio []: I have no idea, I didn't see the film, I just thought it looked like crap
Darryl []: were*
Darryl []: Just the eyes with a little weird
Darryl []: They almost aced it I think
Alundaio []: I'm referring to a 2017 film Nuor. Few months old
Alundaio []: CGI tarkin
Darryl []: I read that as Kalashnikov
Darryl []: I need to sleep
Nuor []: was that the screwed up arthur where arthur lives and lancelot dies?
Alundaio []: with a Kardashian doing the voice for Leia
Alundaio []: Everyone will just be cgi like Tarkin was, but with actors doing VO
Alundaio []: he'll be in his 40s by then
Alundaio []: Hmm, well mostly these days they just get anyone with a popular name to do VO work regardless of talent. So no doubt it will be Justin Bieber
AxelDominatoR []: if it's the story retold I wonder who will replace Yoda
Nuor []: Secret Agent Man also ;)
Nuor []: Yes I do.
Alundaio []: I enjoyed Man from UNCLE. Nuor you probably old enough that you remember the actual TV series.
Alundaio []: recent*
Alundaio []: is that the guy who made that reason garbage king arthur film?
Nuor []: Have Guy Richie do it ;p
Alundaio []: in everything he has ever done
Alundaio []: Because it has become obvious he just retells a similar story but switches around characters
Alundaio []: As long as he is't writing it, It shoudl be fine
Darryl []: Everything he makes is so bland
Darryl []: I just wish they gave 7 to somebody other than JJ
Nuor []: bah hollywood is as creative as bird droppings
Alundaio []: because doing injustice to Luke Skywalker will crush my childhood memories and send me off into a killing spree
Alundaio []: well, i'm scared to see it
Darryl []: I'm really interested in TLJ, if they gave Rian an entire new trilogy to make then it must be really something
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: CoC: The Last Jedi and then show Emburer Palpatine electrocuting stalkers to death
Alundaio []: That's the coc trailer
Darryl []:

Darryl []: Yeah I get that
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: and basically be Jesus
Alundaio []: I was a little kid thinking anyone can learn the force if they tried hard enough. But no, turns out you need to be born with little things in your blood, lol
Alundaio []: Eh, I don't know. Star Wars to me is something completely different then maybe it is to you or someone else. I think the major problem with the story telling in the prequels is it demystified everything. Turning star wars from being fantasy to sci-fi
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Nobody cares about capeshit being shit
Darryl []: Irony is completely lost on them
Darryl []: The people that hate the prequels buy into tons of genuinely shit movies every year
Darryl []: Prequel hate always annoys me
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Yeah jsut saw that
Alundaio []: no 3 mins in
Darryl []: That's not Rich, it can't be
Darryl []: wtf
Alundaio []: Rich Evans, before he succumbed to the diabetus
Alundaio []:
Darryl []: Not the video itself
Darryl []: I saw the hitb episode on it
Darryl []: ghost provokers is amazing
Alundaio []: Have you seen The People vs. George Lucas?
Darryl []: In the early HiTB episodes he looks like a hillbilly
Darryl []: Yeah the moustache really helps
VodkaChicken []:
Alundaio []: Jay looks completely different ever year
Darryl []:
Nuor []: That is so incisive i can't even think of a suitably cynical response. ;p
Alundaio []: I'm only emulating the example set by my nation's great leader.
Nuor []: deride, demean, depreciate marine drill sergeant alundaio.
Alundaio []: It's a compliment
Darrill []: Run
TKGP []: you better not be talkin shit about my good friends StalkerinSDK™ Group alun
Nuor []: had some ip address from brazil try to access my gog account.
Alundaio []: Brazeal
Darryl []: Always Brazil
Darryl []:
Borovos []: so go to ap-pro
Borovos []: this is what I think
Alundaio []: @borovos, I suggest only Because if you ask on moddb, there will be many 16 year olds from brazil claiming they are legit skilled modellers wanting to join team lol
Alundaio []: @darrill yes, it's mistake
Darryl []: Hm?
Darrill []: @Darryl, it's in se_zones
Alundaio []: If it's needed to fulfill your needs. Though it might be hard to find someone who already knows what they are doing as far as formats, plugins, etc.
Borovos []: good or bad idea?
Borovos []: what do you think about my mp?
Alundaio []: Pepe Le Weinstein
Borovos []: OMG! Pepe! I forget it.
Alundaio []: I only know what french are like from cartoons
Borovos []: yes, it is
Alundaio []: I believe it's the brit who calls you frog
Borovos []: why? I'm a stupid frog!
Borovos []: a cow???
Alundaio []: Ma douce et délicieuse vache
Borovos []: hello my dear
Alundaio []: hello my long lost french brother
Alundaio []: a crowdddd
Borovos []: hello
Darryl []: hey
Nuor []: heya
Alundaio []: yo
Darryl []: At least not in the PDA, they still spawn there...
Darryl []: 100% level changers don't load in story mode anymore for some reason
Darryl []: Level transits, beds, important characters etc.
Darryl []: But all markers except for anomaly markers seem to vanish from the PDA
Darryl []: I'm having a weird bug every now and then, not sure if it's related to tabbing out of the game
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hey guys
AxelDominatoR []: hey!
Balathruin []: Just taking a break, I'll finish weapons this week.
Alundaio []: Nursing home kept this video out of public eye for 3 years
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: since the SQLite author uses the handle "lazierthanthou" I don't hold ou tmuch hope. ;)
Nuor []: just lazy person stuff nerds do it in linux ;p
TKGP []: sounds suspiciously like nerd shit
Nuor []: and SQLite manager
Nuor []: whatever just get fireftp back ;p
TKGP []: excuse me, I think you mean Mozilla® Firefox© Quantum™
Nuor []: these legacy plugins I haven't had in months start popping on this week.
Nuor []: NoScript just came back for firefox 57+
TKGP []: muck, even
TKGP []: although I guess it would be more surprising if trying to much around with something like that while it was mid-loading it /did/ work
TKGP []: not a problem with 'this' since I'm using that for changing metatables
TKGP []: unfortunately it doesn't work
Darrill []: I know. Before today actor can kick bokex or other dynamic objects, now actor can't
Alundaio []: it will need fixed. Only tuskano and rat have mass that low
Darrill []: Ok, I "damaged" some bandits
Alundaio []: It is only supposed to do damage to objects with mass of 20.0 or less
Darrill []: *kill
Nuor []: no idea what that command is
Darrill []: @Alundaio, will you export kick hit power to ltx, too ? Cause now you can it close battle with one kick kill everybody.
Alundaio []: I wonder why GSC removed -dsound
Darrill []:
Alundaio []: At least he knows I was pestered
Alundaio []: oh yeah that's right, it was that axebeard guy
Nuor []: --[[
Drag and drop disassemble script
By Alundaio, who was pestered by Axebeard who doesn't know how to script

Darrill []: It.s bassed on axebeard fieldcraft, you made it
Alundaio []: And where did you get it?
Nuor []: darrill is combining and rewritng this carft, skill, uncraft stuff.
Darrill []: I give him
Alundaio []: was it Gazprom?
Alundaio []: Where did you find this?
Nuor []: The cod eis clean and odd enough I didn't doubt you had a hand it making it. it kinda makes sense the type of disassembly tool determines the parts.
Alundaio []: First iteration of it wasn't that bad honestly
Nuor []: heh heh
Alundaio []: for awhile I had to stop logging in to avoid him
Nuor []: there may be a deeper purpose for the structure that isn't obvious to me
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: You should see his dynamic news script he bugged me about too
Alundaio []: It's complicated because he wanted something complicated
Alundaio []: Yeah, I wrote what he wanted though and only fixed his broken code
Alundaio []: Oh you mean that crazy guy who came here every night for like a month bugging me with his script
Nuor []: ah I thought they said you wrote it for them.
Alundaio []: All I did was itm_cooking.script/ui_itm_repair.script which that takes inspiration from
Nuor []: maybe reduce repetition in the ltx?
Alundaio []: It should work unless 'this' is set after the script is executed
Nuor []: alun I don't understand why you set up the uncraft ltx structure like this. it seems unnaturally complicated ;p
TKGP []: yes, I meant _G
TKGP []: good point
Alundaio []: wouldn't that be tklogger.tkLogger then? or you mean _G.tkLogger = this
Alundaio []: really?
TKGP []: if I just put tkLogger = this at the very end will it work
Alundaio []:
He is excited

Alundaio []: previously it searched directory for file, if variable by name was nil, if it didn't find anything it created a fake blank file in the VFS. I changed it to search directory recursively (allowing sub folders) when scripts are inited and store path with variable name in keymap. using the FS to list files seemed to always be lowercase
TKGP []: I'm crying
TKGP []: please fix
Alundaio []: aluminati
TKGP []: alum please.
TKGP []: I changed it to all lowercase and it worked
TKGP []: oh
Alundaio []: what is script name
TKGP []: but then when it gets back to the script that called it, it's nil
TKGP []: it's weird because I put some logs in and it makes it all the way through the file without hanging or anything
TKGP []: it works fine in 1.4.22
TKGP []: just a script
Alundaio []: Logging utility?
Alundaio []: probably not
Nuor []: hey alun would that next_use_item config setting be better handled in engine?
TKGP []: how strange
TKGP []: my logging utility fails to load in 1.5
TKGP []: hm
Alundaio []: I just dropped it in
Alundaio []: just use the one that vodkachicken just posted
Nuor []: now i need to unpack it and get icons file.
Alundaio []: about 8 minutes on the sync
Alundaio []: Peace Darryl
Nuor []: night darryl
Alundaio []: Assets from TeamEPIC\unpublished_assets have been repacked and reuploaded to STALKER\dev\database
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: good
Alundaio []: me too. bed earlier
Nuor []: and i've been away from computer alot the last few days.
Nuor []: Bal was barely here maybe 2 min.
Nuor []: ;p
Alundaio []: Thanks keeper of time
Nuor []: bal and SBF were both on in the last day or 2.
Alundaio []: so nice being able to repack texture db by folder name
VodkaChicken []: np
Alundaio []: Thanks vodka chiki-briki
VodkaChicken []: that's my current ui_icon_equipment. you can pick the icons from it
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded:
VodkaChicken []: you should have never added those midgets to the game. yoda will be gone next
VodkaChicken []: *like coc has right now
VodkaChicken []: I still prefer the old ones but having inconsistent icons like right now drives me nuts
Alundaio []: Do you think the midgets finally got em?
Darryl []: No idea about SBF or Bal
Darryl []: Those are nice
Alundaio []: It's good
VodkaChicken []: what do you think?
TKGP []: @alun did you know there's no GetArial14() even though there is an arial_14 font?
VodkaChicken []: @alun, I remade the jacket icons to look more like their ingame models like you wanted a few aeons ago
Alundaio []: I'll assume balance is done then. I had to revert his unfinished recent weapon changes since they were in-progress works and not finite
Alundaio []: SBF I haven't seen him either
Alundaio []: Where has balathruin been? did he get banned again for using red in chat ?
TKGP []: makes sense
TKGP []: weighted by cost apparently
Darryl []: Not sure if it checks tradeability and other stuff when it creates a stash, but they are all in the blacklist anyway
TKGP []: neat
Darryl []: But any item has a chance of showing up in a stash, assuming it's not in the blacklist plugin
Darrill []: @Alundaio, what is with kick hit and impulse? It's crazy
Darryl []: All the magic is done in coc_treasure_manager.script
Darryl []: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TKGP []: how is chance determined
TKGP []: orly
Darryl []: It'll do that automatically in 1.5
TKGP []: I want an item I have added to have a chance to show up in any stash
Darryl []: Uh, if you want specific items to show up in a stash there is a parameter for bonus items (in a table)
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hey Alun, I've hidden a wilhelm scream in the new trailer
Darryl []: Hey guys
TKGP []: what's the intended way to add items to random stashes in coc?
TKGP []: hi
Alundaio []: hi
Nuor []: I used to document GL kills seperately
Nuor []: looks like I used your code
Nuor []: I'm half blind and can't type on top of that ;p
TKGP []: lel*
Nuor []: argh let*
Nuor []: tet*
Nuor []: ley me check
VodkaChicken []: that all star is uncanny as fuck
Darryl []:
Darryl []: What do you use?
Nuor []: I use different code for that part of heli's at least I used to.
Darryl []: xr_conditions even
Darryl []: Can normal logics access xr_effects like trader files?
Darryl []: Because achievements no-longer use infos
Darryl []: Crud I just realised the helicopter toggles on the achievement won't work no more
Darryl []: trailer*
Darryl []: New trailing is coming along well
VodkaChicken []: yeah, the item names are always showing up and you also pick up items from ground when looting bodies which is annoying
Nuor []: that is supposedly unused
Darrill []: maybe it's related to take_dist from system.ltx
Nuor []: yes names show up from a distance but icons still need to hover over.
Nuor []: that will default value to make_something if the table value is missing.
Nuor []: actor_effects.use_item(anim)
Nuor []: put something like
local anim = v.option[5] or "make_something"

Nuor []: I mean in fieldcraft.script
Nuor []: actor_effects.use_item(...) in area_skills in nil. if value comes from ltx it should default to "make_something" if in table it is whatever you assign.
Darrill []: @Darryl, And not only, try to kick somebody, check corpses after you loot them.
Darryl []: Also, with the latest bins item names show up even if you aren't holding down the F key
Darryl []: Apparently some error happened, so if it has the wrong name in cloud just change it back
Darryl []: Was updating my local bin files and accidentally renamed the cloud's "bin" folder to "bin.old" instead of my install's
Nuor []: that seems to work.
Nuor []: updated i left off an "s" ;p
Nuor []: I believe that is proper change for fieldcraft.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: actor_on_item_use
Darryl []: o-oh
Nuor []: it is triggered by a callback
Nuor []: not sure what you mean.
Darryl []: Would this not mess with callbacks to this if you delete the item?
Nuor []: one*
Darrill []: get it
Nuor []: would spawn on or the other when item was used.
Nuor []: next_use_item = vodka,vodka2,random
Nuor []: just a simple way to spawn something when an item is used an ltx entry to item section
Darryl []: What am I looking at here
Nuor []: or this version if you want random option.
Nuor []: try that
Nuor []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: now i know what this is from
Darryl []: "oh god oh man oh god oh man"
VodkaChicken []:
Darryl []:
Bangalore []:
Darryl []: the leather club's two blocks down
Darryl []: hey buddy i think you got the wrong door
VodkaChicken []: fuck you leather man ⚣
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It means that Tommy doesn't know which way he is going in life, that he is confused and lost.
Bangalore []: i would like to see your analysis of the flower shop scene, Darryl. Why is holding Tommy the flowers upside down when he walks to his car? What is the symbolism in this?
Bangalore []: The Room is perfect to watch drunk
Darryl []: Or a very high blood-alcohol level
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: you need a very high IQ to understand this masterpiece
Darryl []: Then Tommy opens his mouth and he sounds like an idiot again
Darryl []: I like how the narrator makes the scene seem like it's really well designed, and thought out
Darryl []: She starts talking to him before he events enters
Darryl []: I love the flower shop scene
Bangalore []: sorry, WISEAU
Bangalore []: here is a complete analysis about Tommy Wiseu's blocking, worth to watch:
Nuor []: bangalore is the man of many maps, he lives in mapland.
Bangalore []: Let's go eat, hooouaaahhhhhh
Darryl []: I don't even know what accent she's supposed to have anymore
Darryl []: Actually, she sounds kinda Indonesian/Malaysian in parts
Darryl []:
Darryl []: wtf
Darryl []: Han Solo has a beard, for some reason Maz Kanata (fake Yoda in TFA) is in it and she has a Nigerian accent
Darryl []: Watching the campaign story for the new star wars game and its the most ham-fisted crap I've ever seen
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: hi Mark
Darryl []: (hi guys)
Darryl []: Mapland?
Nuor []: so how are things in mapland
Nuor []: nothing worth mention
Nuor []: next_use_item will only work if removal_after_use is true.
Pirunvirsi []: wassup
Nuor []: I think that will work fine.
Nuor []:
Darryl []: hey koma
Nuor []: physics is still a mess in stalker
Darryl []: He pushed a red barrel at me while a gunfight was going on, and blew us both up
Darryl []: I just got jihadi'd by a blind dog
Nuor []: maybe so. I could test but that would mean doing something.
Nuor []: I'm not a magical thinker I need boring facts.
Darryl []: Then it sticks at one
Darryl []: I think it eats up the uses until there's 1 left
Darryl []: @Alundaio
Seems some recent commit has caused major characters (Barkeep, Wolf etc.) to start showing up on the leaderboard again

Darryl []: Magical things
Nuor []: so what happens if use condition is true and remove is false?
Darryl []: You could probably rip out the entire guide and everything it plugs into in like 5 minutes
Darryl []: I really like how CoC and its addons have become so modular though
Nuor []: who knows.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: then his account got """"hacked"""" and he couldnt work on it
Nuor []: I never did agree to support it. I'm just do occasionally when I feel generous ;p
Nuor []: thales tried to nake it work with various addons and made a mess of it. I hav eit fixed and simplified for 1.5 bu tI never officially updated the download for 1.5.
Darryl []: the only logless crashes i ever had with items was when setting silencer or launcher status to a value that couldnt be used by a weapon, which likely isn't your issue
Darryl []: i bet you curse the day you decided to support that
Darryl []:
Darryl []: everybody said they crashed using smuth hud*
Nuor []: he already said he crashed using smurth but of course never any details or log - just i crashed doing x help me.
Darryl []: i think alun did a similar thing for cooking items
Darryl []: that's like the only time i've ever had to use it i think
Darryl []: but if a weapon does exist, then you'll need to remove the item
Darryl []: because if there is no weapon to attach to, you want to keep the item in inventory
Darryl []: like take ao3/stcop sights, they have remove_on_use as false
Darryl []: depends on how you're using the item
Nuor []: so i don't need or want that "keep" stuff should just rely of remove_after use.
Darryl []: I love that a 4K version of this scene exists for some reason
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also, I was talking about the replys to DJ_NoClue's comment on moddb page
Darryl []: Hey this is me you're talking to...
Nuor []: I can't remember yesterday so ... ;p
Darryl []: are*
Darryl []: It's all there though and usually straight forward if you know what to look for though
Darryl []: Yeah coc scripts a strange, some things are documented and obvious and other stuff I have to use agent ransack to figure out
Nuor []: yeah i'll tweak that code snippet to look for remove_after_use
Darryl []: object being alife_object(item:id())
Darryl []: alife():release(object, true)
Nuor []: I know alun rewrote this stuff but i don't recall the details.
Darryl []: you can use the alife release stuff to delete the item via script in the callback if you need to under certain circumstances
Darryl []: yeah
Darryl []: remove_after_use = true/false
Nuor []: remove after use?
Darryl []: thats set in item configs
Nuor []: "use_condition"*
Darryl []: urgh
Darryl []: 1 sec
Nuor []: darryl do you recall if actor_on_item_use removes the used item. or is that controlled by individual "use_item" config settings?
Nuor []: ?
Darryl []: that whole exchange similar to The Room in comments had me in stitches
Darrill []: worked fine with various items
Nuor []: I'm curious what that would do inside the current item charges system.
Nuor []: hey alun -
Darrill []: And patches always appears in looted body as other items
VodkaChicken []: however item names don't appear any more when holding the button
VodkaChicken []: the fixed pickup mode is great
VodkaChicken []: hi guys
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: Same thing happens with Doc's spawns, sometimes you can kill him if you time it right
Darryl []: Thanks
Alundaio []: I'll look into it. There is a delay for wolf to take his job
Nuor []: latest tweak
Nuor []:
Darryl []: yay processed
Darryl []: *shrug*
Darryl []: And Fanatic died too, somehow...
Darryl []: He has no map marker and is tradable
Darryl []: No idea why Wolf's logic didn't apply in this video
Nuor []: looks like about 4 min
Darryl []: *process
Darryl []: no idea when this will buffer
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []:
Nuor []: hey alun - been hiding have you ;)
Darryl []: This would have taken me like 10x as long last year
Darryl []: 4 minutes to upload a 200mb mp4?!
Darryl []: My ISP must have really cranked up my upload speed
Darryl []: holy shit what
Darrill []: Hi
Darryl []: Hey guys
Nuor []: heya
Darryl []: Also, luckily the first stalker I killed had a memory stick, fancy that!
Darryl []: Stupid fraps
Darryl []: Recording at 25-30fps isnt easy
Darryl []: Depends on how long it'll take to upload
Darryl []: Uploading a guide demo video to moddb soon
Nuor []: hey VC are you going to make pretty item usage animations some day ;p
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Edward Artemiev music is depressing sometimes
Nuor []: ohh -1
Nuor []: I don't
Nuor []: old?
Darryl []: Moddb is telling me I have -1 updates
Darryl []: Amazing
Nuor []: just makes sense that the recipe for the item would be in the item section.
Darrill []: have
Darrill []: It depends on how much recipes do you hace
Nuor []: I left both table and ltx as options though I gave ltx precedence.
Nuor []: may or maynot want news message after crafting.
Nuor []: updated paste
Nuor []: I'll look into changing to account tfor condition/uses.
Nuor []: I updated script with table to keep weapons and other items not used up by crafting ie. toolkits?
Nuor []: I'd rather not use it as it will conflict with item_animations.script
Darrill []: Here is it
Nuor []: I think I retained some of it in item_animations.script
Nuor []: I notice darrill uses actor_effects.script which I don't use it is a rewrite of that odd script that smurths used to use.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: system_ini():section_for_each() iterates all defined sections?
Nuor []: looks like he runs in again in create_items(...
Nuor []: that sits at the top of try_spawn_ammo(
Nuor []: local marauder_coeff = area_skills and area_skills.skills_table and area_skills.skills_table.marauder_skill and 1+area_skills.skills_table.marauder_skill/200 or 1
Nuor []: he basically has some code that triggers in death_manager.try_spawn_ammo as well as other spots.
Nuor []:

maybe not with lootmoney, but in death_generic and in coc_treasure_manager is used coeff. If I loot a body, save and load or go to another location and come back I can loot that body and get experience once again
to add a parameter to every item ?

Nuor []: nothing obvious to me looking at xr_motivator and xr_corpse_detection.
Nuor []: I've never used lootmoney in CoC.
Alundaio []: No sir, I have not seen such thing and have not ran game today to check
Nuor []: hey alun you have lootmoney code in various scripts but darrill says it is running multiple times . Have you heard of that?
TKGP []: nuor with that OG bare metal programming
Nuor []: alun does have some but I seldom use them.
Nuor []: I don't think so. I haven't used any.
TKGP []: does coc come with config utilities?
TKGP []: but that's nitpicky
TKGP []: well, I might rename them something like source and target for clarity
TKGP []: oh, I see
Nuor []: quite*
Nuor []: doesn't work wuite that way. each recipe has 2 components (drag and drop) bu tthe component can differ so you might have 5 possible different ingredient1 they are in a list seperated by comm's
TKGP []: also I would make ingredients one field with commas )))
Nuor []: certainly easier to read for the layman.
TKGP []: that would be preferable I think
Nuor []: ltx
Nuor []: the script is working with a table just considered rewriting to use ltc sections.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: that occured to me also.
TKGP []: well for stuff like that my opinion is that should be part of the item sections themselves
Nuor []: but it probably will be fiddled with constantly at least to start.
TKGP []: oh
Nuor []: hmm - regularly ? I doubt it. it is recipe lists and options for crafting items.
TKGP []: would a user ever want to edit it?
Nuor []: so what is the consensus, define data in a script table or read it from an ltx?
TKGP []: ooh la la
Nuor []: hey T ;)
TKGP []: Hey N
Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: Hey N
TKGP []: Hey D
Darryl []: Hey T
Darrill []: Even lamps can be kicked, and they fly away out of the map. You can kill a stalker by pressing binded key many times and he will fly away about 15m.
Darrill []: Now you can kick anything and endlessly without being tired, I killed so a giant
Darrill []: @Alundaio, dead bodies always have patches atfer looting them. You open inventory and patch of the faction is incrementing
SadBlackFox []:

если просматривать модель оружия через OGF Viewer из набора AXRToolset от Alundaio, то получается следующее. Если в этом OGF Viewer затвор на оружии отображается слева, то в игре он будет справа, и наоборот.

Nuor []: unless it's in a speeddial button i forget it exists
Nuor []: yay speed dial just came back for the newer firefox builds.
Nuor []: ah well ;p
TKGP []: I feel violated
TKGP []: yeah but I called the other darryl big D because I thought he was darryl
Nuor []: but darryl is darryl ;)
TKGP []: my entire life is a lie
TKGP []: fuck
Nuor []: no different darryl and darrill
TKGP []: is the other darryl not darryl?
TKGP []: wait
Nuor []: probably should move thae whole table to a plugin file.
Nuor []: he has a skills pda tab and has added skill checks in various files.
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: cool, finally someone using the drag drop feature for crafting
Nuor []: incomplete but you'll get the idea.
Nuor []:
Nuor []: I just cleaned up this fieldcraft file that the second darril is working on. not sure why. he is making some skills mod
Alundaio []: what are you working on
Nuor []: wasted on me.
Alundaio []: They already announced another Star Wars trilogy lol
Nuor []: 1800 lines down to 200 of course it probably doesn't work
Nuor []: I'm just hanging out behind the bar in full battle armor ;p
Alundaio []: Looks like artwork for a flash game
Alundaio []: They want to look like the shitty copy and pasted modern games made for console
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Yeah that is not stalker
Nuor []: their stuff is nice, maybe the ui is a bit clean for stalker.
Alundaio []: hmm doesn't seem like Gunslinger is just a simple weapon mod anymore.

Alundaio []: Though seems like it might not be IN gunslinger, but has some of the same people in Gunslinger team working on this
Alundaio []: The game will take 3 hours to load
Alundaio []: They are insane
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: They are doing character models now
Alundaio []: Looks like we will never see Gunslinger in our life time
Alundaio []: I have memories of playing portal but it's not in my steam library
Nuor []: I got that orange pack thing jus tto play portal
Nuor []: I think I played HF1 after HF2 came out.
Alundaio []: I never played Half-life 1 all the way through, and only played that after playing Half-life 2
Nuor []: HL1 is still good because it goes on forever with changes in location.
Nuor []: I didn't either I played it years after release
Alundaio []: Like I can't believe people say DOOM was so great or Wolfenstein. I hated these games
Alundaio []: and they definitely do not hold up today
Alundaio []: I didn't really like First Person games back then
Alundaio []: as early as 2001 they were talking about stalker
Alundaio []: I wonder how much that cost considering the game took 7 years to create, including engine/SDK.
Nuor []: I can't believe you haven't tried SS2 as i know it is regularly released for free.
Alundaio []: I can't find info about Shadow of Chernobyl
Alundaio []: so that's probably 40 mil to develop and 60 mil marketing
Alundaio []:

Mass Effect: Andromeda required a team of over 200 developers and, according to Aaryn Flynn, was given a total budget of C$100 million, which included marketing and research costs

Alundaio []: hmm wiki says differently for Mass Effect Andromeda
Alundaio []: most games now are mmo for teens with veins full of red bull
Nuor []: I waste my gaming time on coc ;p
Alundaio []: especially one that caters to old timey folks
Nuor []: always amazes me that marketing budget can exceed production.
Alundaio []: You aren't missing anything. Very rarely does a good game come out
Alundaio []: 32 mil minus marketing
Alundaio []:

Reports conflict on the exact figure. The total was estimated at $67-81 million, with $12.2-32.4 million for production and an additional $25-35 million for marketing.

Alundaio []: oh witcher 3 was more
Nuor []: I haven't played a new game in so long I don't know what is up.
Alundaio []: ME andromeda 40 Mil
Alundaio []: Guess which game had the larger budget?
Nuor []: heh heh
Alundaio []: Witcher 3 vs. ME Andromeda
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: here is good example
Nuor []: looks like newer lighter version of HF2 girl
Alundaio []: all the animations look like crap and the npcs look dead-faced
Alundaio []: It's from the latest Mass Effect game
Nuor []: so I'm out of the loop what is that fac esupposed to do or mean ;p
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: and nexus is full of mods that fix this npcs face
Alundaio []: hah, this one is still funny: Line the NPC says in-game and looks like a robot
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: a bad acid trip
Alundaio []: Now they are releasing games with this kind of quality:
Alundaio []: But that was when they were releasing stuff like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic
Alundaio []: Bioware used to be my favorite developer
Nuor []: I think It is kind of the precursor to all FPS space horror games.
Alundaio []: I haven't played those games
Nuor []: I liked System shock 2 but i think pretty much everyone who played it liked it.
Alundaio []: nov 2007 release for ME 1 and EA acquisition was in 2007. So yea, explains why the game is so loose compared to the dumbed down ME 2 and 3
Alundaio []: I think
Alundaio []: that was before bioware sold their soul to the devil, as well
Alundaio []: I liked ME 1
Nuor []: I have crysis and dead space and mass effect 2 (but haven't played it.) probably a dozen free games i haven't played.
Alundaio []: DICE sold their soul to the devil
Alundaio []: Games used to be relatively bug free, too. Because if you screwed up the game, there was no day one patching. Now most of EA games the first 6 months is just beta testing.
Alundaio []: The game industry would be a much better place if people did the same and stopped buying games with day one DLC or microtransactions.
Alundaio []: Not even the ones they have for free on origin
Alundaio []: @Darryl: I'm honestly surprised people still buy EA games. I boycotted their products years ago.
Alundaio []: I'm going to be changing it so that you no longer have to define sleep zones in script anymore. If space restrictor has
cfg = scripts\sr_sleep.ltx

I will do it automatically

Nuor []: I noticed something odd with actor icons on mini map but I don't recall exactly what.
Alundaio []: I see what is happening, zones on other levels aren't calling on_register early enough for the sleep zone thing, after the change. and there is no check for nil for obj_id in pda.script for get_object_story_id and when you pass nil to engine function it is seen as 0, which is actor id.
Nuor []: This fieldcraft system darrill is adapting looks like something out of misery. I can't say I like it. just too much stuff.
Alundaio []: hola nuor
Nuor []: hey alun
Alundaio []: lol yeah, that's weird
Alundaio []: i will check if it happens for me
Darryl []:
Darryl []:

The Roman empire employed crock-monitors who were each assigned to a philosopher, and it was their job to monitor the pot (or crock). Should the crock become full, it would be presented to the philospher, who was obliged, by law, to announce that it bore a remarkable resembence to himself, thus proclaiming he was full of crap and was, in fact, talking a crock of shit.

Darryl []: Hey Nuor
Darryl []: That always happens in the test maps Boro shares, I think perhaps player is set up wrong in spawn again
Bangalore []: after the last commits, there is a sleep icon as actor place on the minimap
Darryl []: Amazing
Darryl []: -124,000 votes
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: lol, i have the umpteen plastic leather chair too, and they are all falling apar, flake and peel after 4-5 years, there are leather pieces everywhere in the room
Alundaio []: So hard to get a well made product anymore. It's all made out of the cheapest material possible by some labor slave someplace
Alundaio []: And ones that do have real fabric don't have arm rests or the back looks incredibly thin piece of plastic
Alundaio []: like a car seat or couch
Alundaio []: It can't possibly be cheaper then real fabric
Alundaio []: Why is it so hard to find office/computer chair that is not made out of that bonded leather garbage the flakes and peels after 6 months?
Alundaio []: @Darryl
You could have just done something like this:

Alundaio []: Yeee
TKGP []: suppressor hotkey
TKGP []: well, that was pretty painless
Alundaio []: yall come back now ya hear
TKGP []: good night
Bangalore []: see ya later guys
TKGP []: too far
TKGP []: ew
Alundaio []: Or just stop adding a version. Just call download CoC
TKGP []: remember to mark it FINAL at some point, especially if you intend to keep updating it
TKGP []: eventually freeze that too and add "fix 1" "fix 2" etc
TKGP []: just leave it 1.5 forever and just keep increasing the r#
Alundaio []: 1.5 by now is really 1.7
Bangalore []: they take it as a vaporware, since 1.5 was not out at 26th September
Alundaio []: 1.5 is like a year old already lol
Alundaio []: 1.5 feature probably
TKGP []: or did it not exist then anyways
TKGP []: lua_help in 1.4.22 is outdated, right?
Alundaio []: debug_cmd_list.script in 1.5, look at cmd.attach and cmd.detach for examples. To detach everything, you will need a list of sections sadly.
Alundaio []: wpn:weapon_addon_detach("wpn_addon_scope_night")
TKGP []: thank you
TKGP []: perfect
TKGP []: oh
Alundaio []: wpn:weapon_addon_attach("wpn_addon_scope_night")
TKGP []: it's alright when online?
Alundaio []: local flags = se_obj:get_addon_flags()

TKGP []: does 1.5 have a method to toggle addons for online weapons?
Borovos []: bye
Bangalore []: they turn into deadly 3d modelling machines at night
Borovos []: to eat young ladies
Bangalore []: night
Alundaio []: French don't sleep, they turn into werewolves at night
TKGP []: good night
Borovos []: time to sleep too
Borovos []: good night guys
Alundaio []: yues
Darryl []: Night guys
Darryl []: This is my favourite BoTW moment ever
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also Alun, you probably already saw this
Darryl []: D:
Alundaio []: may the wind consume you when you sleep
Alundaio []: fare the well my child
Bangalore []: see ya
TKGP []: good night
Darryl []: Actually I think I'm off, see you tomorrow
Bangalore []: and he just stepped into the room with 10 blowing barrels, and it still did not kill him
Darryl []: brb a bit
Bangalore []: you fixed it, i couldn't kill him with 200 pkm rounds from close combat. I used invulnerable from [logic]
Alundaio []: which should not have delay on section switch at all
Alundaio []: also I made it so invulnerable will work from logic section
Alundaio []: I just made a commit, see if that helps
Bangalore []: 15 minutes for video upload
Bangalore []: this way i can easily reach him and kill when he stops
Bangalore []: when he changes logic section, he stops, and switches to guard state, then he start to sprint again
Bangalore []: no, no link
Bangalore []: killed him again with a pkm
Alundaio []: is he using a link?
Bangalore []: i make a video about it
Alundaio []: yeah it's possible changing section could be the cause
Alundaio []: invul is working in my test
Bangalore []: you have quite a lot of time to prrepare for it
Darryl []: I can toggle the zombie mutant article off if survival mode isn't used, too!
Darryl []: Now if Yoda's story mode gets added to main game, I can add two renegade articles, based on whether or not they actually exist in-game
Darryl []: I should add debug and devdebug checks....
Bangalore []: when an npc changes section, is the npc quitting the logic for some moments?
Darryl []: Just pushed to repo, you might need to merge if you changed _g
Bangalore []: [scheme@section]
Bangalore []:
Alundaio []: is invulnerable in [logic] or is it in [scheme@section]?
Alundaio []: can you paste logic
Bangalore []: Abakan deals so much damage, that it killed the invulnerable npc
Borovos []: the game will crash with 1000.
TKGP []: 10 billion civilian zombies everywhere
Borovos []: loot stuff on dead military bodies to survive.
Borovos []: No pda, no detector, no minimap. Alone against anomaly and monsters. Looking in each home to find a conserva and a bottle of 20 years vodka
Borovos []: More seriously, I dream about a mod since stalkerfrance, years ago. The Pionner Story, the first stalker in the Zone.
Meet the Barmen and Sido before the army check point, walk in a world without npc, except few lost military (future Duty)...

Bangalore []: Life of a tushkano: A CoC story
Borovos []: Fang die too soon.
Borovos []: or as Doc, stay at home with my pet, cooking and looking by the window.
Borovos []: I want to play as a strelok crew member, Ghost!
Bangalore []: though in CoC story, this npc is not Strelok
Bangalore []: Strelok is dead
Bangalore []: damn, i could kill the invulnerable npc
TKGP []: oblivion found
Alundaio []: STALKER 1: The full story
Borovos []: Call of Clear Shadow of Pripyat
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: Call of Shadow of Pripyat
Borovos []: @Bangalore, can you use a zone to reduce the stamina? A space restrictor?
Bangalore []: my secret project will be safe
Darryl []: This'll do great for yoda's expansion
Darryl []: I can hide/show articles depending on game mode!
Darryl []: It works!!
Bangalore []: actor is too fast
Borovos []: It doesn't require a new compilation, just build prj and copy-paste the level.fog_vol files
TKGP []: soc
Bangalore []: i don't see much difference between CS and COC m_stalker stalker_movement_speeds
TKGP []: in cop it's nearly the same as sov
TKGP []: that's funny, sprinting got slow asf in cs
TKGP []: oh wait I was looking at run not sprint
Alundaio []: unless high on redbull
TKGP []: you're a little faster in cop but just barely
Borovos []: Fog work with DX10, not DX11 in CoP.
Alundaio []: unless player naked he isn't going to be able to full sprint forever
Alundaio []: also don't forge you have god mode on when you play
Alundaio []: because of the large cop maps
Alundaio []: but I think actor moves a lot faster in cop/coc then the previous games
Alundaio []: i think stalkers are faster moving in coc then they are in the vanilla games
Bangalore []: i guess i make a special stalker_step_manager, and i take the values from CS
Alundaio []: and increase the speeds of animation
Alundaio []: Yeah, just make special stalker_step_manager for this npc
Alundaio []: could increase the power a little
Alundaio []: norm_escape_0 = 1, 0.2, 1.3, 0.65, 1.3
norm_escape_00 = 1, 0.2, 2.3, 0.65, 2.3

Bangalore []: i give him 200 meters, but i'm like Usain Bolt
Alundaio []: or I mean just COP
Alundaio []: Player moves a lot faster in CS/CoP
Alundaio []: So it's not like continue is some huge missing feature
Bangalore []: here you had no chance to pass him:
Alundaio []: for i=1,100 do
if (val1 == true and val2 == true and val3 == true) then
if (val4 == true and val5 == true) then
if (val6 == true and val7 == true) then
-- do something

for i=1,100 do
if not (val1 and val2 and val3) then

if not (val4 and val5) then

if not (val6 and val7) then

-- do something

Alundaio []: continue, moves to next iteration, you know that right? Not breaks out of loop.
I'll show examples of what continue would look like, if it existed

Bangalore []: i guess danger is working fine, but i see no difference. the dude has 100 meters advantage, he sprints, but i pass him, because he stops between 2 logic sections. In CS, actor had no chance to reach him. Nvm, i will give him more advantage
Alundaio []: You can break. Continue is for eliminating indentation, really
Darryl []: Too used to how you can just break out of the middle of a loop in java
Darryl []: Just adding new checks to enable/disable entire articles depending on game modes, I have it figured out by using a method inside a method, its just awkward for me
Alundaio []: what exactly are you doing that you need continue
TKGP []: life, even
TKGP []: lua's lack of a "+=" statement makes like miserable
Darryl []: It does for me :[
Alundaio []: not really
Darryl []: Lua's lack of a "continue" statement makes life miserable
Alundaio []: Okay pushed it
Bangalore []: that's fine, thanks
Alundaio []: I will add the way I just suggested. So to disable danger completely, just use ignore_distance = 0
Bangalore []: fog volume crashed, i just removed it from everywhere
Borovos []: @Boss, did you port fog volume from CS agro under to CoC? I can't remember.
Bangalore []: how do i disable everything for an npc?
Bangalore []: the new way of danger is good too, so thanks
Borovos []: hello Alun
Alundaio []: [danger_section] ;dist, inertion
grenade = 225, 6000
entity_corpse = 900, 25000
entity_attacked = 2500, 30000
attacked = 90000, 60000
bullet_ricochet = 90000, 15000
enemy_sound = 625, 30000
attack_sound = 2500, 30000
entity_death = 900, 30000


ignore_distance = 0

Alundaio []: example
Alundaio []: do you mind*
Alundaio []: peace
Alundaio []: The old way of reading the danger section isn't compatible, do you mean if it is changed?
olivius74 []: Good night Dear Friends
Darryl []: It's a horrifying mess trying to figure out what I've done since last update
Darryl []: God I really need to stop working on stuff in guide for ages and then pushing it to main repo later
Bangalore []: vanilla COP logic files are very confusing
Bangalore []: i must use a lot of spawn_object npc from spawn_section.ltx, like this npc
Alundaio []: even though they still used it in logic
Alundaio []: Vanilla CoP removed it
Alundaio []: I could add it back
Alundaio []: story npcs should only react to hit danger and grenades
Bangalore []: ?
Bangalore []: you said danger section doesn'T work anymore, so hopw could i disable his danger detection:
Bangalore []: can_select_weapon = false
Alundaio []: [logic]
post_combat_time = 0,0

post_combat_time = 0,0

Both should work

Alundaio []: That's odd, it should work
Bangalore []: what can i disable for an npc? he reloads weapon, and play post combat animations, though i use post_combat_time = 0,0
Bangalore []: they go to the opposite side of the cover
Bangalore []: they do funny things at smart covers though
Alundaio []: You may want to use assault and sprint
Bangalore []: the bridge quest worked for the 1st try, it was awesome to see as the bridge is coming down slowly
Alundaio []: Can't really make NPC move faster then actor
Darryl []: To disable/enable certain articles depending on game modes, so they are correct for the player
Darryl []: Hmm, if Yoda is reusing Renegades and ISG in story mode expansion I will need to add more tags to guide
Alundaio []: Hello
Darryl []: Hey guys
Bangalore []: i use def_state_moving1 = sprint
def_state_moving2 = sprint
def_state_moving3 = sprint

Bangalore []: basically he stops when changes between 2 sections, and i can easily reach him
Bangalore []: [walker@wait_actor]:walker@generic
path_walk = red_pursuit_strelok_1_walk
path_look = red_pursuit_strelok_1_look
on_info = {+red_pursuit_boars_attack} walker@go_tonnel2

path_walk = red_pursuit_strelok_2_walk
path_look = red_pursuit_strelok_2_look
on_signal = action | walker@go_tonnel2 %+red_pursuit_strelok_go_1%
on_info = {+red_pursuit_strelok_go_1} walker@go_tonnel2

Bangalore []: guard
Bangalore []: how could i make an npc sprint faster than actor? when the npc changes between 2 logic sections, he changes from sprint to guad
Bangalore []: probably i will do a test omf, but now i have to make work all this stuff in red forest
Alundaio []: may as well look good when they do it
Alundaio []: it's rare they use it anyway
Alundaio []: I'm down with using the older animations
Alundaio []: Looks to me they sped the animations up, probably because smart covers make combat easier not harder
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []: Borovos showed me an older CS build, where smart cover animations were smoother, i grabbed that build and unpacked the omf file, and iT's bigger than vanilla CS
Bangalore []: there will be some more, i guess
Alundaio []: Anyway, that's why I'm here. To fill in gaps what you don't know.
Alundaio []: se_stalker.script is script binding for cse_alife_human_stalker server entity. while xr_motivator is binder for game client object CAI_Stalker
Alundaio []: There are two objects. You have server entity and client object. Server entity only exists on server (or if singleplayer) and client object only exists on client (or singleplayer) when server entity is online. The client object can only talk to server entity through Net Packet. There are script binders for server entity which you can register through class_registrator.script. Then there are script binders for client object which you can set with script_binding field in section.
Bangalore []: stuff like these classes, i would hardly figure out, that changing class will make this work
Alundaio []: What you mean?
Bangalore []: damn, i feel there is much more what i doN't know, than what i know
Alundaio []: I think though I will add to engine script calls for register, I already have alife object unregister callback from engine. Then all objects can have story id without the need to have script binders.
Bangalore []: right, i blew up half of the map
Alundaio []: classs = S_EXPLO
Alundaio []: oh then it's not a grenade
Alundaio []: I think outfits and weapons and ammo not using script version either
Bangalore []: Can't find variable hud in [red_explosive_hide_0002]
Alundaio []: Keep that in mind if you ever have issues with story id not working
Alundaio []: no reason all grenade objects have script binder
Bangalore []: can i change the class in an inherited section?
Alundaio []: yeah, that would be best
Alundaio []: Or you can do that
Bangalore []: class = G_F1_S
Bangalore []: [red_explosive_hide_0000]:explosive_hide
$spawn = "dynamic_objects\scene_objects\red_explosive_hide_0000"
story_id = red_pursuit_explosive1

Alundaio []: So to fix this in your story build just edit w_f1.ltx with class = G_F1_S
Alundaio []: When you use class names in class_reigstrator.script, it means they will use script binders. CoP story id only registered through script binder, like se_stalker.script. The reason some classes were switched back to engine class was for optimization. I wonder if I can design new way to set story id without using script binders.
Alundaio []: okay, it's because it isn't loading story id, it's not using class = G_F1_S
Bangalore []: wpn_f1
Alundaio []: grenade?
Bangalore []: this is a hand grenade
Bangalore []: [red_explosive_hide_0000]:explosive_hide
$spawn = "dynamic_objects\scene_objects\red_explosive_hide_0000"
story_id = red_pursuit_explosive1

Alundaio []: what section are you using for the barrel?
Bangalore []: =barrel_explode(red_pursuit_explosive1)
Alundaio []: explode definitely works in CoP, as I've used it long ago for joke around stuff. Maybe story id not setup for the object you are trying it with
Alundaio []: I can hold 6 also
Alundaio []: It should work
Bangalore []: 6
Bangalore []: urhvze
Alundaio []: How many keys can you press and hold at once
Bangalore []: is barrel_explode working in xr_effects? i canT' blow up barrels and f1 grenade
Alundaio []:
Bangalore []: i wish there would be 2-3 other person who works on quests
Alundaio []: With the only issue being the heli left so far right
Alundaio []: soon all story in coc
Alundaio []: moving right along already
Bangalore []: i make cs red forest quests now
Bangalore []: i couldn'T make work red forest bridge, but as soon as i sent you the pm, i found the reason
Alundaio []: Hi Bangalore what was deleted message
Bangalore []: hi
Alundaio []: and Olivius aas well
Alundaio []: Hello Muad'dib, long time no see
Borovos []: afk, back later
Bangalore []: i have a better translation of the russian audio, so now i know the real meaning of the sentence
Bangalore []: nvm found it
Bangalore []: do you have the universal extractor 2.0?
Borovos []: roger
Bangalore []: Pm sent with video
Borovos []:
Bangalore []: intro
Bangalore []: i restored it as CoC intrto
Borovos []: What do you mean about UN in CS build 3120?

Borovos []: Yes, this is why I didn't take this ones. At the beginning, I was thinking for a joke, but no.
Bangalore []: that is new, loxotron sold those builds for money, 700 ruble for 3436
Borovos []: Animation was changed by patchs.
Borovos []: Yes, I saw.
Borovos []:
Bangalore []: for build 3436 they talk about more smooth and longer smart cover animations
Borovos []: ok
Bangalore []: i found a download for CS build 3436
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []:
Borovos []: sorry, there is nothing more
Bangalore []: that CS build downloads are removed
Borovos []: About CS, did you try to open "Prototype" save scene from GSC pack? I tried, it didn't work.
Borovos []:
Borovos []: another build, but there is no major difference with vanilla
Bangalore []: i don't want to change the lore though
Bangalore []: i don't stick to vanilla storylines
Bangalore []: if you find something, just post in in the story thread
Borovos []: sorry, only the 3120
Borovos []: i take a look
Bangalore []: really? i don't have CS builds, just build3120
Borovos []: There is only 2 cutted npc in CS
Borovos []: I think I have few builds if you want them
Borovos []: ok
Bangalore []: GSC guys were lazy, and left some cut stuff in vanilla cs gamedata
Bangalore []: no, just the design plan documents
Borovos []: do you have anarchy cell files?
Bangalore []: i know the X-18 explorer, i restored him too in SOC
Bangalore []: anything you find, can be useful. i learn CS storyline now, and i restored already some stuff which is not present in vanilla CS
Borovos []: Boss, I'm looking information about cutted npc here.
As example, a npc was waiting the actor at the exit of X-18. He worked for the Barman and try to take documents from Strelok. I'll take a look in files about him.

Darryl []: See you
Darryl []: More content is always good, anyway I will be back later
Darryl []: That's awesome
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []: i made work free Doc quest too in DC in that gamedata
Bangalore []: i still have the gamedata
Bangalore []: yes, 6 year ago i already done that quest for SOC
Darryl []: That's cool
Darryl []: Yeah, I think that's the same person
Borovos []:
Borovos []: this guy
Darryl []: @Bangalore
This guy?

Borovos []: I know you have stuff for roadtrip in darkscape.
Borovos []: I can look too for ratcatcher in agroprom.
Borovos []: hello Darryl
Borovos []: *fine, not find
Borovos []: Do you want suicide guy in DV from build 2205? I can look for files. It could be find anywhere in the zone.
Bangalore []: hey hey
Darryl []: Don't mind me, I'll be quiet if you're talking
Bangalore []: and whatever i find, which is useful i would like to include
Darryl []: Hey guys
Bangalore []: suicide guy in Bar will be there too
Borovos []: good
Bangalore []: old stuff, like free Doc from DC is planned
Borovos []: and what about old stuff from build?
Borovos []: I'll see how many cost dp.
Borovos []: OK.
Borovos []: About maps closed, I like somethings, as duty checkpoint to pay in SoC, the robber at entrance of garbage in CS (bandits), the psi wave in Yantar to close the road and the brain scorcher
Bangalore []: owncloud is the only up to date repo for 1.5
Bangalore []: i don't want to burden owncloud with sdk stuff, since juts you, 2c and i work on sdk regurarly
Borovos []: is the stuff in owncould up to date regarding CoC 1.5?
Borovos []: okay
Bangalore []: no, it has just my stuff now
Bangalore []: and you can use it to store your sdk stuff there
Borovos []: Are they the same as in owncloud?
Bangalore []: i keep there my full packed sdk and story gamedata
Bangalore []: i pay for dropbox, it has 1 TB space for 1 years
Bangalore []: i did not like that maps were closed in SOC/CS/COP, so only brain scorcher will close the road
Borovos []: I started the installation of ownCloud this morning
Borovos []: Yes, I have access to dp, but it's full. I can't upload all of it.
Borovos []: Only soc is free of movement with only 3 ways closed (access to bar, labX in yantar, and finally disable the brain scorcher).
Borovos []: In CS, it's the same, find informations about Strelok to follow him, open a new level changer and go in the next level
Bangalore []: do you have still access to dropbox?
Borovos []: CoP quests are travel from a point to another, to find information. Secondary quests are better, but they are only to open the access to new area (guides)
Bangalore []: i don't have such detailed plans yet, i'll see how far i can go without burning out
Bangalore []: these aree already in CoC, as dynamic quests
Borovos []: or deliver duties in bandit base?
Borovos []: So, nothing as take a case in army checkpoint in escape for sido?
Bangalore []: i would like to include all meaningful quests, which are not fetch quests
Bangalore []: yes, i'm doing something like this, but the progress is slow
Borovos []:
Borovos []: just try to work faster and finish marsh geometry.
Borovos []: yes, few months. I had troubles IRL. Nothing is done, so I can't promise to stay here for a long time.
Bangalore []: long time no see here
Bangalore []: Hi Borovos
Borovos []: Boss
Borovos []: hello Bos
TKGP []: hi D
Darryl []: Hey T
VodkaChicken []: rip ;_;
TKGP []: good night
TKGP []: excuse me whilst I commit hairy cary
VodkaChicken []: would not play
VodkaChicken []: well 0/10 then
TKGP []: I'm a fraud
TKGP []: didn't bother adding holds though
VodkaChicken []: that's going to be hard to beat
VodkaChicken []: right, that one
TKGP []:
VodkaChicken []: what did you do in east germany?
TKGP []: I'm pretty happy about that DDR thing
TKGP []: I don't know
VodkaChicken []: fridgemod would be the true stalker modding magnum opus
TKGP []: after I finish shithud and ALS and REE and fridgemod and roadside and DMM:AE:EEE:TKGPE
VodkaChicken []: when is this god gamer going to make a series about all the sick parkour you can do on soc maps?
TKGP []: a god gamer like me doesn't need to debug
VodkaChicken []: make a fully fledged debug utility pack like axr debug tools for soc
TKGP []: utilities development is my true passion
TKGP []: I mean 5
VodkaChicken []: I can read you like an open book
TKGP []: that'll be #6
TKGP []: fucking exposed
TKGP []:
VodkaChicken []: TK UI Widget Framework™
TKGP []: hype
TKGP []: I need to rewrite everything again to use another utility script
TKGP []: that reminds me
VodkaChicken []: at least you'd have something to do for years :^)
TKGP []: rotating UI elements is a mega meme
TKGP []: the hands would be hard
VodkaChicken []: make it look like the windows 7 clock widget thingy
TKGP []: gotta feature creep that shit up boy
VodkaChicken []: which is kinda stupid imo
TKGP []: but every mod and its dog has one on the HUD so whatever
TKGP []: yeah I wouldn't use it personally
VodkaChicken []: *one
VodkaChicken []: your inventory and pda already have on but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TKGP []: I might add a clock display since that's a thing I guess
TKGP []: renamed some functions though
TKGP []: not really : )
VodkaChicken []: are you making it more modular or adding features?
TKGP []: progress babyyy
TKGP []: so now it's TWO scripts instead of one
TKGP []: but then I started rewriting everything for no reason
TKGP []: apart from 3 icons no one is ever going to use
TKGP []: yup
VodkaChicken []: wasn't it pretty much done apart from graphics?
TKGP []: unironically working on it right now though
TKGP []: same tbh
VodkaChicken []: I don't even play stalker
TKGP []: do you even play soc
VodkaChicken []: sorry, I'm not that cheap
TKGP []: I will pay you one (1) finished HUD mod
VodkaChicken []: that depends on the payment
TKGP []: when you kidnap me a new artist
VodkaChicken []: so when's shithud getting finished TK? :^)
VodkaChicken []: but really, one model is already in the game yet the yantar guards use merc models
TKGP []: I'm glad you understand
VodkaChicken []: the game is literally unplayable without them
TKGP []: pls, blue sunrise is valuable ancient lore
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: ss__l08_yantar_.jpg
VodkaChicken []: would you like to have more different looking ecologist guards around yantar instead of loners dressed as mercs?
Darrill []: Add a sound to actor when he kick something
VodkaChicken []: using the alternative pickup mode without crosshair is a real pain in the ass
VodkaChicken []: I think that would be good
Alundaio []: Or I can change it to be exactly like the cod pickup mode, except that you have to continuely press the pickup key to pickup items instead of holding it
Alundaio []: The only problem with single pickup that needs addressed is that it won't pickup items if something is on top of them, like a piece of broken box
Alundaio []: In code, it only selects nearest item to cursor one at a time.
Alundaio []: that is what the cod pickup does. It only looks like it picks up everything because it does it as long as pickup key is held.
VodkaChicken []: but only pick up the item closest to your cursor
VodkaChicken []: I think the soc style picup mode should still have an aoe
VodkaChicken []: Hello fellow human
Alundaio []: Hello humans
Darrill []: Hi, not other you
Darryl []: hey nuor and other me
Nuor []: heya darryl you tubaholic
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hell yeah, new BoTW
Darryl []: I mean me
Darryl []: You are drunk, there is really only one of us
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: Hey Darryl x2
Darryl []:
Darryl []: exploding*
My typing really sucks lately, I'm sure Windows is doing some sort of autocorrect and it's making me think I'm going crazy

Darryl []: Hey guys
Borovos []: hello Darryl
Borovos []: who knows what thinks youtube...
Darryl []: YouTube thinks the game is Minecraft?
Darryl []: Borovos is explosing in his pants right now
Borovos []: OMG! Somebody find a way to create a visual dynamic for water. Without particles, but as lava textures in CNPP. Perfect to create a river.

Nuor []: I could probably make the weapon specific ammo if I could remove upgrades. I could have a check for a specific id and if it existed for the loaded ammo type then add the upgraded bonus and remove it otherwise.
Darryl []: TLJ must be really good
Darryl []: Rian Johnson is directing a new trilogy of star wars movies apparently
Darryl []: Hmm
VodkaChicken []: that thing has been driving me nuts since CS
VodkaChicken []: one map change I'd still love to see is removing the god damn fence next to the railway in cordon
Balathruin []: AI still gets stuck there, they can't handle enemies on the roof or inside the building.
Darryl []: Oh yeah I completely forgot about dead city, he fixed that doorway
Bangalore []: 2C changed 3 maps ai map, yantar, dc, cop pripyat
Bangalore []: i answered him too
Darryl []: He PM'd us on Moddb, I answered one of his questions but have no idea about the other
Bangalore []: 2C and Borovos are away
Bangalore []: i see no reason why not to give him beta sdk, because the maps will not change
Darryl []: (hey everyone else, too)
Bangalore []: hey
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
Bangalore []: hi
Nuor []: hey all
Nuor []: I can't stop him ;)
Bangalore []: CrommCruac wants to do AN4 for CoC
Bangalore []: 3 hours 52 minutes for a Generators hign xrlc compile, years ago it was much more with my old cpu
Bangalore []: also, ownCloud\BANGALORE\Generators_fixed_Dx8\ has a new compile of Generators, with highest quality settings, it werks in Dx8
Bangalore []: the new all.spawn is safe, i entered all story related map in vanilla CoC
Bangalore []: i checked spawn, nothing is mixed, i simply copied the all.spawn from my story gamedata folder, not from vanilla CoC gamedata folder
Balathruin []: Tried to fix always scoped weapon aim hud pos and rot, but can't make it perfect. FN2000 and G36 has shoot effect floating, L85 moves left too much (effect is alright, but not centered). SVD/SVU/Gauss are much better now.
Bangalore []: use the scripts from bitbucket repo in the game
Bangalore []: also, SDK_gamedata_scripts smart cover scripts are only for SDK
Bangalore []: i have 2 map setup to avoid this, but looks like it happened
Bangalore []: sorry, i made a mistake and mixed story stuff into new spawn
Nuor []: so I take it that info_portions used in dialog_... .xmls need to be give id's
Nuor []: maybe i missed it
Alundaio []: weird It hought I removed travel_manager.ltx long ago
Alundaio []: ok
Nuor []: that task also


Nuor []: what about the info_portions with dialog id's?
Alundaio []: Yeah, I read your suggestion and just removed it from dialogs xml and text strings
Nuor []: and was sidetracked by mechanics
Alundaio []: It's a dynamic task, not normal task like you would make in CoP or something
Nuor []: I'm trying to figure what can be removed with the nimble change
Nuor []: the info_portions are simple enough just needing three seperate task sections surprised me. But I'd completely forgotten how tasks was structured it had been 6 months since i looked ;p
Alundaio []: task are destroyed when completed are failed, so can't store it there
Alundaio []: Assuming there was no such thing as the persistent storage system how else would you track that the player gave the npc something?
Nuor []: okay but that seems kinda over the top for something that simple.
Nuor []: bah mechanic_mode 1
Alundaio []: mil_smart_terrain_7_7_freedom_mechanic_stalker_upgrade_tier_1
Alundaio []: *_upgrade_tier_*
Alundaio []: With info portions when completing the dynamic task as seen in misc\tm_*.ltx
Nuor []: ?
Nuor []: 1
Nuor []: figure out how mechanics tracks their task completion
Alundaio []: What are you trying to do
Nuor []: other than axr_task_manager as a read
Nuor []: I don't see "task_section" anywhere
Nuor []: sec = st.ini:r_string_ex (st.section_logic,"task_section")
Nuor []: hmm I see info_portions defined by id in info_..."level".xml I didn't think that was needed I guess for dialog to recognize
Balathruin []: tasks*
Balathruin []: same as other tak
Nuor []: must be in ltx somewhere
Nuor []: hmm i don't see where mechanic tasks are given.
Balathruin []: L85 hud model has missing polygons
Balathruin []: The current test dll is weird.
Nuor []: probably should clean that nimble stuff out of dialogs_escape.xml
Nuor []: you must leave your weapon with them for 2 days.
Nuor []: have mechanic have abilty to sell you ammo with half the dispersion if you have done all 3 quests ;)
Nuor []: now if you had skills you have "self loader" that would greatly improve ammo dispersion ;p
Balathruin []: I'm not even done with weapons, it shouldn't be on repo yet.
Nuor []: and k_dispersion is too uniform for my taste ammo just is uniform in that way.
Alundaio []: test*
Alundaio []: put another text dll up. try cam_step_angle_horz around 10
Nuor []: sig550 might should have lower fire_dispersion base than abakan
Nuor []: duh I stopped thinking at tmr ;p
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: because value is read from ini
Alundaio []: self.alarm_length was nil
Nuor []: I wondet why tmr was nil then. I could understand wrong but I'd have thought it was something
Alundaio []: how many bytes left in packet
Nuor []: counter I mean
Nuor []: trigger if data has been read from packet?
Nuor []: r_elapsed() not sure what that does either.
Nuor []: I saw that but I don't see a check in state_read
Alundaio []: with self.disabled = true
Alundaio []: it should technically already be setup this way
Nuor []: unclear to me why it waited that long to crash
Nuor []: put*
Nuor []: might want to bu ta check in smart_terrain to ignore data for non-existent configs anyway.
Alundaio []: i'll ask him about the all.spawn
Nuor []: Okay
Alundaio []: im putting it in teamepic folder
Nuor []: it's gone
Alundaio []: stick with whatever is in dev or teamepic or the cs all.spawn (which I don't think is there anymore)
Nuor []: I don't see any newer update
Nuor []: I downloaded at 8:20 am pst
Nuor []: hmm maybe he updated it again
Alundaio []: scripts\rostok\smart\bar_freedom_attack.ltx is part of his story mod he is working on
Nuor []: description just says it removes SID references
Alundaio []: but It cannot be used with dev, these things don't exist
Alundaio []: it definitely has story related stuff in it that shouldn't be there. I don't know if that is intentional or what
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: the one from fixed spawns?
Nuor []: I'm using one that bangalore posted earlier today
Alundaio []: do not use the story one
Alundaio []: Either use the one from STALKER\dev or the one from CS smart covers
Alundaio []: I think you are using incorrect all.spawn
Nuor []: ! [SCRIPT ERROR]: ... call of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\smart_terrain.script:997: attempt to compare number with nil
Nuor []: if (tmr > 0 and tmr <= self.alarm_length) then
Nuor []: on creating negame with new all.spawn.
Nuor []: ERROR: There is no configuration file [scripts\rostok\smart\bar_freedom_attack.ltx] in smart_terrain [bar_freedom_attack]
Nuor []: so what's the test dll?
VodkaChicken []: the different sized muties could be just removed if you ask me
Balathruin []: Small pseudodogs are hard to kill with less immunity and bigger ones are easier as you hit it with more pellets.
Balathruin []: One of the most annoying things about size for me is it changes shotgun effectiveness.
VodkaChicken []: I'll try to fix 'em. I'm not sure how this whole scaling is handled with xray tho
VodkaChicken []: yeah, at least the huge bloodsucker is a blocky mess
Balathruin []: But it should be redone completely with smaller size difference.
Balathruin []: Resized mutants have some broken smoothing on them.
VodkaChicken []: have you guys noticed any other models having completely broken smoothing?
Alundaio []: pretty much, how much it moves physics
Nuor []: I'm not sure I understand the purpose of hit impulse nove dead bodies around with bullets?
Nuor []: I tired of updating stuff want to use vanilla weapons but keep cwp scopes and damage.
Nuor []: night
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: I forget like 97% of human genome contains dna from corn
Darryl []: Would love to compare it to the current version
Darryl []: I wish I kept my local files for 1.2
Darryl []: From before you moved him
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: I think DrX is storing corn improperly
Darryl []: That description is so full of puns...
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Hopper? That's a new term for me
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:

Unread postby DoctorX » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:34 am

Can we take Sultan off the hopper? I think he's done taking his crap by now.

Alundaio []: not cause of this change, though
Alundaio []: cop have lots of spawns now
Alundaio []: no
Darryl []: Is that why CoP maps had so few spawns?
Darryl []: What's up with that new commit?
Darryl []: Oh okay then
Alundaio []: which is they just walk toward you and shoot
Alundaio []: They use xr_combat_zombied.script
Darryl []: They don't?
Alundaio []: zombied don't use engine combat
Darryl []: Should definitely add a check for that
Darryl []: Did you disable their use for zombified faction?
Alundaio []: object
Alundaio []: and standing on smart cover
Alundaio []: They have to be the right distance and angle from enemy
Alundaio []: Otherwise it's uncommon for them to use covers
Alundaio []: There are some very notable places where it happens, Dark Valley in the field by the raised walkway, there are a lot of prone covers
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Yeah I thought I was missing something
Alundaio []: it's not in STALKER\dev
Darryl []: in use by the ai*
Alundaio []: You need the smart cover all.spawn
Darryl []: I haven't seen them in use yet
Darryl []: Are smart covers in use in vanilla then?
Nuor []: but won't you miss those persistent crashes ;p
Alundaio []: I did some vigorous minimizing and reloading the past couple days without a single crash
Alundaio []: definitely with absolute certainity that particle pointer fix has solved the crashing when loading game for Nth time
Alundaio []: The smart cover scripts in repo are the ones you want
Nuor []: danger_fov = 90.0
Nuor []: noting bangalores changes
Alundaio []: it's just optimization
Alundaio []: Use the VEC_ZERO and other ones like it only if value is a constant and unchanged
Nuor []: position = VEC_ZERO
Nuor []: position = vector():set(0,0,0) vs
Alundaio []: and click accept
Nuor []: I have a 0.003 hit_power bump for evry 10m/s a sec speed increase
Alundaio []: Just uncheck stuff you don't want to download in OwnCloud
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: oh you mean upgrades and not the script
Alundaio []: bullet speed isn't used in the real calculation
Darryl []: Blows my mind how much stuff I take for granted now that isn't even in 1.4.22
Darryl []: Lots of very subtle things going on
Darryl []: 1.5 is beginning to feel very Shadow of Chernobyl-esque now, which is really neat
Nuor []: I couldn't tell if Bangalore's script addition are new.
Nuor []: I added increases to hit_power everywhere in upgrades that had bullet_speed increases. Is there a reason not to?
Darryl []: jesus 525 files to update in cloud
Alundaio []: it will use cam_* if those fields don't exist
Nuor []: I take it those zoom_cam entries were removed because they are unneeded?
VodkaChicken []: I guess the guy who made them didn't have the hq geometry fix installed
VodkaChicken []: every beret model was
Alundaio []: wow all these were bad? I didn't even notice
Alundaio []: Thanks
VodkaChicken []: there you go. they should also have the skeleton userdata set this time
VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: stalker_soldier.7z
VodkaChicken []: I actually just recreated the models using vanilla assets since I don't know how to work with smoothing groups yet
VodkaChicken []: maya
Alundaio []: Nice. Did you do this in milkshape?
VodkaChicken []: I fixed the smoothing for army beret models
VodkaChicken []: hi alun
Nuor []: files copied from balathruins owncloud folder have the read only flag activated.
Nuor []: in abakan
Nuor []: you hav eduplicates of corsshair_inertion in upgrades
Nuor []: @balathruin wny do you raise actor finger and toe damage to 0.5?
Bangalore []: and Sidorovich had also a string and a number story_id too
Bangalore []: if these spawn stuff had any issues in the past, it can be a reason why
Bangalore []: i removed the last remaining story_id as numbers from all.spawn. all cordon level changers, all garbage level changers, some garbage inventory boxes, gar_smart_terrain_3_7, gar_smart_terrain_5_6, SOC Pripyat room 26 door had SOC/CS style story_id numbers, which was, aacording to our game_story_ids.ltx, all nil story_id
Balathruin []: Which is also the medium option if I'm not mistaken.
Balathruin []: Most of them is in rspec default.
Darryl []: Is there any way for me to find the default values of each video option?
Darryl []: I've just stuck them in features for now
Darryl []: azazel*
Darryl []: Still not sure where to put game modes like azazal, story etc though
Darryl []: I'm restructuring encyclopedia categories atm, going to break features (options) down between the individual options tabs
Alundaio []: I haven't tried with big heads
Darryl []: I think 2x is just perfect for me, big enough to look overgrown but not to feel like a jungle
Darryl []: no*
Darryl []: Still not luck with big head mode though, I guess?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: All we need are straw hats and vietnamese voice acting and I can get really immerse
Darryl []: Man this grass scaling is the shit
Balathruin []: If the formula is finalised later I'll add a note again.
Balathruin []: that coukd work
Alundaio []: but with lower values, like 20
Alundaio []: and then use the vertical max value for the horizontal calculation
Alundaio []: The problem with it, is it would work fine with lower vertical max. But with lower vertical max, gun stops recoiling. What needs to be done is that the max needs to be removed for vertical recoil. Gun should always go up
Alundaio []: I prefer the vert, it just needs toned down
Balathruin []: Can't really get a good value like this, ~25% decrease felt ok at first, then too much and then not enough
Balathruin []: For some reason I have a lot of horizontal and then get almost none for some time, then a lot again and it goes on.
Balathruin []: Does the current zoom frac only setup affect horizontal recoil? Can't really tell.
Alundaio []: if (weapon->IsZoomed())
if (m_Random.randF(0.f, 1.f) < 0.5f)
m_angle_horz -= m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
if (m_Random.randF(0.f, 1.f) <= 0.66666f)
m_angle_horz -= m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
m_angle_horz += m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;

Balathruin []: those space soldiers are amazing
Alundaio []: like in the old builds, prone roll and die
Balathruin []: or you lean a lot into it and faceplant after firing
Balathruin []: you just roll away
Alundaio []: and what recoil does when you are in full slav squat
Alundaio []: I want to see crab walk examples
Alundaio []: like rambo
Alundaio []: well nobody in the Zone is going to be in a stance like that firing from hip, you are walking around
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: yes
Alundaio []: Shouldn't that be up to the player and his mouse skills?
Balathruin []: It really depends on your recoil control
Alundaio []: Well if you have gun free you will turn. If on hip, if anything there will be less horizontal recoil, I would guess.
Balathruin []: you don't really hold the weapon to your shoulder
Balathruin []: that's fine
Alundaio []: so I can make hip shot go in other direction 1/3 of time or something
Balathruin []: Thinking about this change it will break weapons packs even more.
Alundaio []: horizontal recoil should always be right-biased for right handed people.
Balathruin []: for example hipfire should stay randomised and only zoomed should have a direction or no direction restriction at all
Balathruin []: without vert seems more realistic but needs tweaking
Balathruin []: I'm on with vert and the only issue is reaching max angle the camera throws me waay to much.
Alundaio []: Alternatively I think shot count can be multiplied against horz step angle
Alundaio []: m_angle_horz -= (m_angle_vert / (m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert/4) ) * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
^ As the vert angle increases the higher the multiplier on horizontal step. So long auto fire become progressively worse

Alundaio []: m_angle_horz -= m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;
Alundaio []: A thing to note though, is that with the remove of the vert code, is that horizontal movement will be a constant value.
Balathruin []: ok, I'll try them out after the bowser fight
Alundaio []: The other version is up now
Alundaio []: Definitely an improvement
Alundaio []: You misunderstood what I said
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: put ti in teamepic folder
Balathruin []: I've never seen a person who only had to deal with vertical recoil.
Alundaio []: I'll put this bin up and then one without the vert check soon
Alundaio []: the way GSC did it was stupid though, it's randomly negative or positive every frame
Alundaio []: also, the random is necessary, otherwise it will be perfect diagonal line every time
Alundaio []: I don't think recoil begins wit the possibility to go horizontal, which is reason there is vert check originally
Balathruin []: I'll try it with current formula a bit later
Alundaio []: instead have cam_step_angle_horz = 0.5
Alundaio []: cam_step_angle_horz = 1
Alundaio []: if you want max angle vert gone then there is no reason to use current vert angle
Balathruin []: cam_step_angle_horz
Alundaio []: what value
Balathruin []: horizontal move is always between 50-100% of the value and not completely random
Balathruin []: you misunderstood or I wasn't clear
Alundaio []: why hidden half of step? Just do that in config
Balathruin []: What I meant is no max angle, always have horizontal and make it at least 50% of the value in configs
Alundaio []: and then do 7 shape
Alundaio []: which explains why it didn't start to go horizontal till after it reach max angle
Balathruin []: didn't realise that
Alundaio []: The previous formula was (m_angle_vert / m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert) * (-+ 1 ) * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz
Balathruin []: why tie it to max angle?
Alundaio []: so if max angle is 100 it will trigger at 25 degress and progressively get worse
Alundaio []: it's 1/4
Balathruin []: oh
Balathruin []: Is this 50% at least?
Alundaio []: negative step angle will move left, positive will move right
Alundaio []: I'm going to try this:
if (m_Random.randF(0.f,1.f) < 0.5f)
m_angle_horz -= (m_angle_vert / (m_cam_recoil.MaxAngleVert/4) ) * m_cam_recoil.StepAngleHorz;

Balathruin []: I could steal the light grenade from one of the SGM mods
Alundaio []: CoC needs the Holy Hand Grenade
Balathruin []: there's a russian meme mod where the rgd5 is suicide grenade with the famous "allahu ackbar" line when thrown
Balathruin []: yeah, it shoots a 0.01 explode time grenade
Alundaio []: You wish for most powerful weapon at Wish Granter, but die instantly if you pull the trigger
Balathruin []: You can jump out from one of the rocks
Balathruin []: I'll make it OP and tell Bangalore to put it outside of AW borders as I know how to get there.
Alundaio []: They are in models capture for vehicles and other things
Alundaio []: Make it OP and put it in only one stash
Balathruin []: I never saw explosion section.
Alundaio []: Seems the explosion section that is missing the snd_explode field might be in custom data in the all.spawn
Balathruin []: no SVU-A for now, I have to get a sound for it or make it silenced (and it's possibly too OP)
Alundaio []: and it's basically only snd_bore
Balathruin []: oh ok
Alundaio []: to see which fields were missing
Alundaio []: No I put this here
Balathruin []: Is this debug engine or ?
Alundaio []: eh...they all have snd_explode
Alundaio []: I guess from models\*
Alundaio []: Not sure what the hell is 'explosion' section
Alundaio []:

[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_42_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_43_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_44_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_45_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_46_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_47_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_48_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_49_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_50_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_51_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_52_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=all_zone_detector line=zone_sound_53_ does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_fn2000 line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_protecta line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_bm16 line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_pb line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_toz34 line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_binoc line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_pm line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_knife line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_pkm line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=detector_advanced line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=explosion line=snd_explode does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_desert_eagle_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_fn2000_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_protecta_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_spas12_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_svu_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=wpn_vintorez_nimble line=snd_bore does not exist!
[WARNING] HUD_SOUND_ITEM::LoadSound section=bolt line=snd_bore does not exist!

Alundaio []: Hmm interesting
Balathruin []: main change is the SVU-A is now an actual SVU-A and capable of autofire
Balathruin []: dropped a quick update for special versions as I forgot to finish them
Darryl []: See you later
Darryl []: New PKM is better than vanilla for sure
Darryl []: Lol at first video
Balathruin []: other than experimenting and adjusting animation speeds the main thing that's left is proper horizontal recoil
Balathruin []: the scoped hud positions are starting to bother me too, I'll have to fix it
Alundaio []: The Force is real
Balathruin []: you stop holding the gun with your left hand for a bit when you start or stop moving
Balathruin []: just found an animation bug on the G36
Balathruin []: starting to feel like this PKM is just as bad as the vanilla one
Balathruin []: ouch
Balathruin []: I can go high and it's loud.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: Alun moved it from my folder, it has different ogg commenting
Balathruin []: you missed it
Darryl []: Also, third time asking, what are the new bush sounds for in cloud? Nobody wrote why they were added in CoC assets
Alundaio []: Seems hud sound load sound is set up to load by field*. meaning it has support to do snd_reload1, snd_reload2, etc. Which is why did has no real sanity check if sound line exists
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: