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2C.LiryC []: From GSC forum, CoC thread :

I noticed this too and still see it.
It's like if some grain/granularity is added to the in-game view on far distances. It can be a pleasant effect, like old photos or films had, but it can also be mostly distracting because of the rendering result at close distance.

I think it came at the time where the decals on body were added.
I recorded something about this by the time of my generator and GL bug playthrough.

As you can barely see, it looks like you have 1st granularity on shadows (static) but also another one at perimeter view.
(DX11, "max" vanilla settings, 1920x1080)

Nuor []: best I can guess is somehow camera is being forced inside the hud trigger distance of 1.6 meters but why that would result in blur I wouldn't know.
Nuor []: using hud_mask I never use 3rd person Hud shouldn't even show in 3rd person.
Nuor []:

Hud bug again, now after clipping several times through terrain/wall in 3rd person.
Hud texture get very opaque/blurry. Really odd.

Nuor []: I don't understand darryl's latestchange to stcop and since I don't use it I guess I'll avoid some of that update.
Alundaio []: Хороший сон
Alundaio []: Have a good slumber
SadBlackFox []: night
SadBlackFox []: self-deception
SadBlackFox []: Or is it a self-hypnosis
SadBlackFox []: At me all turned out, in "init" there was an error. I think now the game loads faster.
Alundaio []: I have real full 1.5 version that just I alone play. There are zero bugs and all issues are fixed. I have so much fun.
Alundaio []: 1.5 is for personal use only
SadBlackFox []: Do you think 1.5 will be released soon?
SadBlackFox []: 1.4.22 -> 1.5 = 1 year
Alundaio []: CoC on the other hand has hundreds, if not thousands, of players. A mod built on several years of engine extensions. It would be silly to jump onto imdex now.
SadBlackFox []: He is very much radically changing
Alundaio []: Im-dex is true x64. but has maybe a handful of people who test it
SadBlackFox []:

and it would be too early to use it for CoC
I give you my word that today I answered the same about "Oxygen".

SadBlackFox []: I just asked what's new in Im-Dex repo?
SadBlackFox []: This is normal
Alundaio []: because community hates me
Alundaio []: and really I don't want to put the work into merging CoC with it
Alundaio []: and it would be too early to use it for CoC
Alundaio []: I'm not using it
SadBlackFox []: How are you doing in Im-Dex repo?
Alundaio []: Yes, it's socrates
SadBlackFox []: Maybe it does not sound so good in English.
Alundaio []: I hope maybe one day to learn C++17 soon maybe
SadBlackFox []: My most favorite phrase: "I know that I do not know anything."
Alundaio []: C++11 and beyond is literally like a new programming language
Alundaio []: Which I will go to say I don't know jack shit. I had C++98 courses in 2004 and have not used it ever until obtaining Xray code
SadBlackFox []: You are one of the most intelligent people in modding
Alundaio []: and if you are copying from me, it means you know less then even I do
SadBlackFox []: yeah
Alundaio []: and half the stuff is just copied from my repo and im-dex
Alundaio []: It's not special, it's not even x64
Alundaio []: Me too
Alundaio []: it will be a *name*.lua in savegame folder
SadBlackFox []: I already hate questions about "Oxygen".
Alundaio []: ctrl+click a save in load screen
Alundaio []: .scoc can be yes
SadBlackFox []: Is there a tool for decrypting scoc and scop?
SadBlackFox []: Why can not you completely use the MARSHAL save system?
Because of the engine calls like "cse_alife_online_offline_group.STATE_Write (self, packet)"?

SadBlackFox []: Yoda?)
Alundaio []: Deja vu means that soon you will visited by extra-terrestrials
SadBlackFox []: It seems I have deja vu, because I asked about this earlier.
Alundaio []: How I use is, is I register save_state to do the saving, and use state_read for loading. State_write is just ignored
SadBlackFox []: *from
Alundaio []: only ever use save state. Load state happens after objects call state_read
SadBlackFox []: I just put the call in "STATE_Write" and "STATE_Read"
SadBlackFox []: I did not register "save_state" and "load_state"
Alundaio []: directly*
Alundaio []: I cannot remember if there was reason I didn't use STATE_write and Read directory
Alundaio []: Remember STATE_Read read from all.spawn on new game
Alundaio []: Does your code never work?
Alundaio []: RegisterScriptCallback("save_state",self)
Alundaio []: Exactly that's why it woudl be easy to procedurally generate the jokes
SadBlackFox []: m_data.sim_squad_scripted does not exist
SadBlackFox []: I thought all Americans like stupid TV shows
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: Let's do this SBF, we can be billionaires. No more eating soup out of the palms of your hand like a vagrant.
Alundaio []: and it would record and upload by itself to YouTube
Alundaio []: The environments and characters
Alundaio []: The voices and music would be procedurally generated
Alundaio []: using the power of google. sophisticated algorithms would come up with formulaic topical jokes based on trending topics and events.
Alundaio []: I want to make a randomly generated TV Show
Alundaio []: Google must be destroyed
Alundaio []:

Thanks for the additional information provided in your appeal, we appreciate your continued interest in the AdSense program. After thoroughly reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we're unable to reinstate your AdSense account.
And in my appeal for "Additional Infomation" I posted

Does a human-being even read this?
. No. apparently they do not.

SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: Haha
Alundaio []: I'll release STCOP myself before I let this ColonelRH do another update
Alundaio []: It's certainly not a reason to start reverting improvements. Remember all the reorganization we did so that people didn't have to include things like system.ltx and defines.ltx or overwrite scripts in the addons. Those unofficial updates breaking tons of shit.
Alundaio []:

I haven't had much time these last few months to do much for anything, and with the complete overhaul to balance while I was away it means that will all have to be accounted for now as well.

This is only a "problem" for me because (a) CoC used much of CoP's balancing for weapons, armours, mutants, stalkers, etc. since release, so the weapon packs never had to to have their balance adjusted, and (b) because I'm really shit at judging how over/underpowered weapons and ammo are so I don't like to tinker with it.

I can only really work on the encyclopedia at the moment
There is no shame in saying you don't want to work on it. Default balance in these packs was never good to begin with.

Alundaio []: STCOP uses the same script too
Alundaio []: Not anymore apparently since he reverted everything he did for the AO3 and CWP
Balathruin []: There is no AO3 for 1.5.
Alundaio []: for 1.5
Alundaio []: Did this just break the AO3 port?
Alundaio []: uh why the script revert when WE are the only ones putting out the weapon addons
Balathruin []: I don't like the last commit at all.
Alundaio []: peace.
Darryl []: Anyway, night
Darryl []: I didn't see it there when updating guide textures
Darryl []: Also I think you have forgotten to put Vodka's fix for that ui thingy in owncloud
Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: Now I rest
Darryl []: And pushed, two days of research and careful changes
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: Did the same, done a very quick test, I'll search for mistakes later.
Darryl []: Just testing my changes quickly before I go to bed
Darryl []: Yeah I know :c
Alundaio []: Darryl it's past your bedtime
Alundaio []: I meant condor,
Alundaio []: Crow are scary, a giant one like an albatross would be intimidating
Alundaio []: lol
Darryl []: Just resize a crow to be 100x bigger
Alundaio []: Need a mutant that is on the same scope as a dragon
SadBlackFox []: Sounds of owls and a constant wind.
Darryl []: Hey Alun did you ever take a look at big head mode again?
SadBlackFox []: It appeared only in CoP
Alundaio []: Wolf mounts
SadBlackFox []: Only crows and rats.
Darryl []: It's been that way since SoC so I don't complain
Darryl []: My encyclopedia article says crows are the only bird to have survived the effects of the Zone, whilst there are owls and pigeons chirping and making noises in the background
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: There are no ordinary animals in the Zone.
Alundaio []: screams and rat chant were only ones that ever really bothered me
Darryl []: There's one bird sound which always bothers me when I hear it though, no idea what it's meant to be
Darryl []: Frogs are fine for the swampy maps like marhs, zaton and agroprom
Darryl []: May 2018 seems incredibly early in the year for a star wars film, I think they will probably delay it until xmas again
SadBlackFox []: The sounds of frogs and owls also do not fit into the game.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also the Han Solo movie got a name
Darryl []: Really annoying when you hear it in things like LoTR though
Darryl []: I don't mind wilhelm in star wars as it's a running joke at this point, like the "i have a bad feeling about this"
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: Yes, I agree, they are horrid. Hearing Wilheim in a film always pisses me off.
Darryl []: Some of them are used in Half-Life 1 in the level with the little tram/trolley thing
Darryl []: They're stock sounds which you can hear in a lot of other games from the same time
Darryl []: Yeah I personally dislike a lot of the SoC horror sounds
Balathruin []: Most of the old sounds were cut, horror only plays on northern maps + Yantar
Darryl []: It's a really nice touch
Balathruin []: Anomaly death is literally the same sound as the ambient, the latter is slightly edited to sound distant.
SadBlackFox []: I have a dynamic relationship change, maybe because of this.
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: lol
Darryl []: And when he died the SoC ambient where somebody gets killed by an anomaly and screams played
Darryl []: But I had ai die to anomalies on, and a bandit walked into a burner and died
Darryl []: Also, I don't know if you added this of it it was just a really freaky coincidence with in-game events and ambients
Darryl []: No idea which one it was though
Darryl []: I remember only one of the spambots, which I think I reported and then you gave me mod powers after
Alundaio []: He was also a beta tester for CoC
Darryl []: Oh I remember him now
Alundaio []: gave him formula and he still whined and bitched it wasn't right
Alundaio []: SgtBertrand was that guy asking about hit calculation and for several months cried about it on /sg/
Darryl []: I don't remember bertrand though, only his name
Darryl []: They were the only two I recognised
Alundaio []: spammers except Bamah and SgtBertrand
Darryl []: And relations weren't added to it for other factions
Darryl []: No that's because a faction was add/removed
SadBlackFox []:
I do not know if this error is related to changing the save / load method.

Darryl []: Were they spammers?
Darryl []: Jeeze I don't recognise half the people on the ban list
Alundaio []: it's commented but it should work
Alundaio []: I can't remember why
Alundaio []: I think I had smarts using marshal but left it disabled
SadBlackFox []: sim_squad_scripted.sim_squad_scriptedTATE_Read(packet, size)
Darryl []: lol at sbf banning balath
Alundaio []: Hello Darryl One
SadBlackFox []: Hey
Darryl []: Hey guys
Alundaio []: reading the NET Packet works fine, adding it to m_data and scoc would just increase m_data size. There is no reason it can't.
Alundaio []: You told me to make him change his color. I said it was not a problem.
SadBlackFox []:

Why "sim_squad_scripted.script" and "smart_terrain.script" do not use the MARSHAL save system?
net packet is loaded earlier than MARSHAL?

SadBlackFox []: Or was it a dream
SadBlackFox []: It seems I talked about this.
SadBlackFox []: 1 day
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Alundaio []: Damn Russians will murder your family for using the wrong font.
Alundaio []: I gave you moderation powers because you wanted to clean up the suggestion thread, not to ban members for fucking chat colors
Alundaio []: SBF wtf man, why didn't you say anything about doing this even when I asked where Balathruin has been
Alundaio []:

SadBlackFox Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:19 am Banned user for reason “I'm annoyed by the red color. I said 3 times "please". I don't like to beg.”
» Balathruin

Alundaio []: I just checked log
Alundaio []: Oh what the fuck, I didn't know you were banned
Alundaio []: I never tried. I wish I still had screenshots and vid from it
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm going to use my strong alcoholic drinks to fuel my car motor. I see Double Darryl.
SadBlackFox []: )
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: net packet is loaded earlier than MARSHAL?
SadBlackFox []: Why "sim_squad_scripted.script" and "smart_terrain.script" do not use the MARSHAL save system?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Like how you get cool cheats after beating old games
Darryl []: Could be a really cool unlock for getting all achievements or something
Darryl []: Did you ever get that working again, Alun?
Darryl []:


Darryl []: Hahaha
Balathruin []: I'm adjusting trader files, it will definietly help more weapons. Makes them easier to add and restrict.
Nuor []: soc kept the bulk of the 5.56 weapons to the more northern maps but that probably isn't practical with freeplay.
Nuor []: I agree that cwp has too many weapons to be parctical bu tthose gun lovers love the variety. I was thinking just make many of them very rare or even unique. and just have a relatively small core of each ammo type.
Balathruin []: It has been in the game since ages, you can do it in SoC too.
Nuor []: I've seen/exploited the mutant restriction many times.
Nuor []: I get it occasionally
Darryl []: Don't think I've had this before
Darryl []:

[error][ 183] : Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Darryl []: Wow okay that's a new onew
Balathruin []: One thing I forgot to mention is I see NPCs aiming incorrectly and shooting 1-3 meters next to the target. It's clearly not the dispersion and can happen when enemy is not moving.
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: Alun banned me so I took a small break.
Darryl []: Where'd you go?
Darryl []: Yay Balath's back
Balathruin []: I'd like to see two major issues solved before R7 or at least release: mutant reaction and combat behavior; bleeding overwritten on every hit
Mutants are stuck in a small area when you attack them, if you find the edge of it, you can simply wait for it to approach and shoot it, walk out of the area and it turns back like nothing happened. This breaks AI vs AI combat too. I'd also like a check on their vision and hear stats. If these are corrected, I want to change some of the panic values, so they actually flee because they want to.
Bleeding is fairly simple. The bigger wound is simply overwritten with a smaller one. Taking a headshot and then an another into your arm you'll simply end up with minor (green) bleeding instead of serious (red).

Nuor []: I repacked the repo files into the base db and just used my files as the addon db's and it appears to work fine.
Alundaio []: no
Nuor []: has anyone previously tested using patch files and addons together?
Nuor []: unpacked files are identical to originals
Alundaio []: rave reviews
Alundaio []: by creators of Gothic
Nuor []: I like science fiction based rpg's
Alundaio []: nvm it's action rpg, but still
Alundaio []: Finally a new cRPG, seems these kinds of games are rare these days:
and I missed the sale

Nuor []: I will - but the fact that I was able to compact the same files together makes that seem unlikely
Alundaio []: did you unpack the db and make sure it wasn't broken by dbtool or something?
Nuor []: The two sets of db's don't share common files so it shouldn't matter.
Alundaio []: and it should technically find the file that was last added
Alundaio []: it's not really overwritten, it's mounted in that order
Alundaio []: should be
Nuor []: is the order in fsgame the overwrite order?
Nuor []: nope just doesn't like being split.
Nuor []: can't imagine why it would help though
Nuor []: I'll try renaming patchs to patches
Nuor []: the recombined db works
Nuor []: I assumed they are all uncompressed and combined before they are used bu tmaybe it's slightly different.
Nuor []: if it does I just missed a file when i split them if not then it's something to do with having the 2 seperate databases
Nuor []: I'm going to take my two uncompressed datasets and combine them and recompress lets see if it crashes
Nuor []: it works when true usually
Alundaio []: maybe it should be false
Nuor []: notif?
Alundaio []: notify on fail or something
Alundaio []: I don't know what 2nd param does
Nuor []: $arch_dir_patches$ = true| true| $arch_dir$| patchs\
Alundaio []: my fsgame shows "patches"
Nuor []: I have primary db's, then I have second set of which are new files from repo that is in "patchs" then i have all of my custom files in db's in "addons"
Alundaio []: why you have repo dbs in patches, or do you mean config and script dbs?
Nuor []: bah this is ridiculous
Nuor []: night darryl
Alundaio []: peace
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: crash without creating log
Nuor []: nope
Darryl []: No error?
Nuor []: I'm missing something simple when I have combined db's the game starts fine but if I split them into custom db's in addons and repo db's in patchs it crashes ;/
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: look at comments at bottom
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: eh I wish other repos wouldn't keep taking my code, because I barely know what the hell I'm doing, well feature wise I know exactly what I'm doing but when it comes to optimizations and stuff like that I'm a baby. LtPetrov in that Fray xray-oxygen repo is like taking almost everything I do.
Darryl []: And to send you assets, which I haven't needed to do since dropbox/cloud
Darryl []: I don't use it much though, since radium was the only reason I installed it
Darryl []: Oh that too, I thought you meant moddb
Alundaio []: the discord?
Darryl []: In the group, but I haven't done anything for them for like over a year now
Alundaio []: Are you still in radium team?
Alundaio []: like xbox
Alundaio []: Call of Chernobyl One
Darryl []: They each just create like 100 slots then fill them
Darryl []: 1.4 doesn't even have the contact or relations tab generating items based on how many contacts/companions there are
Darryl []: It's funny I was thinking that the other day
Darryl []: Just do what Microsoft did and call it Call of Chernobyl 10
Alundaio []: when I think about things that were added it feels like it was added in 1.4, but if you look at the log you'll see it was all added back last january or even before
Alundaio []: 1.5 is more like 1.7
Alundaio []: There is even a hack in place that actually buffs vision detection when in doors because it's just so terrible because there is no sun and luminocity is almost non existent in the formula
Darryl []: For a 10+ year old engine there sure is a lot to squeeze out of it
Alundaio []: it's very hard to get right, if you have it perfect for day time when the sun is really bright you will get a completely different result when testing in mid day or dusk and at night or indoors
Alundaio []: AI still might need some tweaking for night time but I want to wait on touching that
Alundaio []: and I think in 1.5 it was broke almost entirely for a few months
Alundaio []: Danger was not only fixed but improved over the vanilla game. They prioritize it better. So if you snipe someone from even at teh very edge of switch distance they should react properly now.
Darryl []: Man 1.5 has so much cool shit now
Darryl []: Some Clear Sky dude kept hiding in a house every time I shot at him and missed
Darryl []: Can't just snipe an entire squad with them just standing there like retards anymore
Darryl []: Also, I don't know if this is a new feature, but AI take cover from random gunfire now which is awesome
Alundaio []: so take your time
Alundaio []: for R7
Alundaio []: I'll just say possible this weekend
Alundaio []: and maybe not tomorrow
Alundaio []: I don't mean tongight
Darryl []: Should be today or tomorrow
Darryl []: I'm working on a pretty big commit atm, lemme finish this off
Alundaio []: which will make future patching a bit easier. no 1GB just to change a UI texture
Alundaio []: since texture dbs are organized into directory names
Alundaio []: it will have to be a full repack now though
Alundaio []: I'm ready whenever
Darryl []: Or hold it off, whatever works for you
Darryl []: I'd like to add more to the guide
Darryl []: Try to do one more RC before release though if you can
Darryl []: And hardcore ai aim
Darryl []: Should be something for everyone in there
Darryl []: Overall the difficulty has gone up a lot, but the lowest settings are still pretty easy
Alundaio []: and if you want misery difficulty you can just do iron man on master. lol
Darryl []: That's a good way to look at it
Alundaio []: novice is still faceroll easy. so I don't expect people to complain about misery difficulty.
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: What about some 40 year old guy missing a thumb, he isn't going to be able to play as good as that 17 year old with energy drink in his ystem
Alundaio []: If anyone listens to me, they would know I'm an advocate for difficulty selection. I hate when people remove it or tell people they should only play on master
Darryl []: The rebalancing has renewed my interest in vanilla weapons for sure
Alundaio []: Yes, I didn't say I didn't like it
Darryl []: I just can't believe the effects were twice as strong
Darryl []: No I like that bleeding is an actual threat now, usually you just use a bandage or a vinca and forget about it
Nuor []: wound size at which point considered healed
Alundaio []: Originally only if AP > BoneArmor would you bleed from bullets. But balathruin suggested to change it.
Darryl []: That's nuts
Darryl []: It was 2x the current value at one point?
SadBlackFox []: I meant that I use smart information and NPC, right after the download.
Darryl []: Holy jesus
Alundaio []: wound size was cut in half in one of the latest commits
Darryl []: Yeah bleeding is a lot more noticable
Darryl []:

actor dying too fast and bleeding too much

Alundaio []: __init is too early to call get props.
Alundaio []:

[error]Description : Can't create entity.
[error]Arguments : smart_terrain

Alundaio []: lol
Alundaio []: 'unique call'
Alundaio []: or if you have a loop, just check if exists. Then it should be safe
Alundaio []: on_game_load, after_first_update should be safe to start dealing with objects
Alundaio []: I have no idea what that means
SadBlackFox []: Interaction immediately after loading with smarts and NPCs
Alundaio []: when
Alundaio []: Where areyou doing your code
SadBlackFox []: If something else does not fill out right away, I probably will face this problem again.
Alundaio []: what information? Props? Is that all you need? You can't use a smart before it calls register or state_read. You can load props from ini, just fine. If this is what you want, I will put simulation_objects.get_props(self) in se_smart_terrain:__init() and remove it from simulation_objects.register
SadBlackFox []: Why can not you just fill in the information at once, but update step by step?
Alundaio []: I mean, get_props() don't use register
Alundaio []: then you can probably get_props in Init but set sim_avail false until they register
Alundaio []: you just want the prop data, you aren't tryhing to use teh smarts that early right?
SadBlackFox []: Too high probability that somewhere there will be no verification, and there will be a quiet error.
SadBlackFox []: I'm using deferred code, but it's bad.
Alundaio []: state read isn't even called yet that early
Alundaio []: Uh then you need to postpone your code, if you are doing it so early that nothing is even registered. Are you doing it in on_game_start, that is too early to do anything with objects
SadBlackFox []: I used it
SadBlackFox []: I have to wait too long for information about all the objects to be filled for the first time.
SadBlackFox []: *But I have to wait for the complete processing.
Alundaio []: see what happens when you do simulation register in on_before_register
SadBlackFox []: I need the parameters of the game objects right after the game is loaded, I have to wait for the complete processing.
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, Is it possible to fill all the parameters of the game, right at the start of the game, and then update step by step?
Alundaio []: The only issue I had with balance was actor dying too fast and bleeding too much but it was toned down the other day. It should be better
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []: This rebalance actually makes vanilla weapons fun again
Darryl []: This one's ragdoll landed on his knees when he died
Darryl []: Ambushed a group of clear sky soldiers using a sniper rifle
Darryl []:
Darryl []: This was brutal
Nuor []: I'm trying to set up a custom db with my unique files and db's withthe latest repo files and keep them separate.
Nuor []: I must hav emissed some files when I set up these db's
Darryl []: I think weapon_explosives is an ao3/stcop thing
Nuor []: I'm getting that error even though I know that fille is in the db and in the gamedata.
Nuor []: -----loading g:\game_data\stalkerstuff\coc\s.t.a.l.k.e.r. - call of chernobyl\gamedata\configs\system.ltx


[error]Expression : I
[error]Function : CInifile::Load
[error]File : Xr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 267
[error]Description : Can't find include file:
[error]Arguments : weapon_explosive.ltx

Nuor []: maybe the dbtool screwed up the compression.
Nuor []: I wonder if it has to do with read order
Nuor []: hmm I put repo files in patchs db and my custom files in addons db made them both recursive but game won't start.
Nuor []: included*
Nuor []: I think that folder just had models he decided not to use.
Nuor []: so that folder isn't used let me compare them.
Alundaio []: It shouldn't unless it's not obeying the first false param
Alundaio []: $arch_dir_addons$ = false| true| $arch_dir$| addons\
Alundaio []: it depends on fs game
Nuor []: was asking if game reads db's recusively?
Alundaio []: if that is what you are asking
Alundaio []: DB Tool unpacks recursively if you have the box checked
Alundaio []: for coc
Alundaio []: 2.40 GB unpacked and 1.64 GB packed
Nuor []: you have my cwp database files is wp_cwp folder even read or is it old stuff?
Nuor []: that must be old unused files does database read folders recursively?
Nuor []: I don't get it. the texture patch files compressed are 1.5 g the texture folder uncompressed is like 850 MB
Nuor []: darryl need sto clean it up and reload the db's just for my sanity ;)
Nuor []: actually it is much smaller uncompressed than compressed ;p I assume becaus eof the patching
Nuor []: that is uncompressed though
Nuor []: looks like 760 MB are just in the wpn folder
Alundaio []: that's crazy
Nuor []: almost 2.4 G just of compressed textures
Nuor []: cwp textures and texture patches are bigger than coc
Nuor []: biggest looks to be ~157MB
Nuor []: well the game started ;) we'll see if old cwp texture mix.
Alundaio []: Now to change ui textures is only a 40mb patch
Alundaio []: Yes
Nuor []: it may be done downloading
Nuor []: I think it is close but there are bound to be some unforeseen problems we just don't spend enough time trying out scenarios
Alundaio []: R7 should just be the real release
Nuor []: Good work
Alundaio []: sync will probably be completed in a half hour
Alundaio []: Syncing new textures db. I modified DBTool to make individual db for each directory. Delete textures.db0 and db1 before using these
Alundaio []: means read position was set to a value greater then the packet size. As to what when and where I have no idea
Alundaio []: peace
Darrill []: ---------r_pos > B.count-------
0023:005F1C3F xrCore.dll, LogStackTrace()
0023:005E6183 xrCore.dll, NET_Packet::r_u8()
0023:05396F04 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:057DD21D xrGame.dll, CxImage::`copy constructor closure'()
count=1 r_pos=124 B.count=12
! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrcore\net_utils.h[224] {NET_Packet::r} r_pos <= B.count

Darrill []: @Alundaio can you please explain what mean this in log ?
Nuor []: night
Darryl []: night
Nuor []: I've done that same thing 10 times - at least
Alundaio []: fixed
Nuor []: or check for bonus length ?
Nuor []: local bonus _ local bonus = {}

[error]Expression :
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_pcall_failed
[error]File : ..\xrServerEntities\script_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 204
[error]Description : fatal error
[error]Arguments : LUA error: .... - call of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\xr_effects.script:217: attempt to get length of local 'bonus' (a nil value)

Nuor []: they still get stuck on occasion.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-16-17_16-22-46__jupiter_.jpg
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: I really want to separate textures, but man will it be such a pain in the ass, just as much as a pain as it was to develop the separate dbs for levels
Darryl []: Neat, thanks
Alundaio []: I added that ability, but update button won't see it because I didn't increment the version. You'll need to get it from the repo if you ever need to just unpack a single db.
Darryl []: Think I just finally fixed a long-standing gripe of mine with encyclopedia since I added interactivity
Alundaio []: Yes, it's the compression
Darryl []: I guess because of the compression
Darryl []: Doesn't work with 1.5 anymore though
Darryl []: There was a tool I used to use which let you browse the contents and extract individual files
Darryl []: That's still good
Alundaio []: well I can make it accept a single .db, but not extract single file, xrCompress isn't built that way
Darryl []: I'd love it if you could add a feature to only extract certain files or folders instead of the entire .db file
Alundaio []: I really need to make db tool make separate dbs for each texture folder. Because r7 might just have to be another repack
Alundaio []: But this is, where all star wars fans come to talk about stalker
Nuor []: I'm not a Starwar's fan but I have to smile at bangalore's pic.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Much better with colours and smaller images
Darryl []:
Darrill []: @Darryl will happen if hints window of stats will be larger
Darrill []: Not only one, but many you guys already fixed
Darryl []: Not sure if that happens in vanilla or not
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Other Darryl found a problem
Darryl []: @Alundaio
Nuor []: and the it can become a feedback loop where the parts of the brain that regulate and induce sleep can be damaged making it harder to sleep.
Nuor []: worse yet it seems iif you don't clear those toxins it can accelerate alzheimer onset among other things
Alundaio []: I heard when you sleep the pathways in your brain relax to get rid of toxins
Darryl []: Managed to cut out 13.5MB of junk space so far
Darryl []: Just reorganising the guide textures
Alundaio []: even still, in later versions I think the image will be upgraded to a power of 2. so It's pointless trying to save space
Nuor []: all kinds of nasty things happen when you don't get enough sleep.
Alundaio []: each dimension needs to be a power of 2 for dx8/9
Alundaio []: i need sleeps
Darryl []: I can't do a 1536x2048 texture and have it work in DX8 and 9, right?
Nuor []: heard a discussion about not getting enough sleep - you all need to start sleeping your full 8 hours
Darryl []: Says 0 seeds but pay no attention to that, this proxy is just broken as shit
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: yeah I seen snowpiercer and the other films that director made like Okja
Darryl []: Comments in that trailer kinda say what I thought about it, it's a fun movie even if the trailer isn't the best at showing it
Darryl []: Also South Korean ofc.
Darryl []: Snowpiercer is a good film too, I kinda enjoyed it and hated it at the same time myself though
Darryl []: You'll want to get the extended cut of this if you torrent it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: They're great South Korean movies
Darryl []: I highly recommend Oldguy and The Good, The Bad and The Weird
Alundaio []: I've been watching a lot of south korean films on netflix for some reason. Like Train to Busan and Office
Darryl []: Still not my type of movie though
Darryl []: I hear a lot of good things about wonder woman
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: at least they weren't force feeding you SJW propaganda, like the washington monument being built by slaves as said by the black Mary Jane
Alundaio []: Amazing spider-man was way better then the new one
Alundaio []: The only ones I liked were Wonder Woman and Captain America Winter Soldier. Other than that most of those super hero films are just the same movie over and over again.
Darryl []: Tobey Maguire's Spiderman movies were the only ones I liked
Darryl []: I hate superhero movies
Alundaio []: I don't know why everyone thinks the marvel movies are so great. Why is the villain always just another person in the same suit. I just saw Black Panther trailer and the bad guy is just another black panther, lol.
VodkaChicken []: maybe you could add an option for that to the ui options menu
VodkaChicken []: I noticed that the misery style ui is still in the scripts, I'll probably just enable that for myself
VodkaChicken []: of course
Alundaio []: ok
Nuor []: I pu twhat appears to be the latest version they had in ownCloud
Alundaio []:

I've probably asked this before but why isn't the standard looting screen used for mutants now that the source code is out?

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: By the way: Congrat for that Achievement. We are in the same Finno-Ugric tree.
VodkaChicken []: lol, no clue
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Vodkachicken: It's true?
VodkaChicken []: I've probably asked this before but why isn't the standard looting screen used for mutants now that the source code is out?
Nuor []: only the shoc arties though
Nuor []: they are listed as wpn_atrefact..._hd.ogf
Nuor []: I recall some in Oblivion Lost remake
Nuor []: no artifact hands in my meshes
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm not Kardan to do that.
Alundaio []: drink it all at once
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm going to gave my alcoholic drinks to my friends. I don't want to die.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Double Darryl. Okay, I stop drinking whiskey tonight.
Alundaio []: Is there COP hands for artefacts?
Darryl []: I wasn't sure what you meant
Darryl []:

If you're interested I can share with you

Darrill []: Hi to all @Darrill, translate what? 1.5 articles or ours? We can translate our articles in english if needed
Nuor []: Shouldn't stalker be a graphic novel ;p
Nuor []: I suspect he wanted it impossible to zoom ironsights or use a scope while wearing NV goggles.
Nuor []: I wrote something for him that disabled NV when zoomed but i know that isn't what he really wanted.
Nuor []: I thought not.
Alundaio []: no* toggle
Alundaio []: No there is toggle like that
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Circa: 5 - 10 page if I complete.
Darryl []: Also @Darrill
I really like your idea of using colours to make titles, it makes articles look more organised

Darryl []: A russian joining chat called Noir would be great
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "Mysterious
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: It's about fighting against Renegades, in a Misteryous place, which is the base of the Renegades. The safe access for that territory is unkown, but have another entry to the Renegades place, but that's is dangerous. (Do not imagine any type of Renegades from the CS, this Renegades are so different. I said it's a novel, Fan Novel.)
Nuor []: wants*
Nuor []: Somebody want to diable zoom when NV is enabled
Alundaio []: I'm talking to his clone Nour
Nuor []: turn zoom off and on with a command rather than a mouse button.
Darryl []: Oh you're talking to Nuor
Darryl []: Guy with a similar name
Darryl []:
Darryl []: "Darrill"
Alundaio []: what you mean?
Alundaio []: disable weapon zoom?
Darryl []: My russian clone is in chat
Nuor []: heya Alun is there a command to enable/disable weapon zoom?
Alundaio []: Will it be about the dog fighting pits orchestrated by the Renegades in the swamps and the miraculous escape of Mama Jade?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: By the way guys, I'm writing a Stalker novel.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: I hopefully Balath is back, without Ruin('s)
VodkaChicken []: hi riot
Darryl []: He's posting on moddb
Darryl []: Oh Balath's back
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Vodkachicken: Perkele
Alundaio []: How much time you talking?
Darryl []: Hi Fon
SadBlackFox []: Hi all
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,

SadBlackFox [2:47 AM]: At me a problem, the information necessary to me "smart_sobj.props.base" does not appear at once at object, it appears for some time after game loading.
Why? The value is written to "smart_terrain.se_smart_terrain: on_register ()" -> "simulation_objects.register (se_obj)" -> "simulation_objects.get_props (se_obj)"

Darryl []: Searching "Uganda Newspaper" on google images is a goldmine
Darryl []: Everything had a red/orange tint for a few hours
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also the sun turned blood red today in the uk
VodkaChicken []:
VodkaChicken []: np
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also Florida:
Alundaio []: @VodkaChicken thanks
Alundaio []:

Authorities in Florida say a murder-turned-shootout started when a man believed a family friend was hitting on his imaginary girlfriend.

VodkaChicken []: File uploaded: ui_actor_menu.7z
Darryl []: pls gib
Darryl []: didnt know that
VodkaChicken []: I have a fixed ui texture if it hasn't been fixed
VodkaChicken []: the thing that blocks your helmet slot when wearing seva and such is too large in r6
VodkaChicken []: Hi anglo Darryl
Darryl []: Hey Bangalore
Darryl []: I'm not sure what use it would be to me in Russian, but if you could translate that'd be sweet
Darryl []: Wow that's impressive, other Darryl
Alundaio []: can't think of any
Nuor []: maybe have 5 random master lvl squads actively hunt for actor.
Nuor []: So any creative thoughts on how squads could track and attack actor but not just lock on him immediately.
Alundaio []: it's not used
Nuor []: so alun do you know what k_pierce is?
Darrill []: @Darryl I added some articles in encyclopedia in russian, more extensive in comparison to 1.5 If you're interested I can share with you
Darrill []: @Darryl, actually that's my nick ^_^, nothing personal
SadBlackFox []: ))
Darryl []: Oh god there's two of us
SadBlackFox []: thx
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: @SBF
Darrill []: Maybe this: hit_power * k_hit * F * Sd * 100% where F = (1-Body damage) or F = (1-Head damage) and Sd (Stalker damage)
SadBlackFox []: Hi
SadBlackFox []: I need a formula, according to which the hit is calculated, can someone give a link?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @Alun
New BoTW

Darryl []: How have I only just noticed that "Saddam Hussein" commented on the 1.4 trailer
Darryl []: These camera movements are slick
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also I REEEAALLY need to learn how to use the demo debug stuff
Darryl []: His stuff update in cloud a few days ago but I haven't seen him
Darryl []: Where the hell did Balathruin go to
Darryl []: Bullet and splinters?
Darryl []: Very weird
Darryl []: Yeah somebody posted that on mod page comments
Darryl []: Hey 2C, Nuor
2C.LiryC []: Hey folks,
It looks like GSC would like to promote stalker again. Strange.

Nuor []: "bullets and splinters"? should that be shrapnel?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Why the blind dog is not Nimble?
Darryl []: The limits for rank and rep is double the max and min values though, so might still be something to someone
Darryl []: I only added it as a "look how amazing I am" achievement for stats page screenshots
Darryl []:
Darryl []:

I think completionist reward doesn't serve any purpose you are already maxed out what you need more rank and rep ;p

Darryl []: Updated*
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Updates all the guide pics on moddb
2C.LiryC []: Anyway, I like the idea of stalkers chasing a legendary one.
2C.LiryC []: About the completionist reward, why not making it it with stalkers in the top 10 and from enemies faction chasing you?
And maybe, add random neutral ones with really bad reputation to the list of hunter, to reach a number of 10 assassins after you.

2C.LiryC []: I like the idea of encyclopedia entries for extinguished faction/cut out content. It add material to the background.
2C.LiryC []: *be
2C.LiryC []: Woke up at 7 in the morning a sunday to watch a MotoGP race... I must crazy. ^_^'
SadBlackFox []: Detachments of Assassins
SadBlackFox []:
Nuor []: random former neutrals start attacking you for the reward and glory heh heh
Nuor []: legend*
Nuor []: Once your a ledgend you become a target
Nuor []: It should open up spawns of random boss level enemies like sgm alpha squads.
Nuor []: I think completionist reward doesn't serve any purpose you are already maxed out what you need more rank and rep ;p
SadBlackFox []: goodnight
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, Because it's a departure from the original trilogy story.
SadBlackFox []: At me a problem, the information necessary to me "smart_sobj.props.base" does not appear at once at object, it appears for some time after game loading.
Why? The value is written to "smart_terrain.se_smart_terrain: on_register ()" -> "simulation_objects.register (se_obj)" -> "simulation_objects.get_props (se_obj)"

Darryl []: Night
Darryl []: So it also helps that way
Darryl []: @Nuor
Also, important characters might get killed and the player may never be able to find them to get the article

Darryl []: It adds flavour
Darryl []: Plus, why the fuck not, the outfits for some of them are in the game, so the articles might as well be
Darryl []: So clearly they must have existed at some point even if not in the games
Darryl []: Because they are mentioned in previous games even though they were cut
SadBlackFox []: Why do you write information about a grouping that does not exist?
Darryl []: They just unlock something at random
Darryl []: Memory sticks don't specify
Nuor []: why would Wolf be in a memory stick instead of taliking to him?
Darryl []: natural*
Darryl []: If there isn't a way to unlock them from naturally gameplay, a memory stick will get them for you eventually
Darryl []: Memory sticks are essentially the fallback for anything which isn't plugged into interactivity
Darryl []: For ISG you can get them via memory stick or by equipping their outfits
Darryl []: For "Final Day" and "Renegade" the only way to get them is by using memory sticks
Nuor []: I'm looking at what triggers historic factions
Darryl []: Updated encyclopedia if anyone wants to check out the new stuff
SadBlackFox []: The enemy noticed me, and started shooting, but my companions did not react until they spotted the enemy. Even the sound of the enemy's shots did not react.
Nuor []: may be because I'm like 3 game weeks in.
Darryl []: Hasn't happened to me since I've been back though
Darryl []: The not enough storage crash just seems to happen for no reason for me half the time
Nuor []: I don't think it was the ammo aggregation script as I was shooting mutants at the time.
Nuor []: first object size 3
first object size 11
first object size 11
first object size 2
first object size 2
first object size 1
stack trace:

0023:0A8B3B03 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0A302BFF xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0A7725EC xrGame.dll, CxImage::`copy constructor closure'()
0023:0A8BC238 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:00463162 xrEngine.exe, CObjectList:ingleUpdate()
0023:004634FA xrEngine.exe, CObjectList::Update()
0023:00463489 xrEngine.exe, CObjectList::Update()
0023:0042ACBB xrEngine.exe, IGame_Level::OnFrame()
0023:0A654134 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:004111C1 xrEngine.exe, CLoadScreenRenderer::OnRender()
0023:00410CA9 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::FrameMove()
0023:004109BA xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::message_loop()
0023:00410AE1 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::Run()
0023:00465BFD xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466383 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466486 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:0047206B xrEngine.exe, CApplication::load_draw_internal()
0023:743B8744 KERNEL32.DLL, BaseThreadInitThunk()
0023:770F582D ntdll.dll, RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath()
0023:770F57FD ntdll.dll, RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath()

[error][ 8] : Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Nuor []: This wa sa personal change i made ages ago I don' tthink it is in any of the repos. You can look at my Owncloud files to see.
Darryl []: The effect is more or less identical though
Darryl []: Yeah I think that was changed with the change of how rank allows you to have more companions, when I was away
Darryl []: Looks okay to me
Darryl []:

{=actor_goodwill_ge(army:1500)} supplies_special, {=heavy_pockets_functor} supplies_special, supplies_generic

Nuor []: btw I have patriarch code that differs from yours in that it adds a bonus number of compatriots ie +2 or +4.
Darryl []: I don't think it would be an issue anyways
Nuor []: I have your latest repo.
Darryl []: When I restored the heavy pockets achievement I accidentally used an infoportion check instead of the functor method in xr_effects
Darryl []: Are you using new configs from repo?
Nuor []: odd thing though the first time it seemed to try an inventory reset the game no log crashed.
Nuor []: owls inventory reset almost as if he had heard me ;p
Nuor []: they appear to join and release fine for me.
SadBlackFox []: Guys, can you take squads and release him? They continue to run after me.
Darryl []:
Nuor []: yes that spelling is offputting to these american english trained eyes
Darryl []: The extended hud article?
Darryl []: Hm?
Nuor []: miniaturized ? miniaturised? I supposed that is a British thing.
Nuor []: Do traders no longer cycle out old stuff they have bought? Owl has and inventory full of all kinds of useless mutant parts I've sold him.
Darryl []: 15 more articles until I hit 100
Darryl []: Got a big backlog of characters to write through
Darryl []: Not at the moment, Vodka's given me a huge pile of pics which I've chosen stuff from
Nuor []: So you still collecting pics for characters? I noticed nimble was blank as was CS mech.
Darryl []: Hey
SadBlackFox []: Hi
SadBlackFox []:
2C.LiryC []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I hope you don't mind but I desperately needed something to fill this article:
Darryl []:

AxelDominatoR [10:56 AM]: also in a few hours I'm going to pick up my mother-in-law at the airport... she's going to stay here for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

Darryl []: Instead of saying "In the 18th century' is says "In century XVIII"
Darryl []: Numerals also get translated into roman numerals for some reason
Darryl []: Wort*
Darryl []: Not only does trapper translate as "St. John's Wart", but disciple is such a relevant word to use
Darryl []:

Gonta is a STALKER character : Call of Pripyat , a professional mutant hunter, friend and disciple of St. John's wort .

Darryl []: I can't get over how russian wiki translates sometimes it's amazing
Darryl []: New assets added to cloud, and guide articles added to repo
SadBlackFox []: +3
SadBlackFox []: .
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: By the way, thx for the help in previous time in MLR 6.9 mission: The weapon in that place, what you said to me, just sometime the newbie weapon in Glad are not qiuet visible, so if you need to find the weapon, forget about to push F and the weapon is going to visible in your close area. You need to find in the grass the weapon, because the weapon is just not in the right position, to the subtitle are going to pop up when you press the F button.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What's your time zone SadBlackFox?
2C.LiryC []: I'm on my phone, sorry.
2C.LiryC []: I've loved that mission.
Darryl []: Just Monolith and Zombified left
Darryl []: Almost finished faction articles now
2C.LiryC []: Hey .
Darryl []: Hey 2C
Darryl []: Great work though, I'd definitely play it
Darryl []: The voice *acting* itself sounds pretty solid, just too treble-y and echo-y
Darryl []: Kruglov's audio might be fixable with some editing
Bangalore []: it was the case in all stalker games
Bangalore []: i guess Kruglov's voice acting could be better in the russian audio
Bangalore []: yep, looks like pkm has iron sights now
Darryl []: We can aim down sights on the PKM now?
Darryl []: Wait what
Darryl []: He sounds like he's talking in a wind tunnel
Darryl []: I don't remember Kruglov's voice acting being that bad
Darryl []: That video is fucking awesome
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Finished the faction pictures, only last 3 left to write now
Nuor []: I always hated that task it bugged out 90% of the time.
Bangalore []: thx Darryl
Bangalore []: HELLO. HELLO!
Darryl []: Added some more articles to repo if you're wanting to check them out
Darryl []: Hey Yoda
SadBlackFox []: good afternoon
2C.LiryC []: Bien le bonjour.
AxelDominatoR []: hey Darryl!
Darryl []: Hey Axel!
Darryl []: I might add that now, actually
Darryl []: I can only just about make out what that says, is it a russian mod to add achievement requirements to pda?
Bangalore []: Professor Sakharov: Hello, Hello.
Alundaio []: HELOOOOOOOO
Bangalore []: [img][url][/img][/url]
Bangalore []: [img][url][/img][/url]
Bangalore []: im just trying to use bbcode, dont worry
Bangalore []: :sleep:
Bangalore []: HUGE!
Bangalore []: Hello!
Bangalore []: Team EPIC needs a rest sometimes :sleep:
Alundaio []: Quiet
SadBlackFox []: night
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl,
Alundaio []: File uploaded: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.__Call_of_Pripyat_10.12.2017_-_19.38.21.24.mp4
Alundaio []: but I captured great footage of what freedom do
SadBlackFox []: goodnight
Darryl []: Night
SadBlackFox []:

You need to be a lazy asshole to write lua like this

Did you say that Russian speech sounds rude?

Darryl []: Freedom base has such awkward lighting where it's all north-facing
Darryl []:
Darryl []: freedomer*
Darryl []: Taken me about half an hour to get a good picture of a freeomer
Darryl []: Finally
Alundaio []:

Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12,000

Darryl []: I've been found out
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:

Each bottle of American and Australian wine that lands in Europe is a bomb targeted at the heart of our rich European culture

Alundaio []: Darryl = CRAV member?
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: get them hooked young
Alundaio []: wow they really sell drugs out of an ice cream truck?
AxelDominatoR []:
Alundaio []: east side too. Acutally the entire city is scary. Don't ever come here.
AxelDominatoR []: here we have ice cream vans instead
Alundaio []: driving through the North side of the city is pretty scary too. Every third house is a drug dealer. You can tell because the house will look run down but there is a brand new SUV or Dodge Charger in the driveway
AxelDominatoR []: children are terrifying!
Alundaio []: Yeah scary movies aren't scary for adults. I'd be more afraid of missing a payment on a bill or child in a supermarket then some dude running around with a hatchet.
AxelDominatoR []: ha, don't worry, I already have plenty of nightmares. You can probably kill me with nice dreams instead
Alundaio []: Then I can't enter your dreams and create nightmares
AxelDominatoR []: what if we don't sleep?
Alundaio []: It will be Friday the 13th. I'm going to murder you each individually while you sleep.
Alundaio []: You need to be a lazy asshole to write lua like this
Alundaio []: or you can do ("string"):sub(1,7) or ({ele1,ele2,ele3)[3]
Alundaio []: As for syntax, lua you don't really have to specify parenthesis when using functions, you can do
func "param" or func {tbl}
But I don't like this, this function was copied from lua website.

Alundaio []: split string into dd mm yy
Alundaio []: Use it with level.get_start_time():dateToString(0)
Alundaio []: returns a table. indexing "wday" is how you get day of week as number 1 through 7
Alundaio []: print (get_day_of_week(12,10,2017)) --- Thu
Alundaio []: function get_day_of_week(dd, mm, yy)
local date_tbl ='*t', os.time({year=yy,month=mm,day=dd}))
local days_of_week = {"Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat" }
return days_of_week[ date_tbl['wday'] ]

Alundaio []: I rewrote so you understand
Alundaio []: Here
SadBlackFox []: what?
Nuor []: I think those black poltergeists need to be excluded from underground they display oddly and there is nothing to target so basically you can run and you die. ;)
Alundaio []: it is syntactic sugar
SadBlackFox []: Is it a tag or something?
SadBlackFox []: ['wday'] и [dw] ?
Alundaio []: goats are weird
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: function get_day_of_week(dd, mm, yy)'*t',os.time{year=yy,month=mm,day=dd})['wday']
return dw,({"Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat" })[dw]

Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: hola
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []:
Sometimes Russian Rap Beats are very good.

@-HUN-Riot_Gin, It's strange that you watch this video

Darryl []: That's an awesome book cover though
Darryl []: Well at least the monolith-controlled hind in limansk is lore friendly now!
Darryl []:

22:47 - Felinix:
22:47 - Felinix: I like this book
22:47 - Felinix: even tho it is scifi as fuck
22:48 - Felinix: how about fucking stonecold GRU agent getting into zone to investigate strange construction that appeared in red forest recently?
22:48 - Felinix: gets better
22:48 - Felinix: this construction is time travel device
22:48 - Felinix: )
22:49 - Felinix: girl and her family went into the zone for vacation from their distant future
22:49 - Felinix: family DED
22:49 - Felinix: girl isn't
22:49 - Felinix: so our brave agent is trying to help
22:50 - Felinix: he needs to steal some REAL SHIT from monolith, like really unique electric artifacts
22:50 - Felinix: he does
22:50 - Felinix: and then monolith pays him a visit at construction
22:50 - Felinix: with Mi-24 and couple of Mi-8 with paratroopers
22:50 - Darryl: oh god
22:50 - Darryl: monolith paratroopers?
22:51 - Felinix: also, it is described there how monolith gets all this neat equipment
22:51 - Felinix: yeah, they storm this construction like this
22:51 - Felinix: it is in cover

Nuor []: on finishing warlab conversation and transporting to phantom fight
Darryl []: Although I didn't think about moving the image inside the container now I think of it
Nuor []: adding complex effector [agr_u_fade], id [nil], from [warlab_decoding]
first object size 5
compiling shader yuv2rgb
first object size 6
adding complex effector [fade_in], id [nil], from [mon_monolith_proektor_restr]
teleporting actor from [mon_monolith_proektor_restr]
Try Spawning object Name:[osoznanie37142] Section:[osoznanie] ID:[37142] ParentID:[65535]
[37142] net_Spawn successful
Try Spawning object Name:[device_pda37143] Section:[device_pda] ID:[37143] ParentID:[37142]
[37143] net_Spawn successful
Try Spawning object Name:[bolt] Section:[bolt] ID:[37395] ParentID:[37142]
[37395] net_Spawn successful
adding complex effector [black], id [3009], from [mon_monolith_proektor_restr]
removing complex effector id [3009] from [mon_monolith_proektor_restr]
adding complex effector [black], id [3009], from [mon_monolith_proektor_restr]
stack trace:

0023:0A095A47 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()

Darryl []: Had another go this morning but it just flat out refuses to budge
Darryl []: I can't center the damned thing no matter what I try
Nuor []: settled on orienting picture to the left?
Darryl []: What do you think?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @Nuor
Nuor []: I reload the autosave and it triggered.
Darryl []: Which could be your issue
Darryl []: And achievements were having their rank/rep incremented twice which I fixed too
Darryl []: There were some rank/rep increments which weren't stored in xr_statistic so I moved them to the script
Darryl []: This was the commit, Nuor
Darryl []: Hey Axel
Darryl []:
AxelDominatoR []: hey
Darryl []: 30th September was last change, nothing before that for 4 months
Nuor []: says 32/32 for statistic
Darryl []: Lemme check the log
Darryl []: I don't actually think I changed anything to xr_statistic recently
Nuor []: I have a different code, but it always worked in the past. maybe i missed some change you made elswhere.
Darryl []: I think it uses on_game_load to save that a level has been entered
Darryl []: I'm not sure why it wouldn't, when you enter a level it gets logged in a table, and when that table has 32 entries the achievement triggers
Nuor []: must have made a recent change to xr_statistic that I missed.
Nuor []: "tourist" achievement didn't trigger
Darryl []: Hm?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ?
Nuor []: I think you need to up the odds on boxes back up for freeplay.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Sometimes Russian Rap Beats are very good.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Darryl []: Those are some VIBRANT lab coats
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: I was looking for an easy way
Alundaio []: you have date
Alundaio []: Use math
Alundaio []: 2 for year
Alundaio []: 1 - for month
Alundaio []: 0 - for day
Alundaio []: level.get_start_time():dateToString(number)
SadBlackFox []: This will not help me find out the day of the week.
SadBlackFox []: -- используются в функции dateToString
const DateToDay = 0; // дата в виде "01/05/2012"
const DateToMonth = 1; // дата в виде "05/2012"
const DateToYear = 2; // дата в виде "2012"
-- используются в функции timeToString
const TimeToHours = 0; // время в виде "05"
const TimeToMinutes = 1; // время в виде "05:43"
const TimeToSeconds = 2; // время в виде "05:43:02"
const TimeToMilisecs = 3; // время в виде "05:43:02:280"

Nuor []: I came across a memory stick that doesn't appear to serve any purpose. when wa sthat added?
SadBlackFox []: function dateToString(number)
number - ?

Alundaio []: dateToString
Alundaio []: Look at a calendar
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ????
SadBlackFox []: Can I easily get the current day of the week?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: He setup the configs to 172kg carry weight basic, and after that he is turning this music on, and playing the game with a weed in his mouth.
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: That's like carrying around Chris Farley on your back all day
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: bye
Alundaio []: bye
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That mother fucker humgan soldier so fuckin powerfull it's possible that human beign is eating 10-20 chicken with 2-3 kg Vegetables + Fruit, and even after that that lil' motherfucker is going to fuck daily 10 women.

172kg carry weight..... That's a mother fucking "power man"....or a hardcore mason.

Bangalore []: now i must go, g' night all
Alundaio []: all the _visual animations are facing the opposite direction intentionally for some reason
Alundaio []: Look in AE at the smart cover animations
Alundaio []: If you rotate the smartcover it will be wrong in-game
Bangalore []: 2,3,4,1
Alundaio []: look at screenshot in step* order. I don't know why the heck the attachements are showing them in reverse
Bangalore []: but i must rotate the ani9mpoints with 180 degrees
Darryl []:

Hello, how to change the max weights of main character? want to change it cause 35 kg is too small, the maximum weight of human carry, soldier especially is 172 kg...want to change it by edit actor and system.ltx but cant find it..

Bangalore []: i can use it for scene animation test
Darryl []: i love this
Bangalore []: nice that you found out how to do this
Alundaio []: lol some reason the attach screenshots are in wrong order
Bangalore []: it's new for me
Alundaio []: with pictures
Bangalore []: thx
Alundaio []: Bangalore, I posted in thread steps for skl import/export
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ;)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I like to talking with criminals of the zone
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: And I'M like the criminals of the zone. Armed with PKM, Wear an Exo, with 4-5 artifact container with health regenerat and bleeding heal artifacts.
Bangalore []: whenever i want to use criminals against the player, renegades will be the enemy
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm a little bit feeling like this: but no problem.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: okay
Darryl []: Renegades used the same models as bandits, no point in adding new ones just for a story mode only faction
Bangalore []: i did not care yet about textures, they are now just another type of bandit
Darryl []: Oh man I can't wait
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Bangalore: Renegades are going to have different textures?
Bangalore []: it's just one quest for clear sky faction
Bangalore []: no
SadBlackFox []: Do you want to add to the storyline the war of groupings?D:
Bangalore []: but at a certain point of the story, the player must choose a faction, so relations will be like in vanilla CoC
Darryl []: But in freeplay there are no renegades, but bandits are enemies?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Uhm, Renegades now have unique textures or not? (With Renegades Insignia of course)
Darryl []: So in story mode bandits are neutral, and renegades take their place?
Darryl []: That's kinda interesting
Bangalore []: renegades are absolute not needed in a freeplay mod, because they are glorified bandits
SadBlackFox []: Why not make them "bandit"?
Bangalore []: bandits will be neutral bad, and renegadesd are evil bad for the sake of story
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Their Textures has been got the Renegades Faction Insignia?
Bangalore []: exactly this is my intention with renegades
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So CS -ish addition.
SadBlackFox []: Because this group was made only in order not to spoil relations with the rest of the bandits.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That interesting.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Wow.
Bangalore []: no, they would be only in story mode
Bangalore []: renegades will play the role of bandits, and bandits will be neutral, so they can give the players quests
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Why? :O
Bangalore []: hi
SadBlackFox []: If the renegades appear in the normal CoC mode, I will commit suicide!
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: HappyBlackFox?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: It's sad because you are sad, and your name is sad.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Hi
SadBlackFox []: Hi all
Nuor []: hey darryl
Darryl []: oh hey nuor
Darryl []: lol
Nuor []: you are too subtle by half - I was terrified ;p
Darryl []: D:
Bangalore []: and maybe i will never release it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Scar drove him crazy and now he drinks himself to death
Bangalore []: of course it's story mode only
Darryl []: I make fun of clear sky story with ivan trodnik (clear sky medic in CoC)
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: it was joke, i don't want to follow CS story bullshit
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So, what's the plan for duty Darryl?
Bangalore []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Renegade ok.
Bangalore []: the olny way out will be to cordon, near the army base, where a machine gun awaits you
Darryl []: This is for story mode, right?
Bangalore []: no, it's obligate, you can'T advance to any other maps until you don't do it
Darryl []: Does it all of it toggle with "story_mode_disabled" info?
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: i recreated the "empower clear sky" quest for coc
Darryl []: I will need to change that too when you re-add them then
Darryl []: O:
Bangalore []: nice
Bangalore []: International Scientific Group returned too for a scene
Darryl []: @Bangalore

Darryl []: I will need to change it if/when you add renegades to CoC
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: RENEGADES AT THE GATES! ( Rewrited movie title, "ENEMY AT THE GATES!)
Darryl []: Let me find the picture for you
Darryl []: Already done!
Bangalore []: you can write about renegades too, they are elready returned in my gamedata
Bangalore []: hi
Darryl []: I'll reword it though
Darryl []: It's referring to the ISG
Darryl []:

the United Nations created a new research body

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ISG faction article: In that picture, is looks like the ISG Seva have bad bump and bump#. Double Check pls. Another seems to be wrong in here: "...The body has been shut down..." You mean the operation?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But in that picture the Duty Soldiers is in the good postion. Good shot. Just with another member pls.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Duty: The picture is bad. Reasons why I saying this:
- That Duty member in that picture have a bad and not identantical bump and bump#. I know this texture ( dolg_3a/or dolg_3b or something). That textures is an edited texture, not have so much differences from the original. I recomment to change the picture in this article. Because that Duty member is looking bad. (But other way, in that picture the duty member is looks heroic, iconic. If you can reproduce the image with the original PSZ-9d armored Duty member, I think that would be great. Doesn't show bugs in the PDA.)

Darryl []: So do the articles read okay?
Darryl []: That's why they are my favourite factions
Darryl []: Clear Sky and Duty have the best bases
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Clear sky is good, but they have a bad story

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay wait
Darryl []: Linked already
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: send the package
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: okax
Darryl []: I haven't finished the Duty one yet:
Darryl []: I need a second pair of eyes anyway
Darryl []: Want to read some new articles, Riot?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "yesterday
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So Dual Profile Recognized.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But yester in Lost Alpha ColonelRH and Cheekibreekivdamke is writed the same review yesterday. Every word is the same, no difference..
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: He created the "Merge Mod" packs for COC. (IT's nothing else, just some mods assembled, and some other things has been edited, and that's it.)
Darryl []: Encyclopedia article
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Wait a minute, what's you doing about with ISG ?
Darryl []: Who?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anyone knows who is ColonelRH?
Darryl []: Done Final Day, ISG, Clear Sky and almost finished Duty
Darryl []: I've been writing some more faction articles today
Alundaio []: Hello darrylitus
Darryl []: Hey Alun
Darryl []: At least it will be warm
Bangalore []: if nothing else can always sleep in your server room
AxelDominatoR []: Thanks for your support guys, I appreciate it. I'll survive!
Undead []: Me too.
SadBlackFox []: @Axel, I hope you survive!
AxelDominatoR []: also in a few hours I'm going to pick up my mother-in-law at the airport... she's going to stay here for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck!
AxelDominatoR []: Hey!
Sorry @Alundaio, I reloaded the page and it marked me online but in the meantime they called me in the other room and completely forgot about it. Will you ever forgive me?

Nuor []: I went back to a save inside x-8 and I didn't have either at that point
Alundaio []: might need to add a hack then, that when you pick up 0 condition eatable, that it sets condition to 1.
Nuor []: I don't think I got the health kits or vodka from that x-8 shelf.
Nuor []: Not certain where i picked them up
Nuor []: I*
Nuor []: ah ha O had some 0 condition sci health kits that also crash when transferred
Alundaio []: Hi axel?
Alundaio []: I'll take a gander
Alundaio []: which means you can't pick it up
Alundaio []: hmm I think eatable with 0 condition is supposed to return false for Useful()
Nuor []: It appears in inventory as vodka with no condition bar it can b edroppe dat which point it disappears. if transfered to a stash or corpse game crashes
Alundaio []: That bottle is probably not [vodka] it's probably a physic_object with the visual
Alundaio []: since you were able to pick up bolt before, which is a prop item. That can't happen now
Nuor []: It may be the bottle on the shelf in x-8 - the room to the right as you first come down stairs.
Alundaio []: but I thought it fixed when I added more checks to item pickupt
Alundaio []: yeah I think I remember someone mentioning that
Alundaio []: just open bottle sitting there?
Nuor []: there is bad vodka out there that crashes the game if you transfer it. I've run across it a number of times. I got it in prip2 or x-8 lab.
Alundaio []: Peace
Nuor []: night
SadBlackFox []: night
Nuor []: I like the additional spawns in underground just be aware the interact with each other and any setpiece story elements.
Nuor []: A couple of zombies were wandering around.
Nuor []: I don't know whether to fix it. it was different but not necessary bad. I certainly made it more random. basically there was a giant fighting a bunch of psuedodogs and rats in th ebottom level
Nuor []: I'm using story mode
Alundaio []: do you have story mode disabled in your game?
Alundaio []: so don't fix it?
Nuor []: The additional spawns in the labs makes for a completely different dynamic spawns I went into X-8 and mutant were killing each other right and left I got swarmed by mutants and flys from mutant bodies. very different fight than in the past.
Nuor []: There are no weapons left in labs either, no grenades no ammo, no pistols nothing
Alundaio []: Fare thee well
Darryl []: Night
Nuor []: I do it constantly I blame senility ;p
Nuor []: It seems better. Though I do notice that in night fights when I use night vision they can't find me which is nice but might be better if they shoot but their accuracy really sucks
Alundaio []: I don't know what is wrong with me but lately I'm typing the wrong word for words that sound alike
Alundaio []: threw*
Alundaio []: already in the xrgame I posted a few hours ago
Alundaio []: @Nuor that delay should be gone, I think. I noticed when removing danger, that they would pause before reacting, I through a forced update in there and now it seems instant.
Alundaio []: what graphics settings you have?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: It's a little bit looks strange.
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: You forgot to photoshop gold bling around his neck
Darryl []: low fov makes everything look so cinematic
Darryl []: Good picture
Darryl []: File uploaded: Clear_Sky.jpg
Alundaio []: events*
Alundaio []: episodes are usually topical to evens in US. Would be weird to see it dubbed over.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Nope man, that TV series.
Alundaio []: What is South Park like in Hungary?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So, you playing now as the Garrison from the South Park?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Hm
Alundaio []: I can't lose, because I'll anal probe all my political enemies
Alundaio []: for*
Nuor []: How can you lose?
Alundaio []: Ted Cruz will be my running mate
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Ok
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Hm
Alundaio []: I'm going to run from President and I'm going to run on the platform that I'm an Extra-terrestrial and that I'm going to enslave all of mankind if I'm elected.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: These guys are living in the future. 12.10.2017 13:02
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Nuor []: His ego is just smaller in chat ;)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: You little NSA
Alundaio []: when I'm not trolling on twitter or sitting in the oval office pretending to work, I'm modding Stalker
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Dammit
Alundaio []: I am Trump
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh , by the way, Do you like Trump?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Just kidding.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Which time zone?
Alundaio []: U.S.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Where are you from?
Alundaio []: Not my idea, I saw it on the news
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: You little Perv.
Alundaio []: Get a wiener dog
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: IF I can find a girlfriend in this timeline and in this reality, in this universe: That would be great.
Alundaio []: all women will lure you in with their pheromones and consume your soul
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I just slav "Slavic" and my first think is "Slavic Girls."
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Realy.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm not picky.
Alundaio []: why so picky
Alundaio []: The entire world has good looking women
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Hungary & Poland are friends, so in poland probably have some good looking womans and girls.
Czech? I tasted their beers, and I liked them. I realy miss the Real Czech Beers, and also, I don't remember about womens from Prague.

Darryl []: Might have been possible at the time, but you'd have to gut so much stuff now
Darryl []: I remember when 1.2 came out and there were people wanting to rework CoC to run on CoP's bins
Darryl []: I only do stuff for CoC so don't really care for CoP myself
Darryl []: Would be useful to a lot of people creating CoP mods instead of CoC mods
Alundaio []: reorganization gulag_general.script is like a 4 day job it's so massive
Alundaio []: I always thought about making a CoP patch with just the gulag_general.script optimizations and simulation optimizations. But it would be a lot of work, even though I know exactly what to do. Can't really copy and paste code from coc to cop anymore.
Darryl []: Czech and Polish girls are almost always pretty
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anyone?
Alundaio []: @SBF Because i moved some code to level.add_call which is on another thread, as you know. And instead of looping through entire simulation table per update, it does it in steps.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Slavic Girls?
Darryl []: So neat vodka, really
Alundaio []: I drank the blood of a slav
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, By the way, I still do not understand how you optimized alife
Darryl []: I can crank stalker pops to 1.5 with no noticable fps drop
Darryl []: Wow your optimisations to alife are better than I thought
SadBlackFox []: The meaning is the same.
SadBlackFox []: Reduction = decrease.
Alundaio []: Yes. But it's technically recoil reduction
If it read:
Recoil Reduction: 33%
It would be normal.

SadBlackFox []: @D
SadBlackFox []: Just make a picture on top of the text for everyone.
SadBlackFox []: I think it's more logical to have a minus, no?
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Would you prefer a minus sign?
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
Recoil + 33%

Darryl []: I'll have a look at doing that in a minute
Darryl []: Actually, I think I can cheat it if I just reload the article on the checkbox click callback
Darryl []: Maybe I'll add it then
Darryl []: I need to do some rewrites to make some things bit more efficient anyways
Darryl []: Just click on another article and it will take effect
Darryl []: Because of the way the guide works it's tricky to have it automatically update
SadBlackFox []: I noticed that the checkbox does not work, which changes the position of the image.
Darryl []: Yeah
SadBlackFox []: The only reason they were created - for if you kill bandits in the marshes, it would not reduce the attitude to the bandits in other locations.
Darryl []: You might have zoomed out by mistake, I do it all the time
Darryl []: Adding "fake" articles to the counter in statistics
Darryl []: So if you unlock something, then even rename the article config, it will count it a second time when you reunlock it
Alundaio []: My font mysteriously changed in npp
Darryl []: get_unlocked_articles_count also counts articles which are removed from the plugin
Darryl []: I noticed something funny with dxr_encyclopedia
SadBlackFox []: Have you added an article about "Renegades"?This is nonsense.
SadBlackFox []: *old
SadBlackFox []: I do not like builds.
Darryl []: Maybe I'll just leave out the picture
Darryl []: Gonna put in a short bio similar to what barman says about them in SoC though
Darryl []: Yeah I realise that
SadBlackFox []:

Also, do you know what mod this faction patch is from?
I kinda want to use this for the Last Day article

It seems to me that this is a real patch.
Groupings "Last Day" does not officially exist.

SadBlackFox []: * width and height for the container
Darryl []: I'll give that a look in a minute!
SadBlackFox []: First you need to specify a width for the container equal to the width of the list.
Then you can move everything in the container as you like.

Darryl []: I kinda want to use this for the Last Day article
Darryl []: Also, do you know what mod this faction patch is from?
Darryl []: I'd like to make it dynamic based on image size if I added it
Darryl []: Yeah I could do it that way, but that would only work for 300x300 images
Darryl []: oh
SadBlackFox []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: That's a real beautiful quote
SadBlackFox []:

Darryl []: Just pastebin it
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I think I tried before I added an image container, and it would not let me change the position at all
SadBlackFox []: I love this chat
SadBlackFox []:

Darryl []: How did you do it?
Darryl []: oh neat
SadBlackFox []: @D,
Darryl []: I'd be very okay with that
Darryl []: I have a nice picture of clear sky, with a bunch of their guys sat around a campfire
Alundaio []: Renegades might return one day with CS story
Darryl []: :-D
Alundaio []: images are good
Darryl []: I used the Russian and Ukrainian stalker wikis to write the Renegade bio, as the English one seems to be 99% fanfiction
Alundaio []: to me it sounds better
Darryl []: Done, anyway
Darryl []: Does it read better as singular?
Darryl []: I wanna keep faction bios short like character ones, as otherwise I will tie myself down in them and write tons of shit nobody will read otherwise
Alundaio []: remove s on consequences
Darryl []: I think it used to say "rather than any" then I changed it to "before any" but didnt re-read it properly
Alundaio []: yeah that hurt my brain
Darryl []: fuck
Darryl []: "before than any"
Darryl []: How do they read?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I wrote a couple of faction articles today
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:
Darryl []: I found some errors
Darryl []: I still need to rewrite some things
SadBlackFox []: @D, Your script is like a personal diary.
Darryl []: he'd probably look a lot better without it
Darryl []: cracks me up every time
Darryl []: josh's combover though
Darryl []: If only mike wasn't an alcoholic
Alundaio []: crippling DIABETUS
Alundaio []: If only rich evans didn't have diabetus
Darryl []: I'm going through all the best of the worst
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: @Darryl I think I've seen just about every video RLM releases
Alundaio []: also* use
Alundaio []: @Axel: I'm probably going to modify the engine to always use directory as "namespaces"
like lua/auto/core/framework/graphics.lua
will be
will be core.framework

But requires a trickier initial setup with some metamethod magic

Darryl []: Sup
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: Hello
Darryl []: I spy engine updates
Alundaio []: put xrGame on cloud with the workaround, his saves load
Alundaio []: The thing about his GL, though is it has no ammo and GL mode is active
Alundaio []: code probably too complex for it. many things reference tables, if the tables aren't removed, then I see issues
Alundaio []: I wonder if this works:
Alundaio []: Put it on 30 and go in and out of main menu to see the "collectgarbage before" and after. Higher step really cleans up the junk but game is very stuttery
SadBlackFox []: Perhaps the speed of garbage processing could be adjusted depending on the FPS?
Alundaio []: and see how huge an impact the GC makes on FPS
Alundaio []: you can change it
Alundaio []: in console I added lua_gc_step (I think it's called this)
Alundaio []: FPS instability in Xray is most likely the GC
Alundaio []: Lua there is garbage collector. ANy unreferenced memory is cleaned up. But it takes lots of time
SadBlackFox []: oh, ok
Nuor []: I've had a dozen fly spawns off of as many bodies with no apparent problems over days of gamepaly. So suspect it is working properly now.
Alundaio []: set_state("idle",nil,nil,nil,{fast_set = true}) in a place that constantly updates is creating a brand new table each time
SadBlackFox []: I do not understand why this is bad
Alundaio []: "avoid gc"
Alundaio []: As a work around I can just add:
if (!m_ammoTypes[m_ammoType])
m_ammoType = 0;

SadBlackFox []:

fast_set_true = {fast_set = true} -- avoid gc
Why was this done?

Alundaio []: indexing empty value m_DefaultCartridge.Load(m_ammoTypes[m_ammoType].c_str(), m_ammoType);
Alundaio []: In his save on NetSpawn for his sig the ammo_type index doesn't match what the GL should be.
2C.LiryC []: .

See you later guys, it's time for me to go offline.

Nuor []: I've had a 2 GLs on 3 different weapon for hours with no crash.
2C.LiryC []: I mean, I'll try by detaching it.
2C.LiryC []: I'll try, for sure.
2C.LiryC []: @ Bangalore : these "Storyline plans for CoC (post 1.5)" would be absolutely awesome.
Those quests are good remembrance.

Alundaio []: you might be able to continue your game if you detach it
Alundaio []: Yeah, I'm investigating why
2C.LiryC []: Anyway, it's always good to know.
2C.LiryC []: "Seems the sig grenade launcher is the cause of crash 2C"
Weird. I have it on the gun since the beginning of this game.

SadBlackFox []: How often do you look at fixations in other people's repositories?
SadBlackFox []: Good job
SadBlackFox []: In fact, there really were problems because of the reaction of the NPC to the danger, but now it's getting better.
SadBlackFox []: This is not from ap-pro
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: He complains that, in July, the bots were smarter than Misery, and now stupefied.
Alundaio []: Stop pasting bullshit from appro here anymore
Alundaio []: it doesn't seem to remember it was in this mode
SadBlackFox []:

Что Алундайо делает с логикой НПС? С каждыми изменениями они всё хуже и хуже. В июле они были ещё сильнее чем в мизери, я аж обрадовался. Вояку на кордоне было не убить просто так. Окружали, прятались, действовали совместно, а теперь это просто боты, на уровне ЗП.

Alundaio []: Seems the sig grenade launcher is the cause of crash 2C
Alundaio []: no
SadBlackFox []: xr_danger
SadBlackFox []: Have you finished working with configuring NPC behavior?
Alundaio []: I think even unity and ue4 have distance calcs like this. It's common
SadBlackFox []: I understood
Alundaio []: wrong word I guess
Alundaio []: When I said precalc, I was referring to distance_to_sqr being one step less then what distance_to does
Alundaio []: even though, we can skip the 30^2 in script
Alundaio []:

multiplying in binary is exceedingly quicker then dividing.

No, I mean that doing distance_to_sqr() == 30^2 is faster then doing distance_to() == 30

SadBlackFox []: You said about the preliminary calculation. Did you mean that somewhere it is calculated in advance?
SadBlackFox []: This is not exactly what I was asking.
Alundaio []: Really there is no reason to use distance_to unless you want to display accurate results, like (5m ) to the player
Alundaio []: distance_to_sqr will return the 25 in next to last step
Alundaio []: distance_to will return the 5
Alundaio []: dist((2, -1), (-2, 2)) = √(2 - (-2))² + ((-1) - 2)²
= √(2 + 2)² + (-1 - 2)²
= √(4)² + (-3)²
= √16 + 9
= √25
= 5.

Alundaio []: distance_to is the square root of distance_to_sqr
multiplying in binary is exceedingly quicker then dividing.

SadBlackFox []: *precalculated
SadBlackFox []:

because it's faster to use the precalculated sqrs

But where and how is it calculated?

SadBlackFox []: ok
SadBlackFox []: badly
Alundaio []: this is cheat to save cpu
Alundaio []: full distance calculation requires a squareroot
SadBlackFox []: yes
Alundaio []: because it's faster to use the precalculated sqrs
Alundaio []: why not just use 25 for example?
Alundaio []: ?
Alundaio []: it doesn't matter, xr_danger.ltx is no longer used
SadBlackFox []: Why not just use the radius?
Alundaio []: nearly 19
SadBlackFox []: 350?
Alundaio []: 25^2 = 625
SadBlackFox []: Is this number square?
Nuor []: 25?
SadBlackFox []: 625 - how many meters does it have in mind?
SadBlackFox []:

enemy_sound = {=anim_state(sleep)} 350, 625

Alundaio []: Try Spawning object Name:[wpn_sig550_luckygun26626] Section:[wpn_sig550_luckygun] ID:[26626] ParentID:[0]
SadBlackFox []:

! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrcore\_stl_extensions.h[145] {xr_vector >:perator []} _Pos < size() index is out of range: index requested[1], size of container[1]
CInifile::r_section | section is nil!
0023:00BB1C3F xrCore.dll, LogStackTrace()
0023:09A89571 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()


[error]Expression :
[error]Function : invalid_parameter_handler
[error]File : xrDebugNew.cpp
[error]Line : 989
[error]Description : invalid parameter

stack trace:

0023:00BB299E xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal()
0023:00BB5F29 xrCore.dll, CInifile::r_section()
0023:09A89571 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()

Alundaio []: his crash says nothing about r_section being nil
SadBlackFox []: The sad fox is always on the dark side, my son.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: Do you have a SWF? (SADWHITEFOX)
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: And another person, too
SadBlackFox []: 2C.LiryC
SadBlackFox []: These are not my mistakes
SadBlackFox []: ?
Alundaio []: SBF do you use any ini reading in your own code? line_count seems likely
SadBlackFox []: nil = emptiness, does not exist, nothing
Nuor []: kinda depends on usage but they do differ in lua.
Tomasm21 []: "is nil" - = 0?
SadBlackFox []:

CInifile::r_section | section is nil!
0023:00BB5F29 xrCore.dll, CInifile::r_section()

2C.LiryC []: For posterity ( ) : I updated my post in the 1.5 Bugs and Issues thread.
Bangalore []: stoopid by Alice Cooper
Bangalore []: hey
Bangalore []: hey
Darryl []: hey
AxelDominatoR []: hey
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Darryl []: Hey Fon
Darryl []: Whenever you put on an exo skeleton a voice shouts MAXIMUM ARMOUR
Darryl []: We need that as an addon
Nuor []: That is why I said I don't completely dislike the behavior it's just a bit extreme Crysis invis suit
Nuor []: I like idea that they might look past you if you are still and against correct background. It just a subtlety I'm not sure the ai can get.
Nuor []: I like that idea
Alundaio []: I sort of want to make it more dependent on velocity, so that at night or sit still in dark corner you can stealth somewhat
Alundaio []: seemed good on marsh during the day and night tests. I buffed it up slightly on repo now
Nuor []: they know there is a bad guy out there they know what direction he is bu tthey can't actually see him and don't shoot ;P
Nuor []: Best I can describe it is that they are just too slow to start actually shooting.
Nuor []: I'm not sure I compleyely dislike the new behavior it's just different.
Nuor []: that would explain bar slow to react but not that they get into threat mod ebut don't star shooting at me immediately. which btw isn't all bad it's like an id recognition period.
Nuor []: I think upping it was good but maybe 100 is too high?
Nuor []: I think it was 30 to 100 in mine.
Alundaio []: threshold was bumped up from 40 to 100
Nuor []: they do see me and react it's like everything is delayed.
Nuor []: I think threat meter may be slow to respond so either vision or threshold ?
Nuor []: they move around like they know where I am and are threatened but are very slow to start shooting. and it isn't always.
Alundaio []: vision was nerfed, but it may be too much. It's really hard to get right for all lighting conditions
Nuor []: I'll try to notice
Alundaio []: is vision bar going up?
Nuor []: I'm in*
Nuor []: even if I in plain sight.
Nuor []: I'm getting some odd ai behaviour they seem to go on alert but they don't always attack almost as if they can't find me.
Nuor []: but I will admit it is motivation to get money.
Nuor []: It's like they tried to tack a dnd upgrade system onto a shooter.
Nuor []: The whole tree thing bothers me with upgrades anyway.
Nuor []: would be better to have control with script
Alundaio []: I think
Alundaio []: just don't put them in the xml
Alundaio []: you can have upgrades that aren't visible by the mechanic
Alundaio []: thought you wanted a way to do it in script or something
Nuor []: if it's done by mechanic would it matter?
Alundaio []: otherwise you would need to switch weapon offline to remove upgrades
Alundaio []: would need a way to do it with the client object, like wpn:remove_upgrade("section")
Nuor []: not I'm talking about restructure of upgrade so they can be added and removed barrels for example
Nuor []: yes, it's just an entry in netpacket
Alundaio []: Thought you were talking about removing upgrades from the configs when you were speaking with darryl
Alundaio []: in game
Alundaio []: remove upgrades?
Alundaio []: hmm?
Nuor []: so what's the verdict, can upgrade choices be reversed?
AxelDominatoR []: ok
Alundaio []: adding your as another remote
Alundaio []: I did it from tortoise git
AxelDominatoR []: see if you can open this:
AxelDominatoR []: hmmm want me to link you the fork, or the commit maybe?
Alundaio []: pull requestis on bitbucket are confusing and it doesn't show forks like github
Alundaio []: i'll take a look
AxelDominatoR []: I've already pushed some simple modifications on my fork, if you are interested
AxelDominatoR []: I'm adding textbox widget to your engine, dealing with some of the details right now
AxelDominatoR []: *whips Alundaio*: on your knees!
SadBlackFox []: night
Alundaio []: Hello dominatrix
AxelDominatoR []: hello everybody
Alundaio []: Nighut
Darryl []: Night*
Darryl []: Nighut
Alundaio []: Delta Airlines in a plane crash litigation argued they should pay less for gay passenger deaths because they likely would have died soon from AIDS
Alundaio []: The bonus facts
SadBlackFox []: At a speed of 0.75 good.
SadBlackFox []: Oh gods, how fast he talks!
Alundaio []: The story of Canada's "fruit machine"
Alundaio []:
SadBlackFox []: I also noticed this, but forgot to say.
Alundaio []: lol
Darryl []: Like a second later the bonfire on the 1st floor lit up
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Bandit just lit a campfire through the ceiling
Darryl []: haha what
Darryl []: Tele'd into neutral base and there's 16 loners and bandits duking it out
Darryl []:
Darryl []: well that's certainly interesting
Alundaio []: DIK_INSERT brings up attachment UI but also can play animations
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: DIK_NUMPAD9 if you hold it while looking at npc, you can place him wherever you wish
SadBlackFox []: This is the Devil's toy, the wheel of Samsara!
Alundaio []: debug I think you can make stalker play any animation you want
Alundaio []: the world needs more radial uis
Darryl []: Is there an easy way to cheat getting people at a campfire or do I have to just skip time until it happens?
Alundaio []: sbf you ever finish that radial ui
Darryl []: Yeah bins are out of date, that must be the issue
SadBlackFox []:

self.okno_msg = self.xml:InitStatic ("okno:vkladka_chatkno_msg",nil)

Darryl []: likely out of date
Darryl []: completely forgot to check assets
Darryl []: oh fug i havent had cloud running on startup
Alundaio []: check the date on your bins
Darryl []: I'm getting this again
Darryl []:

LUA error: ...talker call of pripyat\gamedata\scripts\xr_danger.script:286: attempt to call method 'remove_danger' (a nil value)

Darryl []: hm
Darryl []: I must be tired, my spelling is getting worse
Darryl []: Well that's what I'd have thought*
Darryl []: Has to be within the scrollview to scroll with the text too, though
Darryl []: I couldn't reposition it afterwards
Darryl []: Well that what I'd have though but as far as I know my only way to add something to scrollview is using "AddWindow"
Alundaio []: place image container at scrollview width/2 - image container width/2
Darryl []: I tried all manner of ways to change the x but nothing would bite
Darryl []: But both contained within the one parent
Darryl []: Two separate entities
Darryl []: Text -> Scrollview
Image -> Image container -> Scrollview

SadBlackFox []: main window<-list window<-image window<-image
SadBlackFox []: Do you use an additional window for the image?
Darryl []: I think I've met my match
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: how is this possible
Darryl []: Maybe I will puzzle it out later
Alundaio []: He is more picky then darryl
Darryl []: I tried but it seems to want to glue itself to the left
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: Why do not you have a picture centered?
Darryl []: So I made it an option
Darryl []: You kept asking for picture above text
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I have something for you
Darryl []: Oh SBF I just remembered you are on
Darryl []: I think I will put the faction logo in bottom-left corner though
Alundaio []: use crab's animation on freedom and lay bloodsucker corpse on top of him
Darryl []: freedom in bed about to be pounded by bloodsucker*
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: freedom in a dark corner about to be eaten by bloodsucker
Darryl []: ooh i like that
Alundaio []: like loners sitting around a fire, duty killiing some muties
SadBlackFox []: Photo on the background of the logo
Alundaio []: of the npcs
Darryl []: The factions' logo or picture of their soldiers?
Darryl []: What do you think would be better for faction articles?
Alundaio []: It's both but a mod that stands on it's own first
SadBlackFox []: *According to your words
Alundaio []: and why there is a checkbox if you don't like something.
SadBlackFox []: According to you, it seemed to me that you did not want CoC to be a platform for modifications.
Alundaio []: Us making a thousand addons would be unmanageable.
Alundaio []: How doesn't it? You can more things then you can ever imagined doing in the base game modding it
Alundaio []: nobody would know how to use exported functions from engine, if they aren't shown real examples
SadBlackFox []: I have always believed that the existence of CoC helps novice modders.
Alundaio []: if we just left it
Alundaio []: on their own
Alundaio []: You would not see anyone add what has been added to coc
Alundaio []: there you go
Alundaio []: You want map pack, just delete scripts and config folder
SadBlackFox []: I believed that CoC strives to be clearly not a freeplay modification.
Alundaio []: You are basically telling me to stop modding
Darryl []: Lost Alpha too
Alundaio []: People want their own textures, their own weapons, their own UI
Alundaio []: sandbox mod by nature can be expanded and tuned. Misery 2 has addons. I don't get your point.
SadBlackFox []: Will you close the add-ons section for moddb?
Alundaio []: and read the appro reviews by modders who made big mods, like che7
SadBlackFox []: They take the developments from CoC in their modifications.
Alundaio []: has nothing to do with coc
Alundaio []: People not making story mods because they are not capable of making a mod of this scope. Period.
SadBlackFox []: CoC has long been a platform.
Alundaio []: give me a break
Alundaio []: that coc is base but too hard to mod because left over configs from cop
SadBlackFox []: This is excuse.
Darryl []:


Alundaio []: Yes which is literally counterpoint to your argument and his argument
SadBlackFox []:

Tell me where do we advertise that it's a just a base for other modders to use?

Look at the number of modifications on moddb and repeat this.

Darryl []: \o/
Darryl []: Gonna give av66166 or w/e his name is a good run again soon, writing articles for the factions now
Darryl []: Trying to fix that
Darryl []: Something I do a lot too
Darryl []: Being picky about insignificant things is something seems to be a trait in stalker modding
Alundaio []: active = nil, works just fine to disable it. Seems like more like an impulsive OCD issue then anything about impeding someone's modding capabilities
TKGP []: CoC: Legacy and CoC: REDUX
TKGP []: time to fork
Alundaio []: We can't please everyone
Alundaio []: I don't get the cop config argument by sbf. Okay, so what if we took the weeks/months it would take to remove all this logic from SDK. But then what about the modder that would want to renable certain cop quests or storyline?
Darryl []: Genuinely can't think of a better way to describe CoC's updates
Darryl []: I really like this line
Darryl []:

It is an outlet of creativity for the team that we share with others.

Darryl []: Reads very well to me
Alundaio []:

SadBlackFox [5:01 AM]: @Alun,

TKGP []: there's a "CutWordsMode" for CUILines that doesn't do anything
TKGP []: interesting tidbit
TKGP []: hm
TKGP []: reading xray source really makes me appreciate how C# enforces specifying out variables on function calls
Darryl []: Like half the file is comments
Darryl []: Tell you what though, I don't think there's any scripts in CoC as well commented as the two for the encyclopedia
Darryl []:
TKGP []: how conservative
Darryl []: ....even though I did the contacts tab before so now I'm not sure
TKGP []: for some reason they're only using .. instead of ...
Darryl []: Was tricky to learn how to create items for listboxes
Darryl []: tbh I think I just copied it from alun's debug ui at the time
TKGP []: but perhaps there is some subtle bug
TKGP []: well, from reading the source it sure seems that setting ellipsis should shorten text to the width of the field
Darryl []: It's confusing enough as it is
TKGP []: and they just exported whatever their scripters wanted and didn't worry about the rest
Darryl []: I don't think they needed to obfuscate it tbh
Darryl []:
TKGP []: I feel quite positive xray is only so moddable because it would have been more work to obfuscate than to just leave open
Darryl []: Boggles the mind why GSC was so friendly to modders yet locked so much cool stuff away
Darryl []: I still can't believe how stuffed we would be for interface things if Alun didnt have access to source
Darryl []: I'm sure it does something important, so I won't touch it
TKGP []: hm!
Darryl []: articles too
Darryl []: I don't think so, the text just goes off-screen if I name a category or aticle too long
Darryl []: Oh word wrap
TKGP []: doesn't it ellipsize text that runs past the max width?
Darryl []: What does SetEllipsis(bool) do?
I've used it for article/category items in the lists but cannot remember what it does

Alundaio []: Just put your keyboard upside down
Darryl []: i always press it then realise it don't work
Darryl []:
Darryl []: because numpad enter is faster for me to reach than regular enter
Darryl []: oh
Alundaio []: numpad enter
Darryl []: numbers for what reason?
Alundaio []: numbers for what reason
Alundaio []: if you played one game you played them all I say
TKGP []: so I'm pretty much an expert
TKGP []: also alun I'll have you know I played CoC for SEVERAL hours some months ago
Darryl []: @Alun
Could you allow number's enter to work on hardcoded interfaces like the main menu as well as the regular return key?

Nuor []: I ahve nasty words for you ;p
TKGP []: I wish all the dlls were installed to System32
Alundaio []: I wish all files were just in the root folder
TKGP []: html+css interpreter for articles when my dude
Darryl []: If I could I'd probably drive myself insane
Darryl []: I don't think I can set up articles like webpages
Nuor []: I moved all of the helm_mask overlays into ui subfolder for that reason.
Darryl []: I'll have to put that after "kill myself" on my checklist
TKGP []: in-line images
TKGP []: for your next challenge
Darryl []: :-DDD
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @tk
Darryl []: cursors make the textures folder a pain in the butt to browse
TKGP []: I only have your best interests at heart
Darryl []: fonts and cursors in their own folders i think
Alundaio []: It's only controversial because you ask for changes in coc yet don't even play it
Alundaio []: mad*
Alundaio []: Well either he went somplace or he was really made when I said he nerfed upgrades
Darryl []: @alun
Darryl []:
TKGP []: it may be a controversial opinion, but I think the font textures should be in their own folder
Alundaio []: I disagree with the remake stuff, even for ep7. Similar plot but characters are different. Most films all have the same plot. I think there are about 6 different plots in just about all films.
Darryl []: 3 days offline now
Darryl []: Where the heck did Balath go to
Darryl []: Night
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Bye
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Have a good night
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Thank you guys. Thanks a lot
Darryl []: Downloads page is on the left
Darryl []: @Hun

Darryl []: Hard to disagree with this
Darryl []:

Everybody said that "The Last Jedi" won't be a TESB remake, but if in the movie you put:
- a cold planet with snow and ice where is situated the Resistance base
- quadruped walkers ready for a pitched battle
- a master Jedi who teaches to the main character
- an ugly old man as Emperor-like
- a probable plot twist
I don't belive you so much.

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Thank you. Where I can find the links for the repo?
Alundaio []: and if you want to balance them to R7, you'll need to look at the repo
Alundaio []: adding new outfitt sections and icons shouldn't have problems when R7 comes out
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Thank you
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay
Alundaio []: I told you already, asking it again in a different way doesn't change my answer
Darryl []: I love Mel Brookes movies
Darryl []: Porgs are
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: fuck man no answer I don't do anything
Darryl []: Like the scene of the AT-M6's
Darryl []: Some of the CGI doesn't look as good as TFA
Darryl []: I hope this trailer is made from pre-finished footage
Alundaio []: star wars is dead
Alundaio []: to sell toys
Alundaio []: they putting too much cutesie shit in
Darryl []: No I agree they are cool looking, but they just feel more like something from a traditional fantasy setting more than scifi
Darryl []:
Darryl []: They look too fantasy to me, obviously meant to be TLJ's tauntauns though
Alundaio []: yeah I saw comments of people thinking they were cool but they look like something straight out of Dungeons and Dragons
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio: So what I found in repo, I can use it, make my addon compatible to it, and when you release the R7 verison, no problem, and going to be work with that fine?
Darryl []: Those ice wolf things look out of place though
Alundaio []: Adam Savage's costume looks more believable
Darryl []: Maybe he swims around on the island planet luke is on
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That's why what I know sadly Nour.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: He has his first bath since 1977
Nuor []: Nothing is 100% sure
Alundaio []: like a cosplay costume
Alundaio []: yeah chewie is another issue I have. He looks too clean and new
Darryl []: at 1:30
Darryl []: Also I swear you can see the actor's head inside chewie's mouth when he roars in that trailer
Alundaio []: It's like they threw character development in the old movies out the window
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So you saying, IF I'm download files from repo and making my addon compatible for that, that is going to be fully compatible with the R7 version? This is 100% sure, and no ther changes has going to happen?
Darryl []: Oh hey Obi
Darryl []: Luke Skywalker, played by Tommy Wiseau
Alundaio []: Luke would not make the same mistakes that Qui-gon, Yoda and Obi-wan made
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: "Wahh I'm not going to train you rey you too powerful, wahhhh!"
Darryl []: Night, Riot
Darryl []: Just something about the tone of his voice sounds makes him sound like he's lost his marbles
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Good night guys, but befor I go, I need to make sure about that thing Alundaio:
Darryl []: I don't know about that, Luke seemed kinda unhinged to me
Darryl []: I hope Gwendelyn gets more screentime, she's a great actress
Alundaio []: Writers are retarded and dont' know how to treat the old characters
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Alundaio []: I don't think I'll like ep 8 because already they made Luke a whiny little bitch again like he was in the original trilogy until he became a man in return of the jedi.
Darryl []:
Darryl []: That scene of Phasma with all the electrical sparks flying over her helmet was badass though
Alundaio []: two things I didn't like about ep 7 were the new death star and orange yoda
Alundaio []: good
Darryl []: Maza Katana or w/e its name is
Darryl []: I just noticed, the new star wars trailer doesnt have that yoda knock-off in it
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So, you need some laser guns to payback ?
Alundaio []: I'm being hunted by imperial drones
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Why bots are looking for this website Alundaio?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Darryl! That woman is a bit old ! I hopefully your taste about womens are much better than this joke!
Nuor []: I don't mean remove upgrades! I mean remove an installed upgrade
Darryl []: pls no
Darryl []: Yeah, just remove upgrades from the weapon's ltx
Alundaio []: darryl got the hots
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: So can it be arranged to have upgrades be removed?
Alundaio []: hahahahaha
Darryl []: this one
Darryl []:
Darryl []: nonononono not THAT mary miller
Nuor []: Mary Miller is MY mothers age but then I always had a fondness for Deanna Durbin ;p
Undead []: Yes but first I need to impress Gin with my super international knowledge
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But you know: Vodka is universal! ;)
Darryl []: I thought you was going to bed gayboy
Undead []: A nevem
Undead []: Magyar, Zsófia
Undead []: I only know like two hungarian words and a name
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I like sometimes the wilderness of the hill. Of course, in limited heights. ;)
Undead []: Only your babushka)
Undead []: Shut up cyka
Darryl []: I genuinely downloaded that movie because she was in it
Darryl []: I have mary miller fever right now
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: XD
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: darryl has the jungle fever
Darryl []: You just have a thing for babushkas
Undead []: Hah, right. I prefer slav
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Swedish girls be with you
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Good night
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Be alive Undead.
Undead []: )))))) hun
Darryl []: Night sasha
Darryl []: yeah*
Darryl []: Repo is the most up to date configs and scripts, yeha
Undead []: Ima head to bed good night outfit and encyclopedia guys
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (.....?)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: Good Picture about Sidor, congrat. Do you know: several days ago a Stalker mod has been released: Sidarovich Fury Unleashed
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That files are the release versions? No changes?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So, you saying if I download the right files from repo, and I'm going to write my addon to that, it's probably going to work my addon fine?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Practically pixel perfect
Darryl []: whadayathink
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Taken me about 15 mins but my super-duper pedanticism has perfected the article spacing
Alundaio []: or equipmenet icon sheet
Alundaio []: and probably won't change upgrade icon sheet
Alundaio []: It would work with R7, there is no restructuring. Just balance to the values on the dev repo
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So , anybody please: If I make my addon to work with R6, it's going to be obselete and incompatible with the R7 update?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I can make my addon to work with the latest R6, but someone is said the fact, if I make my addon to work with the R6, when the R7 came out, my addon is not going to work with that.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Because I don't know how much changes is coming if the R7 released.
Undead []: ah
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm not doing anything with ROA, I'm waiting to the R7 version.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But I'm doing nothing about ROA ( Riot_Gin's Outfit Addon), I'm working on an NPC addon to coc ( no special characters, just stalkers from different factions walking around like a normal stalkers and do what normal stalkers are do).
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I have ideas about which helmet I want to import.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: This texture is not in the COC actually. It's from another mod.
Undead []: unless it's going in your addon
Undead []: I think the current Freedom ones are fine
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ( Oh yeah, copy copy copy )
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Undead []: At least not last time I checked
Undead []: and inheriting from each other is something I don't think outfits in CoC do
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Yes, I agree: It's more likely a reinforced version of the Normal gas mask.
Undead []: even if it has identical stats, because it's as simple as inheriting the normal gas masks in the ltx
Undead []: Well, if Dutiers wear different gas masks, I think there should be a unique item representing that
Undead []: Sorry, missed the message
Undead []: ah
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Undead: What do you mean?
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: I'm observing
Darryl []: You're quiet, Alun
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Undead: ?
Undead []: Outfits are outfits
Undead []: If that's what Balathruin's said before, I disagree
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: xD
Undead []: ;)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh, you little horny ....
Darryl []:
Undead []: I know, but "hun" has a different meaning in English too.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Undead: Hun means Hungarian. Other of that: Merc Sunrise Suit icon made by VodkaChicken.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Yes, this is a different thing, just please guys, do not destroy the COC. It's a very good thing, I'm glad to play with it, and I'm glad and happy about the fact you guys working on it, and do what need to do.
Undead []: That did not come out right
Undead []: "hun"
Darryl []: Make your addon like you want it to be, Hun
Undead []: For the merc sunrise
Undead []: I didn't even make the outfit icon xd
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm not going to Veto anything about the development of the Call of Chernobyl, but I don't want to be destroyed by multiple bullshit bombs.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Good to see the completed nimble article. Hopefully he is 100% Nimble - Nimble with the special ability to be Nimble.
Back In my case: I agree, I'm not different than Vodka Chicken or Sasha Red. I made this type of outfits too in my addon. But I'm not going to make this things infinite amount of piece, and etc. I'm going to stay in the "unique" line, and my NPC mod is going to be complete soon.

Darryl []: I think I will put the checkbox on the left instead though
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Finally!
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: When in the past talking about outfits with Balathruin, he said "do not create outfits, which is just a copy + paste + another camouflage + 1-2 % or max 5% different than the others" And here we are, we are arrived to the Mercenary Sunrise Suit.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I Explain
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I think I know what's going on here
Darryl []: Faction themeing isn't a bad thing, but most of the outfits have their own unique balances anyway depending on faction
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: The Import is secussfull, but the model quality is not the best.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: At Least I tried to import more Unique things ( Like RadSeva Suits)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Just one thing guys: Please don't make bullshit outfits. No copy + paste + another camouflage = same suit serve another faction.
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I accept this fact.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But yes, he created the outfit addon.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: He is a good collector like me.
Darryl []: VodkaChicken would know for certain though, he made most of the outfits
Darryl []: I don't think there's any missing bumps for outfits
Darryl []:
2C.LiryC []: afk for a while. (playing CoC build)
Darryl []: I bet after all of this image and text will be added to same coordinates :@
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Guys, any Outfit Releated things are needed? (New bumps, thm files, etc.)
2C.LiryC []: things are often harder than we thought, with xray and stalker.
Darryl []: Proving harder to do than I thought
Darryl []: Just trying to add an option to flip text and image around in the article atm
Darryl []: Not yet, will "soon"
2C.LiryC []: Don't Forester have his entry in the encyclopedia ? I didn't seen it even if I've met him.
Darryl []: Hey 2C
2C.LiryC []: Hi all
Darryl []: Yo Alun
Darryl []: Must be all in engine
Darryl []: I was poking around earlier this week to make enter key on numpad work on main menu but script didnt seem to exist
Darryl []: Honestly don't have a clue
Nuor []: nope
Nuor []: actor menu?
Darryl []: Could be like the native pda tabs which are hardcoded into engine somewhere
Darryl []: Configs will be, not sure about scripts
Nuor []: that ui has to be laid out in some script somewhere
Darryl []: I know the upgrade ui shares the same texture as player inventory though I think
Darryl []: You can disable all upgrades for a gun by just not giving it any in the weapon section
Darryl []: Not sure about the ui itself, but the configs what what upgrades etc. show up are in configs/weapons/upgrades
Nuor []: when you talk to a mech
Darryl []: What ui are we talking about?
Nuor []: so where is upgrade ui?
Darryl []: Forgot I had raw configs in gamedata still
Darryl []: I've been trying to puzzle out why a ui change wasnt working for encylopedia
Darryl []: argh im so stupid
Nuor []: I've been playing with it for a while now so I'm somewhat used to the clutter ;p
Nuor []: I know players like it but it is just too much stuff for my taste.
Darryl []: For now I mean
Darryl []: I might just re-port stcop
Darryl []: I don't know if I can be bothered right now though
Nuor []: hmm I guess upgrade is added to weapon netpacket by engine.
Darryl []: The configs are fine, but assets need a lot of work
Darryl []: I'm thinking of redoing a lot of CWP
Nuor []: increases*
Nuor []: then have real changes exchange a barrel an it increases accurracy and damage but increades weight and decreases handling.
Nuor []: I bet we could make upgrades removable easily enough
Nuor []: aug should have fully interchangable barrels, ar family should have all kinds of interchangeable crap.
Nuor []: cwp upgrade tree's need rewrites aug and sig and hk416 shouldn't be using the same upgrades.
Darryl []: About twice the size iirc
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: If I remember right, Borovos merge-Dark Valley is bigger than the current one
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: It's good to hear.
Darryl []: Borovos was merging parts of the old versions
Darryl []: Old build maps =/= Lost Alpha's maps
Darryl []: Yeah that's not Lost Alpha's Dark Valley
Darryl []:

You or someone posted a picture about that map has been going to be replace the current Dark Valley

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: DC is bigger in LA than the current in COC?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: DS is realy long in the current version too.
Bangalore []: Dead City and DarkScape
SadBlackFox []: Dead City и Darkscape
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What mean DC and DS?
Bangalore []: DC is too small, DS is too long
Bangalore []: DC is done for only on scene, Strlok escapes from merc hq, and DS was created for one hlei vs car scene
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Weakest? Why?
Bangalore []: Dead City and Darkscape are the weakest part of the mappack
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Wow, Bigger locations? Sounds like fun.
Bangalore []: the only LA maps i would like to see in CoC are Dead City, Darkscape and Jupiter undergound (pripyat ug in LA), because these are extended versions of our maps, and i liked tha labírinth part of pripyat ug
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: You or someone posted a picture about that map has been going to be replace the current Dark Valley
Bangalore []: never
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: L.A Dark Valley Import?
Bangalore []: more maps will be closed to the north
SadBlackFox []: Is not it?)
SadBlackFox []: At the moment, in the mode of the story line, some of the locations are closed to the player by the brain burner.
Bangalore []: and underground labs will be closed until players open them with quests
Bangalore []: well, brain scorcher will close some maps to a certain point of the story
SadBlackFox []: In the storyline, you always have to sacrifice something.
Bangalore []: i don't want to close maps like in LA, when level changers did not work mwith messages like "road closed because of blowout damages"
SadBlackFox []: I see no reason to refuse.
Bangalore []: we have 32 maps
Bangalore []: for 18 maps
Bangalore []: no, because it's done with a certain set of maps
SadBlackFox []: I thought you wanted to completely restore the SoC storyline
Bangalore []: i would use quests from SOC, CS and COP
Bangalore []: @SBF: i read appro, maybe i misunderstand what ppl are talking there, but i don't want to remake SOC story
Darryl []: brb
Bangalore []: but making a story is just far future, maybe i can never finish it
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: HOW DARE YOU
Bangalore []: well, i could make a story as an addon
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: sorry i made it miserable for you
Bangalore []: yep
Bangalore []: also all weapon armory ius closed with gates, but they can force opened by weapons
Darryl []: The three grenades in the cupboard too!
Darryl []: That was the easiest bandit start
Darryl []: I wondered why my cordon ak74u vanished
Darryl []: Oh so it was you!
SadBlackFox []: But those who play, or just make mod assemblies - on the contrary want to see the SoC storyline in CoC
Bangalore []: doesn't
Bangalore []: deosn't
Bangalore []: Tejas even soesn'T want to play CoC 1.5, because i removed ammo and weaponf from maps, which is in their opinion, Misery style gameplay
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: and if we remove things, the other half of ppl wants to kill us
SadBlackFox []: Just some people find it more convenient to take a pure CoC, without a story mode, and immediately do what they want.
Bangalore []: there is little to no effort to remove things from sdk or gamedata
Bangalore []: i don'T know why are these things disturb some ppl so much
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: How's going the R7 update development?
SadBlackFox []: In the SDK, I also saw garbage from CoP or CS, but I have not run the SDK for a long time.
Bangalore []: i would reuse COP story, so it's not a good idea
Darryl []: They keep complaining about game-modes not being addons because they can't figure out how to turn them off
Darryl []: I didn't see anything posted in chat anyway
Bangalore []: so you want CoC completely cleaned up from COP story stuff?
Darryl []: I didn't know there was a video?
SadBlackFox []: They are too high opinion about what they are doing. I can create a couple of quests or transfer partics, and I, but they consider it a great job.
Darryl []: Not me, I can't post there anymore since ip range was banned
SadBlackFox []: LR - shit
Bangalore []: anyone, who from this chat posted my SOC questline test video in /vg/ 4chan, it was not really intended to share public yet
Darryl []: Legend Returns
Darryl []: It's a russian mod
Darryl []: Yeah I can't think of the name, it looks awesome though
SadBlackFox []: " readds stuff from oblivion lost"?
Darryl []: But apparently it's story mode holding them back
Darryl []: That other mod which readds stuff from oblivion lost is probably the most original, expanding and adding to the levels
Darryl []: CoM is a misery remake with a few extra features, Stason's repacks are glorified mod merges
Darryl []: It's true though
Darryl []: They'd rather complain about it and tell him to remove it than actually come up with something else
SadBlackFox []: Too emotional.
Darryl []: It might not be the most in-depth, but it's a damn sight more than anybody else has bothered to do since the mod released
Darryl []: If Yoda didn't add a story to CoC then literally nobody else would have at this point
Darryl []: Really makes you think
Darryl []: Yet these same people say it's too bothersome to remove story elements
Darryl []: It's been 2 years and 14 days since 1.2 released, longer including the leak, and all that people want to build on it is misery merges and repacks with tons of other addons pumped into them
Darryl []: on their part*
Darryl []: And yet there has been no effort made to remove them
SadBlackFox []: I periodically receive reports with complaints that in CoC a lot of old configs from CoP
Darryl []: How long does it take for them to write a story, then create all the configs, spawns, scripts, logics etc. compared to disabling and removing a small, pre-existing one?
SadBlackFox []: If Bangalore transfers the SoC storyline, then there will be even more work to clean up.
Darryl []: They only complain about it being an effort to remove CoC's story instead
Darryl []: There still is story junk from CoP in CoC and nobody complains
Darryl []: We've had tons of CoP story shit left in configs since 1.2 and nobody complains
Darryl []: Not really
SadBlackFox []: Hundreds of configs
Darryl []: It's just laziness for not wanting to bother to do it
Darryl []: It's literally a non-argument, any knowledge they need put in to create a story would be more than enough to remove a few configs, scripts and spawns
Darryl []: wtf
SadBlackFox []: Game modes are easy to turn off, yes.
Darryl []: So they have the effort to write, script and set up an entire story but don't know how to remove one?
SadBlackFox []: But for those who want to make a story mode, you have to cut everything, not just turn it off.
Darryl []: Same for survival mode, it just alters squads in scripts
Darryl []: Azazel and Ironman modes can be effectively removed by hiding the UI button as there's no way to otherwise use them without changes to the scripts
Darryl []: Just giving that to the player would be enough as a placeholder until it could be removed properly
Darryl []: Virtually every story element only enables with the storymode_disabled info or w/e it's called
Darryl []: It literally is though
SadBlackFox []: The storyline is not so easy to cut. So far, there is a code from the CoP storyline.
Darryl []: It's pointless to strip parts of the mod out that can be turned off with 5 seconds of work
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Little bit strange, but it seems to be a modified Dynamic Helmet Mod
Undead []: ah
SadBlackFox []: modified SoC
SadBlackFox []: no
Undead []: Это CoC?
SadBlackFox []:
Bangalore []: yep, maybe both
SadBlackFox []: Similar to xStream
SadBlackFox []: Maybe it's men
Bangalore []: probably fuckable female androids, who knows
SadBlackFox []: I'm sure these are fictitious names
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Bangalore []: Lola and Emma, these are so suspicious names
Bangalore []: woohoo, dropbox ban is lifted
Bangalore []: Lola, Oct 3, 3:47 AM PDT:

Thank you for reaching out about this.

We've lifted the ban on your account, so you should not have any issues with shared links going forward.

If you need anything else, please let me know.


-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Can anyone tell me about the Development status about the next Call of Chernobyl update? Circa how much % ready?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Congrat!
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Looks like someone have an additional job.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Wow
SadBlackFox []: lol
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Kylo: I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: night
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Good night
Nuor []: hey fox I'm off to sleep night all.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: xD
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Nuor []: he's so happy
SadBlackFox []: Oh my God
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF:
Nuor []: there is an example that takes the top 1/3 damage weapons basically the lapua .338 calibres and the gauss in cwp and weights damage above 2/3 of max at only 0.25 for purpose of the bar.
Nuor []: local big_threshold = max_hit_power_value * 0.666
if hit_power > big_threshold then
hit_power = big_threshold + ((hit_power - big_threshold) * 0.25)
return normalize (hit_power, min_hit_power_value, big_threshold + ((max_hit_power_value - big_threshold ) * 0.25 ))

Nuor []: actually I have a couple of weapon class items I should exclude that knock the min down to near 0 anyway.
Nuor []: or some low value
Nuor []: other option is to have 0
Nuor []: or pm
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: and show nothing on bar?
Alundaio []: won't min be wpn_pb
Nuor []: local hit_min = GetMin (section,"hit_power")
if (hit_min < min_hit_power_value) then
min_hit_power_value = hit_min

Nuor []: function GetMin (wpn_section,prop)
local total = read_float (wpn_section, nil, prop)
return total

Nuor []: I adjust my min value for hit and the bar is much better looking 5.56 takes up about 1/3 of bar
Alundaio []: SVanT
Alundaio []: Anything with SOUND_TYPE_WEAPON_SHOOTING
Nuor []: what qualifies as an attack sound?
Alundaio []: that means I need a way to remove stuff from npc memory too
Alundaio []: Now that I think about it, attack sound is probably being re-added over and over because it's still in memory
Alundaio []: Then no more stupid npcs
Alundaio []: then* here
Alundaio []: I'm in the process of exporting a CDangerManager__on_before_add function. There here I can do the danger_in_radius check and relation check. Hopefully that should solve it.
Nuor []: if i tsays ignore distant danger sound than look at next best one. If all say ignore then ignore.
Alundaio []: Yeah, exactly
Nuor []: yeah Why not react to danger that actually triggers danger as opposed to a higher priority danger type that ignores it.
Alundaio []: ricochet has lower priority then attack sound. This might seem okay in some situations, but say in the situation where you fire a sniper shot at bandit, it hits ground, richochet danger is created, but also then attack sound is created. Attack sound has higher priority, but the xr_danger script says do not react to attack sound if it's a certain distance away. They will not react to bullet ricochet, even with the new remove_danger I added.
Alundaio []: Which you can see, will lead to danger being overriden
Alundaio []: which danger object is returned by best_danger() is determined by that priority case
Alundaio []: okay say a sound is entered into npc memory. Then it tries to add it as a danger object. If it's a SOUND_TYPE_BULLET_HIT sound, it will be added as type ricochet. If they visually see a dead body and it's entered into visual memory, it's added as type corpse. If they are shot, it's entered into hit memory and added as danger object with type attacked
Nuor []: I don't think I've seen case used in something in 30 years
Alundaio []: I can tell you how danger works rela quick
Alundaio []: lower is priority
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: aren't dangers evaluated individually?
Alundaio []: There is actually a hardcoded priority to danger
Alundaio []: Bandits ignored my bullet richochet because attack sound overridden it and I'm too far away for attack sound
Alundaio []: because I still see ocassions where danger is ignored because the priority danger was evaluated to be false
Alundaio []: some things should be evaluated before it's added, like distance for example
Nuor []: danger seems better to me. I usually get npc attention if I shoot at one.
Alundaio []: Im still not happy with the danger. I need to export before it's even added to be able to deal with it properly
Nuor []: I guess you could have the comparison window use the ammo type of the slotted weapon. but which weapon is compared and when is a bit odd.
Nuor []: I have some difficulty visualizing what would look good.
Nuor []: there is some flexibilty with those layouts
Nuor []: each maybe 2/3 other bar height.
Nuor []: I'm talking about increasing it's background height and having 2 progress bars.
Alundaio []: not really
Nuor []: can damage bar just be widened with 2 seperate sets of markers?
Alundaio []: okay two damage bars one for unarmored one vs exo and it uses ammo type in weapon.
Alundaio []: peace
Alundaio []: only 3 more hours
Nuor []: night darryl
Alundaio []: You can't see sleep until you see trailer
Darryl []: Night
Alundaio []: or actually it wouldn't solve it, need a way to compare unarmored vs armored
Nuor []: I guess an imagine ideal target wouldn't be any more arbitrary than the current one against unarmored target.
Alundaio []: so a damage bar for each ammo type with hit power calculated towards a fake target would probably solve what you are asking
Nuor []: that's true
Alundaio []: the UI only passes section not id, so it would be hard to get exact ammo the weapon is using
Alundaio []: A damage bar for each ammo type
Nuor []: of course the ap ammo's aren't even displayed as things stand. which could be fixed with a check of loaded ammo type.
Nuor []: I thought of something like exo|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| if ap exceeded exo ap but they differ
Alundaio []: I get it. I just don't think it's the right place for it in the damage bar
Nuor []: k_ap matter alot just look at that table i posted earlier. It is just very dependant on opponent.
Alundaio []: x15 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Alundaio []: Or maybe buckshot can be shown as just a multiplier on the UI
Nuor []: what I had before was 75% of bar showed damage up to say 50% of max the the last 25% of bar showed the last 50%. there were very few weapons that fell into that last 50%.
Alundaio []: The in-game weapons, not real weapons I'm talking about
Alundaio []: but then it will unrealistically show that shotguns are the weakest weapons
Nuor []: there are more differences in damage with barrel length than you might expect.
Alundaio []: if you wan tto move rifles up just remove buckshot multiplier
Alundaio []: in terms of damage I mean
Alundaio []: the only differences are the ammo
Alundaio []: the problem is that all weapons are pretty much the same with very few differences
Nuor []: just personal preference in my case
Alundaio []: why does it matter if that is in direct center of bar as opposed to the lower 1/3 portion
Nuor []: I never thought of a reasonable way to display ap.
Nuor []: they can be compared now because of the % displays. It just prefer a bar that has the median of weapons fall closer to the middle.
Alundaio []: Really the UI needs a comparison window for both ammos
Alundaio []: easy to see, easy to compare
Alundaio []: there are like 3% difference between each gun in base
Nuor []: most used used weapons are crowded down in the last 10% or 15% of the bar.
Alundaio []: It's the truth to state that shotguns are more powerful then rifles. Damage comparison is not the place to reflect the weapons ammo's armor piercing qualities.
Alundaio []: I don't see how it hides info
Nuor []: even if it is accurate it hides info for the bulk of weapons.
Alundaio []: I don't see anything wrong with that
Nuor []: damage bar is still crowded down at the low end
Alundaio []: stop smoking the reefer son
Darryl []: 1:34 is amazing
Darryl []:
Darryl []: So I have to comment everything so I remember what this thingy and that thingy does
Darryl []: Then when I have to fix it I think "what the hell does any of this do"
Darryl []: Well I write something and forget about it usually
Alundaio []: yeah you said that too before
Darryl []:
Darryl []:

Alundaio [5:22 AM]:
why does the cantina music not play at 100 rads?

where do you always find this crazy stuff

Darryl []: Oh right
Alundaio []: I mean the ones in your scripts
Darryl []: Did I already say this?
Alundaio []: lol darryl the amount of times you reword your comments is amusing.
Darryl []: Why does 100 rads not have the cantina song as a rare music choice?
Darryl []: Hey Alun
Darryl []: I sent a friends request, maybe i can stop giving him a heart attack with my constant rewrites
Darryl []: Oh he is on moddb
Alundaio []: av661194
Darryl []: he's not on moddb, forums or anything
Darryl []: it's funny i know the guy you are talking about but have no idea why i know his name
Darryl []:
Darryl []: he must be a robot
Darryl []: god damn
Alundaio []: he even already translated the cc texts by sashared
Alundaio []: av2388239238923 or whatever his name is seems on the ball
Darryl []: I have a couple changes to traits to make for balath's rebalances but that's it
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: weirdo
Alundaio []: done touching mutants?
Darryl []: At least I'm done touching mutants and the characters I've done so far I think
Darryl []: Man I feel sorry for the unfortunate guys who have to translate my encyclopedia
Darryl []: Bad reviews, but very fun to watch
Darryl []: Pandorum was a good movie
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @VodkaChicken: Perkele
Darryl []: '
Darryl []: some crappy b movie they reviewed
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: whatta hell of a fuck is that
Darryl []: hnng
Darryl []:
Darryl []: god bless rlm's wheel of the worst for introducing me to mary miller
Alundaio []: hmm even if you put the slowdown flag and add friction to material in the gamemtl.xr it doesn't slow down player. Water it looks like already has these flags and it doesn't slow down player.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Here some picture, What I suggest to use in PDA wiki

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Wow. It's look good. When I hear the "Catepillar" I thinked first on CAT work machines.
Alundaio []: Never knew these existed
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: it justs makes the mesh look wide
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But If you tell me please, why is important, that would be great.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: By the way, that FOV is basic in mesh tool, I don't change that, and I don't know why I need to change that FOV.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Alun is working with you guys. He doesn't help or update any of his work in the Riot_Gin's Outfit Addon.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: oh
Alundaio []:
Undead []: ;)
Undead []: I am the best stalker
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Qui-Gon? What do you mean?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I don't know where is Balathruin
Alundaio []: I deleted my list except family
Darryl []: sasha wanted to add me the other day too
Darryl []: dunno, everyone always seems to add me
Alundaio []: how do you always have everyone on steam
Darryl []: hasnt been on for 2 days on steam for me
Alundaio []: Is balathruin gone forever? He put (last) next to his changes in the log and hasn't been seen in 2 days
Alundaio []: Qui-Gon "Riot" Gin variation addon
Undead []: Heck yeah.
Alundaio []: man that fov in mesh tool is looooow
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Pirunvirsi []: setting the in-game clock to a certain time
Alundaio []: teamepic subforum bangalore posted about it
Darryl []: that's that sorted
Darryl []: there's a time machine in limansk
Alundaio []: time travel
Darryl []: not sure how it would all link together though
Darryl []: would be kinda cool to have a soc -> cs -> cop story
Alundaio []: experience soc without the bugs
Alundaio []: Imagine playing all main story quests in coc
Undead []: D:
Undead []: me too
Darryl []: D:
Alundaio []: dun dun dun
Alundaio []: or dead
Alundaio []: you'll be asleep though
Alundaio []: sooner then 10 hours
Alundaio []: Oh it will be on at half-time of monday night football
Darryl []: Very late in the day though if it is
Darryl []: It will be tomorrow for me, probably today for you
Alundaio []: basically tomorrow then
Darryl []:
Darryl []: minus 2 minutes
Darryl []: 10hrs from now
Darryl []: 7AM GMT whenever that is in America
Alundaio []: ep 8 trailer suppose to drop today or tomorrow?
Alundaio []: Their fluoride in your drinking water making you impotent. Go on to my website and buy my dick pills
Darryl []: your choices are either blurry/lossy ui sprites or have them in stupidly huge filesizes for what they are
Darryl []: yeah png would be real useful for ui
Alundaio []: GSC probably should have used different file types for different things. DDS for meshes, png for UI
Pirunvirsi []: 24-bit if you don't care about the alphas then
Darryl []: I don't really need to preserve alphas so that saves space
Pirunvirsi []: if it needs to be outside then just use 32-bit png and that's all
Darryl []: I'll just save in dxt1 or something for release and keep rgb8 in repo
Darryl []: Just asking cause the file size has an effect on the article load times where it has to load the texture to get the images
Pirunvirsi []: oh lol
Alundaio []: probably just use png or tga
Darryl []: uh to store files
Pirunvirsi []: what about intel's BC7 but that needs in-engine support
Alundaio []: compression is sort of the point of dds
Alundaio []: you mean to be in game or just to store your files
Pirunvirsi []: oh wait, no megahuge filesize
Pirunvirsi []: A8R8G8B8?
Darryl []: yeah but he's funny in a crazy way
Alundaio []: you know there are actually people who take this guy seriously
Darryl []: Is there a lossless dds format which isnt megahuge filesize?
Alundaio []: I'm Alex Jones
Darryl []: @Alundaio

Pirunvirsi []: and if google won't fix the main issues with the new design then nobody will
Undead []: The layout is too wide for me. I like how everything is more centered in the old one
Undead []: dammit
Pirunvirsi []: yes you can but that doesn't solve the problem, especially since the old layout is about to get deprecated soon
Undead []: It's somewhere in the menu that appears if you click your profile pic
Undead []: You can revert to the old layout
Darryl []: sometimes i have to refresh the video just to see the comments
Darryl []: oh yeah dont remind me
Pirunvirsi []: you gotta wait a minute or two until the comments even pop up on the screen
Pirunvirsi []: not to mention the fucking comments delay the new layout introduces
Darryl []: even porn sites have better video players
Darryl []: but this new youtube player sucks major balls
Darryl []: man i dont know what google did
Pirunvirsi []: majestic
Darryl []: wut
Alundaio []: just use this
Tomasm21 []: comand and conquer type music mixed with Lenin speech
Tomasm21 []: cool track stalker_trailer04. Add to coc with next patch.
Pirunvirsi []: the main uploads are even by reznor himself
Pirunvirsi []: and if you aren't sure about the copyright stuff,"Nine+Inch+Nails"&and[]=mediatype%3A"audio"&sort=-downloads
Pirunvirsi []: it's all stems of their songs
Pirunvirsi []: open-sourced stuff from nine inch nails
Pirunvirsi []:
Pirunvirsi []: use anything from there
VodkaChicken []: just use red alert hell march
Darryl []:
Darryl []: "Intro Part II" reminds me of the mercenaries 1 playground of desctruction themesong
Darryl []:
Alundaio []:
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: I swear that sounds like command and conquer music lol
Darryl []: from this ^
Darryl []:
Darryl []: 0:25 onward i see a lot of potential in
Pirunvirsi []: you should use drone samples from nine inch nails
Darryl []: found it
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: hello
Darryl []: the game, not the mod
Darryl []: funnily enough it was a track used for oblivion lost trailers
Darryl []: i found the perfect song for a 1.5 trailer
Darryl []: wazup
Pirunvirsi []: weird chat
code snippets aren't safe from accidental formatting

Nuor []: out for a while
Tomasm21 []: mmm. lol
Alundaio []: lol it's the chat messing up the code by inserting smiley
Tomasm21 []: Is 'r_string_e[img]' an array value? is 'img' index?
Nuor []: bah I misse done
Nuor []: if (param == "hit_power") then
local ammo_section = parse_names (ltx:r_string_e[img][/img]wpn_section,"ammo_class" )) [1 ] or ""
res = res * ltx:r_float_ex (ammo_section,"k_hit",0.5 ) * ltx:r_float_ex (ammo_section,"buck_shot",1) + (0.1 * ltx:r_float_ex (ammo_section,"k_ap",0.3))
local val = param == "control_inertion_factor" and 1 or ltx:r_float_ex (wpn_section, param) or 0
res = res + val

Alundaio []: I can change to r_list
Nuor []: thanks
Nuor []: why are you using parse_names instead of read_list
Alundaio []: and use code tag
Alundaio []: You have to put spaces where it will create smileys
Nuor []: I had that in two places
Nuor []: bah how you posting code snippets?
Nuor []: if (param == "hit_power") then
local t = parse_names(ltx:r_string_e[img][/img]wpn_section,"hit_power") or "")
res = tonumber(t[gd] or t[1]) or 0
-- else
-- res = ltx:r_float_e[img][/img]wpn_section, param) or 0

Nuor []: I found the reason
Nuor []: all in my inventory groza, ak12, hk416, m16a2
Nuor []: that means i broke something
Alundaio []: which weapon you specifically looking at
Alundaio []: Fire Rate shows fine for me
Nuor []: comparison always shows +0 and full bar
Nuor []: UI bar
Alundaio []: comparison
Alundaio []: or do you mean in UI?
Alundaio []: That's what it should look like now
Alundaio []:
elseif (name == "prop_rpm") then
local val = sysini:r_float_ex (section_table[i],"rpm",0)
sum = sum + val

Alundaio []: elseif (name == "prop_rpm") then
local val = sysini:r_float_e[img][/img]section_table[i],"rpm",0)
sum = sum + val

Nuor []: print_table looks ok now
Nuor []: I set it 0,1200 it didn't change.
Nuor []: still getting invalid rpm
Nuor []: I kinda had wondered yesterday why you hadn't explicity declared that before using it.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: it's because node is missing local
Nuor []: in read_float
Nuor []: if upgr_sections and upgr_sections ~= "" then
local upgrades = parse_names(upgr_sections)
for i, sect in ipairs(upgrades) do
if param == "hit_power" then
local t = parse_names(ltx:r_string_esect,param) or "")
res = res + (tonumber(t[gd] or t[1]) or 0)
res = res + (ltx:r_float_esect,param) or 0)

Nuor []: alun_utils.print_table?
Alundaio []: can I see how you printing this?
Alundaio []: well put printfs in there for element, section and effects and it should show where it happens
Nuor []: it looks like overflow from previous table. it happens elsewhere also
Nuor []: I see no mentionof it in the colt1911 upgrade file
Nuor []: why the toz34 entries?
Alundaio []: those are right, who ever made this weapon addon reused upgrades for colt
Alundaio []: in tt3 section
Alundaio []: upgrades = up_gr_firstab_colt1911, up_gr_seconab_colt1911, up_gr_thirdab_colt1911, up_gr_fourtab_colt1911, up_gr_fifthab_colt1911
Nuor []: I don't see those entries in the upgrade files
Nuor []: look at line 5378 for example
Alundaio []: then it's the upgrades themselves that are wrong
Nuor []: sections from the wrong file as if there was some kind of overflow
Alundaio []: which are invalid
Nuor []: some of the tables have invalid sections
Alundaio []: Those are right
Nuor []: I posted the complete output now
Nuor []: some odd values that is print_table of upgrades values in wpn_params
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: @Bangalore: I'm aware of this repo but not, it's not really that good. I don't think they know what they doing. THey just taking stuff from everywhere and their x64 is busted
Alundaio []:

method 'remove_danger' (a nil value)

means you are missing the updated bins

Nuor []: hmm the upgrades table isn't what I would expect
Alundaio []: means you are missing the updated bins
Nuor []: it shouldn't so maybe it is something else.
Undead []: yeah
Nuor []: return utils.clamp(d,0,100) that in normalize mucks up rpm
Darryl []: I had that too. Was fine on a new save though.
Undead []: [error]Expression :
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_pcall_failed
[error]File : ..\xrServerEntities\script_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 204
[error]Description : fatal error
[error]Arguments : LUA error: ...e.r. call of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\xr_danger.script:246: attempt to call method 'remove_danger' (a nil value)

Undead []: @Alundaio got this when loading a save with the newest commits
Darryl []: Should be much more responsive and less delayed by loading of text and images now
Darryl []: Made some much needed optimisations to the guide interface tab
Bangalore []:
Bangalore []: @Alun: is it something worthy of attention?
Nuor []: also rpm shows the same for everything for me.
Nuor []: I think damage bar needs to be like I had it earlier with basically 75% showing variation range in most weapons and the last 25% for big damage otherwise everything is crowed down at the low end.
Nuor []: ! VERIFY_FAILED: sound_memory_manager.cpp[456] {CSoundMemoryManager::load} Device.dwTimeGlobal >= object.m_level_time
! VERIFY_FAILED: sound_memory_manager.cpp[461] {CSoundMemoryManager::load} Device.dwTimeGlobal >= object.m_last_level_time
! VERIFY_FAILED: sound_memory_manager.cpp[456] {CSoundMemoryManager::load} Device.dwTimeGlobal >= object.m_level_time
! VERIFY_FAILED: sound_memory_manager.cpp[461] {CSoundMemoryManager::load} Device.dwTimeGlobal >= object.m_last_level_time

Nuor []: I hope those while loops aren't going to get crazy on you
Alundaio []: GetMaxPotential will work with any param, not just hit power
Alundaio []: yeah only installed upgrades, but I pushed commit that does it
Nuor []: hmm I guess that is for specific object
Nuor []: local add = 0
local function itr(section,obj)
local sect = sys_ini:r_string_esection, "section")
add = sect and sys_ini:r_float_esect,"ammo_mag_size",0) + add or add

Nuor []: you wrote a engine function to get upgrades let me see if I can find it.
Alundaio []: like +100 RPM or +50 m/s
Alundaio []: okay because for RPM and bullet speed I'm just going to show the real value
Nuor []: It should be
Alundaio []: is bullet_speed in m/s?
Alundaio []: it will only result in base hit_power totals, not with ugprades
Alundaio []: no the max hit power calculation
Nuor []: you talking about upgrade param1 var?
Alundaio []: not*
Alundaio []: those are upgrade groups, so need to read elements, then need to read 'section' and 'effects' field from each one
Alundaio []: apparently that's now how you get upgrade sections
Alundaio []: seems I made a mistake with that max hit power thing
Alundaio []: yeah it would be
Nuor []: 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6
Nuor []: would be nice to have a single multiplier in defines for example that alowed you to set fractions from base instead of adding values for every weapon.
Nuor []: ah yes
Alundaio []: difficulty*
Alundaio []: y
Alundaio []: the hit_power = val, val, val ,val is game difficult
Nuor []: in what way ? you mean other than hit_probabilty?
Alundaio []: I think weapons need to make use of the game difficulty
Alundaio []: That is just the bone armor , and all AP was reduced on normal ammos to around .3 or lower. If you think actor dying too fast it's either hit_power is too high or actor hit fraction needs reduced on all outfits.
Nuor []: wider range with lower max actually
Nuor []: similar changes to npc's but they have somewhat lower hit_fractions.
Nuor []: exo top values went from 0.65+ to 0.24+
Alundaio []: lol
Alundaio []: and the bip05 not existing
Alundaio []: s16 bone_id = kinematics->LL_BoneID(i->first);
Alundaio []: there is really no check for right bone
Nuor []: much of the damage difference if huge drop in actor_* damage values with the rebalance
Alundaio []: hmm I wonder if that was causing any kind of crashes or anything
Nuor []: okay
Alundaio []: both can be in upgrade sections
Alundaio []: bones_koeff_protection_add is additive
Alundaio []: bones_koeff_protection overwrites
Nuor []: cop has a seperate file called outfit_features that is similar to damages
Alundaio []: What you mean?
Nuor []: so i am wrong no engine change was needed.
Nuor []: bu tit appears to work the same still looks to be additive
Nuor []: [set_upgrade_to_6]
bip01_pelvis = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_spine = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_spine1 = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_spine2 = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_clavicle = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_upperarm = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_forearm = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_hand = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_clavicle = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_upperarm = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_forearm = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_hand = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_thigh = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_calf = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_l_foot = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_thigh = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_calf = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_r_foot = 0.0, 0.06
bip01_neck = 0.0, 0.0
bip01_head = 0.0, 0.0
eyelid_1 = 0.0, 0.0
eye_left = 0.0, 0.0
eye_right = 0.0, 0.0
jaw_1 = 0.0, 0.0

Nuor []: values*
Nuor []: yeah unless engine changed upgrades Cop used different upgrades for bones the called seperate sections with new vales.
Alundaio []: looks like someone copy and pasted them and did rename all 01
Alundaio []: I didn't notice that before but that is DEFINITEly a mistake
Nuor []: cop uses different system in upgrades - bones_koeff_protection_add = set_upgrade_to_6
Nuor []: cop didn't use different bip0... only "...01" even for all upgrade adds.
Nuor []: won't the values overwrite if they are the same and not be recognized if different?
Nuor []: I notice the actor_body_damage_add ... have different values for body parts "bip01_ ..." vs "bip05_ ..." how does that work?
Nuor []: folks would like it - no one else has yet created a story using coc.
Alundaio []: bangalore put soc yantar and rostok quests into his CoC: It's his side project to port all story line quests. Maybe one day coc will have a new story mode
Nuor []: read the bones_koeff_protection_add values
Nuor []: If you are talking about changing the "elseif (name == "prop_armor") then ..." section of inventory_upgrades.script that might not take too much.
Alundaio []: but would require overhaul, not worth it
Alundaio []: upgrades should tell what the max potential values are and then the percent should be value towards that potential
Alundaio []: prop_armor
Alundaio []: will need to change formula for it
Alundaio []: well it's used as a dummy for inventory upgrade display
Nuor []: I guess best to remove them from upgrade files.
Alundaio []: fire_wound_protection is not used at all, when damage type is fire_wound it uses that calc in the paste bin
Nuor []: so fire_wound_protection has no value in upgrades?
Nuor []: even a pkm is only .18.
Nuor []: okay I reposted the ordered version
Nuor []: odd that didn't sort by by damage. I broke something
Nuor []: I think only the large calibre do big - damage .4 +
Alundaio []: well with that it seems like most things do around 10%
Nuor []: I just uploaded my latest ammo values
Nuor []: first column should be my current values
Nuor []:
Alundaio []: if k_ap > bonearmor then it's like you really aren't even wearing the armor
Alundaio []: and only the ap ammos is it really high
Alundaio []: If you notice the k_ap in ammo in base is only slightly lower then most of the armor
Nuor []: no
Alundaio []: are you using coc k_ap values?
Nuor []: 0.325 bones, 0.24 hit fraction
Nuor []: upgrades have all been lowered alot
Nuor []: yes, unmodded skat9m is 0.195
Nuor []: .24 is exo highest unmodded
Alundaio []: that's with all the upgrades?
Alundaio []: seems kinda low
Nuor []: 0.325 that is my modded bones value
Alundaio []: the bone koeff don't really do much accept when AP > BoneArmor
Nuor []: also 3 bones bonus 2, 5 and 6
Alundaio []: what I'm not liking is the bleed. I think it should only be for certain body parts. I don't think fmj on protected body should be making me bleed
Alundaio []: well with unupgraded skat it seemed fine to me. pistol hit did about 1/5 my health and a 3 shot burst from bandit mp5 did half my health
Nuor []: I have all upgrades available
Alundaio []: i see most you can get in base is -0.17 total
Nuor []: yes
Alundaio []: You have your own upgrades?
Alundaio []: it's there for ui purposes
Alundaio []: fire wound does nothing
Nuor []: + fire wound protections bonuses
Nuor []: lowers it up to another 0.21.
Nuor []: I have upgrades that lower it considerbly
Alundaio []: skat-9 is .55 hit frac
Alundaio []: annoying not helpful
Alundaio []: like if I search something in xrGame, then open some file in xrgame\ai\stalker. Then use search it, the path is set to ai\ itself
Alundaio []: it's appending subfolders and stuff
Nuor []: Not sure I've even used it.
Alundaio []: I swear it keeps changing by itself now instead of just staying at the directory I last had
Alundaio []: Did NPP change how search directory works?
Nuor []: I think that was recently altered
Alundaio []: m_stalker FIRE DISPERSIONS
Alundaio []: Which is reasonable
Alundaio []: [weapon_probability]
hit_probability_gd_novice = 0.3
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 0.4
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 0.5
hit_probability_gd_master = 0.6

Alundaio []: coc base is only using weapon_probability
Nuor []: so 0.80
Nuor []: I think that is what weapons are using
Nuor []: [weapon_probability_2]
hit_probability_gd_novice = 0.50
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 0.60
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 0.70
hit_probability_gd_master = 0.80

Nuor []: I don't think I'm even using balathruins juiced accuracy
Nuor []: You should test it out. I'm not the greatest player but I've played enough to recognize that I die easier.
Alundaio []: npcs are too accurate
Alundaio []: I think it's the full auto
Nuor []: more like .4
Nuor []: maybe a bit higer than that
Nuor []: like . 3 hit fraction
Nuor []: super duper skat
Alundaio []: skat?
Alundaio []: what areyou wearing?
Nuor []: It really seems like a single shot takes me to 50%
Alundaio []: now that they can "hear" again they won't need such good vision
Alundaio []: AI is rather aggressive now with the danger changes. I will need to tweak visual and sound thresholds. Perhaps going back to older values since the latests ones were adjusted when danger was broken
Nuor []: It seems I'm taking more damage per hit than I would expect bu tmaybe I'm just taking mor ehits
Nuor []: I may should write something to record individual strikes and the damage.
Alundaio []: completely*
Alundaio []: because hit prob is the chance a bullet is forced to miss you complete if it hits
Nuor []: I think that is a big part of it.
Alundaio []: I think the issue is more so that they are more accurate now and the hit prob is pretty high on master
Alundaio []: especially the higher ranked ones
Alundaio []: NPC can use AP ammo now
Nuor []: I don't remember ever taking this kind of damage with high level armor
Alundaio []: and that doesn't include damage you take from bleeding
Alundaio []: even a .2 is pretty high, means you can only get hit 5 times
Alundaio []: Yeah
Nuor []: that formula you listed
Alundaio []: those values are the modified hit power right?
Nuor []: bullet damage*
Nuor []: hey alun could those damage values I posted not be the whole story for damage?
Nuor []: michael jackson music
Alundaio []: The greatest crime George Lucas ever commited was removing this song from the original :
Alundaio []:
why does the cantina music not play at 100 rads?

where do you always find this crazy stuff

Nuor []: hey
Darryl []: hey nuor
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,
SadBlackFox []: File uploaded: build_debug.txt
Nuor []: I don't think any of them had large calibre weapons
Nuor []: column 7 is approx. my damage I don't understand why I'm taking as much as i am.
Nuor []:
Darryl []: at least the high-end ones
Darryl []: yeah outfits need a buff
Nuor []: I'm in super armor and still get pretty much destroyed by bullet fire.
SadBlackFox []:

! VERIFY_FAILED: e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrcore\_stl_extensions.h[145] {xr_vector >:perator []} _Pos < size() index is out of range: index requested[1], size of container[1]
CInifile::r_section | section is nil!
0023:00561D4F xrCore.dll, LogStackTrace()
0023:03D475C1 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()


[error]Expression :
[error]Function : invalid_parameter_handler
[error]File : xrDebugNew.cpp
[error]Line : 989
[error]Description : invalid parameter

stack trace:

0023:00562AAE xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal()
0023:00566029 xrCore.dll, CInifile::r_section()
0023:03D475C1 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()

SadBlackFox []: File uploaded: xray_______.txt
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, crash
Darryl []: why does the cantina music not play at 100 rads?
Darryl []:
Undead []: also, Forester's lines are arranged from 0 to 2 rather than 1 to 3 like every other file, but that's how it's done in CS anyway
Undead []: It has "mercenary" in it anyway, so it'd need to be modified somehow
Undead []: It isn't
Darryl []: red_forester_greet_1 isnt used?
Undead []: File uploaded: coc_sound_removal.txt
Darryl []: txt or ltx works
Darryl []: Just change the extension
Undead []: aaand can't upload it
Undead []: I finished that bat file
Undead []: lol, wish the chat had sounds
Undead []: Hey, Darryl.
Darryl []: Hey, Sasha?
Undead []: Hey, Darryl?
SadBlackFox []: It was written on the forum. Maybe it loads the old save.
SadBlackFox []: CoC 1.5 r6.
Вылет при загрузке сейва.
Expression :
Function : invalid_parameter_handler
File : xrDebugNew.cpp
Line : 989
Description : invalid parameter

stack trace:

0023:00562AAE xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal()
0023:00566029 xrCore.dll, CInifile::r_section()

Undead []: Immediate grin on my face
Darryl []: god i love soundcloud
Darryl []:
Undead []: Jeez
Darryl []: @ 0:23
Darryl []: oh my god
Darryl []: dat autotune
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: @Bangalore What do you think about swapping SoC/CS rock textures to CoP ones?
Undead []: I'll keep my eye out for anything like that
Balathruin []: Loaded a save with enemies around, they froze and I can talk to them like they were neutral.
Undead []: Yeah, noticed that too.
Balathruin []: I know how it's supposed to look like, don't try to tell me I'm an idiot.
Balathruin []: If you look at the commits you can see the upgrades were no nerfed at all, only adjusted for new values.
Alundaio []: They were already low, like %1
Balathruin []: It has been like this for weeks.
Balathruin []: no
Balathruin []: "Will you come with me to same your comrade?" is still bugged, you get the option after completing the quest.
Alundaio []: That means you nerfed them too much
Balathruin []: Almost all weapon upgrades show 0%, but they work perfectly.
Balathruin []: Weapons you pick up from an enemy using AP ammo glitch out with the ammo type switching on every game load.
Balathruin []: Enemies spamming their fight voices for some reason.
Alundaio []: that could explain why they moving around
Alundaio []: Ah! I forgot the mgs were actually cars
SadBlackFox []: He's so old
Bangalore []: even if the enemy is already dead, danger object is dead npc, danger type is attack_sound
Bangalore []: they just chill and don't follow their logic
Bangalore []: npc with unique logic seems to stuck in danger mode, with attack_sound
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: I can send a current save if you like.
Alundaio []: ok i'll look into it
Nuor []: I think so
Nuor []: I'm at yantar waiting on psy helm
Alundaio []: psi storm only hurts you if you are hit by vortex right?
Alundaio []: depends where you are. Yanov I think the guard jobs they are immune since the paths walk outside
Nuor []: I'm in the middle of a psi-storm. some npc's take shelter other wander around outside and don't seem to bother or be damaged.
Nuor []: I don't think they use it.
Nuor []: could npc using it make a difference (Not that I saw anyone use it)
Nuor []: bascally I went and got paper from dv lab between the two.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-07-17_13-13-49__l05_bar_.jpg
Nuor []: Let me see if I have earlier save.
Nuor []: I came in from wild territories side and it was fine went back out to garbage/DV when i got back it was like this.
Alundaio []: but other objects don't have this problem
Alundaio []: I can't think of why it would just randomly move, it's some kind of save issue
Nuor []: Earlier in this playthrough the pkm was in it's normal position, now it is back to the incorrect one.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-07-17_11-58-17__l05_bar_.jpg
Nuor []: I've had them not bothered by a psi storm while sitting outside a door 5 meters away.
Undead []: File uploaded: xrEngine_2017_10_07_19_46_08_016.png
Undead []: That could be it
Balathruin []: Heavily depends on distance, that's why they might be "immune"
Balathruin []: Works perfectly for me.
Undead []: I'm fighting soldiers in Agroprom while a psi-storm is going on, and the discharges aren't killing them
Undead []: I don't get it
AxelDominatoR []: cool
SadBlackFox []: Yes, I checked it
AxelDominatoR []: is the new password working properly?
AxelDominatoR []: hey SadBlackFox, sorry I was afk
Darryl []: Mama Snork keeps Baby Snork in her pouch
Darryl []: brb a bit guys
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: it looks like 2 monsters, a snork and his evil flying counterpart
Alundaio []: lol well I tried blender's mocap retarget tool using old snork and new snork

I bet with fine tuning it could work but I dunno

Bangalore []: attacks from the dark
Bangalore []: well, if somewone could create animations for snorks when they just hang on the ceiling top, we could make unique jobs for such attacks
Bangalore []: matter of test
Bangalore []: probably it would look better in CoC, i dunno
Darryl []: Snorks climbing around on the ceiling and attacking the player like drop-bears when?
Alundaio []: the video you showed just makes them look bugged
Bangalore []: for example a fake blowout weather with red skies
Alundaio []: lol you sure you want snorks to climb around like that
Bangalore []: another thing what i can't solve, that i would like to set up a specific weather for the intro, but i can't
Bangalore []: and export it as omf
Bangalore []: no, we would need to load cop snork ogf to maya/max, and fit the animatios for the cop snork bones
SadBlackFox []: We have to release r7, it's been a long time.
SadBlackFox []: You need to manually edit the bones and their animations.
Balathruin []: I can't try without the skl...
SadBlackFox []: SoC has fewer bones than CS or CoP
Bangalore []: the animation must be edited in 3ds max/maye, but i don't know any animator who could do this
Bangalore []: yep, i converted that snork with COp AE, but it crashed
Alundaio []: I don't think you can get this to work
Alundaio []: you said you tried converted 3120 snork as is and it didn't work either?
Alundaio []: no it won't work. cop snork has 78 bones, build 3120 has 73
Balathruin []: tell me which folder is the file in, I have both 3120 versions
Bangalore []: build3120
Alundaio []: that snork.ogf is it from soc?
Bangalore []:!hBsD1bxC!KJbzFWswtmJgOXi4NKwcnQ
Alundaio []: it's a lot of bones to rename though and not the bones on the mesh that need renamed, the ones in the animation file.
Balathruin []: I could see if I can rename it in Maya
Bangalore []: i have some Den Stash videos and plugins, but never learned about this topic
Bangalore []: probabla just in MAya/3ds max
Alundaio []: Does a skl editor exist?
Alundaio []: in blender I try to load the skl and it's looking for bones bip_* which is default names from most 3D apps, but snork has custom names, like "leftwristtwist" "leftshoulder"
Bangalore []: no, not sure
Alundaio []: You sure, I think it's same skeleton, just renamed bones
Bangalore []: probably in milkshape?
Bangalore []: old snork have different bones
Alundaio []: if there was a skl editor, it woudl be possible to just change bone names
Bangalore []: these animations are made for build3120 and Cs snork.ogf, i guess
Alundaio []: all bone names are different in this animations
Balathruin []: If you attack from medium distance they don't do anything.
Balathruin []: but fleeing is not really a thing because mutants stick to a smart for some reason, ignoring the player
Balathruin []: mixed up a few things
Darryl []: They usually just pounce on me and ruin my day in seconds
Darryl []: wut
Balathruin []: Trying to hide from the player while attacking it. It's agressive but defensive at the same time.
Darryl []: I know that's true for chimeras, I'll need to download SoC texts and check
Balathruin []: As far as I know 1 pseudodog is 2, I think SoC description said it has double everything inside.
Darryl []: They cower easily?
Darryl []: So they just have a low sort of bravery value, whatever the stalker equivalent is?
Balathruin []: those things flee from the player without taking damage, but they have similar settings to fleshes which means fleeing can happen
Balathruin []: somewhat true, but
SadBlackFox []: lol
Darryl []: This is the same wiki that says pseudodogs are 1/3 dog, 1/3 bear and 1/3 human so I don't really believe it to be true either
Darryl []: Russian wiki makes no such claims of this I don't think
Darryl []: Is this true in CoC?
Darryl []: English wiki is usually full of bullshit so I doubt this, but it says that pseudogiants can flee if they lose about 1/4 to 1/2 of their health
Darryl []: Actually could you answer a question for me?
Balathruin []: I'll buff it up a bit.
Darryl []: Lemme know if I got any other health values or traits wrong
SadBlackFox []: Thanks, it works
Darryl []: Yeah I guess he didnt get chance to use his shield when I fought it then
Balathruin []: They are hard to kill, but health is average only. It might seem high due to fakes and the shield.
Balathruin []: Nope
Darryl []: He's supposed to be really OP
Darryl []: Also did you nerf the Karlik?
Darryl []: Cheers Balath
Balathruin []: and I couldn't collect poltergeist data
Alundaio []: will IM you
Alundaio []: ok I changed it
Balathruin []: also you could add how much damage they do
SadBlackFox []: I spoke about our cloud
Darryl []: I always forget mine so I just leave it at whatever it gets reset to
Balathruin []: Burer health is low, flesh average, cat low, karlik average
Darryl []: You can request password resets on login screen
Alundaio []: maybe not
Alundaio []: I think
Alundaio []: I can do that
Darryl []: Actually, tell me in IM if Alun and Yoda are busy discussing stuff
Darryl []: Oh neat, what did you see?
SadBlackFox []: He does not work
SadBlackFox []: @Axel, Can you reset the password for av661194?
Bangalore []: hey
Balathruin []: @Darryl found some mistakes in the mutant descriptions
SadBlackFox []: Axel
Balathruin []: weird as I keep getting energy drinks which is not even enabled for boxes to drop
SadBlackFox []: Hi
AxelDominatoR []: hey
Balathruin []: hello
Bangalore []: @Balathruin: nnope, as i remember, no fixed spawn in rookie village
Darryl []: Hey guys
Bangalore []: yes
Darryl []: Hey Alun, your last three commit text draw a penis
Alundaio []: are these what you want
Alundaio []: generator_snork_*?
Balathruin []: @Bangalore is there any fixed spawn in rooke village boxes?
Bangalore []: owncloud/bangalore/old_snork_animations
Alundaio []: give me omf
Bangalore []: they are crawling on cliffs, ahead of player
Alundaio []: what does snork do?
Bangalore []: for one special map geometry
Bangalore []: they are made for one special map, my intro map
Bangalore []: and if i try to use them with cop meshes, it crashes
Alundaio []: why what is special about them
Bangalore []: because i have to use animations for them
Alundaio []: Why do you need snork anims from soc?
Alundaio []: I will change heli to x-wing
Bangalore []: karlik as Yoda and burer as Emburer Palpatine
Balathruin []: There is a mod for SoC with lightsaber, replacing the knife.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: CoC is secretly a star wars total conversion mod
Balathruin []: Nah, just a hardcore FO fan who wants all games to work like it.
Balathruin []: yes
Bangalore []: he must be an ex LA developer
Alundaio []: He wants Fallout
Bangalore []: "Just THINK about it!

- No fixed storyline = infinite quest addons. AND NEW MAPS!! Maybe those from old builds, such as in the Lost A. ADVENTURES TO THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK
Hell, why don't you add a Tesla gun (maybe using an artefact from the Electro Anom), an Acid Thrower (using an artefact from a chem anom) and other guns (plasma, laser, gravity, directed radiation that mummifies an enemy right there in front of us, electric guns that burn enemy to the bone, napalm throwers, phosphorous grenades...?

More other stuff - Old Russian/Ukrainian Knight Helmets, maybe...
Cossacks' Shashkas..."

Balathruin []: yeah, especially those sounds from other mutants
Alundaio []: AWESOME
Balathruin []: T E R R I B L E
Balathruin []: no
Alundaio []: You mean awesome
Balathruin []: Karlik is worse, the animation is confusing.
Balathruin []: Yes, they activate it often.
Alundaio []: and might not know cats were fixed
Alundaio []: bullet shield might throw him off on the burers
Balathruin []: can't collect poltergeist data
Balathruin []: flesh is lot low health
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Balathruin []: cats too
Balathruin []: Darryl didn't realise Burers are low health.
Balathruin []: hmm
Alundaio []: El vientre de tu madre es mi casa.
Bangalore []: not so much
Undead []: Börk
SadBlackFox []: It's hard to explain Russian obscene words.
Alundaio []: tu madre es quien es mi casa
Undead []: А "ёб твою"?
SadBlackFox []: This is a curse, but not an insult.
SadBlackFox []: "твою-мать"
SadBlackFox []: @Bangalore,

"твоя мать-шлюха


Undead []: I don't remember not being able to move with the PDA open. Is this a recent change?
Alundaio []: yeah I think so
Bangalore []: thgis is the intro : on_info = {!black_screen()} sr_idle@cutscene_02
Bangalore []: if i use an infoportion as a condition here, it isn't fired during the "press any key" window?
Alundaio []: maybe after cutscene or something I don't know
Alundaio []: can't really think of any other purpose
Alundaio []: so player isn't killed before he presses key
Alundaio []: in fact I use this code in combat ignore
Bangalore []: it makes sense
Alundaio []: well it could mean, it doesn't want something to trigger while player is on the "press any key" window
Alundaio []: eh just write the logic better
Bangalore []: a condition which isn't met until the screen is black?
Bangalore []: i see this in back ported story logic
Alundaio []: because there are many frames precached
Alundaio []: it is a way to tell if on loading screen or game is lagged badly
Alundaio []: exactly what it means
Bangalore []: function black_screen(actor, npc)
return device().precache_frame > 1

Bangalore []: what is this condition?
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: I can just put death_ for now instead of the anomaly_
Undead []: Nah, not powerful enough
Undead []: maybe the panic sounds?
Alundaio []: I'd rather have replacements
Balathruin []: Yea, just disable it, it's a very old sound from early builds.
Balathruin []: I think you can disable it.
Alundaio []: I just don't like the wilhelm scream when dying in anomalies
Undead []: твою
Bangalore []: i hear a lot of "твоя мать-шлюха"
Bangalore []: death sounds add a lot, surprisingly
Undead []: Exactly.
Alundaio []: commander sounds
Alundaio []: There might be sounds from CS
Undead []: Maybe you could find radio sounds in the sounds\characters_sound\human_**\alife folders
Undead []: Ah, nice.
Alundaio []: Yeah it's xray repo for coc
Alundaio []: it's just an animation flavor to post combat idle
Undead []: So this is a separate repository for the engine itself?
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: No sound for it
Alundaio []: commented out sound().set_sound_mask ((u32)eStalkerSoundMaskDie);
Balathruin []: Are NPCs supposed to be silent when using radio? Or there are no sounds for it?
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Turned out it was ridiculously simple to fix
Undead []: I love you
Balathruin []: engine fix
Balathruin []: yes
Undead []: Stalkers play death sounds now
Undead []: wtf?
Alundaio []: please no creepy stuff
Undead []: Yeah, don't you wanna see what Semen Connoisseur is up to?
Alundaio []: I wonder what real time peer 2 peer messaging is
Alundaio []: lol video chat
Alundaio []: their free version is broken as shit
Alundaio []: though mine is sort of customized
Alundaio []:
Bangalore []: and it would be nice if the messages would list from top to bottom in chat log, with year/month/day attrib, we could better search back
Alundaio []: and just tested it on my phone
Alundaio []: There it's in off-topic as announcement
Alundaio []: and you can click it in mobile
Alundaio []: I could just make thread with
Bangalore []: or send a message about the "ask desktop" feature of browsers
Bangalore []: good idea
Alundaio []: I was thinking about atleast a way to redirect to chat log if you are on mobile
Bangalore []: if i don't ask Balathruin how he sees the chat on smartphone, i would have never figured it out
Alundaio []: I really should one day update this chat
Bangalore []: probably he doesn't know how to see the chat on smartphone
Bangalore []: here in epicstalker offline since more than 1 month
Alundaio []: He has not logged in here
Bangalore []: he was online 5 days ago on moddb
Alundaio []: He is missing
Alundaio []: So is Borovos still without internet?
Undead []: ;)
Undead []: I'd sure like to get at your G
Undead []: lol
Alundaio []:
Undead []: alright
Alundaio []: This is G rated website!!!!!!!!!!
Undead []: I bet Freedomers would love to have at that
Undead []: But what kind of semen? ;D
Undead []: I know
Alundaio []: Семён
Alundaio []: Poorly translated Semyon
Undead []: But what kind of semen?
Alundaio []: You know this bandit must be a tough m'fer to walk around with a name like that
Undead []: Thank you.
Alundaio []: File uploaded: 1484069811135.jpg
Alundaio []: My favorite coc generated name is Semen Connoisseur
Undead []: "Sergeant Livshits"
Alundaio []: pro tip, resist all urges to copy and paste code, always rewrite. i donnt take my own advice
Bangalore []: it's just some gates, which will be (maybe) closed in story mode, and some small decoration door
Undead []: ah
Alundaio []: new cop code broke them
Alundaio []: sliding gates
Undead []: What was the door fix about anyway?
Alundaio []: should be itm not item
Alundaio []: oh yeah, it's typo
Balathruin []: the *condition part is same as before
Bangalore []: now i can re-add like 50 missing sliding doors with slide_box_small.ltx logic to SOC/CS maps, which will be invisible change for everyone else
Alundaio []: hmm it did when I tried it, had 3 bandages and got 500RU, let me try again
Balathruin []: The cost based on each item*condition doesn't seem to work
Alundaio []: Yes, it's that simple
Alundaio []: crashray
2C.LiryC []: reloaded the save from a seconds before and I don't crash by doing the same thing.
Bangalore []: the sliding door fix seems so simple. lol, that's all?
Alundaio []: hola uncle banga
2C.LiryC []: I just crashed with no log by entering the factory at yantar, going to the x16.
Bangalore []: morning
AxelDominatoR []: yup, yummy fox!
Balathruin []: yeah
Alundaio []: which doesn't make any sense either
Balathruin []: It could be something like the bush collision.
Alundaio []: I don't think it is in 1.4 was it? Only early 1.5, right?
Alundaio []: I remember VodkaChicken first reported it back in jan or feburary or around there
Alundaio []: that slow walk bug is annoying. I figured most other issues out but this one has me stumped
Balathruin []: ok, haven't found anything else
Alundaio []: I usually review but didn't look at loadouts just tasks
Balathruin []: typo in loadouts... good thing I check these
Alundaio []: ok corrected
Balathruin []: Most likely forgot to push new configs and scripts to my unpacked game folder.
Balathruin []: Yes
Alundaio []: it ate him
Alundaio []: Do you have your folder readonly?
Undead []: How are you going to make it work with a site called Hellcat when there's a sad black fox around?
Balathruin []: Exos too, 1 minute
Undead []: Thanks
Balathruin []: @Alun, please quickfix outfit.ltx, succesfully reverted again.
Alundaio []:
Undead []: Sure.
Alundaio []: hang on
Alundaio []: just once
Alundaio []: No more cocdater now for dev. With the current setup I no longer have to upload files 2-3 times
Alundaio []: and I haven't really shared the links to the new files publically, but I will send you link
Undead []: Ah, the one with CoCdater?
Alundaio []: The team moved to a different system. We no longer using googledrive
Balathruin []: It's on the cloud
Undead []: It says one of the newer commits requires a new xrGame.dll, but that file hasn't been updated anywhere
Undead []: Hey, Alun
AxelDominatoR []: bye
Alundaio []: peace
2C.LiryC []: I only seen one in action by the time, when I was at tech school. But it was by visiting a factory.

I'll go playing a bit. See you later.

Nuor []: Not sure I'd remember what it looked like it was close to 40 years ago ;p
AxelDominatoR []: I have never seen a punch card machine in real life, the area I grew up in was too technologically retarted
Nuor []: I don't remember that I remember separate cards.
AxelDominatoR []: best part was to fix your code you literally had to tape over the hole or punch a new one
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: you built up ordered stacks of cards that inputed the data. Slow as hell and easy to muck up.
Alundaio []: punch card input? Like Alan Turing stuff?
Nuor []: they*
Nuor []: actually now that I think about it I think I learned a on a PDP-1170 before the Vax. still taught you punch card input. though I think the did have monitors before the year was out.
Alundaio []: Just trying to make the old guys feel better
AxelDominatoR []: true
Alundaio []: No such thing as old, just varying levels of massive cell damage
AxelDominatoR []: VAX are cool beasts. Saw one being restored in a youtube video
Nuor []: Program old HP calculators
2C.LiryC []: Wow, never about this VAX computer. 128kb by the time was huge.
Alundaio []: I had an old vtec thing, that basically wasn't a PC, but you could program QBasic on it. Glorified calculator really.
Balathruin []: I'm not old at all.
2C.LiryC []: by copied I mean manually writing it.
2C.LiryC []: yeah on ZX81 it was like that too.
Copied the code of a donkey kong and saved it to the audio tape recorder (thinking about it it was an analogic transfer, I remember the noise of it).
Got Atari 512 and then, 1024. Many pc from then, starting by a 386.

Nuor []: I think it was the 11780
Nuor []: I think that was first system I used.
AxelDominatoR []: then I got the Amiga, while pretty much all of my friends/neighbours got NES or SEGA consoles. It took a long time for them to catch up with the "computer" thing
AxelDominatoR []: yup, that was it
AxelDominatoR []: one of my relatives had a 7800 I think, let me doublecheck
Nuor []: I never actually owned an atari. I do recall programming basic on one and the audio tape storage heh.
AxelDominatoR []: I don't think Sinclair computers have ever been popular in Italy, at least that I can remember
AxelDominatoR []: the first computer I owned was an Amiga 500, but before that I played on various Ataris and other old stuff
2C.LiryC []: Hi,

I started computers with a ZX81 ( )

I'm an old man. ^_^'

AxelDominatoR []:
Nuor []: I remember that wolfenstein and pirates played fine on a 386.
Nuor []: My old hardware has rusted away. I probably have an 486 around somewhere
AxelDominatoR []: it's a nightmare
AxelDominatoR []: let me see if I can show you the state of my lab
AxelDominatoR []: I don't have any 8bit computers, I think
Nuor []: Max headroom I remember him well ;p
Nuor []: I remember some dungeon crawl game played on a PCJr
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: Nuor was a phreaker
Nuor []: played*
Nuor []: i playrd hack on mainframes.
Alundaio []: In the early days of PC gaming you could buy it, install it, take it back,
Balathruin []: We didn't have internet until 2010 I think, or even 2011.
Balathruin []: Max Payne (I just installed it 2 days ago), Harry Potter 1 and other old stuff we could get on pirated CDs
Alundaio []: yikes
Balathruin []: I had that PC in like 2007-8
Alundaio []: I was too poor to have one, but my friend did. I played games like Fallout 1 & 2, Baldur's Gate and such at his house until I got my own PC. My first PC game I think was warcraft 1 on windows 95.
Balathruin []: My first PC mobo (and possibly CPU) died, 500MHz of hardcore Celeron power.
Balathruin []: At least it did when I tested it.
Balathruin []: Even tho it's a 2000 lower clock one, it goes past 180MHz
Balathruin []: It can OC pretty well.
Balathruin []: My first PC had the voodoo 3 I still have.
Alundaio []: lool voodoo cards I remember them
Alundaio []: Nuor got his first assassin mission on a commodore 64 through Quantum Link
Balathruin []: My old Athlon XP and P4 systems
Balathruin []: I have voodoo 1, 3, some P3 and a slot mobo with a crap CPU
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: no
Alundaio []: Nuor will probably know all that crap he has, maybe
Alundaio []: are you the 8-bit guy
Balathruin []: I have some old computer stuff, some older than me.
Alundaio []: I use to have a lot of old computer parts but I got rid of most if it. amd athlon 64s bro
Alundaio []: I have a giant chewbacca on my shelf
AxelDominatoR []: I just filled a decently sized carboard box full of computers fans. About 30 or them lying around
Balathruin []:
AxelDominatoR []: you never realize exactly how much rubbish you are hoarding until you start cleaning your storage shelves
Alundaio []: I'll just trim your limbs a little and turn you into a midget
Balathruin []: hey
Alundaio []: Hello
AxelDominatoR []: hello!
Balathruin []: don't forget to add it to remove_fetch_item too (plz don't kill)
Alundaio []: now that I think about it, I can skip this bullcrap finding npc that is talking, since it's already done for inventory_upgrades
Balathruin []: I knew it will be complicated to actually write it, especially compared to how simple it sounds.
Balathruin []: Quite massive yeah
Alundaio []: lol I have to test it, but this code is ridiculous now
Balathruin []: The worst freeze is obviously the NPC switch, but you already done quite a lot to minimize it.
Balathruin []: I don't really care about that. I think the only bad freeze is when you open inventory as you can die from it (rare, but possible)
Alundaio []: fine, but don't complain when game freezes for half a second when you turn in quests now because it has to iterate entire actor inventory just to calculate cost
Balathruin []: stove, charcoal, gun and outfit repair tools
Balathruin []: There are not many items I can add to rewards.
Alundaio []: it's taken away at randomly basically
Alundaio []: not like he can pick and choose to only use his half used supplies
Alundaio []: I do understand, it's pointless. How about actually rewarding the player for once, instead of giving him something he can just get if he just traded with random npc directly
Balathruin []: Just look at the psi protect. 2000 cost, 5 uses.
Balathruin []: You don't understand. It sounds stupid but it matters for the balance. Drugs are a good example, they are rare and you find it in random condition. I would never pay full cost on something used.
Alundaio []: 250RU instead of 125 RU from a 1/2 used medkit isn't going to break balance. The cond was mainly there for weapons.
Balathruin []: NPC transfer is not very important, only noticeable when you "give them" weapons.
Alundaio []: why not? It can't be abused because you really can't pick and choose which items
Balathruin []: I don't want to have any way to abuse tasks. Giving someone 1 use drugs, medkits, etc. should reward based on full cost? Why?
Alundaio []: Originally this function was setup for the mult. Say you have 10 items to fetch, then you put mult to 10
Alundaio []: and probably a noticeable stutter when handing over the items
Alundaio []:

fetch items transfer to NPC
Yes. but it will need to be a slow hack because these conditions/actions are executed on the task object, there is no npc. Have to iterate all objects and find which npc is talking.

Alundaio []: really I don't like the condition check at all
Balathruin []: Another issue with tasks, the cost*condition does not check all items.
Alundaio []: hmm seems this only gets distance between two connected graph points
Alundaio []: a is attach and d is deatch, in the state_mgr_animation_list tables
Alundaio []: That occurse if d= functor in the animation is not called...for whatever reason. Not sure of a solution
Balathruin []: ok
Nuor []: I try to play as if trader inventories don't exist.
Nuor []: I haven't found a stove.
Nuor []: I don't - I have just barely enough.
Balathruin []: All you need is a stove and a little money to buy charcoal.
Balathruin []: How the hell you have food problems?
Nuor []: I prefer this food balance just barely enough to get by
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-06-17_20-34-32__l06_rostok_.jpg
Balathruin []: Anything on my suggestions? Search the body or take PDA for bounty missions, fetch items transfer to NPC inventory.
Alundaio []: if this works as intended then it will be a simple change to sort potential task locations by distance
Balathruin []: I think everyone would like if missions don't send you through half of the Zone.
Balathruin []: cool
Alundaio []: Sweet GameGraph has a distance method already, just needs exported
Alundaio []: input can still occur, there are just checks for device pause and such in actor controls etc.
Balathruin []: weird
Alundaio []: lua thread still runs, but binders won't execute. and the stack is refreshed when the game reloads, meaning all data erased and scripts reloaded.
Alundaio []: main menu is sort of separated from everything and can run while paused or game not loaded
Alundaio []: Parts of the code just doesn't execute anymore. I really don't know how to provide a better explanation then that.
Balathruin []: Actually how does pause work?
Alundaio []: I wonder if setting garbage collector off while paused will fix these minimize issues
Alundaio []: dx8 is even worse, if I minimize the game then come back it will crash with some kind of light issue in the crash log. Main reason why i don't use it for testing even though it's faster
Alundaio []: some kind of memory leak with UI or something
Balathruin []: I don't really use the esc menu
Alundaio []: also I get crashes after using sleep ui several times, then loading a game
Balathruin []: well pause is buggy on it's own, so I can understand
Alundaio []: not during loading
Alundaio []: then load a game after I come back
Alundaio []: no i mean in general
Nuor []: I get them on occasion don't recall details
Balathruin []: I never minimize the game on load, It glitches if I do it.
Alundaio []: i get those crashes if I minimize the game and come back and load
Balathruin []: stack trace:

0023:75FCA9F2 KERNELBASE.dll, RaiseException()
0023:66099339 MSVCR120.dll, CxxThrowException()
0023:6611E9D5 MSVCR120.dll, _RTCastToVoid()
0023:00413227 xrEngine.exe, CInput::`default constructor closure'()
0023:00432A2D xrEngine.exe, text_editor::line_edit_control:witchKL()
0023:00430275 xrEngine.exe, text_editor::line_edit_control::~line_edit_control()
0023:08EB675B xrGame.dll, CxImage::`copy constructor closure'()
0023:08FDAED8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0904F49A xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0904F11D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:09037AC8 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0904F49A xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0904F11D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:08E4FE38 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0904F49A xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0904F11D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:09036DD9 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:08FD0F39 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:040FE9DF luabind.beta7-devel.rc4.dll, luabind::detail:bject_rep::garbage_collector()
0023:6B58266D lua51.dll
0023:6B5A56E1 lua51.dll, lua_error()

[error][ 6] : A leíró érvénytelen.

Balathruin []: on level change (AW -> Radar)
Balathruin []: Starting with the level you are on, then the ones next to it.
Balathruin []: I'd be fine with a check order.
Alundaio []: would have to find out how the engine gets distance between two game vertex ids
Alundaio []: It's not really possible to get nearest smart to actor without some complex algorithm incase you are wondering. Because you can't really do a distance check for objects on other levels since they are on imaginary grid
Alundaio []: for all levels
Alundaio []: it should be _ex
Alundaio []: or connected levels*
Alundaio []: no freedom on level at smart probably
Balathruin []: I can't get the precondition for bar_dolg_general_petrenko_stalker_task_2, never shows up as a task.
Alundaio []: ok now you should
Nuor []: I don't see a new dll
Alundaio []: but that stuff done in renderer, it's probably too disconnected to do that
Alundaio []: I wonder if some kind of override system read from config is viable
if section [animation_override_*visual name*] exists, override anims by linking omf

Alundaio []: they are just a different hud model
Alundaio []: the hands and the hud model are separate objects now
Nuor []: different skins?
Nuor []: what do alternate knives do?
Nuor []: I'll take your word for it as I've 0 understanding of the subject.
Alundaio []: You only have two options. Make new omf, reference it in all the hand ogfs, or stuff it in existing omf used already by all the hand ogfs
Alundaio []: What you have there are hand animations
Nuor []: can't you just create a seperate dummy model that can be packaged with the hud?
Alundaio []: The only time you will have conflict is if some other mod is messing with the detector omfs
Alundaio []: so best thing you can do is stuff them in an existing omf
Alundaio []: which isn't going to work for many addons
Alundaio []: because then you would have to reference this new omf in all the hand meshes
Alundaio []: You mean, why can't it be in it's own omf?
Nuor []: I don't know how models work. Why can't there be a seperate unique model that uses the misc animations now in dev_hand_detector_3_hud_animations.omf?
Balathruin []: You'll have to update the prices.
Alundaio []: Looks like I will have to make nimble's dialog "dynamic" and scripted instead of the hardcoded version where money required is in the text
Alundaio []: I wonder why the -dsound command line option was removed
Alundaio []: test was just for me to get them to work again. He will probably add all the sliding doors he couldn't before back in at some time
Balathruin []: The one you can push open in SoC for speedrunning
Balathruin []: yes
Nuor []: I can't even think of a door in garbage - Bar gate?
Alundaio []: yes
Nuor []: So is garbage mesh and ltx an example?
Darryl []: Night
Alundaio []: already
Darryl []: new star wars trailing monday hopefully
Darryl []:
Undead []: No problem. I'll be going off now, see you.
Alundaio []: thanks
Undead []: File uploaded: ph_door.script
Alundaio []: i need ph_door.script from either
Undead []: I can get them
Alundaio []: who has cs or soc scripts unpacked
Alundaio []: peace
Bangalore []: i go, g' night
Bangalore []: you can miss levels folder completely
Bangalore []: they are not changedm levels folder is just for compatibility
Alundaio []: why are levels changed?
Alundaio []: I have a few water bottles I'm going to throw at you on stage
Alundaio []: Hello AxlRose
Bangalore []: upload isn'T finished for spawn
Bangalore []: some npc/mutant can be there which is spawned by spawn_object
Alundaio []: ok thanks sweetcheeks
Bangalore []: all files are in owncloud/bangalore
Alundaio []: I guess that could be corrected
Alundaio []: I guess in freeplay you will see both the sim and static spawns
Alundaio []: which specific place you describing?
Alundaio []: I don't get how you could be seeing simulation squads in labs/ug levels since it's sim_avail = false unless story mode is disabled
Alundaio []: but I guess we still need a scheme to have it open by default, or closed by default, locked, etc.
Alundaio []: ph_idle has on_use
Nuor []: The extra spawns in underground tend to mess up the setpiece battles as ne wspawns attack existing spawns.
Alundaio []: just have empty ltx
Alundaio []: Yes
Bangalore []: you know where SOC and CS had a closed gate
Bangalore []: i make a test spawn, there is a gate on the way in garbage, which leads to the Bar
Alundaio []: cool
Bangalore []: i can slide the door manually
Bangalore []: without logic, as physic_object no crash
Alundaio []: If I have test door I could probably make a new scheme
Alundaio []: which is used in ph_door
Alundaio []: The only thing I can find that tells physic object to use doors_door.cpp is npc:register_door_for_npc()
Bangalore []: and sliding doors are different
Bangalore []: m_object.get_door_vectors( m_closed_vector, m_open_vector )
Bangalore []: cop doors only has 2 stages, they are open or closed
Alundaio []: I think it would need a new scheme or something
Alundaio []: I really think though that the issue is using ph_door
Bangalore []: thing is that my sdk has story scenes, and it takes a bit til i change them to vanilla coc
Bangalore []: 5 minutes and i will know
Alundaio []: or maybe I can try spawn through debug, are the meshes already in coc, or in sdk?
Alundaio []: and make a test spawn
Alundaio []: can you put them on fake start?
Alundaio []: spawn it as normal physic_object
Bangalore []: it should use ph_door, and i did not try it without logic
Darryl []: One of the better ones I've seen by far, really original story
Darryl []: Just finished watching this movie
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: have you spawned it without logic?
Alundaio []: You sure it's not because you were using ph_door in logic?
Bangalore []: where can i see its class? Cs engine can handle this type of door too
Alundaio []: detector probably doesn't consider the vertical axis
Nuor []: It is close enough that it shows on detector screen
Alundaio []: yes of sliding door
Alundaio []: you won't be able to see it without detector
Bangalore []: class name of door?
Nuor []: I tried looking below map.
Alundaio []: maybe it fell through map
Alundaio []: bangalore what is class name in soc?
Bangalore []: CS engine is missing doors_door.cpp too
Nuor []: It show on detector as fixed spot not moving. I had this happen in these gravity anomalies at least twice before.
Alundaio []: unless it's in different folder
Alundaio []: soc engine doesn't even have doors_door
Alundaio []: maybe add map spot for artefact
Alundaio []: artefacts just fly around
Nuor []: I don't find it above or below ground level so i'm not sure where it is.
Alundaio []: and the bone have joint IK data
Alundaio []: and physics flag enabled
Alundaio []: and that it has box type shape for bone
Alundaio []: seems this code requires the messh have a bone named specifically "door"
Nuor []: something still wrong with these anomalies not properly generating some artifacts
Bangalore []: nice
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-06-17_13-22-07__k00_marsh_.jpg
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-06-17_13-21-32__k00_marsh_.jpg
Bangalore []: it's not engine bug, but they cut something oput from cop engine
Bangalore []: in some places i would need sliding type doors, what do you think, can this COp engine bug solved:
Alundaio []: I think it was just direction issue with npc, not the actual smart cover
Bangalore []: animpoints collide with other spawn objects, so animpoints can rotate?
Alundaio []: but it's been so long I forgot how to, lol, but in my SDK I had elminated the warnings for sit_ass, sit_knee, etc.
Alundaio []: Oh, bangalore, you know those animpoint errors in LE can be fixed?
Alundaio []: I think animpoints have been fixed, I have not seen flipping since the changes
SadBlackFox []: *Perhaps my files are obsolete at that time.
SadBlackFox []: Perhaps my files at the time of date.
Alundaio []: Is that the issue? You have old file or not?
SadBlackFox []: Forget it, I'll let you know if it happens again.
Alundaio []: and line 71 was self.state = state_sound prior to this commit
Alundaio []: xr_remark crash was fixed here:
Alundaio []: you say you pack your own dbs, you have updated repo? why does it say line 71?
SadBlackFox []: self.state = state_sound
SadBlackFox []: 72
SadBlackFox []: 1 sec
Alundaio []: you just get this? Line 71 for me is a commented line
SadBlackFox []:

[error]Expression :
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_pcall_failed
[error]File : ..\xrServerEntities\script_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 204
[error]Description : fatal error
[error]Arguments : LUA error: ...t.a.l.k.e.r. - a.r.e.a\gamedata\scripts\xr_remark.script:71: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value)

SadBlackFox []: You have been blocked
Alundaio []: Other then this I have nothing bad to say about him
Alundaio []:

Unfortunately, the message cannot be sent due to the privacy settings.

Alundaio []: or at least I can't write him anymore
Alundaio []: I think it's funny, he would write me many messages asking for help and I gave it to him and now he blocked me for no reason, after he made a fuss on the coc page about the new slots.
Bangalore []: the creator of CoM? with that stupid cat avatar with ropes?
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: He is a snake around your neck.
Undead []: Eh?
SadBlackFox []: You are very mistaken
Undead []: He's a good man.
Undead []: I do
Undead []: lol
Alundaio []: Who has rainford as their friend?
SadBlackFox []: triggered
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: Ты используешь vk?
Undead []: Или я тебе
Undead []: Можешь мне отправить личное сообщение
SadBlackFox []:
Undead []: Ладно
SadBlackFox []: vk
Undead []: На Steam или такое
Undead []: Fox, могу ли я тебя добавить где-то?
SadBlackFox []:

help with engine, I can't do everythign

I'm a stupid man

Undead []: А, ладно.
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, Не совсем мой, просто помогаю ребятам
Undead []: Какой мод?
Alundaio []: help with engine, I can't do everythign
SadBlackFox []: I need this for balance in my mod:^(
Undead []: ))
Undead []: На все моих аддонов есть русские описания
Undead []: тоже швед
SadBlackFox []: I would like to have this for myself, optionally in the config.
Alundaio []: You Russkies are lucky an American is even willingly supporting RUS localization
Alundaio []: let's keep the game fun, not start adding restrictions on movement
SadBlackFox []: You infringe on the rights of Russian-speaking users.
Alundaio []: you can't jump forward only up right?
Alundaio []: what is the big deal about jumping?
SadBlackFox []:

I have a request: you must forbid jumping if the actor is tired

And this does not take into account the scripts in subfolders:
And it would be nice to have the opportunity to have "not endless bolts".
And it would be nice that the speed of the actor depended on the load of his backpack.

Alundaio []: Bangalore willfully used Engllish vo for his questline(s). That is the way he wishes it, and it will stay like this.
Undead []: No perfect solution
Undead []: Yeah, true
Alundaio []: thats probably because mercs don't have certain sounds in cop
Undead []: not sure if that's better than just having the normal lines
Undead []: They use bandit lines if you delay in conversation and stuff
Alundaio []: I forget who did that, might of been exImIer or someone sent those in
Undead []: Probably. They still use a few bandit lines
Alundaio []: for awhile mercs had bandit voices right?
Undead []: And it turns out that there are unmuffled combat lines for the mercs in Shadow of Chernobyl
Undead []: Cus Sid uses lines from both CS and SoC when in reality only the ones from SoC are necessary. The only line that is unique to SoC is the one that's used when starting a trade, and in my opinion it isn't all that important
Undead []: "Adding unmuffled mercenary combat lines
Removing a few of Sidorovich's voice lines so that he only speaks with one voice"

Undead []: Well, the addon also makes slight changes to Sid and the mercs
Alundaio []: other two what
Undead []: Alright. What about the other two?
Alundaio []: The English for important dialog is staying
SadBlackFox []: What No?
Undead []: Oh?
Alundaio []: No
Alundaio []: but in cs/cop they moved to a more open world gameplay
SadBlackFox []: I have a request: you must forbid jumping if the actor is tired
Undead []:
Undead []: I was wondering if this could get incorporated into CoC
Alundaio []: I guess it makes sense for shoc, the game was pretty linear and you would want that kind of manual hand balance of everything
Undead []: Alun
SadBlackFox []: fucking GSC
SadBlackFox []: yes!
Alundaio []: not simulation
Alundaio []: Truly this should only be reserved for unique npc
Alundaio []: a million config tags for npc
Alundaio []: GSC did some silly things
Alundaio []: How do I know
SadBlackFox []: And why not just spawn a random NPC using scripts? Why these configs for random NPCs ...
Alundaio []: snd_config tag for example
Alundaio []: characters_voice\human_03\killer\
Alundaio []: Yes, but you need to change character descriptions
SadBlackFox []: yes
Alundaio []: you mean like a human_04?
Alundaio []: What you mean?
SadBlackFox []: @Alan, is it possible to expand the patterns of votes?
Undead []: Использовать украинский лишь в human_02?
Undead []: Можно расширить голоса, но как?
Alundaio []: I don't know anything to speak on it
SadBlackFox []: Это было грубо:\
Undead []: Ты так думаешь?
Undead []: А Alundaio, підарас, що ти сказав про Україну
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, будет гораздо лучше, если ты будешь расширять, а не заменять паттерны голосов
Undead []: Некоторые группировки всё ещё говорят на русском, как и в оригинальных играх
Alundaio []: If I was to design one from scratch for weapons, it would be like addons are, but instead you can exchange different parts of weapon
SadBlackFox []: @Nuor, me too
Nuor []: swabbies swabettes
SadBlackFox []:
Nuor []: weapon upgrade trees are too big. I just don't like the whole system ;p
Alundaio []: A new racial slur
Undead []: Заменяет, в основном
Alundaio []: I'm going to start calling midgets, swabs now
Alundaio []: Midgets
Alundaio []: "swabs"? I don't know why it says that
Alundaio []: lol that didn't translate right
SadBlackFox []: "мазки"?
SadBlackFox []: No, if he expands the used patterns of votes - then that's good.
But if he replaces - then this is bad.

Alundaio []: Я ненавижу только мазки, они грязные отвратительные существа.
Alundaio []: Моя великая мать, со стороны моей матери, была украинкой; она приехала в Соединенные Штаты как маленькая девочка.
SadBlackFox []: Я ненавижу всех
SadBlackFox []: В каждой шутке есть доля правды
Alundaio []: Я шучу, он хороший парень
Alundaio []: русский националист
Alundaio []: SadBlackFox ненавидит украинца
SadBlackFox []: Добавляет или заменяет?
Undead []: И тоже словарь, Wiktionary
Undead []: Но иногда использую сайт с названием Reverso Context
Undead []: Реальная клавиатура*
Undead []: Реальный клаватур
Undead []: Хорошо, поработал над аддоном моим. Он добавляет украинские голоса в мод
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, у тебя клавиатуры с русскими буквами или же ты пользуешься виртуальной клавиатурой?
Darryl []: Huh?
SadBlackFox []: Darryl - anonymus
SadBlackFox []: Пока что жив, а у тебя?
Undead []: Как дела сегодня?
Undead []: Не увидел сообщение твоё
Undead []: Привет, Fox
Darryl []: oh
Undead []: Steam, Discord or something
SadBlackFox []: ...
Darryl []: ?
Darryl []: On here or...
Undead []: Can I add you anywhere?
Undead []: Just testing the addon atm.
Undead []: Sure, once it's done.
Darryl []: Can you show some before-after of the ones you have done?
SadBlackFox []: Hi all
Undead []: I think my work on the addon is complete, and I could go clean up the sound files in CoC itself with what I've done
Undead []: Hey, Darryl.
SadBlackFox []: yes
Nuor []: post = A message in chat or forum etc.
SadBlackFox []: From the word "почта"
SadBlackFox []:

Почталион Печкин

Почтальон Печкин

Darryl []: Pochtalon = Postman, right?
SadBlackFox []:

Bit late in the day for post
What does it mean?

Tomasm21 []: He will come back and read. Maybe he will read chat history.
Darryl []: Bit late in the day for post
Tomasm21 []: Почталион Печкин
Darryl []: Who's there?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Knock Knock
SadBlackFox []: Forget about it, the names have been changed
Nuor []: I think that is correct ar eyou getting an error?
SadBlackFox []: I think here is the error:
Darryl []: Whoops, wil lfix
SadBlackFox []:

stack trace:

0023:05B357C5 xrGame.dll, CxIOFile::`vftable'()
0023:0594F27D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0594F27D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:058E8BA2 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:0594F27D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:058C22EA xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:058A8F00 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::OnFrame()
0023:058AD89E xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IR_UIOnMouseMove()
0023:05713044 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:00411191 xrEngine.exe, CLoadScreenRenderer::OnRender()
0023:00410C79 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::FrameMove()
0023:0041098A xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::message_loop()
0023:00410AB1 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::Run()
0023:00465ADD xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466263 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466366 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00471F4B xrEngine.exe, CApplication::load_draw_internal()
0023:768D336A kernel32.dll, BaseThreadInitThunk()
0023:77699902 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()
0023:776998D5 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()

SadBlackFox []: When choosing to download a flash drive from a corpse or container crashes
Darryl []: Something isn't right with your configs/scripts
2C.LiryC []: .

got it for the guide's picture. thanks for the info

2C.LiryC []: just had a :

victim surrender to 29966
stack trace:

0023:74C2B832 KERNELBASE.dll, RaiseException()
0023:711A9339 MSVCR120.dll, CxxThrowException()
0023:7122E9D5 MSVCR120.dll, _RTCastToVoid()
0023:050A7E3C xrPhysics.dll, RegisterGroup()
0023:0509C861 xrPhysics.dll, RegisterGroup()
0023:0509B638 xrPhysics.dll, RegisterGroup()
0023:050B118A xrPhysics.dll, CPHUpdateObject:eactivate()
0023:050B1348 xrPhysics.dll, CPHUpdateObject:eactivate()
0023:099A09C9 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0986D578 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:00460DED xrEngine.exe, CObject::cNameVisual_set()

Darryl []: Ignore me
Darryl []: It's cause I deleted configs folder in gamedata
Darryl []: Oh no I know why
Darryl []: I don't know why but my graphics settings frequently get reset in CoC
Balathruin []: pics are in unpublished assets
Darryl []: Features doesnt have any as they aren't things you can see
Darryl []: The pictures are only for mutants and characters at the moment
Darryl []: Are you using latest cloud and repo files?
2C.LiryC []: I played a bit this morning.
The encyclopedia is really great. But it looks like I miss the illustrating picture in the article.
Using files from dev ownCloud + repo configs +scripts.
Did I forgot something ?

Balathruin []: hello
AxelDominatoR []: hello
Undead []: Hi!
2C.LiryC []: Hey here.
Darryl []: Worth a shot
Undead []: I'm still working on the Ukrainian Voices addon, gonna clean those up so that redundant files are gone. I could do the same for CoC itself and send you guys the files
Undead []: Hey, Darryl.
Undead []: That'd be something
Darryl []: Want to do something different from "different scenes with overlayed text" for once
Darryl []: I should start on another one for 1.5 tbh
Darryl []: 1.4 trailer hit 60k views
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Oh neat
Undead []: Mongolians
Darryl []: This are really cool
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Wazzuuuuuup
Balathruin []: Stalker football loners vs clear sky.
Balathruin []: We need a minigame for physics kick.
Balathruin []: Wonder how much harder the game will be with next commit from me.
SadBlackFox []:
oh, cooool

SadBlackFox []: qwerty
SadBlackFox []: qwerty
Balathruin []: I don't like this one.
SadBlackFox []: qwerty
SadBlackFox []: qwerty
SadBlackFox []: qwerty
SadBlackFox []: йцукен
Balathruin []: I can barely read it.
Balathruin []: Pure blue is waay to dark
SadBlackFox []: You can use blue
Balathruin []: to be real every other color is used
SadBlackFox []: okey
Balathruin []: But I can use this if you want.
SadBlackFox []: The red color of the text hurts my eyes.
Balathruin []: no
SadBlackFox []:

@Balathruin, Could you change the color of the text, please?

Balathruin []: Weather switch glitches when using sleeping bag, it changes without transition.
Balathruin []: I'd request one more change to task functionality, when you complete the fetch quest the items should be put into the NPC's inventory instead of disappearing.
SadBlackFox []: Everything is good
AxelDominatoR []: ok, is the cloud working properly for you?
AxelDominatoR []: I'm updating a couple of modules on the ownCloud server, so it may be inaccessible for a few minutes
Bangalore []: looks like nowadays the game journalists don't play with mods/games to write an article
Nuor []: I added max % for 4 and 6 for a comparison
Nuor []: I'm still not sure how to weight ap ;p
Nuor []: actor has higher fraction but can have higher armor with bonus
Nuor []: that should be npc but actor is in the ballpark
Alundaio []: you doing this against actor or against npc?
Nuor []: helms actually go up to .35
Balathruin []: There are no NPCs with 0.3 armor.
Nuor []: It is only for that first value so against maxed out npc's
Balathruin []: first value
Alundaio []: what is percent of max suggesting?
Nuor []: look at the big difference on the maxed protected npc's
Nuor []: the lower weapons are all big 7.62+ sniper
Nuor []: seems to indicate massive difference with ap
Nuor []: post updated with new values and code
Alundaio []: that's just how the damage is balanced. UI only shows the truth. hit_power * k_hit * buckshot
Balathruin []: It's just weird.
Alundaio []: How is that the UI's fault? It's only for comparison.
Balathruin []: There is almost no difference between most of the weapons.
Alundaio []: or people wouldn't tell you to always have shotgun with you
Alundaio []: that isn't true at all
Alundaio []: before it showed shotguns the weakest weapons in the game
Alundaio []: How is it fake?
Balathruin []: The only reason I don't like buck damage is it just makes the stat fake. I'd like if it showed either slug damage or cap the UI to 2 max.
Nuor []: I'll make the change and update the list
Alundaio []:

ΤWiST3D 57mins ago says:
Yeah, I understand. I thought it would be hard to include AP. Does it consider the buckshot multiplier for shotguns or the k_hit multiplier in general? The hunting shotgun would make sense if it does. See, the gauss rifle does 2.0 damage, but if the algorithm considers k_hit (0.2) and buckshot (# of pellets 15) then the hunting shotgun does 0.85*0.2*15=2.55 which is more than the gauss, yet it will never actually deal that much damage. Perhaps a workaround would be to show slugs damage for shotguns by default instead. Thanks for the reply

Alundaio 0secs ago says:
Yeah, it considers buck_shot.

It is true shotgun is more powerful then Gauss, but it doesn't have the AP or range gauss have, so it won't do jack on an exo

Alundaio []: TWIST3D recently sent me PM about all this too
Alundaio []: otherwise it's just hit_power * hit frac
Alundaio []: that formula I gave you in lua, it only applies if AP > BoneArmor
Nuor []: I just updated that pastebin with the code that shows th evalues compared.
Alundaio []:
Nuor []: the line goes from lost heavily protected to least
Nuor []: need to clean up the format to compare
Nuor []: night darryl
Balathruin []: night
Nuor []:
Darryl []: Night guys
Balathruin []: Almost forgot about "mama" death sound.
Alundaio []: ghost channels with videos but the creator is dead
Alundaio []: and thousands of inactive accounts
Darryl []: Makes me wonder if youtube will be about in 100 years
Darryl []: ago*
Darryl []: Yeah I suppose that would be weird, seeing a full HD photo of a guy who died a century again
Darryl []: Oh I didn't think you meant that
Darryl []: Fucking weird
Alundaio []: something being black and white was the only way to tell if it was old before
Darryl []: A girl I knew would take photos of her self walking into elevators, eating pizza etc.
Darryl []: Yeah selfie culture really has destroyed the novelty of looking through old photos
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: 100 years from now they going to wish there wasn't photos of people from the past. Imagine the internet just full of pictures from dead people on google images
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: I enabled the bullet pain sounds earlier.
Darryl []: Yeah it's not a big deal, just takes a few mins to get used to
Alundaio []: down is out and up is in, fine with me and nobody has complained about it yet.
Alundaio []: The zoom factor changes are from OGSE repo
Darryl []: I can't remember what way around, but I know it worked in either the CoP maps or non-CoP maps and lagged the shit out of the rest
Darryl []: lol I remember when you originally enabled it
Alundaio []: engine one was disabled because it's garbage
Alundaio []: there is no anomaly avoidance yet
Alundaio []: Requires a game reload if you set it
Alundaio []: my brain
Alundaio []: wow
Alundaio []: All it does it means NPC can be affected by anomalies and die
Darryl []: I actually always used a mod for oblivion for player grunts when hit
Darryl []: Unless me and Vodka are going mad, were binocular zoom in/out keys reverse in some update?
Darryl []: One more thing!/
Darryl []: Yeah that spooked me at first, but I think it's cool
Nuor []: I'd noticed actor now makes grunt when shot.
Darryl []: Please spoonfeed me
Darryl []: Also I need to write an article for ai die in anomaly, but im really unsure about what it does / how it works
Darryl []: I have to try this now
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: also this means that stalkers have amazing screams when they die in anomaly
Darryl []: Latest encyclopedia added to repo with 7 new characters
Alundaio []: sound masking*
Alundaio []: turned out to be masking issue
Darryl []: I wrote a sort of backstory to CS' restoration which you can read about by talking to their members etc.
Didn't want to recycle it all for the encyclopedia articles again

Darryl []:
Alundaio []: It's good. Finally some explanations about csky
Balathruin []: Also rip stealth.
Balathruin []: Hype
Alundaio []: death sound fixed
Alundaio []: new xrGame
Darryl []: Last of the clear sky member bios
Darryl []: How does this read?
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: @Alun Bandit trader
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: If someone he is back: Perkele
Alundaio []: When you call inherited methods, it should call them as the current cast, but it doesn't seem like it's doing that properly and I wonder if it's Visual Studio's fault
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ah, vodka chicken is out
Alundaio []: and also it seems to remove ammo for current weapon, which I do know also doesn't happen
Alundaio []: CAI_Stalker :: Die is where the death sounds are played
Alundaio []: :: Die
Alundaio []: I don't think CAI_Stalker:ie is being called in engine, only CEntity:ie. I don't know if this is a compiler issue or what.
Nuor []: I think i'll print up a file with weapons ordered by ap adjust hp for 6 sample npcs just to get an idea
VodkaChicken []: night
Darryl []: night
Nuor []: night
Pirunvirsi []: good night everyone
Pirunvirsi []: i gotta go to sleep
Pirunvirsi []: np
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Thanks you for the explaining.
Pirunvirsi []: in layman's terms, slow and bad connection = bad quality, good and fast connection = good quality
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Super PC - Potato net
Pirunvirsi []: your PC might be a fucking beast while your internet connection won't let you upload anything, and everything you send to twitch/hitbox/steam/whatever will just look like ass because the stream has to adapt to the connection so that it won't lag all the time
Pirunvirsi []: yeah, it also has got something to do with the original stream quality
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Pirunvirsi: Do you mean the video is too compressed?
Pirunvirsi []: compressor
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anybody knows what is this anomaly what I see in that video ?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: and even with this card and settings I playing the game in better quality than he in their Über PC
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: with a GTS 450
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Man, I'm playing COC 720p resolution Middle graphics settings DX10
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: DAMMIT
Darryl []:
Pirunvirsi []: the way it's supposed to be played (tm)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: GTX 1080 and this is the graphics?
Pirunvirsi []: looks like 144p
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What's going on here?!
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What?
Darryl []: "720p"
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anybody knows what happened about French Modders?
Alundaio []: French users have not been as active as of late
Alundaio []: rarely
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: The Francias Chat Room is used sometimes?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But I want to see NIMBLE. We need NIMBLE
Alundaio []: Nimble is not nimble
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: Sid and Wolf is good. WHERE IS NIMBLE?!
Alundaio []: coc vk is SFW
Pirunvirsi []: coccsucc
Darryl []: gave*
Darryl []: was wondering why that album had like 150 views though, i only have it to a few people
Undead []: No that's too much cocsuck for me
Darryl []: funnier with the picture he posted i think
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: scary! Cut out
Darryl []: big*
Darryl []:
Darryl []: On VK page with the bit karlik pic
Darryl []:

Alex Lia
Страшна, вырубай

Alundaio []: The modding legend
Alundaio []: File uploaded: u2dWDmg6eKw.jpg
Alundaio []: pretty much if you look at cs/cop scripts it uses code from amk lol xstreaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Who is now a woman
VodkaChicken []: collectible card game
Darryl []: Will be interesting if stalker 2 releases and has snippets of CoC code in the scripts
Alundaio []: the mobile app
Pirunvirsi []: oh shit
Alundaio []: They are announcing MDT helming a STALKER 2
VodkaChicken []: I hope it has microtransactions so I can skip the hard parts
Alundaio []: not a real STALKER 2 envisioned by Sergiy Grigorovich
Darryl []: inb4 visual novel or card game
Alundaio []: means they are making a shitty stalker game
Alundaio []: innate calc, helmet calc, outfit calc
Alundaio []: no it just goes in order passing HitPower value
Nuor []: so is hit fraction multipied in that case? 0.1 * 0.45 exo = 0.045 hit_fraction?
Darryl []: hype
VodkaChicken []: what did gsc mean by this?
VodkaChicken []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I have a questions about spawns and faction positions in the zone. Wild Territory: The Mercs how to get there? How it's possible?
Alundaio []: Yeah, donate outfit to companion and he will be a tank
Nuor []: compound as in additive?
Alundaio []: They use the sections that are specified in their captures ltx
Alundaio []: NPC use outfit values if outfit is slotted but it will compound with their innate protections
Darryl []: dat most popular
Darryl []:
Darryl []: aw ye
Undead []: White text yes.
Nuor []: so you still say npc's don't use outfit values. Do the "Full Sections" values in damages then apply?
Undead []: They do
Alundaio []: do people even shoot their guns anymore in coc when they die?
Undead []: sweet
Alundaio []: pretty much
Undead []: There are a few duplicate sound files in different folders and only one of them seems to be used in CoP
Undead []: Is every characters_voice folder that was unused in CoP unused in CoC?
Undead []: Alundaio
Alundaio []: lol
Darryl []: I think my job writing the encyclopedia is in jeopardy, guys
Darryl []:

From top of my mind: Snork - Well known between stalkers as annoying frog with too much free time, because its just love fallow you for whole map jus to kick you in the ball. It real origin is not known, but some say that back before Zone started messing shit up, there was a group of sewer cleaner in Pripyat that had no fricking clue that there was explosion in CNPP and for all those eyers they where still cleaning crap down bellow. And as you can expected magic of zone did his abracadabra and F### up their mind, and after that they started to pretend to be frogs...

Scientist pretend to make new materials and stuff from their strong tendons, but some stalkers found out that ecologist like to buy snork shoes from stalkers becase they snif it to get high. There is some fungus in their smelly feet that some say its more powerful than LSD...

But for most of stalkers Snorks are annoying jumping dicks that are hard to kill even if they have skinny body that suck bullets like magnet.

Nuor []: as hit fraction approaches 1 ap values lower than 1 loses their importance
Nuor []: at least when ap values start to exceed 1
SadBlackFox []: why?
Alundaio []: no it would break shit to update luabind
SadBlackFox []: Luabind
Nuor []: Interesting - as the target is less powerful say .9 hit fraction .1 ap then it might actually take a lower % of damage from high ap.
Alundaio []:

README for LuaJIT 2.0.5

Alundaio []: look at the readme in luajit-2 folder
Pirunvirsi []: you probably meant 2.0.5
Alundaio []: You mean 2.0.5? It is already
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, Do you upgrade LuaJit to version 1.0.5?
Alundaio []: AP was also the only way to cause bleeding with bullets, but bal wanted that changed
Nuor []: so assuming the cwp ap range is 0.01 - 1.2 (1.5) attacking a powerful target as shown in your example the hit power range would be 0.5 - 0.75
Alundaio []: that* the armor
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That's going be feel in pain if that hit the player.
Alundaio []: So it's not really that you are doing more damage, it's the teh armor is protecting you less
Nuor []: yeah i was testing some values trying to see the range
Alundaio []: You'll see that even with 0.4 or .5 AP on a .3 BoneArmor will still be reduced by half. But if you increase AP to 1, you'll see that AP will do 70% damage rather then 50%
Alundaio []: local AP = 0.4
local BoneArmor = 0.3
local hit_fraction = 0.5
local HitPower = 1.0

local d_hit_power = (AP - BoneArmor) / AP;
if (d_hit_power < hit_fraction) then
d_hit_power = hit_fraction
HitPower = HitPower * d_hit_power


Alundaio []: use this in a lua console
Alundaio []: It's not exactly like that
Nuor []: Trying to decide if that makes sense as high ap ammo should tend to pass through target with potentially less damage?
Alundaio []: The larger the gap between AP and BoneArmor the more it lessens hit fraction
Nuor []: So k_ap values much above 0.3 don't make any sense given current damage.ltx values.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That's nice. Good to hear about this feature. Hopefully - We players - are going to experience this feature soon in the R7 update.
Darryl []: Find random memory sticks on stalker bodies or loot the mutant to get each article
Darryl []: You have to unlock the mutant articles before you can read them
Darryl []: Yeah
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: All mutants have the photo now in the PDA wiki?
Darryl []: I thought it too which is why I didn't want to use the word at first
Darryl []: Yeah I get it
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Hopefully you laughing, because it's just a joke, don't take it too seriously.
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Nimble have the trait to be Nimble?
Or he too old to be Nimble enough?
Nimble is a realy Nimble?
100%? Not a replacement Nimble?

Darryl []: Shoot
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: Good to see your PDA Articles what you created. Good Work. I have a questions for you.
Pirunvirsi []: o shit it's buddha
Darryl []: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.U
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: just pay 100$
Pirunvirsi []: all it needs is a Digital Homicide 2.0 with just a bit more money :v
Alundaio []: I think this means they anything can get in now without a vote
Darryl []: greenlight was awful, allowed so many junk games to get into the store
Darryl []: praise be
Alundaio []:

Steam Greenlight has been replaced with Steam Direct: "A new developer will simply need to fill out some digital paperwork, including entering bank and tax information and going through a quick identity verification process. After completing the paperwork, the developer will be asked to pay a $100 recoupable fee for each game they wish to release on Steam. This fee is returned in the payment period after the game has sold $1,000."

Darryl []:
Nuor []: That helps me understand but makes the idea impractical as ther is more variation than I realized.
Nuor []: so say highlighted weapon would overcome exo's or seva's etc
Nuor []: I'm trying to think of a simple way to incorporate AP into damage ui I was considering having Indicator that displayed level of armor penetrated.
Alundaio []: I mean *BoneArmor
Alundaio []: and formula is here:
Alundaio []: and the section is linked from models capture ltx, which is linked in the ogf
Alundaio []:

So alun where do i find the ap threshold values for the various models?

Not sure what you mean. BoneProtection is 2nd param in damages.ltx

Nuor []: I found the discussion it was a couple of months ago.
Undead []: I guess this is gonna turn into a hunt
Undead []: Found one in Beanpolev's files
Undead []: aha
Alundaio []: all the games have unused sounds, coc is somewhat cleaned up but not entirely
Undead []: All factions have a few generic voice files that I've never heard in CoC
Alundaio []: never seen hear_something, see_something, dead_* folders in state before
Undead []: Yep.
Alundaio []: could just be from GSC backup drive
Alundaio []: ecolog has a lot of unused sounds
Undead []: Might be Vano
Undead []: Odd. It's the same voice actor, but it must be from a different game because the sound is slightly different
Alundaio []: well the russian versions I think were from someone else
Nuor []: So alun where do i find the ap threshold values for the various models?
Undead []: I can't seem to find the originals anywhere
Undead []: Do you remember where you got them for the ecologists?
Alundaio []: I just renamed sounds that sounded like they are greeting you
Alundaio []: only COP has meet sounds
Undead []: Yeah, meet_hello_*
Undead []: It had the whole "go talk to the commander" thing
Alundaio []: I had to rename them
Undead []: as ecologist voice files don't seem to exist in Call of Pripyat, and that game uses a different naming scheme for a few audio files
Alundaio []: meet sounds?
Alundaio []: or there they are same ones I guess
Undead []: But then I wonder how they've ended up in CoC. I know for a fact they've been renamed
Alundaio []: If they do not exist here they did not exist at all
Pirunvirsi []:!A5YTyILB!GUJGJNwTPMNQgtMpdDXHYQ here it is
Alundaio []: Localizations folder
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, я мог бы тебе дать ссылку на установщики SoC, CS, CoP
Alundaio []:!Ql5CSLxb!gNkfqg-xAUfYezLuMaFtYQ
Undead []: I have them on Steam. I just don't know the filenames, and I can't find them even after comparing the file sizes of all games to the files in CoC
Pirunvirsi []: just gotta get the link and you can download the archive you need for any game
Pirunvirsi []: English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Pirunvirsi []: I hosted all the important localizations back them
Undead []: Trying to find the original files so that I can get the Ukrainian equivalents.
Darryl []: ah
Undead []: I'm updating an addon of mine called Ukrainian Voices
Darryl []: You making an ecolog voice addon or something?
Undead []: Я их ищу для аддона моего
Undead []: @SadBlackFox, ты знаешь, где можно найти файлы "meet_hello_*" учёных в играх STALKER?
Pirunvirsi []: sound files?
Pirunvirsi []: redrawing the UI is easy if you've got the soul of an artist and everything else is just changing coordinates
Undead []: I'm trying to find the original files used for ecologist greetings in the STALKER games
Pirunvirsi []: it's just time-consuming
Pirunvirsi []: nah, it's not as difficult as it sounds
VodkaChicken []: whoever it was, he is probably insane by now
Darryl []: haven't heard of that
Pirunvirsi []: who was that guy who tried redrawing and rewriting the entire stalker UI to use 1920x1080 resolution
Darryl []: super editable by addons
Pirunvirsi []: anyway
Pirunvirsi []: heh that is cool
Darryl []: all of that is @koma
Darryl []: if i explained it badly
Darryl []: for what i mean by text and images
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It's so simple a monkey could do it
Darryl []: And the image is the same, but with _image at the end
Darryl []: Article text is the same, but appending with _text at the end
Darryl []: Article titles also use the same string as their config name
Darryl []: Category localisation uses the same string as the category name
Nuor []: so how many different ap thresholds are there for the different npc models?
Pirunvirsi []: today I finished writing a website with HTML and javascript where you have a raid array netto capacity calculator
Darryl []: This is my current encyclopedia plugin:
And this is my current encyclopedia interactivity plugin:

Darryl []: couple seconds to get one working
Pirunvirsi []: how long*
Darryl []: ty
Pirunvirsi []: how much does it take you to code a single page
Pirunvirsi []: it does
Darryl []:
Darryl []: which really a nice compliment
Darryl []: theravenwhite actually said the coc encyclopedia is looking better than the soc one
VodkaChicken []: but spore is a girl
VodkaChicken []: it's gud
Darryl []: pls r8
Darryl []: This was a pain in the butt to write
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I still have them all, I'll chose a different one
VodkaChicken []: I sent you like gorillion cat pictures and you took the dark one
SadBlackFox []: лол lol
Darryl []: The fur is the same colour as the lighting
Darryl []: Yeah me too I might retake that picture
SadBlackFox []: @D, I think that the cat is too dark
Nuor []: Could even have an argument for having 416 as upgrade to ar15 variant like m4.
Pirunvirsi []: <3
Darryl []: Hey Koma
Darryl []: Wow chat is really full
Pirunvirsi []: the hk416 is just an ar-15 receiver with the shits-where-it-eats gas tube replaced with a gas piston + HK's proprietary addons
Alundaio []: full house
Nuor []: I'd have most of the weapons you keep as very rare or unique and have a limited pool of more common weapons.
Nuor []: hk416 is out there. Just to specialized markets.
Alundaio []: tasks from npcs or task from traders
SadBlackFox []: @Balathruin, Could you change the color of the text, please?
Alundaio []: which faction are you
Alundaio []: can you give more specifics, but here in marsh monster and attack bandit quest is working
Balathruin []: Bounty hunt worked, didn't get chance to test fetch.
Balathruin []: Monster or stalker, doesn't matter.
Balathruin []: Any quest targeting a squad crashes.
Alundaio []: abort wouldn't be much of an abort now if it doesn't crash intentionally. The error is not the script
Alundaio []: What quest is it
Alundaio []:

! [LUA] 6 : [Lua] ...ll of chernobyl 1.5\gamedata\scripts\task_manager.script(66) : give_task

Invalid syntax in condition list for either on_init, on_cancel, on_complete, on_fail, on_reversed, condlist_*, reward_item or reward_money

Undead []: Это верно. Тем не менее, это слово несколько отличается на английском
SadBlackFox []: Это близкие по смыслу слова
Undead []: несколько*
Undead []: Doesn't seem like it
Undead []: На английском нет одного слова, которого объединяет эти значения
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Undead: Sverige Army have some VSS Vintorez in their Arsenal?
Undead []: Одно значение нескольно как "задолженность", а другое как "обязанность"
SadBlackFox []: *одно
SadBlackFox []: "в один из двух значений" - какие?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh, okay.
Undead []: I think I made a few mistakes, so I corrected myself
Undead []: Nah. I was explaining to Fox that the word for "duty" can have two different meanings in Russian
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I mean you said in some slavic language "Values?" and I answered: "What Values are you need undead?"
Undead []: Hogy érted?
Undead []: Like, what do you mean
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: yep
Undead []: What do you mean by "values"?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What values are you need Undead?
Undead []: значений*?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: My is Hungarian.
Undead []: одно*
Undead []: Swedish
Undead []: "Долг" имеет два значения, а иногда слово неправильно переводится в один из двух значених на английский
SadBlackFox []: What is your native language?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Good to know Undead.
Undead []: Если ты используешь переводчик, его слова могут быть потерянными в переводе
SadBlackFox []: I just clarified the meaning of the word.
SadBlackFox []: You do not understand
SadBlackFox []: "The duty to the fatherland" is one of the ways of propaganda.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Do you defend the debtors?!
SadBlackFox []:

Debt Faction, do you get it? They have so much debt, they named their faction as a Debt!

Duty to the Motherland and all mankind.

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "Colt Monitor"
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay, okay, just the Machine Translations are sometimes are funny. ( I mean: 1.0 non edited, just Machine Translated Russian Texts which types of text can be found in some english translation with 1.0 versions)
Undead []: For precise definitions, I recommend using Wiktionary. It's what I've used to learn Russian
Darryl []: Yeah it kept trying to translate it as "a friend" in other places
Undead []:
Undead []: Also, Дружок means "buddy" or "pal".
Undead []: gods
Undead []: You have a debt to the joke godas
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Debt Faction, do you get it? They have so much debt, they named their faction as a Debt!
Darryl []: If only they were greek
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Yeah, I like the RU to ENG translations: Like Duty is Debt, and Dutier is Debtors.
Darryl []: Eng wiki doesnt even have a page for it
Darryl []: Turns out Doc's dog actually does have a name
Darryl []: @Alundaio

Darryl []: Wishgranter came out as "Executor of Desires"
Darryl []: I love how RU wiki translates
Undead []: Yep.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm just joking. They do so many thing, I can't even know whatta hell is going on. But, I know one thing: Darryl are edited multiple times the PDA "pedia
Undead []: Who?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: -They invented the Spanish wax once again
- They invented the V2 German rocket again

Undead []: So how are you fellows doing?
Balathruin []: I compared sun configs earlier and the values are not much different from vanilla. It would show verify errors too.
Balathruin []: Sun was not changed. The log spam has been like this since verify errors can show in the log.
Balathruin []: There were 4 soldiers.
Darryl []: Gets spammed in the console like 100 times a second
Darryl []:

! VERIFY_FAILED: ..\xrRender\Light_DB.cpp[225] {CLight_DB::Update} E.sun_dir.y<0 Invalid sun direction settings in evironment-config

Darryl []: It keeps vanishing
Darryl []: Is it just me or is there an issue with the sun in 1.5?
Balathruin []: Soldier not responding to being shot 90m away. He can clearly see me. Used radio and now looting bodies.
Darryl []: Gimme a few minutes
Darryl []: I'll have a look at making it an option in the UI/HUD menu
SadBlackFox []: I still like it more if the picture above
Darryl []: no biggy
Darryl []: ah well
SadBlackFox []: I can not edit those posts, because more than 24 hours have passed since the creation.
Darryl []: If you want to update VK again?
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Also Fon, I updated that picture again with the picture stretch fix
Darryl []: I was surprised to find out it was French, too
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: Now it is clear why it seemed to me that the film was shot in the USSR
SadBlackFox []:

Inspired by Dostoyevsky's novel The Idiot

Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: *film
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, What is this movie?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: No variation, no different meshes.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "same mesh and same texture
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: No variation, no different meshes, same meshes same textures.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: No different meshes.
Balathruin []: It's the same as 30-40-50 different meshes.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: 30-40-50 with the same exact suit, no variation.
Darryl []: Nothing, they're just two NPCs that use the same model
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: If I'm going to spawn NPCs in one map , wearing the same outfit, with the same textures. What's going to happen?
Balathruin []: Haven't updated the cloud either.
Undead []: :c
Balathruin []: nothing
Undead []: @Balathruin, do you have any repo or something for OWR?
Darryl []: Pushed to repo anyway, genuinely looks like an oversight
Undead []: Hey there.
Balathruin []: I have everything synced.
Darryl []: Can you put your files in cloud?
Balathruin []: nope
Darryl []: Test with that in scripts
Darryl []: File uploaded: xr_logic.script
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: I can fix this
Darryl []: every other call to abort_syntax_error_in_cond actually passes something that exists
Darryl []: yet tried to pass it to the method, which then cant use it as it is nil
Darryl []: extract_conditions method has no parameters or variables called "npc"
Balathruin []: squad*
Darryl []: Oh I know what's causing it
Balathruin []: Tasks that target a squat cause the crash.
Darryl []: Looks like the crash is caused by the error report though which is odd
Darryl []: Would likely cause more damage in the long run if the errors were suppressed though
Darryl []: Could probably fix it by just checking if all the parameters exist
Balathruin []: Only changed rewards now, this crash has been in the game for some time.
Darryl []: A whole bunch of things call abort_syntax_error_in_cond which is where your error is at, so I can't tell specifically
Darryl []: Seems that your error is being caused by conditions
Darryl []: What are you changing with the tasks?
Darryl []:

LUA error: ...- call of chernobyl 1.5\gamedata\scripts\xr_logic.script:607: attempt to index local 'npc' (a nil value)

Balathruin []: I don't understand it enough to find the issue.
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: What does the crash log say?
Balathruin []: tasks crashing, I want to test and can't really wait for Alun now
Darryl []: shoot
Balathruin []: might need a quick help
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Balathruin []: Before writing configs, I had to restart due to updates.
Darryl []: until it crashed
Darryl []: Yeah I think my longest playthrough in a freeplay mod was DMM:AE
Balathruin []: Haven't been in a lab since ages... or even have the helmet.
Balathruin []: Also never done a playthrough.
Darryl []: I love it though
Darryl []: Long wait for that, lots of stuff to do
Balathruin []: No, I'm kinda waiting for it to be done.
Darryl []: The textures you need are in cloud
Darryl []: Have you done a playthrough with the new guide articles yet?
Balathruin []: If it's a bounty task, why not? There would be some chance for NPC looting it-
Darryl []: have to*
Darryl []: If somebody else steals the PDA you have the whack them?
Darryl []: Hey that's not a bad idea
Balathruin []: You'd have to collect the PDA to prove you killed the target. If someone else did it, you have to search the corpse.
Balathruin []: About PDAs, I had an idea to prevent easy tasks.
Darryl []: hey sbf
Darryl []: Wolf's guide picture is so badass I think
Darryl []: File uploaded: wolf_pda.jpg
Balathruin []: I'd only do weapon stats, it takes a lot of time to dig them up.
Darryl []: But I need to rebuild all the assets for that anyway
Darryl []: CWP is my own personal project though
Balathruin []: I already remade OWR and fixed UI issues for next version.
Darryl []: I'd give you repo access if you used git
Darryl []: I have no problem with that
Balathruin []: Why not cooperate? I don't see any reason to have weapon packs by Darryl and weapon packs by Balathruin at the same time.
Darryl []: I still plan to do it some point in the future
Darryl []: Because I've done them for ages, I just don't have the time right now
Darryl []: Yeah the configs for addons are fine
Balathruin []: But why do you want to update them to 1.5? I'm already doing it.
Balathruin []: I use the old mods with the new configs from the repo.
Darryl []: I'm not too bothered though, eveything I need is in the 1.4 ports and so I'll just build from those
Balathruin []: ok
Darryl []: I think I just fucked up all the mipmaps and bumps and stuff from running imagemagick and not doing proper backups beforehand
Darryl []: Nothing in the 1.4 ports, those are fine
Balathruin []: What's wrong with the textures?
Balathruin []: yes, replaced by 9x18
Darryl []: Very old bullet though
Darryl []: PPSh in stcop2.9 and cwp uses it too
Darryl []: CZ52 and Tokarev TT-33
Darryl []: I think only three guns use 7.62x25 in any weapon pack
Darryl []: I'll do it if and when I can be asked, encyclopedia is more fun and less likely to burn me out again
Darryl []: And do CWP later
Darryl []: I think I might rebuild the ports for the three packs because I think I messed up the texture settings
Balathruin []: 7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x51 are all fine
Darryl []: that's one of the things i was doing in CWP is putting much more emphasis on round availability
Darryl []: 9x18 would probably be the most common pistol round
Darryl []: 5.45, 7.62 and 5.56 would be the main rifle rounds
Balathruin []: A more realistic weapon pack would not add too many new calibers for a start.
Darryl []: 176 were built anyway
Darryl []: 176 exist actually, many less than I thought did
Darryl []: It's one of those clockwork kraut magic guns, like an overdesigned watch that's done for showing off
Darryl []: STCoP has a WA2K and I think there's only a few hundred of those that exist
Darryl []: OWR3 has a god damn XM8, which literally nobody but I think Indonesia uses
Darryl []: A lot of the weapons make no sense in stalker tbh
Darryl []:
Balathruin []: Who the hell would use that in the Zone?
Balathruin []: AO3 has HK 4.6
Darryl []: They were even worse before I redid the ports from the ground up
Darryl []: This is why I'm the only person who wants to support them for 2 years
Darryl []: Yup weapon packs are a bitch
Balathruin []: It's so stupid, just adding in random weapons.
Balathruin []: Barely done anything with AO3 but I already hate it.
Darryl []: Would probably be quicker than my upload speed
Darryl []: Just rip them from STCoP
AxelDominatoR []: hey
Balathruin []: Can you upload AO3 knife meshes?
Balathruin []: hello
Darryl []: hey axel
Darryl []: hey bal
Balathruin []: I used 1.25
Balathruin []: I found the sight zooms, but it doesn't matter much.
Balathruin []: dunno
Nuor []: 2 of the 3 npc's were bandit exo's not certain if that effects anything other than skin.
Nuor []: which sights?
Balathruin []: How much zoom you have on sights?
Nuor []: notice the cover and detection bar enemy is directly through the grass.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-04-17_20-56-29__k00_marsh_.jpg
Nuor []: being behind that very heavy grass cover makes no difference
Nuor []: any closer than that sets them off.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-04-17_20-44-20__k00_marsh_.jpg
Nuor []: something else is going on. I see both values to 1.0 made no difference.
Nuor []: It's obvious when they spot me.
Balathruin []: when they turn it off they are alerted
Nuor []: visibilty is tricky I change something for this situation it breaks it for all others
Balathruin []: and focus on their headlamps
Balathruin []: If you have original hud just watch the visibility meter.
Nuor []: let me turn on debug
Nuor []: I'm wondering if something else is triggering it. I doubt it could be sound.
Balathruin []: If you want to change something I can't do anything.
Balathruin []: I tried changing values but Alun refused to use it.
Nuor []: I hadn't noticed it earlier but this is very obvious
Balathruin []: I'd say it's really easy to sneak past or behind them. If I know there are guard somewhere I move behind covers.
Nuor []: maybe raise visibility_threshold
Balathruin []: I haven't had problems with NPC visibility.
Nuor []: raised value to 0.9 didn't seem to matter. raised transparency to .7 they still shoot through grass solid wall of grass.
Balathruin []: more accurately when NPC is actor type
Balathruin []: when actor is NPC I think
Nuor []: bah then why have the stupid values
Balathruin []: actor file does nothing
Balathruin []: ...
Nuor []: for actor
Nuor []: just says light factor in mine
Nuor []: Once I'm line of sight they target me.
Balathruin []: literally in the file next to it
Balathruin []: Low value = easier to see at night
Nuor []: even 0 made no difference
Balathruin []: lol
Nuor []: made no difference
Nuor []: I set luminocity_factor = 0.1
Nuor []: I'll have no light on in the dark and they see and shoot at me at 80 meters.
Nuor []: I'm using a 2/3's upgraded skat9m and I have settings to upgrade every slot so i'm overpowered.
Balathruin []: I played after the new AP + armor values, but didn't have any good outfit.
Nuor []: Have you tried wandering about in marsh?
Nuor []: Not necessarily bad but will effect gameplay dramatically.
Nuor []: It's not that they are sponges it's just that actor is much more fragile.
Balathruin []: I'm changing AP again (higher overall for more ammo types)
Nuor []: your*
Nuor []: pretty much. I don't use all of you exact values but very close.
Nuor []: enemy can see me, target me and kill me much more effectively than before.
Balathruin []: damages.ltx and outfit files are up-to-date?
Nuor []: File uploaded: weapons_hit_power.ltx
Nuor []: I'm still getting destroyed in firefights.
Nuor []: maybe just give some kind of % bonus for ap like + .1 * k_ap
Nuor []: air resist will effect fast bullets most as it energy loss isn't linear
Balathruin []: High speed bullets don't care too much about it.
Balathruin []: try air resist at 2.0 and decrease it with 0.5 every time
Balathruin []: target at 100m, 9x39 vintorez
Nuor []: Like I said I don't know how to weight it. I'd give ap a pos value and air resist a negative one bu thow much is reasonable I haven't a clue.
Balathruin []: I might have to change AP/armor to work with weapon addons tho, can't really put FN 5.7 anywhere.
Balathruin []: High air resist also ruins low speed bullets accuracy, the reason I have it 0.5 for 9x39
Balathruin []: AP plays a big role in damage, but as I said only against Exos and stuff like that.
Balathruin []: Air resist decreases damage and AP over time (distance). If you want to calculate it, it's ballistic coefficient.
Nuor []: but it does play a factor in damage it's just tougher to judge.
Balathruin []: Air resist is effective range, AP only does more damage against armoured targets.
Nuor []: I i use ap or air resistance how do i weight them ;/
Nuor []: So what ammo factors need to account for weapon damage progress bar in ui?
Alundaio []: Peace
Darryl []: Night guys
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: dammit, troll accounts.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Alundaio []: all the 10s were bought from fiverr
VodkaChicken []: sorry, those are my puppet accounts
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: it's rigged
Darryl []: a whole page of 10s
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I love this guy
Darryl []:

Ah yes, i am not native to your language so you would mock this... cluck cluck cluckle cluck?

Alundaio []:

Don rEBA i am so happy ,i ave been drink and playing D2 hardcore an dmy bear druid he not dead! my frend he not blieve it hA!

Darryl []:
Darryl []: Call him Ron Deba or something though
Darryl []: When Mangun is drunk he should sing the don reba song
Alundaio []: I don't know, "Bam bam I am magic!"
VodkaChicken []: aussies are great shitposters
Darryl []:
Darryl []: It's probably all deliberate
Darryl []: Oh he's an Aussie that explains it
Darryl []: What's the significance of "Bam Bam" underneath his name?
Alundaio []:

Still, you should make an effort to write legibly. Besides, English is not even all that different from (looks up IP) Australian.

Alundaio []:
VodkaChicken []: what a legend
Alundaio []:
VodkaChicken []: *don
VodkaChicken []: or just mention that he likes to sing about some ron when drunk
Darryl []: At the very least the first one
Darryl []: Might call one "Mangun's notes" with those in it maybe
Darryl []: I might add a misc section for random unrelated articles
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Last time I checked the GSC forum it's looked like bugged or became dead or something.
Darryl []: I hope mangun knows he is in coc
Darryl []: aw
Alundaio []: Don Reba is GSC moderator and banned him permanently for the Don Reba theme song I think. Very sad
Alundaio []: The real mangun was insane and would post songs on GSC forum. Sadly I can't find them. But here are the lyrics :

Don Reba likes moustache, it puts him in a trance!

Don Reba sees moustache and now he gonna dance!

With a wiggle an a sniggle do a diddle an a fiddle bit o piddle

kurukuru kurukuru kurukuru kurukuru kurukuru kurukuru kurukuru!.

Don REba tHeme Song

Ha1 DOn Reba! I have song my firend hegave is the sunday. I have given me at ghis house thiese is my song i have plyed oiu is very nece i miss you dOn Rena i w play my guitara for you is tru si this is respect but no words too drink you understandi know

kurukuru kurukuruu kkurukuru!

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "Once
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: One I made the Duty Technician Drunk as Hell: 12 game days needed to wake up and can I use their services....
Darryl []: Mangun being in a coma for like 2 solid weeks and how he cant use the mechanic he gave all his tools to
Darryl []: I laughed so much at that comment on moddb
Alundaio []: MANGUN
Darryl []: He lacks the dialog also
Darryl []: YES
Alundaio []: He needs permanent coma if you give him vodka
Darryl []: fixed
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I'll need to rephrase that
Darryl []: Hm I repeated "spending his days" twice
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Maybe.
Alundaio []: Probably wants to check the balance of your addon
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Before one day of the addon has been released.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: He asked me to send my Outfit Addon files to he, for testing purposes.....
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Nothung. Nevermind.
Nuor []: A question you answer with - he's a spy ;p
Alundaio []: What kind of question is that
Nuor []: So are the optional huds folders. I've tested not a one of them.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "Balathruin is Friend of the Epic Stalker Team, right?
Nuor []: darryl those readme's in that folder are largely crap
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Balathruin is the Epic Stalker team friend, right?
Alundaio []: barman get's no respect
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: File uploaded: encyclopedia_characters.png
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: 8k Resolution is the best Darryl
Darryl []: Much more square now
Darryl []:
Darryl []: put 1204 instead of 1024 in the stretch fix
Darryl []: woops
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Thank you!
TKGP []: @-HUN-Riot_Gin Autumn Aurora 2
VodkaChicken []: good thing the old portrait is still in the game
VodkaChicken []: barman always looks like a retarded frog
Darryl []: spore is my stalkerfu
TKGP []: woof
TKGP []: barman's model compared to beard's
TKGP []: man
Darryl []:
VodkaChicken []: scar was helluva drug
Nuor []: that's me to a T ;p
TKGP []: how selfish
Nuor []: I say NO I have my own xml for that
Darryl []: Vodka made a genius article image for Ivan Trodnik
Darryl []:
TKGP []: why take something out, you might need it later
TKGP []: it's the xray philosophy
Nuor []: so why are all of those helm tags in ui_custom_msgs.xml when they aren't in game any longer?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: WHAT'S THE MOD NAME?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @ Darryl: WHAT IS THIS MOD?
Nuor []: I'll put the complete smurth in there. It will take some sorting first as i don't recall what is what.
Nuor []: I can't kill bloodsuckers with rifle that easily
Darryl []:
Nuor []: I'll put in my OwnCloud folder
Darryl []: You should have access to cloud to add to fsgame
Darryl []: Send me whatever you need commited to repo
Nuor []: and change paths in ui_dyn_huds
Nuor []: change that line in mask_hud.script.
Nuor []: self.cnt = getFS():file_list_open_e"$textures_ui_masks$", FS.FS_ListFiles, section.."*.dds")ize() or 1
Nuor []: I'd like to add that line to fsgame to allow moving the mass of mask textures to a separate subfolder.
Nuor []: $textures_ui_masks$ = true| true| $textures_ui$| masks\
Undead []: Good night
Undead []: Thanks. Have fun with coding hacks.
Darryl []: Added to repo
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, good night
Darryl []: lol thanks
Darryl []: Night
Undead []: Не за что
SadBlackFox []: Хорошо, спасибо
Undead []: Well, night, guys. Revised caption file is up above, and the Monolith line shouldn't trigger Darryl anymore
Darryl []: It causes odd behaviour in guide if you highlight another category but dont actually change it, then go selecting articles
Darryl []: Or a way you could do in engine and export?
Darryl []: Is there a way to set ListBox to setindex on one click, not double?
Darryl []: Alun
Undead []: Группировки теперь отсортированы по алфавиту
Undead []: Ладно. Файл был реорганизован
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, Я попрошу нашего переводчика сделать полный перевод субтитров на русский язык.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (Nevermind if NPC or Player Used)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (Outfits Only!)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio: Anyone knows which textures are not have any bump & bump#? If someone gave me the full list about that, probably I can find matching files for some of them.
Undead []: File uploaded: st_closecaption_generic.xml
Undead []: I just revised the captions and improved a few lines. Here, won't bother you guys about it anymore
Tomasm21 []: Russians Hacked USS Donald Cook at Black Sea two years ago. Destroyer had to be towed to Romania.
Undead []: @SadBlackFox Ты хочешь создать русские субтитры на основе нового английского файла в репозитории??
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: hacks make the world go round
Alundaio []: for file list items
Alundaio []: and use it to set width and height from it
Alundaio []: like in save dialog
Alundaio []: But they use CUIWindow() instance
Alundaio []: Even GSc does similar thing in some ui scripts
Darryl []: our hacky way of doing it* then
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: No that was going to be my suggested hack
Undead []: ((
Alundaio []: Either that or he is a clever spy
Darryl []: Did you have a better way of doing it in mind?
Alundaio []: He uses browser plugins to translate what everyone says and what he says quickly
Darryl []: Yeah my hacky way of doing it worked by init-ing the texture twice
Undead []: huh, not at all? Alright
Alundaio []: SBF doesn't know English
Undead []: That's a pretty literal translation, doesn't sound quite right in English
Tomasm21 []: google translator result is funny
Undead []: Fox, how would you translate "какие разговоры? Прячься, идиот!"
Alundaio []: yeah
Darryl []: I suppose you could load the image, get the dimensions etc. then reinit the texture?
Darryl []: Size has to be set before init or it doesnt seem to draw the picture
Darryl []: Nope, definitely doesnt work
Darryl []: Oh hang on
Undead []: Hey.
Darryl []: Nah that didn't work, invisible image
Darryl []: Hey
Alundaio []: Hello
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: actually see if it still works when doing
Darryl []: Such a small difference but striking effect
Darryl []: Man this is such a massive improvement visually
Darryl []: I was aiming not using a fixed width or height
Darryl []: Sure that'd be great
Alundaio []: now about reading the default w/h in texture description, instead of using the soft-coded 300x300, can be done with a little hack if you want
Darryl []: Yay it worked
Tomasm21 []: In new R4-6 when we hit boxes with a knife or shoot with a rifle then almost whole box affected surface texture is carved or covered with holes. I think that only the spot where bullet hits or knife cuts should have a hole or knife scratch.
Alundaio []: coefficient x
Undead []: What sounds better, "have you got a head on your shoulders?" or "do you have a head on your shoulders?"
Darryl []: What does kx stand for?
Darryl []: Cheers Ill try it
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: local kx = (device().height/device().width)/(768/1204)
self.image:InitTexture(section .. "_image")

Undead []: wallah
Darryl []: Maybe they might catch baghdadi
Darryl []: Syrian army is less than 10km from ISIS' second capital
Darryl []:
Darryl []: ids habbening
Darryl []: oh boy
Undead []:
Undead []: *
Undead []: "Hello CoC Dev team, i found this while i was messing around STALKER subreddit, it might get you some cool ideas :"
Undead []: wtf
Darryl []: My code is virtually the same as what's currently in repo, I put the texture image in cloud if you want to have a crack at it
Darryl []: Strangely the width and height of the image_container must set properly as the scrollbar acts as if it was still there
Darryl []: Image just goes invisible
Darryl []: Setting stretchtexture before inittexture has the same effect though
Darryl []: 5x is so it isnt right up against the wall
Darryl []: When I add it to scrollview it just plops it underneath text
Darryl []: The position is set in config, 5x 0y
Alundaio []: use SetWndSize and stretch texture before you init texture
Darryl []: Components seem to act weird when you set a scrollview as parent
Undead []: великий монолит
Undead []: монолит
Darryl []: They sound like space marines
Undead []: Rip OTP
Undead []:
Undead []: and they aren't even real greetings imo
Undead []: I can notice that the voice actor for the greeting lines are different
Undead []: Too bad they have little canon dialog
Darryl []: Wish it were available to non-monolith
Darryl []: Monolith dialog is great
Undead []:
Undead []: Hey, Darryl, does this get you going?
Darryl []: Image has vanished with that setting
Darryl []: Well... It does something...
Alundaio []: not knowing doesn't make one dumb, not asking questions does
Darryl []: Now I feel dumb
Alundaio []: I believe you need
Alundaio []: SetStretchTexture
Alundaio []: self.imageetStretchTexture(true)
Undead []: Alright
Darryl []: I always play on default
Darryl []:
Undead []: Hey, what population factor do you guys prefer?
Undead []: Nice formatting.
Darryl []: and pastebin is dead atm
Darryl []: wow okay
Darryl []:
local image_width = self.image:GetTextureRect().x2 - self.image:GetTextureRect().x1
local image_height = self.image:GetTextureRect().y2 - self.image:GetTextureRect().y1
if (utils.is_widescreen()) then
image_width = math.floor(image_width * 0.[img][/img]
self.image[img][/img]etWndSize(vector2():set(image_width, image_height))
self.image_container[img][/img]etWndSize(vector2():set(image_width, image_height + 20))

Darryl []: I can't seem to get it to work
Undead []: inb4 easy to fix mistake was made
Darryl []: ill try the image itself
Darryl []: well resizing the image container doesnt work
Darryl []: lol it takes me like 50 re-reads before i can fix my own stuff
Alundaio []: (device().height/device().width)/(768/1204)
Undead []: Since you're doing the work on the encyclopedia, you might be the grammar wizard here
Undead []: Darryl, feel free to look through the text for the ecologists and Monolith. I tried to stick to the original phrasing while using new terms in English if needed
Alundaio []: (1080/1920)/(768/1204) = .88
Undead []: Nimble ;)
Alundaio []: where h and w are resolution
Darryl []: I don't like "Fleet-footed"
Undead []: And the way it's phrased makes the first "strange" sound like an interjection
Darryl []: What's a better one-worded way to say that something is very agile?
Alundaio []: (h/w)/(768/1204)
Undead []: damn, it's probably wrong
Undead []: It can be both correct and incorrect depending on context. I may have done it incorrectly
Darryl []: I always capitalise after ...
Darryl []: Triggers my brain
Darryl []:
Undead []:
Alundaio []: if you notice, the difference between the *.xml and _16.xml it's just x and width
Darryl []: 1024/1280 is 0.8, so I think widescreen width would be 80% if I'm working that out right
Alundaio []: it's stretched on x axis, so you will need to offset the x slightly and offset the width
Alundaio []: both you will need to change
Darryl []: X or Width?
Darryl []: Uhh Alun
Darryl []: Neat
Undead []: I reordered the factions alphabetically
Alundaio []:
Undead []: Sweet.
Alundaio []: yes we got it
Undead []: There we go
Darryl []: that explains that then
Undead []: File uploaded: st_closecaption_generic.xml
Darryl []: How would I fix the x, via script or in config?
Alundaio []: utils.is_widescreen()
Darryl []: Same pic in widescreen for reference:
Darryl []: No new messages anywhere
Alundaio []: just need to have different value in wide
Undead []: Did the message with the xml get through?
Alundaio []: x is stretched in widescreen
Undead []: Seems that way
Darryl []: Can't work out why the pictures look so massive in widescreen
Undead []: Now that I see it in the guide, definitely
Darryl []: Guide looks a lot better non-widescreen I think
Darryl []: Chimera looks okay I think
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Was just testing the guide at non-widescreen resolutions and took a pic for you
Undead []: Angle on the Chimera looks a little low, perhaps? That might not be a bad thing, though
Undead []: I saw that. Interesting stuff
Undead []: Sasha Red была моё новое имя начиная с этой года, но я использую только "Undead" где можно
Darryl []: Full res pics from the guide
Darryl []: Unead*
Darryl []: Also @Unead
Undead []: @SadBlackFox
Undead []:
Undead []: Weird. I'll send it again
Undead []: Wait, what?
Darryl []: yo alun
Darryl []: @Sasha
Haven't got any new PMs from you in moddb or here

Darryl []:
Alundaio []: no derp face on barkeep
Undead []: Hey, Darryl, you got the message with the subtitles?
Darryl []: The Sid one looks good though I think
Darryl []: pictures of people*
Darryl []: Can't help but think the pictures jut out a lot more than with mutants
Undead []: Sidorovich, sly man
SadBlackFox []: @Undead, почему ты сменил ник на этом форуме?
Darryl []: WIP
Darryl []:
Undead []: Да. Мне надо сдохнуть
Undead []:
SadBlackFox []: You're an American spy!
Undead []: Нет
Undead []: Ээх
SadBlackFox []: Do you have a passport?
Undead []: Я теперь россиянин
SadBlackFox []: I do not remember if NPCs say "but" in this phrase
SadBlackFox []: Even comma stands correctly.
Undead []: Ладно. В фразе "но" не указано
SadBlackFox []:


SadBlackFox []: "Прости, разговора не будет." or "Прости, но разговора не будет."
SadBlackFox []: It is right
Undead []: Thank you.
SadBlackFox []: разговора
Undead []: "Прости, разговоры не будет."
Undead []: I needed help with a few lines
Undead []: Somewhat.
SadBlackFox []: Do you understand the speech in Russian?
Undead []:
Undead []: Hey, Fox.
SadBlackFox []: Hi
Undead []: It's SashaRed, I've worked on subtitles and completed them for all factions
Undead []: Hey.
Darryl []: Starting working on characters now
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Think I've set on final mutant images
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "too much
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I don't like if a game going to play my Emotions
Darryl []: this is amazing
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh
SadBlackFox []: They will enter in-game donat, and will not share the source code of the engine.
SadBlackFox []: I mean that they will not do any good to the modemakers community.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Печальный Черный Лис, я думаю, мы можем общаться. Я пользуюсь Яндексом переводить.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Sadly thing, but maybe right. But wait a Minute, they modified the engine, but they not needed to pay some licence or something?
SadBlackFox []: They do not share source code with anyone, they only do it for the sake of money in the future
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "crashes
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I don't know if this helps alot, or rashes more a lot
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Yes, I know. Anyone heard about the Ray of Hope mod? I think If I'm remember right that team maked the Open X-ray 32bit to 64bit.
SadBlackFox []: xray can use a maximum of 3.5 gigabytes of RAM
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I playing COC 1.4.22 with MLR + Outfit Addon + AO Weapon Pack in DX10 , runs better than DX9 somehow, But I get more crashes (Out of Memory... I have 12gb ram...)
SadBlackFox []: I had to put the "printf" around the entire code to find where it was crashing, because there was no description in the log, only the general message "wrong parameter" or something like that.
SadBlackFox []: It would be nice to add a crash to the engine with a description of the error when passing the wrong parameters.
SadBlackFox []:

function map_add_object_spot(number, string, string)
function map_add_object_spot_ser(number, string, string)
function map_change_spot_hint(number, string, string)
function map_has_object_spot(number, string)
function map_remove_object_spot(number, string)

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Ok
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Darryl []: Using the standard one as placeholder
Darryl []: I think we are missing models for some backpacks though
Darryl []: I think we have enough outfits we have like 30
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "300-400 gb of material
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: 300gn
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Guys, uhm I can help the Development in Outfit Side if needed. Any outfit type thing need to solve here? I have a bunch of models & textures
Tomasm21 []: Also too many posts to a semaphore errors
Darryl []: Snuck up on a bandit who was whistling to himself at a campfire
Darryl []: Also whoever added whistling to NPCs deserves a prize
Darryl []: Also I found a combat backpack in a stash and it made me so stoked
Darryl []: I booted one of those small blue boxes right out of rookie village
Darryl []: Also physkick is god damn hilarious at times
Darryl []: My only complaint so far this playthrough is that I think tasks are too rewarding, I buffed up outfit prices to try to slow down progressing and it looks like money earned was increased which kinda undid that
Darryl []: I love it
Darryl []: But you've completely changed the way I play the game now
Darryl []: @Balathruin
I have to give it to you, at first I was very miffed about the rebalances to weapons and mutants

SadBlackFox []:

stack trace:

0023:04123200 xrRender_R1.dll
0023:04116A40 xrRender_R1.dll
0023:0042AB18 xrEngine.exe, IGame_Level::OnRender()
0023:0041098A xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::message_loop()
0023:00410AB1 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::Run()
0023:00465ADD xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466263 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00466366 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:00471F4B xrEngine.exe, CApplication::load_draw_internal()
0023:75DB336A kernel32.dll, BaseThreadInitThunk()
0023:77389902 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()
0023:773898D5 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio: You have another meshes for the remaining backpacks? (Tourist BackPack, Combat Backpakc)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I'm have low level modding skills here. Salute for you guys, who have more advanced modding skill.
Alundaio []: they still don't
Alundaio []: teach MDT how to use SDK
Alundaio []: oh good
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: because I remember he would complain about all.spawn patches year ago
SadBlackFox []: I forced him to use the SDK
Alundaio []: since when
Alundaio []: He did?
SadBlackFox []: He edited with using SDK
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh, okay.
Alundaio []: he is not to be trusted
Alundaio []: on appro
Alundaio []: and last_dawn has my little pony for icon
Alundaio []: ACDC edits, they don't use SDK
Alundaio []: But no
Alundaio []: I'm kidding I have no idea
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: insult
Alundaio []: it's garbage
Alundaio []: "last_dawn"
SadBlackFox []: In MLR specific features. They can not be added to CoC
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: You don't know this addon for COC? MLR.
Alundaio []: I don't know what you are speaking about
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio: Do you adapt some things from MLR?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Alundaio is going to adapt some things from the MLR?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay
SadBlackFox []: This is personal
SadBlackFox []: Oh, are you talking about nickname?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay, SadBlackFox
SadBlackFox []: I'm not sad.
SadBlackFox []: Who?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Why are you sad?
SadBlackFox []: Bye Alun
Alundaio []: I abort for hours. Such a rush!
SadBlackFox []: Hysterics
Alundaio []: FUN FUN FUN
SadBlackFox []: Cool, the game will not load
Alundaio []: just like atmosfear options
Alundaio []: then save config
Alundaio []: if field and value don't exist create it
Alundaio []: you need to add checks yourself. If section dont' exist, create it
Alundaio []: those are all yours
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: like that in vanilla game
Alundaio []: Something I didn't mention about trader supplies. It's always been the case that leaving switch distance will reset trader, because it's only saved on client object
SadBlackFox []:

Dynamic news is class, because it needs to disappear when disabled and recreated when enabled.

I could restore values without using a class.
The only place where the class is really needed - it is binding on the objects.

Alundaio []: In vanilla many places GSC needlessly create class, like pretty much all the "managers"
Alundaio []: Think of classes in lua as just tables with inheritable properties. If there is only a single instance, there is really no need, unless you need to be able to create/destroy. Dynamic news is class, because it needs to disappear when disabled and recreated when enabled.
SadBlackFox []: Probably the creation of a class in this case does not make sense.
Alundaio []: same with other binders
Alundaio []: which update is called from engine
Alundaio []: No, you are thinking of CUIScriptWnd
SadBlackFox []: I already looked
SadBlackFox []: I thought you could force a class to update without using subscriptions
Alundaio []: You might want to look in _G.script at AddUniqueCall
SadBlackFox []: ok, thanks
Alundaio []: It is safe, considered false
SadBlackFox []: If it returns nil?
Alundaio []: AddUniqueCall needs wrapper function around whatever you do. If it returns false, it will continue to update, if you return true, it will never update again
SadBlackFox []: return false?
Alundaio []: need the AddUniqueCall(main_loop) in there too
Alundaio []: function on_game_load()
class_sim_news = sim_news()

local function main_loop()
return false

SadBlackFox []: LUA error: c:\_programs_\coc\gamedata\scripts\_g.script:240: table index is nil
SadBlackFox []: right?
SadBlackFox []: function on_game_load()
class_sim_news = sim_news()

SadBlackFox []: thanks
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay
Alundaio []: @SBF Use AddUniqueCall
Alundaio []: Not possible currently
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio: Can you tell me how to disable the Backpack slot in an outfit?
SadBlackFox []: *compel
SadBlackFox []:
How can I get the class to update?

Nuor []: Periodically buy some distraction or become depressed and jump into an anomaly ;p
Alundaio []: Take RU from player randomly every so often, he won't even realize. stalker balance fixed
Alundaio []: Stalker needs a card game like Pazaak
Alundaio []: Not now on thirst atleast
Alundaio []: well not crash, just that website couldn't load because too many database queries
Alundaio []: but that was awhile ago
Alundaio []: without backup
Alundaio []: There was one month where the server crashed and the only way to fix it was to clear chat
SadBlackFox []: Or I went crazy
SadBlackFox []:

Alundaio [12:45 AM]: even with chat backups I can never seem to find something that I remember was said. I remember talking to TKGP about inifile but can't find it

I also looked for my recent posts in the chat history, but they disappeared ...

Alundaio []: with "fixed for real this time" kind of commit messages for it
Alundaio []: FRay repo added it and looks like they have problems with it lol
Alundaio []: new boost values
Alundaio []: But that wouldn't do it justice
Nuor []: easy to do it hacky like sleep
Alundaio []: sure you can write script for it as half-assed feature where you are warned when you are thirsty
Alundaio []: to do it right
Alundaio []: new placement on inventory
Alundaio []: and new ui icons
Alundaio []: it would need hardcoded and copy paste of satiety
Alundaio []: It can't be
SadBlackFox []: Optional
Alundaio []: and extra headache
SadBlackFox []: This would add extra waste of money and items.
Alundaio []: thirst is diving into the micromanagement territory
Nuor []: I think decreased satiety just lowers health
Alundaio []: satiety covers both
Alundaio []: I'm not in favor of it
Nuor []: health recovery is done with arty's so it exists
Alundaio []: set_health_ex
SadBlackFox []: @Alan, what do you think about adding thirst to water?
Alundaio []: you can always just
Alundaio []: whatever you recover is just time forward I think
Nuor []: If i add that will there be?
Alundaio []: ui_sleep_*
Alundaio []: no
Nuor []: so is there health recovery while sleeping?
Alundaio []: old cut thing isn't used
Nuor []: "health_restore_v_sleep" not certain if that exists either.
Alundaio []: it goes by engine names
Alundaio []: the actor condition hud?
SadBlackFox []: What about thirst?
Nuor []: health recovery rate
Alundaio []: health_v?
Alundaio []: I guess, but the library of meaningful items in stalker is very limited
Nuor []: health_restore_v ?
SadBlackFox []: Any freebie is already a reward
Alundaio []: may as well not even have stashes
Alundaio []: or like in misery, all you find is playboy and condoms
Nuor []: "health_v = " I don't see this value in actor.ltx
Alundaio []: It's a matter of rarity otherwise you aren't really rewarding the player if all he can find is kolbasa and 30% condition weapons
SadBlackFox []: These outfits were brought from the factory?
SadBlackFox []: outfits with a condition of 100%
SadBlackFox []: It seems to me that whole suits in stahes are a problem of balance.
Alundaio []: he resupplied several times and I left switch distance and I left level and came back, he still had invo
Alundaio []: at least not on beard
Alundaio []: I can't reproduce the trader thing
Alundaio []: consumables are not set randomly, that's a possibility
Alundaio []: well exaggerating, but if you found broken suit it really wouldn't be a jackpot
Alundaio []: could be done for outfits, but they so rare and it would be as much cost to buy one to repair one almost
Alundaio []: weapon condition is set
Alundaio []: Would you keep half eaten food in a backpack someplace in the wilderness?
SadBlackFox []: *conditions
SadBlackFox []: *stahes
SadBlackFox []: It just seemed to me that in the caches there are objects in too good a state.
Alundaio []: amount of items in a stash? It's determined by a now overly complicated weight/cost system that works too well to start over
Alundaio []: Not sure that translated well buddy, maximum state?
SadBlackFox []: What is the maximum state of items in stashes?
Balathruin []: That's a bit too generous. I'd say double it, so you still have a chance to get rare items.
Alundaio []: 86400 seconds
Alundaio []: 1 day, but it used to be higher
Balathruin []: Actually, what is restock time?
Alundaio []: couldn't you do that already, just iterate their inventory and make a list
SadBlackFox []: Now I can change dynamically with the help of scripts count and type of goods?
Alundaio []: ?
SadBlackFox []: bye LC
SadBlackFox []: Have you done data saving ?! Cool!
Alundaio []: peace
2C.LiryC []: You mean we could have traders with persistent inventory ?
That would be awesome.

Anyway, I'm going offline. See you.

Alundaio []: I have not looked into this issue yet
Alundaio []: which, it's possible is what it deleting their inventory isntead of restocking.
Nuor []: I'd double actor health recovery while sleeping.
Alundaio []: they are supposed to have new inventory only when resupply time is up
Alundaio []: savescum
Alundaio []: it's good, we don't want traders with new inventory on game load
Alundaio []: Which is a new problem but that doesn't mean the change is bad
Alundaio []: and this problem was typo only for stalker traders, bind_trader worked properly, which is used by Sidorovich
SadBlackFox []: *trader
SadBlackFox []: Then because of what I saw empty sellers?
Alundaio []: now inventory saves through loading instead of resetting
Alundaio []: trade_manager.save_state(id,state) is correct
Alundaio []: trade_manager.save_state(id,m_data) was wrong
SadBlackFox []:
2C.LiryC []: I should try another long test gameplay but don't really have the time for that for now.
SadBlackFox []: The trade was broken
2C.LiryC []: Loner,I endend Neutral to most factions, friendly with other Loners and with Ecologs.
2C.LiryC []: I was also "excellent" at reputation.
Alundaio []: it goes by goodwill toward faction
Balathruin []: Did you play after the relation limit fix?
2C.LiryC []: Yep', I believe any trader can be with empty inventory randomly.
2C.LiryC []: Even when I reached the highest levels (finished with this gamedata version at rank 9 in stats), I found traders have very few items to sell.
Balathruin []: Pretty sure it can happen to any trader.
Balathruin []: ppl had it happen in CS base and Skadovsk
Nuor []: hmm now that you mention it maybe i did see hawaiian with empty one time.
Alundaio []: Hello
2C.LiryC []: Hi here.

I've seen empty trader inventory in previous gameplay. Maybe two times most probably only one.
Can't remember wich trader was it. Only remember he had some stuff to sell the next time I visited him.
Writting it, I think it was Hawaian but not sure.

Alundaio []: not that it would even matter anyway, because they all have defaults that are the same as what is written to the file when you press accept
Alundaio []: So to even reproduce what sbf is saying you have to have fresh install, launch game, new game (pretty 800x600 DX never touch options.
Nuor []: I never notice this because I always keep my axr_option file
Alundaio []: Really who launches stalker for the first time without ever going to options at least once? once section there, it's there forever unless you intentionally delete axr_options
Nuor []: could you have a custom default ltx that could be read?
Alundaio []: mm_options written when in the options, can't give it defaults at start because don't know what the options since the options are read from xml and the gameplay_ui_options table. So it's just better to have defaults for when they are used.
Alundaio []: the ltx already had to exist
Alundaio []: yeah it's empty because until recently you couldn't create ini and save it
Nuor []: and it creates a barebones one without mm entries.
Nuor []: axr_options.ltx in db is empty
Alundaio []: if you delete axr_options and config.db then it will be error
Alundaio []: it's read from db and saved
Nuor []: axr_options.ltx*
SadBlackFox []: okey
Nuor []: not sure why bu tif you start a newgame without an xr_options.ltx it makes one like sbc linked.
SadBlackFox []: щл
SadBlackFox []: but it seems to me not very right ((
SadBlackFox []: i know
Alundaio []: 4th param is default if nil
Alundaio []: if (axr_main.config:r_value("mm_options","enable_outfit_portrait",1,false) == true) then
Alundaio []: axr_main.config:r_value("mm_options","enable_heli_spawn",1,true)
Alundaio []: axr_main.config:r_value("mm_options","alife_stalker_pop",2) or 1

Nuor []: he is correct in that a newgame doesn't have the mm options set.
Alundaio []: every where r_value is used has defaults
SadBlackFox []: This file is saved only if you go into options or click on apply in options
Nuor []: not sure why axr_main_options doesn't trigger on newgame.
SadBlackFox []: @Alun
SadBlackFox []: If you remove gamedata and immediately start a new game / load the game, then some of the settings will not be saved, and any attempt to get them will be broken.
Can you fix this by making a forced save if these configs do not exist?

Tomasm21 []: ok
Alundaio []: r7 will be out when we can and it should resolve most things
Alundaio []: I may not reply but I definitely read every thread on this forum
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: Good morning
Tomasm21 []: Don't forget to check 1.5 Bugs and Issues. New version for me is very buggy.
Nuor []: I have it overheat quickly when on auto.
Balathruin []: burst
Balathruin []: u
Balathruin []: lowering the RPM itself would ruin the effectiveness of the bv
Balathruin []: x ms would be just enough to limit burst spamming to ~1000-1200 average RPM
Balathruin []: What I tought about is rpm_2 can only apply again after x ms
Nuor []: ah I have rank_rep as a local table.
Alundaio []: or just lower RPM
Alundaio []: it's only OP on auto
Alundaio []: and would ruin 2-shot burst
Alundaio []: I don't know about the cycle down cooldown it would convolute the shoot code
Nuor []: maybe I screwed up merge
Alundaio []: wth CWeaponAmmo doesn't call cartridge_param.Init() so variables are not initialized
Nuor []: when donating to trader
Nuor []: ! [LUA] 0 : [C ] __index
! [LUA] 1 : [Lua] ...f chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\actor_menu_inventory.script(87) :
! [LUA] ...f chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\actor_menu_inventory.script:87: attempt to index field 'rank_rep' (a nil value)
! [SCRIPT ERROR]: ...f chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\actor_menu_inventory.script:87: attempt to index field 'rank_rep' (a nil value)


[error]Expression :
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_pcall_failed
[error]File : ..\xrServerEntities\script_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 204
[error]Description : fatal error
[error]Arguments : LUA error: ...f chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\actor_menu_inventory.script:87: attempt to index field 'rank_rep' (a nil value)

Balathruin []: Anything on the AN-94 burst cooldown?
Balathruin []: Doesn't seem to be common.
Nuor []: I haven't seen that.
Balathruin []: Empty inventory.
Nuor []: disappearing in what sense? nothing at all?
Balathruin []: @Nuor please check traders as often as you can, some ppl reported disappearing inventory
Alundaio []: now this
Alundaio []: the ammo type and the tracers
Alundaio []: I think something else is going on
Nuor []: worked for me.
Balathruin []: nope, I just have to reload once.
Balathruin []: If you attach and remove the silencer that weapon will not work ever again.
Nuor []: File uploaded: ss_david_10-03-17_21-46-45__k00_marsh_.jpg
Balathruin []: Weapons no longer work with new bins.
Nuor []: heli 's seem to patrol very very low.
Alundaio []: synced
Alundaio []: bin almost done
Balathruin []: I think I'll start porting AO3, I don't see any big changes for it since the last release.
Alundaio []: Hello papa
Balathruin []: hello
AxelDominatoR []: hey
Balathruin []: change difficulty lol
Nuor []: I'm not sure why I die so easily - but I do.
Nuor []: the file seems to work. detector running animations are jerky bu ti assume that is what you want.
Balathruin []: + you have less weapon damage
Balathruin []: unmodded you take 25% or less
Nuor []: I was being massacred by pretty much anyone with an ak using unmodded skat9m. Ihate to see what regular gear was like.
Balathruin []: AP is very important now.
Balathruin []: from 5.45 or 5.56
Balathruin []: in fully upgraded skat9m you take less than 20% damage
Nuor []: thanks
Nuor []: okay
Alundaio []: as well as he new ogr anims
Alundaio []: dev_hand_detector_3_hud_animation.omf should now have those smurth anims
Alundaio []: That's it? I could of swore a Nothronychus convinced me to remove them.
Balathruin []: 1 year ago
Alundaio []: Which is yesterday to me
Balathruin []: death anims were disabled long long ago
Nuor []: yes it should just be the needed smurth files. They could be added to either or both of the two detectors
Alundaio []: or was that 1.3
Alundaio []: isn't that the first version death animations were removed?
Balathruin []: in R4 bodies flew 2 meters from a pistol death
Alundaio []: in the folder
Alundaio []: did you already remove the detector skls from the smurth omf?
Balathruin []: Yes, when NPC dies or on dynamic objects.
Nuor []: Doesn't it only effect ragdoll?
Balathruin []: impulse is for physics, not recommended to use higher than vanilla
Alundaio []: just tacked on the bullet speed from ammo to existing
Alundaio []: m_fStartBulletSpeed * cur_silencer_koef.bullet_speed * cartridge.param_s.kBulletSpeed

m_fStartBulletSpeed = pSettings->r_float (section, "bullet_speed" );
m_silencer_koef.bullet_speed = READ_IF_EXISTS(pSettings, r_float, sect, "bullet_speed_k", 1.0f);
param_s.kBulletSpeed = READ_IF_EXISTS(pSettings, r_float, section, "k_bullet_speed", 1.0f);

Where silencer coef is 1 if not equipped

Nuor []: Impulse is just how much energy is imparted to the target.
Balathruin []: thanks
Alundaio []: building xrGame with k_bullet_speed param read if exists from ammo section. 1 being the default.
Nuor []: in my ownCloud folder
Nuor []: alun - I put the folder with 3 separate subfolders: smurth anims, new dec3 anims, new dec4 anims. it probably can go in either I don't know why darryl put them in 3.
Balathruin []: only problem is upgrades, bullet speed changes impulse too (in vanilla at least)
Balathruin []: ok, that's perfect
Alundaio []: do it with and without it checked and give me the files
Nuor []: in [default_weapon_params]
Nuor []: look in the defines.ltx
Nuor []: hit_impulse = 10 ; size of physic impulse by bullet
silencer_hit_impulse = 10

Balathruin []: no weapons have it
Nuor []: It likely varies look in my weapons folder in ownCloud it has all of those files.
Balathruin []: Nuor, what is hit_impulse in your weapon configs?
Nuor []: does skls need to be checked?
Alundaio []: unpack old detector omf, unpack the new on, to a new folder. Copy and paste the skls for the hud anims to the new folder. Then send me the new folder, you need AE to remake omf
Nuor []: let me see what happens
Alundaio []: converter plugin
Alundaio []: OMF > SKLS
Alundaio []: wait you have axrtoolset already right?
Alundaio []: I'll send you tool hang on
Nuor []: I've no clue how to.
Alundaio []: repack
Alundaio []: put omf into the new folder
Alundaio []: unpack the new one
Alundaio []: unpack it,
Nuor []: That isn't the problem. All the various used hand animations with consumables are added into the above file. It acts a master file for smurth consumables hand animations.
Balathruin []: just replace the meshes and detector configs
Balathruin []: wat
Nuor []: I don't have the tools darryl did it.
Balathruin []: It's just a better anim when player is running or sprinting
Balathruin []: add vanilla detectors to smurth
Nuor []: changing detector 3 breaks smurth animations as the hand animations for everything are now tied to dev_hand_detector_3_hud_animation.omf
Balathruin []: in vanilla 9x18 and 9x19 only
Balathruin []: overpressure ammo
Balathruin []: nope
Alundaio []: So that fmj and ap have different bullet speeds out of the same weapon?
Alundaio []: For what purpose specifically?
Balathruin []: Alun, is it possible to add a bullet speed modifier to ammo?
Alundaio []: Yes
Nuor []: different animations?
Nuor []: did you change detectors?
Alundaio []: even with chat backups I can never seem to find something that I remember was said. I remember talking to TKGP about inifile but can't find it
Nuor []: I am napping.
Balathruin []: Trying to fix hud position without debug...
Alundaio []: oh cool
TKGP []: I'm streaaaaaaaaaaaming
TKGP []: but moooooooooom
Alundaio []: TKGP tell me a bedtime story
Alundaio []: Why so quiet
Alundaio []: using*
Alundaio []: Uses stalker assets on UE4 as placeholders wouldn't be a bad idea, couple games on steam that I would swear they have stolen xray assets $$$$
Alundaio []: I guess he didn't like my dad joke
Alundaio []:

MSwartz Sep 30 2017
I can promise one of these two things but I'm not sure which one yet:

Possibility #1: Stalker "mod" on UE4
Possibility #2: New game on X-Ray
(After Radium is over of course)

MSwartz Oct 2 2017
I've made up my mind: fuck X-Ray. Shit engine, somewhat hostile community. I'll go with UE4 when the time comes.

Alundaio []: it's used a min-max
Alundaio []: It's obsolete
Nuor []: how you sell to hostile? is that neutral in this case?
Nuor []: okay I'll look.
Alundaio []: the goodwill stuff is obsolete, in engine it's just random(friendly,hostile) for each
Alundaio []: buy_price_factor_hostile = 0.50 ;коэффициент покупки при goodwill = -100
buy_price_factor_friendly = 0.50 ;коэффициент покупки при goodwill = 100
sell_price_factor_hostile = 1.50 ;коэффициент покупки при goodwill = -100
sell_price_factor_friendly = 1.50

Alundaio []: under [trade]
Alundaio []: if not, items will be sold at the defaults which is in system.tlx
Alundaio []: sections need added to the buy/sell profiles
Nuor []: question is how are addons calculated into sell value.
Alundaio []: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Nuor []: a pb with a silencer is worth half what the silencer is alone.
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: Eh, I still have to fix hud position, you can't see shit.
Nuor []: night
Alundaio []: good night darryl
Alundaio []: he is not holding "air"
Alundaio []: File uploaded: xrEngine_2017-10-03_19-23-54-823.png
Darryl []: Night guys
Balathruin []: Yes, I know. R_pop never uploaded the fixed one and I only tried PKM in OWR and wathched the video. Literally the only gun I missed.
Alundaio []: it's literally the animation from OGR dated 3-3-2016
Balathruin []: This is not Star Wars
Balathruin []: Yes
Alundaio []: That is wrong animation?
Alundaio []: File uploaded: ss_revolucas_10-03-17_19-18-14__zaton_.jpg
Alundaio []: scoop*
Alundaio []: The problem is laziness, why would journalist go and travel, get the scope, when they can just copy and paste something from the associated press
Balathruin []: Alun, I'm talking about PKM. It has wrong animation, player holding the air.
Darryl []: They're the CNN of UK news
Darryl []: Sky News is a 24/7 propaganda mouthpiece
Darryl []: I don't think there's any media owned by rupert murdoch that has an ounce of truth to it
Darryl []: lol
Alundaio []: I read an awesome article on there a few months back about a proto chick and it turned out to be completely fake
Alundaio []: Probably is, like DailyMail
Darryl []: PCGamesN is fake news
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: All he did was click TOP 10 oon moddb and wrote something
Alundaio []: Ben from the New York Times over 'ere. We're featured!
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []:

PCGamesN_Ben 14hours ago says:
Hello there!

Ben from PCGN here. I'm messaging to let you know that STALKER: CoC is included in a feature on excellent STALKER mods that we published today.

If you like it, and fancy sharing, that'd be ace. Keep up the good work either way!


Alundaio []: PCGamesN never even heard of it
Nuor []: I like advenue it should be your new word
Alundaio []: Dont' need his validation that these mods are good
Alundaio []: revenue*
Alundaio []: He just wants ad venue from us promoting his silly article
Alundaio []: Really darryl? Don't humor that amatuer blogger who is clearly using CoC Misery and LA to self promote himself as he doesn't seem to even have a hint of knowledge about stalker
Nuor []: current settings are such that you lose endurance just walking when overloaded.
Darryl []: It's coming for you
Darryl []: Cursed karlik picture
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: can't connect to imgur and now steam went offlien
Alundaio []: something weird with my internet
Darryl []: I'll have to update the article for companion feature
Darryl []: forgot that
Darryl []: oh yeah the achievement for also increases squad cap by 1 or 2 as well
Alundaio []: can recruit one tier above
Alundaio []: Rank is used for companions now
Darryl []: Let me know if you use them for anything as I'll need to update the article
Darryl []: If you wanna be a good guy you can't go taking out hit contracts on friendly factions etc
Darryl []: Fun for roleplaying though
Nuor []: rep is a pointless value atm
Nuor []: no but that might work also.
Alundaio []: actor rep you mean
Alundaio []: Oh you mean rep of the npc not actor?
Darryl []: Not sure what else
Darryl []: Rank is used by the arena I think
Darryl []: Yeah reputation is entirely subjective which is why I didn't want to plug it into anything
Nuor []: I mean in sense that killing surrendered npcs lowers rep so higher rep would mean better chance of surviving surrender.
Alundaio []: What about rank
Alundaio []: would enemies surrender if you are notorious more often then if you are good
Alundaio []: what is good rep when you are loner? What is good rep when you are monolith?
Alundaio []: Not sure, because rep can be interpreted in different ways
Alundaio []: some reason I read that as "sunder" chance
Alundaio []: File uploaded: imgur.png
Nuor []: how abou thave reputation effect surrender chance

Darryl []: Looks like he shouted the monolith to death
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: Each version had someone come in and do dedicated work, it was ExImIer, then Darryl, and now Balathruin is putting in work. I wouldn't even work on 1.5 if nobody was putting in work or asking me to do things, I really don't care. It's motivation.
Alundaio []:

-HUN-Riot_Gin [5:14 AM]: I have "interesting" things, when I first used this chat room here. After the first 2-3 times, some peoples are write me some PMs about "developers are not doing right in COC" and his friends, or "this named COC developer is bad at modding." I don't know what's going on here, but guys, If I'm have an opinion about something, trust me, I'm gonna say it into your eyes, and not behind your backs.
Yes, if I didn't know what I was doing I wouldn't intentionally keep putting people on my team that disagree with me or have my name in credits of the most popular mods by westerners. If mod making was so easy, then why don't these people who constantly talk shit make their own mods instead of jerking off on /sg/ and telling me to kill myself

Nuor []: I think you have to try out these settings it seems actor is very fragile now. and I'm not even using the beefed up accuracy.
Alundaio []: @SBF thanks, but I found repo with russian sounds already and they are in for the bandit robbery thing already
Alundaio []: Looking good
Darryl []: Came out looking quite good in the end
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Yeah I sorted it
Alundaio []: but anyway, you figure out the texture thing, from what I am back reading in chat?
Alundaio []: He is talking about the zombie position
Darryl []: I misread
Darryl []:

Balathruin [12:36 AM]: No way to fix it then, Alun has to revert the change.

Darryl []: I just figure it broke other stuff from what he said earlier
Darryl []: Well only the bolt, detectors and pkm were replaced anyway
Alundaio []: and mounted pkm use the regular pkm mesh, only the hud visual was updated
Darryl []: Huh
Alundaio []: nuor reported a similar thing a couple weeks ago
Alundaio []: that is unrelated
Darryl []: It seems to have broken mounted PKMs for one thing
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: If it's not syncing properly let me know
Alundaio []: If you missing anims, you don't have updated meshes.db from 10/3/2017
Alundaio []:

Darryl [6:00 AM]: Balath tried to add original gun reanimation or w/e it's called but it broke things
Explain to me what you mean because if you have dbs and repo everything should be working properly

Darryl []:
Darryl []:
Nuor []: hey alun
Nuor []: I'm using unmodified skat9m and seem to die from any little thing. and my weapon damage values are generally lower than vanilla.
Alundaio []: hi
Darryl []: hey alun
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: That new partner......
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I think this creature is my exgirlfriend's Boyfriend.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Darryl []: that fucking face oh my god
TKGP []: ok good, because it's awful :^(
TKGP []: this spicy boy
Darryl []: i dont think so then
Darryl []: oh i thought you meant the tube controller
TKGP []: tubeman is cut content
TKGP []: he's just a regular fella
Darryl []: the first one you see after getting to streloks stash
Darryl []: soc
TKGP []: CS?
TKGP []: one in agroprom in what?
Darryl []: dunno if storymode exclusive or not, but he's definitely in it
Darryl []: i think so yeah
Darryl []: oh the one in agroprom underground
TKGP []: that gangly-ass controller
Darryl []: tubemen?
TKGP []: does coc have tubemen?
Darryl []: Controllers always look like Nic Cage to me
Darryl []:
Darryl []: quite pleased with some of the photos im taking for these mutant bios though
Darryl []: lel
TKGP []: add a section that's a catalog of every stalker mod
TKGP []: neat
Darryl []: there's a section for character's im filling out right now after i take mutant pics
TKGP []: add a section where you can unlock those old bio strings for every character :^
Darryl []: thx
TKGP []: nice dogger big D
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Hi, balath
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Here is another model from my NPC mod to COC:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I forgot to mention it, I'm the new cleaning guy overthere. That base is so nasty, if you kow what I mean, and why I need some RPG & PKM....
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh, Thank you darryl this information. I think, I'm going to visit my friends in the Military Base, Agropom. With a PKM, RPG, and of course, with some grenades....
SadBlackFox []: alife
SadBlackFox []: lol
Darryl []: There is a chimera in agroprom underground!
Darryl []: WTF
SadBlackFox []: Darryl, you need to reduce the picture and place it in the middle of the window
SadBlackFox []: one of the comments on the photo of a black fox
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: You Welcome, but what's that text?
SadBlackFox []:

I didn't know their eyes have a striking resemblance to to the eye of Sauron.

SadBlackFox []: thanks
SadBlackFox []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @2C: Alun is not online, so that's the reason why your game is not working.
2C.LiryC []: 'have to move, sorry.
See you.

2C.LiryC []: Seen this. Another greatly immersive feature you added. Really awesome.
Didin't had the oportunity to test it yet. My game crashed when I tried and I hadden't the time for tests since then.

Darryl []: stupid hyperlinks
Darryl []:
Darryl []: ffs
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @2C

2C.LiryC []: Hey.
Just a few minutes here, reading chat history.

Darryl []: Hey 2C
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: Okay. I think as the same what you said here: I don't think that blind dog type need another article
Darryl []: It's different for the variants of poltergeists as you can't loot them anyway, so i added articles for each type
Darryl []: loot*
Darryl []: So if you look the black blind dog you will only unlock the article for the normal one
Darryl []: Yeah problem is they have the same class id as normal pseudodogs
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: The Blind dog section is looking good.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: Do you know, the most OP Blind Dog? Big Black and Radioactive.
Darryl []: Looks strange to me
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I'll swap them around and show you
Darryl []: I thought so originally, but it looked really weird
SadBlackFox []: Darryl, I think it's better to look if all the images are located above, above the text.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: Thank you for the information, I stick in MLR 6.9.
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []:

6.9 translation is going to work with it?

The text was changed.

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl Sorry for my miss-writing
Darryl []: There can only be one Darryl
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Daryll Why you saying this? :O
Darryl []: There ain't enough room in this town for two of us
Darryl []:

You are Daryll123 in moddb?


-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: How much text added to the newer versions? 6.9 translation is going to work with it?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: What's new in the MLR 7.2 ?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: Look, I walk through the anomaly, and I pressed F button all the time, to find easier that weapon, and see if I found any type of weapon to pick up. But no, I don't find nothing here, but I'm in Dark Valley now, So I'm going back to see whatta hell is in there. Thank you for the help, I see what can I do there.
SadBlackFox []: @-HUN-Riot_Gin, there are several places for spawn, you'll have to look there.
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, Place pictures above
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: yes, you are
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: You are Daryll123 in moddb?
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Darryl: Looks good! Wow.
SadBlackFox []: I'll ask the person who did the quests, wait
Darryl []: Guide looks fuggin awesome now
Darryl []:
Darryl []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: For the best results
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: But I think this "Fatty" named Novice stalker, is a bad stalker: In that house where he camping, and staying, I walk up to the stairs to get in to the top floor, and What I see: A Stalker Sunrise Suit, and a bunch of vodka.

@Darryl: You must to set up that picture in 4K resolution.

SadBlackFox []:
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I had it set up in config as 500x500
Darryl []: The picture I was using was 300x300
Darryl []: No wonder everything looked so damned stretched
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (because there is no MLR english fan site or something.)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (In russian words)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I do a google search about the quest.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Oh, okay.
SadBlackFox []: Glade=Поляна
SadBlackFox []: I do not remember such a quest
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Do not write me any Russian or Slav words , because I don't know. In the english translation of MLR 6.9 named as "Glade"
SadBlackFox []: Поляна
SadBlackFox []: I don't know, Quests did not I
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Yes, a new location between Dark Valley and Cordon. I don't know the russian name.
SadBlackFox []: GLADE?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: And I don't know where his f.ckin rifle.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: If you do, so tell me what a hell I need to do in the GLADE Location. In here, I get a quest from a novice stalker, named FATTY, he saying, he lost his rifle in an ultimate deadly anomaly, so I need to get his rifle back from there. But in there, I found skeletons, radiation, and 5 million volt anomalies.
SadBlackFox []: But I do not play
Darryl []: He was on earlier, he'll probably be back later in the evening
SadBlackFox []: I make MLR
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Alundaio? He is going to be online today?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Darryl []: Nope
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: ?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anyone played with COC MLR 6.9
Darryl []:
Darryl []: @SBF
Nuor []: axr_main_options.script isn't setting defaults.
Nuor []: I hav ethat line commented
Nuor []: -- config:w_value("character_creation","new_game_character_name")
SadBlackFox []:

Nuor []: Mine looked like that except I had "strelok" as default name.
SadBlackFox []: I was a little mistaken. It stores some of the values.
Nuor []: It created the axr_option.ltx for me when i deleted it an dstarted a ne wgame.
SadBlackFox []:
Nuor []: from axr_main.script
Nuor []: -- axr_options.ini
config = ini_file_e"axr_options.ltx",true)

Nuor []: maybe I've never deleted axr_option.ltx
Nuor []: I never noticed but I have used a slightly altered ui_mm_faction_select.script.
SadBlackFox []: If you do not enter the settings, then "axr_options.ltx" will not be created
SadBlackFox []: It seems like it has always been
SadBlackFox []: There are no changes associated with "axr_options.ltx"
SadBlackFox []: i found
SadBlackFox []: Give me a link to the commit, please.
SadBlackFox []: When?
Nuor []: SBF there were some changes made to ui_mm_faction_select.script.
SadBlackFox []: @Alan, if you delete configs "axr_options.ltx", run the game and immediately start a "new game", then the file will not be created and any query parameters will be broken. The file must be saved the first time the game is started.
SadBlackFox []:

Anyone from Ukraine? From the GSC?

Nuor []: If you want different hit probabilities add another section to defines.ltx.
Nuor []: [weapon_probability_3]
hit_probability_gd_novice = 0.70
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 0.80
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 0.90
hit_probability_gd_master = 1.0

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anyone from Ukraine? From the GSC?
SadBlackFox []: For the correct fix, you need to fix it in the SDK and recompile the level
SadBlackFox []:

Alun fixed it yesterday
In the binaries

If you fix this in the engine, then the graphics on the DX8 will be terrible.

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: If someone going to do that such a thing, I'm here, I want to test it.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I want to play with Commondore Graphics COC.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: If someone write the COC for a Commonder 64 system, that would be great.
Darryl []: In the binaries
Darryl []: Alun fixed it yesterday
Bangalore []: fix what? i already fixed Dx8 error
SadBlackFox []: @Bangalore, Can you fix the location of the "Generators"?
Bangalore []: no, not a program, just 2 new debug command
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, good work
SadBlackFox []: Oh, you're talking about a separate application for creating quests?
Bangalore []: i have a tool, to which i have to add manually infoportions, but it's too slow like this
SadBlackFox []: x4
Darryl []:
Darryl []: I fixed it
Darryl []: oh my god
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god

Bangalore []: nah, it's not so complex
SadBlackFox []: Has Alan already made such an instrument? If not, then maybe we could help with the creation of such a tool, if you explained the task in detail.
Darryl []: I wish I had a chance to play SoC's story without spoiling the ending before playing it :{
Darryl []: Jesus you've been busy
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Wow :O
Bangalore []: main quests from SOC and CS
Bangalore []: i recreated main quests for Yantar and Rostok, and it's long enough already to use such tools
SadBlackFox []: @Bangalore, Can you explain more in detail?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Longer quest lines? Good.
SadBlackFox []: Likewise, I was doing a chat in the game
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, yes it will work
Bangalore []: this would help to test long quest lines
Bangalore []: i just asked Alundaio to make a quest test helping tool, to mass collect and mass add infoportions
Darryl []: Looks like how it was done for faction select screen
Darryl []: I think I know how to fix it, put the image in a container and offset the container
SadBlackFox []: When the bonfire is burnt down - it fades forever.
When Phoenix is burned, it resurrects again.
Be like the Phoenix.

Bangalore []: this is very complex task
Bangalore []: yes, but i don't know how far can i go before i burn out
SadBlackFox []: @Bangalore, Are you working on an extension of the story line?
SadBlackFox []: It's a pity
Bangalore []: module storyline never will exist, it will be in hunderds of fragment is hundreds of places
SadBlackFox []: The list will ignore the offset
SadBlackFox []: Where can I see the script?
Darryl []: I think I am missing something somewhere
SadBlackFox []: @ -HUN-Riot_Gin, I just expressed my thoughts
Darryl []: It just refuses to work with pictures when I try it
Darryl []: Oh I got it working for text ages ago, offset is easy
SadBlackFox []: @ Darryl, the position offset can use the values of the "parent window"
SadBlackFox []: In order not to make changes related to the story line in the main CoC files
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: Some of the story type modifications ( Spatial Anomaly, Ghots of the Past, etc.) are made by long-long work. (2-3 years!) With less features, what COC have, they don't have somany locations like the COC, and after that that mods are not being to be a Sand-box mod. They Story Mods with different storys. Peoples need to use their minds before writing every where sh!t things.
Darryl []: Not really hard
Darryl []: And players can just not tick a box
SadBlackFox []: "module storyline"
Darryl []: Modders already have the ability to do that
SadBlackFox []: I meant the ability to have history files separate from CoC files, for cleanliness
Darryl []: yes
SadBlackFox []: no
Darryl []: Story mode is good for giving people direction if they don't know what to do
SadBlackFox []: This would allow to have "clean" files
Bangalore []: @SBF: you mean remove the main quest?
SadBlackFox []: Personally, I would be glad if I could separate the "Secret of the Zone" from the main CoC files
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: What your chit-chat windows Bangalore
Darryl []: WHY
Darryl []: and it doesnt offset by 5 pixels even though i set the x to 5 pixels
Darryl []: the image is stretched even though i tell it not to stretch
Darryl []: ree this is really annoying me now
Bangalore []: yes, you can forward it to me
SadBlackFox []: People demand a story. Everyone is used to the fact that there must be a super story in the modifications.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Yeah, I can Laugh on this, but I can't. Yes, I'm a Riot_Gin, but main, I'm not a saboteur. @Bangalore: The PM is Hungarian. Do you want to read the whole PM?
Bangalore []: what is the language?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Some sort of like this, I can show the whole PM , but the problem is, that pm is in another language.
Bangalore []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "Developers are not doing right, there are not too many quest in COC, the Main quest line are short."
Darryl []: What did people say?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: My Moddb Comments, my writings in the EPIC STALKER forum, are my evidence.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: I have "interesting" things, when I first used this chat room here. After the first 2-3 times, some peoples are write me some PMs about "developers are not doing right in COC" and his friends, or "this named COC developer is bad at modding." I don't know what's going on here, but guys, If I'm have an opinion about something, trust me, I'm gonna say it into your eyes, and not behind your backs.
SadBlackFox []: true story
SadBlackFox []: I also once accidentally broke the archives.
Darryl []: The amount of shit I've broken in CoC by changing things without testing over the last few years is too big to list
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Sadly, you're right.
SadBlackFox []: He will make your life complex and break it if you continue to joke like that
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Okay. Sorry for the bad joke.
Darryl []: it was an accident that can be fixed easily enough
Darryl []: hey now that's not nice
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @SBF: Balath-ruin. You know what I mean?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Any vodka can be found in the Image? If not, that's the problem!
Darryl []: :@
Darryl []: Even when you tell it not to stretch a picture it stretches it anyway
Darryl []: God xray is a pain in the butt to work with for images
SadBlackFox []: First he makes a very difficult balance, then breaks the archives, who's next?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Ballat like a little saboteur.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Dammit
Darryl []: Balath tried to add original gun reanimation or w/e it's called but it broke things
Darryl []: Yes
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (sorry for a bad joke, scroll down or up pls)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: IF he came back online, you can be able to play.
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Alun is offline: so that's why your game not going to run.
SadBlackFox []: Oh, were the dbs updated?
SadBlackFox []:

[error]Expression : pm->m_animations.size()
[error]Function : player_hud_motion_container::load
[error]File : player_hud.cpp
[error]Line : 88
[error]Description : motion not found [bolt_bore]

stack trace:

0023:007724D1 xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fail()
0023:0453E44D xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0453D468 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:0448324C xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:04483170 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:044F9826 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()
0023:044FAB82 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:perator=()

SadBlackFox []: I can not run the game
SadBlackFox []: Alun knows
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anyone knows how to disable the backpack slot when The Player wearing a specific outfit?
Darryl []: Idk why it's being stretched though
Darryl []: Works good enough now
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: *I still do not understand what is required "setautodelete (true)"
SadBlackFox []: I still do not understand why you need "setautodelete (true)"
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: The picture is OK.
SadBlackFox []: Does the picture look good on all resolutions?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: "What configuration I need to change, if I don't want to use the backpack slot?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: How can I setup an Outfit, to the player can't use the back pack slot?
Darryl []: Still need to find a way to see if texture exists though, as missing ones are just blue fields
Darryl []: Fixed the crashing, it was jut where i wasn't setting it to autodelete
Darryl []:
Bangalore []: CoC engine is working because of our prayers
Darryl []: I'm sure I can find another way
Darryl []: I have pictures working in the guide, but if the texture doesnt exist yet it crashes:
Darryl []: thanks anyway
Darryl []: where is alun!!!!!!!
Darryl []: arghhhhhh
Bangalore []: no coding/scripting, it's a work of the devil
Bangalore []: i'm not the right person to answer it
Darryl []: Is there a way to check if a texture id exists, before I use InitTexture(string)?
Bangalore []: hi, what is the question?
Darryl []: Bangalore, do you know?
SadBlackFox []: In that case, I do not know
Darryl []: Like a texture id, see if it exists before setting an image to use it
Darryl []: I should have clarified, not a texture file but a texture description
ChargerHM []: I wrote some suggestions for new Cordon NPCs, hope you'll add them.

SadBlackFox []: lua_help
SadBlackFox []: class FS_file_list_ex
SadBlackFox []: class FS_file_list
SadBlackFox []: class fs_file
SadBlackFox []: class FS
Darryl []: Is there a way to see if a texture file exists?
SadBlackFox []: What do you want to do? Picture already there
Darryl []: I need to get it working right before I worry about good ones
Darryl []: It's just a shit picture
SadBlackFox []: It seems to me, or the image is too flattened?
Darryl []: Getting there
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: I confirm this.
This happens not only with "AC-96/2"

SadBlackFox []:

2. After every game reload, ammunition in AC-96/2 switches to AP rounds, no matter what I choosed before.

Balathruin []: Unsuccessfully.
Balathruin []: Using the force to eleminate recoil.
Balathruin []: And holding the air.
Alundaio []: same shitty pkm but with sights and better anims
Alundaio []: it should be obvious if it's working when you use the pkm
Darryl []: Oh sorry, yeah I'm up to date then in that case
Darryl []: TeamEPIC\unpublished assets
Alundaio []: it should say it for you if it's correct
Darryl []: Oh nvm I think I just found the folder
Alundaio []: no I mean, it does say that
Darryl []: Where should I start putting any new assets now?
Darryl []: Yeah I deleted my /database and /bin folders and replaced with current after sync
Alundaio []: should say oct 3 on the meshes.db
Darryl []: Well while you change that I'm gonna try to get pictures working for encyclopedia
Balathruin []: Detectors are in, works for me.
Darryl []: Also unless I am going mad none of the OGR anims are in the dbs that were updated
Darryl []: Weird
Alundaio []: zombie spawn only ever put me there when I left it on random
Alundaio []: FYI I tested sawmill spawn dozens of times and it never put me under the map in warlab
Balathruin []: I'm on mobile, bit slower to use.
Balathruin []:
Darryl []: hey alun
Darryl []: link video pl0x
Balathruin []: OWR PKM is different
Balathruin []: Nope
Darryl []: Can you link me the video?
Darryl []: So very likely could be the same, as r_pop made both owr and ogr
Darryl []: Which I think were also the same in OWR2
Darryl []: All the weapon packs use OWR's PKM animations
Darryl []: It might be the animation from OWR3
Balathruin []: No way to fix it then, Alun has to revert the change. Kinda ass move showing something in the mods video but not including it.
Balathruin []: It hasn't been working since months, when I first tried 1.5
Darryl []: No idea how to fix it myself though
Darryl []: If there is a mod with the correct pkm anim for the model then I can repack the animations
Darryl []: Maybe because zaton is last level alphabetically
Darryl []: All the other spawns usually work if the lvid/gvid is slightly off, but sawmill has to be fixed every single time
Darryl []: It's always sawmill that is affected to worst for some reason
Darryl []: lol what
Balathruin []: Arm position
Balathruin []: Sawmill spawned you in warlab emptyness, you simply start in sawmill.
Darryl []: I thought you meant the positioning, like the model was clipping with hud or something
Darryl []: Oh I can't fix the animation itself
Balathruin []: There is a video where he shows the correct position, holding the mag.
Darryl []: I didn't realise it broke again
Darryl []: Where was the sawmill spawn moved to?
Darryl []: Gimme a min
Darryl []: I'll have a shot, I need to update my local game files from cloud
Balathruin []: Could you try to fix the arm position on the OGR PKM model? I don't have any idea how to do it.
Balathruin []: It's been like that for a while.
Darryl []: Just inherit from weapon_probability
Darryl []: You don't need to include hit_probability_gd_ attributes in every weapon
Darryl []: o god what
Balathruin []: Every time I sent it it logged me out.
Balathruin []: I had to log in five times to answer in the forum.
SadBlackFox []: @Alun,!lDxwUCYA!AUfFvdGvaMoaV_32G6C1vw
Balathruin []: r_populik didn't upload the final version anywhere... great
SadBlackFox []: How to translate correctly?
"Rule 6: Be proactively paranoid, it does not work retroactively"

Balathruin []: I have to update OGR with the misery patch, author didn't release it for base version.
Balathruin []: I know
ChargerHM []: Heya
Balathruin []: yes
Alundaio []:

im not using sounds from OGR

-HUN-Riot_Gin []: good morning
SadBlackFox []: good morning
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: PKM?! <3
Alundaio []: "meshes\dynamics\weapons\wpn_pkm\wpn_pkm_hud_animation.omf"

Balathruin []: You didn't include all files for PKM
Alundaio []: ok
Balathruin []: + gauss
Balathruin []: updated wrong ones
Alundaio []: stuff in weapons folder is dated 2 10
Balathruin []: bm16, toz, pkm reverted to old stats
Alundaio []: everything in your changelog seemed to be exactly what was in the configs
Balathruin []: some files reverted to old version
Alundaio []: what is exactly is wrong
Balathruin []: I'll get together an update
Alundaio []: maybe they didn't sync
Alundaio []: wrong files?
Alundaio []: synced an updated xrGame.dll
Balathruin []: how did you get wrong files into the commit?
Balathruin []: This was for the AKS-74U, not a rare weapon like the AN-94
Balathruin []: like M4 for AK and other stupid stuff
Balathruin []: yea, but if you look into the notes the sound is from a completely different weapon
Alundaio []: Needs to be in layers
Alundaio []: not much you can do with a single sound playing
Balathruin []: at least for shooting
Balathruin []: For some reason none of the weapon addons have good sounds.
Balathruin []: I know, they are kinda bad.
Alundaio []: it's merge
Alundaio []: so it's not copy and paste
Alundaio []: im not using sounds from OGR
Balathruin []: nothing more
Balathruin []: OGR official is copy paste sounds and hud.
Alundaio []: I did partial merge of pkm from your folder, I don't know if the hud portion is correct
Alundaio []: need new dbs
Balathruin []: I can't find the animation tutorial... I remember reading it.
J00B []: I'd watch but youtube won't let me, HD is not for the unimportant
Alundaio []: Looks good in HD
J00B []: been years since I played vanilla stalkers, I should revisit them
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: and rather then bandits being neutral it works for them only if they enemy
Alundaio []: but with different dialog
Alundaio []: It's just COP one from the snag quest
J00B []: that Robbery looks aweome

Balathruin []: All ammo turns it on with tracer for me.
Alundaio []: is it a specific ammo?
Alundaio []: it's read directly from ltx not from a save
Balathruin []: 4to1_tracer turns on after loading/level switch
Nuor []: I always erase and unpack into empty folder
Nuor []: I'm just clearin gout redundant scripts and found this. usually when you post a new db it includes latest scripts to that time
Alundaio []: so if you copied it over, it didn't overwrite your old ones probably
Alundaio []: and yes, that's outdated
Alundaio []: use repo
Alundaio []: stalker\dev doesn't have config and script db
Alundaio []: which db?
Nuor []: line 441
Nuor []: starting there it differs
Nuor []: if (type(sender) == "userdata" and IsStalker(sender) and sender:id() ~= 0) then
Nuor []: the one in the new db is different from mine.
Alundaio []: closecaption is dated 9-22
Nuor []: my coc_treasure_manager.script is very different also.
Nuor []: you rewrite closecaption a second time after 9-22?
Alundaio []: People were confused when they played TMNT for NES. It's not my fault they don't read task descriptions and it doesn't even tell you to hide anymore and the waves are gone.
Balathruin []: Other people seem to be confused about the Yantar emission too.
Balathruin []: The others are only better because vanilla ones are clipping a lot + it's almost always the same anim adjusted for the gun.
Balathruin []: The detector anims are much better too and I haven't seen the hands jumping when you take out a weapon.
Balathruin []: I have OGR uploaded.
Alundaio []: I will need config for it, for aim offset, etc. I know the hud/animation can just be drag&dropped no issue, right?
Alundaio []: Okay
Balathruin []: It's all fixed in OGR
Balathruin []: The reason I mentioned the PKM is because the ejection port is connected to a belt in vanilla + the weapon is missing the sights.
Alundaio []: okay it's fixed in the master files, for next time I make db
Alundaio []: change*
Alundaio []: I already have your dbs just not configs/scripts because they always changes
Nuor []: hmm I can't upload that cwp database it is 3.43 gig
Balathruin []: The robbery looks cool, I'd like more interaction with -1000 relation factions.
Alundaio []: and there are no bumps in vanilla
Alundaio []: but anyway, the bump dimensions for are larger and both in coc and vanilla cop they item_medkit is 256x256
Alundaio []: seems thoses are way different
Balathruin []: vanilla and owr meshes + textures in
Balathruin []: About OWR and OGR few things should be replaced in vanilla, like the PKM
Alundaio []: item_medkit in coc is from OWR3 originally
Alundaio []:
Balathruin []: and random mods
Balathruin []: I have CoP CS SoC vanilla
Alundaio []: if you do can you put it in cloud so I can take it
Alundaio []: Do you have from OGR or where ever, not coc version?
Alundaio []: I see why
Alundaio []: seems to be old bumps
Balathruin []:
Balathruin []: looks good but I had to realise the medkits have wrong bumps
Balathruin []:
Alundaio []: ok
Nuor []: I'll post the files needed to run my savegames in a seperate subfolder
Alundaio []: it will work for only bandits and any time a sim squad there
Alundaio []: I repurposed the bandit robbery at the crane
Alundaio []: Does anyone have russian scenario sounds from CoP?
Alundaio []: but only necessary when that event draws near
Alundaio []: maybe your config and script when I test one of your saves
Nuor []: You have a relatively new version of my cwp so you know what I have been testing.
Nuor []: Do you want me to add any particular items to my folder?
Nuor []: would be handy if somehow updated unexamineded folders would be bolded or something.
Nuor []: I agree
Alundaio []: and then I can have alundaio folder for other things
Alundaio []: No big deal though, I guess it makes sense to call it STALKER since it will hold the gold master COC files
Alundaio []: so it must be cached someplace and you can alias the shared folder or something
Alundaio []: and then I renamed it to Alundaio
Alundaio []: It was STALKER before any of you had the account
Alundaio []: back to STALKER
Alundaio []: Not anymore I renamed it in browser
Nuor []: So I take it your local ownClould folder (and ownCloud browser) shows Alundaio instead of STALKER as name.
Alundaio []: only thing new I think, since owncloud are those bins
Nuor []: two*
Nuor []: yes that is a newer sync for to other files those dates and sync log seem to match.
Alundaio []: 4 hours ago
Alundaio []: I updated bins today
Nuor []: I think the dates are fine I just don't understand why it didn't sync until this afternoon instead of with my initial setup and sync last night.
Nuor []: I did that. It did change anything. dates on are 10/1/2017 11:42 - 11:46.
Alundaio []: click the ...
Alundaio []: In the desktop client
Alundaio []: try to force a sync
Nuor []: I imagine they updated some time after I did my initial download?
Nuor []: various bin files showed as synced in activity log are different dates in ownCloud local mirror.
Balathruin []: lol, someone is using a nintendo mii as profile picture but it's extremely pixelated
Nuor []: and may not be renamed in browser
Nuor []: My folder says STALKER also.
Alundaio []: probably the exclusive jobs that were for task npcs, need to be reworked
Balathruin []: The squad that spawns there instantly leaves.
Balathruin []: Never understood why it's completely emtpy.
Balathruin []: Is the unused base in outskirts targeted for stalkers?
Balathruin []: ok
Alundaio []: so when they die it's a bandit respawner
Alundaio []: I'll just add !squad_exist(zat_b7_stalkers_victims_1) too
Alundaio []: Okay seems it's setup for bandits to spawn there after radar is deactivated but in nonstory mode it is already
Balathruin []: I would not remove the bandits or loners, just move them somewhere. Cranes are empty, wormfood camp and the antenna complex
Balathruin []: The only other spawns I know are 3 bandits next to ranger station and bridge, mercs at the waste processing station and zombies at sawmill
Alundaio []: zat_b7_stalkers_victims_1 spawn there
Alundaio []: I'll check if any "story" npcs spawn there
Alundaio []: I know what that is lol
Balathruin []: Ship just south of Skadovsk.
Balathruin []: Shevchenko
Alundaio []: Stalker and bandit targeting the same smart is normal, they will sit there together until switched online
Alundaio []: File uploaded: stalker_sim.png
Alundaio []: In simulation.ltx barely any simulation spawn and no stalker spawn with bandit, and for respawners:
Alundaio []: skadovsk has no weapon zone, they will not fight inside but will outside. If you see them fight inside, it's a bug
Alundaio []: Where exactly?
Balathruin []: Some of the base spawn in Zaton is wrong. Londers and bandits spawn together, starting the game with a fight.
Balathruin []: I do want it in the game.
SadBlackFox []: We must add thirst
Balathruin []: good
SadBlackFox []: viaduct
SadBlackFox []: Stupid translation, lol
SadBlackFox []: By complexity
SadBlackFox []: newbie = master
SadBlackFox []: VERY TOUGH
SadBlackFox []: And yes, I'm playing a newbie and the balance is very tough.
SadBlackFox []: I, along with a detachment of Monolith's servants, decided to storm the "Laundry", which was occupied by singles, to the glory of the Monolith, but there were more of them than us, in the end I remained one of the detachment, I was pushed into the corner, everywhere there were explosions of grenades and clicking bullets. I managed to escape from the cordon, but the only way is to jump into Puteshestvod.
There were a lot of children of the Zone in the "Overpass", but the Zone relented on me, and gave me the "Seva" jumpsuit in one of the containers.

Balathruin []: Always wanted to reduce vanilla sawn off camera move + fix owr reloads
Balathruin []: ok
SadBlackFox []: It must use a new parameter
Alundaio []: if you put unpacked anim in yoru gamedata you can use the anim player in debug menu
Alundaio []: yes
Balathruin []: Camera movement is tied to anim when reloading, right?
Balathruin []: from moddb "There's an issue with quests where it doesn't display the lines correctly. For instance, when I get a fetch quest it immediately displays the "fetch_about" line instead of "about", and then goes on to insert some default line after I accept the quest rather than the proper one."
Alundaio []: knifing didn't really work that good
Alundaio []: they sort of need to
Balathruin []: NPCs use weapons on crates
Balathruin []: Haven't tried new bins, so might work now.
Alundaio []: reloaded the game
Alundaio []: I saved with AP and it was still AP when I reloaded
Balathruin []: @Alun FMJ and AP ammo selection switches on loading.
Alundaio []: *near plane ridiculously smal
Alundaio []: File uploaded: 0.1_near_plane.png
Alundaio []: File uploaded: 0.2_near_plane.png
Alundaio []: File uploaded: inaccurate_z_buffer.png
Alundaio []: Basically a larger near or closer far plane give more accurate depth when rendering faces; which order to draw them. But anything outside of these is clipped. That is why things close to camera are clipped or far away. But if you were to make far plane ridiculously small like 0.0001, you would be errors on objects further away where the back of the object would be rendered as the front, like this:
Balathruin []: The folder is STALKER for me too, not sure if I can rename it in any way.
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: If you knew english
Alundaio []:
SadBlackFox []: NearPlane ?
Alundaio []: pulling back the hud object by that amount should fix any new issue
Alundaio []: NearPlane was moved from .2 to .1, so there is now a .1 leniency before clipping
Balathruin []: Yes
Alundaio []: default hud_fov is .45
Balathruin []: So default hud + 75 should work normally then you need to lower hud
Balathruin []: Well I use fov with hud fov
SadBlackFox []: Visitors to the public in VK
SadBlackFox []:


Alundaio []: except maybe a global z offset on a slider, to move it back or forward
Alundaio []: there is nothing I can do for all fov
Alundaio []: @bal looks fine to me?
Alundaio []: File uploaded: ss_revolucas_10-02-17_19-20-32__l13_generators_.jpg
Alundaio []: unless riot fixes it
Alundaio []: File uploaded: ss_revolucas_10-02-17_19-16-06__l13_generators_.jpg
Alundaio []: I might not use this mesh for the simple backpack because it looks completely different ingame then it does in mesh tool
SadBlackFox []: Inform me too, because I publish news in
Balathruin []: Isn't the chaser offset wrong too?
Balathruin []: Ok, that's important (owr ui)
Alundaio []: too soon to expect people to download 4 gb again
Balathruin []: Ok
Alundaio []: So for example, it wont' have rain fix or ui/mesh for simple backpack
Alundaio []: Okay. But this time I want to avoid a full release, just a patch for it.
Balathruin []: Please notify me when you update, to recheck any changes +upload new addons.
Alundaio []: it crashes? Only crash I had was fixed already, the pure virtual function call
SadBlackFox []: Because of the encyclopedia crashes?
Alundaio []: Just a patch with config/scripts/shaders
Alundaio []: I wanted to make a quick R7 patch but I don't think he is ready for encylopedia
SadBlackFox []: I'll try
SadBlackFox []: Я попробую
Alundaio []: it should not redownload if files are the same
Alundaio []: do you have backup?
Alundaio []: I didn't know it would delete
Alundaio []: already the first day someone ran it from the directory and created an appdata folder
SadBlackFox []: I already deleted, you told me to do it
Alundaio []: That is intentional I don't want others to ruin the files
SadBlackFox []: Yes, it's synchronized well. Except that the "read only" parameter is set,
Alundaio []: You could try renaming it Alundaio locally
Alundaio []: as long as it is syncing
Alundaio []: It's fine if it says STALKER
SadBlackFox []: @Nuor
SadBlackFox []: @Alun, What is the name of the folder?
Alundaio []: oh the wallmark
Alundaio []: what is wrong with shaders.db
Alundaio []: It still syncs correctly though right?
SadBlackFox []: What do you call a folder?
SadBlackFox []: Nuor
SadBlackFox []:
Unable to rename "STALKER"

Alundaio []: In the browser
Alundaio []: rename it that and see what happens
Alundaio []: Alundaio
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: What I love about this, is I can choose whose folders to sync
SadBlackFox []: Дэррил, Доброй ночи
SadBlackFox []: okey
SadBlackFox []: Try to cancel the sharing and give again?
Alundaio []: see what happens
Alundaio []: Uncheck STALKER in the desktop client
Alundaio []: peace
Darryl []: G'nite
Alundaio []: and in my owncloud
Alundaio []: The folder that has 'dev' is called Alundaio on my PC
SadBlackFox []: has not changed
Alundaio []: uh ctrl+F5
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: delete that, maybe you had it before it was renamed to Alundaio
Alundaio []: there is no shared folder named stalker
SadBlackFox []: Update shader.db in the shared folder STALKER
Alundaio []: entire configs only 15mb
Alundaio []: 32mb is default quota, it should be enough
Alundaio []: a PM to you
Alundaio []: sent
SadBlackFox []: I'll ask him to register
SadBlackFox []: okey
Alundaio []: and you relay it
Alundaio []: unless I can PM his user details to you
Alundaio []: This is the hippest place on Earth dude
SadBlackFox []: Should I ask him to register here?
SadBlackFox []: I do not know, apparently it's not interesting.
Alundaio []: Yes it's reasonable, why does he not have account here?
SadBlackFox []: I gave him access to my folder, but he would be uncomfortable without the application
SadBlackFox []: Is it possible to provide av661194 account for so that it can download the changes independently and be able to use the application?
100 megabytes will be enough. Access to the folders of the command is not necessary for him.

Alundaio []: I can give him cloud account with low amount of storage for configs
Alundaio []: for repo? No I won't give him write access
SadBlackFox []: Maybe we misunderstood each other
SadBlackFox []: av661194
Alundaio []: account to what
Alundaio []: what?
SadBlackFox []: *Translator
SadBlackFox []: The interpreter said that you refused to give him an account
Alundaio []: That would be the proper way
SadBlackFox []: But you said that you need to correct the level
SadBlackFox []: i know it
Darryl []: renderer_r1 is directx 8
Alundaio []: Use it, go to generators
SadBlackFox []: Why did you update xrRender_R1.dll?
Darryl []: Need to do some rewriting for barkeep so I've left that out
Darryl []: I'm kinda happy with how these have turned out
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: What happened to Darryl's message?
SadBlackFox []: I, apparently, already spoke about it, Google the disk too sets parameter "only for reading"
Alundaio []: hmm just a heads up I think the cloud makes files read-only, so if you copy them to your gamedata remember that
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: updated r1 dll
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Anyone have a thick and strong fallout bunker? Perhaps I need to move....
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio: you are Pretty !
SadBlackFox []:
SadBlackFox []: It's a joke, do not kill me, I did not see Darryl. Probably...
Darryl []:
SadBlackFox []: Darryl is prettier than you
SadBlackFox []: I will have time to grow old
Darryl []: You're pretty
Alundaio []: Tell me I'm pretty and I will fix it
Alundaio []: needs full level recompile
SadBlackFox []: 3 people
Alundaio []: It was supposedly already fixed I don't know how it was revereted
SadBlackFox []: Anyone working with the SDK can fix this?
Alundaio []: it should be def_shaders\def_vertex/
Alundaio []: default/crete\crete_walls18
Alundaio []: You will see
Alundaio []: Open generators level in npp
SadBlackFox []: I run it much faster on the DX8.
Darryl []: Well it's only highest performance because it was released in july 2000
SadBlackFox []: What's the problem with this level?
Balathruin []: Dx8 is used by A LOT of people. It's default setting and highest performance too
Alundaio []: DX8 cannot use "default" shader like r2-r4, it can only use def_shaders\\def_vertex
Alundaio []: You can actually fix this with axr toolset and the .level
SadBlackFox []: You are cruel man!
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Balathruin []: @SBF no version because I update it right away when R7 hits
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: (I'm not a judge or graphics maniac)
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: Sorry about my laugh, but this situatuin it's funny, even if bad. So sorry. But, can anyone know even 1 people from their friend relations who using DX8 and playing this game in DX8?
-HUN-Riot_Gin []:
Alundaio []: You claimed DX8 shader fix broke DX8 so I removed it
Alundaio []: Enjoy it because I won't fix it
SadBlackFox []: [error]Expression :
[error]Function : CBlender_default::Compile
[error]File : BlenderDefault.cpp
[error]Line : 63
[error]Description : fatal error
[error]Arguments : Not enought textures for shader, base tex: crete\crete_walls18

stack trace:

0023:0072269C xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal()
0023:0408B4A5 xrRender_R1.dll
0023:040E70A6 xrRender_R1.dll
0023:777E2FDD ntdll.dll, RtlQueryPerformanceCounter()
0023:777E2BD5 ntdll.dll, RtlQueryPerformanceCounter()
0023:75C214AD kernel32.dll, HeapFree()
0023:6265ECFA MSVCR120.dll, free()
0023:00723681 xrCore.dll, xrMemory::mem_free()
0023:040DE24C xrRender_R1.dll
0023:0412A112 xrRender_R1.dll
0023:0042A9A9 xrEngine.exe, IGame_Level::Load()
0023:049A7DA1 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder:[img][/img]perator=()
0023:004100A3 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice:[img][/img]n_idle()
0023:00410970 xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::message_loop()

Alundaio []: you can get offsets for firepoint, shell, etc.
Darryl []: How do you use that?
Alundaio []: Debug engine btw has really good hud offset editor
Alundaio []: so i'll try it
Alundaio []: but I guess pulling the spas back some will fix it
Alundaio []: Maybe you are so used to cwp, those meshes were designed on higher FOV I think
SadBlackFox []: When I teleported to another location using the debug menu, the game crashed. I do not know if this is fixed now.
Alundaio []: Yes hud always clipped when FOV not 55
Darryl []: Hm
Darryl []: No?
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: Don't you remember hud clipped?
Darryl []: As in I can't use the stcop configuration tool
Alundaio []: it's not the zoom
Darryl []: Might be tricky because 1.5 uses a different zoom system now but I can probably do it
SadBlackFox []: I heard that someone said that the camera is jerking off of some weapons
Darryl []: It's not the animation but the hand/anim offsets
Darryl []: Oh that's an easy fix
Alundaio []: SBF where is the picture you posted of mp5?
Alundaio []: arm is too far up
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: I can fix clipping, but on spas it does this:
Alundaio []:
You see this? Before it would clip on hud

Darryl []: What's wrong with it?
SadBlackFox []: Пахан
Alundaio []: I need someone who knows how to animate weapons to fix spas
Darryl []: "the main groin in the Zaton"
Darryl []:

Attempts to maintain a balance between single and bandits in the camp, though he has differences with the Sultan , the main groin in the Zaton .

Darryl []: oh man ukrainian wiki translates great
Alundaio []: back then? Misery released before it and CoC months after.
Darryl []: what
Darryl []: "back then"
Alundaio []:

Lost Alpha doesn't really match up to other mods now a days but back then it amazing.

Alundaio []: it's spoiled
Alundaio []: "Found out what happened" But I read the wiki
Darryl []: I need to include a mushroom tea joke to make a jab at misery with this bio tho
SadBlackFox []:
Alundaio []: lol
Darryl []:

Having taught him to swim with the incentive of a dollar bill dangled in front, the parents of Sidorovich were required to bribe their son to do absolutely everything – from going to the toilet to eating his tea. Now, aged 50, he'll only drive his car if there's $100 taped to the other side of the windscreen.

Alundaio []: Joseph Ntshongwana
Alundaio []:
Alundaio []: right the first time
Alundaio []: fiction*
Alundaio []: non-*
Alundaio []: All fiction is based in truth my dear boy
SadBlackFox []: true story
SadBlackFox []: ahaha
Alundaio []: and he fled to the Zone to escape conviction
Darryl []: Genius
Alundaio []:

Whether or not he was mentally ill, it's clear that something within Beard snapped. A former rugby player, Beard was tried and convicted of four murders and a rape in 2006. Reports say that Beard killed the men because he believed the men had raped his daughter and infected her with HIV, but that was later proven to be not true. All three were killed with an ax, with two of them being beheaded.

Beard's family was upset that Beard had to be tried as a sane person when they felt he clearly suffered from a mental disease, but the judge saw it differently. He insisted that Beard had control of his actions and that's why his sentencing was so harsh.

Alundaio []: Hey man, I can make the best backstories ever if you want
Darryl []: :@
Darryl []: Yet it's such a major CoP character
Darryl []: He literally has no backstory or ever does anything notable
Darryl []: God Beard is a hard person to write for
Alundaio []: it was released when r6 came out
SadBlackFox []: OK
SadBlackFox []: revision
Alundaio []: it will forever work with 1.5
SadBlackFox []: Example [CoC1.5r4]
Alundaio []: The version of what
SadBlackFox []: You must specify the version
SadBlackFox []:

[CoC 1.5] Original Guns Reanimated v1.0

Darryl []: Video for this is awesome
Darryl []:
Alundaio []: Yeah, when you use item it gets cell at (0) (1) (2) or (3)
SadBlackFox []: I did not know it
Alundaio []: It might be possible to just add a check for quickslot and ignore it
SadBlackFox []: lol
Alundaio []: Some of the new changes to slots, required that dragging the same item to the same slot be forbidden. It may seem like the quick slots are 4 different slots but it's actually a single slot, like the inventory, with 1x4 cells.
Alundaio []: It's not really a bug nor is it intentional
Alundaio []: since you could see equipped items in inventory
Alundaio []: That's been like that since even before 1.5
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: So, it's a bug, or the function has been redesigned?
SadBlackFox []: Yes, I also noticed this
-HUN-Riot_Gin []: @Alundaio I know, so many good thing has been built-in to the COC 1.5, but I don't know it's bug or not, but the Quick Acces Slots (F1-F4) has been changed: In the original COP/Previous versions of the COC I can Drag in to the Square QAS(Quick Acces Slot) and nevermind if there another item in that slot, when I dragged into another item, that slot item has been changed. Now: I need to put out the item from the slot, and after that I need to drag the item what I want to use more often/I want to used in the Quick Acces Slot.
SadBlackFox []: it seems
SadBlackFox []: @Darryl, Our translator wanted to help you with the compilation of the encyclopedia
TKGP []: welcome aboard his swamp icebreaker
Darryl []: Need ideas of what to write about beard
Alundaio []: maybe stalker 2
Alundaio []: even while playing
Alundaio []: the level could be loaded in chunks
Alundaio []: not if it was a better engine with streaming assets
Darryl []: Imagine the map rendering times....
Alundaio []: Only if the zone was one giant level
SadBlackFox []: Already, every location has bases. Now you can play all the time in one location, where there will be a medic, a mechanic, a trader and do not get off it by dragging things from the corpses.
I would prefer the vagabond merchants, mechanics, physicians.

Darryl []: Most places have a trader and mechanic so a medic isn't far fetched
Darryl []: A medic at Cordon, Rostok etc. would be nice
Alundaio []: lol
SadBlackFox []: He wants to have more people, like in a big city.
Alundaio []: ?
SadBlackFox []:

I'm writing a list of NPCs' names and where could they stay/sit for almost every game location.

That's bullshit.

Darryl []: New all.spawn needs a new game, yeah
Nuor []: Or do new files need new game.
Darryl []: all.spawn and your save don't match
Nuor []: I merged something incorrectly.

[error]Expression : !save_guid || (*save_guid == header().guid()) || ignore_save_incompatibility()
[error]Function : CALifeSpawnRegistry::load
[error]File : alife_spawn_registry.cpp
[error]Line : 110
[error]Description : Saved game doesn't correspond to the spawn : DELETE SAVED GAME!

ChargerHM []: I'm writing a list of NPCs' names and where could they stay/sit for almost every game location.
Darryl []: Well I'm for it, I think we only have the CoP medics plus the clear sky one atm
ChargerHM []: Well, it isn't finished. Right now I have ideas only for Cordon. Hound/Pes from Clear Sky as a medic in Rookie Village, and Fox from SoC as a medic on Northern Farm.
Darryl []: based disney
Darryl []:
Darryl []: battlefront 2 just got its multiplayer restored
Darryl []: oh my god
Darryl []: Can I see?
ChargerHM []: Some suggestions about NPCs. I just want to see medics on more locations, not only Swamp, Zaton and Yanovю
Darryl []: What are you writing?
ChargerHM []: Is there any chance that you'll add any new unique NPCs to CoC? I'm writing a wall of text, but feel like it will be useless.
Darryl []: CoC looks prettier than I remember
Darryl []: Was something changed to 1.5s lighting?
Alundaio []: yeah also is better
Darryl []: I'll say "However, many also..." instead of "many others"
Darryl []: Well he doesn't offer any discounts
Nuor []: Doesn't he pay a pittance for stuff?
Alundaio []: Perhaps different wording for many others, as it makes it sound like those who don't think his good are a luxury think he is a tight ass
Nuor []: Sounds pretty much correct to me.
Darryl []: ignore the obvious typos
Darryl []: It's my first attempt at writing character bios
Darryl []: Guys, how does this read for you?

Darryl []: Squirrels kick ass
Nuor []: so why do we have pictures of a squirrel;P
Darryl []: orange text ftw
SadBlackFox []: It is required to delete.
Alundaio []: if you look at details
Alundaio []: I like how we can comment folders
SadBlackFox []: "Coverall Duty" on location "graveyard Technology" on the roof of the Kamaz
Alundaio []: Like my alundaio folder says "shared" in the webbrowser
Nuor []: ah ok
Alundaio []: for others you'll see their name
Alundaio []: It's supposed to say that if it's your folder
Darryl []:
Nuor []: Folder name says NUOR but shared link says "shared" for me.
Alundaio []: wish we had this ages ago
Alundaio []: owncloud is pretty awesome, this is way way better for development
Alundaio []: NUOR
Alundaio []: I see a Nuor folder
Alundaio []: shared?
Nuor []: I can't change the shared name from "shared" to Nuor"
Alundaio []: that limit is your own personal limit
Nuor []: no 6.6 of 8.6
Darryl []:
Darryl []: Maybe I misread, I swear it said 6.6 of 6.8gb or something
Alundaio []: you have 2 GB space
Alundaio []: but that makes sense though
Alundaio []: it just says 6.6 in use for me
Darryl []: It says on the main screen, just under the server you are connected to
Darryl []: Was like a few 100mb off of the limit before
Darryl []: Says 6.6gb of 8.6gb in use now
Darryl []: Huh it changed since I last looked
Alundaio []: for example the 6.1GB alundaio folder shouldn't count towards your storage, is there a warning?
Alundaio []:

Heads up guys that cloud storage is almost at its max
Where do you see